Progressives promote minimum wage hikes for political benefit

To The Daily Sun,

Have the basic laws of economics changed? Lew Henry from Gilmanton Iron Works (see his 5/7/2014 letter) apparently thinks so and other progressives, from President Obama to Mitt Romney, agree. They say that raising the minimum wage will create jobs.

Progressives want us to believe that employers who don't have any jobs for which they are willing to pay $7.25 an hour will hire lots of people to do that same work at $10 per hour. That makes no sense and it doesn't work. This idea borders on insanity!

If it's not worth it to you to pay someone $50 to cut your grass, you are not going to hire someone at $65. But the progressives want you to think that other people will pay $65 even when they wouldn't pay $50 for the same work.

President Obama's hocus-pocus economics, which is similar to that used during the Great Depression, helps explain why his policies have given us the slowest and weakest recovery since the Great Depression.

Most people understand that requiring the price to be $65 in the above example will cause some people who are doing the job for $45, $50, $55, or $60 to lose their jobs. Increasing the minimum wage not only reduces job creation but causes people to lose their jobs.

Despite the harm minimum wage increases cause to people, Progressives promote minimum wage increases because it benefits them politically. First, since Americans want everyone to have "enough", promoting minimum wage increases makes progressives look compassionate and like they are helping. Progressives have dumbed down American education and know that the media will help them hide the facts about the minimum wage and its consequences.

(Note: Minimum wage statistics only consider base wages, they do not include overtime, tips, or commissions. So many people identified as minimum wage workers earn more, perhaps much more than the minimum wage. Most minimum wage workers are under 25 (about 1.6. million are over 25), 2/3s have never been married, and most work part-time in the leisure and hospitality industry. Almost 60 percent have no education beyond high school. (Ref: And, the CBO estimates that about 1/3 of minimum wage earners will lose their jobs if President Obama's minimum wage proposal is adopted.)

Second, the minimum wage is an evil tool for keeping people poor because the poor are a reliable voter base for progressive politicians. Raising the minimum wage won't make workers rich, and it may not even increase workers' take home pay because of the characteristics of the workers, their jobs and welfare rules, but some workers will lose their jobs. A higher minimum wage also makes it harder for the young to get their most important job, their first job, the one they get with no experience and few skills.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, many union contracts are tied to the minimum wage. Increasing the minimum wage causes union wage (including government wage) increases, union dues increases, and increases in the amount of money that unions contribute to Progressive politicians. The benefit for progressive politicians and their supporters comes at the expense of lost jobs, and increased taxes and cost of living for everyone else.

If progressives really cared about low-wage Americans, there are actions that they could do. They could join conservatives who fight for things that help every American. First, they could stop obstructing school choice so every child can get a good education. Second, they could enforce the immigration laws to reduce the labor competition that steals jobs and reduces wages, mostly hurting our poorest citizens. Third, they could eliminate minimum wage laws, at least for the young, so people with no or low skills and experience can get a job that starts them on the quest for their American dream. Finally, they would fight for the tax and regulatory policies that would get our economy growing again, creating great jobs for every American. Unfortunately progressives refuse to support these things because they are opposed by their special interest group supporters.

Progressives don't seem to care if people are poor because they buy poor people's votes with welfare. But conservatives want everyone to prosper and that requires a decent education, experience, and a growing economy so everyone can get a good job.

Proposals to increase the minimum wage are simply cruel attempts by Progressive politicians to build and maintain political power by taking advantage of the ignorance and good will of the American people.

Don Ewing

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Donations of time & money have greatly aided the Santa Fund

To The Daily Sun,

The Board of Directors of the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region would like to take a moment to thank a few people who have donated their time and monetary contributions to our program in the recent months.

We would first like to thank Krista Marrs for her donation to our program from her participation in the Lakes Region Dancing with the Stars event. Her donation will help us fund camperships for students this summer.

Secondly, we wish to thank the Citizen Publishing Company for its donation from their recent used book sale. A very special thank you to the Fusion group who held their annual Bowl-A-Thon at Funspot to benefit our program. This is an amazing group of young professionals in the Lakes Region that are committed to making this community one that young people will want to live and work in.

Belknap County employees, in collaboration with Bank of New Hampshire employees and Laconia School District employees also donated over 150 new and gently used winter coats to our program and, with the amazing generosity of Erica Swenson, owner of Sanitary Dry Cleaners, all coats were cleaned for free and ready to be distributed to our families this upcoming winter. We are fortunate to live in a community who always steps up to help programs such as ours to provide for the needs of our residents and children.

