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Paul Mangeillo is the best candidate for Bristol Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Three candidates, Les Dion, Steve Favorite, and Paul Manganiello are running for one seat on the Bristol Selectboard. Will your voice be counted? Whomever you support, it is important that you exercise your right to vote on Election Day.

I will be voting for Paul Manganeillo. I believe he is the best candidate for this position. Paul's concern for rising taxes, managed growth of government matches what I and many others in the town have been voicing for recent years. Paul's demonstration of fiscal responsibility and due diligence in his tenure on Bristol's Budget Committee, is the reason I believe he will strengthen the Bristol Select Board for our community.

Paul is not a "just say yes" or "just say no" candidate.

Instead he is committed to decisions based on research, comparison and deliberation. When it comes to spending he will review each line with attention to detail and decide what is best for the residents of Bristol and the affordability of the taxpayers of Bristol.

Don't forget Town Meeting on Saturday, March 14, at 9 a.m. at Newfound Regional High School.

Please vote Paul Manganiello to the Bristol Selectboard on March 10.

Rebecca Boudreau


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I believe in my abilities to help keep Gilford a great place to live

To The Daily Sun,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dale Channing "Chan" Eddy and I am running for selectman.

Some of you may know me through my time on the Gilford Planning Board. Some may know me through my time on the Facilities Planning Committee or from the Board of Directors of Lakes Region Public Access TV. Yet others may know me only through the letters I've sent to the local papers. A few of you I have come to know personally in my 10 years living in our town.

Let me state up front that I believe in my abilities to help keep Gilford a great place to live. Some of that will be through careful review and planning in regards to town spending by being able to discriminate between "need to have" and "nice to have".

I have been working in the high tech industry for almost 40 years, with over 20 years in defense and the balance with a local company that designs and manufactures equipment for the telecommunications industry. It is this experience I believe will bring a new point of view to the Board of Selectmen and enable it to tackle some of the technological issues that will face our town in the near future. While I cannot claim to have all the answers to the problems and challenges that our town may face, the important thing is knowing where to get the answers should the need arise.

Thank you for the support I have already received from some of our fellow Gilford residents. I will appreciate your vote on March 10.

Dale Channing Eddy

Candidate for Gilford Selectman

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