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To submit a letter to the editor, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Letters must contain the author's name, hometown (state as well, if not in New Hampshire) and phone number, but the number will not be published. We do not run anonymous letters. Local issues get priority, as do local writers. We encourage writers to keep letters to no more than 400 words, but will accept longer letters to be run on a space-available basis. Editors reserve the right to edit letters for spelling, grammar, punctuation, excessive length and unsuitable content.


Vote for continued support of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library

To The Daily Sun,

To the voters of Gilmanton:
I am writing to ask that as a resident of Gilmanton, when you go to the voting booth on March 8, to vote "yes" for continued town support for the Year-Round Library. I personally use the library at least monthly both for checking out books and for other events when they occur.
When I look to what others may personally gain, I think there are few places, times, and programs in our town that provide events that appeal to such a wide majority of residents for no charge. The computers, books, children's activities along with crafts, movies, yoga and programs from the N.H. Humanities and quest speakers on topics that range from coyotes to the Salem witches — bring information, fun and enlightenment to those who take advantage of the offerings. The Year-Rund Library has tried to address the varied interests of our town and I hope to see them continue to do so and also grow in their development of more programs for our community. Please, vote "yes."

Betty A. Mitchell


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As Ashland selectman, I'd strive for quality of life & lower tax rate

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to announce my candidacy as selectman in Ashland.
As a business owner and taxpayer in Ashland since 2004, I am deeply vested in my community and promoting economic growth while retaining the history of our town.

As market manager of the Open Air Farmers Market of New Hampton, located on the Ashland town line, I recognize the value in our local network, civic pride and community relations. I enjoy being an active member and supporter of the Ashland Community Garden, along with my wife and children.

I am currently serving as vice chairman on the Budget Committee, where we have reduced the budget below default for the first time in several years. As secretary of the Conservation Commission, I am committed to protecting our woods and waterways, and currently working with several departments to keep Northern Pass out of Ashland.

Using my experience, I look forward to working with the town's people and current Selectboard members to achieve a higher quality of life with a lower tax rate. I want to thank the Ashland voters for their support.

Harold Lamos

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