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Most qualified is easily outweighed by untrustworthy & mendacious

To The Daily Sun,

I am responding to Susan Estrich's column which appeared in in the Aug. 3 Daily Sun.

Apparently, the Democratic nominee for president just can't answer questions without making prevaricating statements. Like saying to Chris Wallace that the director of the FBI said she had no emails that were classified.

She is riding on the coattails of her husband and is used to having her way by being the epitome of a stranger to the truth.

The Benghazi video lies are one example. As you so aptly state, the question should not be who you like or want to have a beer with, but who will work for the people, and not equivocate and pander to suit her purpose.

It is also true that absent the conspiracy and collusion involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton would not nave been the Democratic nominee.

Being the most qualified to run for president of the United States does not compare to being untrustworthy and mendacious. The power of the president is to persuade and negotiate, but above all, be truthful, not licentious.

With all due respect to your esteemed background, you seem to have a clouded view of what Hillary Clinton accomplished as secretary of state.

Rich Tjaden


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Hassan & Hillary: Dems aren't the only liars bu they're good at it

To The Daily Sun,

Just heard the ad for Maggie Hassan.

Wow, she balanced the budget and brought business into the state. Too bad it isn't true.

She did not watch her spending and the Legislature had to come up with the money. As a matter of fact, her first year in office she overspent what was budgeted and wanted the Legislature to raise taxes. She submitted huge budgets that would increase taxes. It was the conservative legislature that brought her spending into what our state could afford without increasing taxes.

Her answer to the drug problem was long-range. The Legislature had to come back to do what they wanted to do in the first place.

I heard once before she was a great politician, and I guess she is.

I do not know who the Republican candidate will be. However, whoever it is, has to be better than Maggie.

Hillary just said FBI director said she was truthful. No, no, no, Hillary. He did not say you were truthful. The Washington Post gave you four Pinocchios for your statement.

The FBI did not say you were truthful, but did not have evidence that you were lying.

Hillary did email classified material and it was classified when she sent it, not classified later as she claims. Anyone else would be prohibited from obtaining security clearance, and she is running for president with top security clearance.

Hillary, you lied when you said you only wanted to use one communication device when you actually used many.

You lied when you told the American people and the families of the dead at Benghazi that it was because of a video when you knew it was terrorists. Terrorists that your department probably gave them the weapons.

I am not saying the Democrats are the only liars ... just a lot better at lying.

Linda Riley

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