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Weight restrictions need be reviewed in light of modern road building

To The Daily Sun,

For the past two weeks, many communities in New Hampshire have imposed road weight restrictions.

Many communities have seasonal road weight restrictions, most of which are decades old and were established on the understanding that heavy vehicles can cause major damage to pavement already under siege from the annual spring freeze-thaw cycle.

New Hampshire law states that this is a customary practice. Customary is defined as a long-continued practice.

Some communities allow large vehicles to travel on the roads early or late in the day when the cold hardens them, usually before 8 a.m. or in the late afternoon.

There are exemptions to the road weight restrictions, such as trucks carrying sap for maple syrup production, heating fuel delivery trucks, trucks delivering processed milk products and school buses.

The intention of the road weight restrictions is that communities should not let large vehicles ruin their roads. Taxpayers will have to fund the bill to repair the roads.

I believe that trash pickup should be an exemption. The communities could establish hours and roads that the large vehicles could travel.

The way roads are built has progressed over the years. Perhaps, the road weight restrictions can be reviewed.

Jim Mayotte

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Hate-filled column actually described what left has been doing

To The Daily Sun,

Beloved Professor E. Scott Cracraft spews his progressive leftist, revisionist history lunacy in his recent column. "If it walks like a duck" and swims and quacks like one, which he surmises Trump has done like European fascists, then he must be a fascist.

Mr. Cracraft says in so many words that it is hard not to agree with others who compare "The Donald" to German Nazism and Italian fascism. Now according to the professor, "Trumpism" is closer to mass fascism than the Tea Party. Those would be the "patriots" and "gun freaks" as he labels the tea party folks. Oh, and Trump supporters are even more dangerous than Trump because his followers are "brainwashed", laments the professor.

Mr. Cracraft claims that Trump's populist movement blames liberals, minorities, Muslims and immigrants. Professor Disingenuous bluntly leaves out "critical thinking" words — radical Muslims and illegal immigrants are what Trump is referring to, but then Cracraft knows that.

His economic policy would be a huge benefit to minorities because modern day liberals (leftism) have caused much harm to minorities for so many decades. I have referenced so many books by so many black conservatives that clearly spell out the disasters visited upon minorities by leftist policies and here is one more, "Con Job," by Crystal Wright.

I am doubtful that Professor Cracraft would ever even consider reading any of the books by Star Parker, Deneen Borelli, Ron Christie, Jason Riley or Crystal, and I wonder if he ever reads articles by Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Well, why would he? After all, they are all just sellouts to whitey — Uncle Tom's and Oreo cookies — the left assures us.

The professor mentions another analogy: "if Trump and his supporters are like the KKK, then Cruz and his followers remind one of the White Citizens' Councils" of the segregationist South. So Trump and Cruz are allegedly akin to the Klansman, except preferring "non-violent" harassment. According to Mr. Cracraft, it is fair to compare Trump and Cruz to European fascists because they look, walk, swim and quack like a duck.

Wiles, some might now be saying, this can't be true. No objective, critical thinking professor would ever write such hate speech for public consumption. Well, it is true folks. Just go back to the March 15 issue and peruse, if you dare. I think it is such a great thing that we have unfettered free speech so that we get to read and hear what the left really thinks of the rest of us. And they just think we are so stupid that we don't have a clue what is going on, when it is they who are clueless or devious or delusional.

Sorry Scott, but we all know that the shutting down of free speech at a Trump rally has absolutely nothing to do with his supporters or Trump himself. It has everything to do with the leftist agitators that were organized and bused in to shut-down free speech.

The brown shirts are indeed back Scott, but you have scorned the wrong folks. It is the "Occupy Wall Street" gangs and the "Black Lives Matter" gangs along with a smattering of Bernie supporters that caused the assault of the First amendment. George Soros and Moveon.org have funded these street agitators. The same folks who lust for a Hillary victory.

Why even one of our favorite amateur, unrepentant terrorists was seen nearby, his leg likely shaking with such a "thrill up his leg." Bill Ayers, long time chum of President Obama, must have been so proud.

Irony of ironies, Scott, your hate-filled rhetoric perfectly describes what the left has been doing since the 1960s, and yet you have the audacity to try and rebrand it as "Trumpism" from the right.

And really Professor Cracraft, hasn't the Tea Party movement been the most peaceful and respectful movement in modern history? Well, you wouldn't know if you never went to a rally. So which is it professor? Are you being disingenuous by trying to flip history on its head or are you engaging in pure, unadulterated quackery? Because if so, then you are professing to have knowledge that you clearly do not have. Ain't that just ducky!

So while the left continues to stifle free speech across campuses nationwide, thank God we still have free speech on the pages of The Laconia Daily Sun. How else to know just how the left thinks of those of us not welcome into their elitist inner circle. As one astute letter writer has reminded us, Scott teaches our children. Go read or reread his letter and then tell me if you do not believe that tenured fact does not send a chill up your spine.

Russ Wiles

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