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Ms. Loesch ignores facts that don't correspond to leftist agenda

To The Daily Sun,
According to Bernadette Loache's letter of May 21, if someone states an opinion which differs from hers, it's a lie. Well Ms. Loache I don't lie, I give my opinion.
The facts, yes facts, I base my opinions on are well documented and reported even in the left wing media which you choose to ignore. The IRS did target conservative groups and citizens in a coordinated effort to violate their civil rights of free speech. The IRS was aided and abetted by the FBI, OSHA and BATF, along with half the rest of the federal agencies. These facts were admitted to under oath in congressional hearings. I don't expect Ms. Loache to recognize or acknowledge any of this because she is clearly a left-wing zealot without any sense of fairness or honesty. She will ignore facts which do not correspond to her leftist agenda, call those with opinions which differ from hers, lies, racists, red necks, bigots or any other derogatory name that comes to mind so as not to deal with the realities which she dare not address. Those realities are that the Obama administration engaged in illegal, unethical actions and lied under oath at congressional hearings (a crime). Ms Learner refused to testify under oath after declaring herself innocent of wrongdoing. Others stonewalled the hearings, claiming they didn't remember or didn't know, then later documents showed they did know.
Now Ms. Loache, if you don't like my gloom and doom attitude, I suggest you address your concerns to your democratic leaders and urge them to come clean and stop breaking laws and violating the Constitution. As for the right-wing news outlets, it might do you some good to listen in occasionally to Fox News where you will get to hear real news without any bias.
Steve Earle

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Mr. Earle looks at facts as liberal conspiracy to make him look bad

To The Daily Sun,
I love it when Earle takes issue and tells me something I didn't think, what I don't believe or what I didn't say. Tell you what Earle, next time you reply to my letters, reply to my letters, not your filtered version of what it is you think I think or some manufactured version of what you say I wrote. In his letter, he never questions the validity of my arguments; he is just upset because they refute the lie he is attempting to promote.
If Earle had been able to see beyond his hatred, he would have realized that I was not so much "defending Obama" as I was defending the Second Amendment. The constitutional laws that I sighted prevent Obama, or any president, from circumventing the Second Amendment and confiscating guns from lawful owners. Our forefathers, in their wisdom, included safeguards in the Constitution to protect all the Amendments — including the 2nd. Apparently, Earle would rather see Obama maligned by lies rather than represented by truth.
Day in and day out, Earle contributes letters that have no basis in reality, just for the sake of "striking a blow against liberalism." His hatred and fear undermine what little integrity he may have. He knows he is writing fallacies or misleading information — he does it intentionally. It is no use in trying to convince him with facts; he is immune to them and they are looked upon as a liberal conspiracy to make him look bad. Why let the truth get in the way of a good lie?
The hysteria we've witnessed in recent letters by those suggesting that the government will "remove ownership of guns from the public" and "by-pass" Congress and "circumvent" the Second Amendment have no basis in fact.
L. J. Siden

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Got Lunch! Laconia has been lucky to attract wonderful partners

To The Daily Sun,
As year #3 becomes well underway, we continue to be struck by the marvelous group of partners we have been lucky enough to attract. We have community members that are showing up to pack bags for the third consecutive summer in the basement of the Congregational Church downtown. Those folks cannot merely be described as volunteers, they are partners. Partners too are the community members that sponsor anywhere from 1 to 20 children for the summer. We have partners like that, and have had them for all three years we have been doing Got Lunch! Our very first partner was the school district, and they have remained so since day 1. The new superintendent has told us she will be there packing on some Mondays. Maybe she will be packing the same route as our mayor, who is a regular at the Monday morning packings, even during his summer vacation! This past Friday we learned we had a new partner, one we had never known about when a representative from New Hampshire Ball Bearing stopped at the Congregational Church office and not only donated money but 246 jars of peanut butter and jelly. Wow!
There isn't enough space in this newspaper to list all the wonderful partners that we have, but they are not just our partners, they are mentors for our city children. Mentors in that they are ensuring that lack of good nutrition will not be a factor in our children's lives. Every one of us should be proud to call Laconia home, the City by the Lake is truly the city with heart. A caring heart. So, if you find yourself driving behind a slow-moving car in our city mid-morning any Monday during July and August, do not become impatient with them, it may be one of the 24 Got Lunch! delivery folks getting healthy lunches to our kids. Give them the room they need, and become another of our partners.
God Bless Laconia, truly a city with heart,
Got Lunch! Laconia Advisory Board

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All that tax revenue has its origin in payrolls & profits of businesses

To The Daily Sun,
In Saturday's Laconia Daily Sun, Ms. Rudman-Chong chose to respond to my comments about her Citizens United letter by talking trash and doing her best to obfuscate the issue. Too bad she didn't address the facts that I had presented — that there was no Republican advantage from that Supreme Court ruling and, on a head to head basis, President Obama actually raised $250 million more than did Governor Romney.
Seems like liberal/progressives, especially some academicians, simply won't accept the fact that every single tax dollar that goes to fund federal, state, and local governments, including schools and colleges, has its origin in the payrolls and profits of businesses. The left's demonizing of business is absurd in the extreme.
It is nice to read that Ms. Rudman-Chong has found a job for which she appears to be qualified . . . and it helps keep the environment pristine, too.
Bob Meade

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Tell us, Steve, what you have done for your country?

To The Daily Sun,
In reference to Steve Earle's letter (Wolf in the house) I say thank God for that. However, the wolf has a lot of work to do, hopefully in 2014 he can get rid of the rest of the chickens that remain.
How soon we forget, Steve. Ask not what your country can do for you. Tell us what you have done for your country.
Henry Osmer

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