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It took all of them against me to win a small battle. Why?

To the editor,
I want to thank all the people in Belmont who came out in the rain and voted for me. It was a close race and I want to congratulate Mr. Pike and his team of running mates who were at the voting polls all day making phone calls: Ruth Mooney and family, Donna Cilley, and Ron Cormire. It took all of them against me to win a small battle. I wonder what they are all hiding and afraid of, the truth.
I ask my supporters to not give up in trying to make Belmont a better, more open town to live in.
George Condodemetraky

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I'm looking forward to getting involved as new member of BudCom

To the editor,
I just want to thank everyone who supported my campaign for Bristol Budget Committee. It was a fantastic turnout of voters and I am thrilled to be elected, along with Ernie Richards and Kerrin Rounds. Thanks to everyone who also helped to elect Betsy Schneider and Janet Cote for Bristol Selectboard!
I am personally looking forward to getting started and working with these folks to help steer Bristol towards a bright and prosperous future! If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding budgets, taxes or services in Bristol, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at 603-744-8761 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Together we can make Bristol the greatest town on earth! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Carol Huber

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Lakes Region Flag Football teaches kids to be quick, agile & elusive

To the editor,
Too often, when playing the sport of football or when first being introduced to the sport of football, children are placed in an environment where they learn how to hit before they learn how to play the game.
The Lakes Region Flag Football League, in conjunction with NFL Flag Football, provides a structured and organized non-contact football program that focuses on the basic fundamentals of football where children can learn the game at a very fast pace and in a competitive environment without the burden of wearing pads and a helmet.
We teach our players the ability and the responsibility to avoid all contact, which makes them quick, agile, and elusive.
NFL Flag Football offers great fun and teamwork, and all players on offense have the opportunity to touch the ball on any given play.
The Lakes Region Flag Football League adheres to the rules set forth by NFL Flag, and can be a great introduction to football for those players who want to someday join either a full-contact league or play high school football.
We know all children have a dream to belong and to be loved, and all hope for a friend. To that end we promote the 5 C's all children need: Confidence, Convictions, Character, Compassion and Competency.
We also observe the Seven Guiding Principles of NFL Youth Programs, which can be found on our website.
Our league is open to all boys and girls of the Lakes Region area, from ages 4-17 for our Spring and Fall Youth League seasons.
To learn more about the Lakes Region Flag Football League, visit us at lrffl.com and follow us on Facebook: lakesregionflagfootballleague and also Twitter: @LRFFL.
Board of Directors
Lakes Region Flag Football League

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A pistol capable of 6 shots in 1.7 sec. is automatic enough to me

To the editor,
To Dave Schwotzer, twice now you have invoked my name in you diatribe. I did not get personal in my last letter but if that's how you want to play it, let's go!
Let's start with the word illegal. There are many things illegal, Dave, not just people. Take and examine some gun nut out there. I'm sure he has devices and weapons that are very illegal. Regarding my error in saying that an assault weapon shot President Regan, Jim Brady, Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy and Officer Tom Delahanity; it was a German made Rohm, 6 shot revolver capable of emptying in 1.7 seconds. That's automatic enough for me. It's odd to me that this slipped your mind — the portions I wrote about President Regan's attitude towards assault weapons and Justice Scalia comments saying M16s and the like have no place in the 2nd Amendment. They did not say that it was a rifle or pistol that makes them an assault weapon.
In regards to your term "Moon Bats", I guess it's understandable a person like you would have a problem with hallucinations. You know, like regarding all people with your mental illness as liberals. With regards to me having long hair and a ponytail, I have to say, I wish. At 62 my hair is quite thin. In regard to your references to me being an old hippie . . . absolutely. I guess if I have to imagine you, I would see a bald-headed redneck, who's jealous of people with a good head of hair.
In referencing my quoting John Lennon, a man of peace who, the year before he was murdered, bought $10,000 worth of bullet-proof vests. I have been to the spot where he laid, dying and I'll quote him all day and night.
Ray Corliss

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Thanks again John, for stopping and helping us on Rte. 107

To the editor,
Dear John:
We just wanted to say thanks for helping us at the spring on Route 107 on Tuesday. We are still thinking about the encounter. We have been trying to help others so much lately, so it feels good to know that the good comes back. It's actually a little overwhelming. Thanks again for stopping and God bless you!
Scotty & Lynn Kipreotis

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