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Easter Meat Raffle will fund local post’s scholarship programs

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, April 12, the Wilkins-Smith American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1 will be hosting an Easter Meat Raffle to benefit our Scholarship Fund.

We will be raffling off complete Easter dinners (among many other complete meals), and some fun Easter Baskets. The event will start at 1 p.m. and will be held at Wilkins-Smith American Legion Post 1 on 849 North Main St. in Laconia. This is a non-smoking event.

Each year our Unit gives two scholarships to deserving Laconia and/or Gilford High School seniors. This scholarship can help with books or other items that are not covered under their loans or traditional scholarships and grants.

So, if you have a high school senior, please let us know. An application can be sent to you. Please make your request to me, Unit Secretary/Treasurer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you very much on behalf of our entire Unit.

We are working hard to support our veterans, children and youth programs, and our community.

Lisa Beale

Unit 1 Secretary/Treasurer


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Who are the Obamas? People, I believe this is a made-up family

To the Laconia Sun,

Who are the Obamas? I for one do not believe the Obama's are a real family.

Are the Obamas married? Is Michelle really a Michelle or a Michael? Are the girls really their daughters? Why is Obama's records sealed? Why doesn't anyone remember him from college? Why is there no original birth certificate? Where are his old girlfriends or boyfriends? People, this is a totally made up family.

The fix was in way before he ran for the Senate. How could this happen? Well, it took many, many people to sell out America and bring this communist into power. In my opinion the media help make him and his made-up family a reality. They made America believe that if we did not vote for a black American we were racist, and we swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

The Democratic leadership, with the help of many in the Republican Party were willing accomplices in this plot to overthrow America. Over the past 40-plus years the progressives/liberals with the help of many in the Republican Party have worked to make this a reality.

America was asleep at the wheel. We never believed this could happen in America, after all we are a free people. We had God on our side. Well, starting in the 1960s we turned our back on God and embraced abortion. We slowly took away parental rights. We took God and prayer out of our schools. We have allowed people who mean to do us harm to enter our country illegally and then we give them legal status and hand out American taxpayer dollars to them and tell our military to go to hell. We have set up a welfare system that rewards people who do not work to stay home and do nothing while working people pay for their way.

Now thanks to the Obama administration and the left wing of the Republican Party we have shredded our Constitution. As bad as this is, what is even worse is that America is still asleep at the wheel. We talk and talk and talk, but are afraid to take action. Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves knowing that the gave their lives to give us a republic and a Constitution, only to have it taken away without one shot being fired.

Harry Accornero

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Belmont PTO Mom Prom was a fun way to combat budget cuts

To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont High School PTO would like to thank all the wonderful people who made our Mom Prom a success. The gym was beautifully decorated to set the mood for fun. Delicious food, music, shopping and dancing to the tunes from the 1970s, '80s and '90s brought much laughter and fun to the evening. Truly a girl's night out.

As we all know, challenging budget cuts have significantly impacted our schools. Recognizing the need for fundraising, the BHS PTO planned the Mom Prom based on success stories across the U.S. We could not have done it without so many helping hands and the willingness of so many to try something new. Thank you to all.

Extra special thanks to all attendees for happily trying something a bit different and making it a great time for all, to Austin and Logan Wilder for fantastic music and entertaining deejay services, Susan Brown for all the great decorations, Prescott's Flowers for donating lovely carnations for the ladies, and our local newspapers and businesses for publicizing our event. Thank you so much to the vendors that were willing to participate in a new venue, making shopping fun and donating raffle items in support of the PTO. These vendors included: Norwex, Silpada, Partylite, Thirty One, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Perfectly Posh, Usborne Books, Damsel in Defense, Denuttes Delights, and Origami Owl. If anyone would like to purchase from these vendors, please contact the BHS PTO for contact information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Additionally, we are extremely grateful to Doug Ellis for helping six crazy PTO women create their "Mom Prom" vision in the gym of the high school, Irene Mackes for her dedication to help with every aspect of the Mom Prom, Tursi Annis for her donation of beautiful gourmet desserts, Gayle Price for her generous donation of soda, Sharon Fernandez for publicizing the event at BG Hockey events, Gilford Hannaford and Market Basket for their gift card donations, Rhonda Reed for donating a portion of her Norwex sales to the PTO, and all the parents who donated to the PTO in support of our students even though they were not able to attend the event. We greatly appreciate these donations and welcome them at any time.

