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Wind farm developers have left long trail of broken promises

To The Daily Sun,

Once again I feel compelled to write on the subject of Wind Farms around Newfound Lake.

First, I would like commend and thank "NH Wind Watch" for standing their ground on these wind developers.

Developers are playing legal games with the state of New Hampshire. Clearly developers intentions are to undermine the N.H. Constitution until they get what they want. So, I ask myself, how many times have developers met privately with some of our N.H. politicians for help? Developers after all have paid lawyers, lobbyists and have experts that are allowed to dictate to the state of New Hampshire. All the while the meetings that we are allowed to attend we must sit quietly and watch as most of our politicians do exactly what they want — public sentiment is damned.

Keep in mind that project developer Ed Cherian, was quoted as saying that "we would not build here if the community did not want us to." That statement alone has echoed through this community since those words left his lips. This alone has created a dysfunctional relationship with our community. Once again I say to Mr. Ed Cherian, thanks so much for your concern for the citizens of Grafton County — because his is your biggest lie to date. If the industrial wind turbines will not affect property values — why not provide us with a guarantee? If the industrial wind turbines will not affect our watershed — why not provide us with a guarantee? If developers say they will provide the community with more local jobs — why not provide us with a guarantee?

Some people who may not be following this story closely may not know that developers are full of broken promises and we've been witnessing them first hand with the Groton Wind Farm. Ask yourself why developers have the right to due process and why homeowners can't object based on basic rights.
Isn't it ironic that the every wind developer who wants to do business in our community is also willing to sue us too? If this is how they treat Grafton County residents now, how do you think they will treat us once they get their foot in the door? Make no mistake, it is a large company that could care less about this community and its citizens, it's all about the money. Nothing else...

Developers have played this game a thousand times before and developers know from experience that people in small towns will not stand and fight for their home value, health or safety.

Prove them wrong — you have the N.H. Constitution behind you.

Ray Cunningham

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Obamacare poor legislation that ignored unintended consequences

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Kent Warner's letter in the September 4th Sun:
We "right-wing nuts" understand something that you do not, particularly in regards to Obamacare: You do not help the "have-nots" by turning "haves" into "have-nots". You assume the "haves" are greedy unfeeling monsters when in reality many of the "haves" do far more to help the "have-nots" than either you or the government. You seem more than willing to spend other people's money to fix a problem created by yet others (more often than not the government) in order to assuage some deep seated guilt that you appear to harbor. (That's the problem with "empathy politics", something from which you seem to suffer.)
The Obamacare bill was a poor piece of legislation that ignored the hundreds of unintended consequences. Those consequences are now being felt as the various parts of Obamacare are being implemented.
The president promised we'd be able to keep our doctors and our health insurance plans if we wanted to. But it turns out he was wrong. The promise was made that it would bring down the cost of health insurance and provide health insurance to 30 million people that do not have it. Again, neither is true. If you haven't noticed, health care premiums have been skyrocketing. Many health insurance plans will go out of existence because they do not meet the draconian requirements of Obamacare. Some surviving plans shed previously covered family members. (This is something UPS has just informed its union employees about. If an employee's spouse can get coverage through their own workplace, then the spouse will be dropped from the employee's health insurance plan.)
Many of the young adults expected to help carry a big part of the load of the costs of Obamacare won't sign up for health insurance because it's a lot cheaper for them to pay the fine. (A majority of the present 30 million Americans without health insurance coverage are made up of those very same young adults. They don't get health insurance for one of two reasons: they believe they don't need it yet because they are young and "invincible", or they have more important things on which to spend their money, at least in their eyes.)
How anyone could have believed Obamacare would lower costs is beyond me. Anytime another level of bureaucracy is added it means that yet another "someone" has to handle the existing paperwork, make decisions, or approve decisions made by others. That added someone ALWAYS adds costs to whatever is being provided and increases the amount of time it takes to deal with it. How is this supposed to help anyone? The answer: It doesn't.
Kent, you seem to believe that by repealing Obamacare we will have people dying in the streets, that they will have no access to health care. Nothing could be further from the truth. As it is now, NO ONE can be denied health care regardless of their ability to pay. That is the law and it has been for decades. Obamacare provides no more access to health care than the present system.
While Obamacare sounded great on the face of it, it is turning out to be far more damaging to our health care system than if nothing had been done. While the existing system has problems, you don't solve those problems by making the health care system more expensive, less responsive, and of lower quality than exists now.
Better to scrap Obamacare in its entirety and start with a clean sheet of paper. Do not base it upon something we already know doesn't work, like single payer. (Single payer tends to work well in the very beginning, but deteriorates quickly with increasing bureaucratic bloat.) There are a number of other plans out there that are more likely to succeed than the nightmare that is Obamacare. It's best we consider them rather than staying with something that promises nothing but increasingly poor and more expensive care. Do we really want to lower the quality and accessibility of our health care to the lowest common denominator, something that benefits no one?
Dale Channing Eddy

