I will never agree that any child, anywhere in the world is 'illegal'

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. (Bob) Meade seems to be offended that I chose to "go public" with his letter to me, but I don't know why. We are certainly not friends in any way. I suppose that if I had a printer that worked or could hand write a letter to him, I would have responded to him that way. I don't have a printer that works, and my hands hurt so badly with neuropathy and arthritis that it would take weeks to write a paragraph and he most likely wouldn't be able to read it any way (because of my terrible handwriting).

Aside from that I have to tell you that I rarely go to any websites for any reason, so it isn't personal Mr. Meade. I wonder if Mr. Meade believes that these children are "illegal" because they weren't born here; if he does, he is certainly welcome to his opinion. I don't agree; will never agree that any child anywhere is illegal. The color of their skin, where they come from, or their religion matters not one bit to me. If they come here as refugees from violence in their home countries, I think we have an obligation to treat them as humanely as possible. If they have family here then turn them over to their families as soon as possible. If they don't, then we need to decide what to do with them that is in their best interest.

Obviously, something needs to be done with our broken immigration system. Calling children illegal is not helping anyone. No matter what reason these children come here, we are obligated to take them in and decide what to do with them due to a law George W. Bush enacted to protect them from violence and human trafficking. The "Obama blamers" just look even more silly about this, and as silly as they have looked in the past, that's saying something.

Now on to Mr. Earle, I'm still waiting for you to name even one "made up fact" I or any other liberal used in our letters, I can only defend myself of course. But your wonderfully hysterical letter of Aug. 26 is more proof that you can't remove yourself from the delusional fog of a channel called Fox. Not being able to come up with even one "made up fact" you resort to name-calling. I understand that you honestly feel that blaming all the things Republicans screw up on Democrats is perfectly sensible, nonsensical is more like it. It was only a few short months ago that Mr. Earle was telling us that it was we pesky liberals who were responsible for the war in Iraq. I understand that right-wingers like to either rewrite history, or at least ignore inconvenient facts that they don't happen to like, this is just more of the silliness from the right.

Prior to George W. Bush taking office Saddam Hussein was telling the world that he not only had WMDs, he was working on delivering them to far-off locales, such as the USA. Guess what? He was lying. Being rightfully concerned about this, the world decided to send U.N. inspectors into Iraq. Well, look it up as to what happened next. It is the part of real history that the right can't stand.

Mr. Earle puts quotes around the word lies we on the left point out came from Bush and his administration. From the beginning, Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq, even prior to 9-11-2001. After that awful day he tried to associate Saddam Hussein with al-Qaida, even though any one with experience on these matters knew this was nonsense, Bush continued the very real lie that this was "true." At the same time he was pushing the lie of WMD, and had his henchmen also trying to convince us it was "true".

I have been a proponent of peace for many years now, and I will continue to be, but "peace at any price" seems to be something that is your problem Mr. Earle. When I was in high school there was a bumper sticker that claimed that "the peace symbol is the foot print of the American chicken." A friend of mine and I were asked in art class to create a poster. We made one that said that same phrase, but added, "yes it is, it is also the foot print of the Bald Eagle," as well as any other bird. We received an A for the poster, mostly because my partner in this endeavor was a fantastic artist, I came up with most of the wording, he supplied the last line. Our poster was selected to be placed in a glass case outside the Art Room, along with other well done posters, we obviously hit a nerve with someone because they broke the glass and our poster was the only one taken out and left ripped up on the floor. I will always believe peaceful solutions should be used before starting any war, if possible.

Marty Valengavich


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We're extremely fortunate to have Sen. Forrester representing us

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Sen. Jeanie Forrester's re-election to the N.H. State Senate. She is a valuable asset to our community and we are extremely fortunate to have her representing us at the Statehouse.

Sen. Forrester understands the challenges small businesses and health care providers have in New Hampshire. As an owner of a dental practice in the area, I have been impressed with her willingness to engage in important issues and remain accessible to her constituents.

As chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Forrester has shown to be an honest and diligent senator who works together in a collaborative manner to achieve results for her district and for the State. She is a conservative and experienced voice in the State Senate. I hope voters will give favorable consideration to supporting Sen. Jeanie Forrester in the Republican primary on Sept. 9, and again in November.

George T. Felt, DDS


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Grafton District 17 needs to vote for the individual, not the party

To The Daily Sun,

I believe we need a state representative who will represent and be respectful to the voters. One who will hear their concerns and understand the issues that affect our families.

