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Education Tax Credit program is seed that could grow to right our ship

To The Daily Sun,

In regards to the N.H. Supreme Court case which is an appeal of the ruling that religious schools could not receive scholarship money from N.H.'s Education Tax Credit Program. . . 

In view of the historical evidence that in the passing of the amendment to our Constitution that forbids money raised by taxes to be used for sectarian schools what the people of N.H. were trying to protect was the non-sectarian protestant nature of education in N.H.; and the epic betrayal by the U.S. Supreme Court of the principle and the constitutional guaranty of the free exercise of religion, upon which our nation was built, which consequently has castrated public education of all influence of the abiding faith of the American people, these public schools, of intent, have produced a generation of Americans devoid of faith, ignorant of their heritage and lacking the wisdom, skills and understanding to propagate a free society. As a result of these things we are now on the precipice of receiving judgement from the Almighty, upon whose providence our nation was built.

It would behoove the N.H. Supreme Court to use its constitutional discretion, to not stand in the way of this prudent legislation, which was carefully crafted so as not to run afoul of either our state or federal constitutions. This Education Tax Credit Program legislation is a seed which if allowed to grow could right our ship of state which is now nearly capsized. Of those who are invested with the authority to uphold our Constitution, only a fiend would bar the use of these scholarships for religious schools, a stand which our Constitution does not require.

John Demakowski


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Party loyalty is one thing but this is carrying it to ridiculous extremes

To The Daily Sun,

The day after Christmas and James Veverka is again pushing his distorted view of all things and persons conservative. Picking out a few right-wing wacko job's quotes does not diminish the overall conservative message, James, because if that's the standard there are 20 to 1 left-wing nuts shooting off their "any means justifies the end" message. Though the Tea Party members of Congress were not smart in their approach there is no doubt that there objectives were justified. Just because Republicans differ in how to deal with the progressive programs in DC doesn't mean it's not a stink pile there. Obamacare is a mess and will be a disaster. The longer it exists the more people get hurt, that is very clear by now no matter how James and the true believers try to deny it.
Notice readers how James avoids any attempt to defend Obamacare's impact on people. He takes the time to tell readers that one left wing group or person patted the back, gave an award or put a star on the paper of another lefty. (Wow, now there's some proof of concept). I also noticed his attempt to down play all the Obama scandals, lies, distortions and overall failures. Party loyalty is one thing but James carries it to ridicules extremes.

On a personal note, I resent his attempt to put words in my mouth, or anyone else's, (a favorite past time of progressives), in this case saying Donald Trump is a hero of mine. I don't recall ever saying that — or perhaps James claims mind reading powers. His point, I guess, is Trump still questions Obama's place of birth. He and L.J. Siden keep bring up that issue but as I've said before, Obama brought that on himself with all the secrets and sealed documents. That line of argument is designed to take the focus off the real issues. I don't know, or care, where the president was born all I'm concerned with is the harm he is doing to the people and nation, all of which is clearly apparent to anyone not indoctrinated into Marxism. Nice try, James.
Steve Earle


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Can't say enough about quality of care my wife received at LRGH

To The Daily Sun,

My family and I have received the best Christmas gift ever. My wife Mary and the mother of our children is home for Christmas.
In early December she wasn't feeling well. She had severe stomach pains and could not eat. I took her to see her primary caretaker, Lisa Morrissette, ARNP. who once she examined Mary sent her to the emergency room at Lakes Region General Hospital. A few hours later she was admitted to the hospital and there for several days, until the problem was resolved.
A few days later the problem reoccurred and she was once again taken to the ER. Later that day she under went emergency surgery. She had adhesions in her stomach which prevented her from digesting her food. She was released from LRGH last Thursday.
Mary and I cannot say enough about the care she received from the staff at the ER, the fourth floor and first floor nursing staffs. We especially want to thank Dr. Christopher Weinmann, her surgeon. Dr Tajammul Shafique, who looked after her when Dr. Weinmann was out of town and Lisa Morrissette, ARNP.
Thank you to each and every one who had a part in caring for her. It is greatly appreciated.
I also want to thank our neighbors Brenda, Jennifer and Andrew for providing with several meals while Mary was hospitalized.

Gordon D. King


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GOP being coached on how to emotionally connect with women

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome to the Holidaze Edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks. We here at the Center for the Study of Absurdity have been in hot debate over what to put in this edition. It seems that just December alone has enough right wing nutters to fill an encyclopedia. Shall we start? Unlike Rand Paul, John Boehner seems to have awaken from his somnambulist state because he is fed up with the wack-o-birds in his party. This kind of entertainment is rare from the speaker but he has heartened us all with his railings against the tools.

