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For good of the species, bobcats need to be hunted & trapped

To The Daily Sun,
Reinstating bobcat hunting and trapping sure is a touchy subject. After seeing all the histrionics and hand-wringing that has been published here, I decided to get facts. On Monday the 28th, I got a chance to talk with a representative of N.H. Fish and Game on the why they want to reinstate bobcat trapping. Let me say, most of the public is totally uninformed!
In the late 60s, to preserve the bobcat, hunting and trapping were brought into licensing to prevent the loss of the animals. This was a good move, and the bobcat population thrived — to the point it was a bounty animal (trappers were paid to trap them) in 1973. Harsh winters in the middle and late 70s saw a decline in the population, and the bobcat was put on the protected list in 1975. Due to the continuing harsh winters, in 1989, all hunting and trapping of bobcats was suspended.
More recently, trappers of other species have indicated that the "occasional bobcat" has been caught and released with increasing regularity. This prompted a 5-year study (not taxpayer funded!) on bobcats. The study concluded that, for the health of the bobcat population, reinstating harvest (by hunting or trapping) would be a good idea. The results of the study were sent to Minnesota where a study of bobcats in the lower 48 states had been done, and they were in agreement: for the good of the species, it is time to REINSTATE hunting and trapping. FOR THE GOOD OF THE SPECIES IT IS TIME TO REINSTATE LICENSED HUNTING AND TRAPPING OF THE BOBCAT!
Those who profess to love animals will not heed the science or research. While they claim to love the animals, they always stand against good stewardship, they ALWAYS come out on the side that wants to see a species overpopulate, critically endanger their food and habitat sources, and die slowly of starvation. We have seen this with deer in certain areas of N.H., and they want to do the same to N.H.'s bobcats! For the love of bobcats, allow the N.H. Fish and Game to do what they do best — protect the species through good stewardship practices!
And lastly, a shout out to all trappers who have not yet been made aware: April 1at 9 a.m., the JLCAR meeting regarding reinstating bobcat trapping has been moved to Representative Hall! For the health of the bobcat population, you are needed there!
A.C.R. Piper

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I do not question the intentions of the good people behind GYRL

To The Daily Sun,

In response to the letter that, how shall we say, rebukes me soundly (March 29) for expressing my views and opinions regarding the GYRL I would like to respectfully make the following points.

First, the letter writer quips that at one point he is, "struggling in the moment, as I reread this passage, to remain securely balanced in my chair." Well, as one who might care for this individuals well-being, I would only hope that he wasn't in some way harmed, if in fact he did topple from his chair. I would definitely not want to be responsible for that.

With that said, though, he goes on to say that the statements that I made in my last letter regarding the GYRL are simply insinuations, baseless accusations and claims, conspiracy-laden and paranoid ideas, long-held, ill-seeded presumptions, that I utter inanity, openly smear, make multifold absurdities and blusterous statements and finally that I am single-handedly responsible for nurturing Gilmanton's current division.

Well, let me see. I'm trying to think if he left anything out. Nope, except for maybe being a book-burner and child-hater ... that just about covers it. Anyway, all insults at my expense aside, and in all seriousness, I would like to state the following:

I have never advanced an opinion or observation regarding the GYRL without some form of hard-copy proof to support either. In fact, interestingly, this writer's own son read from a document on a public radio broadcast that coincidentally is the very basis of my advocacy against town funding for the GYRL. His son wrote, in part, from the NPR interview (2015, titled: Gilmanton Once Again Grappling With Town Funding)  the following:

"And so I have something too," Guarino responds, and pulls out a year-round library fund-raising brochure from back before it was built, with one section underlined. He has the brochure mounted on a piece of foam."Plan for an endowment of $225,000 dollars to support the operation of the library," reads the underlined section. "There, there it is," says Guarino, who asserts that during the fundraising campaign, the library was pitched as something that would never need public funding"

Now, I know the letter writer's son, and can say without qualification that if the document had not said, what in fact he read, he would not have read it as such. I have, in fact, read it myself. If the letter writer then, who seems to enjoy taking cheap shots at my character, has no problem with people giving money (for years) to a non-profit charity when their only reason for giving was that they believed the town would not be burdened for operating cost, through taxes ... then that is his decision.

It is, however, not mine. I do not live by his values, I live by my own. And, although it always seems to fall on deaf ears, I'll say it again: I do not question the intentions of the "good people," of which the writer refers, in this town. However, even the little kids at the library's storytime know that good people are not immune to making mistakes and damaging miscalculations, and that when they do they need to be accountable to them.

The GYRL's avoidance, then, of this accountability is in fact what has caused this town to divide. Not, as the letter writer suggests ... because of my, or anyone's, "nurturing."

Attacking "Mr. Blake" then, will not solve the GYRL's problems.

Al Blake


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