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Need to return Shea-Porter to her work protecting our resources

To The Daily Sun,

Those of us fortunate enough to live in New Hampshire know that we are surrounded by wildlife. Whether we hunt, fish, photograph, or simply view our wild neighbors, we count on their continued protection for ourselves and future generations.

We need strong leaders like Carol Shea-Porter in Congress to establish and defend policies for the preservation of wildlife. During her three terms in the U.S. House Shea-Porter served on the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs. She was the sponsor or co-sponsor of over 20 bills designed to improve the management of the ocean, wilderness and other critical wildlife habitat.

Carol's work as a wildlife advocate has earned her a rating of 100 percent from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and endorsement by the Ocean Champions. Her work for the welfare of domestic animals earned her a rating of 100 percent from the Humane Society Legislative Fund in each of her three terms.

Her opponent, Frank Guinta, on the other hand, has voted to reduce funding for the Endangered Species Act and remove two animals from the list of endangered species. His anti-environmental efforts earned ratings of 0 percent from both the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and the Sierra Club-Positions on Clean Water.

Please join me in voting to return Carol Shea-Porter to Congress where she can resume her work in maintaining and protecting our vital natural resources.

Ronald Lawler
Center Sandwich

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We need to keep yard waste out of our streams, lakes & ponds

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Conservation District (BCCD) would like to remind landowners that disposing of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, branches, and pet waste) in brooks, streams, ponds, lakes or storm drains often helps to create problems in our waterways such excess algae growth and an increased potential for flooding. Yard waste contains many of the same ingredients you'll find in fertilizer; high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and other elements. This 'fertilizer' helps to feed and increase the amount of unwanted water organisms such as algae, and in the case of pet waste may carry harmful pathogens such as e coli and salmonella.

While it is true that some leaves naturally find their way into our waters the dumping of large amounts of leaves by landowners, multiplied over and over by many landowners living along stream banks and shorelines, has a meaningful accumulated effect. The same is true of materials and liquids dumped into storm drains because these drain directly into our surface waters without treatment; they do not drain to the waste water treatment plant as do our sewers.

Yard waste that accumulates in shallow areas or narrow water passages may act like a drain clog and cause flooding upstream or fill in areas of shoreline. Many towns provide landowners a managed site to dump yard waste, for those that do not, please consider composting at home. For more information on where to dispose of yard waste in your town please contact your local Department of Public Works or Town Hall. For more information on composting yard waste visit website www.belknapccd.org.

Lisa Morin, Program Coordinator

Belknap County Conservation District

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