Please forgive us if we left anyone out. Thank you to all for the great support. We look forward to our second annual Lakes Region Mom Prom/Girl's Night Out next year.

Belmont High School PTO

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If ‘liberals always win’, why do Democrats run from Obamacare?

To The Daily Sun,

Jimminey Cricket! The laugh-a-minute progressives have outdone themselves this Tuesday. They tell us this January was 1.17 degrees warmer then it was last year. Swell, but omit to tell readers it has been the coldest winter in 100 years. No sense giving the folks the whole picture.

Leon Albushies blames games and sports for the poor performance in our schools. The unseen enemy he calls them. Of course teachers unions, dumbing down the standards, social promotions (wouldn't want the little dears to feel bad about not applying themselves) and graduating students that can't read or wright because of liberal feel-good polices couldn't be to blame.

Marty Valengavich says Obamacare is all the Republicans' fault. It was their plan. Obama is an innocent bystander I guess never mind his lies, deceit, dishonesty, subterfuge, and obfuscation. Typical though. It's never their fault no matter how much incompetence run amok in their party.

Lastly, Professor (any means justifies the end) Maloof tells us the trend is overwhelming, "liberals always win." Did I miss the 2014 elections? Really professor? Why is every Democratic incumbent running as far and fast away from Obamacare as he or she can run? I'd advise you not to count your chickens, as they say.

All in all they are a very amusing bunch living in detachment from reality and promoting a political philosophy that has failed every place it has ever been tried.
Steve Earle


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Why didn’t GOP complain when premiums rose before Obamacare?

To The Daily Sun,

Have you wondered why health care premiums will go up for some? It's rather simple. In the past, insurance companies would bar people with pre-existing conditions or drop people when they became too sick and expensive. That kept the costs down for healthy people and top earners. But now that is illegal.

By barring those people "not good enough" for the insurance company's bottom line, it kept many well-to-do and healthy people's premiums down. That's right. An uninsurable person gets sick for life or dies just to keep the premiums lower.

Now the playing field is leveled and the privileged are no longer customers with discounts due to barring people who really need health care. Fancy that. If you are not in the greatest health, you aren't good enough to be taken care of. People in actual need of health care get barred in order to keep prices down for others who benefit the cold, hard bottom line. This scenario is why health care can never work as a free market commodity. With health care, people must be the bottom line.

It would appear that the right wing is toast on repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act. The latest Quinnipiac poll reveals that 62 percent of Americans oppose repealing the law. In those 62 percent, 10 percent want it unchanged, and 52 percent want some tinkering and ironing out. The United States has finally caught up to New Hampshire, who by the same 62 percent, opposed its repeal back in 2011.

Last week, the Senate held hearings on Canada's single-payer system. A Republican was grilling the Canadian minster using the talking points of the Tea Party. One question regarded why doctors were leaving Canada. She made it clear such was not the case. When he hit her with the usual about waiting lines, she spoke of how they were dealing with that with elective procedures. It doesn't happen in emergency situations. She sunk his little plastic boat by adding, "We might have some waiting problems, but we don't have 45,000 people dying very year because they can't get health care."

I love my new Silver Plan. My wife and I pay a total of $106 a month. We do not shed tears for the people who lost their discounts and special treatment due to the illnesses of others.

Have you ever wondered why the GOP never said a peep when people got dropped or premiums went up before Obama? When you have been bought and paid for, you keep your mouth shut and let people die for the benefit of the sociopaths who only care about money.

James Veverka



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