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Hillary isn't best option for those who want woman in White House

To The Daily Sun,

Well gee whiz, seems Hillary Clinton got caught with a case of foot in mouth, again. The New Your Post editorial board flat out called Hillary a liar. "Lowest-down dirty lie of them all," they said. Doesn't that cover a lot of ground, given her history?

Apparently what brought out the ire of the Post was when Hillary was being interviewed on ABC by George Stephanopoulos and George asked her if she told the families of those murdered in Benghazi that it was because of a video? She answered, "No." Problem is the families say, yes she did. You know readers I wasn't there, probably you were not there, but really given Hillary's history and sheer volume of proven lies, distortions, dishonest dealings, well, who do you think we should believe?

This is only the latest foot-in-mouth issue for the leading Democratic candidate. If you recall last week Hillary said women who claim rape deserve to be heard and believed. Problem came when she was challenged by a reporter when asked about the women who accused her husband. Oops, well that's different, the wife of Bill (can't keep it in his pants) Clinton mumbled something about until proven to be untrue. Problem was Bill was never proven innocent or that, nor the claims untrue. Bill was impeached in one case for lying about it under oath in another payed an $80,000-something settlement, Hillary led a number of smear campaigns in the media to destroy the reputations of others but not one of these accusers was proven to be lying. I think the word readers should be thinking now is hypocrite.

So if you are one of the many who think it's time for a women in the White House you just might want to consider that Hillary is probably not the best option. Carly Fiorina is a far better choice. She is honest, she gives straight, sensible answers to questions. Has a plan to deal with terrorism, including ISIS. A plan to deal with the economy, with taxes, promises to secure our boarders and return us to a position of world leadership on foreign affairs. Knows how to create a strong economy and create jobs. She promises to return us to a government of, and for the people. Please give her your consideration. Check her out on line or go hear her speak, ask her your questions, you too will come away impressed.

Steve Earle


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I'm not sure if the lies you spread are intentional or innocent?

To The Daily Sun,

One has to give Anna DeRose a lot of credit. Like the Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going. I have read her letters for years and sometimes it even gets entertaining.

In her most recent rant in the pages of The Sun, Ms. DeRose implied that those who do not say "Merry Christmas" or who dare to call a Christmas tree a "Holiday Tree" are "communists" and should lose their jobs. Communists, Ms. DeRose?

Are you kidding? Are all the Jews who prefer to say "Happy Hanukkah" also Reds?

I think it was Hitler who associated being Jewish with being communist. Do you agree with that, Ms. DeRose? At the very least, you must be a fan of Senator Joe McCarthy.

Actually, this holiday season, as I was trimming my very pagan holiday tree, Festivas Pole (Hey, don't mess with Festivas!) and Yule log and putting up my equally pagan holly, ivy, and mistletoe, I thought about Ms. DeRose. Hey, all those winter celebrations resonate with me. The celebration of a fight for religious freedom, the story of a poor man born in the depths of winter who rises to save his people, or the darkest days of the year when it can only get brighter: it all resonates with me. 'Tis the season of light. Lighten up, Ms. DeRose.

Maybe it is the season, but I actually felt sorry for people who consistently get things wrong in the midst of mean and thoughtless diatribes. And, although I have never met her, I thank Ms. DeRose for a good chuckle every time she writes.

Maybe I am bad, but I get a certain glee when right-wing writers make accusations that are easily disproved. Remember when Ms. DeRose screamed at us to look on Page 425 of the Affordable Care Act? She alleged there were death panels there when none existed. Come on, Ms. DeRose, do you know  anyone who has faced a death panel since Obamacare was enacted?

I guess I should wish her and her family a happy Solstice! And again, I thank her for entertainment during the darkest days — literally and figuratively.

Just a piece of advice, Ms. DeRose: in the future please try to get your facts straight. Also, you seem to overuse the epithet "communist." You seem like an articulate woman so I am sure you can find other slurs to use against people in your bitter and fear-mongering diatribes.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, Ms. DeRose. I am not sure if the lies you spread are intentional or innocent. Are they misinformation or  disinformation?

Misinformation is simply being misinformed and is completely forgivable. Disinformation is telling lies when you know they are lies. For now, I am going to put you in the first category. Read up on things before you pontificate about who is and is not a commie.

Do you even know what a communist is, Ms. DeRose? Do you know the differences between communism, socialism, progressivism, and liberalism? Did you know that each of those labels have several subtypes? My best guess is that you do not.

Just an FYI, Ms. DeRose: "I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party!"

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, Ms. DeRose.

"God bless us every one" — Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

E. Scott Cracraft


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