I am the candidate in Grafton District 17, who will listen and will represent the voters, instead of a party or personal agenda. I am a retired scientist, not a politician, who will offer solutions and support our rights and environment we enjoy in New Hampshire.

I am against industrial wind farms. I believe that towns and voters should have a voice in projects which affect their communities.

I have encouraged voters to know the candidates' views and to contact them before the Sept. 9 Primary. I am proud to have publicly stated my views, completed multiple of surveys, answered e-mails and phone calls with information and honesty.

We need honest, independent thinkers in Concord to handle the fiscal affairs and refrain from the political rhetoric. We need people who will listen and take a stand based on information, facts and data, not bow to party ideologies. This is one election when I believe Grafton District 17 needs to vote for the individual not a political party on Sept. 9.

Tom Ploszaj


(Candidate for NH House of Representatives, Grafton District 17, representing Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Enfield & Grafton)

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I'm sick of southern states looking at N.H. as bunch of suckers

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Mr. Ray Cunningham of Bridgewater:
I will not skirt the issue, before, during or after the election. I like to see things happen yesterday. Unfortunately it doesn't happen that way. The wind farm is no game and I'm just as frustrated as you are, as most of us should be. Passing a town ordnance is not enough. In order to ensure that no more Groton wind farms keep popping up around us, we need to change the Constitution of the state, or at the very least, amendment it. I have been working with Michelle Sanborn, CARE Group Alexandra, and I took the RBO, (Rights Based Ordinance ) to our constitutional scholars and this is what I got. I'll only hit certain points.

Right to determine the kind of energy projects town residents want: There is no such power delegated to towns. The Public Utilities Commission governs this activity, at least in part.

Right to access clean water and the right to keep it from being polluted: This is impractical. In the extreme, say there was no aquifer under your town, how would you guarantee this right? What if the water sources in your town dry up or become polluted due to natural release of some chemical.
I had pointed out that the bog in Alexandra is the natural filter for the aquifer under the entire Newfound Lake region. I could not, therefore, accept the scholar's answer.

The right to govern ourselves inherent: To a degree this was surrendered with the ratification of the Constitution of the state in 1784. This is simple state, not a Commonwealth or "home rule."

Section 3: Corporations cannot engage in gathering up land to build unsustainable energy projects: Incorporated entities are given their status and power by the state, legally it is a practice known as " franchise," the power to do business not available to the general public.

Section 3-B: The state and any corporation cannot violate any rights claimed in the ordinance: This would require an amendment to the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire. This is where I think we have them. This is what I'm going to work on if I get elected, and get my chance to go to Concord. I'm sick of these southern states looking at New Hampshire as a bunch of suckers. We have got our necks in a stranglehold by our own Constitution and it needs to be addressed. In September I will be attending, (if I get past the Primary) a two-day summit in Manchester and I plan on bringing up this issue then, and hopefully gain support for the amendment to the Constitution in part, to protect the quality of life we have in our towns and in this state.
Thank you for your support.

Eric T. Rottenecker
Republican House Candidate
Grafton District 9

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My opponent said what he said about guns; it was recorded

To The Daily Sun,

One of my opponents in the Republican Primary for State House Grafton District 9, Eric Rottenecker, has attacked me (even using the ungentlemanly profanity "BS politics"). He accuses me of misrepresenting his position on Second Amendment rights. I won't bother arguing with him since it's all on videotape.

Instead, I will simply ask the Republican voters of Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, and Grafton the following: If you were asked whether people should have the right to large-capacity magazines for their rifles, would you give this answer: "If that is what it takes to go turkey hunting, then maybe they need to learn how to shoot straight?" That's a non-answer and it shows little support for our Second Amendment rights.

Similarly, if you were asked whether people should be allowed to own large-caliber gun, would you answer with "First I'd ask why you need such a thing"? Again, that's a non-answer. Both were given by my opponent.

My answer to both questions above would be, "People have the right to own both large capacity magazines and large caliber weapons under the Second Amendment." I will never support any law seeking to restrict those rights.

In the upcoming Grafton District 9 primary election, I am the only "no compromise" supporter of Second Amendment rights. I do not "waffle" on fundamental constitutional rights. For that reason, I ask for your vote in the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Robert Hull
Republican Candidate, Grafton District 9

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