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Republican scare tactics haven't worked before and never will

To The Daily Sun,

It appears that the tiny evaporated Tea Party Republicans have reappeared and have resorted to the failed Bush Administrations use of scare tactics by invoking fear to the residents of N.H. with regard to the expansion of Medicaid. It never worked then and never will. This group is still missing the key element to winning. Teams win. Its basic "Winning for Dummies 101."
Bradford Sauter

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 November 2013 12:20

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We don't need feds mandating that we take care of the poor

To The Daily Sun,

This is the moment, citizens of N.H. Thursday, Nov. 21, our representatives and senators will be voting to expand Medicaid in N.H. It will cost N.H. hundreds of millions of dollars. And Governor Hassan is planning to pay for it by raising taxes, and incorporating a state income tax to cover what the federal government won't pay for three years from now. In fact, they probably can't even cover it now, as deeply in debt as they are.

We must stop this now. Please call your N.H. state senators and N.H. House representatives that we don't want expanded Medicaid. Tell them to stop and think for a moment, at least until the unaffordable Health Care Act is straightened out first. Why rush into something that is part of the sinking ship of the ACA? Money, money, money. Why are we in such a rush to spend it? We don't even have it, and if this passes on Thursday, we'll have even less.

I understand that we need to take care of the unfortunates, but who wants to be considered that way? Every town has its welfare dept., churches, considerate people who are taking care of the poor and elderly. We don't NEED the federal government to come down on us and mandate that we take care of the poor. We know it!

Please don't expand the Medicaid now.

Peggy Graham,


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Can't imagine Sen. Forrester willing to take this financial hit

To The Daily Sun,

In response to your recent column on Medicaid expansion, Sen. Forrester, may I say, with all due respect, that I beg to differ.

I differ markedly from you in my perception of the work of the Commission to Study Expansion of Medicaid Eligibility. Its recommendations were indeed N.H. specific, building as they did on a unique N.H. program by which Medicaid enables individuals to remain on employer-sponsored health plans (and at the same time realize approximately $35 million in budgetary savings). Its recommendations offer taxpayer protections in terms of a "trigger" which would prompt legislative action should the federal match fall below agreed-upon levels. Most importantly, its recommendations were structured around deadlines that are reasonable, achievable and based on actual experiences of other states around the nation.

I also differ from you in your depiction of the Senate GOP alternative. The issue is not about "growing government"; it is about growing access to health insurance for N.H.'s uninsured with annual incomes below $16,000. The Senate GOP plan ignores the fact that N.H. currently has only one provider in our marketplace and does not envision having more until 2015. The Senate GOP plan does not include safeguards regarding cost effectiveness, quality control or consumer protection. And, should the Senate GOP plan not meet its challenging deadlines for enactment, including the necessary federal sign-offs, then the Senate GOP would abandon Medicaid expansion altogether and the 50,000 N.H. citizens who stand to benefit.

I also differ strenuously with you on your warning about an income tax. That is fear mongering at its worst. Expanded Medicaid expenses will be reimbursed by the federal government at 100 percent for the first two years (vs. the current 50 percent) and 90 percent after that. There is simply no scenario under which an income tax would be instituted in N.H. as a result of Medicaid expansion.

I do not differ with you over the need to extend health care benefits to this population. But I am disappointed that the Senate GOP has not rolled up their sleeves alongside Governor Hassan, Speaker Norelli and Minority Leader Larsen and come to the table in good faith to come to a workable solution that brings all the good ideas together within a reasonable and well-designed time frame.

The time is now, Sen. Forrester. The vote is Thursday. $500 million dollars a day is the cost to N.H. if we do not undertake Medicaid expansion as of January 1, 2014. I cannot imagine that is a financial hit you are willing to accept.

Barbara McElroy, RN

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If you want to expand Medicaid, feel free to move to Conn

To The Daily Sun,

As I have stated in a previous letter, I am originally from Connecticut. I moved to the great state of New Hampshire in 2012 for many reasons: The mountains, the lakes, the clean air. . .  The main reason however is that in 2010, the uninformed in CT decided to elect Dannel P. Malloy for governor. To give you just a bit of information on what this piece of excrement did in his first year, I go to Wikipedia :

"The first task facing Malloy upon taking office was addressing a multi-billion-dollar deficit as a result of the prior state budget enacted by the Democratic super-majority-controlled legislature which Rell chose to accept without signing. Malloy adopted what he called an agenda of 'shared sacrifice' which was dependent on increases in various taxes, including the income tax, the gas tax, the sales tax, and the estate tax, as well as $1 billion each year in union concessions. Malloy chose not to reduce aid to municipalities as part of his budget agenda, although such aid would have been jeopardized if labor concessions were not reached. Many of Malloy's proposed tax increases were unpopular, despite a statewide 'listening tour' to promote the budget."

I left my family and friends behind because I was not willing to pay more of my already sorry wage so Malloy could continue with his "social issue" agenda.

On Thursday, November 21st, our Democrat-controlled Legislature, along with our Democrat governor, is going to vote on expanding Medicaid. Now the federal government has promised to pay for this expansion for the first three years, but when in recent years has the federal government kept their promises? "If you like you plan, you can keep your plan" comes to mind. So when the Feds fall through on yet another promise, who is going to be left with the bill? You and I, that's who. You can expect what happened in CT to happen here, all because the uninformed decided to elect excrement. You need to wake up.

It's time to stand up to your elected officials and tell them that they have to stop putting the screws to us. If they don't, they will all be looking for work after the next election cycle. I implore you to call you state reps, state senators, and the governor and tell them to vote no to the expansion of Medicaid. It's an expense that we don't need. Of course if you believe that we should pay more in taxes than we already do, feel free to move to CT. With the flood of people and businesses leaving there, Malloy could sure use a boost to his tax base.

Scott Schoonmaker

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Obama's grade point average at Columbia was impressive 3.7

To The Daily Sun,

Hate will often blind us to reason and truth. In Mr. Earle's latest submission to this forum, he makes a travesty of our Constitution and democratic ideals. While our Constitution provides for an accused to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, Earle establishes guilt of the president for defrauding Columbia and Harvard without any proof, just the highly suspect claims he has read from e-mails and conservative blogs he purports to be sites he "trusts." To further exacerbate his scorn for the rights of individuals, rather than prove guilt, Earle would have me prove the president's innocence.

The concept of the presumption of innocence is one of our most basic rights and this concept is embodied in several provisions of the Constitution.

I don't expect an apology from Earle, but in response to his paranoid nonsense referencing Obama's academic achievement, I would like to highlight the facts that Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, considered the most prestigious law review in the country, as the first black president in its 104-year history. The position is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School. The president graduated magna cum laude (With High Honor) in 1991. Despite what Earle contends, this honor cannot happen with poor grades.

In his book, "Barack Obama: The Story", Obama is quoted as saying that his grade point average at Columbia was an impressive 3.7, not the average "pot smoking, class skipping, poor student" Earle would like to portray him as. I'm sure if Earle wants to continue with this contention he will provide us the appropriate resources to explore these claims.

L. J. Siden

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