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They'll use 'common core' math to figure out how to court to 21

To The Daily Sun,

I can hardly wait until the current crop of school kids start using "common core" math to figure out the count of a blackjack hand. Like taking candy from a baby.

Leo Paradis


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Schools had lots of help with Welcome to Laconia bags for teachers

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Laconia School District, I would like to thank the following Lakes Region businesses again for the third year who donated items to go into welcome bags for new Laconia School District professional staff. These businesses include: All My Life Jewelers, Stafford Oil Company, Whittemore's Florist, The Studio, Bank of New Hampshire, Franklin Savings Bank, Polished and Proper Barbershop, U-Frame We Frame, Labelle's Shoe Repair, Mr. Paul's Hair Affair, MC Cycle and Sport, SunDays Salon and Spa, The Insurance Outlet, Belknap Independent Business Alliance, and Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.

Sue Bullerwell from All My Life Jewelers and Karmen Gifford from Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce deserve special thanks for organizing this again this year and making it so successful. Many of our new teachers are new to the Lakes Region and we felt it would be helpful to introduce them to local merchants and services that are available in the area. These teachers are very excited about all the goodies they received. This is a great example of community partnerships with local merchants and the School District. Thanks again!

Janet Brough
Administrative Assistant
Laconia School District

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Belmont High PTO thankful for support of Old Home Day taco bar

To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont High School PTO would like to express its sincere thanks to area businesses for their support of our first fundraising Taco Bar, at Belmont Old Home Day. The generosity of our local businesses will help the BHS PTO to meet its goals and help maintain BHS as a school of excellence. We are extremely grateful and could not have done it without you!

Funds raised will be used to help support student programs and educate parents on topics of interest. Programs and topics may include internet safety, anti-bullying, college workshops and more.

We would like to thank El Jimador, Belmont; Sal's Pizza, Belmont; AppleBee's, Tilton; Chili's, Tilton; Pizza Hut, Tilton; Burrito Me, Laconia; and Cactus Jack's, Laconia. It is always nice to know your support is there for us and we urge our friends and neighbors to visit your restaurants as a special thank you for your support of our kids!

We would also like to thank all of our local supporters who visited our Taco Bar booth at Belmont Old Home Day. Please be sure to come back and visit us again next year! It was great fun serving you!

Colleen Akerman, Secretary

on behalf of

The Belmont High School PTO Board


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Thanks to Belknap EDC for helping us get our Alton Bay shop open

To The Daily Sun
As co-owners of a new consignment shop featuring local crafts and vintage items, we want to thank the staff, board members and especially our loan officer, Ken Wilson for assisting us in obtaining financing for our new store located at 24 Mount Major Hwy. in Alton Bay. We would encourage anyone thinking about starting a small business in Belknap County to give the BEDC a call. Thanks again for all of your help and sharing your expertise!
Aimee Terravechia & Denise Terravechia

Ice Out

Alton Bay

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Why do black on white killings not merit Pres. Obama's attention?

To The Daily Sun,

In recent days we have all read or heard of stories about whites being killed by blacks. Three black teens shot and killed a 20 something white Australian jogger for the fun of it as they were bored! Two black teens beat up and killed an 88 year old WW II Veteran in Spokane, Wash. in his car while they robbed him. And a black 17-year-old is going on trial for shooting a 13-month-old baby in the face because his mother would not give him money when he demanded it. And these are just the FEW that have been in the national headlines in recent weeks.

So where is Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Obama to highlight these atrocities? They all got very vocal over the Martin-Zimmerman case when it involved a black kid being killed by a white man! Do you think these men all condone the black juveniles killing white people as acceptable or nothing to be concerned about? Can you tell me how any one is more or less worthy of their attention than any other? None of these men have uttered a single word about any of these black on white killings and that worries me.

Why do you think these three influential black men pick and choose which racial killings they talk about and which ones they ignore?

Jim Martel

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