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For the sheriff to write letter belitting his employee is just mean

To The Daily Sun,

I don't like getting involved in politics, but I could not stand by and allow the unfairness by (Belknap County) Sheriff (Craig) Wiggin to go unmentioned. I have worked in law enforcement for many years and have worked with William Wright and Craig Wiggin. I could not believe while reading the (letters to the editor) this morning that one's own boss would throw his employee under the bus.

Sheriff Wiggin, you should be ashamed of yourself. You of all people should stay out of this and keep your opinion to yourself. If you wish to vote for Mike Moyer that is your privilege, but to go on a public newspaper and belittle your employee by stating he is not qualified to be sheriff is just plain mean.

And to the public, you should know that Mike Moyer is collecting a police pension from the state of New Hampshire. He is collecting this as he has retired from law enforcement. He is allowed to collect a salary from Belknap County if elected sheriff and continue to collect his pension as the sheriff is an elected position and does not count toward retirement. Essentially he is double dipping.

Sheriff Wiggin also did this for the four years he has been sheriff, collecting a pension from his retirement from the State Police. As taxpayers in Belknap County, we need to look at what these retired on-duty sheriffs have done for us while in office. Their interest, in my opinion, is not on law enforcement, but lining their pockets.

I have spoken with Bill Wright and found that he is very ambitious and eager to make many changes for Belknap County and local law enforcement. He has many years experience and is currently a supervisor for the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department in our county should be more than court security and paper servers. They have the ability to be so much more and can be with Bill Wright in charge.

Scott Estes

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Dance floor was packed for M’boro Historical Society event

To The Daily Sun,

The Moultonborough Historical Society owes a big thank you to the Lion's Club and the business community of Moultonborough for their generous sponsorship of our Annie and the Orphan's Dinner Dance. The evening was a huge success in both funds raised and in the excitement and fun that the evening delivered to all that attended.

The dance floor was packed the entire evening, the food was terrific and the volunteers couldn't have done a better job of making everything run smoothly. Thank you all.

The following must be mentioned as major sponsors of this event, and also for our upcoming Lasagna Cook-Off to be held Saturday, Oct. 29. The Moultonborough Lion's Club made it possible for us to have Annie and the Orphan's.

Our other sponsors included: Lamprey Real Estate Associates, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Inter Lakes Family Dental, Lamprey Septic, Oxton Landscaping, Pine Ridge Lawn, Hillhurst Repair & Refinishing & Reupholstery, Bank of New Hampshire, Lisa Marie's Consignment, Vern's Viking Tire, MHM Plumbing & Heating, Mark Richter Repair, Murphy's Village Store, Melcher & Prescott, Zelek Associates, Larson's Auto Service, Lively Designs, Penta Corporation, Stephen's Landscaping, Unique Boat Restoration, Winnipesaukee Bay Gulls. Our host of volunteers that deserve recognition are Tracey Russett, Fran Vincent, Mary Lamprey Bare, Kathy Garry, Amanda Verbanic, Billie Taylor, Joe McSorley of the Lakes Region Food Pantry, Cindy Skaff, Shirley and Joe Cyr, Wendy Kingsbury, Ben Bare, Bob Russett and Greg Samaha. M.H.S. Board members Norman Atkinson, Bob Patenaude, Dick Plaisted, Sam and Barbara Perry, Marie Samaha, Kathy and Jack Murray. It takes a village and we truly had the support of the village of Moultonborough.

Our next event will be the Annual Lasagna Cook-off on Oct. 29. This year come and enjoy a wonderful Italian dinner, raffle, silent auction and, yes, dancing. Everyone said they want a place to dance and so we are going to make it happen. For tickets or information about entering your winning lasagna, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mary Lamprey Bare

Moultonborough Historical Society

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