During the holiday season in 2013-14 the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region served well over 475 children who received coats, boots, hats, snow pants and mittens. Due to the numbers of children, we were unable to supply boots and snowpants to middle and high school students, and concentrated on elementary-aged children for these items.

Also, during the year the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region provides camperships to Camp Spaulding, PICK, Paul Hogan Shooters Gold basketball camp, Partners in Health, Scout camp, Frates Dance Studio, East Athletic Cheer Gym, Laconia Youth Football and Beyond the Belt, just to name a few.

The Santa Fund of the Lakes Region's mission is to provide winter outerwear and enrichment activities to support the healthy development of children. Our board feels that the work we do for the youth and families in the Lakes Region directly affects their future lives and our hope is that they will become good citizens of this area and give back in a positive manner.

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region is committed to providing charitable and financial assistance to the needy and underprivileged members of the New Hampshire Lakes Region community and its surrounding areas during the holiday season and throughout the year.

We would invite you to check out our website at as well as our site at Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region.

Members of the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region Board of Directors are: Kim Lacasse, Andrea Condodemetraky, Kathy Crane, Jim Carroll, Paul Charlton, Chris Guilmett, Chris McCarthy, Dennis Phelps, Brian Winslow, Jamie Caldwell, Lisa Cornish, and Janet Brough

Kim Lacasse & Janet Brough


Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region


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The rich & Obama will be buying immediate access to health care

To The Daily Sun,

The two-tier health system is here. Designed and implemented by Democrats. Remember that on Election Day.

The most outrageous fact is that Barack Obama saw fit to exclude himself and his family from the very health legislation he forced down America's throat. Obamacare prevents the very sickest cancer victims in this country from accessing 15 of the 19 best cancer treatment hospitals in America, at the same time forcing tens of millions of people into the narrowest of health care networks run by just one or two providers in many states, including New Hampshire.

First semester economics students understand it is only increased competition that lowers cost. One tier for the rich and connected, like Obama, another for the middle and lower economic classes. Do you think Obama and Jeanne Shaheen are prevented access to the best cancer care if they need it? Not on your life. It is no wonder the vast majority of Americans give a double thumbs down on Obamacare. It has already harmed tens of millions more people than it has helped, and the pain is just beginning. Obama screams his lungs out over inequality while building a perpetual monument to it in heath care, called Obamacare.

It is simple and undeniable logic. Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare patients are going to discover ever decreasing access to care, as importantly, lower quality care because government has over-promised since FDR that it would pay the health-care bills of the old and the poor.

Government simply cannot afford to make good on that promise with out bankrupting this country. That is why government and Democrats turned the health-care industry into a bogus, straw man to create a public image that allowed it to take over the industry, strangling it with rules, regulations, higher taxes and most important of all lower reimbursement rates.
The truth is, the under-cost fees government has mandated doctors accept has been a core cause of escalating health-care cost increases for decades. The private sector pays much higher prices to subsidize the underpayment of hundreds of billions by government. Doctors, the key ingredient in health-care delivery, are not going to accept it any longer. They are already rebelling. The end result is middle America is going to die and live in unnecessary pain waiting to get health care because it is not available or denied them as illustrated by the best cancer hospitals. Government and Obamacare are driving thousands of doctors out of the business of serving the middle and lower class.

Don't believe me? About one-third of physicians and about one-quarter of specialists in this country have already completely closed their practices to Medicaid patients. Over 52 percent of physicians have limited access Medicare patients have to their practices or are planning to limit that access soon. Doctors are already refusing to see millions of patients because government underpays them.

Thousands of hospitals refuse to see Obamacare patients because government underpays them. Many of the biggest and best insurance companies in America refuse to participate in Obamacare because government refuses to pay them adequately. There are now 4,400 concierge, or cash-only, doctors in America who refuse to see or treat government paid patients on Medicare, Medicaid or Obamacare.

The number of these practices is burgeoning, and 10 percent more plan to covert to concierge care only within 36 months. The rich and Obama (as they do in Europe) will be buying immediate health-care access to concierge doctors through private insurance at very substantial cost. The person with a government health insurance card, whatever flavor, is already discovering fewer and fewer places will serve him. That world will only shrink. Your future health care plan by government for you under Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare is a bottle of aspirin, a box of Exlax and unlimited visits to a voodoo doctor that sticks pins into dolls. Welcome to the two-tier health care plan created by Democrats.

Tony Boutin

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BOW WOW Fest proceeds donated to two K-9 units, $675 each

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of 'Spot 2' (name given to co-coordinator Ann Saltmarsh in Dalmation garb) and myself, we extend a shout-out to the community for supporting our beloved pooch parade.

