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Freedom becoming for supporters of the government agenda only

To the editor,
Any administration that seeks to denigrate and silence opposition using the power of the government tramples freedom.
Freedom, for the supporters of the government agenda only, for the members of a said party regardless of how many have no freedom at all. Without general elections, freedom of the press, assembly, and speech in all public institutions. The bureaucracy remains the only active element. The result is a dictatorship. Perhaps the question to be asked is that what the present administration seeks?
I close with this — One who is illiterate, anyone can fool. One who has nothing, anyone can buy.
"Live Free! or Die" — John Stark
Donald Poirier

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I would recommend 'Fearless', a biography of Navy Seal A. Brown

To The Daily Sun,
A week or more ago, there were a couple of letters in your paper, each with a long list of books and movies. One side was all liberal and the other all conservative.
To me politicians seem to have one thing in common. Once in office their thoughts are not about the people they serve, but about their "party" and how to get re-elected. No matter the means or how it is accomplished.
I would like to recommend one book. It is called "Fearless", a biography of Navy Seal Adam Brown — a story of one unknown man, with a heart for his country, family, and his God.
Ken Dyrsten

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We haven't the will to act to save our children & grandchildren

To the editor,
Are our elected officials in Washington guilty of stealing from us, our children and our grandchildren?
Sadly the answer is yes. Our system is broken and I suspect there are many who will agree with me given the deplorably dismal disapproval rating now so richly deserved by our "Do Nothing" Congress!
The members are not even able to produce a national budget to attack the obscene, bloated, ever swelling deficit, let along send a "balanced budget" amendment to the states for certain ratification.
Our children, grandchildren and those yet unborn are doomed to live their lives under the crushing burden of endless "financial indentured servitude" because those we elect have an unquenchable addiction to spending money we don't have, largely in the name of their own re-election.
And given their plush reserved seats on the "Washington Gravy Train" it seems unlikely that we, the long suffering, tax paying populace will hear anything about "term limits" or banning the hidden backdoor sealing perpetuated by "earmarks"!
And how much addressing the fact that getting elected takes too long and costs too much. The candidate should be required to start running on July 4th for a November election and there should be no contribution to any campaign by any person, company or organization, including the candidate.
I'm fortunate enough to have lived for over eighty years in this wonderful miracle we call America. I find it disheartening to think that our country has come to this politically correct crossroads and is apparently doomed not to return because we have not the will to act, save ourselves, our children and grandchildren.
God Bless America!
J. Gibb Brownlie
Center Harbor

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Can't understand how even Dems can make excuses for Obama

To the editor,
Here on Wednesday the 19th, I read the very reassuring letter from L.J. Siden regarding the safety of our 2nd Amendment in regard to the U.N. anti-gun treaty. Oops, that's not the correct title, but what the heck readers know what I mean. Siden assures us that Obama promised us that this treaty, when ratified, would not effect the American gun owners rights in any way shape or form (or words to that effect). Well now, we all know what Obama's word is worth don't we? Clearly the president has demonstrated over and over how honest and trustworthy. . . ah well, he gives a good speech anyway . . . okay, so maybe he doesn't always do exactly like he says he will . . . alright, alright he lies like a rug, then covers up, stonewalls like a bricklayer, then goes off on another vacation hoping things will blow over with the help of the main-stream media.
Frankly I can not understand how even Democrats can continue to make excuses for this corrupt and incompetent president. When first elected they decried those of us who voted against him as racists but time has proven we were right about him. No working person is better off under his regime. No elderly or retired are more secure. Our rights to privacy are less secure, our rights to free speech are under attack, the IRS and FBI have been politicized to attack Obama's enemies. These are the actions of a tyrant not of one we expect to uphold our constitution and our republic.
So L.J., no I am not reassured by your words because you continue be a supporter and an excuser and an enabler for this man whom I fear and distrust with every fiber of my being.
Steve Earle

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Senator Ayotte knows what she's doing, she is on the right track

To The Daily Sun,
I have seen the recent misleading TV ad's by Billionaire, New York City Mayor Bloomberg against Kelly Ayotte. In addition, Bloomberg is paying for out-of-state protesters to come to her meetings and disrupt them, all because she voted to protect our Second Amendment rights.
Lets set the record straight. Senator Ayotte voted to improve the background check system, address mental health gaps in the criminal justice system, increase prosecutions of violent criminals and boost funding for school security. Senator Ayotte is a former state attorney general who knows how important it is to have laws that work. That's why she supported tough provisions that address our nations pressing problems.
In contrast,Mayor Bloomberg and his protesters are only interested in restricting our Second Amendment rights. Mayor Bloomberg thinks that he can brainwash New Hampshire voters to vote like him.
Don't be hoodwinked by these out of state trouble makers. Kelly does her homework; she is on the right track.
Douglas M. Isleib
Gilmanton Iron Works

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