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Time to elect candidates who will vote for Right-To-Work law

To The Daily Sun,

A solid first step toward improving the state's employment picture would be to replace the Democrats in the Senate, House, and governor's office with Republicans who would pass right-to-work legislation. This is not simply one man's opinion. It is fact backed up with data.

Democrats spewing mouthfuls of air about how they support working people while voting against right-to-work legislation don't know the facts. I suspect Democrats like Gov. Hassan, Sen. Hosmer, and Rep. Webb really don't care about facts, preferring instead the liberal "narrative" that right-to-work is bad for working families. Their narrative is wrong.

The National Right To Work Committee, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Commerce Department, and a study by the non-partisan Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, recently reported that the key "breadwinner" demographic of 35- to 54-year-olds have been voting with their feet, moving with their families to right-to-work states.

New Hampshire is one of 11 states "suffering the steepest declines in their 35- to 54-year-old population" from 2003-2013. None of those 11 states losing working families had a right-to-work law. In contrast, the nine states that saw significant increases in this peak-earning-years population over the same period have longstanding right-to-work laws.

What do these working families know that our elected Democrats don't? They know that RTW states offer better economic opportunities for working families. N.H. can no longer afford to be one of the eleven losers. We need RTW.

Just as important as our ability to retain and attract this key demographic are the other positive effects of RTW laws. In Wisconsin, analysts have demonstrated that "Act 10," the state's RTW law, has saved taxpayers billions of dollars and improved state and local governments' ability to recruit and reward good public employees. Significantly, school districts in Wisconsin have been able to offer better health insurance at lower cost thanks to Right-to-Work.

What should voters believe, mouthfuls of partisan air, or the facts? It's time to elect Kathy Rago, Greg Hill, Carolyn Virtue, Jason Parent, and people like them who will enact right-to-work legislation. We need to move New Hampshire from the "Loser" to the "Winner" column in the competition to attract, retain, and reward working families.

Ken Gorrell

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Unlike our delegation, we truly care for residents of County Home

To The Daily Sun,

I'm very happy to have such wonderful coworkers at the Belknap County Nursing Home who are stepping up and working overtime to sustain sufficient staff at the county home. We are sacrificing sleep and time spent with our families to do so.

It truly shows how we care for our residents — unlike our delegation.

Kelly Brennan


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