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If you like being deceived, you have Senators Ayotte & Shaheen to thank

To The Daily Sun,
Do you think employers with over 50 employees should get about a $5,000 benefit if they hire "legalized" illegal aliens rather than American citizens? Do you think flooding the low-skilled labor pool which suppresses the wages of low-skilled Americans is a good idea? Do you think it is better for low-skilled Americans to receive welfare than get decent paying jobs? Do you think taxpayers should provide a $18 per hour subsidy so employers can higher cheap labor?
Do you think passing an amnesty bill that the CBO says only stops 25 percent of the illegal alien problem makes sense? Do you think that allowing about seven uneducated and low skilled immigrants (who receive more taxpayer provide benefits than they pay in taxes) for every high-skilled immigrant is a good idea? Do you think legalizing about 46 million, mostly low-skilled uneducated immigrants in the next 20 years is a good idea?
Do you think Congress should pass an immigration bill that the CBO says increases American unemployment? Do you think that Congress should pass an immigration bill that the CBO says lowers the average wage and wealth of most American? Do you think that rewarding 11 million people who broke our laws is a good idea?
If you think these are good, then you will applaud the votes by Senators Ayotte and Shaheen.
Do you like being intentionally deceived by false claims that there will be "enforcement first", fines and back taxes, strict background checks, no access to welfare, and a deficit reduction? If so, then you will applaud the promises and votes by Senators Ayotte and Shaheen.
If, like me, you think that the good of American workers is more important than that of immigrant law breakers, if you don't like being the recipient of false promises, then I suggest you call Senators Ayotte and Shaheen immediately and tell them to vote "NO" on the "gang of eight" Comprehensive Immigration Bill.
Don Ewing

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Please be very careful when celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks

To The Daily Sun,
The 4th of July is almost here and the Laconia Fire Department wants to remind people to be very careful when celebrating our Independence Day, especially if you are going to use fireworks. Only permissible fireworks are allowed in Laconia, unless you are a licensed fireworks operator.
Fireworks are very dangerous. Do not get complacent when using these explosives. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2010, fireworks caused an estimated 15,500 fires nationwide. Those fires resulted in an estimated 60 civilian injuries and $36 million dollars in direct property damage. In 2010, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 8,800 people for fireworks related injuries. 52 percent of the firework injuries were burns, while 21 percent were contusions and lacerations. 39 percent of the people injured by fireworks were under the age of 15. Fountains, sparklers and novelties accounted for 43 percent of the injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms. Two years ago in Laconia we had an apartment house get destroyed by fire because of misuse of sparklers.
The best way to celebrate the holiday is to go to a public fireworks display. Check the newspapers to see what communities are providing fireworks displays. Laconia provides fireworks shows on July 3 at Weirs beach and July 4 at Opechee Park.
If you do plan on using permissible fireworks you must be over 21 years of age and you must own the property or have the owner's permission. Permissible fireworks are allowed in Laconia. They may not be allowed in other communities. Keep children away from the fireworks especially while lighting them. Store the fireworks in a safe location and keep them secured. You should have a bucket of water readily available to put out any fires that may get started, and to protect yourself. Watch were the fireworks land and monitor the area for at least 30 minutes after you are done. Fireworks can land on roofs and in gutters and easily start a fire.
The State Fire Marshal gives this advice:
"Be Prepared" before lighting fireworks.
• Purchase only New Hampshire Permissible Fireworks, available at licensed retail stores throughout the state.
• Purchase only the quantity that you will use.
• Permissible fireworks can only be displayed on property that you own, or have written permission from the landowner.
• Have a water hose or fire extinguisher nearby in case of an unanticipated fire.
• Create a clear level surface to display your permissible fireworks away from things that can burn, or easily ignite.
• Call 911 immediately in the event of a fire or medical emergency, don't wait!
"Be Safe" when lighting fireworks.
• Adults 21 years of age or older should be the only possessing and displaying permissible fireworks.
• Always wear eye protection.
• Always read and follow the safety directions provided on each firework device or package.
• Light only one device at a time and move away quickly.
• Keep all spectators at a safe distance.
• Display permissible fireworks only outdoors, away from anything that can burn, or easily ignite.
• Be considerate of your neighbors, family pets and the environment. You could be liable for damages to another's property.
• "Be responsible" when finished.
• Clean up all debris when you are finished.
• Devices that do not fire or discharge once they are lit are very dangerous; if a firework device does not fire or discharge, keep away for at least 15 minutes or more, then ensure that it has been filled with water, or placed in a bucket of water.
• Always make sure that unused fireworks, matches and lighters are secured and out of the reach of children.
Chief Ken Erickson
Laconia Fire Department

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What make him think we'd ever want him in The Weirs?

To The Daily Sun,
I read with interest the other day your article on page one about the man who wanted to open a sex shop on Union Avenue. My favorite part of the whole article came at the very end when he was quoted as saying "after reviewing the ordinance with Saunders and describing circles with radiuses of 500 feet, he found 'unless I'm banished to The Weirs, there are only two lots where I can do this.'"
Banished to The Weirs? What, is The Weirs, some kind of leper colony? I find the comment rather insulting. People who live, work, enjoy recreation and vacation by the Weirs choose to do so, in fact, we like The Weirs, we have, by no means, been "banished to The Weirs".
Oh, and what makes you think we would even want you in The Weirs?
Kathleen Kelly

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Will you ever know how your state senator voted on phone deregulation?

To The Daily Sun,
At election time we listen to a lot of presentations and promises made by the candidates for state senator and take that into consideration when casting our vote at election time.
I recently wanted to know how all 24 of our state senators voted on a an amendment, to a bill about electric renewable portfolio standard, which further deregulated telephone service in N.H. and eliminated the Public Utilities Commission authority to support customers who have a service problem with FairPoint.
Unfortunately It seems that the only way you can verify how your senator voted is if a roll call vote is taken and each senators vote is officially recorded. So far this year I have been told that only three roll call votes have been taken. If a voice vote is taken on a bill there is no record of who voted which way.
Do you know how your senator voted?
Wouldn't you like to know before the next election? Ask your senator!
Bill Whalen

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Will Laconia realize animals don't have to suffer for our entertainment?

To The Daily Sun,
I have just learned the Kelly Circus is coming to your town and it is a travesty this facade is passing for family entertainment! There is endless documentation of this as well as other animal-based circuses abusing their animals. How can they not — animals are NOT meant to travel 10,000 miles a year performing — extreme temperatures, unnatural physical actions, lack of community (they are chained all of the time with NO recreation or socialization) and they are often whipped and prodded with electrical devices. It is too bad children and families are mislead into thinking animals deserve this treatment and it is part of the cost for humans to be amused. One of many examples:
Alternative and cruelty free entertainment :
I hope your town realizes animals don't have to suffer for our entertainment and bans this cruelty next year!
Adam Steinberg

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