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Alexandria frustrated by inability to stop meteorological tower

To The Daily Sun,

"Include views of local communities in siting of energy projects." Those are the words of our governor. They are not being respected by the corporate bullies of Energais De Portugal, an industrial wind company with headquarters in Portugal planning to install 492-foot-tall wind turbine towers on the ridge lines of Alexandria and Hebron.

After the Tuesday, Sept. 30, meeting with members of the Alexandria Selectboard, residents are feeling complete frustration and dismay over the situation Energais De Portugal has put us in. We want to fight them, but were forced to realize that in the permitting of a meteorological tower debate, we cannot win. Our town currently has no zoning. We see ourselves as being bullied by a multinational company which has no respect or consideration for the population they plan to impact.

When our town indicated they were not willing to sign a permit for a unwanted meteorological tower, Energais de Portugal initiated legal action against the town. Now they have forced the hand of our selectboard to sign the permit, knowing full well the majority of citizens are opposed as well as the selectboard members themselves. This put the entire community in a very uncomfortable position Tuesday night, and residents are unhappier than ever.

Energais De Portugal is a bigger bully than ever imagined. Corporate citizenry is not a factor in dealing with these bureaucrats. They are blind and deaf with respect to acknowledging the wishes of the residents of our entire region.

Really annoyed? Yes, we are. Disgusted? Again, yes we are. Will we continue to express our opposition and our right to steer our own ship? Absolutely. Remember the governor's words.

Jennifer Tuthill


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Shaheen more interested in re-election than in her constituents

To The Daily Sun,

I read in today's issue of The Laconia Daily Sun, the account of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's visit to women business leaders in the Lakes Region. As a lifelong Democrat, I felt the need to respond.

First, I must share my own personal story of my interaction with the senator. Shortly after she took office as our junior senator, I sent a letter to her and then-Sen. Judd Gregg in response to the S-Chip bill which would have a severe impact on my business. What was my response from our duly elected senators? Sen. Gregg's staff drafted a brilliant three-page response, written on senatorial stationery and signed personally by the senator. And what was Sen. Shaheen's response? A photocopied form letter thanking me for writing her about my economic concerns with no reference to the subject I had raised in my letter.

This was not my first interaction with Ms. Shaheen. As governor, she had come to Laconia a few times when our mayor and City Council were inaugurated. She seemed to be more interested in her re-election prospects and her media appearance than she was about the citizens of Laconia.

In contrast, her predecessor in the Senate, John E. Sununu, always gave the impression that he was working more for the citizens of New Hampshire than his political party. Indeed, Republican gadfly P.J. O'Rourke referred to him as one of the only American politicians with principles. I must agree with that statement having met him several times. Indeed, it was Senator Sununu who obtained the funding needed to make the Laconia Public Library ADA compatible. What has Senator Shaheen done for the citizens of the Lakes Region?

Needless to say, I will not be voting for Sen. Shaheen's re-election, nor will I be voting for her opponent. I will simply leave that part of the ballot blank. The people of New Hampshire deserve better than the two candidates up for election to the U.S. Senate.

G. Daylon Brock


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