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Selectmen in Gilmanton not only ones who need a deep breath

To The Daily Sun,

In response to my most recent letter to this forum, and to those of others, a frequent contributor from Gilmanton confirms the negative mindset that prevails with a group opposing our Board of Selectmen. Despite numerous pleas for civility in town government, this contributor has responded with derision and contempt. Apparently "kumbaya," "Mr. Rogers," holding hands, getting along, and working together are viewed as "laughable," and he ridicules the notion of coming together and getting along. It appears that he believes by elevating the instigation in the eyes of his associates, at the expense of others, his dismissive rhetoric will benefit those calling to unseat our town government.

This letter-writer, and the dissident group he champions, are calling for and pressuring our Board of Selectman to "step down," and in effect, circumventing the electoral process and negating the votes of a majority of Gilmanton residents. Unfortunately, this tact has worked for them in the past, when a good man, serving on the board, was pressured to resign a year ago. This gentleman stepped down so as not "to see this town destroyed."

A recent letter asked "selectmen to take a deep breath" and "get on with the business of the people," and while I agree, I would extend that invitation to all involved in this contentious scenario.

Jack Schaffnit

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Move to dream home soiled by theft of flag & driveway lights

To The Daily Sun,

My husband and I just moved into our new dream house in May in Gunstock Acres. We have worked very hard these past few months to fix it up.

The other day we came home from running errands to notice that my new flag and holder were gone, plus two of the solar lights at the top of our driveway!

Those lights lite the top of our driveway were used for safety, landmark for family and friends visiting, and were part of an expensive set. The flag and the pole were gifts from a close friend for our new house.

You may think it was funny to do what you did, but we do not. We were hurt and angered by your selfish act of childishness and we did report it to our local police.

Thanks for the welcome, jerks!

Denise C. Burke


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