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Hassan has been a mediocre governor; keep her out of the Senate

To The Daily Sun,

It has been saddening to watch the vicious attacks on Kelly Ayotte this election season. Kelly is one of the nicest and most bipartisan senators in Congress, and she is an ideal fit for New Hampshire given its close balance between Republicans and Democrats.

Some of the criticisms leveled at Kelly Ayotte by the DSCC (Democratic Senate Campaign Committee) are flat-out lies, and others shade the truth.

One of the lies is that overturning Roe v. Wade will deprive New Hampshire women of the right to an abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, which not only is unlikely but which Kelly Ayotte cannot vote on anyway, the governing law would be New Hampshire state law. All anti-abortion laws in New Hampshire were repealed in the late 1990s, and the only restriction that has been added since is a parental notification law for minors, and even that has an option for a judge to intervene at the request of the minor. So if Roe v. Wade is overturned, New Hampshire women will be unaffected, and thus it should not be a campaign issue.

Another claim by Maggie Hassan is that Kelly Ayotte voted with the Koch Brothers 90 percent of the time. I'm not sure how that's possible since neither Charles nor David Koch, nor their other two brothers, are in the Senate and thus do not cast votes. Frankly, I have a great deal of respect for Charles and David Koch. They could teach Maggie Hassan and Hillary Rodham Clinton much about integrity.

Maggie Hassan also claimed that Kelly Ayotte voted to cut funding for Pell grants by $90 billion. Without going into a lot of detail, let's just say that Politifact rated the claim mostly false.

And what about Maggie Hassan? She has been a mediocre governor who barely rated a C in the latest Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors by the Cato Institute. That follows a D rating in her first two years, and had she had a Democratic (majority in the)  Legislature to rubber-stamp her profligate ways, she would have rated worse. Keeping her out of the U.S. Senate is imperative, since electing her could give Democrats control of the Senate, and that would provide no check on Hillary Rodham Clinton if she prevails against Donald Trump as expected.

Steven Snow


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Ayotte doesn't seem to have a mind of her own, and no spine

To The Daily Sun,

Really, Kelly! Really, you, a U.S. senator, are not even voting for a candidate in this year's presidential election! Oh yeah, you said you would vote for Mike Pence for president. News flash, Ms. Ayotte, Mike Pence is not on the ballot for that office. Another chance wasted for Kelly Ayotte to show some sort of leadership, at the end of a long string of childish behavior from her.

It really began when then, attorney general for New Hampshire, Mrs. Ayotte never answered for the massive FRM scandal that took place under her nose, then defended herself by saying, "it never got to my desk." Her six years as a U.S. Senator from N.H. have been completely bland, to put it best. She claims to have worked for the citizens of New Hampshire, but her record of voting suggests she is lying just to get elected again.

As a retired person, her voting record shows she is not at all concerned about me, in any way. Her joining a bunch of Republicans in writing a letter to any enemy country, undermining the efforts of the president and secretary of state, could be considered treason, was extremely irresponsible for any U.S. citizen, much less a U.S. senator.

And all this business about whether or not she supports Trump or thinks he would or would not be a role model, just shows again someone who does not seem to have a core set of values, or character that I prefer to see in our leaders.

And on top of all that, Kelly Ayotte really does not seem to have a mind of her own, or at least a spine, for she votes with the old Republican boys almost all the time. Where is that other side of the aisle anyway?

Six years, and this is all we get. Well, it's not enough, time to step aside and let Maggie Hassan have a turn. She has earned this opportunity with her leadership as governor, and we need someone who has the knack to get things done. Vote Maggie Hassan for U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

Jim Babcock


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