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Converting old churches to places of merriment not unique to Laconia

To The Daily Sun,
In reference to the Bishop Paul Blake's Saturday letter concerning taking the cross down at the Holy Grail:

You strongly state that drinking alcohol is a sin. Is it? Ecclesiastes 9:7: "Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do."

Like most people in your position, you make your choice of how you believe people should live and act, then choose the specific areas of the Bible to justify your own feelings. However, because the Bible is a long book written over a long time by a bunch of mortal men who couldn't tell you the world was round, it has many contradictions. I'm no Theologian, but don't the serve wine in like 99 percent of all churches in the United States? I know it's the 'blood of Christ', but in reality... still wine. Didn't Jesus make wine from water? That was the Son of God, right? I mean if HE'S making it, it's got to be okay, right?
For any sane person reading this, converting failed churches into places of merriment is not something that is unique to Laconia. The Limelight in London, England was an immensely popular night club in the 1980's, built in a Welsh Presbyterian church. I myself tipped a pint or two there while in England for the 50th Anniversary of D-day and I have not been struck down by lightning yet (knock on wood). Another popular night club was built in the former Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in New York City. The big open space and acoustics are a natural fit for a pub or bar. There are many more all around the world...
In my opinion, whether the owners of the Holy Grail are Christians or not, they've created a pretty good atmosphere where you can get some good food, relax a little and spread some good will and cheer. In what kind of warped world does that have to be punished by fire and brimstone?

Thomas Lemay

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Still, influence of Christian values is at foundation of our culture

To The Daily Sun,

Here on Friday I read a very good letter by Thomas Lamay concerning his religious experiences growing up. I can even relate to those things he writes about. My mother was a devote Baptist and from an early age I was dressed up every Sunday morning walked to church where we children went down stairs for Sunday school. Like Thomas by the time I became a teenager I drifted away and like him I questioned so many of the accounts in the bible and teachings from the pulpit. Unlike him I have come to again believe in God and Jesus as I have aged and learned and experienced more in life. I agree with Thomas about all the stupid, vial and criminal things the church has done and I view the Bible as an imperfect document. I do not and will not take issue with how others view it. My view is however that all the evils done in God's name was done by men. Done in the name of the church for the power of the church.

I seldom attend church services, preferring the solitude of my barn where I try to contemplate and sometimes pray. Still the influence of Christian values, which admittedly are not exclusive to this religion, have formed the foundation of our culture. It is the loss of these cultural values, morals and ethics at such an alarming rate that plunges modern life into such chaos. That is where I take issue with the likes of James Veverka, who take great relish in trashing Christianity and Christians. My personal view is that James cares nothing at all about the religious aspects except that for the fact that most Christians are conservative and thus will not vote for James' Marxist socialist agenda politicians. James finds it far easier to smear, slander and trash individuals, organizations and opposing ideas then to defend the failed philosophy of Marxist socialism which he embraces.

Having unloaded all this from my chest I say to Thomas that I agree that if you live a good life, do your best to be good to your fellow man and are honest to yourself you stand as good a chance of going to heaven as any one else in spite of what might be spouted from any pulpit.

Steve Earle


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