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M’boro Community Center should be seen as solid investment

To The Daily Sun,

The Moultonborough Community Center, as proposed on the 2016 town warrant, is a solid investment for the future of a strong, healthy community. The conceptual design provides a multipurpose facility that will accommodate a broad spectrum of recreational and social services to all age groups and populations within our town. The benefits derived will include fitness, health, nutrition, emotional well-being and social interaction.

We have been studying, planning and debating this issue for decades dating back to the early 1980s when the Town Building Committee first slated an indoor recreation facility as a top capital priority.

Financially, each of us can make our own determination of what is affordable. For two years, our tax rate will increase by less than 30 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation. A $300,000 home will invest less than $90 per year for this project. In 2019, the current school bond will be retired. The net effect of the community center bond then will be a 1-cent increase over our present tax rate for one year and then a net zero increase for the remaining seven years.

Look at your personal budgets for recreation, vacation, second home, and charitable giving. See if you, too, can support this capital improvement for our town.

Please consider my view that this expenditure is an investment in our community, an opportunity to ensure that we provide services for all age groups on a year-round basis and build a community that is balanced in its demographics.

Tom Howard


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Biosolids, cheap and effective, allow farmers to continue farming

To The Daily Sun,

I live in Loudon and farm land in and around the town of Gilmanton. Eight years ago, I used class A biosolids on my fields. I use biosolids because they work. Biosolids are like slow release fertilizers and continue to provide nutrients for a long time after being spread.

When I first started using biosolids, it was a free program. I now have to pay for them because so many people have recognized the benefit of using them. Biosolids are still cheaper than chemical fertilizer. A cheaper, more effective fertilizer, gives me a chance to continue to farm, when rising costs make it so much more difficult.

I would never jeopardize my soils or my livelihood with anything that would be unsafe.

When I use biosolids, I have to agree to use them according to the state regulations.

I hope that everyone will get out to vote and support farms like mine. Vote No on question #3.

Tim Towle


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