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Thanks to restaurants & patrons who ate out for Got Lunch! Laconia

To The Laconia Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Advisory Board and all the volunteers of Got Lunch! Laconia, we would like to sincerely thank the eight restaurants for participating and supporting our fourth annual Eat Out for Got Lunch! Laconia fund-raiser. It was a great week of fun, food and friends while raising funds and awareness for our summer healthy lunch program.

We were able to raise $2,182.93 from the donations given by T-Bones/Cactus Jack's, Village Bakery, Burrito Me, Hector', Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Tavern 27, Brick Front and Fratello's.

It takes $110 to feed a child a healthy lunch for the the summer break. This will help feed 19 of Laconia's finest kids.

We also want to thank all the wonderful members of our community that went out to eat lunch/dinner at one of these wonderful restaurants to support a very important cause to help end childhood hunger in our city.

Please visit our website www.gotlunchlaconia.com to learn more about this fabulous program and see how you can get involved or make a donation. We also have our own Facebook site so go on and "like" us.

Got Lunch! Laconia

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All senior activities, except meals, continue at Meredith Com. Center

To The Daily Sun,

What is happening with the senior crisis in Meredith?

A core group of dedicated Meredith senior volunteers are searching for solutions to the decision of the Community Action Program Belknap/Merrimack County to leave Meredith. All senior programs will move to Laconia. This decision has caused an upsetting dilemma to Meredith seniors. They consider the Community Center their home. The many questions that arise are under consideration by the volunteer group. Any input and advice from the Meredith community would be greatly appreciated.

A giant first step was granted to Meredith seniors by the Parks and Recreation Director Vint Chioniere, allowing seniors to keep using the rooms designated for seniors. In addition all activities presently active will remain in place supported by the center. WE HAVE A HOME! The rooms will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The next step will be to create an organization to operate the senior program. The group of advice volunteers is presently striving to accomplish this huge task. We are meeting every Wednesday at the Community Center at 11 a.m. All interested citizens are invited to participate to assist with fresh ideas to make this a viable thriving Senior Center. The possibilities are endless with your help.

Bob Franks

Inter-Lakes Collaborative for Active Seniors

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How long before we are issuing entitlements to these lawbreakers

To The Daily Sun,

At the conclusion of the Patriots' football season last year this realization that sports had taken me away from what is important. That would be the "unchanging" of Obama's "changing of America". The real reasons for the Obama second-term victory was due to, of course, protecting a woman's right to dispose of her unborn baby, and being guaranteed a free living for fraudulent Americans who find it easier to live off the hard-working Americans who are the makers/producers of wealth.

In my early years, "the government man" (Mr. Davis, a nice guy) would call upon my grandmother and me to see how I was doing as the recipient of my father's benefits for losing his life during battle. I was removed from my mother's lack of care at the age of 4. If, at age 69, a person who did sign up for their Social Security is still working three small jobs, nearly 40 hours a week total, why do we not have a Mr. Davis who visits the disabled and EBT card recipients to find how many have chosen to not seek any type of employment?

Now, Obama wants to further ruin this country by giving those jobs to people who broke our immigration laws. How long before we are issuing entitlements such as the EBT cards, free health insurance, and "early retirement" to those lawbreakers? Let's have a show of hands (letters) of those who get my point. Means testing for those takers.

Niel Young

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Instead of judging a kind old Yankee farmer, can people lend a hand?

To The Daily Sun,

I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to spend some time at Bert Southwick's farm over the past month. Bert is a treasure. He is such a kind, caring, very humble man who is very quick-witted and has a terrific sense of humor. It has been a privilege to see how hard someone can work at his age — 90 years old — seeing him spending a day on his tractor harrowing his pumpkin fields, and harvesting and sorting and packaging over 14 dozen eggs each day. He was born on that family farm and he continues to work his farm today. He really is amazing.

It was a sad day last Friday when police officers and people with animal trailers came and pretty much "took over" Bert's farm. Four horses were removed, none of which belong to Bert. From what I understand, they had been abandoned by their owner more than three years ago. Bert was able to give the horses room and board, but he is a poor, elderly farmer and could not afford vet care and vet bills, especially for someone else's animals.

