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Yes, I do hate President Obama, but it’s for all the right reasons

To The Daily Sun,

It's astounding the things James Veverka writes here in the paper. I keep telling myself not to respond to his wild-eyed crazy talk but then here I am again. It's like debating someone who believes the earth is flat, the sun and universe revolves around us and no facts, science or reason can get through the walls of ignorance he erects to protect his ignorance.

Right out of the box James claims Benghazi is a fake story. Probably believes our ambassador and security team are "fake dead." He must have missed the news stations, all of them, broadcasting the president, and every Democrat who could talk telling us it was because of some obscure YouTube video no one had ever heard of which caused the "spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand." No, he didn't miss these things he chooses to ignore these facts. They don't fit in with his crazy agenda.

Then off he goes on another diatribe blaming everyone and everything not linked with Obama for all the failures and problems and ends with how we have pulled ourselves up out of all of that and it's all sunshine and light now. Bull droppings!

He is right that I do indeed hate Obama because of all the lies and harm he and his delusional followers have done to our nation and people. Our economy sucks, our security is being undercut, national debt has soared, our laws are regarded as optional, rioting, looting and burning is becoming a pastime for anarchists and race-baiters. You know James excuses all these things because they are the work of his left-wing loons, just ask him.

And as for Obamacare doing so well, let's ask all those who were happy with their insurance and doctors who now have neither. Let's ask why deductibles have soared, co-pays doubled, local hospitals, like in Rochester, not allowed to service ACA patients?

Oh yes I do hate Obama and his phony cronies and for all the right reasons.

Steve Earle


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It’s a real treat to see the County Delegation go about its work

To The Daily Sun,

I do have to thank the Belknap County Delegation for giving the good citizens of the county the opportunity to see the complexities of running the county. Most of us didn't realize the level of detail that employees need to follow in their day-to-day service to the residents of the county nursing home, jail and government. Nor do we realize how important are the many decisions that must be made so carefully.

I find the detail and the debates about the values of what is important or not a real treat to read and enjoy, no matter how mundane the reasons, and why we need to have the important work of the delegation belabor its valuable time rehashing line items ad infinitum.

I do have to wonder how long this education will continue. I can hope no more than two years.

Leonard Campbell
Center Harbor

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