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People kill people. But a lot more often if they have access to guns

To the Daily Sun,

I communicated with our state legislators asking them to support more sensible gun regulations in New Hampshire. Following are excerpts from the exchange I had with Rep. Peter Spanos (Republican from Laconia) and his comments are shared with his permission.

Rep. Spanos: "Thank you for your note. I voted against the concealed weapon repeal and will support the governor's veto against my parties wishes because I believe it is the right thing to do. Some issues are bigger than partisan politics, and this is one of them."

Me: I'm very surprised to have received a response from you on this very important issue. Thanks for going against your party and deciding to support Gov. Hassan (D-N.H.). You sir give me faith that both parties can work together.

Rep. Spanos: "I support the permit requirement for concealed carry because it helps to protect the safety of those in law enforcement. I also fully support the Second Amendment and all it guarantees as well."

We need more legislators who are willing to support gun regulations (which, by the way, even the absolutist Justice Scalia has written are permitted by the Second Amendment). The following is excerpted from a worldwide study published at www.rightdiagnosis.com:

"People kill people. We need better support, care and treatment of those with mental health problems."

"But: people kill people because they have guns in their hands. In Sweden, where the rate of mental illness is 22 percent, same as in the USA, the number of guns per 100 people was 33 ( 2010 data). In USA, the number of guns per 100 people was 101. Deaths by guns in Sweden? 138 in the year 2010. Deaths in USA during the same year: 31,672."

"The difference? Gun regulations. Background checks. While people most definitely kill people, having guns so readily accessible makes it easier to kill people, and mental illness issues alone do not explain the difference. States that have the strictest regulations have seen the greatest reductions in gun deaths."

Bernadette Loesch

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Great support for Friends of Gilford Library OHD book sale

To The Daily Sun,

The 2015 Gilford Old Home Day is quickly becoming a fond memory, but the Friends of Gilford Public Library are still discussing the support we have for the annual book sale. This event is an important fund-raising activity for the Friends, and the funds generated provide support for library programs throughout the year.

Thanks to all who purchased books, and a huge thank you to our volunteers.

As always, we had a dedicated group who unloaded boxes, stacked books, helped shoppers and generally kept things running during the two-day event. All of it done with a smile and greeting for our neighbors

Special thanks go to the Gilford boys soccer team. They shuttled books from the storage location to the sale area in record time! Thanks guys!

The book sale crew was Gary Brauns, Helen Nickel, Phyllis Corrigan, Fred Jackson, Gail Engle, Nancy and Andy Johnson, Dana Kenny, Dorothy Piquado, Jean Therrien, Janet Moriarty, Diane Tinkham, Steve Melbourne, Maria and Tom Cunningham, and Blandine Shallow.

Thank you all for your support.

Alexis Jackson
Friends of Gilford Public Library

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