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Stop trying to change what is beautiful about Moultonborough

To The Daily Sun,

Well everyone, I am back. Remember me? It is I, Anna DeRose.

What are they trying to do to our beautiful town of Moultonborough? First Subway, now Dollar Store and Dollar General. Are you kidding me?

Now you want the Berry Pond motel to be turned into a rehab center for druggies?

Now you want sidewalks too?

Why are you trying to change a beautiful rural town into a city?

If people want a city they should go back where they came from. People here just like it the way it is. Do not change a thing. They wanted another playground at the Lions Club some time ago. What for? Look around and see no kids to do that. So you fixed the old one up. That is what you should have done to begin with.

I am sure the people of Moultonborough are just as upset as I am for what is happening to their town. I say hands off. This is a great town, and does not need the stores like Dollar Store or Dollar General. A rehab center in Moultonborough? Are you kidding me?

I love New Hampshire and the town of Moultonborough. Also, leave the Lions Club alone. You know who you are. They do many good things, like Meals on Wheels. Stop changing what is beautiful about Moultonborough. That is the town we love so much for the country look.

So be it. Stop shoving your way down our throats. That is the way most of us feel.

Anna DeRose

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Let the Shia fight the Sunnis; I protest U.S. boots on the ground

To The Daily Sun,

Finally someone has told the truth about the Islamic State/ISIS. He was interviewed during a report made by Jane Fergerson on the "Newshour" regarding Yemen's civil war. I couldn't get his name, as hard as I tried.

ISIS originates in Saudia Arabia. The members come out of the Wahhabis, a religious denomination so-called from Wahab (d. 1787) to restore Mohammedanism to its original purity. (Hitchcock's Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible). The secular power of the Wahhabis had prevailed in nearly every part of Arabia till overthrown in 1818.

Saudia Arabia state-sponsors Wahhabis, which is the official form of Sunni Islam in the 21st century and the preferred term is Salafi. Wahabism is a particular orientation, an ultra conservative Saudi sect of salafism. Osama bin Laden was a Wahab coming from Saudia Arabia. Most of the 9-11 attackers came from S.A. and the Islamic State or ISIS is Wahhabis as stated by President al-Assad in an interview with Charlie Rose. Are you getting my drift?

I heard S.A. has the third highest military force, and of course, they are our putative allies. We made them rich. I've come to believe that one shouldn't trust those leaders who don't wear a suit. ISIS has to be getting funding from Saudia Arabia. It's the religion that wants to form a Caliphate of all Muslim nations — their Jihad. Their opposition is Iran, Shia vs. Sunni and of course S.A. does not want us to get in bed with Iran so to speak. I don't know why the Israelis don't seem to react to the Saudis as they do the Iranians. It's their bad judgment.

Let the Shia fight the Sunnis. If our American soldiers ever get boots on the ground over there, I will protest. Woe to the politicians who ever allow that to happen. I hope President Obama and Congress solidifies the agreement with Iran.

Rosemary Mellon


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