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61% of Sanbornton residents surveyed said taxes are too high

To The Daily Sun,

Four members of the Sanbornton Budget Committee were interested in determining how town residents viewed town services and taxes, so we decided to fund, with our own money, a survey to determine resident opinions. It was also hoped that the survey would spark a town debate about upcoming warrant articles and possibility lead to higher participation at the March 11 Town Meeting.

The committee mailed 1,311 questionnaires. To date 228 residents returned the survey, a 17 percent response rate. An abbreviated version of the survey results is presented below. Not everyone answered every question, and some marked a question with more than one response. To compensate, resident responses are presented as a percentage based on the actual number of answers to each question.

In summary, 61 percent of town residents thought property taxes were too high. Town services were about right according to 51 percent. Forty-two percent thought the Highway Department should be favored if taxes were to remain the same. If services were to be cut 31 percent wanted recreation to take the reduction. Fifty percent thought the town has the right number of employees, and 72 percent said user fees should not be increased to boost town revenue.

The entire survey, complete with all the responses to each question, has been posted on the Concerned Citizens for Sanbornton Facebook page. "Like us" on Facebook to receive updates as more responses come in.

The above comments are not necessarily endorsed by every member of the Sanbornton Budget Committee.

Roger Grey


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Firefighting at Stratham Tire warehouse was truly remarkable

To The Daily Sun,

On Thursday evening, Feb. 19, there was a significant fire in a tire storage warehouse at Stratham Tire on Water Street in Laconia.

I would like to thank the Laconia and Gilford Fire Departments for the outstanding job they did getting that fire under control. In my best estimate, there were approximately 500 new tires stored in that building, and another 53-foot storage trailer parked within inches of the building that contains close to another 600 scrap tires. The skills of these firefighters not only got the building fire under control quickly in extremely cold weather but the trailer was absolutely untouched and they successfully removed more than 250 tires from the burning building. They contained the fire to the single structure, protecting the second warehouse situated only 20 feet away, the scrap tire storage trailer, along with the houses next door and across the street. Truly remarkable.

Although the loss of that building and the inventory is devastating to our business, the damage could have been so much worse. Fantastic job, guys!

Laconia Fire Chief Ken Erickson, Assistant Chief Kirk Beattie, and all the firefighters on the scene were incredible, keeping me updated on the situation and then helping load all the removed tires into pickup trucks so we could move them into our garage. They went above and beyond their duties to help us.

The City of Laconia and the residents are lucky to have such a well trained and dedicated group of responders to help keep us safe in extremely trying times. Stratham Tire, as a company, is extremely grateful.

Dave Harper, General Manager

Stratham Tire


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