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It's time for common sense; don't rebuild Opechee Clubhouse

To the editor, 
The Opechee Park Clubhouse project is a low 18th on the Capital Improvements Program "wish list" for very good reasons: it would ruin the new view across Opechee Bay to the distant mountains for residents and tourists alike, put a new and continuing burden on local taxpayers, fill no need which can now be taken up by the private sector, and places a building on soggy land which contributed to the rotting of the old, minimally-used clubhouse. 
Ruining the newly-opened view is self-evident. Less obvious are the "needs: of an out-of-town group for a space to use three or four hours per week (or was it per month?) which they have already found (with very little work) elsewhere. That group offers no evidence of having burdened their leadership's communities with a $110,000 plus facility. They want to play while Laconia's taxpayers pay (at 3.04 percent interest). 
Although a few community-minded ladies would like to regain their lost meeting place at the park, they did not reply to the suggestion that their societies could meet elsewhere at no cost to the public: the new Boys and Girls Club across the street (which could use the rental income), various churches with abundant places for meetings, or private businesses which often offer free rooms for such groups. 
Events such as baby and weeding showers, kids' birthday parties, and post-funeral collections can also use many of those locations. Whatever happened to using one's own living room or den for association meetings or neighborhood get-togethers, as others do? Must we all pay for the entertainment of a few.
As noted by Councilor Brenda Baer, our Parks Department already needs more money and manpower. Must an entire city suffer while a favored few play or socialize?
Re-using the same sodden ground for a new clubhouse after the old one rotted makes no sense. Our beloved Smith Track suffers from water problems and the remedy is to cost a frightful $300,000! 
Not rebuilding the clubhouse will allow for moving 10 parking spaces from beside Smith Track to the old footprint. The freed-up green area will get us a better track and field facility; this can be done for less than $110,000. 
It's time for commons sense to prevail over politics and personal desires. Move the Opechee Park Clubhouse project off the Capital Improvements "wish" List. 
Or can we use high taxes and a permanent drain on our city's budget. 
Thomas G. Kudzma 

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Local post offices being used by wind turbine developers

To The Daily Sun,
An anti-wind farm campaigner yesterday stated that she believes the Newfound Lake region is involved in what she described as "a propaganda war." She felt strongly that local school children and the Post Office should not be used in a propaganda war. Her stance has been echoed by many members at New Hampshire Wind Watch.
Wind developers have been extremely clever in their efforts to subliminally change local influence. It's a very clever PR campaign. You have to admire them for that. Holding educational classes during school hours and brainwashing young children on the benefits of wind energy was clever — but what was even more clever was how developers were able to use the Post Office to stamp an ink imprint of a wind turbine on mailings was brilliant.
Youngsters and the Post Office can now be added to the list of deceptive tactics. Being "brainwashed" at school or being "brainwashed" at home reading your mail is all part of their strategy to gain local acceptance.
What's next — having children or the Post Office selling plaques and naming rights for each turbine? This is getting crazy.
Add to the list a local college receiving special funds, some local businesses being put on retainers and a few Colorado residents coming here to work for the summer on the turbines... and you start to see their recipe of propaganda. It's funny when you have the wife of a Colorado worker — here for the summer and for her first time — making fun of us for not being in favor of wind turbines. Par for the course...
Call it what you will — a "Propaganda War" or an "Invasion" — it doesn't matter. What does matter is your voice and your vote... you can stop them in a united fight.
Start being vocal and protect the very reason why you live here or vacation here!
Ray Cunningham

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Obama has displayed disdain for transparency & rule of law

