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Political correctness is blinding so many & aiding Muslim Jihad

To the editor,
In the days weeks and months leading up to the Boston Marathon bombing, the hot media topic was gun control, or as it morphed — "gun safety legislation." Those proponents driving the issue cited the horrific shooting incidents at Sandy Hook and others as reasons to question the validity of the Second Amendment — yet again. These incidents involved one or two young, disturbed individuals who chose to commit multiple shootings of innocent people to put themselves into the public spotlight and to satisfy their personal agendas. The president, liberal legislators, and the "lame-stream" media used these murders as a catalyst and justification to categorize and to punish ALL gun owners for the shocking deeds committed by these few, sick individuals.
Fast forward to April 15th — the running of the Boston Marathon. Two young, disturbed Muslim individuals chose to set off homemade bombs, killing three and maiming over two hundred innocent people to put themselves into the public spotlight and to satisfy their personal agenda — JIHAD! The same people who felt justified to lump ALL gun owners with the few who chose to slaughter innocents, now rush to dissuade the public from the truth; this is one more Muslim terrorist action against the citizens of America. They say, "We must not rush to judgment!" We must not condemn all Muslims for what a few might do!" "This incident does not point to any larger group being behind it." Where is the consistency in this type of duplicitous logic? We now enter the Land of Oz: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
Once again, as in 9-11 and in so many other terrorist actions that have followed throughout America since then, we are told that it had nothing to do with Muslim Jihad. Political correctness is blinding so many people and is only serving those wishing to bring down our country. President Obama denies that there is outside /political/Muslim terrorism; so many people want to believe him and the "lame-stream" liberal media continues to feed the ignorance. While they are so determined to provide a murdering terrorist his Constitutional rights, there is NO hesitation (by them) to dismantle the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens.
This speaks to a broader, deeper problem within our society. That "politics" is used against the rights of a select group of Americans, while protecting the rights, or even denying the existence of those who wish to destroy us is frightening. It is time to pull back the curtain and expose the "wizard."
Ken Knowlton

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Fireworks? We're talking about shells & gunpowder here folks

To the editor,
Every year — as the weather goes from ice and storm to nice and warm — a familiar fear creeps into my life. Seems like every weekend (and holiday) we hear boom boom boom — the sound of people setting off fireworks in my neighborhood. And for us, with it comes visions of houses in flames, forest fires, blown-off body parts and now, the much more horrible bombing with home-grown explosives.
Ironically, while people cry out for stricter gun control, who'd a thunk that all someone would need is a pressure cooker and some shells from their local fireworks store. . . that some cash and a little know how (which can be found on the Internet) would establish a new breeding ground for "do it yourself" terrorists!
Why would anyone risk their life going through a school shooting everyone in sight? Now they can just get their supplies from one of the many fireworks stores (which are almost as plentiful and accessible as a Walgreen's chain), build a home made bomb, plant it and blow it up! In my community alone, there are two ginormous fireworks stores not more than about 10 miles from each other. And you can bet they don't check anybody's background as they purchase their "supplies"
Today anybody can be a fireworks "expert" Only problem is — do they know what they are doing? We've heard fireworks going off during severe droughts — when everything is potential tinder. We have heard them fired during heavy winds — when one spark can fly and devastate someone's property. We actually saw someone blow off three of their fingers with a cherry bomb and while attending a barbecue one July 4th, we saw a misdirected rocket hit someone's head — even as they watched from a "safe" distance away. And I don't even want to think about the back yard Joe who looks to introduce his children into the "art" of pyrotechnics with some "hands on" experience. Talk about the blind leading the blind. For us, we don't care HOW careful he is being — when dealing with pyrotechnics, you care dealing with EXPLOSIVES and so you can't ever be careful enough.
Then, of course, is the scarier alternative — a person who DOES know what to do with all those incendiary supplies. We are talking about shells and gunpowder here folks — that's why it can make such a loud BOOM... and such a lethal home-made bomb!
During the Boston Marathon bombing, I heard the term "stay safe" being bandied about. If we are going to try to control fire power, why don't we start with restricting the unlimited supply of shells, gunpowder and other incendiary items that can be found at our friendly, local and tax-free fireworks stores. Better yet, if we truly wish to "stay safe", why don't we start by restricting purchase and use of fireworks to licensed professionals and the display of fireworks to public places only.  If this had been the law in the first place, perhaps all those lives would not have been destroyed.
The door has been opened - people know how to do this now. And so it might be a good idea not to wait too long before we do something about it!
T.K. & Bill Whalen

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My understanding is no tax money goes to these scholarships

To the editor,
In response to Carlos Cardona's letter of April 23:
If Sen. Hosmer put out the fact that his children go to a private school, in a campaign video, how is it that you say that it is no ones business?
Secondly, my understanding is that no tax money goes to the private schools "religious" or otherwise, through the Education Tax credit Program; the money comes from private donations. The companies that make the donation do receive a tax credit. I suppose that could mean that there is less money in the pipeline for the public school system. But the public schools are losing some funding for reasons of nonperformance (my observation). The state or local communities are sending no money to these private schools. If you are saying that the public schools loss of money in this case equals state funding of religious education maybe your prejudice against religious education, or your zeal for public education, is causing you to make a false assertion against this law.
John Demakowski

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I apologize to Jack for assuming too much; I rather liked the poem

To the editor,
Perhaps I do owe Jack Polidoro an apology. If he was being sincere about that one sentence in his poem, which included three references that the left began harping about within hours of the Boston terrorist atrocity, then I do apologize for "assuming" too much. I was incensed at the audacity and insensitivity of mainstream news sources in either "assuming" or hoping that this massacre was caused by "right wing extremists". It appears I was wrong in "assuming" that he was jumping on that redundant and usually way off track bandwagon.
My frustration and anger at the constant barrage of false accusations and outright lies perpetuated by modern day liberals toward conservatives was wrongly vented at Jack and for that I am sorry. I will not hold my breath waiting for an apology from all those who were wrong about their racist and insensitive remarks toward those on the right including conservatives and tea party types in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack. Why anyone watches CNN or MSNBC is beyond me. I will continue to point out the fallacies of the revisionist spin put forth by those on the left. Those would be the ones who are politicizing everything. I just wanted to make that clear to Jack. Again, apologies to Jack and, as I said in my original letter, I rather liked the poem and believed it to be heart felt.
Russ Wiles

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Some small steps to make Messer Street safer for our children

To the editor,
I have lived on the upper side of Messer Street for over 20 years. In those 20 years, I have heard and witnessed several accidents. But, never a fatal one. Until now. Sadly... just recently, we lost a darling young girl — Lily Johnson. My heart and prayers go out to the family.
To the city of Laconia: I have a few suggestions that may slow down any more accidents in the near future.
1. Install a blinking yellow caution light at the entrance of Opechee Street. To remind all drivers of the speed limit of 30 MPH.
2. Place a police cruiser nearby to enforce that speed limit.
3. Put a crosswalk at that corner with a traffic officer to assist the children in crossing that street.
4. Make sure that the safety of our kids comes first at any intersections, or crosswalks before any business growth.
These small steps are being used at our other three schools in this city. LMS should not be any different. The population of this facility certainly warrants a harder look by our City Council.
For Lilly, a tree could be planted at any designated place in our city in her memory.
I am positive that the citizens of Laconia would be more than willing to donate monies for that purpose. Or something else... I don't know.
Again, These are just some ideas to ponder for the years to come.
Think about it ... PLEASE!
Donald Isabelle

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