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Dr. Dawson gave us look atthe ugly side of freedom of speech

To The Daily Sun,

In Thursday's issues of both The Laconia Daily Sun and the Citizen newspapers, the readers were "treated" to a series of attacks on Fox News by Thomas Dawson, Ph.D. In his letter, Dawson accused Fox News of a conspiracy, false reporting, possible sedition, untruthful "facts," and so on. He asks about Fox, "Are they committing treason against our federal government?"

Throughout his letter Dawson spoke of lies being told by Fox News. However, in not one instance was he able to offer a single example. Apparently he is happy with the reporting on networks such as MSNBC and the "truth" as reported by commentators such as Ed Schultz and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton.

Part of the First Amendment allows for the freedom of speech that Dawson exercised to unfairly smear Fox News and its owner, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch came to this country, legally, from Australia, and it is evident that bothers Dawson significantly. Maybe his anger is because of the "legal" thing . . . or maybe its Murdoch's overwhelming successes ... or the countless jobs he has created ... or the high taxes he and his workers' pay to the government. Maybe, just maybe, it's because Fox News has literally "cleaned the clock" of all those other cable news channels that Dawson adores.

Free speech comes in all forms — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dr. Dawson gave us a look at the latter.

Bob Meade


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It becomes messy when you make such a spectacle in public

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to the letter that appeared on Thursday, Jan. 29, from a former candidate for public office, Tom Dawson, and his incoherent, pathetic, and embarrassing ramblings about Fox News Channel, the only U.S. cable news outlet unafraid to report the truth. He claims that Fox deliberately misleads and even lies about events that it's covering. If he really thinks that, he has the "free will" right to not watch or listen. But, in his letter, he goes much further.

First he calls them an "entertainment" channel, and in that assertion, he is only just getting started. Then he succumbs to his own irrationally proclaimed insight into what is behind it all at Fox, and declares that it's really a "conspiracy," designed to bring all of us unsuspecting and non-thinking people to the point of "sedition" and "insurrection," which is ultimately "aimed at disrupting the American government" by treason.

Interestingly, all of this "progressive" thought is presented without a single fact to back up this presumably illegal activity, not one fact or example. The actual facts, however, are that Fox News channel is the number one-rated news outlet on the planet, and is seen every single day around the world. Fox's viewer ratings continuously exceed the ratings of all the other cable news channels combined, as well as all the "free" network channels combined. Why is that? It's because it's the only place you get the truth.

My only purpose for writing this rebuttal to Mr. Dawson's false and ridiculous assertions about Fox News Channel is to help other people, other readers, who may still be sitting on the fence politically, and for them not to be afraid of the truth, but to embrace it, and form your opinions from facts. His far left-wing, progressive "worldview" and distortions of life in this culture cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.

For example, at a "meet the candidates" forum I attended for Mr. Dawson last fall, he actually told me to my face that people who think like me regarding abortion were practicing "fuzzy religion". I was criticized by others in the room for not letting that statement stand unchallenged.

Mr. Dawson wants everyone to believe what they see and hear in the nation's daily newspapers, in the classrooms, and in the "muddy-stream" media, where the government's voice of "we're only here to help" mantra still reigns constant and supreme. The fact is we do not live in a "democracy;" we live in a "representative republic," where the government serves "at the consent of the governed," where they are the "servants," and we, the people, are the "masters."

The right of freedom of the press, was endowed onto the American culture, not from government, but from God, our creator, and was based on the clear understanding that close scrutiny and harsh criticism of the people in government was going to be imperative, to keep powerful men, who will always want to be even more powerful, in line and accountable to the people.

Sadly, however, many in the media soon learned that they could achieve extra benefits for themselves if they aligned themselves with some of those powerful men in government, whom themselves had already learned that they could also achieve extra benefits for themselves if they aligned with powerful interest groups, who also want extra benefits, that only government can give away, for free. But first, government must take. It must take from us, the producers, the entrepreneurs. Who else are they going take from? Have you ever been hired by a poor man? By itself, government has nothing, government makes nothing, government only controls things, things that it doesn't make or own.

Also sadly, both political parties are guilty of this, and every mature-thinking adult knows it. There are very few really honest men in government, those whose only motive is to serve the people, for awhile, and then go home. Most are there because of personal greed. Obviously, we can see from his letter, Mr. Dawson is a far-left Democrat, and has chosen to align himself with those men. And that's okay I guess, if you do it in private. But it becomes very messy looking when you write a letter and make such a spectacle in public.

Jim McCoole


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