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Are you arguing people in Tilton should only pay for what they use?

To the editor,
There seems to be some unhappy taxpayers in Tilton. They
are upset over last year's Warrant Article that spread all sewer betterments to all the taxpayers .They have petitioned a new Warrant Article for March16 to put the  tax burden back on the shoulders of 518 property owners, some whom still have tax leans from past betterment bills. Thier biggest complaint is, "Why should we pay for something we are not connected to, nor use.?" ITS UNFAIR.
Good point .NOW HERE'S MINE. For
the last 25 years my wife and I have paid property taxes to the Town of Tilton. We have no children, yet part of our taxes over the years have helped pay for your kids education. In 25 years we have never used the town library, the parks, the transfer station or, thank God, been in need of health and welfare aid. Our taxes help pay for all these amenities  that we have never used . You don't hear us WHINING.
You see TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. What about the lake front seasonal property owners? They are assessed through the roof .They come up here three months a summer, most of their homes are on private roads, their tax dollars help keep our town running 12 months a year. I don't hear them WHINING either.
You might want to think about these things before
you vote March 16. There has been three sewer projects in Tilton over the last 15 years, which have greatly improved the quality of our lakes, rivers, and streams,  from which we ALL benefit. Do we as taxpayers want to start fractionalizing future town improvements. Be careful, THAT DOOR CAN SWING BOTH WAYS.
Tom Sellew

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Let's not damage our economy on the whims of environmentalists

To the editor,
Family and friends have assured me that hurricanes and droughts have increased to new and terrifying levels in recent years. How do they know this? These supposed facts have been reported repeatedly in the mainstream media including our cherished "Weather Channel". This should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the dynamics of Obamamania in the media. Our president asserts that climate change is causing droughts to become more common and storms to become more severe. He has decreed that it is so and so, it has been written in stone. Or at least in the N.Y. Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post and all over the television landscape, save for the Fox News Channel.
Here is some additional data as a followup to my previous letters on this subject. This comes from a Nature Climate Change Journal report from last fall. Measurements accumulated by tropical cyclone and hurricane activity indicate that this activity has actually been quite low in recent decades. The report goes on to assert that, "there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years" when measured on a global scale.
The whole point of my letters on this issue is as follows: (1) producing inefficient electric cars that are too expensive to sell; (2) putting up gigantic, landscape crushing wind turbines around Newfound Lake with little proof of their net efficiency; (3) confiscating huge sums of public money to invest in unproven green technologies in order to make politicians and environmentalists feel good about themselves are morally and ethically repugnant endeavors and economically damaging to the fiscal health of our country.
Let's keep our environment clean and sustainable through real and honest debate based on verifiable scientific facts shall we? Let's all act like adults and not damage our economy based on the whims of the environmentalists who apparently have succumbed to the intoxicating lust for power and money. Is that really too much to ask?
Russ Wiles

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Say 'no' to Plymouth zoning amendments #2, #3 and #4

To the editor,
Plymouth is at a crossroad:
— The Environmentally Sensitive Zone is protected by state and federal regulations as well as the Shoreline Protection Act. The Plymouth Zoning and Planning boards have always worked diligently to adhere to all regulations.
— Say no to zoning amendments #2, #3 and #4.
— In 2007/2008 the sitting Zoning and Planning Board approved the Lowe's development on the same property being developed now.
— Then during a two year period, abutters had challenged the legality of this development and violations by the Zoning, Planning Board and town. All were exonerated. This challenge cost the town of Plymouth almost $100,000 of your tax dollars. Also Lowe's was going to put in a town baseball field, canoe and kayak launching site and give the town land for a West Plymouth fire annex.
— The State Supreme Court as well as two lowers courts, Zoning Board and Planning Board, and town attorney determined all was lawful and complied with all regulations and laws. That ruling affirmed the local board's decisions on all points, both procedurally and statutorily.
— All the permitting on the current development has been approved by the state and federal agencies and has complied with all current regulations of the ESZ. The water from this development with its filtration system will return to the soil in better quality than the runoff from Tenney Mountain Highway.
— It is time we attract companies that will employ people from the local area and allow locals to work in their home area.
Again Say "NO" to Zoning petition amendments #2,#3,#4.
John Randlett

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We are lucky to have Lou Kahn volunteer to serve Meredith

To the editor,
I'm writing this letter to endorse and support Lou Kahn for Meredith Selectman.
I got to know Lou through my volunteering with the FRIENDS of Meredith Parks and Recreation. At the time, our focus was on the Childs Park project. Those that have lived in Meredith Center for a long time know how badly this park needed to be updated. It was a long process but in the end the community was able to celebrate the grand opening this past fall. As a community, we approved several warrant articles and also raised money through private donations — but we still had not reached our goal. After a few discussions with Lou, who has been a resident of Meredith for a number of years, he stepped forward to donate the remaining funds so the Childs Park project could be completed. The donation was made in the name of Lou's late wife, Bobby Smyth. As many of you know, Bobby loved Meredith and cared deeply for Meredith Center.
Lou has stepped up numerous times and served the town in a number of capacities, including volunteering for a number of different boards and committees in town. These are valuable experiences that I believe will serve as a strong foundation for Lou as he navigates the various responsibilities of being a Meredith Selectman . Many people in our community are busy and, due to work and family obligations, are unable to volunteer their time, attend community meetings, and serve the town. We are lucky to have someone like Lou, and all the other volunteers in our community, who do have the time, experience, and willingness to step forward for the good of our community.
Please cast your vote for Lou Kahn on Tuesday, March 10th.
Tami Carpentiere

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When are you packing your bags to go out west and start picking fruit?

To the editor,
To Mr. Ewing:
The REAL answer is that illegal aliens are NOT eligible for government assistance. This includes welfare. This doesn't mean that sometimes they do get it, for example Texas gives about $70B in welfare but mostly due to fraud or to the children of illegals who are eligible. The biggest problem we have with all these benefits is fraudulent claims mostly medical, or anything else they can sneak by with. Remember there are many store owners here that will, for a few dollars, accept an illegal welfare check which hurts us all. The major problem is that there are not "welfare police" to straighten out this mess. As usual this has been going on for years and years but now it's all Obamas fault.
I have to laugh when you say they are stealing our low paying jobs. When are you packing your bags to go out west to start picking fruit? They were doing these jobs before we were in that part of the country so please get real. The last thing Obama wants to do is cut jobs, like those that will be cut due to this sequester. The GOP love it because it increases the unemployment rate and makes Obama look bad. Didn't work the last election did it? Even though you don't believe this, most of your claims can be put onto the backs of the GOP and NOT Obama. But overall the bottom line REAL problem is that the two parties will not work together for anything positive. Your GOP will say "no" to anything Obama wants, even if they wanted it at one time. So the Dems don't waste their time trying to cross the aisles because the GOP will just change their minds again. The GOP is becoming so crazy that they made Gov. Christie an outcast because he did his job for the people of Jersey and actually spoke with the president.
Lastly you also have Mitch McConnell who fillibustered his own bill. Ashley Judd should have fun with him next year.
Jon Hoyt

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