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Try and take some comfort knowing that I don't hate you back

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Earle's letters are consistently filled with misstatements, "facts" that aren't real, all leavened with heaping doses of a persecution complex and venom for anyone who opposes him.

I would like to tell him that we will not be hating you back, and I'll tell him why, even though he may have no interest in knowing the reason.

Hatred does accomplish some things. It's a loud "attention getter", as any parent who has a child in the "terrible twos" can tell you. Hatred does provoke and stir up people. We could even say that Mr. Earle is a provocateur and an agitator. We could spend our time trying to prove that you shouldn't waste your time or energy consuming yourself with hatred of anything or anyone different than you. But a more visceral (and often satisfying) response is often to "get back" or worse, to "get even".

Doing the last can be a waste of time. You read the letters in The Daily Sun. Writers continue to counter your lies, half-truths and purposeful omissions. They have given you responses to your addicted hatred toward President Obama.

Your constant expression of hatred will no longer faze us. Maybe we are just wasting our time and efforts to answer your hatred and your lies. Maybe it's wiser not to be annoyed or baited into a tit for tat.

We've had many discussions amongst our group and have come to a simple solution. You will probably love it. When we turn to the Letters to the Editor pages our eyes will immediately go to the end of each letter. If we happen to see your name attached to that particular letter, we will not read it. From now on, we will just ignore the rants that you submit to this newspaper. The same way we would ignore the crazy man with the wild hair standing on the corner, bug-eyed and yelling at everyone who walks by. Or the crotchety and irritable man who yells at the neighborhood kids to, "Get off my lawn".

Have a good day and try to take some comfort knowing that we don't hate you back.

Bernadette Loesch


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Internal combustion engine can be replaced by self-charging motors

To The Daily Sun,

I doubt any here are familiar with me, but I was involved with electronic and electrical power for much of the earlier part of my life — repair, control and testing. In the letter's section of the March 21 paper, Steve Earle made comments about about energy supply and technology — something I've complained about for years, which urges me to make some clarification. The cost issue has some merit but, relative to it, there is a greater issue.

Even with my "ancient" technology, we can eliminate the hybrid vehicle. That infernal, oops, I mean internal, combustion engine can be replaced with a second battery pack along with a charging system. There is a charging system in standard vehicles. It's called an alternator (within it is a rectifier circuit, that changes its AC to DC, and a regulator circuit, which maintains the determined voltage output). With a little more control circuitry, you'll now have a vehicle that can travel indefinitely. As Steve indicated, there is still maintenance, wear and possible breakdowns to contend with, but this is a simple application of "old" technology.

What is the drawback? If our vehicles are self-charging, what happens to all those convenience stores and service stations relying on refueling (now by electric chargers). Those air pumps that the quarters are plunked into will get more use. Can you see those places, with all their employees, replaced with "Going Out of Business" signs?

The oil industry put us over the barrel long ago. Now we'll have to slip and slide our way out of it.

H. Hudson

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