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Thanks for help with Caregivers' 15th Anniversary Celebration

To the editor,
On behalf of Interlakes Community Caregivers, Inc., I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank the many people and businesses who helped make our 2013 Annual Meeting and 15th Anniversary Celebration a success. Door prizes were donated by Canoe Restaurant, Hair Connection and Meredith Station. Refreshments were donated by Ben & Jerry's of Meredith and E.M. Heath's Supermarket. Cackleberries Garden Center donated beautiful flowers to decorate our tables. We appreciate the use of Gilpatric Hall at the Center Harbor Congregational Church at which the event was held. Thank you also to the volunteers who spent many hours and creative energies to plan and execute this meeting.
Finally, thank you to all our volunteers and supporters, now and throughout the years, as we celebrate fifteen years of serving our neighbors.
Ann W. Sprague
Executive Director
Interlakes Community Caregivers Inc.

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For short-term gain we can ruin N.H.'s scenic beauty with windmills

To the editor,
My wife and I were born and raised in N.H. We have traveled all around the world and there is no place with more scenic beauty than N.H.
N.H. is no longer an industrial state. The shoe manufacturing is gone, the woolen mills are gone, the paper mills are gone. N.H. is now a tourist state. People come to N.H. mainly because of its scenic beauty. While N.H.'s industrial base is no longer here, N.H.'s scenic beauty will never be gone unless we allow it to be destroyed by greed.
For the short term promises of money, jobs or cheaper energy we can ruin N.H.'s scenic beauty by cluttering the skyline with the profile of wind mills. Is anyone photographing the scenic beauty of the Tenney Mountain skyline? I think not. Have N.H. residents benefited from the promises of cheap energy or jobs? I haven't seen it. Is N.H.'s tourist attraction going to be " Come see the beautiful wind mills"? I hope not! Listen to N.H. Wind Watch and put a moratorium on the construction of wind mills along the skyline of beautiful, scenic Newfound Lake.
Arthur & Sylvia Cote

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At least Pres. Bush was straight with us, agree with him or not

To the editor,
In response to Henry Osmer's comments on May 29:
The reason four brave Americans were killed in Benghazi is that this FRAUD we have occupying the White House has demonstrated a total lack of both leadership and character. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton also failed her country and was directly responsible for the lack of truthfulness and outright cover-up.
Explain your numbers? Hundreds of thousands killed in two unpaid wars? What is the scandal? It's about corruption! It's about lying to the American people! It's about arrogance! It's about attacking voters because they did not vote for Democrats! It's about not supporting diplomats in time of crisis! This administration has become the "I don't know" group. The IRS. . . are you kidding me? These are the folks that will police your health care?
Slam dunk, mushroom clouds, shock and awe... all lies you say? Well you must be talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and many Dems because they all were convinced that Saddam had WMDs. He did if fact have WMDs. He used them (chemical weapons) against his own people. Has your selective memory failed you Henry? We do know that his nuclear program was not a factor. We also know that Saddam murdered upwards of 200,000 Kurds.
Henry, you are correct that we can't protect every American overseas... BUT WE CAN TRY! And this government did not try! No-Bama was only concerned with his political re-election. They knew it was a terrorist attack from the first hour! They covered it up with some phony story about a movie that was made and it enraged an angry crowd? But the worst of it was that they carried on with this BS for 2 weeks! All lies Henry.
Henry, do you really think that Sadam would have just gone away? He had to be dealt with and the sooner the better. At least President Bush was straight with us... whether you agreed with him or not? We always knew where he stood on the issues.
And finally Henry, I know many hard working folks... some work as professionals, some as police and firefighters, some in the military, some as laborers and some work at a desk. I don't think many folks as YOU SAY, consider hard work as sitting on their brains and working with their fingers as an appropriate comment just because you never learned how to type.
Ron Tricca

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You know & I know that corporations are not people; let's stand up

To the editor,
Are corporations people? Why should we live with a mistake made many years ago in California. You know and I know that corporations are not people and do not deserve the same rights as people. It we continue to give corporations the same rights as people have, it will in the long run be the downfall of our democracy.
In the past outside groups have spent large sums on state races. Why should out-of-state groups be spending more than five times what the candidates spent on themselves? Much of that funding came from "corporate groups".
At this point New Hampshire is the only New England state that has not called for an amendment on this matter. It's time for our legislature to act positively. Do the will of the residents of N.H. It's a bipartisan will, with Republicans, Democrats and independents asking for action.
Larry Spencer

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Pres. Obama sets the tone & agenda & is morally responsible

To the editor,
I see here on Wednesday that L.J. Siden is on another half-baked attack on Fox News and it's viewers. He apparently is confused between the meaning of the words OPINION and the word LIE. Sighting Republican analysts who predicated a Romney win as proof of Fox being biased, he ignores all the Democratic analysts on Fox predicting Obama would win. Some proof LJ! But this is so typical of the Kool-Aid drinkers who have decided only they have any right to opinion and more so the exclusive right to express their opinion and to be heard by the rest of the American people.
I give readers the example of the current scandals engulfing the Obama administration as well as those going back throughout this crooked and corrupt gang of leftists ( my opinion). AG Holder lied to Congress, under oath, about his involvement in the administrations attack on the free press. The targeting of a Fox News reporter James Rosen for criminal involvement (a false charge, not opinion) in the leaking of information by a government employee. Holder started his less then stellar stint as AG by declaring that civil rights was not for white people, only minorities. Then there was his stonewalling of Congress in the hearings over "Fast and Furious", the gun running scheme apparently designed more to bolster the left's anti gun agenda here at home then anything to do with drug cartels in Mexico. Didn't matter how many Mexicans died as long as the left's anti gun movement got good press.
And how about Hilliary Clinton asking Congress, "What does it really matter", speaking of the deaths of Americans in Benghazi? What a sorry example of self-serving narcissism. We still do not know who ordered rescuers to STAND DOWN or why requests for additional security were denied and by who. Then the cover up and the absurd story of a anti Muslim video being the cause. Five days after the event the grieving mother of one of the dead security men asked Hilliary why her son died? Hilliary looked her in the eye and told her the video story lie. How cold is that?
We have all been aware that the Tea Party was the most hated enemy of progressives who were calling them racists and worse, making unsupported charges, smears and slanders at every opportunity. The Obama administration took it to another level by having the IRS, FBI, and other powerful government agencies harass, obstruct, investigate and intimidate them and many other groups that had different views then Obama and gang. They even had the FBI investigate a pro-Israel group that was expressing a different view then the administration and blocked its non profit status in the IRS. Now even after this illegal abuse by the administration and IRS has been exposed, the IRS is still continuing to carry out the program of harassment against conservative groups and individuals according to latest revaluations on, yes LJ, Fox News.
There is more then enough evidence for any reasonable person to conclude that Obama, as head of this government, sets the tone and agenda, and so is morally responsible for the criminal acts being committed on his behalf. L.J. Siden and the rest of the left writers can spin, excuse, twist and say what they will but the reality can't be covered up. This is the worst president and administration in modern American history. (MY OPINION!)
Steve Earle

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