Social Security results in keeping with other hairbrained Dem schemes

To The Daily Sun,

Social Security (SS) is INSOLVENT. The Congressional Budget Office just calculated that in LESS the 20 years the benefits for EVERY RECIPIENT will need to be CUT by a STAGGERING 25 percent. When polled, almost NO ONE says they will agree to a benefit cut. There is not even enough money to pay for the coming gap by taxing every dollar earned from one to a billion. That makes things rather interesting, because SOMEONE is going to pay, and pay BIG for the MASSIVE shortfall of money. It is either workers of beneficiaries.

Even worse, a staggering percentage of retired Americans already depend on SS for more than half their income. The amount of the imbalance is breath taking, but in keeping with every hair brained program dreamed up by Democrats. The fact that SS is bankrupt should surprise NO one, given it's origins in the lower bowels of the Democratic Party and we all know what is in a BOWEL.

It is not that confiscating money for a working lifetime from pay checks is a bad idea to assure people save money to retire on. The problem of our never ending SS bankruptcies stem from the absolute, INSANE, STRUCTURAL DESIGN of the SS system to FAVOR GOVERNMENT over the beneficiaries. Any private enterprise running a pension system that even remotely looked like what SS does would be incarcerated with the keys thrown away. Social Securit's design is an absolute slap in the face to every black worker because they have life expectancies far SHORTER than every other race. The shorter you live, the less you collect and the more GOVERNMENT BENEFITS. Why in hell aren't Democrats SCREAMING RACIAL OUTRAGE at those that designed SS demanding the program cease? That means screaming at themselves.
The Australians, the U.K. and the Chilean's all grew a BRAIN concerning their pension program challenges. Are those countries all smarter than U.S.? Chile changed their national pension plan 21 years ago. It covers tens of millions of workers. There was much angst and uncertainty when the new program was first introduced. Pensions became "individualized" from "GOVERNMENTIZED" and options to invest in several stock market indices were offered. The president urged every Chilean to leave the old program, similar to ours, and like ours yielded almost NO RETURN — after accounting for ravages of inflation. Those who wanted to stay in the old program could. Of course the people who made the change from investing in long term, low return, government debt (the same way we do) into the vibrancy of the Chilean BUSINESS ENGINE began receiving pensions TWICE what those who failed to change did. COMMON SENSE hit the masses. Even what we could call here the hardest of the donkey knot heads saw the LIGHT. Today, 93 percent of Chileans are invested in their equity market through their SS pensions. That investment produces average pensions DOUBLE EACH MONTH what ours is for same wages earned during a lifetime. EAT YOUR HEART OUT!
The CRITICAL calculation to produce MUCH HIGHER monthly income isn't just how much you CONTRIBUTE or earn but what the PROJECTED RETURN is over the very long holding period for such assets. Further, the monies contributed and earned are the property of the BENEFICIARY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT! Democrats LOVE our SS because it keeps TENS of MILLIONS more in poverty and government DEPENDENT allowing them to SCREAM INEQUALITY with the need for even MORE GOVERNMENT WELFARE. Which in the end only increases GOVERNMENT POWER and dominance over a greater percentage of the electorate. That is all any Kool-Aid blooded Democrat LIVES for — more government power and HIGHER taxes on EVERYTHING including PAYROLL TAXES. Which of course in the end leads to BANKRUPTCY EVERY PLACE in every government run program over and OVER.
WE have an opportunity and a SCREAMING NEED to CHANGE our SS system to one that does not REQUIRE BENEFIT CUTS to beneficiaries or increases to payroll withholding taxes or increases in the earnings taxed under SS. All we need to do is follow the lead of Chile and Australia. They grew BRAINS and discovered COMMON SENSE!
Tony Boutin

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Michelle Malkin - Vargas stunt will backfire

They've blown it again, big time. They just can't help themselves.

During the Bush years, the open-borders movement won over bleeding hearts in the White House but alienated the American public with radical displays of La Raza ("The Race") militancy, desecrated American flags and Che Guevara shirt-wearing, fist-thrusting marches across the country.

Left-wing public relations consultants taught the amnesty mob to tone it down, turn the flags right-side up and stop threatening Reconquista. But the phony red-white-and-blue dye job didn't last. The movement's true extremist, entitled roots can't be concealed for long.

On Monday, leading illegal-alien journalist turned activist Jose Antonio Vargas engaged in a foolish stunt that will backfire on him and his allies in the media and Hollywood and on Capitol Hill. An openly defiant law-breaker who proudly calls himself "the most privileged undocumented immigrant in the country," Vargas traveled to Texas with a film crew to commune with illegal aliens surging across the border.

But on his way out of the Rio Grande Valley, the former Washington Post reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner was detained at the McAllen, Texas, airport by Customs and Border Patrol. He was attempting to clear security and board a flight without legally required U.S. identification.

No surprise: Vargas initially made it past the buffoons at the TSA.

