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Please follow voting suggestions of Gilford Taxpayers Coalition

To the editor,
Tuesday, March 12 we have the privilege for voting for the town. If you were fortunate enough to receive a letter from the Gilford Taxpayers Coalition, please follower their good suggestions, or contact them at PO Box 7197, Gilford NH 03467-7197 and request a copy.
We are fortunate to have Pat LaBonte running for Fire Engineer, since no one else in Gilford is near as qualified as he is. Maybe even more important is Pat's ready willingness to help the town and everyone in it. Pat is quick to jump into difficult projects and always assures the best outcome. His many years of excellent service to Gilford (five terms on Budget Committee, three terms as Fire Engineer, and three terms as Selectman) well prove that. Please vote for Pat Labonte!
Jack Stephenson

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T-N Fire Fighters proud to support Jane Alden for commissioner

To the editor,
Citizens of the Tilton-Northfield Fire District:
Your Fire Fighters want to remind you to vote in the Fire District election on March 12. We are concerned with the direction the district is going and with the negative press received due to recent actions of the Board of Commissioners. We would like to see a fresh, professional approach to managing your Fire District. Jane Alden has both the experience and professionalism that the district needs moving into the future. The safety of our citizens is our top priority and this sentiment is mirrored by Jane Alden.
Jane is a community oriented individual who has great concern for the elderly and less fortunate. She wants to continue to foster the relationship between the towns of Tilton and Northfield in order to maintain our cost-saving, regionalized, fire and emergency medical service organization. Jane Alden has a working knowledge of our operations as a current member of the TNFD budget committee.
We are proud to support Jane Alden for Fire Commissioner. Please take the time to vote at your respective polling place on March 12. See you at the polls!
Tim Joubert
Tilton-Northfield Professional Fire Fighters.

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I'm Gilford BudCom candidate who's familiar with the process

To the editor,
My name is Bob Henderson, and I am a candidate for the Gilford Budget Committee. I have been around Gilford for many years, beginning as a summer resident in the early 70s, and evolving into full-time residency over 10 years ago, when I retired. I have always been impressed with the way the town handles all its departments, and how conservative budgeting keeps taxes down. I am impressed with the schools, and look forward to seeing three of my grandchildren progress through them. I feel we have the best Police, Fire-Rescue, and Public Works departments in the area.
I am also a realist; the economy is through. I am on a fixed income, and to not look to spend any more than necessary. I worked as a firefighter most of my adult life and I am familiar with municipal budges processes. (I also worked as a call firefighter for Gilford almost 20 years.) I really enjoy living in Gilford, and feel I have the time to contribute something. I would appreciate one of your three votes at the election on Tuesday.
Robert Henderson

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Pat Clark works hard to find a common ground for T-N Fire District

To the editor,
I will be voting next Tuesday, March 12 to re-elect Pat Clark for fire commissioner and I would like to ask for you to also support Pat in his re-election bid.
I have served with Pat on the Riverfront Park committee in the past and there are few people who work as hard, and are so dedicated to the interests of the communities of Tilton and Northfield. Most people who know Pat would agree that he ALWAYS puts the interest of the community and taxpayer in the forefront of his actions.
Pat works hard to find common ground with all of the TNFD constituents, especially those who do not share his point of view. When the district was discussing dissolution, Pat was an advocate for keeping the district together and spent countless hours discussing and educating people to the merits of unity and the community responded with a vote to maintain the district.
These days, I feel that it is rare to have a point view and be able to disagree and debate in a manner that is respectful and civil. It's also exceedingly rare and reach common ground for the better of the community, the entire community. I feel that Pat embodies that spirit of community first, that transcends agenda, or ideology, and is always the guiding light in his decision making process.
Vincent Paratore

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Tilton selectmen didn't write article, as asserted by Pat Clark

To the editor,
In response to the recent letter from one of the Fire District commissioners, many of the selectmen attend the Fire District meetings on a regular basis because we are residents served by the Tilton-Northfield Fire District and we care about the level of service we have.
I am one of the selectmen for the Town of Tilton and I can say without hesitation, the board did not write the petitioned warrant article mentioned in the recent letter. We have no desire to micromanage the fire department but we do care about continuing the excellent service the department provides under the leadership of our fire chief. We have a fine fire district that is professional, talented and compassionate towards the citizens of both Northfield and Tilton.
I attend most of the commissioner's meetings so I was surprised by some of the statistics put forth by Commissioner Pat Clark. The numbers don't add up which makes me wonder just where the information came from. If nothing else, I believe people in the community should go to the fire district website and read the commissioner's meeting minutes for themselves (www.tnfd.org) for a better understanding of what is going on.
I hope to see all of you at the Fire District annual meeting on Monday, March 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the high school.
Sandy Plessner

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