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Hillary has no honor, no ethics & no morals. She is unfit to be pres.

To The Daily Sun,

I am reading and hearing the lame-stream media tell us all that Hillary "won" the confrontation with the Congress. I am laughing out loud about that description. What happened was she was shown absolutely to be the complete liar we all said she was. Her description that there was "no discrepancy" in what she had said before was at best delusional.

When confronted with the recovered e-mails which she sent to her daughter, the night of the attack, she described the thing as a "terrorist attack" then next morning to the president of Egypt saying it was no demonstration but a terrorist attack. But then she looked the American people right in the eyes and lied to us. Over and over and over, lie after lie, after lie. Blaming some poor guy who produced a stupid video and then scapegoated him sending him to prison for his exercising his free speech right.

Any means justifies the ends to her. She will betray any person or any people even her own country to get what she wants, power. And worst of all she laughs in our faces after it's done. Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy must be turning in their graves knowing this woman claims to be a Democrat. She has no honor, no ethics and no morals. She is unfit to hold any office in our American government, that has been proven finally.

Steve Earle


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Pumpkin Fest was great but there's always room for improvement

To The Daily Sun,

First off I want to say good job to everyone in the city of Laconia who took part in the preparation of the Pumpkin Festival. The ones who set it up the, locals who carved their pumpkins, the bus drivers and the police for making it a safe and secure environment for everyone.

To whoever thought of the bus system, I give kudos. It was a great way to help the traffic stay at a minimum. Now there has been criticism that it wasn't as big or as good as the Keene fest but I feel we held our own. I think some people forgot that this was Laconia's first year doing this festival. Keene was doing it for 25 years before we took it over.

Though plenty of people enjoyed themselves, there is still room for improvement. Like connecting speakers through out the whole area to play music and to be able to call out to the mayor when he is needed to tell the total so the announcer doesn't have to kill time waiting for him. Perhaps set a scheduled time for everyone to meet at 7:50 p.m. at the tower for the announcements.

Another thing I noticed was was the lack of seating. We needed more seating areas around the area. Now, I saw that there was the sitting area over near the bank but it wasn't lit up and it was a little out of the way. How about putting vendors in that lot as well and move the tables closer to the edge of the road. Or even place the food vendors in a semicircle and have the tables front of them. And if we have it in the budget a few heat lamps would of been incredible in some places.

Okay, the games were great for the kids, but what about the teens and young adults? It is a family festival isn't it? Pumpkin Alley had fun things to do with young children, but why couldn't they have continued a pumpkin dance party aimed at the teens and young adults? Or brought out other things to do? It seemed like the alley was a dead zone after the kids left.

Another thing about making it fun for the whole family: The kids had the costume parade. How about an adult costume contest? First prize a Pumpkin Fest sweatshirt, second a Pumpkin Fest shirt and third a Pumpkin Fest shot glass. Simple enough? Oh, and what about a prize for the largest carved, medium carved and smallest carved?

I do have to bring up the Haunted Mill. That was really well put together and a lot of fun. I hope to see it again next year but with better run of the line. This would of been a great place to have put a few heaters.

It would of been nice if the food vendors had an equal amount of vendors selling goods around them. Or that they were spaced out better to have tables near the food areas.

Here are just a few of my thoughts to help y'all with next year. And again thank you for a fun and wonderful night!

Noelle Amirault



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