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Sen. Ayotte knows she doesn’t need help from Washington

To The Daily Sun,

Senator Kelly Ayotte has more courage than many people in politics today, and I couldn't be prouder to call her my senator.

Since when does a politician in a very close, nationally-watched race propose to ban spending from outside groups? Kelly knows that she doesn't need help from Washington or anywhere else in the country. At the end of the day, she can look her neighbors, constituents, and friends in the eye and be proud of the work she has done for us.

I strongly agree with Kelly's proposal and call on Gov. Hassan to sign it as quickly as possible.

Ryan Smith


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Ban outside money to make Ayotte/Hassan race about us

To The Daily Sun,

There's been a lot of talk already in the U.S. Senate race — about what's best for New Hampshire, who has served our state better, and what the other person has or hasn't done. Unfortunately, a lot of that talk hasn't come from the candidates, it's come from people who live in Washington, D.C., and have a lot of money to spend on making sure elections turn out the way they want.

One of our candidates is trying to cut through that noise. Kelly Ayotte has held nearly 50 town halls since being elected in 2010, and she is always out and about in the state meeting people, answering their questions, and explaining what she's doing for us.

And another candidate is just talking about it.

Governor Hassan, you say that Washington is rigged for "special interests" and doesn't represent the people of New Hampshire. Well, I might agree with you there, but you need to practice what you preach. Join with Senator Ayotte and call for a ban on outside spending so we can hear directly from you in this race. It might mean you have to hold a few town halls.

But what it will really mean is that this election will be about us — not about Washington. Kelly believes in New Hampshire and is willing to run on her record. Are you?

Matt Kozsan

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