After a year of trying to make something destructive for Obama out of Solyndra, ATF Gunwalking, the IRS, and Benghazi, the right wing finally got a prize: CBS received Poynter's "Error of the Year" award for its lying Benghazi expose on 60 Minutes. Ta-dah! In California we saw more of what we can expect from those afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome when Republicans, fresh from a class on "How to be a Good Republican", launched a fake health care site for the purposes of confusion. Speaking of psychoses, N.C. Senator Bob Rucho recently tweeted that "Justice Robert's pen and Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis, Soviets and terrorists combined." Stupid is what stupid says! Let's not forget that our very own Pharisaical lunatic Bill O'Brien claimed that Obamacare was worse than the Fugitive Slave Act.

But let's be honest, those diminished individuals aren't even in the same league as our "Is He On PCP?" prize winner, Everest Wilhelmsen of the "Christian American Patriots Militia", who called for assassinating President Obama on Facebook. Now we all know the tea party wouldn't know the Constitution from an outhouse newspaper but this Neanderthal actually said the Constitution gives him the right. His post starts out like this: "We know have the authority to shoot Obama, i.e. to kill him". But let's not stop there! N.H. lawmaker J.R. Hoell (R-Dunbarton) told an interviewer just the other day that armed rebellion may be necessary if Scott Brown got elected in N.H.!

Steve Earle's hero, Donald Trump is back again birthing his own petards for our amusement. His latest is that there is something fishy about why the only person who died in a plane crash was the person who verified Obama's birth certificate. Heck, that's nothing; conservative tool Jim Garrow claims Obama also murdered mad-hatter Andrew Breitbart and novelist Tom Clancy. Boink-boink!

We can't have absurdity without mentioning the latest in the Republicans and women. Politico reports that Republicans are being "coached" on how to talk to women regarding the war on women? Iowa Senate candidate Mark Jacobs told WHO-TV's David Price that, "I think you have to connect with women on an emotional level". Hilarious, eh? BWA!

Well that's all we have the space for today but stay tuned. God, John Demakowski and this paper willing, part 2 of our Holidaze edition will be hot off the presses soon. We will delve into the latest crazy in science, society and religion. Its really rich lately!

James Veverka


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Objective of Obamacare is not health insurance, it is control

To The Daily Sun,
Almost daily we find another way that Obamacare hurts people.
Because of Obamacare, millions fewer people will be insured in January 2014 than in January 2013. (About six million policies have been cancelled. About 1.1 million Obamacare exchange sign-ups.) Next year it is expected that 80 million existing policies will be cancelled. (And President Obama knew this in 2010.)
Many previously insured people with cancer or other terrible disease struggle to find new doctors and/or treatments. Some face agonizing choices of foregoing treatments or impoverishing their family.
Obamacare exchange users may get nasty surprises. Obamacare insurance has high deductibles and limited access to doctors, hospitals, drugs, etc. Treatments outside one's home area (e.g., while vacationing or at top hospitals like the Mayo Clinic) often aren't covered. Patients may be forced to less effective drugs or pay the full price (not counted towards their deductible). Obamacare will drive more people into bankruptcy than ever before.
Healthcare.gov's slowness and outages are just its obvious problems. Policies for people who think they have signed-up have been erased, altered, or not delivered to insurance companies. People are being incorrectly charged or not charged, meaning they probably aren't insured. There will be many nasty surprises when people need medical care.

Healthcare.gov contains very personal information and is a rich target for identity theft. But its security problems are extensive and may not be fixable. Poorly trained and inadequately vetted Obamacare "navigators" access people's personal information. Some navigators encourage people to submit fraudulent applications. Many people will suffer.
Obamacare upended our whole health care system and harmed many millions of Americans just to insure a few previously uninsured Americans (5-10 percent of our population). This wasn't necessary.
But Obamacare's real objective is not to insure people; it is to increase the size of government and its control of our lives. Progressives feel that the suffering and early deaths that Obamacare causes is worth it as long as Democrats increase their control of government and people. As George Maloof tells us, "the end justifies the means".
Most Americans know that "the end justifies the means" is immoral and un-American.
It is time that Americans reject big government and its "solutions" like Obamacare. Americans must reject the people, Democrats, who justify hurting people because it helps them achieve their big government utopia where Democrat "Masterminds" determine how people should live, for their own good of course.
Americans need to elect conservatives if they wish to return our country to the path of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity which will make our nation and the world a better place for ourselves and future generations.
Don Ewing

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