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Pay-As-You Throw will force us to pay $1.75 for a bag that's worth 13¢

To the editor,
The Laconia City Council is considering a new tax under the guise of a user fee called Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT). PAYT is nothing but a scam — double taxation which claims the program will save taxpayers money by increasing revenues.
This is how the recyclable program works according to an article by Shira Schoenberg in the Concord Monitor on June 27, 2009, when the City of Concord was considering the same PAYT program: "The way the program works is the city has a contract with the South Carolina Company called Waste Zero. Waste Zero manufactures the bags and recruits stores to sell them. Consumers then pay $1 for a 15-gallon trash bag and $2 for a 30-gallon bag. The stores get none of that money. Instead, the stores must send all the money they collect from the bags to Waste Zero, which takes a cut and gives the rest of the money to the city. Mark Dancy, president of Waste Zero, said his company typically keeps 20 to 25 cents for each large bag."
Lets look at some of the propaganda put out by those in Laconia city government — City Manager Scott Myers, Mayor Michael Seymour, Councilors Henry Lipman, Matt Lahey and Bob Hamel — who are in favor of this trash scam.
In an article by John Koziol in the Laconia Citizen on March 9, City Manager Scott Myers, "calculated that Laconia could reduce the cost of curbside trash pickup by $567,000. He assumes that 378,000 PAYT bags would need to be sold at $1.75 each, which would generate $661,500 in revenue. The revenue would cover the cost of the city buying the bags and their disposal." Lets assume the cost to buy the bags from Waste Zero is 25 cents a bag X 378,000 bags = $94,500 that would = $567,000 in revenue.
In an article in the Laconia Daily Sun by Michael Kitch on February 12 — "Lipman Irate over Bestway's Recycling Proposals" — Archie St. Hillaire of Bestway Disposal Services who has the trash pickup contract with the city says that, "PAYT generally boost recycling to near 40-percent of the total volume of solid waste in order to reach rate recyclables would have to be collected weekly, increasing the annual cost of collection from $125,000 to $215,000." That's an increase in cost per year of $90,000, taking the assumed revenue of $567,000 minus $90.000 = $477,000 real revenue. What is the cost of disposing of 378,000 trash bags? What is the cost to administrate this program? Remember all revenues come from the taxpayers.
Let's look at the supposed savings. In an article in The Daily Sun by Michael Kitch on March 8, "PAYT is projected to save $286,000 by diverting recyclables from the solid waste stream and spare $156,000 in funding from property taxes." This $156,000 is what the taxpayers are going to save after they pay $661,500 for Trash Bags. Which means this Pay-As-You-Throw Scam is going to cost the taxpayers $505,500 a year.
Even if this proposed enterprise fund were true, the saving on your property tax bill would only be Pennies per $100,000 on your tax bill.
Renters will be hurt the most from this scheme; they pay property taxes through their rent. The city doesn't receive any money from the collected recyclables.
The next step in this scam is trash metering. The City of Laconia runs two enterprise funds, Water and Sewer which offer the residents the best quality at the lowest prices. PAYT will force us to pay $1.75 a bag for a product only worth 13 cents a bag.
The answer is to run the recycling truck every week and the recycling numbers will increase.
David Gammon

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Those weren't 'barbs', they were judicious observations

To the editor,
In reading the article on the April 17 Belknap County Convention meeting, I noted the rather puzzling headline which stated that the commissioners and delegates traded barbs. Not so much, actually, as the head of the convention and the head of the executive committee acted very professionally despite the base ad hominem attacks sent in their direction by the commissioners.
Now, if they had made an observation that there has not been so much huffing and puffing by the commissioners, all in vain, since the little pigs upgraded from straw to brick — that would be a barb.
This example may clarify the difference between a barb and the judicious observations made by Representatives Worsman and Tilton.
Rep. Dick Burchell

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Granite State is ashamed of Sen. Ayotte for her votes on gun bills

To the editor,
Here is a letter sent to Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).
When you chose to vote so independently opposite of the 90 percent of people in the U.S. — not just N.H. — you did not represent women, you did not represent children, you did not represent the law or police, you did represent hunters or even many NRA members. You did not even represent yourself; you represented 10 percent of the people, gun manufacturers and the NRA — for their money.
You and Senator Reed (R-RI) were the only ones in all seven states in the northeast (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY) to vote against S. 649 for background checks on private gun sales.
New Hampshire is ashamed of YOU!
Dorothy Duffy

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Actually, it is gun control laws that are racist at their roots

To the editor,
I am writing in response to George Maloof's letter about the Second Amendment being racist. It was apparent to me that Mr. Maloof has little understanding of the Second Amendment, the 1860s, or the history of gun control laws.
First, when the 13th Amendment that ended slavery was ratified, there was no possibility that the 2nd Amendment could or would be abolished. Most of the populace of the United States was armed, it being just after the Civil War. Many were veterans of that war, both Union and Confederate. The frontier was still open, territories will still being settled, and law enforcement was spotty at best. There was no way the states would have ratified a repeal of the 2nd Amendment under those conditions, Mr. Maloof's contentions to the contrary.
Second, gun control laws were first prevalent in the South after the Civil War. These laws were aimed at keeping the former slaves from being able to arm themselves. This was done in order to head off possible retaliation by blacks against whites, or at least that's how the idea was sold. A less openly known reason was that it prevented blacks from being able to protect themselves against the predations of whites trying to "keep them in their place."
Mr. Maloof, the 2nd Amendment isn't racist and never has been. It is the gun control laws you seem to love that are racist at their roots. Perhaps you should do a little more historical research before making such ill informed accusations.
Chan Eddy

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Extremely grateful for help with LHS band booster's fundraiser

To the editor,
It is so rewarding to know that our community loves our students at Laconia High School!
On behalf of the Laconia Sachems Band Boosters, we would like to thank all who came to LHS Friday night, April 5, to support the band boosters' annual spring fundraiser. This year's event was a comedy night. The comics came from Manchester with the promise of a clean show. With that request comes the subjective interpretation of what this means. For all those who enjoyed the show, we are pleased. One comic was not as appropriate as the others and we apologize for that.
We are extremely grateful to our Silver sponsors, Conneston Construction Inc and Martin, Lord & Osman PA, and our Bronze sponsors, Clough Auto Body, Denoncourt, Waldron & Sullivan PA and Meredith Village Savings Bank. We would also like to thank Bank of New Hampshire, Stafford Oil, Wilkinson-Beane Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home, Central NH Employment Services, Dr. Alan Kennell Orthodontics, Bob Merwin State Farm Insurance, Harts Turkey Farm Restaurant and NAPA Auto Parts for their gracious support and belief in what the booster group does for the music department at LHS. And last but not least, thanks to Larry and Amelia Frates for their wonderful emceeing of our event; they were fantastic!
The Laconia Sachem Band Boosters is a not-for-profit organization who support the mission of the LHS bands, chorus and color guard. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the music room. Please consider joining us! Community support and involvement is vital to our success.
Lisa Fortson, President
Sharon Pond, Vice President
Laconia Sachem Band Boosters

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