Let's put a person of integrity on commission: Dick Burchell

To The Daily Sun,

Please vote for Dick Burchell, who is running for County Commissioner in Belknap District 2. Over the last biennium, he has never missed a day at the Statehouse. He has perfect attendance both on the Labor Committee and during session days. He has also attended all County meetings. His voice has been steady in support of sensible policies, which take into account the fair treatment of both state and county needs.

It is not easy to keep one's composure during the sometimes contentious debates at both the state and county. Dick is for improving the County Jail, but not in favor of spending over twice the national average for new construction that has been proposed by his opponent and the other commissioners who currently hold office. He feels that a fair solution to the skyrocketing costs of health-care insurance premiums for county employees, now approaching $30,000 per family must be found. He believes in candid and honest governance where the needs of the many are addressed in an impartial way, in a manner which supports the dignity which should be the hallmark of the process.

I hope the Voters of Barnstead, Gilmanton, Belmont, and Tilton will join me in putting into office a person of integrity who will see that the county resources are used prudently. I am happy to endorse Dick Burchell for County Commissioner.

State Rep. Guy Comtois

Belknap District 7


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Voters in Wards 4 & 5 can write-in names for School Board

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding a Daily Sun article by Gail Ober, "City Clerk Clarifies Tuesday Ballot Situation; No Race for Police Commissioner & Only School Votes Are In 4 & 5.": This has to do with an error I made in a Letter to the Editor published in the Daily Sun on Sept. 6 and also submitted to the Laconia Citizen wrongly saying there will be an election for Police Commission this year.

The Laconia City Clerk Mary Reynolds said, "voters in Tuesday's primary who are getting State Ballots only, cannot write-in any recommendations for a city or School Board office because the electronic readers will reject any ballot that has writing where it doesn't belong." This is misleading, I suggested that voters of Wards 4 and 5 write-in someone's name for the unopposed School Board election. The School Board election has to have a separate ballot with a space to write-in someone's name if the voter so chooses. The two top vote-getters then will be placed on the November ballot if the write-in candidate accepts.

In the New Hampshire State Election there is space to write-in someone's name if you don't like the choices or there is no one running for that spot. The Democratic ballot has lots of spots that has no one running for certain positions. The write-in ballot will be spit out but has to be counted if you write-in someone's name in the space allotted for "Write-in."

The City Clerk also noted, "That the recent resignation of Ward 2 School Board member Beth Arsenault must be handled by the School Board through the process explained at the School Board meeting last Tuesday." The process City Clerk Mary Reynolds is referring is for a three-member committee to interview School Board Candidates then recommend their choice to the full board. The Laconia City Charter and RSA 671:33 requires, "The School Board Shall Fill Vacancies occurring on the School Board." There is nothing in the City Charter or the New Hampshire RSAs giving a sub-committee the power to interview and recommend.

David Gammon

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Let's return Greg Hill & fiscal responsibility to the Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

Before going to the polls on election day, I ask myself what the incumbents have done that is of significance for the public they were elected to serve. In this letter, I am speaking of our incumbent state "representatives" questions like: Have they done anything to improve the economy or the job market? Have they done anything to improve the business climate in this once great state and have they done anything to reduce the burden on the taxpayer? Or did they stick their hands in our pockets at every turn come to mind?

As I recall, the incumbents had plenty of promises to go around when they were asking for our votes but their performance while in office has been less than stellar. I believe jobs was to be a high priority. However, of the more than 100 new bills passed on to the governor, I personally know of none that have anything to do with new jobs. With nothing done about our job situation, of course the economy has seen little or no advancement.

Did they enhance our business climate? Absolutely not. CNBC ranks states based on how friendly they are to business. New Hampshire was No. 18 previous to the current incumbents being elected. We are now No. 33. They also passed several bills that make it harder for businesses to do business and grow as well as raising taxes on heating oil, gasoline, youth camps, fishing and boating. On top of this, it appears that we will be facing another budget deficit that will approach $100 million. I don't call that representation.

On Tuesday, I will be voting for Greg Hill and I ask that you join me in returning Greg and fiscal responsibility to the House of Representatives. Greg Hill does what he says he will do. He did an excellent job as our representative the first time around and I fully expect him to the same this time.

Please get to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Greg Hill.

Kevin Waldron


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Hemingway is not beholden to the N.H. politican establishment

To The Daily Sun,

Do you ever wonder how some candidates can put signs on every street corner, flood the airways with advertisements, and fill your mailbox with their ads? The special interests and political establishments are richly funding their chosen candidates. Do you believe that the special interests and political establishments are funding these candidates because they expect these candidates to put the interests of the people ahead of their interests?

For example, there are two main candidates in the the primary race for governor, Walt Havenstein and Andrew Hemingway. Havenstein's signs, mailings, and advertisements are everywhere. He has raised about 20 times as much money as Andrew Hemingway.

Hemingway is a tech savvy entrepreneur who has started multiple successful businesses in New Hampshire. He will bring the skills to governing our state that he used to be successful in business: listening, assessing, teamwork, high technology, etc.

By starting and operating his own businesses in New Hampshire, Hemingway learned why our economy is stagnant and the changes needed to get our economy growing to provide job opportunities for our 32,000 unemployed (about 7,200 more than when the recession began) and for our graduating students.

With a growing young family, Hemingway is also focused on education to ensure that each New Hampshire child has the opportunity for a great education. For more information, see www.andrewhemingway.com

Hemingway is not beholden to the special interests or political establishment. He is only beholden to the people. Hemingway will put what is best for the people of New Hampshire ahead of all other considerations.

It is time to break the cycle of politicians being selected by and beholden to the special interests and political establishments. It is time to make New Hampshire's government work for the people.

Vote for Andrew Hemingway for Governor on Sept. 9.

Don Ewing


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Jeanie Forrester & Herb Vadney have certainly earned my vote

To The Daily Sun,

Tuesday is the Primary Day and I would like to endorse two people: Jeanie Forrester and Herb Vadney.

I have worked with Jeanie since her days on the Meredith Main Street Program and have worked with Herb for at least 14 years with the American Legion. Both have shown me 100 percent honesty and integrity.

Jeanie has come to the top of the Senate, and Herb has watched out for our money in the attempt to pass on the mandated cost of a over-priced jail to the towns in the area.

I can say a lot more, but my vote is going to Jeanie and Herb.

Thank you for voting. I will see a lot of you. I will be holding a sign.

Bob Kennelly


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