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Rep. Huot's words about Bob Kingsbury were callous & cold

To The Daily Sun,

I was slightly taken aback when I read Rep. David Huot's letter to the editor, dated September 9. The comment that he thought someone with Bob's political views should not represent the people really soured my stomach.

That thinly veiled, back-handed compliment, made about a genuine hero of the Second World War, was completely uncalled for. Even in death, Rep Huot cannot seem to leave someone that he may disagree with in peace. Funny thing, Bob was such an honest and good man, he would never have done that to Rep Huot. Out of respect, he would have chosen his words more carefully. That is the kind of man Bob Kingsbury was.

I think Rep Huot's words were callous and cold. He displayed neither the grace nor the dignity that should be required of every public servant, both high and low. Shame on him!

Don Walker

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Anneliese Lemay (9-12) 275

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mirno Pasqualis letter regarding Dr. Moneysmith and Dr. Mills:
I need to begin by expressing my full gratitude to Dr. Graham Moneysmith. I have been a patient of his for almost a year and can tell you from my own personal experience that the work he does is legitimate. After suffering for years from debilitating lower back spasms, chronic headaches and fatigue, I can say without hesitation that Dr. Graham has cured my ailments 100 percent. And to touch on the hearing element you mentioned, Mirno, after ONE WEEK of chiropractic care with Dr. Graham, my hearing noticeably improved. It was an unexpected, wonderful bonus to the care. That's the funny thing about the body, you see (and I have taken several anatomy classes myself) ITS ALL CONNECTED. The claim is NOT that subluxations cause disease. Rather, being properly aligned simply allows the body to operate at peak performance, thus providing its best chance at fighting disease.
Kevin Sorbo, by the way, was suffering from blood clots for years in secret before his stroke. My own mother has seen the same chiropractor for 30 years — stroke free. Anyone seeking a natural remedy for their ailments should not be labeled ignorant. I am forever in Dr. Grahams' debt for the work he does; work that most medical doctors would've prescribed an unnecessary pill for to put a band-aid over the underlying cause (I'm not sure if you've noticed how much money goes into the pharmaceutical business).
So just like I tell my five-year-old: before you knock something, try it. That way you don't end up sounding ignorant yourself.
Anneliese Lemay

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Call me crazy or say I'm too political but I' don't support this war

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the president, Congress and American people:
I need to get this off my chest friends. Please bear with me. I didn't write this with great precision. I just want to make a few cursory observations and I hope you will seriously consider my thoughts on the subject. Apparently about 90 percent of the American people agree with me on the decision about war with Syria. Here is my "why".

