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Nothing rational about instituting a 'Road Usage Fee' in N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

I am calling for the resignation of state Rep. Norman Major (R-Plaistow) on the basis of his clear and strong demonstration of his dementia.

There is nothing even remotely rational or moral about his "Road Usage Fee" that is a steep tax specifically and exclusively against those who have the temerity to register vehicles that fail to guzzle large quantities of gasoline.

How, even in Alice's wonderland of ever-increasingly corrupt government, can he possibly sell this idiotic-to-to-the-point-of-lunacy idea and still claim to be a responsible representative of his constituents, unless of course his real constituency is Big Oil?

David M. Zebuhr


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Party to celebrate Belmont’s Winni Trail will be held on Thursday

To the Daily Sun,

Walkers and bicyclists can now look forward to a great new trail. Construction begins this month on the Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail in Belmont. When it is completed next spring, the Winni Trail  will connect to the next phase of the WOW Trail in Laconia.

Belmont residents and others are invited to a Winni Trail celebration and planning meeting on Thursday, Oct. 15, at 7 p.m. at the Corner Meeting House (16 Sargent St.) in Belmont. Refreshments will be provided. The Belmont Recreation Trail Committee will provide an update, share trail design drawings and seek your ideas for the trail.

The Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail will begin on Leslie E. Roberts Drive near the Belmont Town Beach and connect to the planned extension of the WOW Trail to the east at the Laconia town line. Heading to the west, the Winni Trail will follow Horse Point Road onto State conservation land originally planned for the Laconia Bypass to I-93 on the slope behind Belknap Mall. Through a purchase of land by the Town Conservation Commission with assistance of the Rotary Club and a series of other easements, the 1.8 mile trail route follows along the slope and then parallels the railroad tracks near Sun Lake Village with great lake views and then turns inland on the west side of Osbourne's Agway at the Daniel Webster Highway. To view a map and further description of the trail take a look at the Belmont Newsletter on pages 14-15 http://www.belmontnh.org/docs/newsletter/NewsletterOct15.pdf

With the support of Belmont residents and selectmen, adjacent landowners, the State Department of Transportation, and many others this long-awaited trail section will now be built. Special thanks are due to Ron Mitchell, our Belmont Recreational Trail leader who had the vision for this trail, and to Rick Ball of the Town Land Use staff who has carried through all the details to put the vision into action. Future projects would extend the Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail to Tilton. The long-range plan is to have a paved pedestrian and bicycle trail that will connect communities from Meredith to Franklin. In Franklin it will join the existing 58 mile Northern Rail Trail which goes from Concord to Lebanon.

Donna Hepp

Belmont Recreation Trail Committee

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