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Vote for Waring; let's get some common sense back on the commission

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Commission should be working together to better the county. Currently that is not happening and those people who count on the quality services the county provides are the ones who lose out.

That is why I urge people who are voting in the Republican Primary on Tuesday to vote for Glen Waring. He will work to protect county taxpayers and make sure that the county is run well.

Please vote for Glen Waring on Tuesday, Sept. 13, so we can get some common sense back on the County Commission.

Christine Brewster

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Don't vote for my master; I'd like to keep the good life I have now

To The Daily Sun,

Dear humans:

My master is a good man. But he's done something I do not agree with at all. He is running for some political office from Moultonborough, Sandwich (I love that town!) and another town that sounds like a small bird. I can't remember the name.

If he were to win — which I am hoping he won't since he is doing about as well as I did at dog obedience school — then I will hardly ever get a chance to have walks! That's terrible! I have worries, which a dog shouldn't have to put up with. Um, is that bad English?

My master, Brent Anderson, walks me almost every day. Today we went to the Loon Center. Yesterday, we walked around the neighborhood where he picked up my poop in a little baggie. And the day before was awesome. A hike in Sandwich at the Mead Base! I met wonderful people and furiously barked at another dog, who scared me since he was even bigger than my 106 pounds.

So if you vote for Brent Anderson, then my life will be ruined. He'll go to Concord, wearing his fancy clothes from his boarding school teacher days, coming home with no time for me. The five cats and the Shih Tzu who also live here aren't enough. My master's four children are often too busy reading, playing video games, having sleep-overs, or doing extracurricular activities. (I had "Daisy," one of the cats, help me with that spelling.)

There's more to life than stealing butter from the counter, "accidentally" stepping on my master's wife's feet, and sleeping. A dog does not live on butter alone. I need my walks, doggoneit!

Oops ... sorry for the strong language. But please remember, I need him. There are plenty of other humans to vote for as far as I can tell, even if they may not be as conservative as he is. I have a good life, and I'd like to keep it that way.

P.S. He doesn't know I've written this. Let's keep this just between you and me, okay?

"Sawyer" Anderson
3-year-old black Lab/golden retriever mix.


09 08 Sawyer Anderson

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