Why aren't U.S. women concerned about forthcoming Islam law?

To The Daily Sun,

What's in it for you? With no regard for woman, I can't understand why a majority of Americans have no problem with the forthcoming socialist society, overruled by Islam! They will have no qualms in dispatching you and yours. They are devoted to their cause, lacking any principal that might impede their success. Their religion entitled them to lie about this. In fact, it's a commandment. Remember you are an infidel if you disagree. It's that simple.

Now, the coming great society will take on cradle to grave care of any and all who prefer to loiter. Guess who pays! 

Ward H. Flanders


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VA fix just passed in Senate was Shea-Porter’s idea in 2008

To The Daily Sun,

I am a veteran and I'm so happy to see that the House and Senate have voted on a VA bill that will help vets.

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter was the first on the scene in 2008 with her bill calling for a full-service hospital or access to local care for states without a full-service hospital. It was great to see Sen. Shaheen introduce Shea-Porter's bill in the Senate in 2009, and then in 2011 to watch Sen. Ayotte support it also. It has been a long road, but the New Hampshire women of the House and Senate got the job done.

It took time for the rest of Congress to understand what Congresswoman Shea-Porter, wife of a veteran, understood from the beginning. This nation needs to keep its promises to its veterans. I send a big "thank you" to Congresswoman Shea-Porter and Sens. Shaheen and Ayotte.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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If re-elected, I will continue to oppose wind projects & Northern Pass

To The Daily Sun,

It is my honor to serve as the Grafton County Commissioner for District 3, comprising 17 towns from Bristol to Orange, Holderness to Canaan. I am writing to announce my campaign for re-election, and am asking for your vote on the primary date, Sept. 9, and again on Nov. 4, the date of the general election.

I am running because my work as your county commissioner is not done. And, having shared part of my current term with our special late friend, Ray Burton, I want to continue working for this great county and in the spirit of Ray's special tradition of public service.

As your county commissioner, I have been a leader who has brought results that have benefited our county. One of my proudest accomplishments has been overseeing the completion of the wood chip biomass plant to its start-up last fall with savings to you, the taxpayers, of $151,000 since last September.

I also organized and led several meetings with providers of mental health care in our region which has been sorely lacking in mental health services for years. I learned an immense amount from this group who struggle on a daily basis in managing the needs of the mentally ill without resources, extra personnel, facilities, or sufficient state support. We are now beginning to see some important changes in the delivery of mental health services, thanks to Gov. Hassan's budget. I will continue to advocate for both the providers and the patients in our county.

The primary responsibilities of the county commissioners are to oversee important county functions administered by the executive director and departmental heads like the highly regarded nursing home, the now two-year-old Department of Corrections in transition with a new superintendent in November, the sheriff's office, dispatch, the Superior Court, and the historic county farm. Managing all this and helping the county's most vulnerable citizens must be balanced by considering an appropriate level of costs of county services and the taxation impact on the county residents. The twenty-seven member County Legislative Delegation has the final vote on the budget each fiscal year based on much study, discussion, and input from many sources.

If re-elected I will continue to be fiscally responsible, but will also be a voice for the needs of our county's citizens, be it the elderly or the troubled youth population. My fellow commissioners, Mike Cryans and Linda Lauer, share this commitment to our social services and non-profit groups in Grafton County. Our county is rebounding from the economic downturn as we are now seeing fewer foreclosures, new business start-ups, and our unemployment rate is the lowest of the 10 New Hampshire counties.

Opposition to the Northern Pass and the industrial wind projects continue to be non-partisan issues in this region and farther north. I will continue my very strong opposition to these projects in how they're sited and will only grudgingly agree to the Northern Pass if it is totally buried in its 187-mile length down the State rights-of-way, thus ensuring revenue to the state. I led the first discussion of this abhorrent project in Holderness in February 2011, got the well-known yellow signs designed, printed, and distributed initially, have attended numerous meetings, and have dogged our candidates about their position on the project.

I urged the Alexandria residents at the outset of Iberdrola's industrial wind plans of "Buyer Beware" and learn the facts, which they surely did in their excellent pursuit of fighting that project which has now been abandoned.

I have a proven track record of leadership, compassion, and integrity. I am asking for your vote on Primary Day, Sept. 9, and on Nov. 4, Election Day. I'll be attending many summer and fall events in my seventeen towns and look forward to meeting many of you. I also welcome your help in my campaign.

Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Martha Richards

Grafton County Commissioner


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Scott Brown should challenge Shaheen in Democrat primary

To The Daily Sun,

I watched the news the other night and was amazed as Scott Brown, a paid consultant for Fox News, had a good 15-minute one-on-one with Brett Baier. While he was doing this very nicely produced "interview," he stated that he is a "moderate" Republican. He also stated he is for a woman's "right to choose." We know that Mr. Brown is pro gun "regulation." If the word "regulation" doesn't send you reeling by now, I wonder if you have been paying attention to the slow deterioration of our liberties. He's so very pro-regulation of guns that he took $100,000 from Michael "give me all those guns" Bloomberg.

