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Councilor Hamel will vote 'no' on some proposed Charter changes

To The Daily Sun,
For those who listened to my radio program yesterday here is a brief report. My Ward 5 City Councilor Bob Hamel, a loyal listener, stopped by the WEZS studio to respond to some of my comments. Mayor Engler and city councilors are encouraged to participate when there is something changing at city hall affecting the citizens of Laconia. Following with a another 30 minute discussion in the parking lot, Bob and I were dissecting the City Charter Amendments that will be presented to the voters of Laconia at the November 4 election. I sense that city government threw seven amendments on the table and the council okayed them. Bob says there are some he will not vote for on 11/4. After explaining why my opposition to the most blatant change — where as it has been for decades, that any registered voter can write in a name on a ballot that has only person seeking a seat on the council, school board, and mayor. Once I explained what this council has done, there is a feeling that Bob understands me, especially when it might be Bob — and me!

Taxpayers of Laconia, the city with a voter-approved tax cap, might like to know where our Democrat and Republican State Representatives/candidates stand on the City Council to taking money from schools, fire, road repair to fund what started as a $43 million, then $32 million, and now a $7 MILLION loan to repair/rebuild the county jail, which is too much to keep us within the spending limits. Will the city council asks each candidate that question with an invitation to do this before the election. We are not looking for a campaign speech, just answers, please.

In the meantime, we have one candidate for our county commissioner seat who has worked diligently on following our county government for several years now, that is Dave Devoy. His challenger Mr. Pollack, unknown to me, will not offer an honest answer to what he must know by now!

Niel Young

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I will continue to work conscientiously for you in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take this time to thank the District 4 voters for your support in the primary. I will continue to work conscientiously while addressing forthcoming issues as your representative in Concord. Your confidence in me is appreciated.

Rep. Dennis Fields


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