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We can trust pols, Republicans or Democrats; yes to term limits

To The Daily Sun,

Just a week or two ago, I wrote a letter describing how power corrupts. I wrote it in the context of big government being able to harm regular people and guess what? This week we read and hear of a fine example of political abuse. Down in New Jersey, a few political stooges decided to get even with one of its city's mayors for not endorsing Gov. Christie in the last election. They screwed up the traffic flow going across the GW bridge, disrupting tens of thousands of peoples lives. These were just state underlings but they held the power over working people and they used it. Gov. Christie to his credit fired them, even though they were, or had been, trusted members of his administration.

Contrast that with the practice in Washington D.C. where quite often we see misdeeds rewarded rather then punished. This reinforces my point that we can't trust politicians. We can't trust Democrats and we can't trust Republicans and we should never give them to much power or power for to long. Term limits for congress is long overdue in my opinion.
I can't wait for the usual suspects to begin their denunciations of Christie and the Republicans. That will give me the chance to really unload on Obama and his stooges.
Steve Earle


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People who were prudent about health care now being punished

To The Daily Sun,

It amazes me that a number of elected officials to Washington are proud of themselves for passing a law they did not fully understand and for punishing people who were/are prudent about their own health care spending decisions. Millions of responsible citizens are now forced to have health insurance policies with unnecessary coverages — with greatly increased premiums. Many are finding their trusted health care providers are not included in their new government mandated plan.

Is the "Affordable Health Care Law" really about health care? Or about government control and forced wealth redistribution? Yes, many people can now have health insurance for free or with reduced/subsidized premiums. But is making health insurance very expensive for one group of people, so that another group can have health insurance, the way to deal with health care in this county?

Does this redistribution policy improve the overall economic health of the country? Are successful business owners going to be more or less motivated to work harder when the government takes more of their hard earned profits? Are they going to expand their businesses and hire more employees? What about the people on the receiving end of this wealth distribution? Are they going to be more or less motivated to find employment or expend time and energy in learning a new or more marketable/higher paying job?

If we wish to avoid joining the ranks of failed socialist countries, repeal of the mis-named health care law is the only viable option.

Dennis Robitaille


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People who stand to gain now rushing to defend Common Core

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the letter (Jan. 9) "Learn More About The Expectations Of Common Core", I thought it would be helpful if readers understood the Common Core Standards have come at a great expense to local control in our public schools.

It came as no surprise that an organization that will benefit financially from the new Common Core Initiative would be publicly supporting it. Many refer to Common Core as: No Vendor Left Behind. I guess that's a humorous yet honest response to the number of organizations that will financially benefit from another D.C. "education reform".

What wasn't mentioned in their letter, that appeared to be more of a "sales pitch", was that these academic standards are not considered the best in the nation. In other words, what we got in New Hampshire is a set of mediocre academic standards. That is hardly something parents should be cheering about.

In fact in many states parents and teachers have been vocalizing their opposition to the Common Core Standards. This was such a problem for the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, that he issued an apology to all of the "white suburban moms" he denigrated for expecting better quality standards for their children.

Parents and teachers across the country are not only looking at the Common Core standards that continue to put their children behind their international peers, but are also looking at the developmentally inappropriate materials and math tests that have left CPA's confused.

Recently a Nashua School Board member sent testimony to a legislative committee where he revealed comments from teachers in the district on the new Smarter Balanced Assessment. Comments from teachers ranged from: "Shockingly negative experience" to "This would be a crushing emotional experience for my students".

Standards can and should be raised for New Hampshire students. However the Common Core standards that are now being translated into materials and tests that are developmentally inappropriate, confusing and frustrating, kills the love of learning and teaching.

What we are seeing now is, a rush to defend Common Core by those who will be cashing in from this new reform effort. It would be wise for parents to do their own research.

Ann Marie Banfield
Education Liaison (Volunteer) for Cornerstone Action


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Selectperson Schneider represents taxpayers, not Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,
At the Bristol selectman's meeting on January 9, long time "Tax and Spend" Selectman Joe Denning attempted to "bully" first term Selectperson Betsy Schneider. It seems, in his opinion, she wasn't whole-heartedly promoting Joe's view that Bristol needs to aggressively increase spending.

To her great credit, Selectperson Schneider cited the law to Mr. Denning, stating she served "ex-officio" on the Budget Committee. Selectperson Schneider further stated she represented the taxpayers of Bristol and would not be a "puppet" of the Selectboard. This statement garnered applause from the citizens attending the meeting.
Bravo Selectboard member Schneider!

Paul Simard

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Chief should not be dragging down GFD to avoid filling 2 shifts

To The Daily Sun,

I think it was very thoughtful for Chief Hempel's neighbor, Joanne Gianni, to write a letter in support of her friend. She made many "observations".
1. Why are the selectmen relying on a 10-year-old warrant article voted on in 2004? It's the job of the selectmen to follow the vote of the people. A few weeks ago the Firemen's Assoc. showed up in force against the new warrant article, so the selectmen deleted it from the warrant.
2. Does Mrs. Gianni think the selectmen would be foolish enough to set a policy that wasn't legal?
3. How does the $20,000 reduction cut services? Mrs. Gianni gives no example. The only affect it will have is on the per diem staff who will no longer earn $200 per day to fill full-time shifts.
4. I don't believe the policy change is an attempt to micromanage, it's just following the will of the people. Had the chief been willing to make the schedule change on his own, a policy would not have been necessary.
5. How is this a personal attack on the fire chief? Mrs. Gianni gives no example.
6. Why would this cause the personnel to feel undervalued? The Gilmanton FF/EMT's do a wonderful job serving the town's people and the selectmen have never said anything to the contrary. The chief should not be dragging down his department because he doesn't want to fill two shifts.
7. Mrs. Gianni states, "I believe that the new policy is detrimental and dangerous"? How so, she doesn't give any example.
Right now the chief is the only one enjoying every weekend off. He can still continue his weekends off and if he chooses to handle the scheduling change properly, each full-time employee could have four months a year with weekends off. The morale might improve with a schedule change. Each full-time employee would have a chance to work weekday shifts, not just the chief and one chosen employee (who had a fixed schedule) as had been practiced in the past. Maybe this is a little unknown fact that Joanne Gianni wasn't aware of.
Although I understand Mrs. Gianni's attempt at wanting to side with her neighbor's position, it appears she doesn't have any facts to support her stance.
Brenda Currier

EMT & Taxpayer


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