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Vote for Pam Coburn & Mary Richardson for Meredith Library trustee

To the editor,
We write to support Pam Coburn and Mary Richardson as candidates for election to the Meredith Public Library Board of Trustees, on Tuesday, March 12.
Pam and Mary were appointed last summer to fill MPL Trustee vacancies, and during their six months as board members have devoted their time and energies in support of our library and the many quality services it offers the greater Meredith community. Both are regular and active library users. They have a keen understanding of the library's current needs and, along with the other trustees, share in a vision for its future. The experience they have acquired as trustees, along with the knowledge and talents they bring to the MPL Board, make them excellent candidates for continued trustee service.
As such, we ask Meredith voters to continue to support The Meredith Public Library by electing Pam Coburn and Mary Richardson Library Trustees on March 12.
Rhetta Colon
Ann Butler
Paul Eldridge
Duncan McNeish
Colleen Nolan
Meredith Public Library Trustees

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Chris Mega is dedicated to bringing arts to our Inter-Lakes students

To the editor,
We in Meredith are lucky to have such qualified individuals stepping up to run for town offices. Chris Mega, who is running for Inter-Lakes School Board, is an excellent example. Chris' two children attended Meredith schools from kindergarten to graduation. Chris has volunteered countless hours in our schools, including assisting our award-winning "Weedbusters" team. His background in technology, music and business offers a unique combination of skills that would make a great addition to the make-up of our school board. Chris chaired the Meredith-based Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra for seven years, has managed Internet banking at Meredith Village Savings Bank, worked as a financial manager and planner for high net worth clients and holds two technology patents; in short, his skill set is vast and varied.
I am particularly attracted to Chris' dedication to the arts and to bringing the arts to students in meaningful, current ways. At a time when budget cuts often threaten these programs, I believe strongly that they offer students meaningful outlets and alternate means of expression. At the same time, Chris' understanding of the role of technology in schools and in our lives is current and forward-thinking; critical for our students today.
I support Chris Mega for Inter-Lakes School Board and hope other Inter-Lakes voters will do the same; remember all three town; Meredith, Center Harbor and Sandwich can vote for this seat on Tuesday March 12th.
Sandy Mucci

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Alton needs to come together to support renovation of Central School

To the editor,
The Alton Teachers' Association is a part of the community that values public schools and learning, despite the many obstacles to successful education. Some of these obstacles include a gridlocked political arena, perpetually constrained time, and the obvious challenges of the global economy.
Another important constellation of challenges are the profoundly needed improvements addressed by the nascent Alton Central School renovation project. The Alton Central School Buildings and Grounds Committee has worked tirelessly, for years now, seeking a fair and equitable solution to the aging infrastructure which is the Alton Central School campus. The Alton School Board has been unremitting in its attempts to begin these upgrades, which unquestionably are going to have to be initiated sooner (meaning now, when it's cheaper) or later (when it's more expensive).
Alton needs to come together and support the renovation so we don't, for instance, have to send the students home again for fear of the roof collapsing due to some snow as we did a few years back. It is also disruptive (at best) to have to move classes around the building when sewage-type scents are released into the already-overcrowded building's atmosphere. These are but a few examples of the unpleasant — and possibly dangerous — events over the last seven years directly related to the aging physical plant that we send our children to, year after year.
Time and again, a majority of the voting citizenry has delayed fixing this problem, preferring band-aids to real medicine. And in spite of it, the educators of SAU 72 have continued to work with professionalism and integrity. We ask voters to support the proposed renovations (Article II), the amended school budget (Article V), and the long-delayed PMHS Master Agreement (Article VII). The Alton Teachers' Association encourages all voters to participate on March 12, 2013. We appreciate the long hours spent by the Buildings and Grounds Committees over the last several years, citizens whose civic values trump local politics. We ask for the community's support so we may surmount together the many obstacles to successful education.
Richard Brown, President
Alton Teachers' Association

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Don Guarino will effectively manage expenses of Gilmanton

To the editor,
In these tough economic times, with Gilmanton already facing such a high tax rate I am supporting Don Guarino for Selectman. I believe he will most effectively manage our expenses, assure our departments run efficiently with limited resources and get the most out of our tax revenues. In listening to the candidates at the Candidates Forum and Don expressed very well his commitment to working for the best interests of everyone in the community.
I support Don Guarino and encourage you to vote for him on March 12th.
Raymond Mickey Daigle

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This is not right time for Debra Shephard to seek selectboard seat

To the editor,
Over the past few weeks I've been approached by many Northfield residents with concerns of a potential conflict of interest arising with two family members seated on the Selectboard. As many know Debra Shepard is running for selectman, and a family member, Peg Shepard, is currently seated on the Selectboard.
Recently a legal matter with The Town of Northfield, Soda Brook Cooperative and the Northfield Sewer District has developed which may take some time to litigate. Debra Shepard is involved with Sodabrook, which sparked the opposing counsel in raising the issue of a conflict of interest with Peg and Peg did rightfully recuse herself from the case. Clearly if Debra Shepard was a selectman, she would need to recuse herself. With a three member board, if two members have recused themselves, town business will be impacted and may be costly, as you need a quorum to make a decision.
There is already another legal issue in litigation that would likely also have a conflict of interest with the Shepards. These two cases demonstrate the legal difficulty of having family members serving side by side on the Selectboard. The inability to even negotiate in these cases could leave the decision making process to the courts and that would be costly to Northfield taxpayers. Family social gatherings may present far more frequent possibilities of a conflict of interest. Maybe this is just not the right time for Debra Shepard to seek a seat on the Selectboard. I ask the voters to consider this in the upcoming election.
Stephen Bluhm
Northfield Selectman

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