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Incoming County Commissioners won’t be civil working partners

To The Daily Sun,

Shame on you Dave Schwotzer for writing about things you know little or nothing about and not telling the truth about others. You have seen a case of someone taking their bat and ball home as recent as in the past couple of years, as someone in your household resigned their position to avoid confrontation.

The employees who signed the letter supporting the firing of the (Belknap County Nursing Home) administrator had cause. You are not privy to their injustices, and rightly so. The family members of the residents in the nursing home and the residents themselves had cause.

Your comment about residents being pressured by staff to sign a petition shows your ignorance of nursing home residents. Nursing home residents are not all cognitively impaired; they have minds of their own and voices to let their opinions be known. They have even been to some of the meetings. They read the newspapers themselves and when they read your article they will, without a doubt, take offense to your insinuation that they don't have minds of their own.

You do not work at or even visit the nursing home to understand what goes on between the delegation, the commissioners, the residents and their family members and the employees of Belknap County. I do, as I am not only a taxpayer but, also an employee who has been to meetings and seen the childish behavior of the delegation in person. I may not have been present for the foul language used against Mr. Nedeau by a member of the delegation who will be coming in as a commissioner this new term, but I heard about it the very next day and then read about it in the newspaper. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that the incoming commissioners would not be civil working partners for Mr. Nedeau.

I again remind you of your own family experience with this behavior and the decision your family member chose to make. If you choose to write incomplete truths, be prepared to be called out for them. As you can clearly see, I only write about what I know as fact as opposed to the ranting of someone who feels they have a score to even, truth or not.

Kim Richardson

New Hampton

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House of Corrections doesn’t have resources it needs to do its job

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing in regards to the Belknap County House of Corrections. Although I understand funding available to the county commissioners is sparse, something has to change.

To suggest that the HVAC system, in its current condition at the county jail is adequate would be a dubious proposition at best. The temperatures in the building make a frigid environment for the inmates living there, as well as the employees working there.

With the influx of drug overdoses in our community as of late, one would believe addressing this issue on the corrections level would be of the utmost importance. Truth is, due to a lack of funding resources the Department of Corrections is barely able to assist inmates with addiction issues.

Also, because of limited housing and space, there is no way for inmates to adequately exercise during the winter months. I may be wrong, but I believe exercise is a civil liberty, not a privilege.

Faculty members are exerting tremendous amounts of effort to assist inmates and make the jail a better environment for every party concerned. But it's not enough. There aren't enough resources available.

Inmates need to properly be reintegrated into the community, otherwise they'll revert back to drug abuse and crime. Inmates need their civil liberties. Please bear in mind that pre-trial detainees are not convicted criminals.

The community needs to help the lost and fallen sons, daughters, fathers and mothers in our county.

I write with a first-hand knowledge because I'm an inmate at the Belknap County House of Corrections.

Tucker Cockerline


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