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Discredited climate models driving flawed government policies

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama — Summer Cum Laude for Climate Demagoguery — has summoned the EPA post-haste to save the planet from imminent destruction from those dreaded CO2 emissions. The progressive's war on energy and economic freedom continues. Can they save the spotted owl and it's natural habitat or the polar bear from the searing heat of the global warming sun? Shhhh, the polar bear is doing just fine thank you. The Spotted Owl, despite the environmentalists best tree hugging efforts, is disappearing due to the bullying of the barred owl.

During his recent Climate Action Plan speech, President Obama asserted that we are having longer wildfire seasons and they are due to "climate change". Can't say "global warming" anymore, since the earth has ceased warming for the past decade and a half, so the all encompassing, ever present "climate change" has become the new PE (progressive environmentalist) mantra. Once they realize how silly and purposely vague that phrasing is, they'll come up with something even cooler, or warmer, like "sustainable planet protection parameters". Causes a chill up ones spine doesn't it? Okay, I made that up, but it does have a nice Agenda 21 ring to it doesn't it?

Check out Marita Noon's article entitled, "The War for Economic and Energy Freedom is On", where she referenced the American Forest Resource Council and the Canadian Journal of Forest Research. The research shows that the U.S. Forest Service's quest to save a nocturnal winged creature was not the hoot they thought it was going to be. The lack of tree harvesting and subsequent forest overgrowth has damaged the logging industry, hurt local economies and caused great destruction to the very trees they were trying to save. Ann Forest Burns notes "instead of allowing the forests to make money through timber harvests, we are taking money away from forest management to fight fires". It is the excess of trees per given acre that has made forest fires last longer and be more dangerous to battle. Another well intentioned liberal policy gone awry. Death, destruction and economic misery has been the result. No matter, just change the narrative and blame it on Republicans or climate change. After all, it is good intentions and not results that matter in the Utopian fantasies of the modern day, delusional, liberal mind.

Jeffrey Folks' article, "Sunspots and the Great Cooling Ahead" uncovers evidence by many climate experts showing that we are likely heading into a period of global cooling due to reduced sun spot activity. Three of the last four winters and springs in the northern hemisphere have been unusually cold. He notes, "that for the world's poor, a cold year means the difference between eating and going hungry". No matter, it doesn't fit the crony capitalist PE narrative and there is lots of money to be made and taxes to be collected by our friendly IRS to sustain these "unsustainable" initiatives.

As our president kowtows to the environmentalist lobby for political and monetary favors, the damage to our weak economic recovery continues in a manner that harms the poorest among us the most. You know, the ones that Democrats claim they care so much about. Blocking the Keystone pipeline, shutting down coal plants and refusing to allow hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on public lands cost citizens jobs and lessens their purchasing power.

Tyrannical EPA policies are being imposed on citizens based on terribly flawed and much discredited computer-generated climate models. Emerging economic entities such as China and India are more than making up for U.S. reductions in CO2 emissions and are not going to kill their growing economic freedom in order to make nice with our misguided president's policies.

Professor John Christy (Alabama University at Huntsville) calculates that a 50 percent reduction in U.S. emissions by 2050 would produce in 2100, a reduction in average temperatures of 0.13 degree Fahrenheit. So, why exactly are we ruining our economy? Would anyone who is actually enjoying the fruits of President Obama's fundamental transformation of our free market, Constitutional Republic please stand up. Yes I know, Democrats and Republicans began this destructive process long before our president started skipping classes at Occidental College. He is however, putting the finishing touches on this progressive masterpiece, like Michelangelo with a sledgehammer.

Russ Wiles


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Selectmen holding extraordinary number of non-public sessions

To The Daily Sun,

John Funk's recent letter describing the action of the Gilmanton selectmen in effectuating his departure from the planning board is only part of the larger story. A review of selectmen's minutes over the last several months indicates an extraordinary number of "non-public" sessions. New Hampshire law strictly limits the purposes for which any municipal board, including the selectmen, may exclude the public. Minutes must be kept of such sessions and unless the minutes are expressly "sealed" by vote of the board, they are available to the public. I took some time to review some recent unsealed minutes.

In Mr. Funk's case, the minutes of the session in which the selectmen apparently discussed him read in their entirety: "The selectmen discussed a letter to the planning board." There was nothing in the minutes to indicate what the letter may have been about or that Mr. Funk was personally the subject of discussion.

The statute provides that an individual who is the subject of a non-public session has a right to request that the session be public. However, there is no express requirement that the person be notified that he/she is the subject of a non-public session, and the selectmen do not do so. Thus, the selectmen may discuss and draw conclusions affecting any individual without that person ever knowing that he/she was the subject of discussion nor given an opportunity to participate, respond or request a public session.

It appears that the selectmen are conducting the business of the town in non-public sessions, and using such sessions to conduct vendettas against persons with whom they disagree or have some kind of personal animosity. Anyone who has volunteered to serve on a town board or committee may be in particular jeopardy, without ever knowing that he/she is a target, until some action is taken that affects the way the individual exercises his/her responsibility.

Is this the way we want our town to be governed? Attending selectmen's meetings can be an enlightening experience, and an opportunity to express concern with the conduct of the board. I urge concerned citizens to do so. Check the agenda on the town web site. The selectmen normally meet Mondays at 6 p.m. Ultimately change will have to take place at the ballot box. Citizens need to be willing to step forward, learn about town government, and be willing to run for election and serve in the public interest.

