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You're not the first to try & financially damage my radio program

To the editor,
Hey L.J. Siden: Just arrived home late Tuesday from working all my three jobs.
In capsule form, how many men do you know 40 and up who have any one one of these names: Barack Hussein Obama? How many Americans have one of all of those names?
Will take more time with you later. For now, one of my callers wants to know if you are Mr or Mrs? Hard to tell with so many using initials. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Milhous Nixon, JFK, MLK, Jr, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, gee, what is your problem with me calling Obama by his name?
Unlike you L.J., I will use the number of words asked by management. You are not the first liberal to attempt to hurt my radio program with my sponsors, but that is what cowards do. Actually, it may interest potential advertisers to part of a popular program that brings customers through the door. Just so you know, Loony Socialists Liberals (those who live off those of us who work and pay taxes), "Elite Republicans" and more than a few conservative Republicans, do not care for me. That shows that I am an equal opportunity person — doing what most will not do.
Niel Young

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Students have no connection to GHS grad who died 10 years ago

To the editor,
This past Saturday, which was deemed as Armed Forces Day, had the Daily Sun featuring a photo of a very happy group of young people enjoying perhaps the best years of their lives, heading for the prom from Gilford High. In remembrance of Armed Forces Day a lady from Sanbornton had a poem titled "SACRIFICE", inserted in the same paper. No mention or note was made in that day's Sun of the young man, also of Gilford High, who passed away on this date in Iraq seven years ago. The community seems to little note nor long remember what he did and what then became of him there.
Some of the students currently matriculating at Gilford High have proposed that an athletic field be named in honor of one of their most successful, well loved, and admired coaches. They are not contemporaries of the young man who sacrificed his life in Iraq when they were in 4th or 5th grade. The School Board seemed reluctant to take their request under advisement. I think in this season of remembrance that some mention should be made of this young man who is remembered fondly by his contemporaries of the greater Gilmanton, Gilford, Laconia community, as well as by the rest of that community who know and understand that freedom is not free.
Timothy Sullivan

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Ask Senator Ayotte to support disaster relief for Oklahoma

To the editor,
I just e-mailed Sen. Kelly Ayotte about the possibility of federal funding for disaster aid for Moore, Oklahoma. Last time she voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy in New York and Jersey. She has no problem giving money overseas but forgets that our citizens should come first. Every now and then we need extra help from some sort of storm and we always get it. Usually it is from Hydro Quebec for electrical aid. But sometimes it is federal help that has to be voted for or against. So, I ask all of you to e-mail her and ask her to support help for those out in Oklahoma.
Remember the laws of Karma — or do unto others, etc.
Jon Hoyt

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Do we want Meredith the be glow-in-the-dark capital of N.H.?

To the editor,
The Town of Meredith has decided to participate in a federal program that will greatly increase the number of high-reflectivity signs on the town's roads. This is apparently the result of a desire to save some money on maintenance of currently existing signs. On my own road, markers show that this will result in the placement of 11 new signs in the space of one mile. My road is winding and hilly, but there have been no accidents recorded there in the last three years (official records do not go back further), nor have I seen any in seven years of running and walking the road on a daily basis. Placement of the eleven new high-reflectivity signs is not being done because the road is unsafe, but because of its "geometry" in the definition of the Federal program. How many new high-reflectivity signs will appear on your road? A check of the white dots sprayed on the pavement will tell you.
The Meredith town government is conscientious, but in this case I think the long-term visual impact and the long-term maintenance of so many more signs was not fully considered. Do the citizens of Meredith want all these new and additional "retro-flective" signs, effectively turning the town into the glow-in-the-dark capitol of the Lakes Region? Is this worth saving a little money on maintenance of our current signage?
Dan Heyduk

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I'll help pay for new pants when Cpl. Morrison is back at work

To the editor,
I lived for 16 years at Shellcamp Lake in Gilmanton. I was always gratified to see Belmont police backup when the Gilmanton police were summoned. When my house burned down in 2003, I believe that the Belmont Fire Department was the first responder. Indeed, my phone had a Belmont prefix (267), denoting my proximity to the town. For all those years, Belmont was very important to me.
The April 26 Daily Sun included a letter from a Belmont mother and daughter requesting donations in support of the "Ditch the Gray" (police uniforms) campaign, an effort to return to the traditional dark blue.
Unless things have changed for the better, Tilton Pollce Cpl. Nate Morrison still needs financial support for his kidney issues so he can return to active duty free of medical debt.
Far be it for me to ever suggest what Belmont police folks should do with their money, but I'll do it anyway. This officer's service is far more important than the change in police uniforms. The money from donations needed by Cpl. Morrison's return to active duty should be #1.
I have never met Cpl. Morrison but I still mailed in $20 to the "Nate Morrison Fund," c/o BPD.
Looking at the multiple wrinkles on the Belmont lituenent's trousers (photo published on April 26), very dark blue is an excellent camouflage and is needed. Even from Plymouth, I'll be happy to donate some bucks tot he "Kick the Gray" campaign . . . after Cpl. Nate Morrison is back on active duty with his medical bills paid in full.
Bill Carberry

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