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Hillary Clinton is best suited to work in split-Congress environment

To The Daily Sun,

In looking to the election of 2016 and deciding who will be elected to the office of President og the United States, there are a range of issues I would like to see addressed. After the near-death experience to our economy brought to us by the Republicans in 2008, we need someone who will use the government to provide an environment for all businesses to flourish, not the cut the taxes for the wealthy and rely on trickle down — been there, done that; it didn't work; it just blew a large hole in the budget.

Keeping us out of foreign wars where the strategic interests of the United States are not at risk is paramount. Those who lied to us about WMD in the early 2000s advocate for hot wars in the Middle East. We need to resist the scare tactics they employ.

We need someone who will build on the Affordable Health Care Act, expand choices, bring down costs, and implement universal health care, and join the rest of the industrialized world making health care a human right. Someone who will address income inequality; democracy will not survive if the present trends of inequality are allowed to continue. this includes confronting Citizens United that allows a few billionaires to co-opt the electoral process.

Due to redistricting in 2010, the House of Representatives will likely have a Republican majority, even though it is likely in 2016 (as it was in 2012), more people voted for a Democrat than Republican. On these issues, Hillary Clinton is best suited to work in this environment. With her experience as an advocate for children, a senator, and Secretary of State she will make a positive difference in the lives of the people of the United States.

John Morrissey


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Will Obama promise to resign if we suffer an attack like in Paris?

To The Daily Sun,

Today, Friday, Karen Tays responding to a letter of mine and asks why I say the media is biased in it's coverage of Ben Carson and the West Point question. Her description that West Point must be applied for and scholarships are not given is correct and I had alluded to that in the letter she questions of mine. Guess I wasn't clear enough for her. Nevertheless, my point was that as a young man Carson wrote a description of a conversation using the word "scholarship" rather then "appointment" describing the conversation. So the biased media picked up on that and labeled it as a "lie." Now, if the media wanted to report on politicians who lie, they have Obama, Clinton(s), Kerry and dozens with long proven histories of outright lying over and over to choose from. Instead they pick a semantic goof to focus on. That's BIAS reporting Karen.
Now on to the latest Obama (I am God, I will do what I want, to hell with what the American people think or want) edict. Obama wants to bring in a hundred thousand Syrians to the U.S. We have all read the details, the arguments pro and con and the American people are against this for very reasonable reasons. One: the argument that all these people will be vetted sounds like wishful thinking at best. Examples of false/stolen passports are already popping up. Two: one of the Paris terrorists was one of those vetted people. Three: a bipartisan majority of the House voted to delay this influx of unknowns. Caution before political feel good presidential edict. Four: a better solution is to create safe zones over there and let the Syrians fight for their own country rather then running to Europe or the U.S. Looks to me as though Europe is beginning to already regret their feel-good help out the poor refugees plan. Some countries are closing their boarders, saying no more. Another attack like in Paris and the mood is likely to be "send them back." Couldn't blame the Europeans if that happened.
And so now if Obama has his way and we suffer an attack like Paris in a major U.S. city, who will be held responsible? Will Obama promise to resign if that happens? Will Hillary withdraw from the race if that happens? Will John Kerry resign, Harry Reed retire, all those Democrats and Republicans favoring this plan resign? And why shouldn't they if an attack happens here? They can argue and promise until the cows come home but what are their promises worth? Given the record of lies accumulated by the aforementioned leaders of the left why should we listen to anything they have to say when American lives hang in the balance? Our president is an empty suit devoid of reason and logic and full of himself and Marxist-socialist ideology. He can't be trusted. "Just say no" to his ideas and edicts. He's been so wrong, so often this is no time to let him risk our lives.
Steve Earle


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