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Terrifying to consider this adolescent as Commander in Chief

To The Daily Sun,

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton appears to be a congenital liar. She lies about all matter of things. Some of great importance and some where one must wonder why she does it.

Because she lies so often she is often accused of lying when she really has changed her mind about some policy position as she and the country have evolved in their positions.

Hillary is a very intelligent women. From her early college years she has been involved in programs that are now labeled "progressive." The important thing about Hillary is that she has used her intelligence and instincts to help people who are in need. She has tried to provide government health care to all, and create programs for early child education, adoption and foster care. She was a early worker for women's rights.

Hillary's lying is a handicap that must be seriously considered in her candidacy for president. As a senator she showed how she could work across the aisle with Republicans. Her experience and longtime progressive positions make her a very much better choice than her adolescent rival.

Seventy-five years ago when I was a junior in high school I was bullied by a bigger boy with blond hair, captain of the football team and generally adored by the girls and his male followers.

I realize now that his demeanor is similar to that of Trump today. If you look carefully at what Trump says and does it is clear that he stopped maturing at age 18.

Who but an 18-year-old would heap abuse on a physically handicapped person, get furious when questioned by a reporter or interviewer, make ridiculous claims of how he is going to build a wall, fire his pilots after one too many bumpy landings, refer to his daughter's breasts as "racks," primp his golden pompadour; refer to himself "as the greatest"?

His responses to questions requiring thoughtful answers are immediate, off-the-top-of-his-head madness. Many of his claims are outright lies, as a teenager might do in bragging about his prowess.

I have known few adolescents who are able to really negotiate with an adult. Negotiations should result in two winners, not a winner and a loser.

It is terrifying to consider this adolescent in the seat of the Commander in Chief, with his finger on the nuclear button.

Kent Warner

Center Harbor

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Driving while using cell phone is reckless & OK only for Clintons

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding the article on your front page on Friday, July 7, let me tell you what I saw during Motorcycle Week.

My friends and I like to stand under the trees on the bridge leading to Weirs Beach. There were cars, bikes, delivery trucks and many pedestrians, and yet idiots constantly drove through all this traffic while texting, talking on their hand-held cell phones, looking at their cell phones and generally practicing distracted driving. (A new American art form).

I am not a cell phone user. Yes, that is right. I don't own one and never will. This kind of reckless behavior is all right if you are a Clinton, but otherwise you are going to hurt someone eventually. Look out the front window when you are driving.

I just thought I'd mention it.

Steve Fiorini

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