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Jared Grenier signed the petition to hold special town meeting

To The Daily Sun,

Jared Grenier was a neighbor. He died in a car accident on Burleigh Hill, in our town of Sanbornton. Too young, Jared was still looking forward to life. At his Nov. 28 memorial service, I saw so many young friends come together to feel and express their loss. His mother, Nancy, hugged each person who spoke.

The other day as I walked on our paving stones in front of our porch steps, I suddenly remembered that Jared placed them. He and a friend some years ago did this work for us. The irregular stones needed figuring out, and I liked the way Jared and his friend connected them.

Then I went on to my task for the day, turning our Sanbornton Transfer Station/Recycling Center petition signatures into a mailing list to registered voters, so a group of us can write and address reminder postcards. We have the Friday, Dec. 18, Special Town Meeting coming up, to get back our re-use opportunity that our selectmen ended in September.

Among the signers is Jared Grenier. He was a registered voter. He did that one year when SB-2 was an issue. He wanted Sanbornton to keep Town Meeting. Now I saw that he signed for returning our Transfer Station/Recycling Center to normal. He must have signed at the Country Store.

Jared's obituary says that every day he "read The Sun" —  this newspaper. So I'm recording it here, in this paper, his paper, that Jared was a community-minded young man. At his service I heard about his "heart of gold." Jared will be missed by many, and in our town, too — a heart of gold and gentle smile.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Many states believed income tax was the answer & were wrong

To The Daily Sun,

Lately, New Hampshire newspapers have included articles on enacting a state income tax. Most of the articles promise that property taxes would be lower, business taxes would be lower and the residents of New Hampshire would be much happier.

Here are a few questions not answered in any of the articles:

— What will be the definition of income?

— Will pensions, including military and government, be taxed?

— Will Social Security be taxed (13 states tax Social Security)?

— Will the tax be a fixed (flat) or progressive tax?

— Will estates and/or trusts be taxed?

— Can the authors of the articles point to states that have enacted a state income tax and continued to lower property taxes and business taxes?

— How come Vermont and Maine have some of the highest taxes in the USA? Both states have an income and a sale tax. They also have high property taxes.

Many states, e.g. Connecticut, believed that a state income tax was the answer to their tax problems and it did not happen.

Jim Mayotte

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