The media-savvy amnesty agitator telegraphed the stunt beforehand in a piece for Politico. He hyped sympathetic coverage from the liberal Huffington Post. He tweeted a photo of his Philippine passport and a pocket Constitution, which he audaciously presented to authorities in lieu of valid ID.

And then Vargas' publicity minions captured and tweeted the exact moment when he was handcuffed, looking shocked and aggrieved that federal law enforcement officers would actually — gasp! — enforce the law.

An illegal-alien Icarus, Vargas had been riding high after movie theaters and CNN aired his biographical, pro-illegal immigration documentary. His amnesty activism is backed by the progressive Tides Center, a project of George Soros and former ACORN chief organizer Drummond Pike. To his elite friends in the no-borders industry, he's a "hero."

Journalists, celebrities and politicians immediately swallowed the propaganda bait, rallying to their privileged pal's side. "#DontDeportJose," they all cried in an orchestrated Twitter campaign.
Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of law-abiding people from around the world are waiting patiently for their backlogged visa and green card applications to be reviewed.

Vargas' outraged reporter friends don't have much sympathy for those would-be Americans. Or for the Americans who've dedicated their lives to protecting homeland security and upholding our laws. Vargas' enablers jumped to condemn the CBP employees in McAllen for doing their jobs and demanded that he be freed from "unfair" and "out of hand" detention, as one hysterical Roll Call reporter put it.

Unfair and out of hand?

As I've noted previously, Vargas came here from the Philippines as a child, but knowingly broke multiple laws as an adult in order to stay in the country. After being supplied with a fake passport with a fake name, a fake green card and a bogus Social Security number, he committed perjury repeatedly on federal I-9 employment eligibility forms. In 2002, while pursuing his journalism career goals, an immigration lawyer told him he needed to accept the consequences of his law-breaking and return to his native Philippines. He ignored the counsel and instead used a friend's address to obtain an Oregon driver's license under false pretenses. It gave him an eight-year golden ticket to travel by car, board trains and airplanes, work at prestigious newspapers, and even gain access to the White House — where crack Secret Service agents allowed him to attend a state dinner using his bogus Social Security number.

The Vargas stunt will backfire because it is a smug and emblematic middle finger to everyone outside the D.C.-Manhattan bubble who believes in following the rules. As legal immigrant Asoka Samarasinghe wrote to me on Monday, "Michelle, this guy is a slap to the face of all us legal immigrants and citizens."

As for "due process," celebrity illegal alien Vargas will undoubtedly get more bites at the immigration court and federal appeals apple than law-abiding citizens will ever enjoy (see Zeituni Onyango).

But the sob-story violins play on. Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio sanctimoniously tweeted Monday afternoon: "I stand in solidarity with journalist and advocate (Vargas). He exemplifies what America is about."

Only if "America" means protecting leftist elitists from the consequences of their reckless, arrogant actions.

(Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin is the daughter of Filipino Immigrants. She was born in Philadelphia, raised in southern New Jersey and now lives with her husband and daughter in Colorado. Her weekly column is carried by more than 100 newspapers.)

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President Obama wants extra $3.7 billion, but not to close border

To The Daily Sun,

Our nation's illegal alien problem exemplifies Washington's war on the American people. Washington politicians — Republicans and Democrats — have lied repeatedly about immigration and pursued policies that benefits the politicians but hurts most Americans.

Senator Ted Kennedy, who changed our immigration philosophy, told us regarding his 1965 immigration law: "The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs." But it has.

Regarding the 1986 amnesty law he promised: "We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never bring forth another amnesty bill like this." The border wasn't secured. In 2007, Senator Kennedy worked to give amnesty to about 12 million more illegals.

Politicians told us the 2006 Secure Fence Act would stop illegal border crossings. On May 10, 2011, President Obama told us that the border fence is "now basically complete." During his 2012 campaign President Obama repeatedly led us to believe the border was secure. On Feb. 4, 2013, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano told us that the border is secure.

But the border isn't secure, Illegal aliens flood into our country. According to the N.Y. Times, almost 300,000 illegal aliens have come here just since April. About 60,000 illegal alien children have come here over the last six months creating a humanitarian nightmare and threatening the health and safety of the American people.

President Obama wants $3.7 billion to deal with the problem (but not to close the border) created by his failure to enforce our laws and by his 2012 announcement of (essentially) amnesty for most illegal alien children. (Yes, he set conditions, but illegals believe he will let them all stay here, and they are probably right.)

Americans have repeatedly told politicians to close the border. But illegal immigration benefits the politicians and they refuse to stop it. American citizens will increasingly suffer until the current politicians are replaced with people who care about American laws and American citizens.

Don Ewing


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Obama made his own bed, I won't stop pointing out his messes

To The Daily Sun,

Just to be clear, the definition of mudslinging, according to Random House Dictionary, is: "An attempt to discredit one's competitor, opponent, etc by malicious or scandalous attacks." Collins English Dictionary defines it as: " Casting malicious slurs on an opponent esp in politics."

