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I actually felt I was standing next to Javert on the bridge

To The Daily Sun,

After waiting a full year to attend "Les Miserables" at the Interlakes Summer Theatre, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending on August 27th. We have seen "Les Mis" several times in various venues, and both agreed this was one of the top performances we had seen! The cast was outstanding. The set was dazzling. The music was mesmerizing. This was a captivating Broadway performance of one of the most beloved musicals of our generation. I actually felt during the show I was standing at the barricades along side the revolutionists. I felt I was standing next to Javert on the bridge. Prisoner 24601 was singing directly to me. Bravo!

A special note of thanks should go out to Nancy Barry, producing director, and Brittany Bara, general manager, for their determination and courage in bringing this wonderful musical to the Meredith stage. "Les Mis" is a complicated and demanding musical. It calls for multiple complex scene and costume changes. The production requires great direction. All of this was accomplished to the highest order. It took a lot of guts to bring this musical to the Meredith stage. Bravo!

How fortunate we are to have this theater group in Meredith. Head over to their website and check out upcoming shows — "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", "The Full Monty", a tribiute to Sammy Davis Jr., and other shows occurring during the rest of the year. Bring your children and introduce them to live performances on stage. It is an experience they will never forget. My thanks to the Interlakes Summer Theatre for an evening of great joy.

Vincent Martino


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We have been boondoggled by war profiteers & politicians

To The Daily Sun,

What has been our biggest endeavor — our one single achievement in the last 10 years? To be specific: What has taken our time, revenue, our sacred lives — and has been our sole occupation consuming our conscience and psyche? And most importantly, our sense of well-being and security? Simply put: Killing people in midden-eastern countries that we have been told, hundreds of times over, are a danger to our safety and security. Acts of foreign terrorism here in this country, have never existed, but thwarted by alert authorities in a few well publicized cases. Not one American has been killed in a decade! Yet ...
The fight against terrorism is one of the largest industries the military has ever undertaken. It has resulted in multi-billion contracts for our legislators eager to bring business to their home states (regardless of the legitimacy of the cause.) It has resulted in the largest expenditure of money in the last decade for any other single item. By allowing this warfare to continue, we permit the military to further drain our resources and way-of life to point of no-return. We are broke: But we will put another $85 billions in Afghanistan, a country which means nothing to us, in any way.
I am convinced that we have been boondoggled by war-profiteers and politicians who have made this struggle the juggernaut it is!
Where is the money for health care, for disabled vets, for education, rebuilding roads and bridges, for homelessness, cities devastated by storms and tornadoes, and many more urgent needs. We'd spent it all on endless wars based on exaggerated and worn-out claims of physical danger to our nation. it has not happened!
Work for peace in out time!

Leon R. Albushies


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We can't afford to have Shaheen vote to renew the Patriot Act

To The Daily Sun,

Who's reading your e-mail? NSA pressured your e-mail provider to give them your passwords. (See CNET July 25, 2013). Don't count on Senator Shaheen to stop this. She's the same one who set the IRS dogs on you and your friends.

This is all happening under the Patriot Act that has been bastardized by Shaheen's cherished leader, Barack Obama. The Patriot Act expires in 2015. We can't afford to have Shaheen vote for it's renewal.

President Bush only used the Patriot Act to monitor U.S. citizens in touch with suspected overseas terrorists and we had no repeats of 9/11. When Obama and Shaheen took control of the Patriot Act and NSA in 2009 they took direct aim at you and your family's privacy. Since then, terrorists killed our citizens at Ft Hood, Benghazi, Boston. We lost Seal Team 6 after the Obama administration identified their role in the killing of Osama Ben Laden. Do you feel safer?

Some parts of the Patriot Act are necessary, others sacrifice our freedoms and need to be repealed to stop regimes like the Democrats using it against you. Can you afford to let Shaheen vote to reauthorize in 2015? No!

Karen Testerman



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I truly appreciate all that Chief Schlemmer has done for me

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Chief Schlemmer:

My late husband had a favorite saying when he was very astounded by events beyond his control. Now I find myself repeating his words. I was and am "Aghast and Agog" by the news of your retirement from the Center Harbor Fire Department.

Who else will smile at me as I sit on the floor unable to arise? Who else will come over to drive me home late at night from the ER at LRGH, causing the nurses to gather and and ask "Who are you? The chief himself is coming to get you! You must be someone!" Who will attempt to use an ax on my metal front door.

Let me state for the record. I truly appreciate all you have done for me. Center Harbor's Fire Department will never be the same without your willingness to help at 91 year old widow in distress.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Natalie Garrison

Center Harbor

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It would help if city would enforce 'no pet' rule on Weirs Beach

To The Daily Sun,

Enforcement of the "no pet" rule at Weirs Beach would probably go a long way of reducing the contamination of the water.

I usually take a walk through the beach parking lot and boardwalk several times a week after 5 p.m.. There is never a day I don't see dogs on the beach. This evening (Tuesday) I witnessed two dogs in the water and one on the beach.

Enforcement of the "no pet" rule is needed, regardless of the time of day. I have seen dog waste on the ground next to the parking lot. Fines need to be levied.

I moved up to Laconia 2-1/2 years ago. One of the attractions was to be able to walk to the beach with my grandchildren. In the three summers I have been here, I have not taken the grandchildren into the water when they have visited. As a Laconia taxpayer (BTW, highest real estate taxes I have ever paid in 33 years as a homeowner) and as a Laconia Water Works rate payer, I would like to see something done. If high bacteria counts make it unsafe for swimming, what about the water we drink? Maybe a sign posted at the beach letting people know that the lake is the drinking water supply for the area might enlighten a few people.
Also, rather than the sign stating that the beach is closed, "no lifeguards on duty", how about a truthful sign that states the beach is closed due to a "high e-coli bacteria count in the water".

Dennis Robitaille


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