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I am hoping my daughter's wedding will be held as scheduled

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank Charles Wibel of Wolfeboro and Thomas LeMay of Laconia for their letters supporting Timber Hill Farm in Gilford.

As the mother of a bride, I am hoping that the issues related to hosting events on the farm will be resolved and my daughter's wedding in the beautiful meadow at Timber Hill Farm will be held as scheduled. For my daughter, who has lived in Gilford her entire life, getting married on a farm less than two miles from her childhood home is the ultimate in shopping locally.

I offer my support to the Howe family and I hope the Gilford community will do the same.

Debbie Brady

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Days of fully laissez-faire free market economy are long gone

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. (Tony) Boutin is wildly off-base (again) about Bernie Sanders' beliefs. Comparing Greece to the United States is foolish and misleading. Democratic socialism is defined as having a socialist economy in which the means of production are socially and collectively owned or controlled alongside a politically democratic system of government. Whenever Americans work for the common good and keep investing in that program, the results have been tremendous.

I would like to remind Mr. Boutin that the United States has many programs and services that are socialistic. Listed are but a few examples of democratic socialism which are part and parcel of this country: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the American military, police, firefighters, voting, public libraries, public schools, roads (except toll roads), FDA, EPA, publicly owned mass transit systems, public utilities, the one-fifth of hospitals that are publicly owned, government college grants, scholarships and loans.

As for his Greek red herring, I'd like to refer him to the following excerpt from an article by Jake Novak of CNBC:

"Now it's time to put all of that in perspective. The economic woes America has suffered over the past seven years have certainly been serious. A lot of people did lose their homes, their jobs, and much of their savings. Excessive greed and dishonesty played a big role in it all, and I join the millions of Americans who continue to be disappointed that very few bank officials or brokerage house executives were ever indicted let alone put in jail. Of course I'd like to see the politicians who enabled the crisis be punished too, even as the federal government's role (during the Bush/Cheney Administration) in creating the financial crisis gets less of the attention it deserves. But that aside, I'm thankful we did not see widespread chaos in our streets. We did not see people lining up by the thousands outside banks that were limiting withdrawals. The U.S. did get its credit rating lowered, but we never came close to defaulting on our national debt obligations ... what we're seeing in Greece right now is much, much worse than anything that's happened in the U.S. economically since 2008."

I know Mr. Boutin would love to return to the world he worships of a fully laissez-faire free market. You know, the sort of place where 60-hour, seven-day work weeks are common, child labor is the norm, and if you lose your job you have the wonderful freedom to go sell apples on the street corner. And when you retire you can often look forward to the "golden years" of poverty. Good luck if you get sick.

Well those days are gone, and despite Mr. Boutin's fantasies, most people don't want them to ever return.

Bernadette Loesch

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