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Are we headed toward arresting people before crime has been committed?

To The Daily Sun,

People are saying that the FBI "failed" by not stopping the Orlando shooter. Should he have been arrested before committing a crime?

We're heading that way. The state of Massachusetts jailed a pregnant women because they thought she'd killed two previous newborns, but had no proof. We put released sexual offenders on "don't live near schools or parks" lists because they "might" offend again.

Should we lock people up because they "might?"

If we declared war on ISIS, communicating with ISIS would be treason and we could lock 'em up fair and square, but our leaders don't want to admit it's war.

Bill Taylor
New Hampton


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Hands Across the Table is introducing a Guest Chef Program

To The Daily Sun,

Hands Across the Table is alive and well and we are entering a new phase in our mission to "feed all who are hungry in body and spirit." We are inviting guest chefs to participate and share in the honor of serving our guests. To date, we have recruited some restaurant chefs such as Annie's Café & Catering, Kitchen Cravings and other well known local eateries. Every week promises to be exciting.

Can you cook? Have you cooked for large groups or worked in the restaurant industry? Do we have an opportunity for you. Sign up for our Guest Chef Program where different individuals, restaurants or chefs come in on a Wednesday, and with the help of several volunteers, puts on a meal for 100-plus guests. We have been blessed to have many folks sign up to help once or twice a year — but still have some openings on our calendar.

HATT has a strong volunteer base that will meet with you to discuss menu possibilities based on our stockroom and help prepare shopping list, will do shopping, and provide help to assist with meal preparation, serving and cleanup. If you would like to share your time and talents please give me a call (267-1935) to discuss this wonderful opportunity to feed our neighbors.

Irene Gordon

HATT President

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