To the editor,
Remember way back in January 2009 when our president made his "heartfelt promise", that "transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstone of this presidency"? Remember when he "disremembered" that pledge and signed his very first bill into law? The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was not posted online for five days, nor even one minute prior to his signature.
Since then, this administration has been shrouded in more clandestine fog and secrecy than a vintage Dracula movie. The economic and moral life blood is being sucked out of this once vibrant nation by Barack "Stonewall" Obama and his loyal, bully bureaucrats from the Beltway. Move over,  Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, there's a new actor in town playing the count and he's injected a deadly dose of contempt for conservatives into his corrosive, rogue agencies. Being loyal progressive soldiers, they intrinsically know their marching orders. No explicit directives or signatures are needed from the POTUS. No smoking gun will be found, for it's the Marxist, new world order way.
All the scandals, alleged or not, have been covered up to the point that even some of the, "gasp" mainstream media have expressed their displeasure. Michelle Malkin cleverly has declared this the "Summer of Belated Epiphanies". Though I suspect by late summer, the MSM will have forgotten those "enlightened moments" and will return to providing excellent cover, remembering their role as lapdogs for "he who shall remain either "clueless" or "not responsible".
A trip down the memory lane "tunnel of transparency" seems in order does it not? The Affordable Care Act was passed in the most sneaky and partisan of ways, written vaguely and in code and read by no one and likely to become the biggest scandal of all. A $900 billion stimulus package that didn't stimulate anything, but provided payback to a myriad of Obama backers.
If the entire progressive world cared one whit about knowing who President Obama was before anointing him the savior of the free world, they might have displayed the slightest concern about our dear leader's mysteriously sealed past. Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, much ado about nothing. A deafening silence about his college days, applications, grades, financial assistance and foreign student visas.
President Obama has displayed complete disdain for transparency and the rule of law. When he haughtily proclaims, "there is no there there", he is not being truthful. Some say he is telling flat out lies. Digest the facts and decide for yourself. Our former Secretary of State proclaims, "At this point, what difference does it make?" Madam Secretary, finding out the truth makes all the difference in the world. Attorney General Eric Holder's lawless obstructionist acts in relation to the DC Voting Rights issue, Black Panther Party voting rights case, Fast & Furious, Solyndra green boondoggle bankruptcy and his refusal to prosecute black on white crime are all gob smacking mind blowers. And his Sergeant Schultz "I no nothing" act with regard to the most recent barrel of scandal/cover ups is nothing short of reprehensible for someone assigned as the chief law enforcement officer of this Constitutional Republic. He must resign now.
Have we crossed the rubicon into progressive, soft tyranny? Can we resurrect the 1st and 4th Amendments? Is it time to man the life boats? Where else would we go? Will the likes of Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and other true blue conservatives be able to rescue us from this massive erosion of our liberties and awaken their Republican counterparts from their wimpy and complacent slumber? Will the mass of citizenry stand up and fight against this dictatorial onslaught or will Edmund Burke's warning come to pass — "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion". We shall soon find out, won't we?!
Russ Wiles

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Please consider financial support for Laconia's Multicultural Festival

To the editor,
A little over a month from now, Downtown Laconia will come alive with the 12th Annual Multicultural Festival. This is such a great event but, like many events, it takes a village to pull it off successfully. I hope many businesses and individuals that have not yet stepped up consider a sponsorship or donation to help defray costs.
Each year the organizers strive for the best in entertainment in Rotary Park that reflects authentic cultural music and performance, along with ethnic food and crafts. The costs for this entertainment, along with such things as publicity, an infrastructure of tents, a top sound system, a live exotic zoo, and printed programs for the day require a substantial operating budget.
There are many opportunities for individuals, groups, teams, and clubs to volunteer for just a few hours before or on the day of the event. More importantly, I hope everyone marks their calendars for Saturday, August 3rd as we celebrate our cultural diversity and come together as a vibrant community! Check out some great pictures on the new Facebook page "Laconia Multicultural Festival" or visit laconiamulticulturalfestival.org for sponsorship and volunteer forms.
Debbie Frawley Drake

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Obama won't support any treaty that infringes on 2nd Amendment

To the editor,
When contributors to this forum reference Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and the Tea Party as the sources of their facts I become very suspect. In recent letters, writers have been claiming that the Obama Administration intends to force gun control and a complete ban on all weapons for U.S. citizens through a United Nations treaty.
Often referenced in these letters is the U.N. SMALL Arms Treaty — there is no such thing. There is, however, an Arms Trade Treaty. The United Nations is not pursing a global treaty to ban ownership by civilians, they are committed to tightening controls over INTERNATIONAL import, export and transfer of conventional arms into the hands of terrorists and soldiers of war-torn nations. It is not, as conspiracy theorists would have us believe, a full-scale gun CONFISCATION and the placing of lawful gun owners on an international database. It will not ban any weapon category from being traded, but is meant to set regulations on the global, cross border trade of conventional weapons. Also, each sovereign state determines its own laws and regulations for the manufacture, sale and possession of firearms by its citizens — the United Nations will have NO jurisdiction over such matters and no treaty can be imposed upon a sovereign member state. All countries are free to adopt and ratify an Arms Trade Treaty or choose not to. The Obama administration has made it clear that it will not support any treaty that regulates the domestic transfer or ownership of weapons, or that infringes on the Second Amendment. Even, as conservatives and NRA members would like us to believe, Obama wouldn't be able to "bypass" Congress and circumvent the Second Amendment. All international treaties that the U.S. agrees to require the approval of two-thirds of the Senate before the treaties can be ratified — those would surely be tough votes to get if the treaty banned all firearms. Thirteen Democratic Senators have addressed President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton saying they wouldn't support a treaty unless they were guaranteed that it wouldn't in any way regulate the domestic manufacture, possession or sales of firearms or ammunition in the United States.
The President of the United States cannot enact a ban on all weapons for U.S. citizens through the signing of international treaties with foreign nations. The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States and in the 1957 case of Reid v. Covert, the U.S. Supreme Court established that the Constitution supersedes international treaties ratifies by the U.S. Senate.
In short, there is no legal way around the Second Amendment other than a further amendment to the Constitution that repeals or alters it, or a Supreme Court decision that radically reinterprets how the Second Amendment is to be applied.
Further, I would caution readers to never, ever, trust, under any circumstances, anything any right-winger or left-winger posts on any blog, anytime, under any circumstance.
L. J. Siden

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