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We wait when our light turns green to avoid being hit

To The Daily Sun,

The recent rainy day reminded me of the last rainy day we had and the poor visibility because of the rain. However, nothing is better than seeing lights on the approaching cars — we can actually see you — and the darker the car, the harder it is to spot you in the distance. So please do us older folks a favor (and yourself), when it starts to rain or dusk is fast approaching, put on your headlights.

And while on the subject of safety, how about the police departments of Laconia, Belmont and Tilton start cracking down on those people who are in such a hurry that they barrel through red lights. Specifically, at Exit 20 off Interstate 93, the lights at Rte. 3 and the beginning of Rte. 140 (Tilton police), intersection of 106 and 140 (Belmont police) and the intersection of Bishop Road and Rte. 106 (Laconia police). Do you know how much extra money you could make for your towns by just enforcing the law?

At those intersections, my wife and I have now gotten in the habit of waiting when our light turns green, just so we don't get plowed into by those running the light on our left or right. Sorry for those behind us if we don't take off right away, you don't need to honk at us. We aren't oblivious to the green light, we are just trying to be safe.

Gary Philippy



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I am ready for challenge of serving on city's Police Commission

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Tom Tarr and I am a candidate for a vacancy on the Laconia Police Commission. As a first time candidate for public office, my decision to run stems from my desire to serve at the local level while utilizing my criminal justice experience, which I think will be an asset to the commission.

I am a native of Concord, and my wife of 46 years and I moved to Laconia in 2003. Together we raised two children and are the proud grandparents of four grandchildren, two of whom reside in Laconia.

I received a B.S. degree from New Hampshire College (SNHU) in 1970. Shortly after graduating, I entered the military draft and served four years on active duty in the Air Force. While in the service, I also earned an M.S. degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1974.

After my honorable discharge from military service in the summer of 1974, I returned home and began my criminal justice career as a New Hampshire Probation/Parole Officer. Nine years later in 1985, I was appointed director of the N.H. Probation/Parole Division with responsibility for managing and directing New Hampshire's statewide adult probation/parole system. I remained in that position until 1992 when I was appointed as chief U.S. probation officer by the U.S. District Court, District of New Hampshire. In that capacity, I managed and directed all federal probation and pretrial service activities in the state. My experience at both the state and federal has afforded me a broad understanding and a deep appreciation of the challenges of New Hampshire law enforcement at the local, county, state and federal levels.

During my career, I was routinely involved in personal administration and management, budget development and oversight, policy and procedure development, and law enforcement training approval. I also was directly responsible for officer staff involved in offender supervision and monitoring and all investigation activities at the probation and pretrial stages. In 2010, I assisted in the development of the first federal drug court in New Hampshire.

In 2014 I retired after a 40-year career and I am convinced that my experience will make me a good "fit" for the Police Commission, and that, if elected, that experience will serve me well.

I am ready for this new challenge and would appreciate your vote on Nov. 3.

Tom Tarr


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