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Look around & you might see something positive for a change

To The Daily Sun,

How much more criticism are you planning to put in print? Do you really enjoy spending a good portion of your lives in the delight of critiquing anything and everything concerning President Obama, his administration and the Democrats in general? Are you not satisfied to just live your comfortable lives in peace and harmony with others?

Each and every week the readers of The Laconia Daily Sun and other publications are "treated" to the same ole diatribe and rhetoric of negativity, denial, refusal, unfavorable, and just downright resistance to seeing both sides of any and all issues.

Are you for once able to engage in an intelligent cohesive discussion which gives us actual facts and figures? You go from one issue to another with regularity. Are you happy raking up more negativity than one can handle? It is more than frustrating, and mind numbing to read your daily rants.

Please, for the sake of the readership, take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine and this coming spring to come with relish. Life is so very short. We don't know how much time any of us have to enjoy life on this earth. The planet that belongs to all of us. Use your time to try and come out of your collective shells. Look around you, you just might see and do something positive for a change.

Oh, and wouldn't that be truly wonderful for a change of pace.

Bernadette Loesch


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Based on personal experience, I tend to believe negative ACA stories

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is written in response to Stanley Wallerstein's letter of March 24.

Yes, I am glad I was able to negotiate my way to find a new health policy that covers my continued visits to Dana-Farber in Boston. Thanks for setting me straight. However, it did not have to happen. The time and anxiety caused by this fiasco was unnecessary. I am glad also that you were able to buy insurance at some significant savings for you. Congratulations! I was not as fortunate, my costs remain similar.

Senator Shaheen, as you may know, cast the deciding vote for Obamacare and she among all people should have foreseen the chaos to small businesses in her state that would result. Remember, the only reason we lost our coverage was that my wife's small business, according to Obamacare, could no longer buy group insurance with only one employee. Obamacare insists small businesses have at least two employees in order to buy group policies. So we lost our insurance, which was never some cheap policy, only because of this Obamacare stipulation. Thanks, Senator.

I do not know the numbers, but surely there must be thousands of single-employee businesses in New Hampshire. An informed senator must have known this. So either Ms. Shaheen knew these numbers and decided to vote for it for some other more nefarious reason, or she didn't know these numbers and the ignorance is even worse. Most probably, she never read the bill for which she was the deciding vote which seems the worst of all three.

Speaking of numbers, because of Obamacare, we were thrown out of our policy and had to buy a new one. I am sure we, like the over 6 million who lost their policies, have been included among the 7 or 8 million people who have signed up for new policies. What then is the true net of newly insured? It seems like 1 or 2 million (7 or 8 minus 6) is the likely number. Really, the whole system had to be blown up for 1 million or 2 million at the cost of untold trillions? Far cheaper would have been to cut the 2 million a check for $10,000 each, that would be $20 billion or less than 1 percent of the 3 trillion dollar estimates I have heard.

Would it not have been easier to: 1. Put all the poor on Medicaid immediately. 2. Allow doctors to deduct from their income, treatment for the poor. 3. Create an interstate market place for health insurance, allowing more competition. In New Hampshire only Anthem exists on the exchange.

I am not a member of any Republican PAC. However based on my personal experience I tend to believe what little negative press coverage exists.

I would be happy to discuss this with Mr. Wallerstein personally. I would be pleased to treat us both to coffee at the location of his choice!

Tom Garrity


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Please understand the difference between heartache & hatred

To The Daily Sun,

After participating in an open feed for WMUR on Facebook yesterday, in reference to the upcoming Lafond trial, I want to make known that it is most definitely the defense attorney's job to find loopholes and defend the accused to the best of his ability. That is our justice system.

I most feel compelled to offer my condolences to the victims family and friends. What a horrible tragedy for all involved. I'm sure my attempt to console such a huge void doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

As jury selection and the trial are finally approaching, I'm sure its like reliving this nightmare over.

As I was reading the posted comments, I became disgusted. As people, like myself, who don't even know you, spit fire, plant seeds of hatred, animosity, and bitterness. As if to publicly degrade and stone the accused makes the situation go away or any easier to deal with for the ones who are affected firsthand.

