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Obama is doing things similar to what Franklin Roosevelt did

To The Daily Sun,

I probably would be considered a carpetbagger by some, as I grew up in Connecticut but moved here permanently about 20 years ago. However, my family history goes back over 200 years in New Hampshire, but again that is not abnormal up here. Most families names date to the pre-Civil War era. The bottom line is very few started in New Hampshire as most moved up here from Massachusetts before New Hampshire became a state.

I did miss the Southeast Asia tour but not because of a pilonidal cyst like Rushie or many 2S deferments like Cheney. Glad you made it back in one piece. Also have you wondered why so many vets are becoming Democrats and not Republicans now?

Don't know if people complained about Carter, but I did vote for Reagan. So even with him breaking our laws with Iran Contra and that thing in Central America I was busy working like most people assuming our politicians were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Again, like most or all Democrat and independents, some day you Bush supporters will admit that Bush/Cheney opened the can of worms we have been busy trying to put back in the can. I doubt it though.

Very few people had a problem with the Afghan bombing. But Iraq was another issue. False pretenses, no WMDs and all for oil (or for Cheney). But, then again, I doubt if many people miss Hussein. So what's done is done. Nobody is blaming Bush for the attacks, but for the way he handled the retaliation afterward. We claim to set by example but the proven use of torture doesn't give us any credibility. Of course Cheney would disagree. But just having to be with Cheney would be torture enough. Did we even the score for the 9/11 attacks? Time will tell.

Yes, Mr. Payton people are paying more attention now than before, but then again things like the Internet and 24 hour news helps. Your points of view are also determined by what you watch,­ FOX or MSNBC, and both sides are slanted. If we had all this news on demand 50 or ­60 years ago things might be a lot different today than they are. Our concerns today are different.

Obama is doing many things similar to what Roosevelt did and he was elected four times. You are right though, the informed are outraged, as more and more neighbors are being turned against one another all because of politics. Most of which is distorted just to get higher ratings and better paying sponsors. But the main difference is we are outraged at Congress and the GOP and the way President Obama has been treated by them. He deserves much better than that and I doubt if Bush/Cheney was treated that badly, but then again I'm sure you will disagree.

But, as of now, we've had four confirmed beheadings, two Americans, and one each from the UK and France. I doubt if anything Obama could have done would have prevented this, but I'm sure you will disagree. I feel what he is doing now is trying to make the irrational rational. For those who want boots on the ground, I say that's what we have the coalition for. If they refuse to join in this, my opinion is we come home. No boots but maybe keep bombing the daylights out of them. To put another 100,000 to ­200,000 military over there doesn't make sense unless we plan on staying there the rest of our lives. But that is up to Congress and they seem to be busy.

Jon Hoyt


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I have alternative jail plan that would cost about $25 million

To The Daily Sun,

Right now we have two jail plans on the table. The Ricci Greene Plan and Mr. DeVoy's jail plan. The Ricci Greene plan followed a lengthy public development process that asked what would best serve the correctional needs of Belknap County for the next 30 years. The DeVoy plan is very cheap. I'd like to throw another plan in the hopper — Alternate II. (You can see sketches on my website - davepollak.com.)

Back when this jail planning process started, architect Gary Goudreau was engaged to perform a facilities study of the Belknap County Jail and other buildings. In the process, he drafted a model expansion of the existing jail. It involved replacing and renovating some of the current structure, particularly the 1987 addition, and adding on a new community corrections facility which is really a sort of therapeutic community managed by the superintendent that rewards inmates with increasing responsibility and freedom as they demonstrate progress. These sort of programs have been shown across the country and in New Hampshire to be the most effective way to reduce recidivism. Alternate II meets state and federal standards and has been preliminarily estimated at around $25 million (this is a rough number). So, now we'll have three plans to consider.

In addition, I've recently returned from a second visit to the Sullivan County Jail (in Claremont) and, based on what they've accomplished, I'm working on an idea for one more option.

We should submit the plans to the Jail Planning Committee for analysis and comparison and share them with the towns and the public for input. Then, let's pick one and get to work.

I hope you'll mark your ballot next to my name on Nov. 4. I'd like to see this through.

David Pollak

Candidate for Belknap County Commission


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