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Goal is to supplement Christmas for as many children as we can

To The Daily Sun,

The Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund has received a wonderful opportunity to raise money for our organization. On Thursday, Nov. 12, customers enjoying a great meal at Lavinia's in Center Harbor, will also be helping our Fund. Ten percent of the price of their meal will go to us.

Our goal is to supplement the Christmas of as many children as we can, from Meredith, Center Harbor and Sandwich. Please help us help them by joining us at Lavinia's.

Jan Joslin, Secretary

Inter-Lakes Children's Fund

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Can't handle diversity? Than flea to a the bomb shelter you've built

To The Daily Sun,

It's good to see that one simple letter to the editor can provoke such an overwhelming response. The point of all my letters has been lost in a political implosion. Every time a person from another country or different color is mentioned in the articles that I respond to they are branded a terrorist, a freeloader or an illegal drug dealer/rapist. I'm only interested in equal rights and making sure that every person on this planet has the same rights as the person he/she is standing next to. This is what I want to teach my children.

Do I really think that I might make one bit of difference? Probably not. But I have plenty of time to stir the pot. These Syrian people are running from horrors that you and I couldn't even want to imagine. When I'm in a more stable, secure situation than someone else, it's almost my obligation to help out; to lend a hand. That's what humanity is all about. Being human. At least that's what I think.

Could I afford to take one refugee into my house? I don't think I could, but the fact that I would is enough for me. These people, or these families have a right to a better life. Will it be in the Untied States? Who knows. Maybe it should be though since you think that Obama is to blame for this and everything else wrong in your life. It just needs to be somewhere.

I'm from New Hampshire but have lived down on the North Shore of Massachusetts for the last five years. Maybe you just don't know what's going on or maybe you're to scared to admit it. It's not just black and white any more. There is such a multiracial society south of our border and it grows bigger and stronger every day. Eventually these people, many whom I call my friends, will realize what they're missing and they will move north and become your neighbor. I can only hope that you will make them feel welcome because they have every right to feel that way. Most likely not though because you'll see it as your property value going down and your taxes going up because you suddenly have a non-white living next to you who most likely will need some kind of public assistance because, God forbid, that they might be able to fend for themselves.

If you can't handle it maybe you should flee to the bomb shelter that you've built in your back yard just for this occasion. I'm sorry that you feel you have to bring politics into the fold. This was not my intention. My political views are mine and surely not yours and it really has nothing to do with this anyway. The biggest change I've noticed in my life over the last 20 years is the color of the people around me. Now I can either embrace that or I can run and hide from it. I was brought up to embrace it. This is what I'm teaching my children.

If you have some time maybe I could give you a lesson too. This is my opinion and nothing else. I live in a country where I have the right to voice it and I thank The Laconia Daily Sun for publishing it. I'm not forcing it down anyone's throat or insisting that you agree. It's what I feel is right. Mr. Wiles, the only thing you missed was you should have written your letter for the Halloween edition of The Sun because it is one of the most horrifying things I have ever read.

Todd Welch

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