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Opechee Garden Club very appreciative of the broad support for summer garden tour

To The Daily Sun,

Opechee Garden Club has many to thank for the tremendous success of its "Glorious Garden" Garden Tour, held on Saturday, July 16.

Making the tour possible, and offering a wonderful variety of beautiful home gardens, despite some challenging weather conditions, were the homeowners: the Bastille Family, Jane and Peter Ellis, Debra Hastings, Sandy and Richard Hickok, Sue Leitch, and Maureen and Roy Sanborn, who shared their "glorious gardens" with all of us.

Club members wish to send their congratulations and sincere appreciation to tour Co-Chairs Audris Clark and Phyllis Corrigan, for their tireless leadership and dedication to the success of the 2016 Garden Tour. It was they who, almost a year ago, began the search for "glorious gardens" in the surrounding Lakes Region, hoping to find garden owners willing to participate in the garden tour. From beginning to end, Audie and Phyllis guided the club through the preparation and completion of the very successful 2016 Garden Tour.

Also deserving thanks are the many Opechee Garden Club committee chairmen who led the various major events and venues of the tour which involved so many of our club members, from the "kitchen crew" who prepared and served the delicious luncheon, to the boutique ladies who gathered and priced articles for sale, to the creative ladies who designed the table settings at each of the gardens, to those who gathered items and gift certificates for the raffle table, to our "plein air" artist, Mary Lou John, who sketched and painted at one of the garden sites, and, of course, to the "clean-up" crew who tidied the Fellowship Hall at the Gilford Community Church after the tour and its activities ended, to name just some of the tasks involved. The club also wishes to thank the spouses, and other family members, who assisted our members in so many ways.

The club is very grateful to the Gilford Community Church for providing the perfect venue for the garden tour luncheon, boutique, raffle and plant sale. The church's cooperation has been outstanding!

We are most appreciative of the following for their invaluable involvement and donations to our event: the continuing support and very generous sponsorship of the Bank of New Hampshire, Appletree Nursery, Beans & Greens Farmstand, BJ's (Tilton), Cackleberries Garden Center, Gator Signs, Gilford Library, Hannaford's (Gilford), Kitchen Cravings Restaurant, Laconia Library, Market Basket (Tilton), Petal Pushers Farm, Quik Laundry, Sam's Club (Concord), Sawyer's Dairy Bar, Shaw's (Gilford and Belmont), and Vista Foods.

The club acknowledges and thanks the area media, including The Laconia Daily Sun, for their outstanding coverage of the garden tour, and consider it vital to the success of this event. We also thank the following area businesses who advertised the garden tour on their electronic reader boards in Laconia and Gilford: Cross Insurance, Melcher & Prescott Insurance, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Sawyer's Dairy Bar, and the Taylor Community.

The raffle at the Gilford Community Church was a big success as there were nine offerings, each with multiple prizes. The following businesses are thanked for their generous donations of prizes and/or gift certificates: Appletree Nursery, Beans & Greens, Cackleberries, Harris Furniture, Meadowbrook, Moulton Farm, and Walmart. The club is also grateful for the following private donations to the raffle: Donna Daniels-Abjornson, Carolyn Dickey, Sandy Gove, Helen Hemeon, Ginnie Johnson, Jane Rollins, Barb Sargent, Marnie Schulz, Doug Stone, Carolyn Temmallo, and Jean Vaillancourt.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the raffles: Jerome Murphy, Jackie Bonafide, Carolyn Temmallo, Chris Howlett, Betty Clark, Charlotte Gregory, Deb McNeish, Beth Sheke, and Jim Farrell.

Opechee Garden Club sincerely appreciates the local and broader community who supported our summer garden tour, a fundraising event, by their attendance. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation, the Loon Preservation Committee, the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and Kirkwood Gardens, and local community betterment projects, such as the Civic Gardens that Opechee Garden Club Members plant and maintain throughout the growing season in Laconia and Gilford.

Thank you, all.

Audris Clark & Phyllis Corrigan

Opechee Garden Club

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Blue-collar Democrats have been taking it on the chin for years

To The Daily Sun,

Forest Gump's mama said, "Stupid is as stupid does," and right she was. Now that goes for statements too, in many cases.

Take when Hillary Clinton told a cheering crowed that she would raise taxes on the middle class. Stupid? Sure was. but I'm thinking she may have been just a tad confused. After all, she had been talking about the super-rich the sentence prior to saying "middle class." Now I don't know, but then again it might be it was a little slip-up indicating that she would increase taxes on middle-income folks. After all, she is getting tens of millions from big banks and Wall Street and refuses to release any of the speeches given to those folks, so how do we know what the truth is?

Heck with her history/record of lying, deceit and misrepresentations who can be sure of anything she says? Except of course that she will say anything to avoid taking responsibility for her underhanded, illegal activities.

But really, I don't think most of her supporters have any clue about the history or her record. They just go along with the hype and the political spin. Hillary has been under more criminal investigations for more years then Al Capone and escaped untouched more then the Teflon Don. She's been scandal-ridden more then any politician in modern times and still Democrats go out to defend her and vote for her. Oh, except for this year where the primaries had to be rigged in order for her to ascend the throne.

Poor old Bernie Sanders. He should have won, didn't have a chance really in spite of winning most of the votes from the people. He just couldn't overcome all the votes from the party bosses covering Hillary's back no matter how bad her record is.

The poor blue-collar Democrats have been taking it on the chin for years now. Wages are stagnant, jobs are going overseas, part-time is more the rule and zero benefits with them and her answer, as always, is "tax the rich."

How many times have we heard that one and when has that worked? Democrats like Hillary and Obama have been saying that for decades yet nothing they do makes things better for regular people. Makes things great for Hillary, Bill and Obama and friends but what about us?

Cripes, terrorism is running wild, young people are overdosing left and right (Obama letting drug kingpins out of prison, turning terrorist generals free, paying huge ransoms to Iran), so how does any of this keep average people and their families safe? What's more, how does it give a better life to working Americans? Where are the good jobs with benefits and security for our kids going to come from? Not from socialism. That's a proven looser. Yet it's what Hillary advocates no matter what she labels her plan, it's still socialism.

Jeez, given the records of failure, fraud and incompetence alone Hillary should be a nonstarter for Democrats. If you're a working family, poor or middle class, you can't trust Hillary to be looking out for you and yours. She's only looking out for Hillary and she will sell out all the rest of us at the snap of the fingers of the special interests, big banks and Wall Steers big shots.

Look out for all those "free" things she promises. Don't be like a dumb fish, because that free snack has a hook in it and you'll end up in the fire.

Steve Earle


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