So Denise Doyle feels that Russ Wiles, Don Ewing, Tony Boutin, myself "and alike do so in every letter we write."

Let's review. When Obama first became a candidate we observed he had few qualifications for president other then being a self-proclaimed constitutional scholar. (Five and a half years later that seems far less the case.) Even so, but still he had zero business experience, zero management skills, no foreign policy experience, no economics background, no military but in his own writings claimed to have been a lazy, poor student with poor grades who skipped class to smoke pot. Mud slinging? No, we only commented on it and were usually branded as racists by the left wing writers to this paper.

Speaking of racist I seem to recall Obama playing the race card on Hillary Clinton. Am I wrong Denise?

About his government experience there was the brief tenure in the Illinois State Senate and then the aborted seat in the U.S. Senate, both of which his strong positions on any important issue was to vote "Present."

As for his presidential history the highlights of which are:

1) Caving in to Putin regarding the placement of anti-missile defenses in eastern Europe. (Makes it easier for Russia to invade Georgia and Ukraine.)

2) Lies about Obamacare, roll out foul-up, misleading sign up statistics.

3) Iran still working on nukes. (Fails to get strong international sanctions.)

4) "The Arab Spring" policy. (More violence, blood and destruction all over northern Africa, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and spreading as I write.)

5) Benghazi and the YouTube video lie and cover-up.

6) The IRS targeting conservatives, Louis Learner taking the Fifth before Congress, and surprise ... all of Learner"s and six other IRS employees computer records were "lost." ( Yea right!!!)

7) The VA scandal. Obama's "sacred duty to fix" while he was campaigning.

8) The Berghahl trade bungle.

9) ISIS and the Iraq crisis.

10) Fast and Furious gun running to Mexico. Attorney General Holder lied to Congress denying knowledge of scheme.

11) Illegal immigration crisis.

12) Red line in Syria, bungle. (Putin ate his lunch and made him look like a weak sister).

13) Blocking the Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs.

14) Justice Department tapping the records of Associated Press reporters.

15) Atty. Gen. Holder Lied to a federal judge to get subpoena for Fox News reporter and his family. (He told the judge that James Rosen was a criminal, signed request.)

16) Atty. Gen. Holder lied to Congress regarding Fox News reporter James Rosen. Denied he knew of, or targeted Rosen.

17) Sebelius reported to have demanded "donations" from companies which HHS would be regulating. (Violation of Hatch Act).

 18) Obama gave millions to Salindra after being warned it was going to go bankrupt. (He received huge campaign donations from Salindra owners.)

19) Failed to investigate New Black Panthers voter intimidation charges. (double standard)

20) Hacking of CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson's computer who was investigating Benghazi.

21) NSA head lied to Congress regarding their screening every telephone and e-mail in this country

22) Obama authorized paying millions to Axelrod's PR company to promote Obamacare while Axelirod was employed in the White House. (conflict of interest?)

These are all the kinds of things we writers, Ms. Doyle accuses of mudslinging have commented on and give opinions on over the years. None of these are malicious slurs or scandalous attacks, but valid reports from reputable news organizations such as Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe and dozens of others. Obama and company have made their own beds, so I will not apologize or stop making note of the mess they are making of the country. It's my right and opinion.

Oh, and thank you Ms. Doyle for proving my point.

Steve Earle


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Criminal invasion of Iraq cost U.S. taxpayers about $3 trillion

To The Daily Sun,

It grieves my heart to hear the latest evaluation of the Iraq war, now 10 years old. Many in public office say, "It was a mistake!" How do we, as fellow humans, cope with the cold, calculating facts that we sent 2,300 soldiers — men and women to their death, now determined to be a worthless, wrong cause? Is human life that cheap?
A criminal invasion of the small, sovereign nation of Iraq based on charges Congress knew were totally false, but failed to speak out against, was only the beginning of deception and lies by the Bush Administration in its rush to war! In spite of its lack of validity we bombed civilians, hospitals and clinics in a total blitz! Before it was over we had killed 600,000 civilian and military alike leaving the country in shambles. It least 100,000 of this number were children.
In spite of this massive assault depicted over and over again on nightly news broadcasts: The blood spilled out on the streets: broken bodies shewn on the sidewalks unattended; women screaming for their missing children: The public and the clergy (for the most part) gave their silent consent letting the killing go on without a word of dissent. What kind of people are we? And now we arrogantly claim, it was wrong from the beginning.
Keep in mind this irrefutable fact about warfare: It is the most profitable business for industry and manufacturing — guaranteeing a steady stream of money for guns, bombs, and all the materials for so-called (war.) Military requests are hardly ever questions! The criminal invasion of Iraq costs taxpayers about 3 trillion dollars! Did you yourself, ever raise your voice against this monstrous brutality and murder? Shame on you!
I grieve the loss and my souls shrinks that we, as a nation of Christian/Judaic faith should ever have let this terrible loss happen!
There is no fault upon the soldiers that survived. They carried out their orders with bravery and honor.

Leon R Albushies

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