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Lack of leadership is reason electorate is inspired by this jerk

To The Daily Sun,

The success of Donald Trump should be a loud warning shot across the bow of America's boat. How could an arrogant, blowhard with a Bozo, comb-over gain such traction with voters? For that answer, look no further than Barack Obama.

The working, Main street Jane and Joe have become the forgotten people during his presidency. They have become both disenfranchised and disadvantaged. These are the people whose buying power has shrunk, and whose political influence has vanished. These voters are filled to the brim with disgust and rage at the political class led by Barack Obama. The shadow of success or failure is always cast from the top down. These folks have good cause to be mad as hell. They seek the most anti-establishment, venom-spewing candidate they can find in retribution. Who fills that description better than Trump?

Even worse, for the disenchanted minions. Trump is unelectable, either as a Republican or independent, no matter the illusion of his broad support in the media. A close look reveals narrow popularity in the backdrop of a national presidential election with all voters. Trump's support resides almost exclusively among whites, in lower ecoonomic stratas.

No surprise, These are people Obama has ignored and crapped on for seven straight years. Not because Obama is black and their white, but because Barack Obama is a delusional, self-absorbed, ideologue, blind and brain dread to everything that underlies the economic principles of a country whose exceptionalism, and long history of success has been built on the foundation of capitalism.

That the electorate would be inspired by such inflamed rhetoric from an incompetent, silver spooned, jerk on the right while simultaneously beguiled in fantasy by a self described, bleeding socialist on the left provides an honest and clear understanding where the lack of presidential leadership has left this country after seven disastrous years.

Jerks and European-style socialists are now thought to be credible candidates by tens of millions of Americans seeking little more than security from their enemies and an economy that works for them, rather than against them. These people ask for little. I fear they are going to make the wrong choice again, and suffer the same consequences that has lead to their current deep and desperate despair.

Tony Boutin


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The government revenue hounds aren't interested in your privacy

To The Daily Sun,

How would you like to have a green plastic box tucked below your steering column keeping track of your speed, braking, how many miles you drive and where? Oregon already uses such a device to calculate residents' tax bill at a rate of 1.5 cents per mile.

Revenue from the standard per gallon gas tax is diminishing as required vehicle mpg rises. States are looking for other ways to raise money. California has authorized its own mileage tax pilot project. At least 19 states considered 55 measures related to mileage-based fees, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Oregon's experiment is the first involving ordinary citizens. Other states have been watching closely since the program began this July. New, more fuel-efficient cars have decreased gas tax revenue. The assertion is that gas tax rates have not kept up with inflation. This is hard to understand since Social Security recipients got no COLA this year and they have not been much in the last decade.

In Oregon the assertion is that the effective tax rate will fall to less than 24 cents per gallon in inflation-adjusted terms within 10 years, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. A mileage, or road usage, tax also erodes with inflation, but is immune from improvements in fuel efficiency. The tax discussion is not centered on need. Rather, it is about how best to raise tax revenue.

For purposes of the experiment, Oregon charges 1.5 cents for every mile driven. Every driver who participates in the program, whether they drive a fuel-efficient car or a pickup truck, pays the same rate for driving on Oregon roads. The state reimburses drivers who paid more in traditional gas tax than they would be assessed using the mileage calculation.

The Oregon Department of Transportation compared a 2014 Toyota Prius and a 2014 Ford F-150. The Prius averages 50 mpg and the F-150 gets 18 mpg. The average Oregonian drives 12,962 miles a year. Given those numbers, the Prius owner would use 259 gallons in a year and pay $77.77 in gas taxes, while the F-150 owner would use 720 gallons and pay $216 in gas taxes.

The annual road usage tax due for both drivers would be $194.43. The average Prius owner pays the state $116.66 (that's the $194.43 in road usage tax less the $77.70 in gas tax), while the average F-150 owner gets a $21.60 rebate (that's the $216.03 in gas taxes less the $194.43 in road usage tax).

Interestingly the revenue hounds are not interested in your privacy rights. Nor are they interested in discussing whether lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles wear roads at the same rates as historically experienced with larger heavier older cars. They also don't want to discuss why miles driven have been declining largely due to reduced spendable income which is largely the result of rising tax burden.

Just thinking about taxes coming to a legislature near you. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Marc Abear


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