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Perhaps he was just a confused, depressed, very ill soldier

To The Daily Sun,

The June 19 POW/MIA Vigil and Freedom Ride will go on as scheduled. We have made the statement over the years that Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability are important. Those words are still important. Just discussing the last five years, those who have been involved in vigils and rides can be proud, for doing the right thing.

If an American soldier was being held POW tomorrow, would you not do the same thing? Up until a few days ago most Americans didn't know the name Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Today those that do are ready to call him "deserter" without hearing from him as yet. If what we're hearing is completely true, did at that time, the 23-year-old soldier do what he may have done with desertion on his mind? His country and especially his family? Or perhaps was this a confused, depressed, very ill soldier overlooked on a field of battle. Not an excuse, just fact.

Would anything justify the loss of life of any American serviceman or woman on the battlefield or fill the void in a Gold Star Family? The words "healing" and "closure" are for those of us who have not had to sacrifice what they have.

Writing letters about being upset with "war, direction of the country, consideration of the Afghan people and justice? I remember a person sitting in front of a Senate House Committee discussing an unjust war, direction of the country, loss of American life and atrocities of war while American men and women were still fighting and dying during that War. Today he's Secretary of State.

There will be a time and place for others to judge. Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability are still important.

We can gather together and ride because we are free to do so. We did the right thing and I believe we'd do it together again, so long as we have men and women in harm's way. Some must keep the faith. This could be the most important Vigil and Ride to date.

Bob Jones, VP

Northeast POW/MIA Network


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Red Raider is not foundation of Belmont's tradition or its history

To The Daily Sun,

I have been following the recent controversy at my alma mater, Belmont High School, over our current mascot "The Red Raider" and have been impressed by the students' level of commitment to engage with this controversial issue. The latest development is that the school board has voted that a decision regarding the mascot is best left to the community. I hope when the time comes the community will not replicate the school board's reluctance to act.

It seems the debate over the Red Raider logo has become unduly emotional, devolving into a war between what some see to be as tradition versus political correctness. However, this seems to me a mischaracterization of the issue.

Belmont High School provided me with countless formative experiences upon which I often reflect. When I do, I remember many faces. I remember the faces of my friends, laughing in the cafeteria or suffering in the physics lab. I remember the faces of my teachers, smiling when we asked an ill-advised question and smiling again when we found the right one. I remember the faces of my coaches with furrowed brows as they hoped the bus ride home would be joyous. These are the faces I remember and as I am a recent graduate, at least compared to some (hi Mom and Dad!), they are still quite clear in my mind. But the face I do not remember is that of a caricatured Native-American.

There is a continued trend throughout the nation of eliminating this type of mascot at the urging of Native-American groups. Belmont's logo is not intentionally racist, nor were many of the hundreds of other mascots which were changed. But rallying around a new mascot is a small price to pay for respecting the sensible wishes of a traditionally oppressed minority.

Belmont High School has many faces of which to be proud and its worth does not reside in only one of them. The Red Raider is not the foundation of Belmont's tradition or its history and to believe it is would be to sell our town short.

Trask Roberts
BHS class of 2008

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Ms. Loesch merits commendation for transcribing C-Span video

To The Daily Sun,

I have two commendations to make with respect to former Secretary Of State Clinton's question, "What difference at this point does it make?" before a U.S. Senate Committee. The context is so crucial to understanding the issue that I have clipped pages 6 and 7 of your June 3 issue for future reference.

Bernadette Loesch merits a commendation for transcribing the C-Span six-minute video recording of the committee meeting.

The Daily Sun also merits a commendation for publishing the transcript and making it accessible to your readership.

Thank you Bernadette and Daily Sun,

Bob Longabaugh

Alton Bay

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Long as Obama & enablers control Congress, regular Joe's will suffer

To The Daily Sun,

In Saturday's paper, Marty Valengavich came out swinging. . . but struck out again. Trying, as liberals love to do, he distorts facts and history, attempts to assign thoughts to me as though he reads minds, and generally makes himself an apologist and enabler of the worst president in American history.

