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Wish we could mention all the people who supported I-L Christmas Fund

To The Daily Sun,

The tree is down, the decorations are put away for another year. But before we move on the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund needs to thank all the wonderful businesses and people who made this a very successful year. The 237 children in 117 families from Meredith and Center Harbor who were the recipients of the 121 pairs of boots, 166 jackets and snow pants will not soon forget this holiday. These children also received loads of toys and other clothing items, and let's not forget the 35 bikes that were distributed.

The elderly in our community were not forgotten with 35 receiving gift cards from local businesses. We also received trees from Altrusa after their Festival of Trees so that 25 families could light up the eyes of their children with a beautiful tree. Yes, the season is coming to an end but our sincere gratitude will continue.

We wish we could mention by name all of the people that we have to thank for what they did: The anonymous person who purchased our boots, the one who allowed us use of his building, the hard-working people who adopted children, the churches who made their angels and came through with gifts that were needed, and last, but certainly not least, the wonderful businesses that helped us with funds to supplement what was needed, and many who put up Angel trees.

We also could not have accomplished our successful results without our volunteers who helped make it all work. Thank you, Thank you. It is our hope that we will all come together next year and do it all again.

The Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund

Nancy Howe, Sandy Ambrose, Wendy Bagley, Jan Joslin, Alesia Parks, Bart Merrill, Teresa McCormack, Jodi Pendexter, Charleen Hughes, Lori Harding-Chiefe, and Bronwen Donnelly.

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We are in grave danger of being overrun by barbarians

To The Daily Sun,

On Feb. 18 the White House will host a summit on countering violent extremism — to prevent violent extremists and their supporters from recruiting and radicalizing individuals to commit violent acts like the ones that recently occurred in Ottawa, Sydney and Paris. The man who refuses to admit that this terrorism is cause by radical Islam and further asserts that terrorist atrocities committed in the name of Islam are but a few and not connected to true Islam, is going to host this conference.

Biden and Kerry were not present Sunday as millions gathered to support France and freedom worldwide. Eric Holder was nearby, but apparently had other more important commitments. Whither President Obama? The man who decided it would create a distraction for him to attend this historic rally of solidarity in Paris, while other world leaders made it a top priority, is going to host a rally to combat violent acts of extremism. How absurd and ironic is that?

Jonah Goldberg attempts to bring our dear leader down from his fantasy delusions of proclaiming workplace violence at Fort Hood and denying the existence of the growing radical Islamic threat. "These acts were done by specific people with a specific ideology and this White House is still incredibly gun shy, no pun intended, about calling any attention to the fact that the people we're at war with aren't just generic extremists off the shelf, but they're a specific ideology with a specific religious orientation. And President Obama won't even call ISIS Islamic."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the leader of the free world says that the deadly group that calls itself the Islamic State in Iraq while shouting "allahu ackbar" is not really Islamic.

Vermont Democrat Howard Dean told an MSNBC host that calling these violent extremists Muslim terrorists is wrong because they are not really Muslims since Islam is the religion of peace. He also claimed that ISIS is just a cult. Yes, we all know that most Muslims, probably 99 percent, are peaceful. But 1 or 2 per cent of 1.6 billion people is still a whole lot of evil rapidly spreading around the world, consuming more and more countries. And why are so many moderate Muslims silent while these killers are co-opting their religion?

Dr. Zudhi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, himself a Muslim, has been asking this question for a long time while imploring Muslims to speak out. For that he has death threats made against him while radical Imams try and shut him up.

Back in the good ole USA, the leaders of this country refuse to name our enemy. Praising Allah is being taught in our schools while hints of Sharia Law in some states rise menacingly (already happening in some communities in France).

We are in grave danger of being overrun by barbarians at our gates, especially since the Muslim Brotherhood, progressive Democrats and assorted Marxist types are already creating chaos from within. France is under siege now with little chance of long term survival. It could happen here as well if we don't wake up and crush the secular, progressive evil that is spreading its tentacles far and wide within this great nation.

Let's not wait until radical Islamic terrorists infiltrate one of our schools and murder 132 children and burn teachers alive while continuing the practice of beheading. Let's also not wait until they become ever more adept at cyber warfare. Yes, let's not have a 21st century rebirth of Genghis Kahn and the 13th century Mongolian reign of terror shall we?

Russ Wiles


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