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Shaheen & Shea Porter understand financial needs of constituents

To The Daily Sun,

This year Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Representative Carol Shea-Porter co-sponsored the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act that would have allowed refinancing of outstanding student loans at lower interest rates to make it easier for young graduates to buy a home or start a family.

The refinancing measures of this bill would be paid for by a small tax increase on those earning more than $1 million annually. But the bill was killed in the Senate where 60 out of 100 votes, rather than a simple majority, are often needed even to debate — let alone pass — a bill.

Sen. Shaheen and my Congresswoman Shea-Porter understand the financial needs of their constituents. They have worked for legislation that increased the size of federal Pell grants to low-income college students. They have also called for an increase in minimum wage that would help workers pay for higher education. Their unwavering commitment to protect Social Security and Medicare assure us of a secure future as we age.

Jeanne Shaheen and Carol Shea-Porter stand for New Hampshire values and fight for all of us. I am proud that they represent me and look forward to voting for them on Nov. 4.

Margaret Merritt

Center Sandwich

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Ambiguous language of ATT posses threat to U.S. gun owners

To The Daily Sun,

After being ratified by over 50 member countries, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty will indeed go into effect on Dec. 24, 2014. Despite strong bipartisan opposition, that did not stop President Obama from signing it anyway. In his address to the U.N. he said, "All nations must meet our responsibility to enforce international norms" concerning gun control.

Although it is said to not be specifically designed to control the domestic use of small arms in any country, the ambiguous language in the ATT poses a significant threat to American gun owners. Of guns imported here from other member countries, the ATT requires a list of end user documentation, or registration. It creates something called the international Small Arms Control Standards Module 03:30 which outlines and endorses worldwide gun control.

L.J. Siden is correct that there is no legal way around the Second Amendment, but we can't expect that little technicality to stop Hussein Obama from trying. Gun control has been high on his "to do" list since he first took office. By signing on to the ATT without consent he has violated his oath of office to uphold the law. So he guaranteed Sen. Jeanne Shaheen that "if we like our guns, we can keep our guns." Seriously Siden? There is no doubt that she would be a rubber stamp to support whatever gun-control scheme that might come along in the future. That is why we need to remove Jeanne Shaheen from office now. She will still be threatening our civil liberties long after Barack Obama is just a painful memory.

Again, L.J. Siden was partly correct about racial profiling on Form 4473 to purchase a firearm. The machinery to collect racial data has been in place for decades, and is included on all kinds of government forms and applications. In the dark ages before computers, this information was deemed useful for identification purposes and such info was to be included in all of them be 2003. The BATF was slow on the draw and finally included one race question on the 4473 in 2005. The extra question that singled out Hispanic heritage was indeed added in 2012, long after such profiling should be considered useful.

There is legislation pending in the House of Representatives now that would remove such racist questions from being required from gun buyers. We shall see how that goes in the next Congress. This information is available in the Sept. 16, 2014, Washington Times, not Fox News, not the NRA. Look it up for yourself if you still care.

Alan Moon

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