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I would like to be your selectmen for the Town of Plymouth

To The Daily Sun,

My name is John Randlett and I would like to be your next selectman for the town of Plymouth.

I have served the town of Plymouth in various capacities since 2005, Selectman 2007, Budget Committee 2005 to present, Planning Board 2007 to present, CIP committee 2006 to present and Trustee of the Trust Fund from 2009 to present. I have always done my best to serve all the people of Plymouth. My only agenda is to serve the people of Plymouth to the best of my abilities.

I would appreciate your vote in March for selectman.

John Randlett



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Do NFL officials routinely check ball presure after the games (B)

To The Daily Sun,

In regard to "Deflategate", I have one question, one observation, and one prediction.
Do the NFL officials check the air pressure of game balls following the game, and is there an average pressure loss on file?

I can tell you that if I was an NFL football and 250 pound men consistently fell on top of me, you can bet that I would give up a puff of air now and then.

The next controversy to confront Belichick will be flexible width goal posts to accommodate extra long field goal attempts. Maybe that's already in Belichick's playbook.

Go football (especially the Pats).

Roger Simpson

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