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Unacceptable for Confederate flag to be flown in downtwon Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

As a longtime resident of Laconia, I know our city is not perfect, but there are several groups working hard to make it better. I recently noticed a confederate flag hanging in front of a local downtown business. I think it makes our town look bad. Not only bad, but backwards. I know Laconia has tried in the past few years to work on downtown revitalization. With new businesses like Wayfarer and events like the Pumpkinfest, we have made amazing strides. This flag is a step in the wrong direction.

The flag, is a glaringly ugly mark on our downtown. I hope that at some point it is removed, because it is unacceptable for such a symbol of racism to fly in Laconia.

Azra Karabegovic


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Time for America to accept a new kind of candidate: Carly Fiorina

To The Daily Sun,

We believe that people of faith make strong leaders. That's why we've decided to back Carly Fiorina for president of the United States.

Watch Carly. It's easy to see her faith shine thought her deeds. She's humble. She pays close, personal attention to every person she meets on the campaign trail. She listens to voters.

She has a fresh, honest take on key issues. Her integrity is on display every day in the way she handles questions from voters and media. She speaks after careful deliberation, coming from a place of true conviction and strength.

How did Carly Fiorina become the strong woman we observe today?

In part, by enjoying a long career in a high-pressure environment as a tech CEO. In part, by beating breast cancer. In part, by grieving the sudden loss of a daughter. And in part, by spending a decade in organizations and initiatives designed to give back and empower the disadvantaged and those who are in need.

It's time now for America to accept a new type of candidate. Not a career politician, but a real citizen of this nation. Carly has a strong vision for Americans and for our future. She believes we can achieve, we can get better, we can and will unlock our potential. She will make that possible through examining government structure and eliminating (once and for all) waste everywhere it's necessary.

She will simplify the tax code and level the playing filed between small and big business.

Carly has a proven career of accomplishments and achievements. We know she'll continue to the same in the Oval Office for "we the people."

State Rep. Brian & Karen Gallagher



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