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Watermark has purchased my family's land along Paugus Bay

To the editor,
Legacy Realty Trust has sold the lakefront property located at 1218 Union Avenue to Watermark, Paul Goodwin, on March 21, 2013.
The property has been in the Rudzinski family for 95 years, with all generations having many fond memories of living on Paugus Bay.
Here is some brief information of the history of the property to help clarify the ownership. The business owners of the Shore Diner and Burger King were never the owners of the lakefront land as it has been thought through the years.
William Rudzinski Sr purchased the 622-feet of lakefront property on Paugus Bay in 1918.
In 1963 the property was divided between two of William and Ludovicki's sons.
The northern parcel of 260-feet was given to John Rudzinski, which included the Laconia Ice Company and the home of his family. John sold his parcel in 1997 to Fitzgerald Motorsport.
The southern parcel of 362-feet was given to their son, William Rudzinski Jr. The northern 112-feet of the parcel was the home of William and his wife Pauline and their five children where they lived from 1946 to 1973.
The remaining parcel of land, 250-feet was leased to various owners of the Shore Diner building from 1935 to 1973.
In 1973 the entire parcel of land, 362-feet, was leased to franchisees of Burger King who demolished the Shore Diner building, moved the family home to Valley Street and erected a new building on the leased land. The lease was in effect for 35 years, until 2008 when they chose not to renew the lease. Per lease agreement, ownership of the building was transferred to the owners of the land.
In 1997 William and Pauline gave the 362-foot parcel to their five children, who established, Legacy Realty Trust.
Watermark leased the 362-foot parcel in 2011 until they purchased it.
We all wish Watermark success in their future endeavors on this beautiful property on Paugus Bay.
Sylvia Batchelder

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Series of events has seriously affected Belknap County budget

To the editor,
How quickly we forget. For as long as I can remember Belknap County government has been conservatively and prudently managed, sometimes too much so.
Over the past five or six years there have been a series of events that had a significant impact on the county budget requiring significant administrative changes.
1. Several years ago the Nursing Home experienced a devastating federal compliance review. The upshot was a need for more supervisory and administrative support in order to comply with the regulations for care and avoid closure of the facility.
2. In 2008 there was an embezzlement of county funds. Subsequently, the auditors and accountants insisted on significant changes including one for an independent financial manager position.
3. In 2009, in an effort to balance the N.H. state budget, there was a downshift of the cost of long term elderly and disabled persons care under Medicaid in exchange for the state assuming the cost of youth services. In 2011 there was a similar, although smaller, downshift. The current budget proposal holds another almost one million dollar downshift in long term care Medicaid responsibility. This has cost the county up to three million dollars.
4. At one time each county department did their own human resources (hiring and firing). There was inconsistency and some lawsuits. The human resources work was brought into the administration budget.
All of these events affected the budget.
As we all know, the process of governing is complex and fraught with intended and unintended consequences. Not long ago, former Senator Judd Gregg, in a television interview in essence said, "It is important to understand we are a constitutional republic system of government, not a parliamentary system. To make it function properly there has to be fair debate and compromise."
Alida Millham

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Long ago we limited damage from corruption by keeping govt. small

To the editor,
I was happy to see, in his letter of March 26th, that Johan Andersen agrees with the historic and current conservative position that humans can be evil and corruptible. I wonder if he understands the implications of his position.
Our Founding Fathers struggled to create a government that protected peoples' liberties. Their focus wasn't with evil people who slander, beat, rob, rape, and murder. Knowing that power corrupts even well-intentioned people, the Founding Fathers' objective was to protect the liberties of the people from evil/corruptible people who control government power.
There are many examples of American government officials and politicians abusing the power of their offices at the expense of the people. Examples include the Alien and Sedition Acts and McCain-Feingold (used to protect incumbent politicians), bailouts, subsidies, tax laws and regulations favoring specific groups, excessive pay for federal workers, and Obamacare.
For over half of our nation's existence, our country limited the damage from corruption by keeping our federal government small, almost always less than 5 percent of the economy. But the Progressive movement beginning in the early 20th Century has grown our federal government to 24 percent of our economy.
Big government enables politicians to buy power, support and personal benefits by rewarding supportive people, businesses, and other special interests. However, the taxes, regulations, and bureaucracies that enable politicians to dispense this largess come at the expense of peoples' power, liberties, opportunities, prosperity, and independence... and the people have lost lots of each.
Only a return to constitutionally-limited government can minimize the impact of corrupt officials and politicians, restore and preserve our liberties, and avoid a financial catastrophe which will leave most Americans in poverty. Unfortunately, only conservatives are working for a return to constitutionally-limited government.
Do Johan Andersen and others understand that a citizen's biggest threat is an oppressive government? Will Anderson and others join conservatives in demanding a return to the only thing that controls evil people with political power, a government with strictly limited constitutional functions? Or, will they continue to be seduced by corrupt, power hungry politicians and let themselves, their children, grandchildren, and future generations return to the natural state of man, subservience to an oppressive government controlled by corruptible and evil people?
Don Ewing

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Destruction of our scenic landscape being done by our own govt.

