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Democrat or Republican, big money wins and middle class loses

To The Daily Sun,

Just some observations. They attack Donald Trump because they say he is degrading to women. Tell me I'm wrong, but isn't having mistresses and committing adultery degrading to your wife? Yet from Franklin Roosevelt to John Edwards from Kennedy and back again to Clinton, adultery was the word of the day. These men trashed the institution of marriage, publicly lied to protect their false image but they were never accused of being anti-woman by the general public. Why are these men highly regarded while an admittedly unpolished candidate is crucified for comments which although brash, they are less offensive to me than men who don't say similar concepts publicly, but privately their actions prove they harbor little regard or even a minimal level of respect for members of the opposite sex? I just think the public perception is askew.

The deal with Iran infatuated me at first. I thought it was a great moment for our country to strike a deal with a country that we have thought as an enemy for so long. I believed the Republican backlash was over-the-top and that it was about time we extended the olive branch to another Middle-Eastern country in similar regards of those like Turkey and Jordan.

Make no mistakes though, I know now it was a mistake of epic proportions. The Supreme Leader (which frankly sounds like a comic book bad guy title), Ali Khamenei, signed the nuclear program deal, lifting sanctions and thus giving Iran billions of dollars. Then he went on to address his country vowing to defy American policies in the region despite the deal. At this speech he clapped and fist pumped to a deafening chant of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel". Basically all this deal does is give Iran money with no checks or balances and we expect them to open their families doors and break bread with us when in reality they pretty much all want to kill us. Great deal.

The middle class is headed to extinction. A recent study pointed out the median level of income in Laconia, and, what do you know, my combined income with my wife was less than a $1,000 off from the exact middle-middle class wage. It's no fun here as we take nothing from the government but carry the weight of many on our shoulders. Recent example, we had to take our daughter to Convenience Care because she had some skin grow over the back of her earring and we couldn't get it off. We spent 20 minutes in a hospital room, 10 of which we were seen by health care workers. Granted they were very helpful and pleasant, but a month later we got the bill for over $200. On top of the fact that we pay over $400 a month for health insurance (which we didn't use for anything else that month), that means we paid over $60 a minute to get our child some help.

I'm sure Obamacare is helping somebody, but it clearly is not the middle class. Add to that the fact that we are taxed by the government for everything from our cell phone use to gas consumption to steaming a lobster at the supermarket and it's getting a little ridiculous. Our vacations have been whittled down to a day hike on Mount Major. Now we have an impending tax on the Internet coming up, which will be politicized and in the end spun to make it sound as though it is inevitable while some government cronies pad their bank accounts at the expense of the middle class yet again.

Perhaps I'm being a curmudgeon, but when you constantly have to swim against the waves just to keep your head above water it starts to wear thin on you when the political season revs up. It's all rhetoric and posturing, with little in the way of results. Democrat or Republican, in the end big money is always the winner and poster children for the middle class like me are the losers.The will of the people means jack-squat nowadays and for anybody who thinks differently I can draw countless examples from my well, but we'll save that for another day.

Thomas Lemay

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In GOP debate, Carly Fiorina stood very tall at 5 feet, 6 inches

To The Daily Sun,

The second debate is now in the books and for those who watched reruns of Gilligan's Island, you missed the best candidate, in my opinion, on the stage or in the running, Republican or Democrat. Carly Fiorina stood tall despite being only 5 feet, 6 inches. Not only did she give a slap-down to Donald Trump but her answers to questions directed to her were concise, intelligent and to the point. She had the most reasonable approaches to dealing with Iran, and every issue presented to her.

Even before the debates she would actually answer any question asked her and every one was well thought out and informed. Moreover, she looks far and away more presidential in her demeanor and knowledge than any other person running.

As for CNN, the strategy employed was so painfully clear by the Clinton Now and forever Network which was to get the Republicans into a nasty free-for-all to damage the brand. Leftists will say it worked. Repubs will say it didn't. As for me, it was of limited effectiveness because Hillary Clinton was the target of so many solid shots it was a complete wash. In fact, the stammering, stuttering Dem hopeful was made to look so woeful in comparison to Fiorina that it isn't even close. I really hope it comes down to the two women because Carly will make Hillary cry and run home.

And speaking of going home it appears many of Clinton's money men and women are having second thoughts given all the baggage Hillary is dragging behind her. Kind of like the chains Scrooge's dead partner Marley forged in life in the story "A Christmas Carol". For her supporters who buy her "it was nothing other Secretaries of State didn't do", get real. Neither Condy Rice or Colin Powell had private servers outside of government control. Using private e-mails for private business is far, far from using one for secured government information and then failing to turn them over to State (Department) when she left. That's a felony from what I read. Not only that, but Clinton makes her entire party look bad as they try to cover up for and excuse her terrible decisions and poor judgments while at State.

This is getting really interesting. The next debate will be the Democrats. Bet the questions will look more like they come from cheerleaders. For the last few cycles CNN reporters were only missing pom poms and mini skirts when questioning the Democratic field. Will things change this year?

Steve Earle


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