Please don't take my words out of context, or think that in anyway I would attempt to try and lessen your pain or the seriousness of what took place that tragic day. But there is a difference between heartache and hatred.

My hope and prayers are with you as you grieve daily. I'm sure the pain will never go away. But I pray your options of learning to cope only get stronger with time. You unavoidably have a huge void, that I pray is pacified in the days to come with loving, encouraging, positive people. As there is undeniably a force that wants to contend for that void, bitterness and anger is like taking poison and waiting for someone else to die. And all too often deceives us to be our hurt and pain. That is something I do know about.

Also, keeping in mind that Lily was a sweet young girl, she would not want the ones she loves to be driven by those reckless forces or negatively influenced by so much hate. So seek sanctuary, and refuge away from those who would only make it harder and make it harder to find healing and peace. After this tragedy, where everyone lost you are most deserving of life abundantly. I happen to know there are healthy, loving people in the community who would embrace you and walk this healing journey in a positive way.
Best wishes and prayers in your days ahead.

Kendra Peters

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Creation stories are a matter of faith & can't be proven by science

To The Daily Sun,

In his response to a recent letter I wrote about how I think creation "science" should not be taught as fact or as an "alternative theory" in American public school science classes, John Demakowski described much of what I wrote as "baloney." Yes, Mr. Demakowski, that is the perfect word to use in an honest debate or discussion when you disagree with someone.

Mr. Demakowski does not seem to get the overall point of my letter. I said, in effect, that people of faith can believe in both a Creator and evolution and the fact that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Personally, I never saw the conflict. Nor do many other people of faith, including many Christians. But, a Creator or "intelligent design," while perhaps true, is not something that scientists can prove. Is a matter of faith or philosophy, not science.

Perhaps both faith and science are important, but they are very different. Personally, I would prefer to believe that there is an overall plan and meaning to the universe and to the human condition, but I cannot prove that in a laboratory. Scientists can explain the evolution of life and the origins universe all the way back to the Big Bang without God.

That does not mean that there is not a God or a "first cause," but this cannot be proven empirically. In fact, real scientists will tell you that no one can prove anything prior to the Big Bang. Again, as I said before, these creation stories do belong in public schools, but they do not belong in science classes because they are a matter of faith and belief, not things that can be proven by science. They belong in humanities, philosophy, and literature classes.

Mr. Demakowski may think I have never read the Bible. Actually, I have read it many times and even have some formal academic background in religion and theology. Even St. Paul said that faith is belief in something "not seen" or provable. So, Mr. Demakowski, do you think that perhaps even St. Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament, might actually agree with me?

Toward the end of his letter, Mr. Demakowski quoted Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew (24:9): "Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name." Perhaps I misunderstood him but he seems to imply that what I (and others) have said about this somehow amounts to some sort of "persecution" of Christians.

Are you kidding? I know that the Christian Right likes to rant about an ongoing "persecution" of evangelical and fundamentalist Christians but in reality, they enjoy much more religious freedom here than they do in most other countries, including other democracies. They are allowed to worship freely, collect millions of dollars through televangelists, get tax exemptions for their churches, strongly influence political and social discourse, and even to have their own schools (where, even in states where corporal punishment is outlawed in public schools, students can still be paddled). How is that "persecution?"

In the USA, parents are often even allowed to "opt out" their kids from receiving vaccinations for "religious" reasons even at a risk to health. One could make an argument that conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists have too much influence in the USA. They support political candidates, including members of public school boards who will support their unconstitutional attempts to control taxpayer-funded public education. And, this is not only in science classes. In Texas, they want to rewrite the history textbooks to support their ideologies. In many schools, especially in the South, they have outlawed comprehensive sex education and replaced it with "abstinence only" sex education (often with "slut-shaming", Christian outside speakers) which is based on the "logical" premise that if you tell teenagers over and over that they should not do something, they will not do it.

E. Scott Cracraft


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Laconia's sidewalks are in bad shape and need to be fixed

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing about Laconia's sidewalks. They are bad.

I fell the other day walking along a sidewalk in downtown.

Something needs to be done. The sidewalks should be fixed before someone else falls. The city needs to spend the money it gets on the sidewalks and fix them and make them better to walk on.

Debra Davis


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