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Thanks to all who normalized a very special day for Bill Randall

To The Daily Sun,

On August 4, a benefit supper was held for my husband, Bill Randall. We would like to thank all of you who attended, donated, or were there with us in spirit. The very large crowd of friends and relatives who greeted Bill at the door is testament to the kind of caring support we experienced from the onset of his cancer ordeal. You, who sat with him through the afternoon discussing everything from construction talk to the latest happenings at Skelley's and Dunkin' Donuts, normalized his day for him at a time when nothing was normal. Thank you so much for that emotional support. And your very generous donations carried us through as we traveled a road no one wants to take.
We would especially like to thank Keith Taylor who put together this event, and his wonderfully generous family who worked so hard to help him carry it through.
Once again we offer our thanks to a community of very caring people. May you all be blessed in your own lives.
With gratitude,
Celia, Becky, Gina & Beth Randall


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'Dine Around The Lakes' raised $2,800 for I-L Community Caregivers

To The Daily Sun,

Interlakes Community Caregivers held a successful "Dine Around the Lakes" Raffle fundraiser that raised over $2,800 for our nonprofit. The fundraising event was a great success thanks to the hard work of many people involved over the summer, with the winners recently drawn.

Thank you to the following restaurants who donated gift certificates for prizes: Buckey's Restaurant & Tavern, Corner House Inn, Fratello's/The Homestead, Frog Rock Tavern, George's Diner, Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Ristorante, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Kara's Café & Cakery, Kevin's Café, Lakeside Deli & Grille, Lavinia's, Lemon Grass, Mame's, Phu Jee's, Squam Lake Inn, T-Bones/Cactus Jack's, The Village Kitchen, and The Woodshed.

Thank you also to those businesses who allowed us to set up our information table and sell tickets throughout the summer: Interlakes Summer Theatre, Moultonborough Recreation Department Summer Concerts @ The Lions Club, Moulton Farm, Sandwich Farmer's Market, E.M. Heath Supermarket, Meredith Historical Society and Paradise Falls.

This fundraiser was organized and executed by volunteers Mackie Heinrich, Charlotte Leavitt, Sue Speers and Cheryl Ulm, with Sally Dussault serving as chairman. Additional support was provided by volunteers Nancy Leighley, Bill and Sally Lyon, Diana Levy, Sue Bowden, John and Eileen Buckley, and Ken and Meg Greenbaum. Interlakes Community Caregivers is fortunate to have wonderful dedicated volunteers.

Finally, thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets. We appreciate how much support we receive from the community; all the money we raise makes it possible for us to offer assistance to the residents of Center Harbor, Meredith, Moultonborough and Sandwich to remain independent in their daily lives.

Ann W. Sprague

Executive Director

Interlakes Community Caregivers

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Down through the ages, ends have always justified means for leftists

To The Daily Sun,

Are we mad as hell yet? Are we ready to say that we are not going to take it anymore? Military chaplains banned from giving mass. People who own homes with long-term leases on federal lands being evicted. Entrepreneurs forced to close their businesses which are on government land. Shutting down public roadways in multiple states. Troops who wanted to assist a Virginia food bank were told to stand down. Barricading war memorials. Message for courageous World War II vets, go away, you bother me. Withholding death benefits to surviving military families. Just more blatant examples of President Obama's contempt for the military. Remember, nearly half of the sequester cuts went toward the defense. And yet he turns the national park rangers into his personal police force. Kudos to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker who told the feds, no, I'm going to keep my parks open.

Soft tyranny, police state? Balderdash say those of the liberal persuasion. Those would be the ones who seem to be happy, perhaps ecstatic that we no longer appear to want to behave like Americans. Increasingly, sheriffs, mayors, governors and country officials are being intimidated into acquiescence. Most state governments now get so much money from the federal government that they are afraid to bite the hand that feeds them. Questionable surveillance techniques only add to the fear and timidity when opposing the all powerful government. Voters lulled into confusion, disillusionment and finally complacency throw up their hands and don't even vote. A growing volume of low information voters who are getting government largesse will always vote for Democrats. It seems that the dependent state President Obama has been diligently building has become a roaring success.

The Democrats are treating the government shutdown and efforts by Republicans to delay Obamacare for one year like some juvenile game. What do liberals do when they don't have the truth or the will of the people on their side? Let the name calling games begin, and boy have they. Extortionists, arsonists, anarchists, terrorists, inmates running the asylum and having bombs strapped to their chests.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announces to the world that the United States just might default. More scare tactics and more intimidation. This has already had some negative affect on the financial markets while there is no chance we will default on our debts. We have plenty of revenues to take care of the interest on the debts we owe to the Chinese and Japanese.

Scaring people, inflicting maximum pain and bullying citizens is okay for most of those on the left. Because the end justifies the means as it always does for progressives down through the ages. Sacrificing the livelihood of citizens, not to mention their very lives is perfectly okay if it is for the good of the collective. The fundamental transformation of this nation by our Marxist president continues at warped speed. And talk about scary, he has another three years to continue the destruction.

Our forefathers and our brave veterans have fought the good fight so that our government would "tread on us lightly" with it's limited powers.
Do we have enough fight left in us to prevent this republic from becoming the United Socialist States of America? I honestly feel that we still do, but the time grows short. It is paramount that we understand, if progressives are willing trash our veterans and refuse to offer funds to kids with cancer and are unwilling to delay Obamacare for one year or live under the same health plans they mandate us to live under, then they are capable of just about anything. Yes, I think we have plenty of fight left. After all, it is in our DNA.

Russ Wiles

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Obama spends our money to block access to government facilities

To The Daily Sun,

Obama defunds the government, and to ensure the maximum pain and loss and inconvenience, he SPENDS our money to BLOCK access to all sorts of government facilities which are normally open and need no employees — such as simple pit toilets in parks. Can he possibly be a more obvious LIAR than that? That basically defines the idiot, totally against the USA and citizens. He is the only one getting terribly rich by stealing from us, apparently about 7 trillion dollars in his pocket, and billions spent to buy votes.
Jack Stephenson


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11% don't like Obamacare because they prefer a single-payer system

To The Daily Sun,
Rep. Burchell's figures don't tell the whole story as to public perception of Obamacare. In fact, 11 percnet of the 57 percent of Americans he says oppose Obamacare are those who feel the plan doesn't go far enough. So add those individuals to the 38 percent who support the health care law and you come to nearly half of the American public in favor of Obamacare.
I'm glad that Rep. Burchell doesn't have a pre-existing condition that prevented him from getting health insurance or hasn't had a catastrophic illness that sent him into bankruptcy, but countless Americans have.
I assume Rep. Burchell already benefits from government-sponsored health care in the form of Medicare. Back in 1995, when the Medicare law was enacted, there was exactly the same type of backlash we are now seeing over Obamacare. The opponents of Medicare were wrong, just as the opponents are misguided now.
Just ask my friend with Lyme disease who can purchase affordable health insurance now for the first time since her diagnosis!

Kate Miller

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