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Clinton is neither open nor transparent about health or campaign

To The Daily Sun,

This letter answers Susan Estrich's column published in the Sept. 17 Daily Sun.

There you go again! Criticizing Donald Trump and making excuses for Hillary Clinton. With all the problems we face, and the dangers we are leaving our children to deal with, Mr. Trump has outlined what he wants to do to make America great again. It sure doesn't include opening new golf courses or hosting reality shows.

Mrs. Clinton has only criticized Donald Trump. She doesn't have any solutions, so she tries to eviscerate Trump and makes insidious remarks about his supporters, calling them a "basket of deplorables", an insolent statement to say the least. This is coming from a woman who has a natural propensity to be licentious.

Her previous positions, (secretary of state, senator, lawyer, etc.) didn't seem to give birth to any accomplishments that were favorable to the public. The public simply does not trust her. Her past has shown an element of suspicions, from Whitewater, Travelgate, Benghazi, e-mails, and the latest, her collapsing/pneumonia debacle. All smell fishy.

The reason she can't open up, is she is running out of prevaricating statements to reinforce her previous lies. The recent health debacle, (collapsing from pneumonia) is exacerbated by mendacious statements as a cover-up.

In the legal profession, there is something called circumstantial evidence, which helps to prove the person guilty. She seems to cling to the fallacy that she is above the law. In other words, licentious.

In politics, there are many advantages to being open and transparent. Unfortunately for Clinton, she is neither transparent, or open about her campaign or health.

To paraphrase, you can lie to the people/public some of the time, but you can't lie to the public all of the time.

Rich Tjaden

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Are you oppressed if you could easily end it and you choose not to?

To The Daily Sun,

Does the U.S. oppress Black Americans? Colin Kaepernick says "Yes." Is this just the attempt of a "has been" to get noticed or is he right?

Are our Black president, cabinet secretaries, governors, mayors, judges, congressmen, senators, billionaires, millionaires, and thousands of other Black officials oppressed? Are college educated and other blacks with good jobs, and those living in nice neighborhoods with good, safe schools for their children oppressed? No.

However, many poor Americans, including many Blacks, live in oppressive conditions. They live in poverty, in areas where jobs, especially good jobs, are scarce, in high crime neighborhoods with frequent shootings, and send their children to poor and dangerous schools. These conditions exist in many inner cities.

These cities are almost exclusively controlled by Democratic politicians. Democratic politicians lock children in poor and dangerous schools; control the taxes, regulations, and lawlessness that drive away businesses and jobs; drive up the cost of living; protect the illegal aliens who take many jobs, drive down wages, and victimize legal residents; and that create hopelessness.

Conditions for America's inner city poor don't improve because Democratic politicians get the power they want by keeping people poor.

With a Democratic president, attorney general, cabinet secretaries, governors, senators, congressmen, mayors, aldermen, police chiefs, prosecutors, judges, and other Democratic officials, many of whom are Black, controlling America's cities and trillions of dollars of spending, the conditions of America's inner city poor would improve if Democratic politicians wanted them improved. But, Democratic politicians don't want to jeopardize a reliable Democratic voting bloc.

Surprisingly, most Blacks keep voting for politicians from the same Democratic Party that opposed citizenship for former slaves and the civil rights act; that supported slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and segregation; that supports the Davis-Bacon and minimum wage laws intended to exclude blacks from good jobs; that support the policies that destroy good jobs; that control the welfare system that breaks up families; and that control the law enforcement that allows criminals to victimize neighborhoods; etc.

Democratic politicians fight against the Republican policies that would help inner city blacks, e.g., school choice, economic growth providing jobs, and the strong law enforcement that allows people to live in safe neighborhoods.

Republicans want all Americans to succeed, to get good educations, to have good jobs, to live in safe neighborhoods, to have loving intact families, and to have good reasons to expect a better future.

Are you oppressed if you can easily end your oppression but you don't do so? America's poor, including Blacks, have the power to end their self-imposed "oppression" by electing people who want them to succeed: Republicans.

Don Ewing

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