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Painting people you don't agree with a 'bad' is politics at its worst

To The Daily Sun,

As an elected official, I am totally dismayed to read Commissioner Philpot's latest diatribe against the majority in the Belknap County Delegation. "These are bad people looking to do bad things...".

Wow. What a value judgement! Speaking for myself, I can tell you I DO NOT "want to kill government, want government to go away." Rather, I want government to be accountable to the people, open and transparent, and not the bloated abomination it has turned into. Whether it is about government spying, IRS scandals, birthing hopeless deficits which take away the future of our youth, then yes, I am not about BIG CORRUPT government. I believe in small, accountable government. Does this make me "bad"? I don't think so.

What is "bad" (for lack of a better word) is power-mongering in the extreme. Arrogance is pretty "bad" as well. Divisiveness is "bad" on my list, too. And all three of these words are what I think of when I read Commissioner Philpot's "bad" statement.

The Belknap County Delegation majority level funded our current budget. No jobs were cut. The majority is seeking definition of what NH RSA 24:14 really means so future delegations know how to proceed with the budget process. The majority in this delegation seeks to support the taxpayers of Belknap County whenever spending seems inappropriate, especially in these difficult times. Everyone may not agree with these ideals, and that is fine. But, trying to paint people who do not agree as "bad" is politics of the worse sort. One only has to wonder why Commissioner Philpot would resort to it.

Rep. Jane Cormier
Belknap District 8
Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton


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If you find yourself in trouble in water, try to conserve energy

To The Daily Sun,

I am passing along some critical information that just might help someone avoid adding to the growing list of local drowning accidents. I gathered this information over 20 years ago while serving as the Safety Officer for the N.H. Wing of The Civil Air Patrol. At that time, I received several monthly national safety type information packages and presented some excerpts, from one of them, at one of our monthly meetings. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original documents so I will just summarize the information, as I remember it, here.
Basically, unless a medical problem, or an incapacitating injury leads to the drowning, physical exhaustion ALWAYS precedes it. This is accelerated by hypothermia, fear, panic and the struggle to stay afloat. Now here is the good part to practice and remember if needed. You must conserve as much energy as possible to extend the time for your rescue. One way to do this is to get comfortable doing what we used to call the "dead man's float". I know that doesn't sound too good, but it is merely just relaxing and hanging suspended in the water with even your face under water. Raise your head and take a deep breath when needed and you will be surprised how long that you can do this. It will give you some time for help to arrive or if you are on your own, time to think of the best escape plan. If you must swim for shore, stop and rest this way before it is too late, then continue swimming. If you are in any kind of a current, go with it and angle toward land. My father made me practice this and obviously the best time to learn it is before you actually need it. Try it, it just might save the old bacon some day.
Salt water is a whole 'nother ballgame and I don't know enough about it . My only advice is that unless you are a very strong swimmer and are aware of the effect of cold water on your body, be like me and keep your feet planted on the bottom while playing in the surf. (Usually for a very short time.) Stay safe and enjoy our lakes and streams.
Donald Lockwood


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Laconia City Council must be all right-wing fanatics, too

To The Daily Sun,

Hokum: 1.) something purportedly impressive or legitimate but actually untrue or insincere; 2.) a stock technique for eliciting a desired response from an audience.

Philpot should be ashamed but seems too arrogant to understand the limitations of his perspective (see July 19 article in the LDS). Incidentally,
I received a copy today of a July 15 letter from the elected officialdom of Laconia and addressed to the Belknap commissioners. It asked the commissioners to do what was affordable for the people of Laconia. They are most likely right wing fanatics as much as the Belknap delegation.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5



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$238,820 in college scholarship funds were distributed this year

To The Daily Sun,

Since its founding in 1956, the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation has awarded over 4.6 million dollars to more than 4,300 students pursuing higher education. The foundation is merely the conduit. Five hundred donors or donor funds (not including the thousands who have contributed to specific memorial funds or special fundraisers over the years) deserve the credit for this impressive record of helping local students continue their education and fulfill their career goals. We also wish to recognize the more than 150 volunteer board members for their service and strong commitment to the foundation and our community over the years.

