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Why should we be against harmless happiness and fun?

To The Daily Sun,

Free the Nipple and body-freedom campaigns are designed to make the human body and body parts normal and natural. The only way this will happen is for people like Heidi to make it a normal and natural part of daily life.

Is it mentally or physically healthy to be ashamed of the natural body? Is it equal for allowing the showing men's boobs (moobs) and not women's or the same line of reasoning to pay men more than women for equal work? Is Heidi's sensitivity to the issue any more or less valid than Marie's sensitivity to safe drinking water? Are breasts really sexual at all?

Doesn't body freedom touch on other issues like censorship (corporate media and Facebook frequently censor female breasts) or do we like censorship? Should the government or church really be dictating what we can wear or not wear, or should we be micromanaged? What harm would be befall a child who sees a nude/top-free adult? (In fact, all psychological studies show children raised around nudity have a more realistic body consciousness and image. Also, they are better adjusted.)

Plus, undeniably, on a nice day, it's way more comfortable and fun to not wear clothes than wear clothes. Or should we be against harmless happiness and fun?

George Davis

San Francisco

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Thanks to Franklin police for rescue of a dog from very hot car

To The Daily Sun,

On Monday, Aug. 15, around noon, I drove to Hannaford in Franklin. It was about 80 degrees out and sunny. As I got out of the car and started walking toward the entrance I heard a dog barking. It was coming from a nearby car that had two windows opened a little more than a crack. I went into the store and came out about 10 minutes later. By then, the dog had stopped barking and was lying down, panting.

I went back into the store and gave them the license number of the car and asked them to page the owner. They did and no one came. I waited about seven or eight minutes. Still no one. I called the Franklin police. About 15 minutes later they showed up, went inside the store and came out with the owner of the car. The officer walked with her to the car, at which point the owner opened the two windows all the way and the dog stuck his head out. She and the cop stood there talking for about 10 more minutes, which told me the officer must have had concerns of her own or she wouldn't have spent that time.

I want to thank the Franklin police for showing up and handling the situation. Do we ever stop to think how fortunate we are to have a police force that we can rely on in times of trouble and danger to ourselves or others? I know I don't. I take it for granted. After today, I won't.

Let's all remember to appreciate our police and give them the thanks and credit they deserve. Especially now when they're under attack all over this country.

Hillarie Goldstein

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