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Lead sinkers are cheap for fishermen but very costly for loons

To the editor,
I am writing to urge broad support for SB-89 to be voted on shortly by the N.H. House. The bill would prohibit the use of certain smaller toxic lead jigs and sinkers in fishing tackle. It would protect loons by restricting the use lead fishing sinkers weighing one ounce or less. This fishing tackle is by far the largest source of documented adult loon mortality and has had a significant negative impact upon our state's small loon population.
This legislation sponsored in the State Senate by Senator Jeanie Forrester will have minimal effect upon fishermen, but a huge effect upon loons and other wildlife that feeds upon the bottom of NH fresh water lakes. The use of a non-lead sinker or jig that is not poisonous will have no effect upon catching fish.
Please keep in mind that loons do not reproduce until their sixth year of life or later, and loon pairs have an average of only one surviving chick every two years. Thus, survival of adult loons is the most important factor in assuring the continued viability of our state's loon population. Unfortunately, New Hampshire lost 124 adult loons to ingested lead sinkers and jigs between 1989 and 2011. These deaths have had a significant negative impact on our state's small loon population.
Sinkers and jigs are inexpensive for anglers. If they are lead, they are very expensive for loons. Substitute non-lead sinkers and jigs are of nominal expense to fishermen and the proposed restriction on the use of small lead sinkers under one ounce should have no adverse affect upon sportsmen and women who enjoy fishing. I urge passage of this common sense legislation.
Eric Taussig, Treasurer
Loon Preservation Committee

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County residents are victims in Worsman’s war against commission

To the editor,
The quagmire that Belknap County Convention Chair Colette Worsman has created for this county is unnecessary and counterproductive.
As chairs of the Belknap County and Lakes Region Democrats, we are calling for a cease fire in the ongoing battle between the majority of the delegation's Republican members and the county commissioners. Rather than spend taxpayer money on legal representation, Rep. Worsman should reconsider her position on the line item spending issue, cancel the "non-meeting" in Concord on May 8th, and come back to the table with consensus and civility as the goals.
By calling a "non-meeting" followed by a public meeting, Rep. Worsman is walking a very narrow line. Calling for the county delegation to meet in Concord is highly unusual and effectively cuts Belknap County residents out of the conversation. Moreover, by summarily dismissing the information provided by Belknap County administration regarding the supplemental nursing home appropriation, while simultaneously demanding even more information, Rep. Worsman is potentially denying the public access to rehabilitation services (which could generate up to $200 million in additional revenue for the county) as well as overstepping her role as chair. Perhaps if Rep. Worsman had allowed the subcommittees more time to learn about the operation of the Nursing Home, rather than ramming through her slash-and-burn county budget that only is only balanced on the backs of our county employees, we wouldn't be in this mess. Regardless, whether or not the information provided by the administration is adequate is a question to be put to the entire delegation as well as the public at large. Instead of finding ways to get around New Hampshire's public meeting laws, Rep. Worsman should conduct the delegation's fact finding in public and on the record.
This latest skirmish is simply another in the stand off between Rep. Worsman and the county commissioners which began as soon as she took office. She lobbied aggressively for the chairperson slot and, upon her election, set off immediately on what appears to be a witch hunt. Belknap County has seen its share of misdeeds and reprehensible behavior at the county level, but those days are long gone. The current commissioners have earned the respect of, and have been re-elected by, the communities they serve because of their careful stewardship not only of tax dollars but also of the institutions in their care, among them the county courthouse, the Department of Corrections and the county nursing home. It is now Rep. Worsman's behavior that is reprehensible.
This vitriol must stop. This is a vendetta; it is not leadership. The ground on which Rep. Worsman is attempting to stand is shaky. Will she and the majority of like-minded Republicans in the county delegation please take a step back, listen with an open mind to the testimony and suggestions of the commissioners, the staff and the other public and move forward on behalf of all Belknap County residents?
Matt Huot
Laconia/Belknap County Democrats
Denise Doyle & Kate Miller
Meredith/Lakes Region Democrats

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The proof is in the pudding when it comes to gun control bills

To the editor,
In some of the 'Letters to the Editor' written recently in The Daily Sun, writers seem to be suffering from the following:
1. Hyperbole — obvious and intentional exaggeration,
2. Overstatements,
3. Going well beyond the pale to excess,
4. Blatant ignorance,
Just to name a few. The misleading and purposeful outright lies are truly amazing (and not in a good way). How very sad that those individuals have nothing better to do than twist and turn, contort, and distort the truth of the gun control bills recently proposed in the Senate.
Manchin (D) and Toomey (R) are among the mature, clear thinking individuals in the Senate. We should be thanking them for coming together for the common good.
As the ole saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding". Those who supported those gun control bills have gained favor and those who voted against have lost many points of popularity in the polls. Case in point Senator Kelley Ayotte. Her poll numbers have dropped like a rock.
Bernadette Loesch

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Fields reaped what he sowed when he was voted out as clerk

To the editor,
I have ignored many rude shenanigans by Dennis Fields because he is an elected official and because he is elderly. However, this latest story in your paper on May 2, coming just a few weeks after being the ONLY Republican to vote AGAINST THE CONSITUTION on  HB-135, has caused me to no longer have ANY respect for Mr. Fields. I am actually very sorry for him. He doesn't realize he is being played like a puppet by the commissioners.
I get that Mr. Fields is bitter about being voted out as clerk. However, he has to realize, he reaped what he sowed. In addition to this latest round of theatrics, I have sat at numerous meetings over the last four years and witnessed him continuously acting very childish by speaking out of turn, ranting and raving, and consistently speaking with disrespect to others. One has to ask for whose benefit he acts the jester, because by his own admission, it doesn't seem to be working out too well for him lately. Had he acted more respectful, he would've received respect in return and never had been voted out of his clerk position.
I believe the reason Mr. Fields goes to such lengths to accuse the delegates of wrong doing is because he is actually the guilty one. If Mr. Fields can get people to believe that others are doing what he does, sneaking around and behaving badly, then he keeps a clear conscience. Those who expect more from him than acting like a clown and being a traitor to the general good of the constituents, have out-classed him on so many levels, he can longer keep his head up. I believe his time served as a representative will be remembered as Mr. Fields having been the notorious guy who voted against the taxpayers, his party, and the United States Constitution. So sad.
Barbara Howard

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Summer residents, help save Newfound Lake from wind turbines

To the editor,
Welcome Back!
If Newfound Lake residents and visitors are annoyed and dismayed by the intrusion of the Groton Wind Farm, they will be even angrier if these next three wind projects move forward. Residents and visitors alike want to protect the natural beauty of the area.
Many returning summer residents were shocked to find out that Newfound Lake is being targeted by industrial wind developers. Many refuse to accept the plans of four wind power plants, totaling 125+ turbines, reaching 454 feet high around the shoreline of Newfound Lake. Visitors are questioning why New Hampshire officials would allow such an intrusion in the Lakes Region.
Is the New Hampshire government misguided — and if so, are they placing their faith and trust in industrial wind developers? Many are questioning the government. Shouldn't they have been involved in the negotiations? Shouldn't there be a limit on how many turbines can be built in one region? Why is Newfound Lake carrying the burden of New Hampshire's renewable energy plan?
Great questions. The very same questions we have been asking for the last five months to no avail. Maybe... just maybe... our voices combined with yours will help turn things around. Maybe our politicians will start listening to our united concerns.
I am looking forward to summer residents and visitors getting involved. Please set aside a few hours during the summer months to help save Newfound Lake from being overrun by wind turbines and their blinking red lights at night.
Newfound Lake and its scenery are worth fighting for....
Ray Cunningham

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