On behalf of our current board of dedicated trustees and staff, our congratulations and best wishes to the 308 scholarship recipients and our heartfelt appreciation to the 214 donors who made it possible for the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation to award a total of $238,820 this year. Almost half of these funds were awarded to 2013 graduates, who may be eligible to reapply throughout their college years. The majority of our awards are restricted by donors for graduates of Laconia, Gilford or Belmont High Schools, which would include residents of Canterbury and Gilmanton — or — for residents of Belmont, Gilford or Laconia, but there are exceptions listed in our website. For instance, Belknap County residents majoring in medical or environmental fields of study.

"If anyone would like a copy of our 2013 Donor Recognition Booklet or our newsletter, please contact us at 527-3533 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may also check our website at www.lrscholarship.org.

Joan Cormier

Executive Director

Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation


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Blacks will be needlessly killed out of simple, irrational fear

To The Daily Sun,

George Zimmerman's acquittal on murder charges have been followed by the predictable calls for America to have a national conversation on this or that aspect of the case. Obama wants to talk about gun control. Civil rights leaders want to talk about racial profiling and others want to discuss how the American criminal justice system supposedly targets blacks.
That's all well and good but don't expect any honest conclusions. Liberals love to talk about racial issues seeing it as a political tool. Hypocrisy and lack of character knows no bounds with the progressives. But in practice they ignore everything relevant. Any open discussion about race and criminality in this country would start with a review of the most disturbing facts. To start with, blacks represent 13 percent of the population, yet over the past 30 years have committed more than 50 percent of all murders in the U.S. The black arrest rate for most offenses including robbery and assault are 35 to 65 percent higher than their representation in the population. 90 percent of all black murders are committed by other blacks.
High rates of black violence in late 20th Century to the present are a matter of historical record. They are not the imagination of some bigot. These trends of horrific violence peaked not in the age of Jim Crow as liberal wonks would have you believe but in the modern America. Not in the south as you might expect, but in the north. Committed not in the age of segregation but in the decades that saw the rise of civil rights for African Americans with blacks in control of many large, city governments. From the 1970s to the present, many municipalities from Chicago to Detroit to Cleveland have often been under black control with black mayors and police chiefs. The liberal, left, loonies want to blame every black murder by a white on racial animus. The homicide rates of blacks is 700 percent higher than whites and the George Zimmerman's of this world are not the reason.
In 1961 the GREAT Martin Luther King regaled a large audience saying "Negros are 10 percent of the city of St. Louis and are responsible for 58 percent of it's crimes. We have to face that. And we have to do something about our moral standards. We know there are many things wrong in the white world but there are many things wrong in the black world too. We can't keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do ourselves". Nothing has changed since reverend King gave that eloquent speech more than half century ago.
In the light of these statistics, almost any white person accused of murdering a black person — unless there is an eyewitness or forensic evidence like DNA that assures a slam dunk case (which there seldom is) will be acquitted by simply saying "It was night, there was a black man in a hooded sweat shirt within 20 feet of me moving strangely, I feared for my life". Given the American legal systems high threshold FOR CONVICTION of guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, how could any juror knowing the facts I told you be able to get past the words REASONABLE DOUBT in a circumstantial case. Obtaining any conviction will be near impossible given the burden of the law and the conscience of jurors. Blacks will be needlessly and senselessly killed out of simple, irrational fear (and are) — BY STATISTICS that scare others to act out of fear, shooting first and asking questions later. Young, Trayvon Martin is just the latest, tragic victim (statistic) in a very long line of sad statistics that only worsen. While the liberal lizards of the lefts only intent in the death of young Martin is to stir up racial animus in hopes of buying a vote.

Tony Boutin


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