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Meeting on Sun. to discuss proposed Abenaki Water rate hike

To the Daily Sun,

Attention, Belmont residents.

If you purchase your water from Abenaki Water Company, be aware that they are proposing a rate increase of 46.95 percent. They have filed with the Public Utilities Commission on Order 25804.

State Sen. Andrew Hosmer will hold a hearing at Briarcrest Community Center, (100 Diamond Place), on Sunday, Sept. 13, at noon.

If you plan to attend and meet with Senator Hosmer to discuss this terrible proposal, please remember that you will be driving in a very private community and the speed limit is 20 mph and it is strictly enforced. Thank you for your compliance.

Don Vachon, President
Briarcrest Estates

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China, Germany and Canada have seen greater growth than U.S.

To the Daily Sun,

This is in response to Dave Pollak's letter in the September 4th Sun:

I have carefully read your letter and your claim that the U.S. led the rest of the world in economic growth is, on its face, wholly inaccurate. I can think of three countries just off the top of my head that has exceeded U.S. economic growth since Obama took office, those being China, Germany, and Canada.

To give President Obama credit for what weak economic growth has occurred is misguided. What economic growth we have had has been in spite of his best efforts to further cripple our economy with unworkable regulations, rogue federal agencies, poorly thought-out executive orders, and his push for long discredited socialist economics. His efforts to kill the energy sector by severely restricting drilling on government lands, illegally delaying the Keystone XL pipeline even after the radical and rogue EPA gave its approval, and working very hard to kill the coal industry came to naught when the oil and natural gas industry exploited new technologies which turned the U.S. into a new energy Goliath.

We have suffered the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression and all of it can be laid at the feet of the present occupant of the White House.

Dale Channing Eddy


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