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Can't sue manufacturer over product that works as promised

To the editor,
Here on Friday, in the letters, Bernadette Loesch asks me by name to answer her question: How much firepower does a citizen need to protect their home? That's an honest question and I'll give her my honest answer. I don't know.
No one does because no one can see into the future and tell me if my home will ever be attacked. Perhaps never or perhaps tonight. One home invader or 10, can you tell me Bernadette? Of course not, so your question is based on your opinion based on what your political beliefs are not on anything measurable. Each person makes these judgments based on their personal beliefs. Mine are that it's better to have a gun and not need it then to need it and not have it. I defy any other person to tell me that I do not have that right to try to defend myself and my family. I defy you or any other person to tell me what I do or do not need because you do not and can not see into the future.
As for suing gun manufactures you logic is faulty. Any lawyer will tell you you can't sue the manufactures for selling equipment that works as advertised. Nor can you sue a manufacture for harm caused when an individual misuses a legally produced product. That fact has nothing to do with gun manufactures it relates to any product, cars, airplanes, plumbing fixtures, pressure cookers just anything at all.
As for your apparent concern about "gun violence", why not call it what it really is? It's criminal violence. It is a fact that less then two tenths of one percent of legal gun owners commit gun involved crimes. So why do your political leaders choose to target this law abiding segment of our society? Why do they not target the criminals who commit gun crimes. To say we don't have strong enough gun laws is just wrong. Federal laws allow for a 10 year prison term for the use of a firearm in commission of a crime plus additional five years for each bullet in the gun. So you answer me this, why do these laws never seem to be applied by the government? If they only apply to federal crimes why do states like Illinois not adopt them? Seems to me your political leaders are feeding you what they want, not what you want. Think about that a little bit Bernadette and get back to me.
Steve Earle

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Fact that lots of people believe something doesn't man it's true

To the editor,
In response to Ms. Shealy's referencing of Fox News and MSNBC, I would like to begin by reviewing accepted journalistic ethics and standards. While various existing codes have some differences, most share common elements, including the principals of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability. Fox News, apparently Ms. Shealy's prime source of news, is unencumbered by journalistic ethics. They are quick to break any rumor, opinion, half-truth, distortion or lie as "hard news."
As we all know, Fox News is the conservative alternative for viewers like Ms. Shealy who believe the so-called mainstream media have a liberal bent. It's shows offer a steady diet of right-of-center commentary delivered with plenty of attitude and verbal sparing. Fox News is popular because it is entertaining, but it has little to do with objective reporting. This "news" agency is incapable of recognizing the very craft they're supposed to practice.
Executives of Fox News have boasted that their network aims to be "the voice of opposition." What ever happened to "Fair and Balanced"? A former Fox News producer, Charlie Reina, described the Fox newsroom as being "permeated with bias." He described how executive memos were distributed electronically each morning addressing the stories that would be covered and often suggesting, "how they should be covered." "At the fair and balanced network no one in authority in the newsroom makes a move unmeasured against management's politics, actual or perceived." As long as Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes rule Fox's roost, the network will be the last place to find "balanced journalism" –— it's a megaphone for right wing propaganda.
In her statements that we "study the Muslim faith in our schools" and "Watch out America . . . God is aware and very patient. He will not hold his anger long", Ms. Shealy exemplifies two of Fox's favorite techniques — fear and the Christian God. With Fox there is never a break from fear: from Muslims, to swine flu, to recession, to homosexuals, to immigrants. The belief at Fox seems to be that when people are afraid, they don't think rationally. And when they don't think rationally, they'll believe anything. Also at FNC, they like to portray themselves as one of "the people" and those with opposing views as an enemy of the people. The opponent is often referred to as "elitist", a "bureaucrat", "government insider", etc.
FNC, as does Ms. Shealy, will invoke Christianity. The idea is to declare yourself and your allies as patriots, Christians and "real Americans" and any one who challenges them is not. Basically, God loves Fox and Republicans and America, and hates taxes and anyone who doesn't love the other three. Because they have been chosen by God to speak on behalf of all Americans, they perceive any challenge as immoral.
Fox audiences, birthers and tea partiers often defend their arguments by pointing to the fact that a lot of people share the same views. This is a reasonable point to the extent that Murdoch's News Corporation, as pointed out by Ms. Shealy, reaches a far larger audience than any other single media outlet. But, the fact that a lot of people believe something is not necessarily a sign that it's true; it's just a sign that it's been effectively marketed.
My criticism of Fox News should not be interpreted as defending any of the other news networks that also neglect journalistic ethics.
L. J. Siden

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Marshamallow Man Triathlon will benefit Child Advocacy Center

