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Our city councilors are committed to downtown in all respects

To The Daily Sun,

I really enjoyed the "Risk Takers" story The Daily Sun printed on Saturday, June 27; I would like to make just one aside about the comment about city councilor's not frequenting downtown.

"'We're looking for some vision and direction for the community,' said (Bree) Henderson, who added that city councilors are seldom seen downtown save for David Bownes (Ward 2), whose office is on Canal Street."

Just this week, so far, I've been to the Local twice and Wayfarers (my third time since it opened). Also, in the past week I had breakfast at Water Street Cafe twice. Since the Holy Grail opening, I have been there four times. My daughter dances at Stages, another young entrepreneur downtown, and I have used both MC Cycle and Greenlaw's for those needs and no others. Less than a month ago I had dinner at Burrito Me. Henry's Dry Cleaners is a regular stop for me, too. Penny Pitou is my travel agency when I have that need. There are other businesses in the downtown too that I enjoy shopping at when I have a niche need, like The Studio.

I suspect other councilors and the manager have similar stories to share too.

Finally, LRGHealthcare my employer has two significant presences in the downtown, and I personally have been actively involved in the BEDC (just completing a nine-year term in March, the last as chair), as has the mayor, the entity that finally made the Colonial acquisition a reality.

Our councilors are committed to downtown in all respects.

Henry Lipman

City Councilor, Ward 3


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We need prodent effective government to help make our lives better

To The Daily Sun,

You might wonder how the Republicans in the New Hampshire House and Senate came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to blow a $90 million hole in our state budget by giving the money to large corporations in the form of tax breaks. The answer, apparently, is from the Koch brothers. According to reports, Greg Moore, a political worker for a Koch funded operation, was summoned by Republican leadership to a closed-door budget meeting. Why do they need a political operative to help them figure out how to make a budget? And, more to the point, why aren't they working with their Democratic colleagues in the Statehouse to craft a bipartisan budget that the governor can sign.

How did we get to this place where each side is so sure they are right and the other is dead wrong? I agree with Republicans that we have to be careful of big government, that we don't want government overstepping its bounds, that people can and ought to make decisions for themselves, and that we should keep as much of what we earn as we can. But, that doesn't mean that government doesn't work at all. We need a prudent effective government to help make our lives better.

Lowering taxes is one way to attract businesses, but good roads and a healthy, educated workforce are also important. Business agrees. According to the Business and Industry Association, the state Chamber of Commerce that represents business in New Hampshire, these things are important, too.

And, government exists, at least in part, to take care of our weakest citizens. There is no doubt that some people screw up their own lives, but life also has a way of beating on some folks who can use a hand. Getting sick can happen to anyone. According to a survey done by the Health Policy Center, almost 10 million fewer families are feeling the stress of unpaid medical bills since the implementation of Obamacare. Having insurance lowered their life stress which is a good thing. That seems like a win for government to me.

The governor's budget is reasonable and responsible. It pays for things that we need and programs that work and it doesn't make someone else pay the freight.

Dave Pollak

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