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Obamacare isn't working as advertised & we don't want it

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Jon Hoyt's letter in the August 27th Sun:

I have to agree with one statement you made in your letter, Jon, "...if (Obamacare) works as advertised then we, the American people, will win big time." The problem is it isn't working as advertised. It isn't even coming close. When a program like a takeover of one-sixth of the American economy, which is what Obamacare is, requires 10 years of tax revenues to fund six years of operations, then it's a loser right out of the starting gate. When a program that adds yet another layer of government bureaucracy on to an already bloated system, all it does is add cost, decreases efficiency, creates delay, and in the end, results in an artificial shortage of the very thing it was supposed to provide.

The disincentives built into Obamacare are staggering, both for businesses and individuals. The heavy costs to be shouldered by small businesses and the younger generations in order to fund Obamacare have been driving many to forgo participation. Businesses are being forced to dump employees onto the exchanges because they cannot possibly afford to pay the premiums required by Obamacare. Other businesses are not expanding because they don't want to go over the 49 employee limit that triggers their requirement to provide health insurance. Others are turning full-time jobs into part-time jobs in order to stay under that limit. Individuals who were promised that they could keep their doctors and their health plans are finding out they can't. The young are unwilling to pony up the exorbitant amounts of cash in order to pay for the health benefits of older Americans, and frankly I don't blame them. The unintended consequences of Obamacare are far reaching and will actually end up hurting everyone, including the people it was supposed to help.

When Max Baucus, one of the authors of the misnamed Affordable Care Act, calls Obamacare a "train wreck", it should give you and others pause to consider that maybe it isn't such a great idea after all and that it should be scrapped. It won't be delivering on the promises made by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid no matter how much anyone hopes and prays that it will. When a large majority of the American people don't want and don't like Obamacare (and they never have liked it), how can anyone possibly justify forcing it upon the American public?

To paraphrase a statement made about the Canadian health care system: "85 percent of the Canadian people like it. The other 15 percent are sick." Soon enough we'll be saying something similar about ObamaCare, though I expect the numbers will be different, with the former lower and the latter higher.
Dale Channing Eddy

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Gun control? What about truth in sentencing & permissive judges?

To The Daily Sun,

The letter telling of the tragic and senseless shooting in Baton Rogue, Louisiana — "My daughter was senselessly murdered; let's prevent another" — omits relevant facts. The shooter had recently been in jail. Released early, he committed this despicable act. Like many criminals, he had a well-established rap sheet. He, for example, stole a rifle from his grandmother, who has nothing to do with him. Another crime was in violating Louisiana law when he was found with a loaded handgun at LSU. The judge dismissed the charge, however, and asked the man to do "three random acts of kindness".

Bonnie Hunt's heartfelt letter, which supported gun control efforts, could have more plausibly supported truth in sentencing and condemned permissive judges.

Brent Anderson



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I know they were mostly Republicans; don't ask me how I know

