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I am asking you to write-in Brett Currier for Gilmanton selectman

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton taxpayers, I am writing this letter to ask you to write in Brett Currier for selectman. I have known Brett for many years and while not always agreeing with him I feel he has done a good job as selectman. Sometimes in order to do what you feel is right you may anger a few people, but it doesn't mean that our are picking on anyone, but you see a potential problem or way to run something more efficiently, which will save all taxpayers money. Isn't this what we elect a selectman to do, watch over the rules we have and to watch over our money to see that it is spent wisely?

So I am asking all residents to think about what you feel a selectman or woman should do for the citizens of our town and not just listen to all the small town gossip and if you have any questions take the time and find out why certain positions were taken and please vote for the person you feel will best serve you regardless of the potential to upset certain people in town. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

David Clairmont


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I'm confident Harry Bean will serve Gilford in helpful manner I know

To The Daily Sun,

I feel that Harry H. Bean is a great candidate for Gilford's Budget Committee. Harry showed his dedication to the community when he and his family volunteered two summers ago to complete my project, the reconstruction of the former Gilford Outing Club warming hut.

Harry and his family were wonderful to work with throughout the project. Because the warming hut is a historic building, careful attention to details was required. At the time the Beans signed on to help finish the project, a small group of volunteers had already removed the old rotted walls and put the new wall framing in place. Therefore, the original walls were not there as a reference.

Nevertheless, Harry was more than willing to review reference photos with me and discuss how the project was to be completed. The reconstruction is now finished, and the historic character was maintained. Harry volunteered his time entirely and skillfully kept the project within our budget for materials.

What I saw in Harry and his work were honesty, dedication, and respect. I am confident that he will serve the Town of Gilford in the same manner. I hope you will join me and vote for Harry H. Bean on March 10.

Sarah E. Anderson


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