Beginning with my employer Melcher & Prescott Insurance, Ann's employer, Laconia Public Works, and the WOW Trail Board, right on down to every volunteer who managed the approximate 200 attendees, we express our sincere appreciation.

Special thanks to the ladies of the Opechee Inn: Michelle Dupont and Annie Boissoneault for once again loaning us their property, and to the Laconia Fire Department for loaning us their newest ladder truck.

This year's recipients, Laconia PD K-9 Unit and Gilford PD K-9 Unit, were supported with the registrations and donations. I am proud to report that each unit received $675 toward their canine expenses.

This event runs smoothly, thanks not only to Ann but to Janet Brough from SAU 30, and Kevin Dunleavy, director of Laconia's Parks and Recreation.

It would be difficult to get the word out if it weren't for four amazing editors: Krista Marrs (Citizen), Ed Engler (Laconia Daily Sun), Erin Plummer (Gilford Steamer), and Meghan Siegler (Hippo) and their reporters who gave us great coverage. And for three great schools: Holy Trinity, Woodland Heights, Gilford Elementary, for their art work.

Our business sponsors: "Top of the Heap" four years in a row: Hali Dearborn, Eptam Plastics. Gold Sponsors: Lake Opechee Inn & Spa; Jodie Herbert, Inns at Mill Falls; Steve & Nanci Jorgenson, AKA Tool; the Beetle family, Patrick's Pub; Steve Smith Associates; Cindy Hemeon-Plessner of MVSB; Dave and Yvette of 405 Pub & Grill; Bill & Paul of Stealth. Silver Sponsors: Ken & Lois, Franklin Savings Bank; Mike, Tilton Vet; Chris, Fratello's; Sarah, Body Covers; and long-time BW supporter, Gil — big thank you.

Our devoted vendors: Brendon, My Coffee House; Jill Baron Trimble Illustrator; Kelly, Doggone-It-Training; Alix Marcoux, Homeward Bound; Suzi, the Basket Lady; Ginny of Happy Tails Dog Park; Marilee of NHHS with Lisa of VCA; Dottie of Animal Vibe. New vendors: Cristy and Danielle of Four Paws Inn; Beth, Meredith Emergency Vet Hosp; Ken Hassan, Casey Jones Bones; Dr. Valerie Lunnon, DC; Elaine Morrison; and of course, Aaron Bassett of Burrito Me for much-needed water stations (Woof!).

Special thanks to: our emcee Pat Kelly of Binnie Media, who kept things organized and on track; Father Alan from St. Andre Bessette Parish for his blessings; our photographers Rodney and Bonnie; our judges: Jeanie Forrester, Ed Engler, Mike Seymour, Patrick & Kyle Gandini; our face painters, Bonnie and her girls; and Diane and Andrea for introducing our newest event, Wag-It Games. Thanks also to Big Cat Coffee. Deep appreciation to Caroline Drouin for her faithful support in distributing posters; Ryan and Tony from LHS Band for leading our parade; Interlakes Animal Hospital and the Insurance Outlet for their sign support; Troop 13140 for "poo patrol;"; and to Brett and Bethany of Laconia Pet Center for their generosity in providing our contest prizes and more.

Last but not least: Our Balloon Ladies, Holly and Gail.

See you next year.

Claire Hebert

Community Relations Coordinator

Melcher & Prescott

(a/k/a 'Spot 1')


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I understand moral responsibility behind my right to carry gun

To The Daily Sun,

The cartoon in your edition of The Daily Sun on Tuesday, May 13, depicting a gun owner standing over a body and claiming he felt threatened by someone questioning his right to carry is an excellent example of biased and misinformed propaganda on behalf of who ever concocted the cartoon, (notice I refrain from using the word 'artist').

Of all the people I have known, who are licensed to legally carry a concealed or non-concealed firearm, including myself, none would fit the absurd mentality depicted in that cartoon. In fact, gun owners I know would be better described by the opening monologue of the History Channel's TV documentary series, "Tales Of The Gun" which states, "The gun has played a critical role in history. An invention which has been praised and denounced... served hero and villain alike... and carries with it, moral responsibility."

The final statement of the monologue is the most revealing truth. As a law-abiding citizen who appreciates my legal right to carry a firearm, I understand, most likely far more than people who would produce a cartoon like the one that was in your newspaper, the moral responsibility behind my right to carry, and hope I never actually have to use my weapon against anything more than a paper target.

Michael G. Shanks


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