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90% of us have consistently supported reasonable run regulation

To The Daily Sun,

Every single time there is a mass shooting that horrifies the nation, the NRA, gun makers, and their toadies in Congress automatically argue against any common-sense attempt to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists or deranged people. They also recoil at any attempt to stop the sale of assault weapons to civilians, saying that doing anything at all would be "taking away our right to own guns." This is not true and they know it.

These apologists for the right to commit mass murder are complicit in sucking the life's blood out of our nation. They create and then feed on people's fears. Even Justice Scalia, in his Supreme Court decision stating an individual right to own guns, said that governments are entitled to enact regulations.

Those gun barrel-licking politicians happily accept money from these entities, knowing full well that if they dare take one baby step out of the NRA line they will face a well-funded election challenge and lose their precious seat in Congress. It's a stranglehold. In any other setting it would be called legalized bribery, or blackmail.

Almost 90 percent of all Americans, including majorities of both Republicans and Democrats, have consistently supported reasonable regulations. The "public servants" who are puppets of the NRA leadership apparently don't care about us. But the collective cries for no more military-type weapons in the hands of ordinary citizens is being heard 'round the world. The only question is how many more innocent people will die before enough is enough.

Bernadette Loesch

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Board doesn't need to be demonized, they're self-demonizing

To The Daily Sun,

In response to the letter written June 17 in support of the Gilmanton Selectboard and town administrator, I would like to make the following points.

The letter writer states that there is an obstructive, ego-driven "element" in Gilmanton which lacks temperance and the ability to listen, and whose sole purpose is to undermine and discredit. How true. Except for the fact that that element has proven to be the very board itself, and not those who have spoken against it. Not surprisingly, the letter writer's failure to recognize this underscores the very reason for the current controversy and debate. His forced, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood-like reasoning, which suggests we all get along, grow up, lock arms, rock in unison and sing "Kumbaya," flies in the face of an agenda-driven board and administrator who have been as hostile and vindictive toward members of this town as I have seen in the 35 years I've lived in Gilmanton.

A board, quite frankly, that doesn't need to be demonized, because they are in fact, self-demonizing. They have actually attacked their own credibility, not because of errors they've made, but because of a refusal to be answerable and accountable to them, racking up such an unprecedented amount of evasive "no comments" at selectmen's meetings, that I've finally given up trying to keep count.

Also, I thought it humorous, but not surprising, given the letter writer's affiliations, that he did not recognize that the very thing he was accusing these people of, and in fact condemning, was the very thing he was doing himself: Unable to discredit the message, or to speak to it, he attacks the messengers, hoping to destroy their credibility, claiming that the only reason this evil element is complaining about this board and administrator isn't because of being civic-minded or out of concern for their town, but because they're upset over the outcome of this year's vote. What rubbish!

I would suggest this writer, through a local library I know him to be particularly fond of, seek out back issues of local newspapers, and review exactly what Gilmanton's town government has been up to in the last several months. It isn't pretty.

Al Blake

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