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Selectmen decide not to share rough draft minutes; problem solved

To The Daily Sun,

During their last meeting, the Sanbornton Board of Selectmen (BOS) spent 10 to 15 minutes debating a $48 request for a post office box for one of the town's departments. They unanimously funded the request, but "because things are a little tight," not until after July 1, when money from the FY 2017 budget would be available.

Interestingly, two weeks ago the BOS granted the fire chief a $1,000 pay increase in spite of the fact that raises for town employees, including the fire chief, were voted down at this year's Town Meeting. Forty eight dollars delayed, "because things are a little tight, but $1,000 for the fire chief is okayed. These two actions seem to be at odds with one another.

Also of interest is how the BOS, at their May 4 meeting, responded to two residents complaining about how they were treated in the "rough draft" minutes of the March 16 meeting. The BOS decided they could eliminate these types of complaints in the future by no longer distributing copies of the "rough draft" minutes. Just proves there is a solution to every problem if you just look hard enough.

Roger Grey

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Our town is better for Bill Gage having made choice to live here

To The Daily Sun,

I was saddened to learn recently that Dr. Bill Gage had passed away.

Dr. Gage had already been in practice in Laconia for 25 years when I arrived here in 1985. He was "old school"... a pleasant and kind man to deal with as a colleague, always quick with a joke but professional and an excellent surgeon. He always treated me kindly even though I was a wet-behind-the-ears newbie in town.

Dr. Gage practiced here for nearly 40 years, a span that I have to really admire, having made it to 31 years myself. Many of our friends and neighbors are alive now due to having been under the care of those who have left us — men like Bill Gage and his friend Elliott Hastings.

Our town is much the better for their choice to have lived and worked here in Laconia. I just want us all to remember all the now-retired or passed nurses and doctors and all their sacrifices.

John M. Grobman, M.D.


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