Politicans encourage illegal immigration, it serves special interests

To The Daily Sun,

Is illegal immigration good for our nation? No.
About 21.5 million (bout 9.5 million unemployed and 12 million labor force dropouts who couldn't find jobs) more Americans could be employed if there were available jobs. Millions of illegal aliens take jobs that unemployed Americans could take.
Most illegals are relatively uneducated and unskilled and so they join the labor pool of uneducated and unskilled Americans which already has our highest unemployment rate (almost 10 percent). Increasing the number of people looking for fewer jobs allows employers to pay lower wages which makes our working poor even poorer.

Does it help a nation to have lots of people on unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc.? No. Poor people are supported by the people who do earn money. Many taxpayers struggle financially because of low wages, reduced working hours, and high prices (increased by government requirements and demand from taxpayer supported unemployment and welfare recipients).

It's best for a nation, and its people can prosper if everyone has a job that provides goods and services that people and businesses need, want, and can afford.

A nation, its leaders, and its laws lose respect when politicians and bureaucrats refuse to enforce our immigration laws that protect our citizens and our sovereignty.

Our nation has stringent requirements for immigrating legally, e.g., health, skills, and financial independence, to ensure that immigrants contribute to our country and don't harm or burden others. Is it fair to the millions of legal immigrants and foreigners trying to come here legally that illegal aliens are rewarded with benefits and allowed to stay? No.

Illegal aliens may bring diseases that spread to others and require costly treatments. Illegal aliens burden taxpayers by obtaining benefits and services far in excess to the taxes they pay. A disproportionate number of illegal aliens commit crimes and accidents that hurt legal residents, burden our justice system, and increase taxes.

If unrestricted immigration were good for our nation, then why is it illegal? Unrestricted immigration is illegal because it is bad for our nation and for our citizens, because the American people know that it is bad, and because politicians know that the American people are already angry at politicians for not enforcing our laws.

Nevertheless, Washington politicians tolerate, and even seem to encourage, illegal immigration. Why? Because illegal immigration benefits some powerful special interests which richly reward the politicians who allow it.

This November we have the chance to replace New Hampshire's two Congresswomen and Senator Shaheen who put their own interests and those of special interests and illegal aliens above what is best for the American people.

Don Ewing

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Pelosi thinks that Hamas is a charitable organization? Good Grief.

To The Daily Sun,

Well, well, who could have guessed Nancy Polosi in a TV interview with Candy Crowley came to a meeting of the minds? Hamas is really a charitable organization, um um, um um. Good grief.

Someone please either wake me up from this nightmare or wake them up. How can anyone take news reporting on NBC seriously when we see this kind nonsense presented to viewers? How does anyone consider Crowley as an objective reporter when she not only feeds into this kind of foolishness and then fails to challenge Polosi's position? I can only shake my head and say again, Good grief.

Just for the record, Hamas is a terrorist organization — period. Hamas is the aggressor in this latest episode of violence, as it has been in all episodes of its existence. Hamas is part of the Muslim brotherhood with a charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews worldwide. The closest parallel we in the West have ever seen is the KKK. (Strange how liberals choose to miss that connection.)

Anyone on the left want to debate that Hamas is a terrorist organization? Anyone on the left want to debate that Hamas was the aggressor? Anyone on the left ready to admit that Nancy Polosi and Candy Crowley are, at best, are fools?

Steve Earle

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Havenstein had nice words for program Hassan helped to create

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in regard to an article that was in the July 24 edition of the Laconia Citizen. The article was about Walt Havenstein touring the Enterprise Center at Plymouth (ECP). My problem is what the article did not say.

The article has Walt Havenstein speaking positively about the ECP program, but does not give Gov. Hassan credit for what she did to help that very program. Gov. Hassan has been a major supporter of the ECP and its role to help entrepreneurs and small businesses in New Hampshire.

The tour at Plymouth State University is a nice stage for a politician. What does the GOP candidate for governor think about New Hampshire being the lowest of the 50 states in aid to public education? On average our students graduate from college with more than $30,000 in debt. Does he have a plan to help them?

The article paints an incomplete picture. Does candidate Havenstein have a positive plan for the state, or does he have a cut-cut-cut agenda forcing the burden onto our towns and families? Please tell more.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (TILTON)

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When considering jail options, we need to compare apples to apples

To The Daily Sun,

Last month a critic attacked the modified Ricci Green plan for a new county jail. He referred to a facility that is being built in Wilkes County, N.C., that is larger than our planned jail and is costing about a quarter as much, according to initial estimates. He suggested that before we commit to a $42 million project we talk to the architect who designed the Wilkes County Jail, Jack Hemphill. As a candidate for commissioner, that sounded like a good idea to me, so I called him.

Mr. Hemphill was gracious and very willing to talk. He told me that Wilkes County is his 33rd jail project and offered a number of design approaches and construction ideas that might be usable to reduce our construction costs. By the way, he has New Hampshire connections: having family here and having designed a sewage treatment plant in Manchester.

The Ricci Greene plan is the product of a well-thought-out professional process that was designed to gather the input of all stakeholders in the jail design. They were very successful in developing a model that will meet our needs based on what we, the people of Belknap County, told them. Their proposal is broad and comprehensive and has served to educate and inform all of us. We now know where the upper cost limit lies and the jail discussion has been brought to a broader public consciousness.

I'm looking forward to the presentation by Ken Ricci scheduled for September, but I also think it prudent and worthwhile to hear what others have to say. Jack Hemphill is one. Ross Cunningham, superintendent of the Sullivan County Jail (more about Sullivan County in another letter), is another. We should look at the various options and ask the same questions of each to best provide for our safety and utilize our precious resources as wisely and prudently as we can. That way we can compare apples to apples as we should and stop comparing apples and oranges.

If this is the kind of thinking you are looking for in a commissioner, then please tell your friends about me, and please vote for me on Nov. 4.

Dave Pollak


Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner

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Common Core implementation will lead to jobs for graduates

To The Daily Sun,

In order to bring middle-class, good-wage jobs to the Lakes Region, we need an educated workforce that has the skills that employers need. The Common Core was developed in the early 2000s by governors and state education chiefs, Republican and Democrat, and 43 states have opted into the program and are working to implement the standards in English language and mathematics.

Common Core is not a top-down-driven program, but a program developed and implemented by each state. New Hampshire has one of the more transient student populations — moving from town to town — and state to state. Common Core assures that these students can transition to different town school systems, and have the content and skills needed to progress. Common Core will provide our students with the skills and content knowledge for those good wage jobs.

Some of our state representatives want to delay or kill implementation of Common Core. Call your state representative and urge them to support the Common Core implementation.

We need to effectively use our Community College system by encouraging our high school students to take classes at the local community college. Community colleges need to partner with industry in developing an apprenticeship program. This will better prepare them for the workforce and lower their education costs should they go on to higher degrees. Lowering the debt burden of graduates frees up their future income for cars and houses that drive the economy.

I'm supporting Nick Vazzano running for state representative in Sandwich, Moultonborough, and Tuftonboro, because he built an educational software company and knows the value of an educated workforce. Easy access to higher education will allow more social mobility and restore the American dream. Common Core — just Common Sense.

John Morrissey


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