Let me get this straight. We have a president who mocked his opponent (Romney), in the last presidential election for not caring about 45 percent of our citizens and, who the president alleged, only loves the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. Then the president attempts to send us to war/get us involved in Syria's civil war, which about only between 9 and 14 percent of our citizens approve of and says he will do so without approval from Congress (which the pesky Constitution mandates). Then wen the pressure of overwhelming public opinion is inescapably present and unrelenting, the president says he will support a congressional vote but will do what he wants regardless of the congressional vote outcome. And then we learn this week that CNN (with Anderson Cooper), was caught faking riots in Syria with makeup and actors for the purpose of helping the Obama administration build a case for military force against Syria. We also receive stern warnings from Russia's Vladimir Putin that the U.S. had better not get involved or there will be consequences, leading many experts and regulars like me to wonder, could this start a war with Russia or worse, a world war? The president and large contingent of our representatives in Congress still insist we should go to Syria to stop the dictator, Mr. Assad who "allegedly" used chemical weapons on his own Syrian people. Then we learn of video of al Qaeda sneaking chemical weapons into Syria, and even some reports that the U.S. covertly helped stage the chemical attack to frame Assad (who may, nonetheless be an evil tyrant) with the intent to sway U.S. public opinion in support of more war.

This, all from the president who knew little about what happened in Benghazi where four Americans died, including an ambassador, and three brave men (two of which were former Navy Seals), who heroically tried to save the American Ambassador Stevens despite orders to stand down and leave Ambassador Stevens for dead. When pressed, the president said he gets much of his information and intelligence on that matter like we do, from the TV news (e.g. CNN and Anderson Cooper?). Then all these months later, our president seems to know everything in great detail about non-American deaths and suffering and is outraged sufficiently to risk starting war with Russia and potentially a world war on principle. After being pressed about Benghazi and the dead Americans, the president's former Secretary of State Clinton said impetuously, "What does it matter!?" I won't talk about the allegations of our government running guns to terrorists in the "Fast and Furious" operation and unanswered questions that linger about potential coverup that makes Watergate scandal look like a game of Tiddly Winks between member of the Vienna Boys Choir.

But now we are to believe Syria matters. More than our embassy and four dead, tortured, mutilated and burned Americans? More? I am supposed to be quiet? I am too political? What!? Do you really see any solid evidence as to the veracity of this president's word, the evidence that there is a real and clear threat to the U.S. in Syria? Please understand, I really AM a compassionate person. But what I see is NOT a good strategy (if there is one at all to really "win"). Certainly there doesn't appear to be better a strategy than we had when we engaged Iraq on the false pretenses of Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's). Remember "Bush lied! Kids died!"?

DESPITE a potentially even weaker justification for war than the Saddam WMD's; DESPITE the growing concern about the origin, source and use of chemical weapons in Syria; DESPITE the backdrop of apparent collusion between the press (e.g. CNN and Anderson Cooper), and the White House; DESPITE no clear U.S. interest aside from humanity and finally, DESPITE the real threat of "another Iraq" or worse yet, world war would any rational person say, "Jeepers guys, let's go for it. Let's try this again. Shucks, maybe it will work this time." Aside from our own fallen, how many non-terrorist Iraqi's are dead as well?

Call me crazy or say I am too political if you want. I don't support this war which has more the appearance of a machination to make some people richer. The industrial military complex — those big corporations that make and market war and weapons of war (the 2 percent Obama said in election season he disdains), will continue to be the people in America who really benefit most. Oh!, and our representatives in Congress and the Executive Branch (White House). In the meantime, my friends, our troops who serve at the president's and Congress's pleasure in the military, and our kids who will join, will pay with their blood and limbs and even their minds. Their families will be missing sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to make rich men more rich. So much for Romney's 45 percent and your despised, wealthy "2 percent" Mr. President! (These 2 percent who you are making even richer with our blood). You have the gall to say, this is a just war? Your hypocrisy is breathtaking. The audacity! Now America, tell me you support this war if you will. I will vigorously oppose it! Our blood will not be on my hands nor will the blood money be in my pocket. Have your "political party" on someone else's dime. I need to be able to make my small business profitable for my family security, and I want to be able to create jobs for other families like mine. But if not, I need to find a job myself.

Oh, one last thought. About a third of Congress was undecided about whether to vote in favor or against war with Syria and Assad. May I suggest you contact your representative and let them know how you feel. They do work for you! Let them know their job is at stake. Here is the link to their website. Just plug your zip code into the box in the top right corner to email or contact your congressperson. http://www.house.gov/

PLEASE LIKE if you agree and SHARE if you care. We are at the precipice.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to consider my thoughts,

James Poll

Sergeant First Class (Retired)


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