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Justin Barriault's approach to issues thoughtful & well planned

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this as a concerned resident of Sanbornton. We have owned our home on Burleigh Hill Road since 1991. In that time, I have come to know Justin Barriault, current candidate for the Budget Committee, as a knowledgeable, responsible and caring citizen of this community. His approach to neighborhood issues has always been thoughtful and well planned. His concern regarding an outbreak of house invasions resulted in his establishing a Neighborhood Watch Committee.

It has been my experience that when confronted with a problem, Justin responds in a positive manner keeping his focus on a solution. I believe that Justin would do an exemplary job on the Budget Committee and that the town of Sanbornton would benefit greatly from his dedication and determination.

Carol Levesque

Robert Levesque


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I wish George would check his facts before making accusations

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, I would like to thank George Condodemetraky for perverting the facts regarding the pavilion and bridge projects in Belmont.

I am gobsmacked by his insinuation that it was all done secretly and that it cost taxpayers money. These two issues were addressed publicly and funding for the pavilion and part of the bridge project were covered by a grant. Volunteers were used whenever/wherever possible. (The second part of the bridge project will be funded by the Conservation Commission and with donations.)

Some of us put our time and efforts into constructive activities to better the town rather than run it down with unfounded accusations and innuendos. I did not see George help(ing) to build Penstock Park, all done by volunteer citizens. He also was absent when we disassembled the covered bridge that we purchased from Dover for $1, or when we moved it to Belmont.

The pavilion was discussed publicly and it was determined that it would be a wonderful addition to the village, providing covered space for a myriad of functions. The whole revitalization project was done to make the Village District more attractive, functional and to encourage more citizen activities to take place there.

I understand that George is running, once again, for selectman and has decided that these issues will be the platform he intends to use to win. I wish that he would check his facts before he publicly insinuates wrongdoing and clandestine activities.

Best of luck George...

Ken Knowlton


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