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We have enough thugs of our own, we don't need to import them

To The Daily Sun,

"It's only a minority, a small percentage of them." That sentiment voiced over and over by the left must bring great comfort to the victim's family and friends. It doesn't much matter who "them" are, it's the same excuse whether it's four unarmed Marines in Tennessee gunned down by a Muslim terrorist, dozens at Fort Hood Texas gunned down by another Muslim terrorist in an Army officer's uniform, a young woman out walking with her father in San Francisco killed by a career felon illegal alien, or when an illegal alien, drunk runs down and kills someones son, daughter, brother, sister, mother or father, it's still only a small percentage of them so it's excusable, right? No, no, no. no!

I don't care if they come over the southern boarder from Mexico, overstay their student visas, come from Russia or wherever. If they don't belong here they don't belong here. We have enough thugs, gangsters, criminals of our own we do not need to import other countries' bad actors.

If people come here on the pretext of becoming Americans then create enclaves, establish laws of their own contrary to our Constitution then they do not really want to be Americans. If they do not want to be Americans then their citizenship should be revoked and they should be thrown out period. If they come to America refuse to learn English, refuse to adapt to our laws and customs they should be invited to leave, too.

I for one have had it up to my eyes with the left's B.S. excuses, their holier-than-thou attitude as if they are more noble, more humane, more ethical then anyone else on the planet. Fact is that it is their namby-pamby, pacifist policies that have been responsible for more deaths and suffering and sorrow then all the 19th century robber barons and 20th century gangsters put together. Put that "only a minority" excuse right where it belongs — in the trash can.

Steve Earle

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Sanbornton Old Home Day Parade will start at 3 on Saturday

To The Daily Sun,

In my excitement to share the good news of Sanbornton's Saturday, July 25, Old Home Day, I misstated the parade line-up time and start time. 2 p.m. is the correct parade line-up time. Parade will start at 3 p.m.

Parking is at Sanbornton Elementary School, with overflow at Town Garage, just up the road. During that time -- 2 to 3 p.m. -- is also New Horizons band playing in the gazebo, and free cake slices and ice cream being given out, Old Town Hall. The whole day begins with the 8:30 pancake breakfast at our historical society's Lane Tavern where a genuine Concord Coach will also be on display.

Again, thanks to all who make our resurrected and fun Old Home Day possible.

Lynn R. Chong

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