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Allow me to report on No Labels Conference in Manchester

To the Daily Sun,

At the No Labels Conference in Manchester, the stage included five actors who told why unstuck government is important to them, then went into the audience with mics to find New Hampshire people to tell what our concerns are. Actor Wayne Knight from "Seinfeld" held the mic for me when I said that, "An old problem is nuclear weaponry, that we live with every day as a threat to our lives and the life of the planet. President Obama has allotted $1 trillion for more nuclear weapons." Wayne Knight, who on stage had said he's here because of his 5-year-old son's future, thanked me.

I was struck by our persistent willingness for more war, when candidate-for-president Lindsay Graham, in a slew of questions addressed to bank-seated college students, wanted them to raise their hands for being willing to "give your lives for our country". He was talking troops on the ground to fight the Islamic forces.

Gov. Christie did address not enough accessible health care for our vets who need it.

Bernie Sanders was the only candidate to point out our high numbers in prison, and what that costs, and that education is a better expenditure with one outcome being fewer desperate people committing crimes.

Martin O'Malley sounded good on energy policy, even using a smart phrase I haven't heard in a long time — "conservation energy" — but disappointingly also talked about "safer nuclear". Interesting, because it subtly points out the un-safety of nuclear plants all around our country.

Maggie Hassan and Kelly Ayotte both spoke with us. Governor Hassan, now running for U. S. Senate, praised our inherent hardiness, living with granite and winter cold. Apt compliment and observation as we leave warm summer and prepare to be our most durable selves. As did others, recognizing the day's theme, Senator Ayotte gave credit to Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill for their working across the aisle.

Often mentioned from the audience with mic opportunity, was the overwhelming burden to college students of loan debt. Truly a problem to be solved. Our 2016 choices are more and more about how we will live our daily lives because of government that we need to be good government.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Let's agree to treat those around us with respect and dignity

To The Daily Sun,

I read the Oct. 5 letter from Mr. E. Scott Cracraft and his diatribe about how bad America has been and is, with such broad sweeping generalities. He has indicted, tried, and convicted anyone who does not think as a secular humanist like himself. What Mr. Cracraft and others like him seem to forget is that America is a nation of laws, and without the rule of law you soon have anarchy.

The fact is the majority of Americans regardless of faith or creed have no problem with people immigrating to America legally. What American is not grateful and thankful for the opportunity to live in America whether first generation, second, third or fourth? Legal immigration is not the problem here. The problem is with people who break the law by thinking it is okay to cross any nation's border, then expect to be warmly welcomed under the law. It is laughable to think that we should grant amnesty to anyone, other than those seeking asylum from oppression, and be given a pass to the front of the line ahead of thousands who are working within the boundaries of the law. Some people may be well-intentioned, good people and are just seeking work by sneaking across the border. However, it is still breaking our laws.

Mr. Cracraft seeks to make everyone feel this enormous sense of national guilt and shame and that we are the blame, as if we are somehow responsible for the KKK. It seems to me that a man by the name of Martin Luther King and the peaceful civil rights movement that continues to this day, clearly debunks Mr. Cracraft's line of thought. A woman by the name of Rosa Parks also changed the face of the nation. What great courage she had. I for one am grateful for what they did. Christian evangelists such as Billy Graham who stood shoulder to should with Dr. King to change the hearts of the people and break down racial divides. Many Christian churches, white and black, united against bigotry and racism and still do today.

When reading the viewpoints of Mr. Cracraft, it is clear that he favors a more socialist state where freedom is granted only as much as the government will tolerate. He sees no problem with laws being broken and ignored so long as they are laws he does not agree with. But if it is a law he likes, then he wants the full force, and the heavy hand of government to punish the guilty, those such as Kim Davis.

Mr. Cracraft quotes from Exodus 22:21 that says we are not to wrong or sojourners in the land. I am encouraged that he reads the Holy Bible and sees the good insight value in the text that he understands and maybe even believes. I also appreciate that he understands that Jesus is loving and compassionate.

I think we can agree on this. Let's do all we can to love our neighbors, and treat those around us with respect and dignity. With that said, I do not believe that Jesus expects the visitor or guest, to take advantage of the nation they are visiting or break its laws. America welcomes the legal immigrant. This is what makes America a great nation, not a perfect nation, but I cannot think of a better place on earth to live. I also know that the Jewish people are also grateful that the United States and our allies ended the horrors of the Holocaust. Many Americans paid with their lives to grant others freedom. Mr. Cracraft implies that we should not honor, respect or be proud of their sacrifice. That is offensive!

Thankfully this is a very small minority view on that matter and idea. It sounds like an idea that would only be well accepted in liberal academia. So the bottom line is opposition to illegal immigration is not racist. It's called respect for the rule of law. Try entering Mexico illegally and see how you're treated. Don't expect a warm welcome and an invitation to stay unless it's in one of their prisons.

Gary Torressen


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