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Fingers were crossed when Hathaway House promise was made?

To The Daily Sun,

As I passed the Dunkin' Donuts on Union Ave. today, I saw a picket line, saying how Dunkin' Donuts had lied to the city of Laconia. Not too long ago, questioning how one Dunkin' Donuts gave a senior citizen discount and the rest did not, I was told that all six of the local DD stores were not owned by the same person. So, even as I applaud the sign carriers, it is NOT Duncin' Donuts that lied to the city, tt was the owner of the Dunkin' Donuts on Union Ave. that did the lying so that he could open his new store across the street.

Let that be a lesson to all. In this day of greed, a simple handshake or giving his/her word, meant that you had your fingers crossed behind your back as you promised to do what was right, In this case, fixing up the old Hathaway House.
As I try and tell people, there is only one thing that can never be taken away from you and that is your word. Once you throw that away on your own, you will never get it back.

Bev Buker


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Don't expand Medicaid; every program ends up costing much more

To The Daily Sun,

Governor Maggie Hassan has called for a special session of the N.H. Legislature on November 21, to consider expanding Medicaid in N.H. The federal government is offering free money now so they will be able to control us in the future. Once we get hooked on federal government money they will stop funding it and N.H. citizens will be left holding the bill. We will then be forced to raise property taxes or began a sales tax or N.H. income tax to pay for the expansion.

Look at the government track record concerning food stamps. More people are on food stamps than ever before resulting in a class dependent on the government. Every government program ends up costing much more than predicted. Obamacare was supposed to save people $1,500 a year on health insurance, now they're predicting an increase of $2,900 for most families each year. Please tell Governor Maggie Hassan and our N.H. Legislature that we cannot afford to expand Medicaid in N.H. Do this right away because they may vote on this next Thursday.

William Nelson
North Sandwich

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I should be able to express views without attracting vicious attack

To The Daily Sun,
Last week, Bev Buker wrote a wonderful, thought-provoking letter. She spoke of giving thanks for all of our many blessings. She also lamented the "calling the kettle black" that happens daily in this forum. Bev takes great enjoyment in her senior companions. She feels that we should feel fortunate if we're not struggling to heat our homes and afford to feed ourselves. She reminded me that some folks have to eat cat food to survive.
I am fortunate to be able to volunteer at a local charitable organization. This facility provides tremendous support to the community. It is an all volunteer organization. Many of these volunteers are senior citizens. Some are on fixed incomes. Each week, they donate their time to help others. These folks are an inspiration to us all. There are staggering needs in this community.
Wouldn't it be remarkable if we could stop throwing mud and venom at everyone who disagrees with us? As a Democrat, I happen to support health care for all. I also support expanding Medicaid. I'm also appalled at $100 million being cut from the food stamp program,
These are my views. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I should, however, be able to express these views — as an American citizen — without being subjected to a vicious personal attack. Instead of mudslinging and bludgeoning, can't we use this forum to find common ground and maybe — just maybe, find some solutions and help for those who need it?
Happy Thanksgiving.
June M. Huot

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Dessert Auction is critical fundraiser for Hands Across the Table

To The Daily Sun,

Need Thanksgiving desserts? Please consider attending our Dessert Auction this coming Sunday at the Beane Conference Center on Blueberry Lane Laconia from 3 to 5 p.m.. Scores of beautiful desserts will be offered via a live auction led by PK Zyla. Admission is a canned good or non-perishable food item. Refreshments will be served.
This is a critical fundraiser for Hands Across the Table which offers a free hot meal each and every Tuesday night at the Boys and Girls Club complex (formerly St. James Church). HATT's mission is "To feed all who are hungry in body and spirit. We do so willingly and with compassion and understanding."
For more information regarding Hands Across the Table or to make a donation please call 524-5800.
Debbie Frawley Drake,

HATT Board Member


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Your contributions to Liberty House were received with gratitude

To The Daily Sun,

We want to thank all the caring people who answered our appeal and donated to Liberty House. Thanks to your generosity we delivered two truckloads and a car full of sleeping bags and warm clothing for our homeless veterans. Please know that your contributions were received with gratitude.

Thank you again for helping our homeless veterans stay warmer this winter. We want you to know how much your thoughtfulness and donations were appreciated.

Liz & Bev Lapham

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