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Voters should know that Kathy Lauer Rago is closed-minded bully

To The Daily Sun,

Voters should know a little about Kathy Lauer Rago, who is challenging Andrew Hosmer for the state Senate.

Kathy has no interest in the Lakes Region. She is a rubber stamp for the Tea Party in Franklin. When she was on the school board there she tried to dismantle the school system. She would do the same if she were a senator and decimate funding and education in New Hampshire. I personally got to know Ms. Rago while I lived in Franklin and she was a closed-minded bully. We don't need more bullies in office. We need people willing to work responsibly, across the aisle, able to work with others to enable New
Hampshire to move forward, not backward. Old failed policies are inadequate for this decade. We need intelligent policy and bright ideas on how to teach our children and to help the elderly, the sick and people that need jobs.

This letter may sound like a personal attack, but she attacked my family (and all LGBT families in New Hampshire) while she ran for state representative. She is an opportunist looking for a stepping stone to advance her personal agenda, not looking out for the interests of the people of Laconia and the Lakes Region.

Where was she when Franklin had a job fair? The only candidate I saw looking to help people and to make sure that he was there to facilitate problem-solving was Andrew Hosmer. Andrew has a proven record and has worked for all New Hampshire families. He is reachable. I don't know a person that he has not helped when they needed it from him. We need world-class leaders, not minions for a narrow agenda.

A vote for Kathy Lauer Rago is a vote to dismantle New Hampshire and the progress we have made as a community. It is a vote to bring the extremist circus to Concord. I cannot in good conscience or with any concern for my state vote for
someone so lacking in vision and the qualities required of a state senator. I urge all voters of District 7 to reject a return to the bad old days.

Please vote to send Andrew Hosmer back to Concord where he will continue working for all of us.

Carlos Cardona


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I do know that the heart of God is for our kids & for our families

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to respond to the letter to the editor that was titled, "5-year-old kept from One Voice cast because parents aren't married." Grace Capital Church was mentioned, yet we do not have any leadership or oversight with the ministry called One Voice.

I do not know what took place between One Voice and this family, as there are always two sides to any story. I do know that the heart of God is for our kids and our families in the Lakes Region.

God is always about restoration. His heart is to see broken lives restored, hurting marriages renewed, and fractured families healed.

I know we live in a culture today where it very common to experience hurts and brokenness. Many times this is complicated and out of our control and many times this comes with a process to know how to move forward.

I know with confidence that Grace Capital Church is a place where people can experience love, acceptance and forgiveness as we explore how God wants us to live our lives.

All of us have experienced hurts in our lives and I am thankful that Jesus brings restoration.

BTW ... I am still a work in progress.

Mark Warren, Pastor

Grace Capital Church


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