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Sometimes truth gets in the way of the left's plan for the rest of us

To The Daily Sun,

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR and other mainstream media "fifth column" lost souls will never tell you what President Barack Obama has told world leaders in private, but it is out there if you care to look it up. "There will be no comprehensive solution to Islamic terrorism until Islam reconciles itself to modernity and undergoes reform the way Christianity did". Yes, that is what has been alleged/reported that he has told world leaders in private, including the heads of state in Australia.

Well, how can that be as he continues to play the silly semantic game of telling Americans that it makes no difference what you want to call these extremists who commit acts of terror? Daniel Greenfield says that is in part because Obama and the left do not want to give United States citizens the opportunity to feel good about themselves or dare feel patriotic about our country. Because that will bring harm to the leftists lust for open borders and a further onslaught of illegal immigrants who will vote for Democrats.

Greenfield reminds us that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the left fear Brexit and Trump far more than they do the Islamic State quest for a new caliphate. That appears to be just how badly they dream of the power and control of a global community. Greenfield then gives the analogy of the week regarding Obama's comments to the world leaders: "It would be like Khrushchev explaining how communism can't work and will eventually fall apart". Well, unless we make NASA's new mission to make Muslims feel good about themselves. Or we give money, jobs and education to all the fundamentalist Muslims so that they will not despise the infidels anymore, because they will no longer be poor, impoverished an unemployed. Or unless we give Iran gobs of money so that they will no longer see the United States as the "great Satan."

What, we are already doing that? How's that working out? What, they have not yet begun to reconcile themselves to modernity? Oh right, we must get rid of the AR-15 rifles and then they will no longer do the Orlando death march on us. Why aren't more of the moderate Muslims speaking out and joining up with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and his group, The American Islamic Forum for Democracy and his quest to save the soul of Islam? Why are they siding with CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and their many front groups?

It absolutely drives the left mad when the truth gets in the way of their larger plan for the rest of us. Apparently, they are willing to break a whole lot of eggs in order to achieve their world class Marxist omelet — you know, their dream of an open borders, world wide global society where peace will reign, the seas will cease to rise and the earth will finally heal and breath free. Many on the left really believe in this utopian plan of madness and destruction. Crazy dude, crazy.

Russ Wiles

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Mr. Cracraft answers wild attacks with real logic; I admire that

To The Daily Sun,

I think Mr. Cracraft must have had a good liberal arts education. As an degreed engineer I cannot assemble my thoughts so well, and then put them down on paper.

The best I can do is plagiarize, or be safe and just say how much I admired his letter of July 5. He answers wild attacks with real logic. Too bad more of your letter writers are unable to do the same.

Here's to more well-thought-out letters.

Kent Warner

Center Harbor

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