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My grandson was a wonderful person, always there when needed

To The Daily Sun,

My grandson was killed in an auto accident on May 25. I want to thank everyone who tried to help him.

His best friend Marty couldn't get him out and two men from across the street couldn't either. They risked their lives.

Billy Ainsworth will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful person — always there if you needed him. He made you laugh when you were upset.

Thank you for all the love and prayers. We are coping as best we can.

Winnie Ostrander


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Today, we treaet aliens better than we do our combat vets

To The Daily Sun,

When I began doing radio I did not have resources to pay for an assistant to answer calls, and make calls to scheduled guests. Then Mr. Harry Hammond volunteered to do the duties on the only day we were on back then — Saturday. From one hour to four, Harry was "the man". He got to speak to some well known names before the host did! September 3 marked 3 years since we lost Harry. When owner Gary Hammond and I would discuss the show and future, Harry was included. For as long as we do radio and beyond, Harry will remain in our (Betty and me) hearts.
Harry, a veteran, attended all of our Support the Troops rallies.
Today is 9-11 and the world is at war. It feels like: why did Americans put their lives on the line when Germany and Japan decided to take US on? Today we treat bums and ILLEGAL ALIENS better than we do those who served, died in battle, lost limbs, and many broken in spirit. And how do we treat them? By spending tax revenue that could help these heroes who preserved our First Amendment and more freedoms and giving those dollars to causes that do not help with security within our borders, creating an atmosphere for investment for business to grow, thus creating jobs. Yes Barack Hussein, they can do without the government!
Our successful program does have listeners who would like to see us go away. To the point where they will try to disrupt the program while in progress. If an effort has been made to chase some sponsors away in hopes to silence our voices, it won't work. Our reach is far and we have listeners who use our sponsors because they know airtime is not free. Eternal Vigilance.

Niel Young


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