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Passing Article 13 will honor work of Blue Ribbon Commission

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to ask the voters of Moultonborough to attend Town Meeting on Saturday, March 15, to hear the discussions on Article 13 on the Town Warrant, which requests to raise and appropriate the sum of $17,500 to carry out the site study in follow-up of the recommendation of the Blue Ribbon Commission to "pursue development of a facility that includes an indoor gymnasium, Recreation Department office, program and storage space that would be on existing school land or property adjacent to school facilities."

This would honor the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission which, in its final report in April 2011, identified the space needs of the Recreation Dept.

Donna J. Kuethe

Recreation Director

Town of Moultonborough

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County employees are being used as pawns by commisioners

To The Daily Sun,

After an election, we receive congratulatory messages, the occasional thank you, and every so often a Bronx cheer. What is more heart-rending, though, is the letter to the editor from Debbie White who details her job loss due to county budget cuts.

Debbie was a valued employee at the Belknap County Nursing Home for 29 years and was recently notified that her last day of work will be April 1. Although Debbie's message is too positive and proud to assign blame for this circumstance, some might be inclined to blame the budget agreed upon by the County Delegation as being responsible.

The fact is that the county commissioners have not found a means of bargaining for a rational pay and benefits package with county employees. With county costs for a family health plan about the same as what the average employee in the Laconia area makes as a salary, simple mathematics will suggest that these costs must be curtailed. Indeed, they are likely to be more than 30 percent higher in 2015 than the sky high numbers of 2014.

While the county convention made it clear that they wished to fund additional staff, specifically in the county jail, the superintendent of corrections has been notified that the positions which delegation funded will not be filled. I regret that county employees are being used as pawns in a power play which pits the commissioners against the delegation as this is deeply regrettable and does not at all serve the commonweal.

Debbie, thank you for serving Belknap County and nursing home residents for such a long time and with such respected results. Thank you. I hope that ensuing years bring you peace and happiness.

Rep. Dick Burchell

Belknap 5


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Put cartels out of business by regulating & taxing marijuana

To The Daily Sun,

State Sen. Jeanie Forrester and Sen. Andrew Hosmer have taken the easy way out with their joint letter to the editor not supporting the legalization of marijuana. The New Hampshire House voted to legalize it, so it can be regulated and taxed. Soon it will go to the Senate for a vote. Two states have legalized it and 15 have decriminalized it so far.

A Pew Research Poll was conducted in March 2013. It showed nearly three-quarters of Americans (72 percent) say that, in general, government efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they are worth. The poll also showed that 48 percent of all adults have smoked marijuana at one time or another in their life. This equates to almost 100 million Americans, and that number maybe higher because it is hard to get people to confess they committed a crime.

The FBI recently reported that 750,000 people are arrested for possession of marijuana every year. This number represents half of all drug arrests. The organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (retired police officers), says this fact demonstrates the complete failure of the War on Drugs. This organization claims $1.5 billion to $3 billion are spent annually on police and court time costs just making the arrest and does not include the almost $100 a day to incarcerate each of these people.

A felony drug conviction stays with you for the rest of your life. The current War on Drugs does not help people, but instead destroys them and sentences them to a life of poverty and government dependency. Many people convicted of a felony drug crime will never earn a living wage and will require government assistance for the rest of their life. Convicted marijuana offenders are denied federal financial student aid. Not changing this law will put some of New Hampshire's young people at a disadvantage from attending college or helping them move on with their life.

Our country is running out of money. We do not need politicians that are afraid to change course. We need leaders that are willing to put violent drug cartels and local drug dealers out of business. We can do this by regulating and taxing marijuana. Our resources should be spent on drug treatment and counseling, not prison cells and job destroying felony drug convictions. The end result of the current War on Drugs is angry young people with no future, thus perpetuating drug abuse and crime.

A felony conviction and a welfare check for life is not the American dream these people hoped for.

Please contact Senator Forrester and Senator Hosmer and ask them to reconsider their position.

David DeVoy


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Obama won't put interests of country ahead of 'endangered' species

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter from Bernadette Loesch, she sited a recent report from the California Dept. of Water Resources to counter my "very, very, old facts" about our government causing the drought disaster in California.