To the editor,
The one-year moratorium on new energy projects, like the proposed wind farms around Newfound Lake, failed in the state senate for a third time. One thing we did learn from the last meeting was that wind turbines cannot be buried in the same way transmission lines can. If only!
People around Newfound Lake take note. The destruction of our scenic landscape is being done by our government, at the demand of foreign governments, to produce electricity for southern states at our expense. N.H. officials are salivating at new green energy revenues being dangled in front of them.
Our government will continue to spend, spend, spend and make foreign wind developers very rich from public subsidies. Any intervention by opposing groups has been viewed as a joke by New Hampshire politicians. Politicians are siding with developers. Wind Watch members are by no means as stupid as some politicians seem to think. We are simply fed up with seeing our treasured landscape — our most priceless visitor attraction — being trashed by our government just because they can't figure out their flawed approach to renewable energy.
I am starting to believe that N.H. politicians could have a "detrimental effect" on our tourism. Statements like "wind farms enhance our views" and "wind farms will attract visitors" are complete hogwash. Politicians know where tourism hot spots are and they know they are worth protecting. So why aren't they?
There have been four applications for wind farm developments along the shoreline of Newfound Lake — well within the scenic views of Mount Cardigan. The Groton wind farm was built, should all be granted permission? This intervention was long overdue and I hope the N.H. politician's sit-up and takes notice.
We already have five existing renewable energy plants in the area — do we really deserve another three or more? We've already done our bit for climate change and that so called low carbon economy. Now we need to conserve — and enhance — what's left of our biggest asset, our landscape. We need to ensure that our visitors spend their money here — most of which stays in our community unlike wind farm profits.
Now is the time to represent us... or as we'd like to think... protect us.
Ray Cunningham

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Wind power subsidies wouldn't pay for a week of our wars

To the editor,
I would like to reply to a letter from Russ Wiles. I found it interesting that Mr. Wiles was chosen by his right wing party to write concerning my letter to Steve Earle, as he cannot speak of anything he writes about himself. The response he made about HUBRIS is proof enough to me that he either doesn't know or wouldn't know the truth about anything except what is put out by Fox News. He is correct in saying that wind power was subsidized by $5 billion in 2010. In 2012, the state of Texas has the most installed wind power capacity of any U.S state — California, Iowa follow. In 2012, 39 states have now installed at least some utility-scale wind power. It was interesting to read that subsidies for one year would have paid for one week of the cost of two UNFUNDED wars. I suggest to Mr.Wiles that he google wind power by states to get further information. I read on another site that the first world's wind farm was installed at Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire.
He was also correct that I failed to mention that senior citizens will see no change in Social Security and Medicare. We both failed to mention that GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's budget requires a rise in the retirement age for future retirees .Futhermore, if you were born after 1959 you will recieve a voucher to purchase your own insurance. Tell that to your right wing followers Mr.Wiles, plus notify your childen and grandchildren, as I have as to what they can expect in the future from a right wing White House.
In your nitpicking of my letter, this subject was my favorite. Yes, you're correct in saying there are 30 GOP governors. My question to you is this, explain to the readers how many right wing states voted for President Obama? I want you to google federal dollars by state.The headline reads MOST RED STATES TAKE MORE MONEY FROM WASHINGTON THAN THEY PUT IN. Even as the GOP gripes about deficit spending, their states receive 30 cents more per tax dollar than their Democratic neighbors. The GOP states spend $1.46 cents for every dollar paid, Democrat states spend $1.16 cents for every dollar paid.
I now want you to scroll down to maps titled Sweet Land of Subsidy and check it out, state by state, for yourself. It is my opinion, Mr. Wiles, that many GOP states would become dust bowls without federal dollars. I hope this also quiets your complaint about subsidies for wind power, as it is heavily invested in red states. It is true that the GOP has control of the House of Representives. It is also true that many claim to be tea party candidates who caucus with Republicans. I ask you to tell the readers what is the approval rating of the GOP House? I will keep track of the letters Steve writes and add you to the list. I hope you both will get your facts or opinions from the Internet and turn off Fox News, read both sides of the story. I don't allow the Weirs Times in my house. That is the most right wing paper in print, even the Union Leader can't keep up to it. I have a subscription to the Union and read it everyday.
I did notice that you left Col.North out of your list of names to read. Why was that Mr. Wiles? While you insinuated that I was a liar, I am a Democrat who at times writes like a right wing nut — it feels good to leave out part of the whole truth once in a while. I wrote this without my rose colored glasses and Utopian tea (what ever that is).
Henry Osmer

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