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Candidate Trump is as series a terrorist as ISIS or al-Quaeda

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump is a terrorist. He makes bigoted statements; he is eager to "press the nuclear button"; he mistreats those who either worked for him, or contracted with him; his multiple marriages, his insults of our military and his divisive comments disqualify him to be president of the U.S. His demagoguery threatens the "peace" we seek in today's world.
This writer endorses Hillary Clinton to be the next president. She listens to everyone, including this writer, having done so in the past. She has a lifelong history of giving back to this country — in the eyes of John Kennedy's words, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country". Mark Twain wrote further, "Support your country, and the government, IF IT DESERVES IT!" Clinton fulfills both of these writers ideas and concepts; Mr. Trump does not. Mr. Trump has no plans for his agenda. Ms. Clinton does. Ms. Clinton offers the best hope to moving forward our country as well as promote the safety and inclusion of the entire world as the leader of our country. Ms. Clinton embraces the progressive movement of Bernie Sanders.
As stated in the past, Donald Trump is a "clear and present danger" (From the book by Tom Clancy) to our country, as well as the rest of this planet and humankind. His eagerness to press the "nuclear button" will provoke world wide destruction of humankind as we know it. The resulting aftermath of this event will be catastrophic. Donald Trump is the largest terrorist in this country and throughout the world. He must not be elected. He even challenges debate schedules. Which is more important, NFL or our nation's well being??
He has married multiples of times. Mr. and Ms. Clinton remain married through the many challenges they faced, both from emails, to Mr. Clinton's infidelity. What happened to Mr. Trump? Is this another form of abusing women, in addition to his comments. Is he trading in the "old" woman for a "new one"? Is this a form of modern slavery against women?

Mr. Trump displaced many seniors from their home by crass eminent domain of their properties to build his towers in Atlantic City and New York. One of those seniors could have been your parent, grandparent, or close family member.
Trump's insensitive comments, especially those who are disabled, such as myself are offensive. His comments regarding other minorities, such as blacks and Muslims are unacceptable. Mr. Trump promotes bigotry and hate. Ms. Clinton seeks unity and peace. She knows well the importance of all of us working together for a common end for us to survive today's world.
Mr. Trump is a thief. He has yet to pay contractors for work done on his properties, forcing many into bankruptcies at their own expense. He abuses his workers. He states current minimum wage is too much. Minimum wage today is not a live-able one. He stole from many that went to Trump University.
Yes, people and Ms. Clinton make mistakes. Mr. Trump has multiple significant legal issues that may incarcerate him. His treasonous comments having Russia tap Ms. Clinton's emails is illegal. This is an indictable offense. He says he wants to "hit" all those who spoke against him at the DNC. This makes Mr. Trump a terrorist.
Mr. Trump is only in this election for Mr. Trump. The peace in the world we seek will never come under his reins. Mr. Donald Trump is as serious a terrorist as the ISIS or Al-Quaeda. He seeks to destroy the Constitution of our country to fit his "Trump Constitution." Mr. Trump's supporters are bigots ignorant, and refuse to comprehend that their own lives could be at stake. Trump must be stopped at the voting booth.
Voters also need to remember that Ms. Clinton did not come from upper-class family. She has had to work hard for everything she rightfully earned. Her history also shows that regardless of her gender, she has contributed to the welfare, health, and safety of this nation. Mr. Clinton also shares a similar history as well. Yes, mistakes were made, but none have affected negatively as the history of Mr. Trump's illegal activities shows. He got a check from daddy; Ms. Clinton did not.
Mr. Trump has insulted members of our military including both Mr. McCain, and the Khans who spoke before the Democratic Convention, about their heroic son. Yet, Trump never served in the military.
America is already great. Tested, challenged, and strong. Ms. Clinton offers the best way to lead our country. Mr. Trump is a very dangerous man, to us, and all of humankind.
These statements are from a Republican who has voted over 50 years without missing an election.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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Thanks owed to so many for the success of Sanbornton Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

Our Sanbornton, July 23, Old Home Day enjoyed plenty of attendance and happy faces all around. We owe thanks to so many: The committee that met and did planning since March: Martha Bodwell, Pauline Chabot, Laurie Graham, Justin Barriault, Sheila Kufert, Brad Crosby, Phil Huckins, Jack Robinson, John and Grita Olmstead, Steve Hankard. The Rev. Ruth Martz joined us steadily by e-mail.

Thanks to the cake bakers that supplied a tasty assortment of cakes to be served out with Rock Salt Creamery ice cream and sherbet. Thanks to the many T-shirt sponsors whose donations covered our costs. Our shirt's artistry is many thanks to Kathy Farrington. We have vendors who spent the day with us, and crafters and artists.

Thanks to bus drivers Jonathan from Sant Bani School driving that bus, and Bill from First Student, Tilton, driving that bus. Police Cadets from Boy Scout Explorers were an immense help with parking and traffic control. Thanks to Jack Potter of Sanbornton Historical Society for tracking our finances.

Sanbornton Historical Society's pancake breakfast drew a record attendance. We owe thanks for maple syrup donations and patrons alike, as well as the cooks and servers. Handy to Lane Tavern was "Sanbornton Votes" with tables of literature from both parties, candidates from both parties. Thanks to food vendors that made our Food Court happen for lunches and snacks.

Conservation Commission and Solid Waste Committee both tabled with information. Police did fingerprinting of children and gave out free gun locks. Fire personnel set up a table of information and free kids' fire helmets.

We had money-cards from Market Basket (2), Common Man, Dipsy Doodle that were prizes in the cribbage tournament held by Brad Crosby. Look for it again next year. After three hours of intense competition, Lynn Crosby emerged as the new Sanbornton champion with a score of 832. Second place winner was Marlene Cuthbertson (808). Third place was Mike Poire (801), and fourth place was Karen Ober (790). Thanks to all participants. Special thanks to Fire Chief Paul Dexter and his department for use of the fire station and with setting up. Also a big thank you to American Legion Post 49 of Tilton for providing all the cribbage supplies.

Our Balloon Burst Booth was set up by a helpful fireman and Justin Barriault, providing water-fun for an hour or so, with Selectmen Ober and Olmstead taking the seat on our very hot Saturday. Thank you to Franklin Savings Bank for the loan of their Balloon Burst Booth. We have to thank the heavens for holding off their storm until late that day, though its harsh winds did damage that needed cleaning up. Young John Shea's lemonade stand gave liquid relief to many at the Life/Safety Building. Thank you, Shea family.

Thanks to the Swain family that brought along Lila-the-cow for cowpat bingo once again. Thanks to all in the parade. Of special note, Stev Ahlgren's long rowboat (the Siggy V) with six oarsmen possible (he built this boat from scratch) contained his wife Mary and four of the grandchildren. Bill Tobin pulled his New Hampshire State Seal in the parade, after doing extensive repairs caused by winter weathering.

We saw a young dancer from LIHA, Laconia Indian Historical Association. Starlin Morrison drove his 1939 tractor! Much to enjoy in the parade.

Milly Shaw, in Guy Giunta's convertible, was our parade marshal. Marie Guinta rode along too.

Bands played for us from the gazebo — Moulton Band and New Horizons Band. We loved that rousing music and music a bit nostalgic, too. The library being open for the storyteller and her craft-teaching. Many thanks to Marcia and staff.

Any we've omitted, for your help we are grateful.

Lynn Chong & Dave Witham


Sanbonrton Old Home Day


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