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Mr. Accornero has added outrageous verses to same old song

To The Daily Sun,

He's baaaack! Until his letter of March 22, I had not heard much of or from Harry Accornero since he was voted out of the New Hampshire House of Representatives after just one term by his relatively conservative constituents for being a bit too extreme.

Many will remember when Mr. Accornero, as a member of the New Hampshire House, embarrassed both the state and his own Republican Party by going to Concord with Orly Taitz, a leading "Birther" lawyer and petitioning the state's Board of Elections to exclude President Obama from the ballot on the grounds he was not a native-born U.S. citizen. When this petition was properly rejected, he called the members of the board "traitors" and threatened them, telling the members to "wear a mask" if they ever came to Laconia. I seem to remember that law enforcement was going to investigate those threats. Whatever became of that investigation?

Mr. Accornero has often accused the president of not being a native-born citizen and even of being a "traitor," a term used frequently and loosely by Mr. Accornero in spite of the fact that our founders narrowly defined that crime to protect people from being punished for treason simply because they might disagree with someone like Mr. Accornero. He has made these statements but has refused to provide proof of his allegations or even discuss them rationally.

Mr. Accornero beats the same drum and sings the same song, but in his most recent letter to the Sun, he added a couple more outrageous verses. This time, he questions President and Mrs. Obama's identity, sexuality, and even where their children came from.

Doesn't Mr. Accornero "fact check" anything? Does he really believe these insane conspiracy theories about the president (which have been completely discredited in the courts and even by other conservatives). Or is he just looking to offend? When I have met him, he seemed like a nice, intelligent, and rational man which makes it hard to believe he actually believes them.

On the other hand, for such conspiracy theorists, facts mean very little. They often accuse "fact check" websites of being liberal, leftist conspiracies themselves. For conspiracy theorists, the more you try to disprove the conspiracy the more it serves as "evidence" to them that you are just another part of the conspiracy. How can one rationally argue against such irrationality?

Mr. Accornero also alleges that Democrats have joined forces with "left-wing" Republicans in a "communist" conspiracy to destroy our country. Where are these "left-wing" Republicans, Mr. Accornero? I certainly don't know any and I have friends and family of all political persuasions.

I will agree that for years, the GOP had a strong and viable faction of moderate and rational Republicans but they have been disappearing since the 1980s. Actually, they survived longer in New Hampshire, as exemplified by such thoughtful, rational Republicans as the late Dr. James "Doc" Pilliod, the late Ray Burton, John Thomas, and others, but nationwide, they are becoming quite rare, being rapidly replaced by members of the conservative and religious "fringe."

E. Scott Cracraft


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Colette Worsman brings dignity to all convention meetings

To The Daily Sun,

I recently campaigned alongside Michael Hatch at the Community Center in Meredith; we were both holding Joe Kenney signs. I send my glad tidings to Joe Kenney, a patriot and a self-made grassroots American, who worked for everything he accomplished in his life.

I was very surprised and disappointed in Michael Hatch's letter to the editor via Laconia Daily Sun last week. A character destruction doesn't seem to fit into his personality. I totally understand that people have the right to disagree, but to demonize Rep. Worsman and use "Putin" (who is a communist) in the same context is to dishonor Colette's character and patriotism as an American citizen, an elected representative, and a conservative Republican is very disturbing and unacceptable.

I listen to "Saul Alinsky" (a communist) tactics from Washington all the time, where the socialists, progressive establishment, isolate and attack personalities with outrageous statements, that anyone with common sense would nullify immediately. To use Alinsky tactics to turn public opinion against those who seek to keep taxes low in Belknap County is not the spirit of our Live Free, Die Free New Hampshire. Personal ideology belongs to everyone, and is a freedom according to our First Amendment in New Hampshire and the United States of America.

The Belknap County Delegation/Commissioners meetings are open to the public. I have attended these same meetings with my video camera, and I can attest to solid facts. I missed the Feb. 18, 2014, meeting because of the snowstorm. There was no meeting on Feb. 12, 2014. On Feb. 18, 2014, a quorum of Representatives voted on the Belknap County Budget, and the vote failed on a tie vote of 7-7

The next meeting was Feb. 24, 2014, and I filmed the whole session. Rep. Ruth Gulick was confused as to the voting from the last meeting Feb. 18, 2014, regarding a motion to continue to talk on the budget process at the next meeting on Feb. 24, 2014. No one voiced her concerns, they understood that a motion to adjourn prompted a conversation for the next session of the budget Feb. 24, 2014, She was also dissatisfied with decisions of Feb. 18, 2014, and stated she would file a 91-A against the Convention. She then asked the reps. who would join her endeavor ... no one answered.

Rep. Michael Sylvia stated that objections should have been stated at the Feb. 18, 2014, meeting. The 91-A has been filed and this matter will go before the local board. The Attorney General has no part in this.

The passing of the 2014 budget level-funded all salaries and benefits as were paid in 2013, including health insurance. Passing the 2014 budget cannot be blamed for any layoffs. The convention appropriates money, the commissioners made this decision. It was their choice.

I have watched the actions of the delegation/commissioners at the meetings and also watched my video. Rep. Dennis Fields is disruptive in his stances and makes everything he says a personal vendetta against Chairwoman Colette Worsman. He looks toward the commissioners and the people in the audience for approval. The meeting on Feb. 24, 2014, was another verbal attack against the chairwoman ... loud and non-communicative about the issues. Numerous people were calling for "Point of Order" because Mr. Fields was inappropriate.

