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These predators want Millenials to take dominate roll in society

To The Daily Sun,

I sit here looking out my windows, enjoying the sunshine, pondering the role of older people in our society. It appears that our society has shown that the baby boomers, which I am proudly a member of, are truly considered a dinosaur class that is in need of being sent to the nether side of our society to await the arrival of the King of Hades, while forcing the Millennials to take the dominant role in our society, even if they are unwilling and unwanting of this role.

The Millennials and their non-desire to become the major driving force of our society and its culture though are a direct result of the baby boomers with their diverse and risk-taking behaviors created a social group of non-caring, self-centered and confused generation.

The elder class is silently being pushed to the side by several of our political candidates and representatives, locally (Greg Hill) and nationally (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) in order to create a base of votes consisting mainly of the Millennials. They have utilized these new voters to feed their own self-serving agendas, self-inflated egos, and false sense of self-importance.

The Millennials have been chosen by these individuals as a predator chooses its prey. The elderly can see through their thinly veiled facade due to their greater experience and independence of thought, whereas the Millennials have limited interest in expressing their independent thinking skills making them the perfect prey for these needy predators.

These predators have presented themselves as the perfect "wolves in a sheep skin" to the communities they purport to care for and will fairly, objectively, represent. They are indifferent to the needs of their community and have shown a strong desire to meet their own needs to their self-perceived power and importance within the community even if these needs are detrimental to the basic life of the average citizen.

Baby boomers and Millennials need to rise up and show these predators that we will no longer be prey for these predators. We need to unite and stop this predation by these self-inflated and self-important political braggarts who have mastered the art of deception and disengagement. We need to take back our political system and allow all to receive the benefits and protections of our society.

Wayne Brock


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Majority of Alton School Board members continue to be conniving

To The Daily Sun,

It is unimaginable that three veteran Alton School Board members, Sandy Wyatt, Terri Noyes, and Steve Miller, (along with Superintendent Moe Ward), would exclude two brand-new School Board members in their decision to schedule a public meeting. This occurring just nine days after the widely-publicized, abruptly-recessed seven-minute meeting that Leavitt and Ball attended in good faith.

New School Board members, Peter Leavitt and Michael Ball, were not consulted or even contacted to determine their availability for the Monday meeting during April vacation week. This deceitfully scheduled meeting is in addition to the regular School Board calendar. In fact-checking historical records back to 2011 and probably prior to that, there has never been a School Board meeting held on a vacation week.

Peter Leavitt is a firefighter and is scheduled to work. He already rearranged his schedule to be able to attend the prior School Board meeting which was cut short due to the manipulation by the superintendent and existing members.

Michael Ball, whose daughter just underwent traumatic medical treatment so she could walk again, is taking her to Florida so she can see the dolphin with a prosthetic tail. This little girl and Michael's family have been through a lot and deserve this time to de-stress.

So while Mr. Leavitt is quite possibly saving lives, and Mr. Ball is putting the needs of his young family as a priority, as he should, our veteran School Board members continue to be conniving and manipulating in order to push forward their own agendas. It is one thing to have board members not be able to make it to meetings. It's an entirely different matter when two board members aren't even included in the SAU communication. What a way to welcome them to their public service.

Shame on Sandy Wyatt, Terri Noyes, Steve Miller, and Maureen Ward for acting so unethically and unprofessionally.

Linda Wilman

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