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Keystone represents taking of private lands for private profits

To The Daily Sun,

RE: Keystone pipeline again
The bottom line here is, I think, that it would be unconstitutional to build this pipeline. The 5th Amendment concerns itself with, along with other issues, eminent domain which is, to make it short, the seizure of private property with just compensation for public use. So, Congress says land can be taken with or without the owners consent. That is exactly what is happening out west with the Keystone pipeline. The only requirement is that the taking of private property be for public use. It is a violation if the state takes the property for any other reason than public use. So far it seems like there will be a lot of private profits or gains from this.

Another question here is whether the oil will be exported — Trans Canada says NO but everyone else says YES, it will be exported and we get no benefit or use from it. It will not reduce our dependency for foreign oil because this will be deported to Europe, Latin America and wherever else and the profits, of course, will be TAX FREE. The Koch brothers, who own two million acres in Canada under the name Koch Exploration Canada or KEC, will not be held responsible for any clean-up but will profit from any sale of the product. Gas prices will also increase, especially for the farmers due to the fact we have an abundance of oil stockpiled out west. The issue of job creation is all over the board but the equation used is the strangest part. If 10,000 jobs are created for two years then that would equal 20,000 construction jobs created per year overall. Most of the jobs created are only short term jobs or less than two years. Long-term or permanent jobs created are forecast at about 50-100. There will be numerous short-term transient jobs created but those are just low paying short term jobs like the food industry or those that will follow the work. The steel industry also gets the short end of the stick with 50 percent of steel pipe made outside of the USA or maybe all of it. A company called Wellspun from India made pipe for Keystone and they also have a factory in Little Rock Ark with a stockpile of piping. This is turning into a very tricky and strange scenario. So its a good chance the steel made will not have the made in the USA logo on it therefore another loss of jobs.

Another factor is the unknown or jobs lost, small communities destroyed, pollution clean-up after spills, crop failures, possible destruction of the water supply and who knows what else. All this just to bring the oil to the USA for refinery and export because the Canadian laws are to strict to do it up there. Some of the oil companies involved here are EXXON, Royal Dutch and BP — all very profitable companies. So, the ones who do benefit, TAX FREE, are the Koch Brothers and the people they distribute their money to but not the general PUBLIC. As a footnote (Rand Paul pay attention here), most of this information was taken from a Cornell Law School article along with other pro and con Keystone sites.

Jon Hoyt


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Fabulous performance of 'Les Miz' by Streetcar Company

To The Daily Sun,

I just came home from the Street Car production of "Les Miserables". When PBS showed the 10th anniversary in concert, I bought the tape — which I wore out. I watched it every time it was on TV.

Last year there was a performance by professionals at Inter-Lakes which was fabulous. When Streetcar said they would do it, I wondered if they could.

To see the Streetcar do it was such a high; I would go again if my relatives were not singing with the Lakes Region Singers. Do you realized how many hours all these people spend rehearsing, building scenery, sewing costumes, and all that goes on with any performances? For the love of music and sharing their talents, fabulous!

Hannelore Spence


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Counter-punch is all important in politics & Mr. Earle is a master

To The Daily Sun,

I know little about Steve Earle except that he lives in the town of Hill and occasionally writes letters to The Daily Sun with fact and wisdom. He did this again last Friday by validating real and present bias in most American newsrooms. In politics, the counter-punch is always more powerful than the punch, and that's when Earle is at his best.

Earle is quick to recognize those who try scamming the voters with dubious rhetoric. He challenges the public to embrace a common sense analysis on what they hear and read. His writings stir people to think for themselves.

Much of how Earle writes can be likened to this week's Weirs Times editorial page headline: "Statistical Frauds" by Tom Sowell. Sowell's column reminds us all to look beyond "false slogans" intended to rile people up for votes.

Yes, like Sowell, Earle's writings convey reason to issues, and in doing so quell the impact of political rants. Good reasoning by the "common folk" has that effect.

Roland Jutras


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Play Pub Mania Bingo on Sunday to benefit Children's Auction

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, May 4th, Patrick's Pub in Gilford is hosting Pub Mania Bingo, with proceeds to benefit the LNH Children's Auction. For a $1 donation per game card, wonderful prizes will be awarded to lucky bingo winners to help celebrate Mothers' Day or simply enjoy the products and services of local businesses.

Tagg Team Pub Maniacs would like to thank Patrick's for hosting this gathering as well as all vendors and businesses for their donations to support this community fundraiser. Prizes and gift certificates will be awarded from Avon by Heather Smith, Damsel in Defense by Deanna Pothier, Mary Kay by Crystal Tanguay, Pampered Chef by Kimber Dolloff, Scentsy by Eileen Burnell, Silpada Designs by Stacey Zalenski, Tastefully Simple by Tarsha King, Thirty-One by Desiree Smith, and Tupperware by Jo Elliott. Gift certificates will be offered from Angels in the Attic, Center for Therapeutic Massage, Crazy Gringo, DQ/OJ, Fratello's, Funspot, Giuseppe's, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Hannaford, Heaven Scent Design, Jon's Roast Beef & Deli, Kellerhaus, Lyon's Den Restaurant, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Mill Falls at the Lake, M/S Mt Washington Cruises, Patrick's Pub, Pizza Express, Shaw's, Shooter's Tavern, Tanger Outlet Center, T-Bones/CJs, Weirs Beach Lobster Pound, The Wine'ing Butcher, Winnipesaukee Playhouse and 405 Pub & Grill.

So, won't you stop by Patrick's on May 4th starting at 6 p.m. and join in the fun? You could take home some great prizes while supporting local children. See you there!

Judi Taggart
Tagg Team Pub Mania Team

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Please join me in contributing to this education tax credit program

To The Daily Sun,

Have you ever wondered if your child could be better suited to a different learning environment (like a private school) but thought it was too expensive and you probably couldn't afford it ? Stop wondering.

I would hope by now that you are all aware that free money (no strings and not a loan) is available to send your student to a different public school, a private school or even to home-school. Applicants must qualify financially with a simple application (but the bar is set so low that more than of New Hampshire families currently qualify).

The free money comes from private donations made by individuals and businesses specifically for kindergarten through 12th grade students in New Hampshire. Please ... if you currently own a New Hampshire business and routinely pay either Business Profits Tax or Business Enterprise Tax you might prefer to contribute to this tax credit program. I did.

To donate or ask questions contact Kathy or Kate at Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) at 888 325-1776 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greg Hill


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