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He has his own money & won't bow down to special interests

To The Daily Sun,

Glad to see so many people are seeing who is real and who loves our country and will do the right thing by America. That the polls are rising for Donald Trump. He has his own money and will not bow down to special interests. Go Donald, America needs you now more then ever.

I am proud of N.H. seeing the light. Everyone is sick of the same old crap that has ruined this country as we know it. He seems to have the guts to say the truth where no one else does. So now you see the handwriting on the wall which will change America. That is the change we want to see for the right person get in. If Hillary, Sanders, or Jeb gets in then you know it is FIXED. Our votes will mean nothing. We already know our government is corrupt. They do nothing for us except the people getting hand outs and themselves. Stay tuned and we will PRAY and see what happens. GOD BLESS AMERICA and our nation. PRAY, PRAY and PRAY.

Anna DeRose


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Our country is the most desired target of Muslim terrorists

To The Daily Sun,

When a public mass shooting occurs here, President Obama demands increasing gun controls. So, why didn't President Obama take advantage of the horrible events in Paris last Friday to again lecture Americans about the need for gun control?
Because France, and Paris in particular, have implemented President Obama's strict gun controls; France is essentially a "gun free zone."
So the terrorists had no opposition when they began shooting at the 1,500 sitting-duck concert-goers. Before the police took control, the terrorists had 2 1/2 hours to shoot about 400 concert goers and walk around executing the wounded. Imagine the defenseless concert-goers' horror as they, their relatives, friends, or others were shot; imagine having to decide between attempting to save your life or aiding your wounded spouse, child, sibling, or friend; imagine the terror of the wounded as terrorists approached to execute them.
James Veverka will be pleased that there were no "cowboys" with guns, "trying to be heroes (aka survivors)," among the concert-goers, but I suspect that everyone who was there was praying for someone, anyone (even cowboys), to stop or even slow down the terrorists' shooting.
The folly of America's gun-free zones and unnecessarily restrictive gun control laws has repeatedly demonstrated that those laws should be abandoned. The carnage in Paris again demonstrates the consequences of implementing the gun control laws that President Obama and other leftists want.
Our country is the most desired target of Muslim terrorists. They have threatened us, recruited Americans to join them, inspired American Muslims to conduct attacks here, sent and are sending more terrorists here, and promised more terrorists attacks here.
Nevertheless, our political leaders ignore the American peoples' wishes and don't even do the most obvious things to prevent or reduce the likely carnage here, like closing our Southern border and stopping the flow of about 100,000 people (immigrants, refugees, students, visitors, etc.) from countries that harbor, promote, or tolerate Muslim terrorists.
Thus, individual Americans must be responsible to protect ourselves, our families, our friends and neighbors; or, like in Paris, many people will be shot before the police take control.
Attacks are coming. Americans must mentally prepare, consider how to react to an attack, be vigilant, and report truly suspicious activity.
Responsible, mature, law-abiding Americans who will train and practice should consider arming and prepare to protect themselves and others. If a Paris concert hall like attack happens here, each terrorist attacker needs to find dozens of Americans doing what Americans do, fighting, and in this case shooting, back.
Americans don't want to have to do this, but we must because our politicians are willing to sacrifice Americans for their political goals.

Don Ewing


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