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Leftists believe children belong to the 'government collective'

To The Daily Sun,

I sentence Professor Cracraft to 12, uninterrupted, hours of listening to the "Hallelujah Chorus" for his secular silliness in asserting that there is no war on Christianity in this country. And he shall do so while sitting straight up on a "hard on the tuckus" pew. "And he shall reign forever and ever." Yes I know, it is but a silly wish and if wishes were horses then beggars would ride. But hey, I feel better just visualizing Scott in this uncomfortable position for yet another ball faced lie in his last column.

Ever since the 1960s sexual revolution, the secularists and atheists have been trying to kill the Christian religious conscience in favor of some militant view of self-determination. You know, praying to the inner god of human will and power. All the while, living in the narcissistic world where, if it feels good do it, do it in the road mentality. It's the new gender-free society where the radicalized Supreme Court can mandate that all priests must marry those in the gay community. That all bakeries must cater to gay weddings. More states are realizing that their religious liberty protection is now vulnerable to lawsuits.

It must have been like a brain freeze headache for Secretary of State John Kerry to admit that there is Christian genocide going on in the Middle East, home to the religion of peace. Of course even the professor knows that the left has been attacking Christianity for a long, long time when one looks at the history of socialism and communism, and of course Islam, seemingly blood brothers of the left.

The freedom of religion principle has been used in subtle and now not-so-subtle ways to marginalize prayers and Christian traditions. Remember back during the government shutdown when Catholic priests were threatened with being arrested for performing voluntary Masses? Or when former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stated that priests do not contribute to the morale and well-being of military personnel? Those disruptive students at Wickenburg Christian Academy were told to knock off those quiet prayers on the steps of the Supreme Court. Who can forget when Christian missionaries were arrested for having the audacity to discuss Christianity on the public sidewalk of an Arab festival of diversity. Now that was pure blasphemy, lock 'em up!

Of course these rules do not apply do the doctrine of mosque and state. While the ACLU is hell-bent on banning Christian prayers in schools, they fight to allow for Muslims to pray in schools. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of examples of the war on Christianity by the left.

And what about the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell? They had to go to court to fight for their religious beliefs against the Obamacare insurance mandates for businesses. As decrees dictator Obama from on high, you little sisters will make a habit of providing abortifacients, prescription contraceptives and surgical sterilizations or I will damn well put you out of business. As far as I know, there is still hope for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Let us all pray. Can't you just picture a nun rapping little Scottie on the knuckles while demanding that he pay attention to his lessons. Visualization can be such fun.

Yes, let's not hold our breath waiting for the man who claims to love critical thinking, to do some critical thinking while debating those who dare to disagree with him.

Oh, and one other item for the professor. Your claim that chiropractors tell their patients not to vaccinate. That is also a lie from all that I know and I know about a dozen chiropractors. Listen closely, Scott, because this is not a difficult concept. Chiropractors give their patients information about vaccines and flu shots so that they can have an intelligent conversation with their doctors and come up with an informed decision and thus make an informed choice using critical thinking skills. Parents of children are still allowed to use their critical thinking skills, aren't they, Scott?

Of course the left continually reminds us that children actually belong to the "government collective" and not to their parents, as Melissa Harris-Perry reminded us not too long ago. As far as I know, chiropractors are not allowed to announce to their patients, "do not vaccinate your children." Careful Scott, your slandering of chiropractors almost sounds a little like libel. I would hate for anything to tarnish your distinguished reputation as a teacher and instructor of young souls eager to learn objective, critical thinking skills from you.

Russ Wiles

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On June 5 we will be saying thank you and farewell to patrons of our East Alton Store

To The Daily Sun,

As our journey at the East Alton General Store comes to an end, we would like to thank the Alton community for the wonderful experience and absolute pleasure it has been serving such great people. From winning the "Best Convenience Store in the Lakes Region" (due to your votes sent in to The Citizen after we had only been open three months), through a hard winter with little snow or ice that normally brings much needed business, all of you kept us going — making us bigger and better!

Your passion and support for us running the store is humbling and so very much appreciated. We took a big leap leaving a large corporate job of 25 years, selling our home, and taking on a business that had been seasonal only for the past 10 years. With three tough competitors that had key high traffic locations in town, we wanted to set our store apart from the others. Our goal was to combine the love of an old-fashioned general store providing quality, local home-made goods at reasonable prices with the newer interests of specialty markets providing organic produce, grass-fed meats, fine cheeses and craft brews. Your continued patronage made our goal a successful reality which proved to be a worthwhile and rewarding venture.

Please join us on Sunday, June 5, for a customer appreciation day as our way of saying thank you and farewell. We will have food, drinks and prize giveaways (that we had been saving for our grand opening) and special sale prices to clear out any remaining inventory.

Douglas Vincent

Donna Goulden


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