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Who owns the dogs in those 4 Union Ave. apartment buildings?

To The Daily Sun,

With the weather finally starting to turn warmer I decided on Sunday to take my dogs on a much needed long walk. For a change of pace I decided to walk the Union Avenue section between Laconia High School and Lakeport Square. Aside from the expected puddles and mud I was absolutely appalled to see nothing but dog excrement on the sidewalk in front of about four apartment buildings before coming to the light at the square.

Not only is it disgusting, unnecessary and unsanitary, but there is also a city ordinance against it. If you are going to own a dog then you need to clean up after it.

Responsible dog owners have already lost the use of the fenced area at Woodland Heights School due to the few irresponsible and careless dog owners not cleaning up. Unfortunately, now Public Works has to clean up the sidewalk while the offenders watch. In my opinion, they should look into who owns dogs there, and fine the landlords. Maybe the dog owners will learn once the fee is passed onto them or they are evicted.

Grossed out in Laconia,

Shannon Allain


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Selectmen will have to manage town day-to-day if #29 passes

To The Daily Sun,

Article 29 on the Moultonborough Town Warrant asks the voters to eliminate the position of town administrator and to forbid the Selectboard to increase the salary of, provide severance payment to or amend any agreement with the current administrator.

I do not believe that the petitioners understand the basic difference between a town manager with statutory powers and a town administrator who functions at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen. That is, the board gives directions to the administrator but all of the decisions are made by or at the instruction the Board of Selectmen, not by the administrator.

This critical position, if eliminated, would revert the duties assigned to the administrator to the Board of Selectmen. Basically, a volunteer board, that would be tasked with overseeing a host of departments and managing the day to day functioning of a town with a $2.7 billion tax base. This is a daunting duty at best and an unmanageable chore at worst for non-professionals.

Retaliation for perceived injustices can be a fickle passion that results in costly peripheral damage with unintended consequences. Decisions are made by the boards, which in hindsight might have been handled differently, but it would be erroneous to say that the performance of Moultonborough's administrators have not been of significant benefit to the town. Throwing out the baby with the bath water seems too Washington-esque for our town.

Twenty-six years ago I authored and promoted warrant articles to establish and fund a position for a town administrator. They received overwhelming support at that town meeting from voters across the spectrum. May those same thoughtful voters and fellow residents demonstrate a continued support for reasonable municipal governance and vote nay on Article 29 at this year's town meeting.

Natt King


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