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It's up to you now Laconia, recycle or we'll have to have PAYT

To the editor,
Laconia, put on your running shoes, or should I say your recycling shoes. The race is on. You are the ones who will win or lose the race. Mandatory recycling is the challenge and you must reach the finish line of at least 30 percent recycling to win.
What do you win? You win reduction in trash costs, thereby helping the city meet their financial goals, and you win for the environment. You win by accomplishing this without paying with cash for it. You win by your participating in your city, your home. It takes everyone doing their part.
If you lose the race, we will still have a recycling mandate but it will be Pay As You Throw because we didn't reach our goal.
I want to thank everyone who responded to this issue, on both sides, as it showed you are willing to get involved.
Stay involved, get running to the goal line!
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4 - Laconia

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Doyle & Bolduc represent South Down & Long Bay, or do they?

To the editor,
After ready all of the articles in The Laconia Daily Sun, the biggest inaccuracy is the representation of the Ward 1 and Ward 6 councilors, Ms. Ava Doyle and Mr. Armand Bolduc. These are two of the three councilors who are against PAYT.
As people may not be aware, these councilors represent the entire population of South Down and Long Bay developments consisting of nearly 700 local taxpayers. This section of real estate pays more than 10 percent of the entire City of Laconia property tax revenues per year (over $5,000,000). Yet we get absolutely no city services for any of those revenues except schooling for a few children.
We have always had PAYT for rubbish removable. The city even "salts the wound" by charging each resident an annual dump fee and a recently increased per dump charge if we use the city's facilities, which we fund through our taxes. Otherwise, we must pay for a private trash service. It's a wonder they do not charge us to use their recycling bins. (Whoops!)
Therefore councilors please include our entire population as 100 percent FOR PAYT in any of your polling numbers regarding this program. Otherwise our polling numbers might be a little different at the next election!
R.J. Robert
South Down - Laconia

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I felt wronged by some but have no hard feelings; I've moved on

To the editor,
As the chef manager for the J.Jill distribution center café for the last five years, I have forged many relationships with many good people. After hearing the news that my company was being dropped, it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions leading up to my last day. I am happy and lucky to have a new job ahead of me, my employee does also, and I'm optimistic and ready. However, as I am now removed from what was my home for half a decade, I have a few things that I feel I must say.
Corporate America is a hard thing to be stuck between. While serving you all, I had to strive to not only to give all of you a great lunch experience, but also appease the financial expectations of one boss as well as the service expectations of another. In my opinion, the departure of a great HR manager and liaison to my company as well as poor communication between the powers that be are what truly ended it. Not to be overly dramatic (if I haven't done so already), but more than once I felt like a kid whose parents were getting a divorce.
I believe that after this change, things will be overall better for the associates, and for that I'm glad. My company managed from afar, and their vending and coffee services were not satisfactory to me, and I'm sorry that I couldn't fix that. That aside, it bothered me that my skills and dedication were not acknowledged by the J.Jill hierarchy and the opinion of the employees were also left out of the process. A conservative guess would be that two thirds of that building would have liked my employee and me to have stayed, even after going through a company change. Probably, a deal could have been brokered. In my opinion, corporate money wanted a new company, new upgrades and new faces. I was led to believe things which were not so, by a certain always-grinning corporate spokesman. That certainly left some desire of professionalism, of which I was once lectured on by that same individual, but I digress...
What I really wanted to say is goodbye. I believe the people who I feel wronged by know it and I believe in Karma. In the last five years I have gained some real friends. From the sports water cooler talk gang and the Facebook buddies to the friends whom I have been to birthday parties with, fishing trips and weddings. You have all been a pleasure to know and it's been an awesome period of my life which I will not forget. There are some great people in that building, and all the Hallmark and gift cards, along with more than one bouquet of flowers for my co-worker were proof that we didn't fail. It also is flattering that more than a few of you vowed to boycott the new company, thanks, but that's really not necessary! Be well.
Thomas Lemay

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Rep. Worsman's tone & demeanor have been inappropriate

To the editor,
On April 17 I attended the Belknap County Convention meetings, both the Executive Committee session and the general session. Through the winter I had read articles and letters about the meetings and decided to attend one. While the articles published give an overview of the meetings as well as some of the words exchanged, I now understand what people meant when they said you had to attend a meeting to get a real appreciation for what actually takes place.
We elect both our commissioners and our state reps; each has responsibilities of their individual positions and a mutual responsibility relative to the county. It is reasonable for us to expect that their mutual responsibilities relative to the county would be carried out with the best interest of the county and with mutual respect for each other. However, as all who have followed the 2013 convention know, the situation has become very contentious and that played out at these meetings on April 17 as well.
What was striking to me was the tone and demeanor the convention chair, Rep. Worsman, used when speaking to the commissioners and the staff present at the executive session. You can read her recent letters and the articles on the convention meetings and what she says, including accusing the staff and commissioners of illegal activity, but until you hear how the words are spoken you simply do not get the full impact of how unprofessional she is. Rep. Worsman's tone and demeanor was overtly rude and condescending towards the commissioners and the county staff present. As convention chair, the tone, both verbally and physical, that she and Rep. Tilton, chair of the Executive Committee, set was clearly adversarial. In the general session this was also how she responded to the Democratic state reps; none of the eight Democrat state reps are on the Executive Committee. The Democrat state reps asked only a few questions yet Rep. Worsman responded curtly and sharply to each one. The different inflections in her voice were unmistakable when she spoke to the commissioners, county staff as well as the Democratic state reps.
We will have to let the lawyer's determine whether the position that Rep. Worsman has taken relative to responsibilities of the reps versus those of the commissioners is correct. But no lawyers or judge are needed to know that Rep. Worsman's tone and demeanor are totally inappropriate and unprofessional. We have all experienced difficult situations but even in those circumstances we owe each other basic common courtesy; no one deserves to be spoken to the way she and Rep. Tilton spoke to the commissioners and the xounty staff at this meeting, or the way she spoke to the Democratic atate eeps. If she was working in a business, the way Rep. Worsman speaks to her peers and to staff would simply not be acceptable or tolerated by them or any human resource department. It should not be acceptable or tolerated by the voters in Meredith or Gilford either.
Denise Doyle

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He should have thought about services before moving to South Down

To the editor,
Mr. Robert of South Down is correct that City Councilors Armand Bolduc and Ava Doyle do represent homeowners there, in addition to the rest of their respective wards.
He is correct that he has to buy a dump sticker if he wants to take materials to the Meredith Center Road facility. So do I and I don't live in South Down.
He is also correct that he receives no city services except for schools for the students who live there.
What he doesn't point out is that he should have known about the lack of city services, such as trash pickup and snow plowing before he moved to the private development.
And he should also know that South Down residents cannot keep people off the railroad tracks right-of way as they used to attempt to do when my children walked along the tracks.
Gordon D. King

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