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As County Commissioner, I voted in accordance with my beliefs

To The Daily Sun,

From 2013 to 2014, I was a state representative representing Gilmanton and Alton and served as a delegate to the Belknap County Convention.

The county was mired in a feud with the then-commissioners' budgetary authority wherein the commissioners asserted the right to move money around at will, and new jail plans which topped $42 million in expected costs were the chief sticking points. These former commissioners were largely absent and invested their power in the county finance office and the county administrator.

Those were long and difficult days and the effort for reform came from, among others, Colette Worsman and Bob Greemore. Colette prepared alternative budgets at her own expense since there was no cooperation from anyone on County Drive. The county finance director did all in his power to make working with various budgetary alternatives a nightmare. Pages went unnumbered and costs were sprinkled between departments, making it difficult to form a true total.

The commissioners were denied their colossus of a jail and I paid for the filing of a suit in Belknap Superior Court which settled that the state RSA meant exactly what it said: line item authority over the budget rests with the county convention.

Having battled long and hard with the cohort running County Drive, I determined to run against the sitting commissioner for District 2 which is comprised of Barnstead, Gilmanton, Belmont and Tilton. I won the office and looked forward to a constructive two years with new commissioners. What I did not foresee was the abandonment of important principles by the other new commissioners.

I want the public to know that I have voted in accordance with my beliefs and most of those votes have been in the majority. It is very true that I have dissented in those cases where I was in disagreement; I make no apology for that. My fellow commissioners have pursued personnel and fiscal policies which are odds with my convictions. It is well worth noting that my fellow commissioners have little support for their candidates in District 2 and District 3, which is comprised of Alton, Meredith, Gilford and Center Harbor. I know of no state representatives in these districts who supports Mr. DeVoy in the positions he outlined in his letter to the editor of July 27.

Mr. DeVoy does not tell you that fiscal policies professed by my opponents have been soundly defeated by the county convention. He would take credit for a tax reduction which he in fact vehemently opposed. Money that is being returned to taxpayers, he wished to retain in county coffers and suggested that the county knew better how to use the money than did the towns.

The county has seen line-item authority restored to the convention, plans for a Taj Mahal jail scrapped in favor of a much-less-expensive Community Corrections Center and a solid majority of state representatives favor the policies which I have endorsed.

My opponent in the Sept. 13 primary? 
None other than the former county finance director who vocally supported the status quo in 2013 and 2014. Mr. DeVoy thinks my friends and neighbors have a short memory but he will be proven wrong. The unanimity which he seeks on County Drive was certainly present in 2013 and 2014 and we should not return to that.

Dick Burchell


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Trump talks before he speaks but his family values are true

To The Daily Sun,

In response to, "Naïve to think Hillary cares about your Family":

Responding to Sue-Ann Stansfield Fecteaus letter to The Daily Sun, much of what you said is very true. I also read Alan Vervaeke's letter about the Trump family. Perhaps he knows them better than you or I. Is that true Mr. Vervaeke?
I once lived in New York and was fortunate to be invited to attend a supper where some of the Trump family spoke about the needs for our country. I was very impressed by the way these children of Donald Trump have been brought up and have worked their way from the bottom up. I agree with Sue-Ann they are indeed a family that supports each other.
I do think that perhaps Hillary Clinton is a good mother and grandmother. That's just an instinct woman are born with. Some better than others. But I am surprised that Mr. Vervaeke thinks Hillary Clinton truly cares about your family or mine. She certainly did not care about the Marines killed, she certainly did not care about how their families felt. She even has said, "What difference does it make now". Great character.
Donald Trump's biggest problem is he talks before thinking; however, I agree that his family values are true and much better than Hillary Clinton's.
She has proven history of lying, speaking out against minorities, and then changing what she says a year later. Anyone that has followed her career nnows she does this all the time, she changes what she says to allow it to work in her favor at the time.
I was a supporter or Bernie Sanders but there is no way I will support Hillary Clinton. Agreed if it was anyone else she would be in jail. So Mr. Vervaeke do your research before making statements, and Ms. Fecteau, I am with you! Let's all Make America Great Again.

Chantel Lavasser


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