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Your contributions to Liberty House were received with gratitude

To The Daily Sun,

We want to thank all the caring people who answered our appeal and donated to Liberty House. Thanks to your generosity we delivered two truckloads and a car full of sleeping bags and warm clothing for our homeless veterans. Please know that your contributions were received with gratitude.

Thank you again for helping our homeless veterans stay warmer this winter. We want you to know how much your thoughtfulness and donations were appreciated.

Liz & Bev Lapham

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I have been blessed with all the senior citizens I see each day

To The Daily Sun,

Right now, today, we still live in a mostly free nation. How long it will remain that way, one can never tell. I am blessed with having been born in a time when one could leave their home unlocked, keys in the car, and money laying around on the table, and know that it all would be right where you left it when you got back to using it. No, this is not a dream, but a long ago reality, before the government got into your homes and told you how to raise your kids. Once the government got control of your household, like everything else the government does, the poop hit the fan and the family became non functional, but I am not here to tell you what's wrong with the nation, you already know what's wrong, only you gave up your rights to raise your family the way it should be raised, so be it.
Everyday, I read the letters to the editor, and everyday some one is calling the kettle black. So sad.
If the editor sees fit to print this letter, I would like to tell you how much I have been blessed. This year, I lost a brother and a sister, a blessing for one and a shock for the other, but so far I am still healthy and still trying to help my fellow senior citizens keep their independence. I don't have much, but some of them have even less. I have been blessed by knowing a 97-year-old lady, who served as a "Grammy" at the Elm Street School, volunteered her time at the Taylor Home, walked faster than some 50-year-olds, and was a source of useful information. A true gem of a person who the Lord saw fit to make her slow down with a slight stroke this summer. I have been blessed with all the senior citizens I see daily and learned how hard it was during the Great Depression years and why they are able to cope with shortages while the younger people cannot. One can truly learn from these wonderful seniors, if you take the time to listen. I am sure that the head honcho meant well by ordering everyone to have health insurance, and somehow, the seniors will cope with that as well by sticking together.
Before you go all shouting "woe is me...woe is me", count your blessings. See if you can get along without that new iPad and every other new piece of junk hitting the market daily. Count your blessings that you do not have to eat canned pet food as some seniors are forced to do because they only get an allotment of $16 a month for food stamps. Lastly, count your blessings that you have enough heat while some seniors are going to freeze this winter because it was prescription or heat and they opt for the medication to try and stay alive. Reward yourself by living within your means, and if it in your power, check on that senior who lives next door who all they may need, is a kind word.

Bev Buker

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Obamacare was & is intended to wipe out the middle class

To The Daily Sun,

Obamacare-Success or Failure?

Some would say that Obamacare is a failure because of the website problems and the broken promises of Obama. I believe it is a huge success for the following reasons which have also been expressed by others:

Obamacare was and is intended to bring about the Marxist dream of redistribution of wealth. THE DESTRUCTION OF CAPITALISM. The "makers" will pay for the "takers". This will occur through higher premiums for the "makers" and substantially higher taxes on that group. It was never intended to help the sick, lower health care costs or to reduce the debt or expand the economy.

Obamacare was and is intended to wipe out the middle class and make them dependent on government. Take note of the IRS prediction that families will need to pay $20,000 per year for health insurance by 2016. They will be unable to afford these costs and will have to go to "Big Brother" for health care.

Obamacare was and is intended to bankrupt small businesses that represent 75 percent of contributions to Republican candidates. Small businesses are seeing their rates increase by two, three and four times. Obamacare is written to bankrupt the opposition.

Obamacare makes the IRS all powerful. They will control 16 percent of the economy. Do you want the IRS to have such power? You need to think about the scandal of the IRS intimidation and persecution of conservative groups and others who disagreed with Obama's policies.

Obamacare, by some reports, will cause 93 million people to lose their insurance. Where will they go? To the government for insurance thus getting closer to a single payer (socialized medicine) system which is exactly what Obama has said he would like to have.

Remember, Obama's mentor during his formative years was Franklin Marshall Davis, a card carrying member of the U.S. Communist Party and Obama's hero is Saul Alinsky, a radical Marxist intent on destroying capitalism. Alinsky's stated advice to those who wanted to succeed in their Marxist endeavor was to call the other guy "a terrorist" and say that they are ruining America to divert attention away from what the Marxist group is doing. Sound familiar? They call the Tea Party terrorists! Also take note of how they are devastating the job market with the Obamacare mandates.

I wish the Republican Party would get out and spread the word as to the true intent of Obamacare instead of being so stupid, naive and cowardly. You can never go wrong when you speak the truth even if it hurts.


Vince Merola

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Mr. Boutin, we enjoy reading your letters but please stop shouting

To The Daily Sun,

Tony Boutin's CAP KEY SEEMS TO BE LOCKED OR FROZEN AGAIN. Tony, please get your computer in for a check-up. Those of us who are readers of The Laconia Daily Sun enjoy reading your letters. But seriously, do you have to keep "shouting" at us? Another request, please try to stay on topic and only the facts please. Thanks.

Bernadette Loesch

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Aren't we supposed to be asking what we can do for our country?

To The Daily Sun,

"Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you."
Now I know there are a handful of readers saying; "He has misquoted John F. Kennedy." For those of you out there who can remember what the real quote was; yes I did and I know it.
I did so because I believe that too many Americans, from all socioeconomic walks of life, now believe that our local, state and federal governments owe them whatever it is that they want in life. This also includes many of our government officials who are supposedly representing our common good but seem to be more interested in their own.
The "War on Poverty" declared in the sixties continues to this day, making it the longest war on record and the most expensive. Speaking of war, the first Federal Income Tax was instituted in 1861 to help fund The Civil War. It went away but returned in 1913 permanently (the 16th amendment) and continues to grow each year. In the early 1930s, "social insurance" was introduced during to the Great Depression. It was to help when the poverty rate was over 50 percent for senior citizens at that time. In 1935 The Social Security Act became law and through continuous amendments, it morphed into what we have today. It has expanded since its creation to provide a pension for everyone over the age of 62. Most paid into it for years, and is now a source of income to MANY with a disability, or injury. Many collect who have never contributed a dime to fund it, and it is even provided to some illegal immigrants. How long can it last?
You can now obtain power chairs, nebulizers, catheters, oxygen, diabetes glucose testing monitors, and even adult diapers "...at little or no cost to you, and delivered discreetly to your door." And you wonder why Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt.
There is presently a cadre of lawyers prepared to represent you; to sue drug companies for just about any prescription drug ever made that you may have taken. What's next; suing the doctors who prescribed it to you? Won't that help stabilize and bring down the cost of health care!
And speaking of health care costs, we are continuing toward total socialized medicine with "Obamacare." What started out as a program to provide medical insurance to those people without it (even those who didn't want it) has become a nightmare to many people who had it to begin with. Instead of fixing a problem, it has expanded it!
As the number of people, companies and corporations collecting these government freebies continues to increase, where does/will the money come from to fund them? Why yes — it comes from those people with personal responsibility, pride and who work hard to remain self reliant and disciplined. Sadly, it appears that the number of people footing the bill is quickly decreasing while those collecting increases with each passing day.
"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." What a concept! Will this mindset ever return? Will the American people ever look back into history to see how this country became great? Or will the insidious government dependence continue to grow, eventually and inevitably destroying our democracy?
Have a nice day!
Ken Knowlton


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