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All GOP candidates for governor want to defund Planned Parenthood

To The Daily Sun,

When Jeb Bush had just begun flirting with a campaign for president, he said a candidate had to be willing to "lose the primary to win the general" — meaning that, if he wants to win the general election, a primary candidate could not take positions so far to the right that he ended up alienating mainstream voters.

Jeb Bush saw what had happened to Mitt Romney, whose "self-deportation" line and self-identification as a "severe conservative" put him firmly out-of-touch with the everyday voters in the 2012 campaign. He tried to stick to his moderate ideals.

Unfortunately for Jeb, that strategy is not working — in this primary, it's the most extreme candidates who are gaining.

As the 2016 New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial field grows, the risk of falling into this very same trap is increasingly likely.

For example, each of the Republican candidates for governor — Chris Sununu, Ted Gatsas, and Frank Edelblut — wants to defund Planned Parenthood. Sununu already has, casting the deciding vote to defund the women's health organization.

You'd think they'd want to keep this quiet, given that 71 percent of Granite State voters support a woman's right to choose, and many woman need this organization for general health services. But as they seek to distinguish themselves from one another, they rush to champion their far-right positions. The race to the right has begun, and, as Mitt Romney showed us in 2012, the Republicans may be left with only losers.

Joyce Weston


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As a teacher, every day I see the damage a tax cap does to schools

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter as a concerned parent of children who attend school in Laconia.

My husband and I moved here from the North Country 16 years ago. We both started our careers in the Lakes Region, me as a teacher and my husband as a firefighter in Laconia. We soon began to feel at home in this beautiful area and when it came time to settle down, we decided to buy a home in Laconia. We had confidence that our children would receive a quality education.

Our children both attend Pleasant Street School, a school that we absolutely love. Our kids have had wonderful teachers. We feel they are getting a fantastic education at PSS. They are also very involved with after school clubs, band and community sports.

My concern is that the city tax cap is going to negatively impact our community. Our children need small class sizes, they need quality educators, they need the programs that are threatened by budget cuts and they need access to the fine arts.

With that being said, one of my biggest concerns is the possible cut of the band program at the elementary level. The elementary program is the lifeline for a successful band program at the middle school and high school levels. It is proven that students who participate in band have larger vocabularies, higher academic scores and are less likely to abuse illicit substances-something our community could benefit from.

As a teacher who works in a community with a tax cap, I see the damage it does on a daily basis. We need to be a community that supports education and allows families to thrive.

Angela M. Vaillancourt


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