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I get 2 or 3 anonymous letters written by lefties every year

To The Daily Sun,

On St. Patrick's Day, the mail brought me a good laugh in the form of a hand-addressed letter post marked from Manchester with a return address somewhere in Texas. Right away I knew what this was, I get two or three yearly from lefties upset with my opinions printed here in the paper. The author even went to the trouble of copying a letter I read here in the paper a couple weeks ago written by either Siden or Veverka.

Note to the sender, highlighting in yellow doesn't make the original letter writers spin any more correct or make me change my opinions. The usual laughable stuff was in there and just confirmed my belief that progressives suffer from an inability to differentiate between an opinion they dislike and a lie.

For example this sender was insisting Fox News "is all lies and racial hate speech". I hear this a lot from lefties but when you ask for an example the always provide an opinion someone on Fox said or they hem and haw then say something like "it's all lies". I figure most of them have either never watched Fox News and have just been told by other left-wingers what to think and say or are so brain washed as to not know the difference between news and opinion.

Another note to sender: Polls show Fox News is the most trusted cable news channel on TV; CNN is second, then the networks, and MSNBC last. So there you go, sender, you figure which of us should stop watching what? But thanks for the laughs.

Steve Earle


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Where is Maloof's proof that Opus Dei is sinister organization

To The Daily Sun,

Professor George Maloof appears to have enlightened us with the Opus Dei secret Catholic society that he says ensures women stand behind men in life. A natural order where the rich are rich and the poor are poor, a divine order of inequality. And he claims they won't tell us who is in this secret society. At least according to the New Republic, The Daily Kos and other left-wing sites.

According to the Catholic League, it lists all of its member priests and international and regional directors. Like any club membership, it does not make public all of its members. They say that yes, the late Pope John Paul II's spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls is a member. However, they go on to say that the rumors of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Louis Freeh, Mel Gibson and Pat Buchanan being members is absolutely false. Nevertheless, the professor appears to be convinced that Scalia is a charter member of this alleged dastardly and dictatorial cult.

Is it possible that the learned professor has crossed the line of reasonableness by confusing the "Da Vinci Code" work of fiction with the real life Opus Dei Catholic organization? Which might explain why he believes it supports "dictatorial societies". Where is the real proof that this organization is as the professor implies?

Mr. Maloof then goes on to scold Scalia for his "maniacal obsession with a rigid interpretation of the Constitution." And therein lies the paradoxical rub. Remember when President Obama complained about the Constitution being a "charter of negative liberties". As we have seen over the past six years, he has decided to ignore the limits of power of the executive branch and ignore our Constitution so that he can push through his redistributive schemes. After all, he says he's "got a pen and a phone" and just doesn't have time for the tedious legislative process and the cumbersome checks and balances of congressional oversight.

It is President Obama, a progressive, Marxist-loving, power-hungry individual who believes in a dictatorial society, and not Justice Scalia or the Opus Dei members. "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money" exclaimed Obama. And who will make that decision? Could it possibly be his vision of a monstrously-sized federal government that will redistribute the wealth for the good of the collective? A complete contradiction with the beliefs of a Supreme Court justice who adheres to the limits of power of the president in order to avoid a dictatorship. Wouldn't you say so Mr. Maloof?

Saul Alinsky would be proud of Professor Maloof and his "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it," letter to the editor. Yes professor, go after people and not institutions. Personalized criticism and ridicule works so well doesn't it professor? Lucifer crediting Saul lusted for the vision of getting God out of our government and our schools. If he were still with us, he would be so proud of the liberal progressives who have made progress in driving the name and message of Christ out of the public arena. The professor is only trying to do his part for heaven's sake. Holy Beelzebub Batman!

Russ Wiles


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