To the editor,
On your mark, get set, go — the Marshmallow Triathlon is coming to town!
Spring is here and plans are underway for the 1st annual Marshmallow Man Tri scheduled for Sunday, August 4 at Opechee Park in Laconia. The Marshmallow Man sprint triathlon is designed for the frequent marathoner, to the "newbie," athletes! The atmosphere will be festive with cheering volunteers, children's activities, music and food. The community is coming together to offer a quality event for athletes and their families while raising much needed funds for children affected by abuse in our community.
We are currently seeking sponsors, who will receive excellent advertising opportunities; vendors for the day of the event; food vendors; music; and children's activities for attendees. To participate in the triathlon visit www.active.com. Space is still available for individuals and/or teams of three! Cost is $50 per individual or $100 per team.
The Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center (GLCAC) provides services free of charge to all children ages 2 to 18, living in Belknap County, who are victims of child sexual abuse, physical abuse or who are witnesses to violent crimes, such as homicide or domestic violence. In addition, the GLCAC provides community outreach and awareness through workshops/trainings.
For further information, please visit our website: www.cac-nh.org or contact us directly at 603-524-5497 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Meghan Noyes
Program Director
Greater Lakes Child Advocacy Center

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Many dogs out there who aren't so lucky and need a good home

To the editor,
Today's thought for an editorial: An editorial is thoughts of one's self with words of pinpointed views that others should or could consider? Maybe it is a process that one gets to in life that wants others to understand what we are writing about that is important to them. As a writer, I have many thoughts that I myself cannot keep up with and at times drive my husband crazy. Today's view is one that I believe touches many lives and hearts of I know of. I like to discuss how animals affect our lives in ways that we sometimes just don't know at the time.
I, being an animal love my, spent my entire life growing up with dogs and later on having cats. The ideal animal in apartment life is a cat, since most landlords don't appreciate dogs owners not cleaning up after them. Yes, we responsible pet owners pay for those who don't take care of their animals. In later years, when we bought our house, we knew we would soon have a dog. There is a funny story, too, with viewing our house at the time. Our very dear friends who had their dog with them to see our future house and she is the real estate agent. Of course we loved their dog and the dog sat for them when they went on vacation and I must say that we loved "Bosco" right from the beginning. My husband says "come Bosco see your new house" — little did we know. He is loved and cherished as our other dog is and his name is "Buddy". Bosco came into our lives to dog sit and we were happy to do but we knew our time was coming to close. We could not be without a dog so; Buddy came into our lives as we adopted him from the shelter and those two became the best of friends and stole our hearts. We now have our "boys" and they are a part of our lives that we could not see without.
If we could have more dogs we would and we do what we can to donate, volunteer, and show our compassion with fellow canines alike. I share my story because many readers like us have stories of their own to share but those who hesitate to give their home to an animals without realizing how much love they give that is unconditional but, just happy to have a home where they are loved and feel safe. Buddy is a rescue dog and, unlike Bosco he did not know the love of people that could love him until he came into our home. I put the truth out there that there are many dogs that are not so lucky and in need of a good home. Here so here is the caption of what goes on in the dog mind that is looking for a loving home:
Rescue me please
I am abandon canine who been lost and had several homes
I am hungry for love and companionship
My last owner hurt me when all I wanted was to play ball :
Please rescue me
When no one wanted me they sent me to the shelter
And I was trying to be so good
It's scary at the shelter and although they all try to help us there is too many to care for
So many of my friends are feeling sad too because we all wish we were the one going "home" today
I wonder why people walk pass me as I gingerly wag my tail
And wonder why I get sometimes overlooked
I want the warmth of human a touch to nurture me
The shelter survives on donations but we need more
I try to put on a good show for those who seek to take me home
But I am not myself
I am smart and learn quickly
I like to chase and sniff and help my fellow hunters
I like soft playful toys and warm bed
I like kisses and will greet so happily when come home
If you had a bad day I will make you feel better
You might have to train me for a while because I have been so confused for so long
I will protect you and be your best friend
I will make you proud
Please rescue me
Lee E. DeNauw

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All kids with bikes should know about rodeo on Sat. at Opechee

To the editor,
Lakes Region readers, if you have a child with a bike, please take advantage of this Saturday's Bicycle Rodeo at Opechee Park in Laconia, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. There will be complimentary food for the children, free safety checks of the bicycles, and bike helmets will be fitted and given away to any child who needs one. Look for the large Kiwanis sign and tent in the Opechee parking lot, and stop by. There will also be a drawing which will earn a lucky child a free NEW bicycle, donated by Napa Auto Parts of Laconia. We will see you there.
John Walker

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