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It's time to stop allowing the killing of unborn babies, join us

To The Daily Sun,

Have you seen the videos exposing Planned Parenthood's gruesome business practices? With a legal right to end the life of any unborn child, it is not surprising that profiteers find ways to make money from this shameful trade. The Planned Parenthood videos, 11 of them thus far, show how callous and deadened is the moral compass of the people involved in the business of aborting babies. They totally ignore the humanity of these little ones, and their humanity itself is the exact reason that their body parts and organs are so valuable.

On Jan. 20, we were 47 pilgrims who left for the great March For Life in Washington, D.C., to witness for the rights of unborn persons. Sadly, by Friday morning the blizzard, expected to be the worst in history to hit Washington, D.C., had accelerated and forced us to leave for home before the March started.

Although we never got to actually march, we had all Thursday to attend outstanding seminars and panel discussions. It was so inspiring and invigorating to hear these young professionals passionately talk about using truth, courage, and love in fighting this holocaust. We heard a great talk from David Daleiden, the young man who created the Planned Parenthood videos. He said that in college he attended the Walk For Life in San Francisco, and that experience, and what he learned there left a profound mark on him. When he graduated, David decided that he wanted to really make a difference. He gave up three years of his life developing and implementing a plan to expose the abortion trade for what it actually is and does. He told of actually liking these people he was unmasking, in spite of what awful stuff they were doing. That struck me as exactly what we're commanded to do as Christians: love the sinner, but hate the sin. I think that is why he was so successful; he genuinely cared for the people working in this trade — a trade that he so profoundly abhorred.

One of the pro-life speakers in D.C. likened the unborn child to a slave, who is at the whim and mercy of its owner, his/her mother — without the protection of law. It's time for people of good will to get involved ... it's time to stop allowing the killing of unborn babies. Join us in this life-saving abolitionist movement. It's time.

Theresa Gorey

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Bureaucrats control much more of our lives than health care

To The Daily Sun,

James Madison understood our government would become a great power for good ... or for evil. Fearing the power of government, our Constitution restricted the enormous and coercive powers of government by adding a number of provisions within our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In fact the U.S. Constitution most likely would not have stood if the Bill of Rights had not been added.

Separating the power between the Executive branch, Congress and the Supreme Court was the paramount focus of the Constitution. To paraphrase the Constitution, Congress makes laws and has the power of the purse. The president is the executive responsible for enforcement of the laws passed by Congress, and the court is the independent arbiter. The clear intent was for each entity to have a separate power that would also counteract an abuse of power by another arm of our government.

In America today, our government bureaucracies, which are part of the executive branch, issue thousands of rules and regulations impacting every American. Our governmental bureaucracies have become very powerful. They can be very harmful to our society and our individual freedom. Rule by bureaucrats is coercive, expensive, undemocratic, unanswerable to voters, economically damaging, corrupting and violates our Constitution. Specifically rule by bureaucracy violates the separation of powers.

The secrecies, coercions, deceits and expenses of Obamacare are examples of rule by bureaucracy. Hillary Clinton's health care reform of the 1990s failed because it was too complex and Congress had to make too many tough decisions. Tom Daschle a former majority leader of the Senate wrote a book calling for Congress to pass general concepts and to empower a federal health-care board of experts to make difficult decisions. Congress has done just that.

In 2010, Congress and the president followed Daschle's advice passing a plainly unconstitutional directive of health insurance for everyone. Obamacare transferred enormous legislative powers to the Health and Human Services bureaucrats to make rules and regulations. The bureaucrats mandated the types of insurance policies, levels of coverages, eligibilities, procedures, doctors, hospitals, reimbursements, taxes and more. An army of bureaucrats are in command and control of the health care of America and 1/6th of our economy.

Dangerously, bureaucrats control much more of our lives than health care. From ethanol to the Internet to rain water, bureaucrats have oversight and control. Last year in the United States, there were 82,035 pages of proposed and finalized rules published by our federal agencies. At the same time, Congress passed 87 bills in 2015. Annually the federal bureaucracy enacts about 100 times as many new rules. That's a problem.

The federal bureaucracy has placed a regulatory burden upon American society and businesses that is complex, conflicted, and crushing. Little accountability exists when agencies, rather than Congress, enact the real substance of the law. It is time to reign in this abuse of power and process.

Cruzin' with Ted

Marc Abear


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