To The Daily Sun,

I remember an energy conference at Plymouth State back in the 80s. The keynote speaker was to be a well-known Canadian author but died a week before the conference date. In his place, the chairman of Hydro-Quebec consented to come down to fill his slot. It was a big occasion. WMUR was present with its cameras and it aired that same evening. It was a time when many were extolling the "virtues" of hydro power. They couldn't say enough about Hydro-Quebec, which was touted as the "Arabs of electrical power". A company that could transfer DC power from Quebec to California with only a 4 percent loss. No one questioned their world dominance in the field of hydro power.
New Hampshire Governor Sununu, an MIT graduate with a nuclear background, was promoting Seabrook while Governor Snelling of Vermont was forging relations with Rene Levesque, the premier of Quebec. People complained at the time that Hydro-Quebec flooded an area the size of Great Britain thereby displacing the native cultures — but it was all so far away. When the energy needs of two and a half million people conflicted with a few thousand natives it was apparent to everyone who would win — much the same with our "iron horse" as it rambled west to make America a two ocean country
Perhaps if the towers passed within eyesight of my property I would be a bit more "intense" in my opposition as well. The meeting in Silver Hall on September 24 was attended by some 400 participants, outnumbering the backers of Northern Pass by ten to one. It appears that Northern Pass has brought the Democrats and Republicans together against a "common enemy" — Hydro Quebec. Could we be witnessing another Clamshell Alliance here? The power lines, if they are to be built, should be buried just like Martha Richards and one or two others buried the DOE with their gutsy rhetoric. Deservedly they received the most applause. Their conviction and sincerity shown through like a beacon light piercing a moonless night.
Finally, let me tell you what's really bothering me. Back to the meeting on September 24th. From the very beginning I felt an uneasiness about my surroundings. Yes, there was a mix of Democrats and Republicans there but mostly Republicans as far as I could tell — and you don't want to ask me how I know! The fact that I was sitting right behind two Republican representatives begged the question: "what the hell am I doing here?" As an independent with propensity towards the Democrats, I think it's downright un-American that any issue can bring these two groups together. We would all like alternative energy but solar power on a large scale is probably not going to happen in N.H. Wind power is also not a favorite among many and we can forget about the latest oxymoron that has entered our lexicon —"clean coal".
So those that wear orange with the inscription: "not now, not ever" need to be careful that they don't conscientiously become the proverbial painted sepulchers — white and shiny on the outside, inside full of dead-men's bones.

To end on a lighter note, in the dubious event that the worse case scenario plays out against the opponents of NP, there is always a silver lining — no "view tax" — "not now, not ever"!

George Maloof


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I've been level-headed throughout my years on Franklin School Board

To The Daily Sun,

To the Citizens of Franklin:
I am writing to remind you that it is time for the local elections in Franklin. I ask for your support as a City Councilor for Ward Three. I have lived in Franklin for the past 24 years. My children were born and raised in Franklin and went through the Franklin school system and onto college. I have served on the Franklin School Board for the past 11 years. Some of the accomplishments while I have been on the School Board include lowering the dropout rate from a high of 18 percent to what is currently the statistic of 4 percent and increasing the proficiency level of the NECAP scores. Throughout my years on the school board, I feel I have been level headed and, while not always in the majority, supported decisions once they were made by the board.
Within the community of Franklin, I have been involved with the Franklin Lassie League, the Franklin Footlight Theatre, and have served on the board of the Twin Rivers Food Pantry. I feel I would be a good representative of the entire community of Franklin, and look to keep the best interests of our city at heart. I ask for your support, and please remember to vote on Tuesday.
Steve Barton


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I can't say enough good about my 10 days at Golden View Retreat

To The Daily Sun,

I just wanted to write a short note about a great place.

On August 26,2013 I had a knee replacement at Concord Hospital and knowing that there may be no one at home to help, or walk my dog, I decided to go to rehab. I didn't do this with my first knee replacement.

I picked Golden View, the retreat, to check out as it was only four miles from home, great for visits from my hubby and friends. We did a tour and I was impressed with the equipment, rooms (all private) and the seven days a week of therapy.

I did go to Golden View Retreat and I was so glad that I went. My pain was monitored and treated, my blood sugars, B/R's and temperature were checked. Seven days a week of physical therapy came to my room, took me down to the work out area, and worked on me for 45-60 minutes to get my knee to bend. Then the O.T worked on my upper body strength, bathing and dressing myself.

The food was so good and went with my diet. I always had two choices, but the thing that makes this whole process work is the staff. All PT and OT shifts from RN, LPN and LNA's, people, chefs and hair dressers, yes hair dresser (so good to get my hair washed and cut) were awesome cheerful and event at 1 a.m. right there to answer my bell to get me pain medication or a drink and I know good staff after having done nursing for 41 years.

When I left after 10 days everything was taken care of. Medication, visiting nurse and physical therapist set up. So all I had to was give the visiting nurse a call.  Then when I left Golden View called me to check on me. When you are looking for a rehab facilitation, check out Golden View.

Ramona Blake



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