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Change is good & it it time for us to reclaim our town of Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Andrew J. O'Hara Jr. and I am running for Bristol Selectboard for 2014.

I have resided in Bristol for 30 years and am a graduate of Newfound Memorial High School. I have owned and operated a business in Bristol for more than 15 years. Change is good, and it's time to reclaim Bristol.

Taxes are a serious problem, although some current selectmen don't seem to believe so. Look up taxes — it's a burdensome or oppressive duty. We need to lower taxes. Too many people can't pay their property taxes in Bristol and they need our help now. So where do we begin our new journey with new selectmen?

Carol Huber has been telling it like it is for the past two years and she was elected to Bristol's Budget Committee because of her honest, outspoken, but conservative and respectful approach and I stand behind her beliefs and completely support her. Please support me at the polls on March 11 and together we can turn this ship around and steer Bristol into its brightest and most successful future.

Thank you for your consideration and please email me with any comments questions or concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 603-744-9035. I will do my best on your behalf and always treat your ideas with respect and careful consideration.

Andrew J. O'Hara, Jr.


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Joe Kenney has been a true champion for women's health care

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Sandra Mucci of Meredith, who somehow thinks former state Sen. Joe Kenney misled the public on health care for women at that debate, Mr. Cryan's is refusing to address the elephant in the room of Obamacare and how it has taken away 10 hospitals that are out of network for those who are being forced into its system of rationed health care. The Democrats refuse to admit that Obamacare is a failed policy.

Mr. Kenney has been a champion for womens' health care, sponsoring and passing the midwifery bill that allows midwives to receive third party reimbursement from insurance companies and in turn lower the costs of delivering babies. Kenney was a sponsor of the Nurses Compact Act, allowing nurses more flexibility on where they work and the organ donor registry bill. Senator Kenney is an advocate for oral health in New Hampshire and has helped many women to access oral health and to receive dental work. The lists goes on for his support of women's health care. Kenney stated in his opening to the Planned Parenthood question in Meredith that he always supported cancer screening for women and breast exams.

However, Senator Kenney questioned why the state dollars should support funding for services that the federal government has already done in the past and plans to do in the future, unless there is a shortfall.

The only person who misled the public was Commissioner Michael Cryans, who would not answer directly if he supported a gas tax increase. Sen. Kenney was clear that he is against it. Cryans was asked several times and never gave a direct answer.

A vote for Joe Kenney on March 11 for Executive Council is a vote for experience, impeccable integrity and someone who will help people solve their problems.

June Waltz

North Conway

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Joe Kenney understands the challenges facing New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

Those of us who live in Northern New Hampshire appreciate the absolute natural beauty of our landscape, but know too well the economic and infrastructure challenges that are part of that landscape.

Executive Council Candidate Joe Kenney understands our challenges, knows the importance of constituency service, and knows the paths for solutions in New Hampshire state government because of his record of elected service in Concord. On March 11 in the District 1 Special Election for Executive Council join me in voting for Joe Kenney.

Joanne D. Haight


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Disagreement shouldn't be used as justification for unruly behavior

To The Daily Sun,

It is unsettling to watch the Belknap commissioners and administrators behave unprofessionally at county meetings
of the convention. While they are present to answer questions which delegates to the convention may have, they seldom miss an opportunity to snort, snigger and register their derision. Of course, this does discredit to them and to their offices and diminishes what should be a serious concern to do the people's business to the best of our ability in a dignified atmosphere.

Meeting rules require that questions and comments be directed to the chair after one is recognized to speak. At the Feb. 18 meeting, before there could be any general discussion or public input, a motion was made to adopt the commissioners' budget as presented. This foreclosed the possibility of public input since, despite the attempt of the chair to recognize the public, the side putting forth the motion correctly noted that it would be out of order. When the motion was made to adjourn it precluded further discussion since this is not a debatable motion.

It is apparent that some of the delegates to the Belknap Convention have had profound differences with the administration. That disagreement should not be used as justification for unruly behavior.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5


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How much snow are we going to allow in New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

Enough is enough, is enough, is enough. How long can state government sit on its hands in silence? It's time for action.

The right-wingers expound there is never a time for government action. Let the American spirit and free enterprise handle it. Well, free markets have had the ball long enough. They've proven themselves incapable. Instead of addressing our discomfort, they promoted Olympics, mergers and intrusion. Did you buy that? You did? You've been snowed. Admit it.

The God people told us they could handle it. They could not. Perhaps somebody should explain, if you're making saints out pedophile enablers and preaching generalized hatred for people you don't understand, your prayers don't carry much weight in the ultimate weather room. The prayed-for relief they seek could be warmer than they anticipate.

The lefties said only the downtrodden and minority are worthy of governmental largesse. How, they beseech one another. Can they channel relief solely to the truly needy? There's bound to be overspill to the statistically undevastated.

Only a swell of demand from the great unwashed can make it happen. We need action. We need laws. We need unequivocal edicts. We need unity of purpose, and we needed it two months ago, not next month or sometime.

How much snow are we going to allow in New Hampshire? How many days in a week will we permit it?

Don't wait. Assemble and petition. And, quit singing, "Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow." That's blasphemy, and soon, if we all act together, it will be illegal.

Robert Moran


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