Please consider joining the Leadership Lakes Region Class of '15

To The Daily Sun,

I have become very passionate about the Leadership Lakes Region (LLR) program. As a graduate and new board member I wanted to share a perspective on what it does for graduates, businesses and the community at large.

The organization is dedicated to community improvement by creating a network of effective leaders who promote volunteerism and civic awareness. The "course" is one day a month for eight months, with each day focusing on a topic critical to the area (history and culture, social issues, education, economics, politics, health, environment). Each class consists of about 18 to 25 individuals with varied occupations and backgrounds who develop strong bonds with each other and the community as they learn about the strengths and weaknesses of our precious landscape. Locations throughout the area serve as the classroom with citizens and business/educational leaders serving as teachers to guide the class towards discovery.

The course gave me a greater understanding of our community needs as well as its resources. I was exposed to the agencies who help those in need, the businesses who are in the forefront of supplying employees as volunteers and/or funding for causes. Personally, I established a dynamic network of current and future community leaders who are dedicated to making the Lakes Region a better community. Even those who grew up in this area are surprised to learn how much they don't know about the issues facing this area as well as the bevy of resources available to help. Since graduating, I have regrouped with classmates for multiple causes and have joined two boards.

If you are an individual interested in networking with community leaders and working towards a better Lakes Region, I encourage you to learn more about LLR. We can help you approach your employer about getting the time and resources to join the upcoming Class of 2015. If you are a supervisor or business owner, I encourage you to send one or two employees. You will end up with a richer workforce who are more engaged in the community; a plus for all businesses.

Applications, tuition and other information are available at the website or you may call 603.524.6791.

Dona Murray


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Rep. Fields worked against his own party & behaved childlisly

To The Daily Sun,

As we are now entering into the "crazy season" of political elections, I wanted to write this letter to endorse some folks who I believe will be honest public servants to Belknap County, should they win their elections.

Rep. Richard Burchell is running against John Thomas for the seat of County Commissioner. Having had personal experience serving with both of these men, Rep. Burchell would definitely have my vote. Not only has Commissioner Thomas demonstrated unprofessional behavior time and again (I will never forget his infamous "You want to take this on lady?" threat at a delegation meeting early in 2013), he has proven he stands for unaccountable governance. This is totally unacceptable. Commissioner Richard Burchell sounds just great to me.

Ray Howard is running for Belknap District 8 in the New Hampshire House. I have full confidence Mr. Howard will vote to stop the over-taxation of our residents in Belknap. He will stand against new taxes and bloated government. And as this was my seat in Belknap, I cannot imagine a better legislator sitting in it.

Rep. Dennis Fields not only worked against his own party during my time as a delegation member in Belknap, he demonstrated childish and truculent behavior at virtually every delegation meeting. He voted with the Democrats again and again, many times against Belknap taxpayers. My endorsement goes to Republican Brian Gallagher. Sanbornton deserves a true Republican in that seat and Brian is the man for the job. Time to make a change, Sanbornton.

So, that is my take on some upcoming primary elections in Belknap County. It is Live Free or Die time here in New Hampshire. Let's support our conservative candidates throughout New Hampshire.

Jane Cormier

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I agree with Mr. Albushies, N.H. shouldn't have run up the score

To The Daily Sun,

In Saturday's paper, Leon Albushies wrote a strong condemnation of the New Hampshire team running up the score on Vermont in the Shrine game. Good call Leon.
Now, I can't ever remember agreeing with Leon before, but this time he's right. Good job Leon.

Steve Earle

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America has led the world in advancing health care innovation

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to Ms. Martha Richards letter in the Wednesday, Aug. 6, edition of The Laconia Daily Sun titled, "If re-elected, I will continue to oppose wind projects and Northern Pass."
Ms. Martha Richards fails to remind us of not just her support for Obamacare, but her advocacy for a single-payer health care system here in America. In a letter published in the Sept. 17, 2009, edition of the Plymouth Record Enterprise Ms. Richards did just that.
Ms. Richards writes, "... for decades this issue (health care) has plagued America while more enlightened countries have cradle-to-grave coverage." Ms. Richards could not be more wrong. Prior to Obamacare, the vast majority of American citizens had employer based coverage, and were happy with their plans.
Ms. Richards writes, "... America does not have the best health care in the world — look at our infant mortality rate and almost 50 million uninsured Americans."

During the health care debacle, recall that supporters of the president often said there was 20 million Americans without health care, others said 30 or 40 million, and in Ms. Richards case she chose 50 million. Which one was it? But this figure is not the correct measure of America's health care system. In terms of health care, America has led the world. Innovation in new medicines, procedures, equipment, more times than not, come from America. Liberals and "progressives" like to cite sources such as the "social progress index" which advocates for cradle to grave entitlements and a socialist society.

Ms. Richards touts the Obamacare lies within her letter. "Perhaps your happy with your current plan-keep it." As we know millions of Americans have had their policies canceled. More will come in time as the now imperial delay by President Obama of the employer mandate takes effect. Anthem here in New Hampshire canceled more than 29,000 policies, many of which are people of Grafton county, who Ms. Richards represents. Many folks, particularly in the North Country, now have to travel far distances to hospitals that are part of the new network covered by Anthem.

Ms. Richards writes that "health care is a right for all in a democratic society." Again she is incorrect. As a citizen of our nation no one owes anyone health care. Why is someone entitled to the services, knowledge, and care provider by a doctor? A doctor attends medical school, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a doctor. Person A comes along. Person A has no means to pay this doctor. In Ms. Richards utopia, Person A has a right to the doctor's labor. What is fair compensation for Person A to pay the doctor?

Another Obamacare lie was that upon passage people's yearly premiums would go down by $2,500. For many they have gone up by that much.

Obamacare cuts Medicare by $716 million between 2013 and 2022. Ms. Richards how do you explain this cut to the elderly of Grafton County you so often claim to represent?

Have you seen the bureaucratic chaos within the Veterans Administration? Bogus wait lists created to make things look better than they really are. Veterans dying before they are able to get the care they need. The VA is essentially socialized medicine for 8 million veterans, with their record just imagine the utopia of socialized medicine for 350 million Americans! And countless illegal aliens.

Obamacare is as un-American as any law ever passed. It takes from Person A and redistributes their wealth through a subsidy to Person B. Socialistic, if you will. Every poll since its passage has consistently shown 52-58 percent of Americans want the law repealed ( Why is the Senate and president ignoring the will of the majority of Americans? When voting in November, please remember Ms. Richards is a supporter of not only Obamacare, but a single-payer system here in America.

Patrick Wetmore

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Pathetic that our laws permit using explosives for entertainment

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Laconia Police Chief Chris Adams:

After nearly suffering cardiac arrest just now, from these morons next door setting off a round of about six to 12 rapid succession fireworks, hence explosives without any warning, I was shocked and now suffering the aftermath of an anxiety attack.

I called police headquarters for a car to respond, but what's the point? The courteous dispatcher informed me New Hampshire has no set rules or laws regarding setting off explosives within limited bounds or measurements within a resident's living room window. I find it pathetic that the law permits and endorses potential bodily harm or even death from using explosives for entertainment. It's no wonder hillbillies are so infamous for their ignorance and America's joke.

This town and state never ceases to amaze me with their primitive and uneducated sets of rules and laws. Literally I find it an amazing learning experience.
I relish the day I get to move far away from this town. God help its residents and future. Especially the next generation.

Lucci Calabrese


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