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Cryans has machine behind him but Kenney is backed by grassroots

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Joe Kenney for Executive Council. Having met Joe at a recent event, I believe he will be a great asset for New Hampshire. His military service and years of service as a State Senator all show he has what it takes to handle the duties necessary to have our voices heard in Concord. I believe Joe Kenney will truly serve his constituents and not political cronies.

While Michael Cryans has a political machine behind him, Joe has the grassroots in his corner. It is time we make our voices heard and support the man who has supported New Hampshire values.

On March 11, I will be casting my vote for Joe Kenney. I hope you will do so as well.

Carlos Martinez


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Senate Bill 413 shows what Yankee ingenuity can come up with

To The Daily Sun,

I want to compliment the Senate Committee for coming up with a uniquely New Hampshire solution for bringing health coverage to 50,000 Granite Staters who currently don't have medical insurance.

Senate Bill 413 will allow New Hampshire to accept the federal money which will pay for 100 percent of the costs of caring for our low-income neighbors at no cost to the state. I hope that Senator Forrester and her peers will support SB-413.

This legislation shows what Yankee ingenuity can come up with when we work together. The plan grants access to health care for low-income New Hampshire residents at no cost to taxpayers and without expanding state government. It demonstrates that New Hampshire knows how to work smarter rather than harder and is willing to help out our friends and neighbors.

I was very sorry when the Senate voted down a similar bill last December. If we don't pass SB-413, those 50,000 neighbors of ours will be left out and cost all of us millions of dollars in uncompensated health care. I hope that this time Senator Forrester and her fellow senators will pass this legislation.

Sandra Heaney

Henry Whipple House


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Nothing, albsolutely nothing, will convince me to support Northern Pass

To The Daily Sun,

Look out the window. Any window. Envision, if you can, everything you see under water. From a car driving to Manchester, Salem, Berlin, Portsmouth, Keene. All of New Hampshire's 5.9 million acres under water.

I'm having a hard time even envisioning the scope of such a concept.

What — 5.9 million acres isn't enough? Add another 100,000 acres.

Yeah, you just have to deal with it. No choice at all. It's going to happen no matter what you say or do.

Welcome. You've just become a pseudo member of the Innu Nation who've been slapped with that ultimatum from Hydro Quebec for Northern Pass. No surprise here. In the 1970s they bullied the Cree and Inuit, too, flooding 4,440 square miles of their hunting grounds for the La Grande Complex without consulting the communities beforehand.

We made serious, horrible mistakes dealing with our Native Americans. Now Hydro Quebec repeats our past errors by running roughshod over Quebec's native peoples and spoiling forever the free flowing and pristine Romaine River for totally unnecessary hydropower. If we support their actions to flood 6 million acres that will destroy pristine natural resources and override the outrage of their native peoples for the unnecessary sake of the power-grabbing bullies at Hydro Quebec Corporation, we are ultimately not only condoning, but also being an implicit partner to their actions.

They can spend their millions with all the new ads on radio, TV and in the newspapers to convince us to support Northern Pass. Nothing, absolutely nothing will convince me to support Northern Pass. Our care for our native tribes, the land and our principles should be way higher than that.

(Source: SPNHF's Forest Notes, Summer, 2013)

Everett McLaughlin


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Unlike opponents, Mike Cryans will put people above politics

To The Daily Sun,

Election Day is Tuesday, March 11 — an important day for citizens to participate in local and state government. Especially important is the vote to send a member from District 1 to represent us on the Executive Council.

This five-member team provides advice to the governor, approves all state contracts over $10,000, and approves nominations to key positions. While this is an election with an "R" or "D" next to a name, it is essential that partisan politics be left out of the Executive Council.

Commissioner Cryans, unlike his opponent, will put people above politics. Mike Cryans has served as a Grafton County Commissioner for more than two decades. He has a proven record of service to his constituents, and he knows the importance of working as a team member. He has worked successfully in both the public and private sectors and continually has shown his commitment to economic development and efficiency in government.

To move New Hampshire forward we need a thoughtful team member representing the North Country. I urge you to vote for Mike Cryans.

Susan Wiley


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Belmont Ballot Question 2 is not supported by Planning Board

To The Daily Sun,

On March 11, Belmont Ballot Question 2 is a Petitioned Building Code Amendment to adopt a Historic Demolition Review Ordinance. The Planning Board does not support Ballot Question 2.

State law permits 25 registered voters to submit a Building Code amendment by petition. Once submitted the Planning Board is required to hold a public hearing and must include on the ballot a statement as to whether the board does or does not support the proposal.

At the public hearing on Jan. 13, the petitioner explained that the proposed amendment was intended to closely follow the Concord, N.H., Code and also acknowledged that the Belmont submission had been "rushed."

The Planning Board acknowledged the important service that the Heritage Commission provides but considered the following comments and concerns:

• The last-minute preparation and submission resulted in no opportunity for the board and other town officials to adequately review and discuss the proposal or to consider the legalities of the proposal details.
• The proposal might be too broad as it encompasses every full and partial demolition regardless of size.
• The proposal as drafted might be overly burdensome on the rights of property owners.
• The proposal should be tailored more to the needs of Belmont.
• Unlike the codes adopted by Concord and some other communities, this proposal lacks the type of detail that would provide property owners with transparency as to what to expect, how the process actually works, when and how notice of meetings will occur, how they can participate and how they can appeal.
Based on the above, the Planning Board voted to not support the proposal at this time.

Belmont Planning Board

Peter Harris, Chairman


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