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Serious about reducing gun violence? Then attack the source

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama's gun control performance/proposals inspired some silly responses, including fawning approval and a Kathleen Parker column, contradicted by history, titled: "More guns can't be better than fewer."

President Obama is the best gun salesman ever because his policies don't indicate a real intent to protect innocent people. As president, he has inspired record, or near record, gun sales and background checks annually. Yet, although more Americans own more guns, violent crimes have significantly decreased according to the FBI.

Violent crimes decreased 6.9 percent between 2010 and 2014, and 16.2 percent from 2005 to 2014. Murder rates per 100,000 declined 6.1 percent from 2010 to 2014, and 20.8 percent from 2005 to 2014. (

With more law-abiding people able to better defend themselves, there are fewer crimes; in the past mostly only criminals and terrorists had guns.
The real issue isn't the number of guns, but who has the guns. Gang members, terrorists, and other criminals commit the vast majority (90-95 percent) of violent crimes with guns that they mostly get illegally.

President Obama's regulations will, almost exclusively, only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect innocent people. The lives potentially saved by President Obama's proposals will be small compared to the number of lives lost because law-abiding people cannot protect themselves.

While President Obama has been making it more difficult for law-abiding people to protect themselves, he has also been making our country a more dangerous place by increasing the number of violent people who are free in our midst.

President Obama has been releasing thousands of violent illegal alien felons into our country rather than deporting them. Starting last November, he began providing early releases to thousands of convicted felons, including many violent felons, based on new sentencing guidelines (note that many felons pleaded guilty to lesser crimes to avoid prosecution for their more serious crimes). He insists on bringing more refugees, immigrants, and students from terrorist countries despite our vetting system's demonstrated failures and inability to exclude terrorists. He doesn't support mandatory minimum sentences for crimes with guns. And, he has reduced federal gun crime prosecutions significantly; down 15.5 percent from 2010 and down 34.8 percent since 2005 (reference Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University).

For President Obama to convince Americans that he is serious about reducing gun violence, he must attack the source of the overwhelming majority of gun violence: gangs, drugs, terrorists, and other criminals. But he doesn't attack these. In fact, he has increasingly exposed Americans to more violent people.

Despite his protestations, the inescapable conclusion based on his actions is that President Obama's goal is to disarm law-abiding Americans, not to save lives.

Don Ewing


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More folks who helped keep Lakes Region kids warm this winter

To The Daily Sun,

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region was established in 1973 to provide charitable assistance to the Lakes Region children during the holiday season and throughout the year. This year we began our winter outerwear distribution in October. We have partnered with Salvation Army, St. Vincent Children's Foundation and local schools and police departments to assist families in the Lakes Region with their holiday needs. We were overwhelmed with requests for outerwear. We have been able to help over 650 children this season. The need this year appeared to us to be much greater than in past years and with the cold weather on the way we were anxious to get this done. We rely on cash donations to purchase these items and do most of our shopping in the off season in order to get the best deals possible for our money.

We received these donations after our first thank you was published and would like to thank the following people for their donations to help keep the children of the Lakes Region warm this winter: John and Terry Larrere, Lemay's Christmas Tree Farm, Jeremy and Tia Lacasse, Gator Signs, BIBA, Laconia Firefighters, and Laconia Police Department

If you would like to help keep our children warm this winter please send your donation to: Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region, P.O. Box 7454, Laconia, NH, 03247. No amount is too small and together we can make sure the children of the Lakes Region are taken care of.

Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region Board of Directors
Janet Brough
Jamie Caldwell
Jim Carroll
Andrea Condodemetraky
Courtney Coppi
Lisa Cornish
Kathy Crane
Marlee Guilmett
Kim Lacasse
Chris McCarthy
Dennis Phelps
Katie Pierson


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