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Let's not terrorize people who care for county's sick & elderly

To The Daily Sun,

I recently read your article revealing that the feud between the Belknap County delegation and commissioners over the last year has cost the county a whopping $70,000 in unbudgeted legal fees.

I hope the irony in this is not lost on your readers. The legal battle was waged over the ability to make line-item changes within the budget. The court sided with the delegation and instituted a $300 maximum on any line-item changes county commissioners and the administrator could make without the delegation's permission. This crippled county government so that county nursing home workers were concerned about keeping their health insurance and their jobs. It caused similar mayhem at the county jail, leaving the prison so short-staffed that visitation was not even possible at times.

Prior to the holidays, county workers were subjected to unwarranted anxiety, worry and concern about whether money could be transferred from one line item to another in order for the county to pay its contracted share of their health insurance premiums; and layoffs were feared — all because the delegation wanted tighter control of the county's purse strings. Now that the old delegation and commissioners are out and the new are in, no one wants to pay the $70,000 bill they stuck to the county residents.

I believe most Belknap County residents would agree that paying out $70,000 in unnecessary legal fees is appalling. I'm sure they can think of much better ways to have spent their hard-earned tax dollars without terrorizing low-wage workers who care for the county's sick, elderly, and incarcerated.

Now that it's time to pay the piper, new county leadership is stalling. Sadly, this isn't surprising. Hopefully, the leadership will end the nonsense and move forward without further harm to county services and those who provide them.

Richard Gulla, President

SEA/SEIU Local 1984

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Intent is to make readers afraid & so full of hate they'll believe anything

To The Daily Sun,

Fanning the flames of hysteria, Mr. Demakowski continues his crusade to promote the myth of "death panels". In a recent letter, not only will there be "death panels", but these panels will be staffed by liberals who "lack concern for the sanctity of human life" and "don't care about your life." The implied reason for taking your life is to benefit the causes of "terrorists" and "thugs".

These outrageous accusations are totally disconnected from facts and have no basis in reality. There are no "death panels", but through his infinite imagination, he and other conservatives will create them.

Conservatives, such as Demakowski, are desperately embracing the most far-fetched rumors about the supposed Kenyan-Muslim-Marxist-Tyrant. Their fears of nonexistent or overblown bogey men — death panels, Benghazi conspiracies, voter fraud, Saddam's WMD, etc. — make it hard not to see conservatism's morphing into a state of near permanent paranoia fueled by recurrent moral panics. They are consumed with the whole of conservative politics. It doesn't matter the issue, if liberals are for it, then conservatives, despite facts and reason, are against it. They don't care about being factual — "I don't have to prove anything" – or truthful because they don't need to be.

Their primary goal is to peddle as much misinformation to the readers of this forum as possible. Their intent is to make readers afraid, and so full of hate, that they'll believe practically anything. Conservative contributors have developed a following built by the politics of hate, driven by fear, and solidified by misinformation.

If I am to embrace Mr. Demakowski's logic that liberals "lack concern for the sanctity of human life", then by that same logic I must assume that all conservatives are uncaring red neck racists.

While Mr. Demakowski may have some legitimate concerns relating to the ACA, making outlandish statements not only casts doubt on his arguments but also his credibility.

L.J. Siden


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