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Hillary is best qualified to deal with complexities of the office

To The Daily Sun,

If I ask myself, "what is the most important issue facing our country today," what measurement should I use? As a senior citizen, I am fortunate to have health care. Will my children and grandchildren have that available? Will Social Security be solvent, college affordable, gun safety a requirement, equality in all arenas a given?

I am enthusiastic that I have the opportunity to support a candidate for president who is best qualified to deal with the complexities of the office. And though it is a bonus, that fact that she is a woman is not the reason I support Hillary Clinton. She has developed relationships with foreign leaders as Secretary of State and First Lady, worked with domestic partners in the Senate, and demonstrated dignity and respect in times of difficulty. These are many of the reasons Hillary is my choice for the Democratic nominee for president.

Intelligence is a strong prerequisite for the presidency, and her skills in applying that knowledge are just as important. The way Hillary stood strong and articulate with firm resolve for eleven hours as the House Representatives questioned her demonstrates her ability to remain cool under extreme pressure.

At a time of constant exposure, first appearances count. Boisterousness is not considered a plus. We are scrutinized nationally and internationally on a daily basis. Hillary Clinton is the most able to lead us going forward. I hope you will vote for her on Primary Day.

Nancy Donahue


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This is a religious war against the 'infidels', waged for centuries

To The Daily Sun,

American citizens are presently onlookers to France's 9/11 moment. There are so many questions, viewpoints, opinions and thoughts on what is happening, why and what should America do. Of course, I too have opinions and viewpoints concerning this critical point in history; however, I would like to point out something that seems to have been missed.

Some people are very sensitive to calling what is happening a "religious war" and quickly add that "the majority of Muslims are not involved" or that they even sympathize with these terrorist actions. Others ask: "If this is true, why DON'T they speak up in opposition and denounce the so called "radical few?"

In Turkey, at a soccer game, a moment of silence was asked for — a tribute to those who died in France on Friday, the 13th. As this tribute began, thousands in attendance started booing and chanting "Allah Akbar" — the war cry of the "radicalized Muslims," shouted during terrorist massacres. Hello?

This is a religious war against the "infidels" that has been waged throughout history, and in my opinion answers the question of why "the majority of Muslims" are not ever heard from. They just spoke.

Wake up America.

Ken Knowlton

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