Ironically, the report actually backed up my assertion about diverted water reserves. "We must act now to preserve what water remains in our reservoirs," the report said. This, the only report she cited, did not address why there is a water shortage in the reservoirs. My letter did exactly that, but she chose to focus on only one of my references and go off on a diversionary tangent. Liberal progressive types are marvelous at using distraction when they "got nothing." Oh by the way, I also cited a 02/14/2014 article from Investor's Business Daily among other more "recent" references.

Later in her letter, she decided to change the meaning of my letter by distorting what I was implying. "So in fact it does look as if Mother Nature is responsible for the drought conditions in California." My quote, "No Mr. President, California's drought calamity isn't caused by climate change. It is caused by politics." Of course the drought is caused by Mother Nature or the climate. My implication is that the calamity of having a severe water shortage leaving 500,000 acres of farmland sit fallow is directly a result of diverting water to save some useless fish which has diminished the amount of water stored in reservoirs. A system that has worked for decades to deal with just the type of drought California is now experiencing. She offered no rebuttal to that, perhaps because she had nothing to offer. I do, if she is really interested.

According to the aforementioned Investor's Business Daily, House Bill 3964 which passed 229-191 would restore water flow from California's water-heavy north to farmers in the central and south. But Obama's plan is not to get that worthy bill through the Senate (where Democrats are holding it up). Just imagine if all that rain from the recent storms had been properly captured and stored instead of flowing needlessly into the Pacific Ocean.

Perhaps building more reservoirs might be in order since there are now 37 million people living in California as opposed to the 16 million in 1960 when the dams and reservoirs were built. Perhaps use money saved from not spending $68 billion on bullet trains to nowhere, wind turbines that kill eagles, desert solar panels that get so hot they incinerate birds who touch them and other venture socialist boondoggles. Too bad Delta Smelt don't fly because then we would see some quick action.

She then suggested that I do more research. Yet, she seemed to imply that because her one, cited, report does not mention Delta Smelt or the acres of water that has been diverted from the northern mountains, those facts must be false. A quick perusal of any number of diverse websites will bring anyone lots of references to this example of pure leftist politics gone rogue. Perhaps that is why she only referenced a single report from the state water department.

If President Obama actually cared about the economy and the citizens of this country, he could have "appropriately" used an executive order to allow for the redirection of water back onto those aqueducts and reservoirs. That would have put the interests of the people of this country ahead of some "endangered species" that no one cares about except some radical green environmentalists. All of us do care about maintaining a clean and healthy environment absent government's corrosive and controlling influence.

The fact that American taxpayers have financed the green elite's war against efficient energy sources, using billions of our dollars is unconscionable. The notion that our very own president hid behind the false premise of man-made climate change is equally reprehensible. Honest scientists know what causes climate change: weather, volcanoes, forest fires, ocean currents, El Nino, La Nina, cloud cover, water vapor levels, jet streams, solar flares and that wayward polar vortex.

Oh, and this just in, Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist and business consultant who was a member of Greenpeace from 1971-1986, told lawmakers there is no scientific proof that human emissions of CO2 are the dominant cause of the minor global warming over the past 100 years. He said he left the group when it became more interested in politics than the environment. Patrick also says that there is no reason to believe that a warmer climate would be anything but beneficial for humans and the majority of other species.

Yet, John Kerry claims the science is unequivocal and climate change can now be considered the most fearsome weapon of mass destruction. There is no truth to the rumor that Al Gore has requested permission to use that quote during his next $10,000 speech.

The needless death, destruction and harm that modern day radical environmentalists have caused is a letter for another day. But, let's be clear about this. Their ideology is about power and control over the lives of all citizens, and as usual, these liberal policies are hurting the poor the most. Liberal progressive foolishness is immensely irritating and very difficult to suffer quietly. That is why I appear so infuriated with Bernadette's response. A response which came across as shallow, misleading and condescending. She probably didn't realize she came across that way. Most liberal progressives types do not.

Russ Wiles


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We'd like to thank our latest Liberty Hill Snow Angel in person

To The Daily Sun,

We live near the top of Liberty Hill Road in Gilford. In the winter the wind causes huge snow drifts in our driveway. It's a challenge to clear before the next storm arrives. Over the years kind folks and neighbors have helped us dig out. Tom Marcoux and the Isabelles have been our "Snow Angels".

After several storms, some caring thoughtful person has plowed the difficult to remove pile at the roadside. We have not been able to identify our latest "angel". We put out signs thanking them in hopes that it will be seen, but we'd like to thank them properly. If you read this please solve our mystery. You have no idea how much we appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you so much.

Jackie & John Nickolais


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