He tells us Bush lied and invaded Iraq to get their oil and because Saddam Hussein threatened his father. Actually Clinton lied first and so did Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Palosi, Ed Reed and just about every Democrat that could get their faces on TV news. They all said Iraq had WMD and it was not a question of if they would use them it was a question of when, they said. He had already used gas against his Kurdish people and in the Iran war. Then when Bush became president most of these Democrats voted to give him the power to use force, which he did. The Dems have been running as fast as they can away from those votes ever sense.

Marty also challenges me to find any "real lies" Obama has told. Fair enough. Let's disregard my opinion and go to the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, CNN and every news source with even a semblance of objectivity, they all say he lies. Benghazi and the YouTube video was indeed a lie. (I said no one had heard of the video not that it didn't exist. You must have missed that.) National intelligence heads testified they knew it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours, but Obama lied about it for two more weeks. (Guess you missed that one too.) And of course there was the famous, "If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance period," and same for the doctor, over and over, and over. Sound familiar?

I could go on and on about the letter Mr. Valengavich wrote on Saturday, but I do not wish to belabor the point that it is a crock of left-wing nonsense. I will share the president's latest attack on the economy and the people with readers, though.

In order to appease the "green gang" he will, by executive order (what else, his democratically-controlled Senate voted that bill down when he tried to get it passed by them) to try to kill all the coal-fired electric generating plants in the U.S. When our national growth rate is 0.1 percent he is going to hit the economy with a $17 billion per year deficit.

Folks, the cost of electricity is going to skyrocket and when energy goes up everything goes up with it: food, clothing, shelter, price of oil, propane, cord wood. Who gets hurt here? Not Mr. Obama and his bigwig friends, no sir. It's we the people who will get hurt. If you are elderly, sick, a working family, a single mom or dad your going to get hurt. Will you be able to heat your home and eat? At best this will impact your standard of living, at worst it could threaten the health of your family, and in the worst case cause the deaths of some who will be unable to heat their homes.

The longer this dictator and his enablers control Congress the more regular people will suffer. The harder just living will be for you, unless you're in the 1 percent friends of Obama crowd. November is the last chance to stop the insanity. Vote out every Obama supporter or suffer.

Steve Earle


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You never know what you might learn listening to Niel Young's show

To The Daily Sun,

My husband and I moved away from the Lakes Region five years ago so we could live near our children and grandchildren. We do enjoy spending time with our family, but we also miss many wonderful aspects of living near Laconia.

We are close enough to visit from time to time, and I like the idea that I am able to tune into Laconia's WEZS (1350 AM) to listen to the live stream of "The Advocates" program on weekdays from 9 to 10 a.m., and on Saturdays for four full hours — 8 a.m. to noon. Although it is a "local" program, Niel Young receives calls from many other locations, due to the fact that there is no formula for his program and he covers many different subjects while hosting some very interesting guests. Some of his guests and have been well-known personalities, authors or politicians, both nationally and locally. He's also hosted those who may not be famous, but are very well informed on the subjects about which they speak. One day he might bring in a local chief of the fire department, and another day it might be a journalist, or a U.S. representative from another state.

Niel doesn't spend all of his air time promoting himself. If he is promoting anything, it is the Constitution of the United States. He takes calls, and thoughtfully listens to the callers, being especially attentive to a first-time caller. Only when a caller becomes abusive does he call a halt to the conversation, knowing that most listeners don't want to listen to that.

I'm very thankful for the businesses that sponsor "The Advocates" program. If I must miss a weekday program, I can listen to the podcast before the next day's program, and the podcast of the Saturday program is available for an entire week. If you have never listened to "The Advocates," do yourself a favor and tune in. You never know who you might hear, or what you might learn.

Denise Crompton


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