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Wake up, I'm attacking what you say, not your right to say it

To The Daily Sun,

What is with all the right-wing drama queens? Lately when I read Steve Earle, Russ Wiles, or Jim McCoole's letters I think I am on a Dear Abby page. What a bunch of crybabies. Every time they get called out for hate speech and bigotry, they think people are attacking their right to free speech. Wrong! Nobody is attacking their right to free speech. They are attacking what they are saying and the content of the writer's moral character. They spew evil from their hearts.

Here is my free speech in action: right wing letters are full of ignorance, bigotry and the desire to spread hateful stereotypes. They are not critical thinkers. They are anti-intellectual and anti-science. They don't do their homework. Right-wing extremists exemplify the darkest and most backward minds in America. Right wingers either whine about being the victim or write about what they hate. That's who they are, hateful extremists with a bad case of Dunning-Kruger syndrome. The village idiot doesn't know he is an idiot. They're soaked in bitterness, brainwashed by preachers of hate, deluded by a vision of an America that never was, doped up on fundamentalist religion, and infuriated that their anachronistic world and its values are going down in a fireball.

So keep up the free speech and I will keep up mine.

James Veverka

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Let's put importance of climate change in proper context of problems facing the world

To The Daily Sun,

The most laughs in The Daily Sun are found in the letter to the editor pages. Mino C. Pasquali and Jim Veverka suggest they need to protect the world debunking misinformation about climate change. The laughs are already here... Mirno and Jim are no more likely to protect you from "climate baloney" than listening to Bernie Sanders will protect you from a bad hair day.
Let me brutally honest. Running around, yelling "global warming" is near the bottom of the critical issues list of items that threaten people today or even the next century.

The significance of global warming is a manufactured headline by the Democratic Party for the purpose of politics. Democrats use climate as a political tool the same way they use racism. That is to stir hate and resentment in a certain strata of society hoping to provoke them to vote in certain way.

If the honest goal was to save the lives of the maximum number of people we wouldn't even be talking about warming at all. We would be talking about cold. Yup, cold. Surprise, surprise!

There are far more deaths from cold on our planet, and in the U.S. than there are from warming. This is an inconvenient truth for Mirno, Jim and Al Gore. Could climate change be an eventual concern? It could be, but a slowly warming climate would reduce more cold deaths more than it would increase warm deaths. Modest levels of warming would actually save lives in total. In the U.S. About 9,000 people die from heat related causes each year while 144,000 parish from cold. On a global basis temperature related mortality follows U.S. averages of about 14 to one. Cold is and has been the far greater killer. It is projected to be as far as the eye can see.

Obama released a new climate report suggesting in the worst-cast scenario in in the year 2100 there would be 17,680 fewer cold deaths due to climate change but 22,312 more deaths from heat caused by global warming for a net change of 9,632 people at the hands of climate 84 years from now, in the worst case. Europeans have done similar studies. They find that by 2080 the added deaths related to any increased heat are offset by the lives saved from less cold. On a net basis not one person is killed by climate to the next century. These facts don't play well with Democratic "the sky is falling" mouthpieces like Mirno and Jim. That these two see themselves as climate gurus is the best comedy gets in The Daily Sun.

Let's put the importance of the climate change in its proper context of problems facing the world. In India in the next 12 months 1 million people will die from smoking. Another million more in China. Add millions more from the rest of the world. In Africa in the next 12 months millions of poor will die from respiratory ailments directly related to cooking inside with an open flame. Millions more from starvation. Millions more from mosquito and other insect borne illnesses. All in a world where billions of people have yet to experience the joy of a light bulb or cooking on an electric stove.

The prospects for these lives to be made better or saved made even dimmer with political idiots screaming global warming which has one effect. That is is to dramatically increase the cost of all forms of energy and electricity everywhere which hands down a literal death sentence to tens of millions of poor and starving in Africa and around the world who will die in the dark.

Tony Boutin

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