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I'll continue efforts to share resources to gain efficiences of scale

To The Daily Sun,

In past letters, I have presented in some detail my belief that we should proceed in a deliberative and thoughtful way to resolve the jail issue. We should compare the alternatives and get to the best solution we can afford.

Among the other things I'd like to accomplish to help save taxpayers money and continue the process of improving the efficiency of government, I'd like to propose the establishment of a countywide strategic planning group. While he was mayor of Laconia, Mike Seymour began a series of conversations with the other towns in Belknap County about sharing resources. He was hoping that we'd be able to use and share our resources to reduce duplication and gain the efficiencies of scale that result from such collaboration. The county commissioners also began a series of County Conversations during which they traveled to the various towns to talk to and hear from the governing entities there.

I'd like to combine these efforts, and Mike has agreed to continue working with me, if I'm elected. In addition, I'd like to add strategic capital asset planning to the conversation. If towns can be more aware of each other's building plans, we can better distribute the tax effect in a balanced and predictable way.

David Pollak
Candidate for Belknap County Commission

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Sam Cataldo pledges allegiance to Koch brothers, not to N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

Recently state Sen. "Sam" Cataldo signed a "Pledge of Allegiance" to Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a Virginia-based, Koch brothers founded and funded, right-wing, political advocacy group. This means that Senator Cataldo now cannot vote for any bill, no matter how beneficial it would be for New Hampshire citizens, that would lead to any tax or fee increase, and that he must fight against expanding health care to those desperate for it, and that he must vote for bills that would lead to lower wages for New Hampshire workers and make their work sites more dangerous.

In 2010 AFP spent $40 million, in 2012 they spent $122 million, and in 2014 they will spend a mind-blowing pile of money on reactionary candidates and causes. Apparently the health, safety, and paychecks of New Hampshire's families do not make Senator Cataldo's to-do list. What a shameful move by the senator, pledging his independence and integrity to out-of-state political operatives. Let's not send someone accountable to a Virginia political organization back to our New Hampshire Legislature.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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