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FDR, JFK & LBJ were greatest fantasy sellers & Ponzi schemers ever

To The Daily Sun,

Let's cut through the never ending BS Democrats (like June Huot) "spray mist" over the electorate 24/7. Democrats will be for the poor, the rich, the middle class, the alienated, crooks, hookers, swindlers, the overweight, the under weight, green people, purple people and wife beaters if any or all of these improve their election chances.

They will also pit any of them against each other to that same end. The pope, Elvis (if he were alive), their kids, their mothers, and their friends all go under the steam roller if that's what is required to win.

Democrats for generations billed themselves as the party of working middle class, blue collar and white collar Americans. These voters identified themselves closely with the Democratic Party for decades. If that isn't truth, Budweiser doesn't make beer. A fundamental shift in voting preference emerged 20 years ago that has gained intensity. The middle class began to vote by majority, not with Democrats, but with Republicans. Democrats had lost the vote and trust of the middle class through their actions and policies.

Consensus of opinion is Democrats have no choice but to seek 100 percent of the minority vote. Where else could they replace tens of millions of lost votes from the middle. These votes were not going to be replaced from the top. Democrats have been loudly demonizing that demographic for the past century. Millions of voters in the middle had finally figured out after years of abuse they were the financial "patsies" funding every Democratic entitlement, give-away, handout and subsidy. It is the middle-class taxpayer funding the subsidies in Obamacare.

Twenty million people didn't just vaporize from the middle to the bottom under Obama's presidency by accident. Middle class taxpayers have been shanghaied as the primary funding source for dozens of liberal programs including the trillion dollar wallet buster Obamacare.

Creation of the largest welfare state in American history under Obama was not some accident. It is out of necessity to replace tens of millions of lost middle-class votes. Democrats have to "gore" some group of people so that some one other group can be subsidized. The proper definition would be "bribed." The blood-letting and goring, of the middle class by Democrats back-dropped with ever-louder screams of racism to hand trillions to the lowest economic 25 percent only gets worse from here.

We created New Deals and New Societies under the greatest fantasy sellers and Ponzi schemers in history, FDR, JFK and LBJ. Where are we today after all these Democratic promises sure to cure all that ails us after implementing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability insurance, massive government, more rules, more regulation and a tax code 12-feet high offering bribes/corruption on every page. Answer: We have record millions on welfare, the middle class dying. We are $17 trillion in debt headed higher, destined for our kids to repay. We have record student loan debt, record student loan defaults. A highway repair fund broke, every entitlement broke, and a health-care fiasco the country hates, paid for by bloodletting the middle class.

When June M. Huot bathes herself in a back slapping sea of holy water, she drowns millions of others with her, then denies it. That is the donkey trademark throughout history.

Tony Boutin

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Expert training, specialized gear & dedication prevented tragedy

To The Daily Sun,

We are writing to express our awe and appreciation of the incredible efforts we witnessed Sunday night during the successful rescue of two young men who had fallen through the ice on Lake Winnisquam.

After the first young man pounded on our door yelling for help, we immediately called 9-1-1. The ensuing actions ranging from the dispatcher, fire departments from Laconia, Gilford and Belmont, Laconia Police Department to DHART helicopter service were testimony to how fortunate we are to have such efficient services and well trained personnel.

The rescuers who actually reached the man in the water, had to maneuver out 1,300 feet, breaking through treacherous ice and immersing themselves in frigid water. Considering how long the young man was in the water, the coordination of efforts and expertise led to what we consider a miraculous rescue.

What also was impressive was that it was a collaborative effort between towns. Meredith, Northfield Fire Departments and Stewart's Ambulance stepped up to cover the Laconia Fire Department crew.

Too often, community members take for granted our local support agencies and begrudge their requests during local budget hearings. After what we witnessed last night, we will never do that again. Their expert training, specialized equipment and dedicated personnel turned what could have been a tragedy into a successful rescue.

Wendy Oellers-Fulmer & Ron Fulmer


Alfred J. Binder


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