Hard as it is, I should start looking to bridge gap between right and left

To The Daily Sun,

Last month, my husband and I had the remarkable opportunity to visit Omaha Beach two days after the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. This was actually our second time there.

Nothing prepares you for the overwhelming impact of the American cemetery. Walking amid the endless rows of white headstones, understanding that despite the fact that nearly 11,000 bodies were brought home, there are nearly 9,000 graves at that site. The loss is unimaginable.

We had traveled there with over 100 of our shipmates. Despite our gender, ethnic, religious, political difference, we were all Americans. At a brief ceremony, we faced the flag and the national anthem was played. We then proceed to the beach itself. Walking out to the water, I turned and faced the cliffs, wondering how my dad felt when he stood here. These incredible men and women faced death in the eye defending our freedom as Americans.

One of our group was an 88-year-old veteran, Owen Mahony, who piloted an LST on D-Day. He shared his experiences and gave us his first-hand insight. On the way back to our ship, he asked us to pray for peace and understanding — both in our country and internationally. He wanted us to pray for dialogue and cooperation to unify our country.

Our country is faced with an almost insurmountable complexity of crises — both internal and international. I would like to point out that, excluding Native Americans, we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. I would like to think that we are still a compassionate nation.

As a liberal —  yup — I said liberal, I find it difficult that I could find common ground with someone who is terrified to come in contact with a potentially "diseased" child who might show up in Maryland, or someone who is furious with a government who is taking away their "God-given" rights. But, perhaps, Owen is right and I should start looking for ways to bridge the gap. Maybe we, as Americans, should cut the crap and stop screaming at each other and start listening to one another.

June M. Huot



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Mr. Veverka has stopped debating

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! It seems James Veverka has made another astounding discovery.

Some stupid people say stupid things and some are conservatives (but many are liberals). He omits them from his page of useless quotes for obvious embarrassing reasons. If he had included some of them the names of Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Sharpton, Matthews, Berger, Learner and, well the list is longer then both my arms spread wide would be at the top of his list.

What I notice most is James has stopped debating any relevant facts, acts or incidents and contents himself with petty name-calling. Guess that's easier then trying to defend the indefensible.

Steve Earle


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Cartels & scum are charging those kids to travel to the U.S.

To The Daily Sun,

Some thoughts on immigrants and disease:

TB, Eboli, Swine Flu, Dengue Fever and the rest of the so-­called diseases these kids are allegedly bringing into the USA. The only problem is that it's not happening.

Ebola doesn't even exist around here, but only in Africa. Most have already been vaccinated against them or the chance of them being transferred are close to nil. Just ask Rep. Ginley (R) of Georgia who is an MD, but still has no clue. It's just more of the fear-mongering by the GOP. But then we have prospective House Rep. Kwasman (R-Ariz.) point at a YMCA bus full of kids. Problem was the kids were really from the YMCA and not illegals. On Wednesday we had a Linda Riley complaining about Obama's bill of 2012. Linda, not for nothing, but all that was in 2012 and is really not pertinent anymore. None of these kids would qualify under that bill.

The only people that are getting rich from all of this are the cartels and scum that are charging those kids money to travel here. Every time somebody shoves some coke up their nose the cartels make more money. This encourages them to sell more product and embolden them to recruit more kids. But you are right, Linda. The president wants and needs more money to take care of all these problems. But it is up to Congress to pass the bills so he will get it. He can't do it by using an executive order can he? That seems to get many people really upset to the point of wanting to either sue him or impeach him.

Best idea is to write both Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte.

Jon Hoyt


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Local merchants were again generous in support of boat parade

To The Daily Sun,

The Sanbornton Bay Association wants to say "Thanks."
Our annual boat parade was on July 5, and once again our local merchants were very generous.

Thanks and appreciation go to: Elite Fitness, Great Northern Cleaning, Den Brae Golf Course, Steele Hill Resort, Winnisquam Car Wash, Shooters, Winnisquam Collectables, Winnisquam Market, Lobster Connection, Smoke N' Styles, Agway, Family Tree, Katie Flo, Burrito Me, Heritage Farm, Pirates Cove, Appletree Nursery, Channel Marine and last but not least Winnisqum Marine.
Barb Bormes
SBA, Social Director


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How come you don't want to ban cars? Don't they kill people?

To The Daily Sun,

I have had it up to my eyeballs with do-gooders who want to sink our "right to bear arms" with the excuse "the government should be doing something about school shootings. Are you going to ban knives next because a boy stabbed some of his classmates? How come you don't want to ban cars because, as you said, "they kill people"? Pray tell, what would you do without a car? What would you do without knives in the kitchen? What can you do to protect yourself?

As for the government doing something about the problem, be for real, they can't solve anything without spending billions of tax dollars. Now Obama is going to ask for $2 billion to reign-in illegal immigration. Nothing like shutting the barn door after the cows have escaped.

The government controls your money. Government controls your property. Government controls your life. Do you now want to give them your "God-given rights"?

Theresa Gebhard


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