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Personal attacks have no place in Gilmanton? Is that a joke?

To The Daily Sun,

Finally, Gilmanton has an explanation as to why its current town government has made more damaging mistakes and missteps in five months than I have personally seen in five years. The reason, according to a recent letter (June 1), is that they are, in fact, on a learning curve. Of course! What was I thinking?

All along I was under the impression selectmen were voted in because of their experience, and that they had some idea of what it took to run a town government; and also that they had previously made a study of it, so to speak, and that they had developed a certain understanding and confidence to navigate, as the letter writer states, the "surprisingly complex" responsibilities of being a selectman because they had in fact involved themselves for years, prior to running, so they could examine these complexities and how they were handled by those more experienced. Not surprisingly, based on past records, none of these seems to apply to Gilmanton's current board.

But really ... to try to pass this all off on a ... learning curve? It's laughable! Let's be realistic. We're not talking about a job at McDonald's, or Walmart, or Home Depot, we're talking about a town government. When someone on the learning curve at McDonald's ruins a cheeseburger, nobody gets hurt. You throw away the burger and try again. When someone newly hired at Walmart or Home Depot makes a mistake, the manager, who has earned his position by years of experience, just shrugs it off and chalks it up to, that's right ... the learning curve. No harm done; no one hurt. Correct the mistake and move on.

But to suggest that the same principle applies to town government is ridiculous. It's simply a very bad excuse for an unacceptable degree of performance and irresponsible behavior, which has caused countless cases of slanderous and invasive damage to both citizens and employees of Gilmanton, and which has also produced some seriously mind-boggling errors in policy, followed by equally baffling reversals of those very same policies.

Amusingly, the letter-writer admonishes us in Gilmanton that personal attacks have no place in disagreements with the current board and administrator. Is this a joke? It is for the very reason that the board and administrator, themselves, have shown so much disrespect and executed so many personal attacks, along with their opponent cleansing, "clean-slate" policy, that this controversy exists in the first place.Yet, the letter writer conveniently overlooks this.

Well I, for one ... do not.

Al Blake

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Benefit for cancer victim Lynn Martin on Sunday at Leavitt Park

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to invite the community to join us for a benefit/fundraiser for Lynn (Dore) Martin, who is battling terminal cancer and a memorial for Michael Sevigny.

The event will be hosted by the LA East R&B Band, along with Arthur James & Friends at Leavitt Park (Elm Street) in Laconia on Sunday, June 5 from 1 to 5 p.m. (potluck/BYOB). There will be several raffles from local stores and restaurants. Donation is $10 per person. For tickets call Ray at 524-5860.

A trust fund has been set up for those who would like to contribute: Meredith Village Savings Bank / Valerie Thompson / ITF Lynn Martin

For further information for those who would like to be involved, call Valerie at 832-4960.

Thanking everyone in advance for your support. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Ray Corliss

Valerie Thompson





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