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Republicans really started the 'war' on a $800 million deficit

To The Daily Sun,

I read with some skepticism Senator Andrew Hosmer's article in The Laconia Daily Sun this summer about cooperation and progress and how glad he was "to help get Concord back to working together on solving problems and moving the state forward again."

It was in stark contrast to just one week prior when he made comments that the Democrats returned "civility to the Statehouse and ended the war on education, the war on hospitals, the war on women, and the war on the disabled."

I would like to remind Sen. Hosmer of the facts and offer a suggestion to him. There never was a "war" in New Hampshire on education, hospitals, women, or the disabled. However, there was a "war" on an $800 million deficit that the Republicans faced after years of Democrats borrowing, over-estimating revenues, and spending. The Republicans ended "that war" in the last session by balancing the budget.

Republicans have put us back on course in New Hampshire with a Republican-led Senate budget that fought against Democrats' efforts to repeal business-friendly legislation, to impose tax and fee increases, and to offer inflated revenue estimates. The Republicans have demonstrated by actions, not rhetoric!

Republicans have held firmly to the principal of spending only what we could afford and still were able to fund bi-partisan priorities.

Senator Hosmer, I suggest that you replace your bi-partisan rhetoric with bi-partisan action. Your rhetoric does nothing to advance collaboration in Concord, but instead causes further division.

Alan Glassman, Chairman

Belknap County Republican Committee
Center Barnstead

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Problem with right-wing nuts is they think soldiers are expendable

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to inform Mr. Schwotzer that his assertion of my math was incorrect was true. I feel that his opinion that the increase in the national debt of two wars that were in full force when Pres. Obama took office was also incorrect. While I agree that it make no sense to bicker back and forth, re-read my last letter Mr. Schwotzer and answer, why is a civilian death more important than a military death, both in harms way,war or not?

Yes, I remember Sept. 11, 2001. I also know that 3,000+ died that day. I also know that thousands of American military personnel were killed, many thousands more wounded — some very seriously, with total disability. I read a little on the Beruit bombing in 1983, when 241 military were killed on a peace-keeping mission, no investigation. Pres. Reagan removed the rest four months later. We were not at war in Lebanon. Where was the scandal then,  Mr. Schwotzer?

The problem the right wing nuts have is they feel the military are expendable, hardly ever will they be mentioned in a letter in The Sun. Your comment at the end of your letter was cute. I realize that I don't write with big words — cute statements — but I will say you talk the talk but you don't walk the walk.

In reference to Steve Earle's letter today, I will not indulge in any more comments to his letters.

Henry Osmer


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If you can't say anything good, do not say anything at all

To The Daily Sun,

What a shame to see the comments from Mr. Huot in Tuesday's Sun stating "Although some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office", as well as Mr.Huot's statement "I can't remember anything on which Bob Kingsbury and I ever agreed on".

Mr. Huot is entitled to his opinion of course, but being added like it was to a tribute to a true PATRIOT is way out of line and disrespectful.

I am sure Bob's family is disappointed in those remarks and Mr. Huot should be ashamed. An apology is definitely in order.

Bob was all that Mr. Huot described in the rest of the tribute and without those two sentences would have kept the tribute well done. He should have taken a page from Mr. Kitch"s article also in Tuesday's Sun, being more positive. I would think in a tribute to some one it would be in better taste to keep in mind that if you can't say something good do not say anything at all.

May Bob Rest in Peace he was a TRUE PATRIOT. He will be missed.

Hal Graham


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Bob Kingsbury can stand with George Washington & Thomas Jefferson

To The Daily Sun,
In the American Dictionary of the English language published by Noah Webster in 1828 we find the following definitions:

Patriotism, n. Love of one's country; the passion which aims to serve one's country, either in defending it from invasion, or protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions in vigor and purity.

Patriotism is the characteristics of a good citizen, the noblest passion that animates a man in character of a citizen.

Statesman, A man versed in the arts of government; usually, one eminent for political abilities.

Our Founding Fathers spoke often of the difference between a politician and a statesman. A statesman was understood as a citizen who worked for his livelihood and handled the affairs of the people once a year in a legislative body. They feared career politicians who thrived off the backs of the people. Patriotism often spoken by our Founders meant adherence to the founding principles. Very little of this is done today, even by the flag waving culture.

Who do we know today that fits this identification? I met Robert P. Kingsbury (May 5, 1926 - Sept. 7, 2013) about 15 years ago and felt we would be friends forever. After knowing him for a while I felt we were kindred spirits. His dedication as a young soldier under the command of General Patton fighting Nazism instilled in him an understanding of a totalitarian government. He spent the rest of his life fighting against the same evil that permeated throughout Nazi Germany and communist Russia. And he saw the signs here in his beloved country. I am amazed at those who grew up in Nazi Germany, Hungary and Russia are seeing the same force being organized. He did not treat the subversion of our Constitution lightly and labored his entire life to teach others. With the understanding there would be opposition he stepped up and marched forward. He never gave up. He ran for State Representative 12 times before getting elected. Sharing the truth is never easy and often the enemy to facts can be downright mean.

Bob could honestly state that he did his very best and more to preserve that which our founding generation gave us. While others are trading our legacy and heritage for a little porridge and empty promises he did not waver but warned others. Even amidst attacks on his character. He can stand with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and those who gave us our grand charter. The souls who dedicate their lives to preserve its principles are of the same character as they who gave it. Rest in peace my Good Friend First Scout for General Patton, Lt. Colonel Robert Kingsbury. Soldier, statesman, patriot, historian and scholar. And above all he considered himself a follower of the teachings of Christ.

Gene F. Danforth


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Social Security will continue to provide benefits well into future

To The Daily Sun,
"There he goes again"' to quote Ronnie Reagan, this time talking about Tony Boutin, and his continued assault on Social Security. No new idea's, just the same old rhetoric , "its broke , we are going bankrupt," not any new idea's on how to "fix it".
Here is a history lesson for "Tony". Social Security was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt in 1934, became effective in 1935 , and started paying benefits in 1940.
Ida Mae Fuller receives the first monthly benefit from Social Security. Her check is for $22.40 It has been paying out to retirees ever since, to millions of Americans , who have and continue to receive them today.
Speaking of Ronnie, who is the "Guru" of the conservatives, he along with Tip O'Neill worked together and fixed Social Security, a compromise, which included  yes Tony, a tax increase. That was in 1982, 31 years ago. Today, it needs "fixing" again. It does not need stupid suggestions, like handing the money over to the Wall Street. gangsters They were responsible for the worst economic decline since the Great Depression. Bushy 2, of "heck of a job Brownie" fame, suggested privatizing and it was rejected, even by some members of his own party.
Social Security will continue to provide benefits now and well into the future.
As the Republican Party continues on the road to its demise, and more responsible people are elected to Congress, then real reform in the BENEFITS plans will take place .
So, Tony, , as my mother use to say, "get over yourself " and join the 21st Century.

Bill Knightly

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