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Off season, Wolfeboro reaches into very abyss of 'podunkville'

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. Wibel's recent letter, I would point out that it is fine to take pot shots at the writers of letters to the editor and quite another thing to cast aspersions on the towns where they reside. While his Podunk town of Wolfeboro may be able to call themselves during the Summer months, "The Oldest ('White') Summer Resort in America", we are now in a season where it reaches into the very abyss of podunkville. "RURAL Gilford," on the other hand, has the liability of, in the same current season, hosting one of the most vulnerable and target rich venues for a terrorist inspired-attack in all of central New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is for tax advantages hosting large contingents of airline pilots and flight attendants. I am sure there are near as many of those residing in Wolfeboro as here in the greater community of "rural" Gilford/Laconia/Belmont/Gilmanton, where we have the advantages of near access to the interstate corridor, a nationally ranked concert venue, and many diverse choices for our shopping and entertainment. That concert venue yet another target rich location for terror in the Summer months. It is only by luck of the draw that we did not lose one of those local airline workers on 9-11.

If you are ever in Gilford, I would invite you to stop at Dr Garfinkle's on Houndsel Ave. and pause to contemplate the 9-11 memorial in the building's entranceway. Among those names are Stephen Gordon Ward, of Cantor Fitzgerald. Gordon Ward his father, was one of my college professors. Also find John "Jay" Corcoran, who was one of my professional colleagues. There is hardly a town in New England where we do not find people who were personally effected by the loss of a friend, colleagues and or their close relatives on 9-11, in addition to some who just had close calls. So much for implying that there is some safety advantage from terror in "rural Gilford.

As far as endorsements of Mr. Albushie's apparent political affiliations, I would point out a further geographical advantage for Belknap County vs. Carroll County. Carrol has four members of its legislative delegation being registered Democrats. Belknap county does not, to Mr Albushie's consternation, have any Democrats in our state representative delegation.

Tim Sullivan


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Unacceptable for Confederate flag to be flown in downtwon Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

As a longtime resident of Laconia, I know our city is not perfect, but there are several groups working hard to make it better. I recently noticed a confederate flag hanging in front of a local downtown business. I think it makes our town look bad. Not only bad, but backwards. I know Laconia has tried in the past few years to work on downtown revitalization. With new businesses like Wayfarer and events like the Pumpkinfest, we have made amazing strides. This flag is a step in the wrong direction.

The flag, is a glaringly ugly mark on our downtown. I hope that at some point it is removed, because it is unacceptable for such a symbol of racism to fly in Laconia.

Azra Karabegovic


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