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Sanbornton already has 2nd highest tax rate & we're going for #1

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton be aware! Our selectmen and budget committees are preparing our budget for next year, and they are looking to take more out of our purses. We already have the second highest tax rate in Belknap County, and they are pushing to make us No. 1.

New Hampshire is growing older, and according to The Daily Sun, the number of deaths exceeded the number of births by 401 between 2010 and 2014. Sanbornton is not growing, either. Out of seven listed businesses in our town, the town employees are among the highest number, with 25. Our state aid is decreasing, while at the same time we are adding expenses for previous state-owned roads, and the state now requires towns to print automobile registration forms, which adds to our expenses.

We are not a rich town, the median household income is $69,861, the median male salary $51,591, and female salary is $42,031.
The town tax portion of the 2015-2016 budget increased 57 percent. That increase would have been more except for our rainy day fund, which is now below the state recommended minimum.

The upcoming town budget proposes increases across the board, which will all be lumped into the warrant. If Sanbornton were a business, we'd be going out of business.

The problem is voter apathy. Do you know where your money is going? Is it going for wants or needs? We have to put a stop to runaway expenses for a small town. Where does it end? Some are never happy. It's always more, more.

We would like to have the budget broken out for town meeting so we the voters can decide pay raises, and increases in services and staff that result in an increased cost to the town.

There is a petition to the selectmen going around the neighborhoods, asking the selectmen to break out the above items and place them as separate warrant articles to be voted on during the March 6, 2016, town meeting. If you see that petition, you will understand what it is, and sign it happily, to stop these crazy increases in our taxes.

Please save the date of town meeting and attend. Last year there were 164 people at the meeting, which means the majority of 83 people decided the major tax items for the entire town. Let's try to do better this year with attendance.

Peggy Graham

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Mr. Veverka picked a single study out of thousands available

To The Daily Sun,

To Diana Pope, communications manager

Deepest apologies for putting a dash between the t and the H in WalletHub.

As for my skills in fact checking, you are correct that I am not a professional fact checker nor did I say or imply that WalletHub's facts of studies were in any way at fault or erroneous. I was pointing out that Mr. Veverka picked out a single study out of thousands of studies to cast aspersions on a few states being governed by his political foes. I believe so doing is grossly misleading as I'm sure there are many other studies by WalletHub that indicate those same states have many superior qualities which when taken into consideration would show them to be excellent states.

Mr. Veverka uses studies such as the one from WalletHub as distractions because he cannot defend the blunders, lies, distortions and incompetence of the current Marxist administration in Washington to which he aligns himself with. The term which comes to mind in addressing all the Obama/Clinton supporters is: told you so!

Steve Earle


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