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We know what can be done: ban all types of assault weapons

To The Daily Sun,

In light of the tragedy in Orlando early Sunday morning, we should keep some important things in mind. There are many businesses in the Orlando area (and for that matter all around the U.S.) that are owned and operated by people who are of the Muslim faith. Good people of deep faith. Along with the victims, their friends and families keep our Muslim neighbors in your thoughts and prayers. "They" are not all violent. It's the few who blacken the name of the many. As do those who murder in the name of their religion.

And Congress has to come together for the common good and ban all types of assault weapons in this country. We seem to be the only civilized country where, whenever a senseless slaughter occurs, too many people piously wring their hands and say that there's nothing that could have been done. Nonsense! We know what can be done, and without violating our real rights.

There's no good reason why Sunday's killer, or anyone who doesn't wear a military or police uniform, should have assault weapons. That has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. There's no good reason why online or gun show sales shouldn't include background checks just like the ones required of any gun store customer. Those in Congress who continue to hide behind the Second Amendment must finally use it for the protection of all citizens and not fetishize it because they are afraid to offend the wing nut running the NRA.

Remember that the Orlando area is an international destination. The repercussions from this latest mass murder will be felt all over the world.

Pray for peace. Pray for unity. Pray for acceptance of all of our brothers and sisters.

Bernadette Loesch

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Remember, Orlando shooter shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before he fired

To The Daily Sun,

The horrific attack of terrorism that took place early Sunday morning at an elite gay nightclub is one, if not the worst mass murder by an individual on American soil. Reliable sources have confirmed that he called 9-1-1 and identified himself and shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he began shooting over one hundred people and killing at least 50 people. He is an American citizen born of Afghanistan parents with alleged ties to radical components of Islam. Will the left come out and condemn radical Islam for the slaughter of so many in the gay community or will they continue to give radical Islam cover by still not uttering that phrase?

President Obama lamented the mass slaughter while cautioning the nation that we do not yet know the precise cause. At least he admitted that it was an act of terror rather than calling it "workplace violence." He may later call it the act of a "lone wolf" and that it has nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace. You can bet that he and Hillary Clinton will use this massacre as yet another reason for more gun control. It will not matter that the shooter was a security officer that had passed an extensive background check.

Donald Trump has told us that the issues causing this continued death and destruction are radical Islam, uncontrolled borders and unregulated immigration. Hillary Clinton will most assuredly remind us that the issues are too many firearms and not enough gun control. Donald Trump will, without a doubt, strengthen our borders and only allow immigrants to come in who will be beneficial to this country. Hillary Clinton will not secure the borders and will push to further restrict the ability of citizens to carry licensed firearms. Donald Trump will put America first while Hillary Clinton will put herself first and continue to ignore the existential threat of our time. No, it is not man-made global warming/cooling, climate change/ climate disruption or whatever the left demands that we call what the changes in our weather patterns are currently sending our way.

Barack Obama had defense leaders like James Clapper, who assured us that the Muslim Brotherhood was a largely secular organization. And former FBI director, who assured us that while the Islamic State is radical, violent and extremist, it has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. Never mind that violent jihad is an ideology hell-bent on world domination and is based on the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad.

Donald Trump already has Walid Phares as his chief adviser on Middle Eastern policy. Walid being a counter terrorism expert who was born in Lebanon. Mr. Trump also has Jeff Sessions as the chairman of his security team. Jeff being one of the very best conservative senators in this country.

Who will Hillary Clinton have as part of her security team? Perhaps an important question given what just happened in Florida and, before that, San Bernadino. If we don't pick the right president in November, then we can expect more massacres caused in the name of Allah by a growing number of violent jihadists who are focused on world dominance and are praying for we Americans to elect another feckless leader who will continue to allow ISIS and other radical Islamist terrorist groups to proliferate around the world.

Remember, he shouted "Allahu Akbar" as did Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood radical Islamist psychiatrist who shot 43 and killed 13 back in 2009. He did not shout "Jesus Christ, our lord and savior." If he had, now that would have been labeled radical, Christian terrorism, rather than workplace violence. It is indeed a mad, mad, mad world when the left can look evil in the eye and deny its existence.

Russ Wiles

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