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Check out the details of great work being done by the Clinton Foundation

To The Daily Sun,

The Clinton Foundation has taken a lot or abuse lately for its abuse of millions of dollars of donations. This is simply not true. Any one who is really interested in how much charitable work the foundation itself is doing around the world can find out all the details by clicking on the enclosed link. I found it amazing what they do.


Kent Warner

Center Harbor


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I've merely expressed my opinion as to who's most qualified candidate

To The Daily Sun,

It was my initial inclination to ignore the letter submitted by Scott Estes, but it is so insulting and riddled with so many misstatements of fact, I believe it's important to correct the record.

First and foremost, at no point have I ever belittled Mike Moyer's opponent for sheriff in any way. I merely pointed out the contrast in the level of experience and qualifications between the two candidates. According to Mr. Estes, the fact that I did not endorse Bill Wright simply because he was one of my employees is unfair and mean. Seriously? If anyone should have doubts about the tone of my letter, please reread it in this past Tuesday's paper.

Secondly, what does the fact that state law allows a retiree to collect his or her pension and hold an elected position have to do with anything? In this state, such an elected official must work hard and run in the primary and general elections every two years, demonstrating to the voters they deserve to continue in their position. Someone who has rightfully earned his or her pension and holds such an office may decide to return to the New Hampshire Retirement System or contribute to the Social Security system. In the latter case, there is a significant penalty known as the Social Security windfall provision, which drastically reduces one's Social Security benefits upon retirement, regardless of how much they may have contributed to the system. The term "double dipping" is thrown about very loosely and in this case is highly inaccurate. Exactly what is being dipped into?

Also, the inference Mr. Estes seems to be making is that a "retiree" would not work as hard as someone still in the system and would only do it for the money. That suggestion, quite frankly, is offensive to anyone who serves in one of these positions, most of which pay far less than other comparable executive-level jobs.

Lastly, Mr. Estes should do his homework before he writes a letter that takes cheap shots at me. I served as sheriff for nine years and two months to be exact, not four years. I am very proud of the hard work and effort I put forth serving this county during my tenure. I didn't accomplish being elected and re-elected sheriff four times by "mailing it in." And, in the interest of total candor, Mr. Estes' statement that he "worked in law enforcement for many years" is rather disingenuous to say the least, but I will take the high road on that.

If Mr. Estes wishes to be taken seriously, perhaps he should read the letter printed directly under his by Jim McIntire, who expressed his views in a polite and articulate manner, without any personal attacks.

I have merely expressed my opinion about who I believe is most qualified to be the next sheriff, nothing more, nothing less. Voters are free to put whatever weight they wish on that opinion. They can do the same with that of Mr. Estes or anyone else for that matter.

Craig Wiggin

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