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Why jeopardize the safety of source of 3 towns drinking water

To The Daily Sun,

I speak in favor of Warrant Article 2 to Protect Our Drinking water (aquifer) from further development in the Industrial Zone in the Town of Belmont. Although, this article is not supported by the town, I am appalled that it is not supported. Here is why.

Our drinking water is a valuable resource. Why jeopardize the safety of others when it clearly can be protected by not allowing businesses and the like to place hazardous materials near or around our water system? Are we just waiting for an accident to occur before we stand up and stop this? As it will more than likely be too late to pick up the pieces, pieces that no insurance carrier can cover, what then taxpayers to the rescue?

The aquifer travels down Laconia Road (Rte. 106 North) onto Depot Street (Route 140 West) into Tilton/Northfield. Not only does Belmont need this valuable resource, but Tilton/Northfield are totally reliant upon the water source as well. Yet we have businesses such as a bus company who has fuel tanks placed upon it, a business operating a solid waste facility increasing in size, and many others with underground storage tanks for fuel and hazardous waste generators. Seems everyone is turning their cheeks for the almighty dollar in the town of Belmont.

Industrial land is profitable on tax rolls, safety is not. Seems to me the message being sent here is lives don't matter. These facilities are randomly monitored by the state, as it does not have enough employees to regularly monitor such facilities throughout the state. The town of Belmont does water testing regularly. But how long does it take or how much material does it take to reach the first pumping station? How long does a spill go unnoticed, or unreported before it contaminates the aquifer? One slip in human error, and thousands will be effected.

I will vote "Yes" on Warrant Article 2 to prohibit all industrial uses in the Aquifer and Ground Water Protection District.

Diane Marden

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Hart's gracious to host fundraiser for friends of Meredith Library

To The Daily Sun,

The Friends of the Meredith Library held a fundraising event at Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant on Feb. 9.

We are very grateful to Russ Hart and Sim Willey for their generosity and kindness in hosting the fun-filled evening, which was a wonderful success. Fifty percent of each Friend of the Meredith Library's dinner bill was donated back to the organization.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Meredith Public Library in many ways. We provide funds for adult and children's reading programs, passes to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Castle in the Clouds and various museums, ancestry and genealogy programs, guest speakers from the New Hampshire Humanities Council and other programs.

Beverly Heyduk

Barbara Brann

Friends of Meredith Library

Fundraising Committee

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