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Please don't turn a blind eye to those suffering mental anguish

To The Daily Sun,
I fear that this country has become polarized to the extent that we have created a deep-rooted cancer. One that we will not be able to remove. People are thinking deeply evil thoughts. They are being encouraged to act on their deep-seated hatred with violence. They are being encouraged by irresponsible politicians, conservative media outlets and ranters on social media.
We need to realize that there are thousands of severely mentally unstable individuals who own or have access to weaponry. Sane individuals do not kill or willfully harm fellow human beings. Our war weary military men and women have been deployed to war zones overseas over and over. Many of our brave and over-deployed veterans are suffering from PTSD. Many are suffering without the help they need. No one can predict when one may suffer a "flashback" which will take them back to the war zone and possibly tip the scale of reality for them where they resort to weapons. If they are suffering enough they may commit suicide (from deep unbearable pain) or perceive their family or others as the 'enemy' to be taken out.
It takes a very special person to see all sides when it comes to race relations and then be willing to act with compassion and understanding. We ask that immediate reactions not be violent overreaction. Our men and women who chose to wear the uniform need to be better trained in race relations at the police academy. This intense training has to occur before they take the oath to serve and have that badge of honor placed on their chest and embark on their ever-dangerous careers. All law enforcement agencies need to remember that their duty is first and foremost to be of service to their fellow human beings.
Police departments are the 'first line' of our criminal justice system. Much responsibility rests on their collective shoulders and they are under daily stress and danger. Prejudice can lead us to make mistakes about people's character and misjudge them.
Let's not forget that there are "bad," over-reactive people in every profession, in all walks of life. They are our family members, our friends and our neighbors. It is up to us to recognize that this is a fact of life — sad but true. It is important for all of us to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. If you know someone who is in need of help because they are suffering mental anguish, please do not turn a blind eye. Please do not make excuses for their behaviors. Please find some way to get them the help that they need. And please do this before it's too late. Please.
I leave you with this short poem by Ernest Percival Rhys (born in London, England-1859). "Everyman, I will go with thee / and by thy guide / In thy most need to go / by thy side."

Bernadette Loesch

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Thank goodness Gilmanton has knowledgeable people to guide officials when they err

To The Daily Sun,

Thank goodness we have watchdogs among us who watch over the needs of the town. Shame on anyone who ridicules these efforts. It is only through give and take, and through the guarding of the best interest of our towns that our system of government can work in the way it was intended.

Thank goodness we have knowledgeable friends who guide our town officials when they err or when the common tendency to run roughshod over our regulations in the name of expediency occurs.

Taking the time and the effort to accomplish this thankless task is a gift to us fellow citizens no matter what our political persuasion.

Daryl Hoitt

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