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Here's a tip on how you can leave comments on U-L website

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Union-Leader recently changed its online webpage edition, to a new "updated" format. Since that change, many of us current and former readers and posters of comments, have not been able to post comments online.

I inquired a few times to them concerning this issue, online links, and got no response.

Today, I figured out why. If the reader has an "ad blocking" plug-in on their web browser, like Adblock Plus on Firefox, it will not enable the comment box to appear, so the reader cannot post a comment for an article. This change was never explained to the readers of the new webpage. It did not interfere in the old format.

Don't know how to spread the word to the thousands of UL readers about this issue, but I know the UL won't do it. So, I share this tidbit with you.

I do read and value the daily edition of The Laconia Sun. Keep it up.

Gene Ronikier


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I am back on the radio & taking calls on Saturday morning

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, Tony Boutin called to alert me of a gathering of writers/activists for lunch. While it might have been interesting, breaking bread with folks who dislike conservatives, and tend to say some nasty things — no constructive debate – and resort to name-calling, is not discussion. As for taking it and dishing it out, no problem for me, but it is a waste of time and life is short. It would be nice if more Americans could get involved, but many of those who share my political views are working. Or, perhaps, their employer does not want them to attend meetings or pen letters to the editor.

Someone tried that with me in 1974, in my first term as a city councilor. This was a good customer for my courier business. They found that I would lose their business before stabbing my constituents in the back. And, we did lose the account.

After 18 years (this week) of hosting my radio show I am back this Saturday from some repair work to take calls from like-minded listeners from across the country, and take calls from some of those writers/activists to have a conversation, if we are talking about issues.

Niel Young


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