Carolyn Baldwin



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How can we live with ourselves? No HBO for our criminals?

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks so much to Michael Kitch for showing us just how truly deplorable the conditions are in our county jail. Now I know that the County Commission was not just crying "wolf" again. That place looks like a Russian gulag. After seeing these photos in his July 26 exposé, how can anyone not support the $43 million funding the commission seeks for a new state-of-the-art facility? Our criminals deserve nothing less.
From the huge photo enlarged to take up half of the paper's front page so we can see all the gory detail, is it obvious that the facility must have no air conditioning, and the criminals need to rely on electric fans, some made of plastic, to try to stay cool as they sleep. And I notice that each criminal does not even get his own personal fan, but must share a fan with other criminals who might not want it on the same setting. How's that supposed to work? And those TV's are not widescreens. Geesh. I bet they don't even get HBO. And those beds! Don't even get me started about those beds. Can't we at least afford to give our criminals full size beds? Are those sheets even cotton? They look like a polyester blend, and we all know what a polyester blend feels like on a hot summer night.
Then there is the picture where you can see that some of the paint on the floor of the booking room appears to be peeling. And some of the ceiling tiles in the gymnasium appear to be yellowing. How can we subject these poor criminals to such unappealing surroundings? Hasn't anyone heard of drapery or carpets? And the color scheme... all white. What is this, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?
What kind of message are we sending to our kids with a jail like this? Let's just hope that if they take up crime, it is not in Belknap County. Our criminals deserve better than this.

Frank Marino


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Ed Philpot is arrogantly standing behindhis divisive rhetoric

To The Daily Sun,

Ed Philpot recently made some really mean-spirited comments. He publicly called the Republican leaders of our county convention "bad people looking to do bad things", claiming that they "want to kill government". I personally know each of these people. I am honored to call them friends. These are GOOD people looking out for the interest of the hardworking taxpayers of Belknap County. Let's not forget that it was the three person (Ed Philpot included) County Commission that proposed a bloated county budget that would have increased property taxes by a whopping 9 percent, while simultaneously holding over $5 million of OUR money hostage in a unexpended funds. The commissioners then proposed only one option to resolve the jail issue: the most extravagant and expensive option. They never even considered anything less expensive! Why must we always be forced to eat filet mignons when we can only afford ground chuck? The convention had no choice, they had to make some tough decisions; with the economy still sour and unemployment unacceptably high, most taxpayers cannot afford the large tax increase that the commission proposed. No one wants to "kill" government. . . however, the vast majority of Belknap County taxpayers would like to see our county government live within its means. It is refreshing to know that there are still some elected officials who look out for taxpayers.

Kate Miller, the chairperson of the Belknap county Democrat Committee quickly went into damage control mode, writing a letter in this paper suggesting that Commissioner Philpot's comments were taken out of context and stating that he has already apologized for his characterization of the Republican leadership. Unfortunately Ed Philpot is steadfastly and arrogantly standing behind his divisive rhetoric. He is an embarrassment to the county — as is the Belknap Democrat Committee! His Ignorant and inflammatory comments as well as his refusal to walk back his rhetoric has become a crippling roadblock to progress. Why should the convention work with him to move past the gridlock now? What happened to all that Democrat "civility"?

Ed Philpot is a flaming liberal who pushes for the county to adopt the same big government policies that has driven Detroit to bankruptcy. I do believe he should consider resigning for the good of this great county!

Kevin Leandro



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Would Zimmerman have picked a fight if he hadn't been armed

To The Daily Sun,

"What you will not do is get physically involved with any activity you report or apprehension of any suspicious person. This is the job of law enforcement agency." Page 3 of the Sanford Florida Neighborhood Watch Program. Zimmerman broke this rule and there is no mention of a gun. The Zimmerman jury was all-white. Florida is one of the worst offenders when it comes to routinely convicting black defendants and acquitting white defendants.
Duke researchers found what has long been known that the race of a defendant and victim play a large role in how a jury is likely to decide a case. Black defendants, by a double digit margin, are more likely to be convicted than a white defendant. A major number of juror pools and thus juries continue to be all-white. When a black person is on the jury the odds of conviction seem to even out.
A defendant has the right under the Sixth Amendment to a trial by a fair and impartial jury. An all-white jury that believed that Zimmerman was the victim hardly meets that constitutional standard. Once again a few contributors to this paper have missed the point — as they do in most of their irrational frenetic diatribes. Yes it was all done "legally" — and so are all the other kangaroo courts and miscarriages of justice done "legally". Their failure to not understand the cultural dynamics of the situation is to be expected since most of them probably have a steady diet of "hate radio" and Fox news. The bad news is that this minority exists, the good news is that it will always be a minority fringe group.
If Zimmerman had seen a white kid walking down the street eating candy and drinking a soda pop, would he have thought that "suspicious" and gotten out of the car to pick a fight? Would he have picked a fight if he hadn't had a weapon? Probably not. If Zimmerman had taken the stand who knows what we might have found out about him. Perhaps a rejected "wanna be" cop?
If we have any doubts that racism is alive and well in this country, listen to juror b37 (she's writing a book you know) as she bluntly said that she believed that Zimmerman's "heart was in the right place when he shot Martin". And just to drive home a point let's end with a quote from Ann Coulter who is often held up as a role model by some contributors: "Perhaps someday blacks will win the right to be treated like volitional human beings but not yet".

George Maloof


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