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I'd think twice about spreading hay fertilized with biosolids

To The Daily Sun,

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Water Research Comendium 2009-2014 lists prions eight times as an emerging contaminant of concern in sewage sludge "biosolids," water and manure.

Alzheimer's Disease is a human prion disease (like mad cow in livestock). The millions of victims of the Alzheimer's epidemic shed infectious prions in their urine and feces. The sewage treatment process concentrates the indestructible prions in sludge biosolids.

Research in 2015 by Dr. Claudio Soto, et. al., on uptake of prions: "Prions are the proteinaceous infectious agents responsible for prion diseases. Pritzkow et. al. report that prions from brain and excreta can bind grass plants and remain attached to living plants for a long time and that contaminated plants can infect animals. In addition, grass plants can uptake and transport prions from infected soil." 

I would think twice about feeding my animals hay from someone who spreads sludge biosolids on their crops.

Alzheimer's, prions and sewage sludge:

To receive list of web addresses which you can click on for easy access to this prion information, email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Helane Shields


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Please join Stand Up Newfound at chili fest on Saturday at 11

To The Daily Sun,

This coming Saturday, Stand Up Newfound, a small group of dedicated people trying to make a difference to the growing problem of substance abuse and addiction in New Hampshire, is hosting a chili fest at the Community Center in Bristol. The event starts at 11 a.m. There is a contest to see who makes the best chili.

In addition, a video is being provided to show the issues addicts face when challenged by their issues. Ned Gordon will also be speaking on this issue. So please join us as well as learn how substance abuse impacts on the lives of the afflicted addicts, as well as their families, friends, and their community. There are more details about this event in the web-site, Stand Up Newfound (S.U.N.).

Thank you for making a change in plans to make this event work, if you are able to. We all need to learn about these issues, and how we can help those who seek to change their lives in the course of their recovery. Each experience we learn, helps us provide strength as the afflicted begin their lives again. It will also help New Hampshire to develop the way to help remove this substance abuse from our communities and state.

A thought to ponder, "Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But waking up each day is a gift, and why we call it the present."

Robert T. Joseph Jr.

New Hampton

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