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Let's hope we'll vote Sen. Ayotte out of office next time she runs

To the editor,
Shame on Sen. Kelly Ayotte for voting to block gun safety reform. It's a disgrace that a small group of senators were able to block life-saving gun legislation. Background checks are common sense — and they work. If we are required to register our cars (which also occasionally kill), why shouldn't we be required to register our guns?
Sen. Ayotte decided to stand with the NRA's lobby for the profit of the gun industry, and reject expanded background checks, even though 89 percent of the people in New Hampshire supported it. Because of the cowardice of Sen. Ayotte and others like her, 33 people per day will continue to be murdered with guns every single day of the year — that multiplies out to over 12,000 people per year killed by needless gun violence!
If we as American citizens are devastated by the bombing violence that killed 3 people and injured 170 during the Boston Marathon incident, how much more should we stand firm to support, in any way possible, the saving of 12,000 lives every year that are now threatened by gun violence?
Let us hope that the 89-percnet of NH voters who support better gun safety laws will remember this shameful action of Congress — and vote Sen. Kelly Ayotte out of office the next time she runs for re-election.
Charlotte Cox

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Oft-quoted 90% poll was taken in only 6 eastern states

To the editor,
I read the letter from Dorothy Duffy about Senator Ayotte and her vote on background check legislation. I consider Dorothy a friend even though we rarely agree on political issues and I am not sure Dorothy knows all the facts that she represented.
In the first sentence she states that Sen. Ayotte voted against 90 percent of the people in the United States. I am sure Dorothy is using a statistic that she heard misrepresented by the president, who took this number from a Quinnipiac poll.
The problem is that this poll was only given in six Eastern States (NJ, NY, MA, CT, RI and MD) that have some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. This poll also sampled 22 percent more Democrat voters than Republican voters and was passed off as representative of the entire country.
Rasmussen conducted a poll in the same states with the same ratio of Democrat to Republican and ended up with a result of 71 percent in favor of stricter background checks. When they ran this same poll in every state they found that the 90 percent number Quinnipiac represented as a national number is actually 51 percent.
A similar poll conducted nationally by Rasmussen with accepted standard of eight percent more Democrats shows only 49 percent of Americans favor gun control legislation.
Another thing I am not sure anyone is aware of is the fact that this legislation expanded the provisions of Obamacare that requires your doctor to determine if you actually own a firearm, which is reported to the FBI through HHS. The FBI would have been authorized to review your medical records to determine if you have had any injury to your head to include a minor concussion when you were playing football in high school. They can also review your health records to determine if you ever received any medication for an emotional, physical or psychological issue. All of your private medical records are made available to the government without a judicial review, a search warrant, or due process.
I guess we will have to disagree on this issue too, Dorothy. I strongly believe that everybody's personal and private information (to include my medical records) should remain personal and private, not subjected to government review.
Greg Knytych
New Hampton

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Biggest problem we have in this country is 'mainstream' media

To the editor,
It's been a tough week for the far left wing, racist, race-baiting American haters. Since the atrocities committed on Monday, April 15 by Muslim extremists, the so-called mainstream media waited just about 12 minutes after the bombing to proclaim it was most likely the right-wing American extremists. CNN was the first, followed by MSNBC, Diane Feinstein, All Sherpton and all the other unusual suspects. Then we have this for left-wing America-hating racist David Sirota writing, "Let's hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American."
What? Really? Someone want to tell me that's not racist? And he gets a pass from the press and our congressional leaders. If Rush or O'Reily said they hoped it was done by Muslims or African American's OMG! the sky would be falling. There would be federal investigations then on the hells of this. Tainted letters are sent to President Obama and Republican Senator Roger Wicker. Who sent these letters? Liberal Democrat activist Kenneth Curtis. What do we hear from the media? Silence. So once again we have these inconvenient truths that the far lefties have to digest.
In my own opinion, we have a bigger problem in this country than even Washington, its called the ?mainstream media". Until something is done about this cancer, the further decay and erosion of this once great country will continue.
Jay Kennedy

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Like many, we live on Social Security & we don't want PAYT

