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Dunn could learn a lot from the state about avoiding responsibility

To The Daily Sun,

My wife Elaine and I own the Belknap Point Motel here in Gilford. Our motel has a swim area and raft on the lake. Last week a guest reported to me that they could see a television set on the lake bottom between the shore and the raft in about 10 feet of water. Apparently someone decided it was easier to dispose of a television by dumping it in the lake than taking it to the transfer station and paying the disposal fee. Since it is state property, I decided to call the state to remove it. I got referred and transferred five or six times to various state agencies, each claiming to not be the responsible agency. Out of frustration I called Scott Dunn, our town administrator. After explaining the situation to Scott he said without hesitation, "I'll take care of it. Next time I'm out in the boat I'll come by and get it out."

I was very surprised by Scott's response and once again want to say "Thank You" for your outstanding service.

Harry Blinn
Belknap Point Motel

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Alton Community Services would like to serve more people

To The Daily Sun,

Alton Community Services is entering its 15th year. Our mission is providing relief to the poor, distressed or underprivileged throughout our community. ACS tries to meet their physical, spiritual needs through pour provision of food, clothing, furniture and referral services.

The churches of Alton and Alton Bay continue to sponsor us and are represented on our board. At our fall meeting we appointed J. Meehan to the board. He works closely with St. Katherine Drexel in assisting those in need. We are trying to coordinate our efforts in assisting the less fortunate.

We are still trying to reach more families. Laconia has over 1,000 who come to their food pantry, Wolfeboro 80, Barnstead 35, GIW 35, New Durham 30, and Alton 20-30. New Hampshire Food Bank thinks we are not reaching the families who would benefit our program. The families that receive food stamps, WIC or reduced lunches at school, as well as Back Pack programs would be eligible for our program. Our office is open Saturday mornings from 8 to 11 a.m. or by appointment. Our telephone number is 875-CARE (2273), if we do not answer please leave a message.

The local gardeners have told me that they are planting extra vegetables for the pantry. Maxfield Realty on Main St. as well as Spencer Hughes at the Bay has become a drop-off center for the pantry as well as Profile Bank and Alton Home and Lumber, a/k/a Reuben's Store. We are in need of canned vegetables as well as jellies and jams. condiments as well as shampoos paper products. Our shelves are dwindling down.

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all who continually support us with their time and donations.

Dorothye S. Wentworth

Alton Community Services


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Obama's foreign policy in Middle East contrary to our interests

To The Daily Sun,
For years, President Obama has been telling us that al Qaeda is "on the run." Now we learn that they are "on the run" to bomb U.S. embassies and kill Americans. President Obama responds with closures of about 20 embassies and consulates and a global travel warning. Unfortunately that means al Qaeda is a threat right here in the U.S. because terrorists can get here from Canada or Mexico through our inadequately protected borders.
On their way to attack our embassies and people, terrorists have stopped off in Libya and Syria to collect the arms and aid that the Obama administration has been providing them. This administration also aided the enemy by revealing how we discovered the terror threats. In Afghanistan, the Obama administration is paying contractors that are "providing material support to the insurgency..." which may also support global Jihad. The Inspector General states, "I am deeply troubled that the U.S. military can pursue, attack, and even kill terrorists and their supporters, but that some in the U.S. government believe we cannot prevent these same people from receiving a government contract." (http://www.sigar.mil/pdf/quarterlyreports/2013-07-30qr.pdf)

President Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East has been so contrary to American interests that, as his pastor, Reverend Wright, says, "America's chickens are coming home to roost". The Muslim terrorists that President Obama has encouraged, armed, and funded are now a threat to American embassies and Americans anywhere in the world, including here at home.
Don Ewing

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I'm still waiting for answers from Commissioner Ed Philpot

To The Daily Sun,

Two weeks ago I sent a letter to this newspaper (there should be more like it) and enclosed in it were a series of questions for Belknap County Commissioner Ed Philpot. The questions were as follows: How much did the remodeling of the commissioners offices cost and how did that project improve the lives of the nursing home residents and the occupants of the jail? How much did the granite sign at the road cost and how did that help these people? Did Ms. Deb Schacket have the required scholastic degree when you hired her to be the county administrator and if she didn't does she now and who paid for it.

Mr. Philpot, I have gone to the trouble to check an up to date map and found that Meredith is still in Belknap County, so that makes me a constituent of yours (even though I didn't vote for you) and that being the case I think it behooves you to answer these questions. I can understand the delay in your answering these questions as you've probably been busy digging a hole to hide in after the comments you made about the county delegation but that project should be completed by now. All you have to do is pick up the phone or sit at your computer and contact The Laconia Daily Sun and I'm quite sure they would be more than willing to print your response. I, and a multitude of others, all voters, will be expecting a response sooner rather than later.

These questions will keep appearing until answers to them have been given.

Dave Schwotzer


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Let's not look like one big wind park to prove that we're green

To The Daily Sun,

From the outside looking in, one would think this is the windiest place in New England. Four wind farms with an estimated cost of over a half-billion dollars are being proposed within a 15 mile radius? Yes — this area is under attack.

Developers with their large projects enter at their own peril without involving the community. Their potential here is to take over every mountain ridge if the community isn't careful. It's not like local resident oppose alternative energy — many employ solar panels on their homes already — some even live off the grid.

Many residents argue that these projects aren't helping the local economy; others say they're not comfortable in making sacrifices for the electricity going to southern states and some even pointed out this year's summer workers were from out-of-state.

It's truly a question of what you're willing to give up to be green.

Our united opposition is making a difference and it's not unusual for projects to fall by the wayside early in the development process due to a strong "local" objection. But with so many projects on the plate for this region, it seems overwhelming at times — doesn't it? I urge you not to sit on the sidelines for this fight. Your voice on this matter is huge.

We don't want to look like one big wind park to prove this region is green. It's time the state understood this. Last winter was an eye opener for many of us — with the introduction of each proposed wind farm. Let's hope this winter isn't a repeat.

I urge everyone to demand a Town Hall Meeting with the governor on this matter.

Ray Cunningham

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