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We need specifics: what Rx drug & what is the man's ailment?

To The Daily Sun,

I found Hillarie Goldstein's letter regarding Sarah Palin, death panels and a man who has to go to the emergency room every time he nears death because of some Obamacare rule to be highly suspicious. Firstly, a major goal of the ACA is to end the emergency room being the sole source of care for the uninsured. Hillarie Goldstein does not tell us what the drug that supposedly is not covered is so she makes it impossible to fact-check her. Very convenient, Hillarie!. Her story is very suspicious like all the nonsense that comes from the far right. I want to know what that drug is and what ailment the 60 year old suffers from that he has to go to the emergency room. No names. I understand privacy but in order for me not to suspect Ms Goldstein of being dishonest or just gullible, I have to be able to fact-check her. I see the ACA as a stepping stone towards universal health care. Sure, it has faults but it certainly beats a world where insurance companies can drop you when you get sick or refuse to insure you because you have a condition. It beats a world where billions of dollars of unpaid emergency room bills end up jacking up everyone else's premiums. Someone has to pay and it isn't the people using ERs.

Regarding all the whining about immigrant reform, that is fear mongering and in some, a degree of bigotry. Recently, over 100 conservative economists and the CATO institute have come out in favor of immigration reform because it will boost the nation's economy. (http://americanactionforum.org/topic/more-110-top-conservative-economists-send-letter-supporting-immigration-reform) Of course, we all know that the right wing obstructionist don't give a damn about the economy or people in hard times. These high-functioning sociopaths will never be able to understand anyone else's pain. They were born without empathy. Add to that the Obama Derangement Syndrome and there is a group that needs therapy.

James Veverka



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Thanks to Harry Bean family for skillful work on warming hut

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone traveling on Route 11-A near the Gilford Town Hall will notice that the former Gilford Outing Club warm-up hut has taken on a new and impressive appearance. It will not be long before the building is fully restored and added to the list of historic structures that have been saved from possible demolition.

Harry Bean, a member of one of Gilford's oldest families, recently came forward and volunteered to assist in the restoration project. He volunteered not only his services but also that of his construction crew, which consisted of his father, son, grandson, and an employee, Lou Sousa.

During the initial meeting that was held to discuss the work required, Harry stated that he would be able to complete the work in a week. He and his crew did exactly that — they began on Monday morning and by Friday afternoon, he called us to let us know that the work was done and that they were moving on.

He insisted that he did not want to be recognized for the volunteer labor he gave to this project. However, he and his employees — his family — do need to be thanked for their thoughtfulness and generosity. They are truly dedicated to the town that their family has called home for many generations.

Members of the Bean family never had a chance to belong the Gilford Outing Club — they were too busy working. Yet, they came forward and helped save one of the club's historic structures, not for the recognition but because they felt it was the right thing to do. With that attitude, they would have made phenomenal members of the organization.

The preservation of history is hard work, but it is rewarding and can bring out the best in people. There are some wonderful families living in Gilford, and the Bean family is one of them. We wish to wholeheartedly thank them for the skillful work they put into this restoration project. It has truly been a pleasure working with them. We are sure that the entire town appreciates their hard work, caring, and dedication.

The Anderson Family


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Ray Cunningham (8-5) 457

To The Daily Sun,

Recent statements from Governor Margaret Hassan's office regarding wind farms in Central New Hampshire has been causing some angst among local residents around Newfound Lake. Writing off registered voters around the states fourth largest lake is not a smart political move.

Purposely creating uncertainty with local residents over her political support for wind farms is not a smart move. Is the Queen being deliberately dodgy about her "green" governor views. I believe so.

One thing is for sure — she's a sucker for shiny toys paid for with piles of public money. She's truly short cited: First, she fails to see an exit strategy paid for by developers. Being shortsighted is not a crime — but approving it before she understands it — surly sounds familiar doesn't it?

Second, she fails to hear arguments on protecting our watershed. Even children understands the basic laws of gravity — "what goes up must come down". The Queen needs to understand that building on mountaintops will effect everything below — and below is our watershed.

Third, she needs to understand that the majority of residents in this area are completely opposed to the next three projects for one simple reason — it's too much for us to handle. Four wind farms within a 15 mile radius, combined with four other renewable energy plants — not to mention all the new power lines — will surely have a negative impact on our community. Where else in New England has this type of renewable energy intrusion occurred?

Any time you have the top elected official in the state questioning whether wind energy is a good thing, that creates concern. There remains significant debate over whether wind power would be cost-competitive without subsidies, federal tax credits and state policies meant to encourage the development of renewable energy sources.

Regardless of the political debate over subsidies for wind energy, it is clear that the wind developers are running here — cash in hand — looking to build, build, build. Almost a half a billion dollars will go into outfitting this area with over 100 turbines... and they expect me to believe that $600,000 in decommission costs per wind farm will be acceptable? I think not.

Let's be more objective and make sure that we all understand the economics of it before it's rammed down our throats. I think each and every politician should go on the record — and tell residents of New Hampshire why they are for it or against it. In their statements they should outline why New Hampshire rate payers should pay more to power southern states; how many new full time/year round jobs will be created and why Massachusetts is outsourcing their renewable wind tax credits through the State of New Hampshire.

It's only fair, right?

Ray Cunningham

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Sarah Palin was right about death panels; let me tell you a story

To The Daily Sun,

I had an eye opening experience this past July 4th I thought I would relate to the readers of The Daily Sun.

On that day, at a barbecue at a friend's house I met a 60 year old man whose medication has been taken off the list of medications covered by his insurance. He needs this medication to stay alive. Before he was 60 his insurance paid for it. But now that he is 60, under the rules of Obamacare they are not allowed to pay for it anymore. Now he and his wife have to wait every month until he's close to death and rush him to the emergency room where he gets treated because at the emergency room they have to treat you. I'm not making this up. So Sarah Palin was right about the death panels. And that doesn't even touch on what this plan is going to do to the already dwindling job market.

Anyway, that's not even the interesting part. I was upset about this, so I decided to write to Annie Kuster, my representative in Congress and ask her to please vote to defund Obamacare. I got two form letters back from Annie. One was a letter thanking me for my e-mail and another was a letter thanking me for supporting her efforts to keep student interest rates down.

So now I know when I write to Congress no one read my e-mails and no one cares what I think. I guess I suspected that already, but now I know it. There are issues facing this country right now that have the potential to permanently derail it, like the Affordable Health Care Act and amnesty. And no one's listening. And there's no one to turn to. Have a nice day.

Hillarie Goldstein


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Gilmanton School Class of 2013 donated $100 to food pantry

To The Daily Sun

The Gilmanton Community Church Food Pantry Committee would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Class of 2013 from the Gilmanton School. Your recent $100 donation to the food pantry is greatly appreciated. What a wonderful thing for your class to do for those folks in your home town who are in need of some assistance. Good luck at Gilford or wherever you are attending high school this fall.

We would also like to thank the Gilmanton Youth Group for giving us a helping hand with the vegetable garden at the pantry. Raelynn Cottrell and a wonderful group of about eight young people were able to come down on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and give us a helping hand with the planting. Your hard work was greatly appreciated, thank you.

Jane Sisti

GCC Food Pantry Committee


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