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8 all-you-can-eat soups and more at our 5th Annual Soupathon

To The Daily Sun,

We invite the community to attend our fifth annual Soupathon to benefit Hands Across the Table on Friday evening, April 8, from 5 to 7:30 at the St. Andre Bessette Parish Hall on Gilford Avenue in Laconia. Tickets will be available at the door.

Come and enjoy eight all-you-can-eat soups, salad and delicious homemade cookies as well as tastings of additional soups all with an international flair. This year's theme is Soups of our Heritage, featuring soups our ancestors brought to this country. Thanks to our wonderful community of volunteers, sponsors and Board Members, HATT provides as many as 150 hot meals every Wednesday night.

Come enjoy some soup and help feed others in the process!

Irene Gordon

Ginger Wells-Kay

Soupathon Co-Chairs

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GOP/Tea Party only wants scales of justice tipped toward the rich

To The Daily Sun,

Senator Lindsay Graham shows why the GOP/Tea Party is determined to win the White House at all costs. It is the reason he has endorsed Ted Cruz for President, a choice which he not long ago compared to taking poison. Sen. Graham's tail-between-his-legs backtracking has to do with CONTROL, pure and simple.
This party wants to determine who sits on the Supreme Court. This party wants to wipe out the Affordable Care Act and any other programs and laws which have anything to do with President Obama. The party does not give a rat's you know what about the good of the country of about helping the middle class, the poor, or anyone who depends on a paycheck. They made it explicitly clear in 2009 when their congressional leader said that the party's sole focus was on defeating anything that might be proposed by Pres. Obama or that might bring any credit to his administration. This is a congressional party that would try to repeal a cure for cancer if President Obama had discovered it. All they care about is the control of the three branches of government from which they can serve and push through their wealthy masters' agenda.
The GOP/Tea Party had in Bush/Cheney a puppet and a tyrant who toed the party line. When President Obama was elected the party elites were thrown into a panic; fearing they were not going to be able to do their "business as usual." Through their control of Congress and by blatantly refusing to do their job regarding the Supreme Court vacancy they have tried to thwart anything that would improve people's lives.
The GOP/Tea Party does not want fair and balanced. They only want the scales of justice tipped in favor of the wealthy class. And they will lie and distort, and use fear and hatred, to try to con the voters.

Bernadette Loesch


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