As a matter of fact, I became very concerned the verbal disruption could turn into a real problem. I turned around and stated, "Where was the police?" The sheriff's officer who answered me said, he would not do anything. Sheriff Wiggin was also present. A verbal statement from the sheriff, or assistant would have been beneficial to the meeting. What are we paying them for? For public protection? At the end of the meeting, Rep. Fields voiced concern about his behavior to a sheriff's officer (I don't know his name) and the officer's response ... he should have been louder. Does Rep. Fields need to apologize to the convention delegates? Does he need to apologize to the public? I have sent my video of the March meeting to the GraniteGrok.com and I will be sending my video of Feb. 24, 2014.

Does Rep. Fields know he is out of order? Is his apology to the sheriff's officer full disclosure of his relentless pursuit to discredit Colette Worsman in front of everyone? Today I learned Rep. Fields had to apologize for his behavior in the Representatives Hall in Concord.

Colette Worsman is the chairwoman of the Belknap County Convention Delegation, she brings a sound dignity to all the meetings. I have watched the verbal attacks and I commend her quiet tone when she says to Dennis Fields, "Control yourself." Colette always has a vision of the future, because she has said many times that a new prison is coming and we have to keep the taxes down for the taxpayers of the county.

I invite everyone to go GraniteGrok.com and watch my two videos, they will keep your eyes wide open and your ears listening.

Rosemary Landry


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We're going the way Cuba went, from everything to nothing

To The Daily Sun,

History repeats to those who fail to learn from it, much the same as the Roman Empire collapsed riddle with corruption, so to is what is happening to America.

Today we see it is more manly to take from others than to earn one's own. Through divine actions. "For the turning away of the simple from God shall slay them, but who so harkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from feat of evil." (Proverbs 1:24:33)

"I go to deliver them who through fear of death are all their lifetime subject to bondage." (Holy Bible - Christ)

Any questions as to why we see those in position of power so eager to abolish faith in God?

Wake up America! You're going the same way Cuba went — from everything from nothing.

Donald C. Poirier


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Gunstock went out of its way for family & friends of Mike Leahy

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, we arranged with Greg Goddard, general manager at Gunstock Mountain Resort, and Patrick McGonagle, operations manager, a ceremony at the facility in honor of Michael Leahy, who grew up during the 1950s skiing at Belknap Ski Area (now Gunstock).

Mike was a member of the 1958-59 state championship Laconia High School Ski Team who excelled in jumping. Mike died suddenly last year and requested his ashes be scattered on top of Mount Rowe, where he skied frequently.

Mike, the son of Dr. Roland and Betty Leahy, had quite a sense of humor and left wishes that his ashes be distributed on top of the mountain on a day when Mount Washington could be seen. He wanted his family to be able to see the magnificent views from Gunstock.

Both Greg and Pat accommodated the request, but went way beyond approving this. They arranged a location at the foot of the 70 meter ski jump for the 20 family members and three ski team members including the coach, Woody Carville, to conduct the ceremony. Parking was arranged at the location, a space was plowed out for the event. Both Greg and Pat were present during the two hours.

After the family and ski team members related stories of Mike, his wife, son, and daughter were transported to the top of Mount Rowe to distribute his ashes. Then followed a luncheon at the Pistol Pub. Several of the group enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of skiing to retrace the trails Mike had skied on lately.

We appreciated the efforts of Greg and Patrick to organize and make sure that the event was successful. On a day when there was a large crowd and a major youth ski race, Greg and Pat willingly gave of their time to ensure the event went smoothly. This was a tribute to their efforts. The family and ski team thanks you for your concern and effort.

Dick Smith

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Winnisquam schools don't deserve to have their budgets out

To The Daily Sun,

I attended the annual Winnisquam Regional School District meeting and someone proposed an amendment to cut the budget by 10 percent, which would mean a cut of approximately $2.47 million. The person who proposed the amendment talked about cuts made on the state level. The challenge was made to the school board to go out and find the money. After just a little thought, I wondered if he wanted the school board to go into the forest and look for the money tree, or search for a map leading to pirate treasure, or ask great Uncle George for a gift of $2.47 million, and then again, did he want them to ask the state of New Hampshire for it?

Personally, I think he knew full well that a cut of this magnitude means pink slips and cuts in programs. In the process, good people are hurt and student programs suffer. Remember now, it is the bottom line that counts.

There is a major move in this country to cut social programs and run everything as a business. It is a point of view leading to the destruction of safety nets like Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans and let's not forget the public schools. It's all about "lean and mean," "the bottom line," and "the survival of the fittest."

I prefer a different point of view. I feel that we have a responsibility to other people. We need programs that help our society function better. Social Security and Medicare were a big help in 2008 when the economy went sour. As we look back over the years, how do we measure the impact of public schools? Please do not misunderstand. We need to be responsible in the way we handle money, but the bottom line is not the only issue.

Because of changes in the law, public school have become very complex. Schools are required to work with severely handicapped students and with behavior issues that were not there in the 1960s and '70s. It is not just reading, writing and arithmetic now. We need to be concerned with behavior modification and basic social skills like never before. The schools need the help and support of the community, and certainly not a 10 percent cut.

I am very thankful that the voters decided to go with the recommendation of the budget committee. The school board and budget committee are elected by the voters and do a good job. This is not a high spending district and does not deserve to have its budget slashed in this manner. Thank you voters for looking at the big picture.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (Tilton)

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