To the editor,
It looks as though what people want has no impact on some councilors and the mayor, from reports that we hear. The majority of the home owners do not want pay-as-you-throw and we consider ourselves among them. Like many of us, our Social Security is our main source of income. We can't understand how may of our elected officials, not likely in this position, can ignore our status and minimize the effect that all these accumulations of seemingly insignificant increases have an impact on what we have to spend on food, gas, etc. One little increase that comes to mind is the 30 percent sewerage rate on our water bill.
They will tell us how much each of these bags will cost us, which is a ridiculous amount compared to what we pay now for the bags that we use. A 30 gallon bag costs 11 cents at BJ's in comparison to what our pretty pink bags might cost. It's been pitched as a great way for the city to make money. Is that what our purpose is in life?
Could we afford a few pennies on our tax rate instead to balance the cost across the board. Heaven forbid that it might impact the almighty Tax Cap.
If PAYT is instituted, down the line, we can look forward to the problem that Concord now has. As was recently written in the Concord Monitor, they have decided to hold the price of bags at $1.00/15 gal. and $2.00/30 gal. for another year. The following statement was, "We're going to hold off this year, but it's certainly plausible to think that it could go up next year."
Concord city officials have also discussed whether merchants should be permitted to charge a "convenience fee" for their purple pay-as-you-throw bags. Currently businesses sell the bags as a public service and do not earn a profit. These bags have been used since 2009 and some merchants say it's difficult to continue stocking the bags at no cost. Could this possibly happen to use in Laconia? NAAAH it seems like our only ones to bee fit from PAYT will be the city and merchants, with our generous support.
This whole approach is an insult to the people, such as ourselves, who have been recycling as far back as the 1970s. For all our efforts we are being penalized by PAYT.
For the above reasons, we request that the mayor and council vote against PAYT.
Fred & Eileen Mason

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Playhouse is also place to cry & think about the world we live in

To the editor,
Spent a wonderful weekend producing Irena's Vow to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day. It was very exciting to work with a committed and talented group of actors who put their heart and souls into telling a story of good in the face of unfathomable evil. Talkbacks after each performance allowed community members to share their thoughts and feelings. As with discussions after prior year's Holocaust Remembrance readings, at some point the discussion came around to human nature and man's propensity for both good and evil towards their fellow man. Without fail someone reminds us that while we say "Never Again" each year, ridiculous and wasteful violence and hatred still rears its ugly head again and again in this world. Monday's attacks in Boston quickly burst the bubble of good feelings presented over the weekend by our Lakes Region community's coming together to share discussion on the Holocaust and reassert desires to do good and fight evil.
Looking out at our audiences at the three performances I noticed a certain, "mature" demographic in attendance. An audience filled with tolerant people who have seen and heard too many examples of violence over their lives and who are sick and tired of it. But there were few teens and pre-teens attending. For that matter, there were few people in their 20s, 30s and 40s. As far as I can tell, very few of these acts of violence are perpetrated by senior citizens — so how do we get the younger demographic to face these issues if we don't want to talk about it with them? I'm thankful to be able to teach my kids about hatred and violence through our theatrical productions. I'm thankful that we create an environment where my 12-year-old is comfortable to ask questions in front of her community to try to make sense of the tragedies. It saddens me that so many other parents in our community don't take advantage of opportunities to share a message of tolerance and compassion with their own children.
In the Holocaust discussions we talk a lot about trying to understand how the Germans could go along with the exterminations of Jews and not do something to stop it. We talk about how the Nazis were able to turn Jews into "others" and thus it somehow became okay to treat them as less than human. Just like slave owners turned Africans into "others" and explorers turned Native Americans into "others", and on and on. Humans do a great job of organizing themselves into groups — by religion, ethnicity, nationality, towns, sports teams. And these affiliations serve a purpose to bring people together — but why do they also have to drive wedges between "others" and serve as an excuse to commit violence against other humans?
I'm thankful that along with laughs and thrills, the Playhouse is able to provide a place for its community to come together to cry and think about the world in which we live, through the annual Holocaust Staged Readings, plays like The Diary of Anne Frank, The Laramie Project, To Kill a Mockingbird, Big River, Two Rooms and more. I know being around tolerant people and being presented with theatrical productions that promote kindness and understanding by exposing hatred of "others" simply for their "otherness" has benefited my family and me. As the Playhouse continues to grow and continues to engage the community I hope your family can benefit too. Irena's Vow shared the story of a woman, Irena Gut Opdyke who performed acts of goodness in the face of evil. She didn't see Jews as "others" but as humans, and the ones she saved became her friends. It was a story worth telling, and I'm proud we did.
Bryan Halperin
The Winnipesaukee Playhouse

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