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Who do these people think they're kidding? They knew the rules

To The Daily Sun,

As a property owner on Smith Meeting Road, facing the meeting house on one side of my land, and facing the two properties across the street owned by the Hubers, I am alarmed at the proposal by my neighbors that want to take two houses out of the Historic District. One is a classic homestead style that has had some revisions in the past, and one is a reproduction of a 1790's federal house.

The owner suggests that we should take 22+ acres out of the district, which will then let him build any shape or size building allowed in the rest of the town. We will never know what will end up there, but certainly plastic clapboards and steel roof Quonset huts, if built, will deter from the visual harmony as one drives toward the Smith Meeting House area. Mr. Huber's complaint about the town administration aside, all he has to do is go to the commission and ask for a permit to reconstruct his older house using the materials and design that would have been used on this old house, he has not yet done so.

Another neighbor down the road, Mr.Gardner, never even bothered to get a building permit. He just went ahead and built a six-foot high plastic fence, which isn't remotely what a fence would be made out of even in the year his house was built. When the Historic District Commission gave Mr. Gardner almost a year to take the fence down or replace it with an appropriate fence, he ignored the commission beyond the designated deadline. Nice neighbor, huh?

Why do these people think they're kidding? They take their properties out of the district, anything goes. We shouldn't reward people for breaking the rules and violating the law. They knew when they bought these properties that these regulations were in place. Vote NO on Article 5 and Article 6.

Karen Acton


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As a selectman, Karen Ober is a friend to all Sanbornton residents

To The Daily Sun,

Please vote for Karen Ober for selectman of the town of Sanbornton. Karen is dedicated to the employees, taxpayers, citizens, and hard-working to the benefit of the town. Karen has a genuine love for Sanbornton.

As health officer I have enjoyed working with Karen as she involves herself in all town issues. Karen is also a good friend, but as selectman she is a friend to all. I am proud of her record in the past and we need her expertise in the future.

Bill Tobin


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