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I worry about lack of concern for human life shown by liberals

To The Daily Sun,

In response to L.J. Siden's letter of Dec. 30 concerning "death panels", in his letter he chides Mrs. Landry and me for "drawing conclusions that vastly exceed the implications of their evidence." In the same letter he calls "death panels" the "Lie of the Year." How is it that he can call a prediction of what will be one of the consequences of a provision of the ACA, that if I understand this right, has not yet been implemented, a lie. I can't help but notice the hypocrisy in that.

As I understand it, this panel would be comprised of 15 appointed members who would not be answerable to Congress except through a super majority in a limited window of opportunity in 2017, nor to the courts consequently there would virtually no congressional oversight and no appeal of their decisions.

Yes, I see that the bill has language that appears to forbid rationing, yet I understand that by setting the payment rate to providers low for specific procedures could accomplish the same effect.

As to the inclination of those who have proposed this bill, just by the fact that they wrote into this law a provision to take money from Medicare and diverted it to the ACA, should give you some inclination as to their priorities. And as I stated in an earlier correspondence, the lack of concern for the sanctity of human life shown by those who drive the liberal agenda — who don't seem to care about your life unless you're a terrorist or a thug — are those likely to be appointed to this panel who will almost arbitrarily have power to impose their will over those in this system, does not seem good to me. Even if there is language in the bill that would seem to be meant to restrain these things, without oversight or a mechanism for enforcement they would be just words on a piece of paper, something we see way too often already.

This is a very complex bill. Most of us need help in understanding it. I'll be up-front about that. I'd like to thank Mrs. Landry for drawing our attention to AARP's duplicity in claiming to be an advocate for seniors while supporting the provision of the ACA that takes money from Medicare and redistributes it to the ACA and then selling insurance to seniors to supplement their Medicare coverage. Mr. Siden, if you remember used AARP as one of his fact checkers.
If my perception is right. It would seem the line from a Bob Dylan song from the 60's would be appropriate, "and the executioners face is always well hidden." If we live and the IPAB provision of the ACA is not overturned we will see whose version turns out to be true and whose turns out to be false.

John Demakowski


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When you see 000-000-0000 on your caller ID, just let it ring

To The Daily Sun,

In the past, we reported unwanted telemarketing calls to our "do not call" government agencies. Our phones record day, time and the number that called us.

However, the latest trick telemarketing people now use is and shows up as: "Private Caller or Unknown Name." Then the phone number is shown all with zeros — 000 000-0000. There is no chance to report this crooks.

Luckily, when we see that on our screen, we let them ring.

Werner Rebsamen

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