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200+ guests supported the Hands Across the Table Soupathon

To The Daily Sun,

The recent Hands Across the Table Soupathon was a tremendous success. We would like to thank the 200-plus guests who took the time to attend.

Special thanks to our wonderful cooks and bakers and to The Laconia Daily Sun, Citizen and WEMJ for the great publicity. Sincere appreciation to members of the advisory board of the Immigration Integration Initiative, who joined us this year with soups representing their heritage.

We all agreed that Friday night was a good choice for the event and plan to have our sixth Soupathon next year on a Friday night, with lots more soup.
Consider joining us for a free hot meal any Wednesday night at the St. Andre Bessette Parish Hall on Gilford Avenue, Laconia. Doors open at 4 p.m. Dinner starts at 5 p.m. There's always room for more.

Irene Gordon

Ginger Wells-Kay

HATT Soupathon Co-Chairs

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Keep music on of the 'players' on the Laconia educational team

To The Daily Sun,

Recent proposals significantly diminish music education in Laconia.

Some have said that music is less important than "core" classes. However, music should be considered more than an education "extra."

Music is like that player on a team can make the other players better.

According to an article headlined "Music Training Sharpens Brain Pathways, Studies Say," accessible at www.edweek.org, practicing and performing music may help students' cognitive development.

"It's really hard to come up with an experience similar to that," says Gottfried Schlaug, a Harvard Medical School director.

Starting music at a young age is even more helpful to cognitive development.

Colleges want well-rounded students that music education helps develop.

Laconia has a tradition of academic, athletic, and artistic champions. All these programs, all these students, are worthy of your support.

If that support is diminished, it diminishes the school system, alumni, and the entire city.

Keep music as one of the active "players" on the Laconia educational team. Keep Sachem Pride.

Greg Ives

LHS Class of 1984



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