Mr. Brown doesn't seem to feel the need to show up at senatorial debates. He has apparently gotten the "nod" from the establishment GOP that he is the chosen one and feels no need to put any effort in, unless of course you want to count those schmlatzy, tug-at-your-heartstrings commercials intended to evoke an emotional response from the public.

If you attend the GOP debates, you will see Sen. Bob Smith, a true conservative, sees the need to "protect and defend the Constitution" since it is most assuredly under attack. He will answer with sure knowledge of how to fix the problems we face. He knows how D.C. works. He also knows how D.C. should work as opposed to what we are watching now. You will also see Jim Rubens who until very recently was a big global-warming, carbon-tax, kind of candidate. Nothing says, "following the Republican platform" like global warming, limiting gun rights, and a pro-abortion stance, right?

I understand that Mr. Brown also went on a local radio program, where he announced that he is an "independent." I guess his voting record from his time in D.C. as a Massachusetts senator, which shows that he voted 62 percent of the time with the liberal agenda should speak for itself that he is, at best, an independent, and at worst a liberal. Hmmm...

So my question is this. Why is it that this Massachusetts Republican (a/k/a Democrat-Lite) running in the New Hampshire GOP primary? He surely seems to align himself with the Democrat platform more than the GOP. Why? Simple. He doesn't think he could beat Jeanne Shaheen in a primary.

My question to Republican voters and to those that are aware that there is a problem in D.C., is why does Scott Brown assume that he is the GOP nominee? And if he is indeed the nominee, why does he think he can beat Jeanne Shaheen in a general election when he's already conceded that he can't beat her in a primary? This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Go back home to Massachusetts politics, Scott Brown. We don't need you here in the Live Free or Die state. We need bold differences, not watered-down policies. We need someone that is willing to help save our floundering country, not another narcissist. We need Bob Smith, a veteran, a man that will speak truthfully to us, a man that is pro-life, and who will protect our right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government

Truth has no agenda.

Jean M. Ferreira


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Americans are now constantly at Supreme Court to defend liberties

To The Daily Sun,

The liberal Democrat of today does not support liberty.

Even more ironic, the word "liberal" originates from a Latin word meaning freedom. In the 19th century liberals in this country stood for free speech, free exercise of religion, free markets and free trade. The exact opposite of what they stand for now. They spoke out loudly for minimal interference from state and federal authority while conducting ones life. FDR even expanded the four original freedoms to include freedom from fear, and freedom from want. But FDR unwittingly made one of the greatest blunders of any politician in history. He didn't consider the implications of his logic through to the end. Politicians, no matter how brilliant can only see as far as the next election. FDR's ill-fated reasoning flipped the word "liberalism" into its reverse image.

To address "want" government would not only have to intrude, but in many cases make a mockery of the first four freedoms. That is exactly what has happened over the past 70 years. It is still happening today. Addressing "want" meant government would not only have to become more expansive and more expensive, but most importantly, much more controlling and intrusive. The Gestapo-like intrusions of Obamacare on personal choice and religious beliefs, the massive expansion of welfare and food stamp programs, cash for clunkers and caulkers and the never-ending promotion of government assistance to literally anyone, all trace back to FDR's assault on what liberalism once stood for. And with the same full-throated, arrogant BS then, as now "government knows best," when the truth is (and we all know it) government does not know its derriere from its elbow. It couldn't run a lemonade stand without going bankrupt as half the country would get subsides to buy it whether they worked or not.

The new liberal Democrat is more frightening than ever. They stand for something the very opposite of the word freedom. They endorse government coercion for those who refuse to behave as they demand. Obama turned the full harassment powers of the IRS loose on "free speech" in an attempt to silence dissenting voices that were organizing to oppose him in the 2012 election. Now, to cover it up, the IRS says " the dog ate two years (not two days, or or two months) worth of our e-mails of the villains in order to fully hide the corruption that surely goes to the president.

Does Obama really think we are all stupid? It's more than insulting.

The individual in America now finds himself forever at the U.S. Supreme court trying to protect his liberties and freedoms from attack by Barack Obama and the new liberal Democrat. The court has ruled against Obama 13 times already, stating in every case government is bullying.

The Religious Freedom Reform Act was signed by Bill Clinton, with only three dissenting votes. The same act shredded by Barack Obama today to the applause of the new liberals, with Bernadette Loesch and others doing their best to silence free speech and all dissenters of the Obama administration, characterizing any and all who speak out as evil or racist or both.

The new liberal today is comfortable with using force, harassment and demonization to foist their views on others, whether it be religion or speech. Today's liberal wants to push people around to prevent them from speaking out about the failure of government and its assault on our individual freedoms.

I guarantee, our founders are grave rolling watching Obama and the new liberal democrats of 2014. There is no connection between the word freedom and the person known today as a liberal, no matter its Latin roots.
Tony Boutin

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