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Need to elect new, conservative-spending school board members

To The Daily Sun,

I was shocked but not surprised to see once again that even though both the Town of Belmont as well as the county budgets and tax rates went down that (the budget of) our spending-like-crazy Shaker Regional School District is once again going up. Gee, what a surprise.

This school board needs to change its attitude and start to realize that the taxpayers can't afford your every wish. The teachers are paid better than most other districts as it is, and the meetings are stacked against any sense of common sense every year. God forbid we cut a position that is no longer even needed like at last years meeting.

We need to elect new, more conservative-spending school board members who realize the huge burden placed on taxpayers in both Belmont as well as Canterbury each year with this excess. We also need to once again consider SB-2 for the school where voters are not afraid to speak out in front of the usual hostile crowds that show up at the district meetings. SB-2 has worked well for the town these past few years and it would certainly help slow down the huge budget increases every damn year from this school.

Anyone interested in helping in this cause please write to the editor with contact info.

Don Irvin


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Critical thinking in academia has disappeared, conformity reigns

To The Daily Sun,

Robert T. Joseph, Jr. contributed a most thoughtful article this week. Unfortunately, it will instantly hit the "dead letter" file of academics like Dave Pollak and Scott Cracraft. Also, let's not forget professor almighty himself, Leo Sandy, who bled liberal in every column he ever wrote for The Daily Sun, displaying the same high-pitched, demeaning, intolerance for opposing speech and logic Dave and Scott do today.
The distilled essence of "failure" with academics, Mr. Joseph, is not in getting their eyes to open, it is getting their minds to OPEN. Further, Mr. Joseph you failed to highlight the most significant observation of all: the always slanted, one-side opinions expressed by these people have enormous implications. These are not ordinary folks whose views are confined to a narrow sphere of influence. These people are our educators, teachers, professors. What they think truly effects how they teach, what they teach, what they emphasize and what they omit.
Given their views represent such extreme, far-left political thinking there is no reason to wonder why the students they output by an overwhelming majority reflect the exact thinking they do. Education is a liberal "clone machine " of inculcating extreme liberal logic and socialist values into our youth. Twenty something's are the most certified, liberal-voting constituency in America. Do you think that is by intent or coincidence, Mr. Joseph, that this voting segment reflects almost identically the politics of those teaching them? Would the congregational church hire a Catholic priest to teach their kids Sunday school classes. I think not. They would surely be concerned his views would creep into his teachings, as well they should be. We all should have the same concern given the lop sided logic, politics and TOTALLY closed minds of academics teaching our kids.
That should scare the living crap out of you, Mr. Joseph. To have such people indoctrinating such extreme views that represent such a slim segment of the general electorate is wrong — dead wrong. The same should be said if we had FAR Right academic extremists doing the same thing. Worse, Mr. Joseph, there is no group more closed minded to opposing thought than academics. These three men aren't some loose cannons from behind ivy walls. They think, act and speak exactly like everyone in Academia does, all while yelling, screaming, demonizing with the intent to degrade anyone who dares put forth a differing opinion. No matter how fact based, substantive or accurate that differing opinion.
It makes no difference what the issue — from the minimum wage to climate change, academics have an opinion. It is ALWAYS the same one. It is always the socialist, progressive, liberal solution no matter what the problem. Academics can not see any solution beyond increased government power, more costly regulations, increased union dominance, higher taxation, and all things green. Their mind is CONFINED that box of fixes. Critical thinking in academia has disappeared, while uniformity and CONFORMITY of thinking, turned to cement has taken it's place and no people reflect that hardening and resistance to creative problem solving then the three gents mentioned.
In 2014, the Koch brothers offered Florida State University vast sums of free money to build out a new economics department focusing on the benefits of entrepreneurship and free enterprise. The one proviso, the Koch's would pick the professors who would instruct. The millions were turned down. Colleges and universities do not want capitalism and free enterprise to become the focus of education. Those endeavors violate everything the socialist, liberal wrapped academic world stands for as well as the "three wise men" Leo, Dave and Scott.
Tony Boutin

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