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Mr. Wiles is ignoring the humanity of what is happening in Orlando

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Wiles of Tilton is doing what everyone on the right has done since early Sunday morning's shooting in Orlando: he is blaming the president. The fact that the shooter's own father stated that he had serious issues with the thought of men kissing apparently has nothing to do with it. The fact that he has a violent past has nothing to do with it. That he abused his own wife has nothing to do with it.

The shooter was a homophobe. Yes, even a Muslim homophobe. He was born here 29 years ago and lived here his entire life. His parents are Afghani. And his own ex-wife said he was not particularly religious. An act of terror? Yes. An act of hate? Yes. But some form of premeditated religion-based attack meant to disrupt our political state? No. That is Mr. Wiles job.

How fast he brings Donald Trump in as some form of hero, when nothing Mr. Trump has suggested would have made a single difference. Perhaps if it was possible to prevent the sale of weapons to people on the FBI's Watch List, a difference could have been made. But no — the NRA and its stooges have ensured that cannot happen.

You know, if I was to take an AR-15 and open fire in Walmart while yelling "Christ Compels Me!!" I'd be labeled a nut. But yell "Allahu Akbar!" and suddenly you are a Islamic terrorist? Mr. Wiles is missing — just like after Sandy Hook and Aurora — that if simple measures were in place then these assault-style weapons would be out of the picture. But no. People like Mr. Wiles use the Second Amendment as a crutch without ever understanding the true nature of the amendment itself, its wording, and the limitations inherent to it.

Finally, Mr. Wiles is simply ignoring the humanity of Orlando. Forty-six men and three women, plus the shooter, are dead. Brothers. Sons. Sisters. Daughters. All expendable under Mr. Wiles view of our Constitution. Remember it was Ronald Reagan himself who advocated for the banning of assault-style weapons after his own shooting. It was George Bush who let it lapse. But somehow President Obama gets the blame because he doesn't use the words "Radical Islamic Terrorist?"

Ludicrous. Mr. Wiles simply is using this to his advantage to get Donald Trump elected. And if he does, Mr. Wiles, who will you complain about next? Because our country will go straight to hell in a hand basket, and you can sit there in Tilton and watch our economy tank, our status in the world evaporate, and attacks on this country accelerate.

Alan Vervaeke

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You should not have published photo of fatal motorcycle accident

To The Daily Sun,

Thumbs down for publishing the picture of the fatal motorcycle accident from Thursday, June 9, in last Friday's edition of the paper.

It is the last picture his family has of him alive, and it was published in poor taste.

Whoever took the picture should be ashamed, and whoever thought it was a good idea to print it should be even more ashamed.

RIP Justin.

Rhiannon Fee

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