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Watch the videos & see if you would like this activity next door

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to a Letter to the Editor written by Judy Leavitt and published Jan. 13.

Sadly, you must have written the letter prior to knowing what is happening in the residential area on Gunstock Hill Road, Gilford, or it was written as a friend of the owners of Timber Hill Farm.

Information and facts follow:

1. You reside in Laconia. Presumably in a residential neighborhood. I suggest you look at a video of a wedding reception held on the property last year. It is on file at the Gilford Planning Office. The video is taken from the abutter's backyard. Please note the loud music and numerous port-a-toilets. The video doesn't show males urinating in the bushes rather than using the port-a-toilets as witnessed by the abutter.

Please understand it is a residential zone, not agriculture, although agriculture is permitted in all zones in Gilford. Are these catered events agriculture or a commercial use of the property? After viewing the video, if you still believe the abutter is being unfair, it is an opinion few, if any, residential property owners would share.

2. Many Gilford residents support the abutter's actions, including action for a restraining order. Some of these residents grew up in the area, including the abutter, and are country people. You suggested otherwise.

3. Are you aware the catered events with entertainment and alcohol were held on conservation easement land? Probably not. Have you read the conservation easement deeds? Probably not.

4. Are you aware, the owner of Timber Hill Farm received a letter dated Nov. 10, 2014, from John Ayer, director of Planning and Land Use, stating site plan approval was required before wedding receptions and similar events could be held? Probably not. The letter is on file in the Planning office. Did you know the owner of Timber Hill Farm blatantly ignored the notice and held the receptions and similar events anyway? Probably not. Are you aware an application for site plan approval wasn't even filed until after catered events were held and a complaint filed? Probably not.

Are you aware Andrew Howe, owner of Timber Hill Farm, has been on the Zoning Board of Adjustment for many years and served as chairperson? Should a member of a town board ignore town ordinances that apply to the member? I don't think so. Have you asked why it was done? Probably not.

Lastly, you wrote about helping neighbors. Has the Timber Hill Farm ownership acted neighborly in view of what has transpired? No it hasn't. Fortunately, a court will now decide who is right or wrong.

Bill Seed


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Thank you to all the people at Hannaford who calmly aided my sister

To The Daily Sun,

Sometimes, you just have to believe in angels.

On New Year's Eve day, my sister had a seizure in Gilford's Hannaford store. Just as she was falling an unknown woman caught her and gently aided her to the floor. Had the woman not done so, my sister's fall could have resulted in severe head trauma.

An unidentified nurse, two Gilford police officers, and wonderful store employees stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

In the moment, there wasn't a chance to thank everyone involved. However, surely the unknown woman was an angel. Thank you to all the people who calmly aided my sister in a time of need. She is doing well and is very grateful.
Linda Pickard

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