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Thank you to all the voters in Belmont; together, I know we can do this

To The Daily Sun,

Again to all the good people of Belmont, thank you for your support. You chose wisely. It was nice to see the election become a contest and that more people were involved in wanting to serve this town. My kudos to you all.

It was very nice to see the town support the incumbents, who are up to speed and willing to continue helping build a better Belmont. I hope we continue to get more good people involved. It feels good after the election that we have your support and hope to continue making the right decisions for Belmont, and the community. The Planning Board has already taken steps forward to investigate on a watershed study to even further assure a good quality of water.

With the efforts led by Jon Pike and the passing of SB-2, (I feel) we have even a greater opportunity to work together with the school system, and work as one to build an even better Belmont. It would be nice to work on lowering our taxes without jeopardizing our quality of education. We have a great school system. Working together, and with your support, I believe we can do this.

Again, thank you to all the good people of Belmont.

Peter Harris


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Definition of 'democracy' is 2 wolves & a lamb voting on what's for dinner

To The Daily Sun,
We read the Oscars were a blast Sunday night, with a large percentage of the nation's one percenters expressing their outrage over the lack of "diversity" in Hollywood. They were upset primarily over the lack of "diversity" in skin color among the nominees for awards.

But diversity can mean many things. What about diversity of ideology. What about diversity of opinion of political thought. What about diversity over acceptance of Christianity, and its doctrines regarding traditional values. What about diversity of thought regarding the growing cancers in our society of un-American things like political correctness, and multiculturalism.

Yes, multiculturalism in America is a cancer! America was founded 239 years ago as a "Christian" nation and culture. Immediately after the founding of America, people from other countries all over the world began coming to America by the tens of thousands. Was their only motivation to start little mini-countries and cultures here, like the one they had just left behind? No! They came to America for the freedom this new country offered to them, to start new lives and new families, as Americans! First Amendment religious liberty did not then, and does not now, allow room for every world religion, any more than it was intended to allow new immigrants to come here and change the "American culture" into whatever they wanted it to be.

Back then, as a country, we imposed strict standards before new immigrants were allowed in. They had to be self-sufficient, not dependent on government welfare. They had to promise to learn the new language, and assimilate into the American culture, and become Americans!. None of this is true anymore, especially as it applies to Muslims. (A few years ago, a Muslim woman wanted to get a drivers' license in Florida, but insisted on wearing a full-face burke for her photo ID!) Think what would happen if a Christian organization, like Focus on the Family, for the purpose of exporting Christianity, decided to build dozens of Christian churches in the Middle East. They would be arrested and put in prison. Today Americans are arrested if they even bring a Bible with them on a short trip to Saudi Arabia!

And the other deadly cancer, "Political-correctness," was originally started in communist countries, where people were punished by the state for saying the wrong things about the system. Here it is "national cultural censorship," plain and simple, and is extremely damaging to America. You see it everywhere, especially on college campuses. Our young people are driven into hysterical frenzies if someone says something they don't like. Colleges have prepared booklets on what students can say and cannot say on campus. Some even have "safe spaces" where pampered students can actually take physical refuge to avoid having to endure what they refer to as "hate speech." They should have been taught years ago that in America, we have "freedom of speech," and that the "safe spaces" they are demanding are THE WHOLE COUNTRY! Here's a thought: if you hear something you don't like, walk away!

So, once again, multiculturalism, is un-American! We are Americans! For two centuries, people have uprooted their families, endured many hardships, and traveled long distances to come here, to become part of a new "culture," the American culture!" The problem today is our immigration laws are simply not being enforced.

And that's because the people who are supposed to be doing the enforcing are career leftist progressives, who don't believe that the miracle of America was created as a constitutional republic, whose sole purpose is to protect the "rights" of all, not just those who want to lay on the couch all day, and live off the fruits of the rest of us who work hard. And that means protecting the traditional family values of the hard workers who made American great.

Sorry to break it to you this way, but we are not now, nor were we ever intended to be a democracy. The definition of a "democracy" is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner!

The American culture was not meant for every weirdo and pervert to look for and find "rights" that allow them to do whatever they want, and completely undo the Christian values we've established, based on biblical principles that have been in place for generations, and which have always defined us as a nation!

This is a plea to all who agree that America is on the brink of the abyss. Our opinions are protected by the U.S. Constitution, so we need not be afraid of making our values known. We need to pray for the strength to speak up whenever and wherever our values are threatened, no matter what the consequences might be to ourselves.

Our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren are depending on us ...
Jim McCoole

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