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I am in fact registered to vote in Gilmanton & I'm a licensed RN

To The Daily Sun,

In the Sept. 10 edition of this paper, Mr. Smolin leveled some rather inflammatory remarks against me as well as two attorneys, one of whom happens to be his opponent in the race for Belknap County Commissioner.

I will leave it to the two attorneys to defend themselves; they are big boys.

When I first wrote in to the newspaper to question Mr. Smolin's credentials, I prefaced my remarks by saying that I was new to Belknap County. As a concerned citizen who prides herself on being civic-minded, one of the very first things I did when I moved to Gilmanton was to go to town hall and register to vote. If Mr. Smolin had taken the time and made the effort to visit the town clerk's office he would have discovered that I registered to vote as an independent. Didn't his high school teachers teach him how to do basic research?

With all his experience in the medical field one would think that he would be astute enough to go online to the New Hampshire Board of Nursing to check to see if I was licensed. Apparently that would have required too much effort. Mr. Smolin, please be advised that I have been a registered nurse almost as long as you have been alive. For the curious reader who doubts my word, I have included the link below:

In addition to being a registered nurse I am an approved nursing instructor. My license number is 054185-21. This license was issued on Dec. 20, 2004, and expires on March 20, 2018.

Pamela Tyson, RN

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Marchand stands out from other Democratic candidates for governor

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire Public Radio lately focused on candidate Colin Van Ostern's qualifications for governor (he's on the Sept. 13 primary ballot along with two other Democrats — how fine to have a race!). He has an MBA from Dartmouth. He's worked at the executive level of Stonyfield yogurt.

Compare candidate Steve Marchand. Steve received a Bachelor's degree in international relations and a Bachelor's degree in public affairs from Syracuse University in 1996. He went on to receive a Master's in public administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1998. At 29 he was elected to Portsmouth City Council; at 31 he became mayor of Portsmouth. He also has worked as an auditor, and as UNH director of Corporate Relations.

Van Ostern has Executive Council experience. Marchand has been responsible for a complex city.

While Democratic Party affiliation will cause much sameness, candidate Marchand is 100 percent opposed to the death penalty, is the only candidate 100 percent opposed to Northern Pass energy line. He's for new revenue sources (not income or sales tax, however). He's pro-immigration. He's for funded family leave and for LGBTQ rights. He's pro-choice. He wants body cameras on our police. He's supportive of sensible gun-safety measures. He prioritizes public education's needs.

Having met Steve Marchand at a Sanbornton home gathering, I'm supporting Steve Marchand on Tuesday, Sept. 13, when I pick up my Democratic Party ballot, and hope you will, too. Independents can ask for a Democratic Party ballot — do it.

Christine Hobby

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