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Gilmanton schools also played huge role in flood recovery effort

To The Daily Sun,

I was embarrassed to see in my letter that I had neglected to send out a big "thank you" to our Gilmanton School Board, especially to Mike Hatch and Adam Mini. In the superintendent's office another big "thank you" to Rachel and John for allowing me to send Gilmanton residents and employees there to use their copier and fax machine. We appreciated so much that they set up classrooms for meeting rooms so that scheduled meetings for different boards could continue to take place. Meetings of the selectmen, ZBA, planning, Historic District Commission, etc., which have since been moved to the Old Town Hall auditorium, 1800 Route 140 in Gilmanton Iron Works.

I would also like to extend a very special "thank you" to the School Board, superintendent and to all the teachers and staff for their coordinated efforts to rearrange the March teachers' workshop that was supposed to take place toward the latter part of that month and move it to March 10. They voluntarily did this to make the school gymnasium available for our annual town and school elections, which are usually held in the auditorium of the Academy building. The School Board arranged with the Gilmanton Year Round Library ("thank you" GYRL) for the teachers to use their parking lot so that the school parking lot will be left open for Gilmanton residents so that they may cast their ballot votes on Tuesday, March 10, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The children will not have school that day.

I would also like to thank Officer Gustafson, for your extra efforts on shift to make sure the Academy building and the modular building that are temporarily housing the town offices are secure at night. I, as well as my staff, thank you for being in the area and for checking in on us when we are open in the evenings, the extra sense of security is very much appreciated.

If I have inadvertently forgotten to mention anyone else, I would also like to say a very heartfelt "thank you". The support and caring shown by our community and our surrounding communities has been very heartwarming and so very much appreciated.

Debra Cornett

Town Clerk/Tax Collector


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I believe school board should work to earn trust of the citizens

To The Daily Sun,

When I moved to Gilford over 20 years ago the Gilford school system had a strong reputation as one of the best in the state. Over the years that reputation was tarnished by only average performance measures. Over the past several years, the hard work of many in the district has begun to move things in the right direction. I would like to continue that work, so I am running for a three-year term on the Gilford School Board.

I feel it is imperative that the children and parents of Gilford have a voice on the board. I am a proud parent of three Gilford students and next school year one of my children will be in enrolled in each of the three school buildings.

Many of you may already know me as a fellow parent, as a youth coach or through my local business. For those who do not know much about me, here is what you can expect from me as a School Board member. My business roots have engrained fiscal conservatism into my core. However, I also believe that the best investment a community can make is in its school system. This was a significant factor in why my wife Elizabeth and I chose to stay here in Gilford to raise our family.

I will have high expectations for student achievement, so academic improvement initiatives will be a top priority. In this vein, I am an advocate of using all data available to identify insufficiencies and develop solution based initiatives.

Personalized learning is something I believe in strongly. Every child learns in different ways and at a different pace. Therefore, it is important to continue to break down barriers so every child can maximize their own potential.

A school system is only as good as its teachers. I believe in providing our educators with the tools and professional development they need to perform at the highest levels in the classroom. Therefore, it will be my goal for the district to attain high standards while responsibly managing our resources.

An effective school board values a collaborative relationship both with the staff and the community. I believe a school board should respect its citizens and work to earn their trust. As a school board member, you can expect me to perform with a high level of integrity, promote open communication and demand transparency.

I would like to conclude by encouraging you to participate as a citizen of Gilford by voting on March 10. When you do so, I sincerely hope you will support me and my effort to make the Gilford school system a model of excellence and a safe, supportive and enriching learning environment for the children of our community.

Chris McDonough


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