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Will Iberdrola Renewables make up for loss in property value?

To the editor,
I'm starting to think residents in towns like Alexandria, Danbury, Grafton, Hebron, Bristol and Bridgewater should take a strong hard look at Grafton and start asking questions like: "In the event I can't sell my home/land at appraised value, will Iberdrola provide the difference between the sale price and the appraised value at closing?"
Is this too much to ask for? After-all, you pay taxes based on the town's assessed value each year. And hasn't the number of potential buyers looking to buy your home/land just dwindled due to the
intrusion of wind power plants staring you in the face? Or to be fair, would you buy into a property where you would wake up and see/hear them everyday?
It's cold hard statements like this that wake people up. It effects the whole community. Look at the whole picture for a moment: Residential buyers are not bringing new families to town, schools suffer, jobs suffer, retail suffers, the list goes on... it's called a trickle-down effect. And it makes for a great heart-breaking 60 minute story... because that story won't be on NH Chronicle.
The problem lies with Iberdrola Renewables not you. They might even agree to this plan — don't put it past them.
My point is — your lifestyle will change due to deep rooted, publicly traded, profit chasing companies like this. You lose because you have to adapt to something new and your life savings are at stake... not theirs. They are asking you to change and all they do is gain.
Think — ask questions — and pound the table if you are not given the chance to speak or don't like the vague answers given to you. Your voices are being heard NOW... and will not be heard later.
Ray Cunningham

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Cat found up a tree in Belmont needs to come home. Yours?

To the editor,
On Sunday March 17th while driving by the Belmont Park 'n Ride, on Route 106, my mother saw a car on the side of the road with people looking up a tree. There was a kitty sitting up there meowing for help to get down. When my Mom got home she told me about it and being the animal lover that I am, I had to go see. When I got there this scared hungry fellow kept meowing as if to say help me get down. I proceeded to the local fire department to ask for assistance but was told their policy doesn't allow them to help.
Disappointed there was nothing I could do, I went home. Monday morning I went back by to see if this little one was still stuck in the tree — which it was. I called the N.H. Humane Society on Meredith Center Road in Laconia to be told they had received several calls on this but couldn't help. Being very determined to help this poor stranded feline before the big upcoming snow storm, I went to the nearby vet, Nor'east Veterinary Associates to ask for help. A big thank you for all your assistance! They said they would make some calls and see what they could do. I was going to do the same thing. At about the same time we both found someone willing to donate their time to help this kitty. Their contact got to the location first and the kitty was helped down. Thank you Tim Therrier of Chimney Restorations of Belmont! I also want to thank my contact, who's company wishes to remain anonymous but those who helped were Elizabeth, TJ and Howard and were going to use a bucket truck. After my son got out of school he along with his sister and Meme went with me to see the kitty and got lots of loving from it.
I cannot at this time enclose a photo of it or give you a description as I am looking for the rightful owner to claim their cat. If you have lost your's in the Route 106 area of Belmont near where he was found, please call me and describe it or show me a picture. I will then tell you the whereabouts so you can claim this sweetheart. I am sure this loving feline is as anxious to go home as you are to have him.
Traci Mahoney-Barker

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It took all of them against me to win a small battle. Why?

To the editor,
I want to thank all the people in Belmont who came out in the rain and voted for me. It was a close race and I want to congratulate Mr. Pike and his team of running mates who were at the voting polls all day making phone calls: Ruth Mooney and family, Donna Cilley, and Ron Cormire. It took all of them against me to win a small battle. I wonder what they are all hiding and afraid of, the truth.
I ask my supporters to not give up in trying to make Belmont a better, more open town to live in.
George Condodemetraky

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I'm looking forward to getting involved as new member of BudCom

To the editor,
I just want to thank everyone who supported my campaign for Bristol Budget Committee. It was a fantastic turnout of voters and I am thrilled to be elected, along with Ernie Richards and Kerrin Rounds. Thanks to everyone who also helped to elect Betsy Schneider and Janet Cote for Bristol Selectboard!
I am personally looking forward to getting started and working with these folks to help steer Bristol towards a bright and prosperous future! If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding budgets, taxes or services in Bristol, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at 603-744-8761 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Together we can make Bristol the greatest town on earth! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Carol Huber

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Lakes Region Flag Football teaches kids to be quick, agile & elusive

To the editor,
Too often, when playing the sport of football or when first being introduced to the sport of football, children are placed in an environment where they learn how to hit before they learn how to play the game.
The Lakes Region Flag Football League, in conjunction with NFL Flag Football, provides a structured and organized non-contact football program that focuses on the basic fundamentals of football where children can learn the game at a very fast pace and in a competitive environment without the burden of wearing pads and a helmet.
We teach our players the ability and the responsibility to avoid all contact, which makes them quick, agile, and elusive.
NFL Flag Football offers great fun and teamwork, and all players on offense have the opportunity to touch the ball on any given play.
The Lakes Region Flag Football League adheres to the rules set forth by NFL Flag, and can be a great introduction to football for those players who want to someday join either a full-contact league or play high school football.
We know all children have a dream to belong and to be loved, and all hope for a friend. To that end we promote the 5 C's all children need: Confidence, Convictions, Character, Compassion and Competency.
We also observe the Seven Guiding Principles of NFL Youth Programs, which can be found on our website.
Our league is open to all boys and girls of the Lakes Region area, from ages 4-17 for our Spring and Fall Youth League seasons.
To learn more about the Lakes Region Flag Football League, visit us at lrffl.com and follow us on Facebook: lakesregionflagfootballleague and also Twitter: @LRFFL.
Board of Directors
Lakes Region Flag Football League

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