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Controlling one's body doesn't include killing another

To The Daily Sun,

When does life begin? Does it begin when a baby is born? Does life begin earlier, say for instance when a pregnant woman feels the baby move? Or does life begin when a woman becomes pregnant? These questions have differing answers based on belief, opinion, and personal feelings about pregnancy and abortion. Within a few days after conception a child begins to grow within a woman's womb. This is life, growing and developing, a body, then arms and legs, a heart beating, a brain. How can anyone think this is simply a mass of unfeeling tissue.

Controlling ones own body does not include killing another. When someone willingly kills a person already born, the law looks upon the killer as a murderer, but a woman's decision to kill her own baby developing in her womb is seen as OK by some. Here is where the problem lies. An unborn baby has life, is alive, feels pain and is a person no matter what some may believe. Life does begin at conception.

Killing an infant in the womb is just as much murder as killing the child after his birth, or when he is a year old, or shooting her with a gun when she is 10. Murder is murder.

Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell

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Plan is for N.H. Primary voters to unite behind caucus winner

To The Daily Sun,

Registered New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters are invited to a fun, free, and historic event on Saturday, Oct. 17. The purpose of the first New Hampshire grassroots caucus is to identify the Republican presidential candidate preferred by a majority of voters and boost that candidate's chances of winning the N.H. Presidential Primary Election next February.

The caucus will be a fun time with presidential candidates (all have been invited), rallies, and live music. Come, get information, make campaign contacts, meet other interested voters, discuss issues and candidates, and vote for your favorite candidate(s).

The caucus winner is determined by repeated rounds of voting from a dwindling number of candidates as the candidates with the fewest number of votes are eliminated. Winning the caucus requires a majority of votes cast (unlike a primary election where the winner only needs the most votes).
If New Hampshire Primary voters unite behind the caucus winner, then the primary winner will be a candidate that most voters like, even if he/she is not their top choice(s).

The caucus will be held at the Hopkinton Fairgrounds. Doors open at 10 a.m. A photo ID is required. No people are admitted after voting begins at 11:30. For more information and pre-registration (recommended), see: www.603alliance.org.

Join this historic event and help identify the candidate that most New Hampshire voters want as the Republican presidential nominee.

Don Ewing

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