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We need politicians who benefit from people's succes in life, not from their poverty

To The Daily Sun,

I was saddened by Ted Hill's letter of March 18 in The Laconia Daily Sun. Mr. Hill seems to have been deceived by leftists about the threats to his children. The threats to young people from things that families, friends, teachers, and acquaintances influence are 250 times greater than the threat from police and perhaps many thousand times greater than the threat to people who obey police commands (even if someone feels they are undeserved). The fact is that the chance of police using harmful force against someone who is following their directions, as responsible parents teach their children, is essentially zero.

The top three killers, responsible for over 77 percent of black male deaths ages 15-24, are homicide, accidents, and suicide (http://goo.gl/GftYNg.). Black males, 20-24, are three times more likely to die from HIV, the sixth most likely cause of death, than from legal intervention. The top two killers (http://goo.gl/3nA0Dt), claiming 39-48 percent of black females ages 15-24 are accidents and homicide, number five is suicide.

The main causes of death for all young people, 15-24, in 2013 (http://goo.gl/laC6gT) were 11,619 from accidents, 4,878 from suicide, 4,329 from homicide, 3,796 from drugs, 149 from alcohol, and 109 from HIV. These lethal results are influenced by family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, etc., not by police.

Concerned fathers, involved in their children's lives, are major factors in reducing the chances of their children being harmed. The children of single mothers are much more at risk (studies vary but suggest): five times more likely to commit suicide, nine times more likely to drop out of high school, 10 times more likely to abuse drugs, 14 times more likely to commit rape, 20 times more likely to end up in prison and 32 times more likely to run away from home.

Many people have been deceived by leftist agitators who get and maintain power by sowing distrust of our nation's institutions, by promoting lies, e.g., "Hands up, don't shoot", and by making false promises.
Police pursue criminals, not the population at-large. Compared to the populations of criminals (rather than the general population), police kill whites at a greater rate than blacks. The fact is that the criminal population is disproportionately black.

The frustration of the black community is understandable, they have been deceived by the promises of Democrat politicians whose policies and promises sound good but lock many people in lives of poverty, broken families, high crime areas, and despair. Obviously those Democrat politicians don't care about black lives. One wonders why the black community keeps re-electing the politicians who continue the policies that oppress blacks.

Parents concerned about their children need to focus on potentially significant harmful factors. Poor schools deprive children of educations and opportunities. The wrong friends and acquaintances introduce them to drugs and crime. Self-interested leaders and politicians encourage self-defeating behavior and steal people's opportunities for better lives.

To fulfill our nation's promises of freedom and opportunity, our children deserve and our country needs every child to get a good education, to learn good citizenship, and to become a self-supporting citizen who enjoys, supports, and passes on to the next generation the blessings of being an American.

Only when Americans elect politicians who benefit from, and therefore assist, people's success not their poverty, and who implement policies that encourage, rather than break up, families will we demonstrate that black lives and all lives matter.

Don Ewing

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Let us not forget that Peter Karagianis is turning 100 in June

To The Daily Sun,

Linda Frawley told me the other day that Peter Karagianis, Laconia's most persistent booster, will turn 100 years of age this coming June. I know of no one who has given more time and energy to the benefit of their community than Peter.

I first met Peter, in 1949 or 1950, when I was a little boy peddling summer vegetables with my grandfather, Henry LeBlanc, a local shop owner in his own right. My grandfather was escorting me from store-to-store to teach me a small life lesson about initiative and reward. Peter's downtown store was one of those places where we stopped. Peter's warm and encouraging smile was what I remember most from that event.

By chance, 20 years later, I had the privilege of working with Peter on the saving of the Busiel and Belknap mills, and then as the architect for the preservation and adaptive use of the Belknap Mill. The level of personal and financial commitment that Peter made to that project has been unmatched by any person on any project that I worked on since.

But Peter committed to many, many, more community betterment projects over the years, including the hard-fought effort to improve the water quality of the region's lakes.

I sincerely hope the City of Laconia makes the effort to recognize and honor Peter on his 100th birthday for the all the love he's given the city over these many years.

Paul Mirski

Enfield Center

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