As I drove down the hill and watched the scene that was unfolding, I started to cry. There was a sea of blue lights flashing and police cruisers up and down Zion Hill. Bert's driveway was blocked off. I felt a sense of panic for what was happening to Bert. I was initially told "not today" when I told the officer I was a volunteer and I was coming there to help. Thankfully, after I told him that my sole purpose was to check on the well-being of Mr. Southwick during this incident, I was allowed to park my car and walk up to Bert's.

I saw some of his friends and supporters and volunteers there with him, and I was so thankful they were there. Bert was sitting in his chair looking quite discouraged. I pulled up an empty five-gallon bucket and turned it upside down and sat next to Bert. His friends Loretta, Paul, Kathy, Amber, Dan and Carl were there by his side. Harold, who has lived there with Bert and has been a faithful friend and caretaker and farmhand for many many years, was very upset, and I was glad were were there for him as well.

We are all surprised when the woman who had allegedly abandoned her horses showed up. She caused a fuss and the police kept her in check. We sat there and watched the animals being trailered out, including Bert's two huge pigs. The animal rescue workers I'm sure were well meaning volunteers, but based on my limited knowledge of horses, they were not well trained in handling stallions. The stallions put up quite a fuss and the workers had their hands full. They also put two stallions side by side in a small horse trailer, which is extremely dangerous for those animals. Anyway, after it was all said and done, we sat there with Bert. Kathy had packed a cooler and brought lunch meat and thankfully fed us all lunch. We continued to stay there with Bert and Harold for most of the day, decompressing from what had taken place.

It has been very upsetting to read and hear what that the rescue farm has been saying about Bert. And it is extremely uncalled for. I was asked to be interviewed by Channel 9 news. My sole purpose was to stand up for Bert. He has been vilified by the Live and Let Live Rescue Farm, and their supporters on-line. I am thankful that such an organization exists, and I am glad that the abandoned horses are now getting great care. But some of the things people are saying about Mr. Southwick are just disgusting. Please stop.

Bert did provide room and board for them, and they were not even his animals. But he showed kindness like he has done for everyone in this community for decades. If it wasn't for his efforts in caring for those horses, you may not have even had horses alive to rescue. It is also upsetting to hear that the rescue workers are saying that they were "heckled" by us. That is not true. We sat there peacefully to keep things low key for Bert. A senior citizen visited the farm this past Saturday, and she recalled times when she was a poor single mother of three children, and Bert gave her eggs and fresh vegetables for her family. How many other stories are there like this one?

Instead of judging a kind old Yankee farmer, can people give him a helping hand? It's time for all of us to give back to Bert, for all he has given to us all over the years. There are fund-raising efforts in place. Visit Bert's Angels on Facebook. There will also be volunteer work days on the farm. Join Bert's Angels and we will keep you posted.

One last final thought, I am wondering where are Bert's pigs? Bert had a 600 pound boar and a 400 pound sow. The market value for pigs is $1 per pound. That is $1,000 of farm income that was taken away from Bert. He had a buyer (who was present) to buy the pigs, but they were confiscated. Bert needs to be compensated by whoever ended up with his pigs. That is not right and that is stealing from Bert.

Carolee Longley




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State government is the catalyst to raise our standard of living

To The Daily Sun,

What kind of state representative says "No" to accepting $2 billion in Medicaid from the federal government to expand New Hampshire's health industry, or fails to raise education standards so our children can compete in the global economy? How about failing to raise our state's minimum wage, the lowest in New England, or letting our roads get so bad that some are impassable?

I am alarmed that reactionary policies, Tea Party rhetoric and corporate money are dismantling our freedoms and degrading our quality of life. Conservatives in Washington have also cut food stamps to families, failed to raise the federal minimum wage and rejected "women's equal pay" legislation. These have had a terrible effect on mothers who are trying to survive and keep their families together. That burden has put more pressure on our state to aid those families.

As a publishing entrepreneur, who founded and ran a successful educational software corporation for over 25 years, I know that state initiatives to bring jobs and investment into our region are crucial in rebuilding our local economy. We have to act and provide a vibrant infrastructure to support business expansion that brings more income to New Hampshire's working families.

In the words of Bobby Kennedy, "The future belongs to those who can blend passion, reason and courage in a personal commitment to their ideals. After all, the future is not a gift, it's an achievement."

I contend, if New Hampshire is to enjoy a prosperous future, we must recognize that state government is the catalyst that raises our standard of living and helps our people and businesses succeed.

Nick Vazzana


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