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Is it really necessary to expose your body to have equal rights

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the various letters concerning the issue of female toplessness on our local beaches, I just have this to say. This, in my opinion, should not be about whether people should have equal "rights" to expose their bodies to the view of others, or a matter of showing pride in the human body. It should be a time to re-examine what we as a society consider sacred, worthy of respect, and private. Is there anything left that we won't share with the rest of the world? We seem to have such a need to let it all hang out in public, where literally anyone can see you, download your private life, or steal your identity. Is there anything that's truly our own anymore?

Like it or not, people judge by appearances; by how we dress (or not), how we talk and behave in public. Like it or not, men's and women's bodies are very different, and each sex reacts differently to certain visual cues. Men tend to be more visually stimulated than women, and that is why we women need to be careful of how we present ourselves in public.

I am not making men out to be animals, unable to control themselves, far from it. I am saying that we need to rediscover what makes men and women wonderfully different from each other, and respect those differences enough to control our own desires for the good of others.

To assume that all people will act the same way, and respect someone who goes topless just because it's expected of them, is naïve and foolish. To insist on all things being equal for all people is unrealistic, and ultimately self-defeating. When we try to make a world where "anything goes," in the end what's good and right goes too, right out the window.

The mark of maturity in relation to our bodies is not the casting aside of clothing, but the awareness of the profound dignity of the human person as a whole, including the body. When a woman knows her true value, and that she is worthy of respect from others because she is a person, then there is no need to be topless to prove that she is as good as the men.

One letter writer said that we should teach our children to love and be proud of their bodies, like he was taught, or don't bring them out. How far should we take that? Should we let infants go diaperless (ew!), or little girls and boys go without a swimsuit just so they can be proud of their bodies? What is the limit? Is it really necessary to expose your bodies to others to have equal rights, or is it just done to get attention and admiration? Even the Europeans, with their many topless beaches, have to impose some limits on behavior, or there would be chaos and car accidents.

If we halt nudity at the gates to our beaches, it could be a tool to help people know what the boundaries are in our society.

Doris Morrissette


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Clinton Foundation is nothing but a money laundering operation

To The Daily Sun,

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is one of the most self-centered, corrupt, public figures that the world has ever seen. Her long record of dishonesty and immorality is really something to behold.

Many new voters are too young to remember her dirty dealings before and after she became first lady with President Bill Clinton, aka "Slick Willie."

The first one that comes to mind is the Whitewater scandal, which was a shady real estate deal leading to longtime business partner, James McDougal, being indicted and later convicted of fraud charges. Then there was "Travelgate," which was the controversial firing of seven longtime workers in the White House travel department, replaced by friends of the Clintons to oversee the $7-million-a-year travel budget. Although she hails herself as a champion for women, she tried to destroy the reputations of some of President Clinton's many mistresses.

After White House counsel and a long-time friend of the Clintons, Vincent Foster, committed suicide in 1993, files were allegedly removed from the his White house office before investigators were able to secure it as part of the probe into his death.

She claimed that she landed under sniper fire in 1996 while on mission to Bosnia, however news clips from the time show a greeting party with no evidence of hostility and a young Bosnian girl giving Hillary and daughter, Chelsea, flowers.

Fast forward to her time as Secretary of State under President Obama, where she blamed a Coptic Christian's YouTube video that no one had hardly viewed for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three brave security officers were murdered while the American Consulate was destroyed by terrorists on the anniversary of Sept. 11in 2012. Reports are that he had repeatedly asked for increased security help from then Secretary Clinton.

Also during this time, serving Obama's State Department, she and former President Bill Clinton reportedly made about $55 million giving speeches in which corporations and institutions paid them up to $250,000 in speaking fees (plus another $75,000 or so in expenses). However, these payees were not allowed to tape or obtain any transcript of the speech they paid for. One wonders what was actually said in these speeches.

Perhaps her most damaging transgression was her State Department approval of a Russian bid to buy 20 percent of the strategic, U.S. uranium assets. The Russians were able to make this deal after giving a sizable cash donation to the Clinton Foundation.

She is also still under FBI investigation for her unapproved home computer while serving as Secretary of State. She received thousands of classified emails on this unsecured server which could directly affect the national security of the United States.

Her tenure in the State Department left the Mideast on fire and a hotbed of militant Islamism. She takes special interest money (bribes) from anywhere she can get it including Arab countries that have horrible records on women rights such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the UAE.

The Clinton Foundation is nothing but graft, a political money laundering operation in which Hillary and Bill get richer while you get poorer. These are only the scandals and lies that I can recall from memory and I am sure I am missing many more. This seriously fraudulent woman does not deserve to be elected Commander in Chief.

Sean Kenneally


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