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As Huxley said, facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Mr. Earle:
To paraphrase former Pres. Ronald Reagan: "There you go again". It truly amazes one when reading your conjecture and spin of any particular incident or action that occurs in the political arena.
Your letters are usually disparaging in nature. In my opinion your tendency to insinuate yourself into an argument, situation or reality boggles the mind.
You manage to extrapolate (an unknown) to infer from something that is known. Do you hope to lead us into derogatory scenarios without the benefit of facts, figures and actual conclusions?
You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but please state them as such. In your last letter you state: "Contrast that with the practice in Washington, DC where quite often we see misdeeds rewarded rather then (than) punished." You go on to state that "we can't trust Democrats and we can't trust Republicans...." Why, when, where, how? Seems a bit of a stretch of your imagination to say the very least. At best, your statements are very misleading and not factual.
Of course you managed to lump what is happening in New Jersey with a "chance to really unload on Obama and his stooges".To what end?
What do you really hope to accomplish with your weekly letters? Help me to understand where you are trying to take us. Constructive critiquing a perceived foe is one thing, but a constant and ongoing, endless repetition of the same ole, same ole rhetoric becomes boring.
To quote Khaled Hosseini: "But better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie." Or Aldous Huxley: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

Bernadette Loesch

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Whether it’s rainy, snowy or balmy, I’ll be voting for Boothby

To The Daily Sun,

I'm calling all District 1 residents to join me at the polls on January 21!
Whether it rains or snows, freezes or is balmy, if we all vote that day for Christopher Boothby to join the New Hampshire Executive Council — well, we'll be assured of the kind of personal service that Ray Burton gave to all of us. I'm sure of that because Christopher Boothby interned with Ray years ago and knows what it takes to satisfy his constituents.

He is knowledgeable about state issues, experienced in county government and health initiatives and will make your concerns his priority. Just think. A small business owner, long term elected county commissioner, former hospital administrator and an activist in many non-profit community enterprises, Christopher is already your advocate.

For your part, get to the polls on Tuesday, January 21st and vote for him to include you in his personal constituency. What? Can't be at the polls that day? Vote by absentee ballot. Make your vote count.

Barbara Morgenstern

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Joe Kenney’s entrepreneurial spirit will help N.H. businesses

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Joe Kenney, a former state senator, who is running for Executive Council has my vote.

I think he will be good for New Hampshire small business community, he will bring strength and encouragement to many people who are struggling with Obamacare policies. His early entrepreneurial spirit which he developed at a young age will help our New Hampshire business.

He has been in the Marine Corps for 34 years, both reserve and active and recently has been in Washington working on a security program. His Senate background, which is important when dealing with the affairs of the state is an attribute for the position.

I like his statement " If you send Joe Kenney to Concord, you send someone who is rooted in New Hampshire with traditional values, who is going to respond to your needs, and is going to be traveling around the district 24/7 to make sure his people are represented the best that they can be possibly represented".

Rosemary Landry

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I don’t care if Benghazi is on the moon, we need an explanation

To The Daily Sun,

There they go again. New Hampshire's liberal elected officials, Senator Jean Shaheen and Congresswoman Annie Kuster, helping sidetrack Senator Kelly Ayotte's bill that simply asked a Social security number be used when people apply for child tax credits.

Hearing Barbara Boxer's reply to Senator Ayotte's proposal you would have thought that Senator Ayotte was the devil herself! "I am shocked." Ms. Boxer said, "You're going to hurt children. You're going to take away food out of their mouths".

Kelly Ayotte, our New Hampshire Republican Senator, is clearly watching out for us. She calmly reported that in some cases our tax dollars went to people who falsely reported the number of children they had and some whose children were actually living in Mexico.

I don't know about you, but I am embarrassed by New Hampshire's two liberal elected representatives: Ms. Shaheen parroting the President's lies about Obamacare ("keep your plan, keep your doctor") and Ms. Kuster trying to sidestep questions on Benghazi by claiming that Libya is not in the Middle East. I don't care if Benghazi is on the moon: we need an explanation! Lies and obfuscation don't cut it. Make New Hampshire proud, next election; Dump Democrats!

Dave Rivers


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Laconia Middle School mentoring program works and works well

To the Daily Sun,

I am a proud member of the Mentoring Together Program at the Laconia Middle School. It is clearly an outstanding organization with several success stories.

I am the mentor of a 7th grader and thus I have learned significantly the attributes of life's future by having him as a mentee. This program is a positive outlook for our youth and I am greatly optimistic by it.

Yes, the children learn from us, the mentors; however, we can as well learn from our mentees. Here is a prime example: I come from the era of S&H Green stamps, rabbit ears and roller derby on Saturday nights. I know nothing about computers, therefore my mentee thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to operate one. My 7th grade mentee is giving me computer lessons, and he is a very good teacher.

It is difficult for me to learn new things, it takes patience on behalf of this mentee. The task at hand is not really mechanical so I guess I'm safe. My mentee is showing a display of dedication and great patience while teaching me. We are currently playing math games on the computer as I continue my quest in learning about this new venture thanks to my mentee.

In essence, the mentoring program works and works well. I am proud to be a part of it as it has so many positive rewards for all who endeavor it. The difference we as adults can make is by nurturing our future with the encouragement in enhancing a building, goal oriented aspirations with education as well as to articulate positive moral values. It is not impossible and a program such as this can make all possible.

I would greatly encourage anyone who is interested to join us. Please call the middle school at 524-4632 for details.

Remember the campaign slogan from 1984? "It's morning again in America,"? With a program like Mentoring Together I feel that a little piece of sunrise is happening in Laconia, for our kids and our future. Let's give the kids our best, they deserve our best. Good morning!

Matthew "Coach T" Tetreault


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