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First meeting of delegation doesn't have to be noticed as to purpose

To The Daily Sun,

"Tom Tardif has a letter in the Friday edition of The Laconia Daily Sun concerning the meeting of the Belknap County Convention on Monday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. Mr. Tardif claims the reception of the commissioners' budget and hearing thereon is illegal because the same is not included in the purpose of the meeting. In fact, no purpose is set forth in the meeting notice contained in the House Calendar.

I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Tardif. RSA 24:9-a requires only the time and place of the first meeting of the convention and does not specify that it is an organizational meeting. Thus, any business which may lawfully come before the county convention is in order at the first meeting, including the reception of the commissioners' budget and a hearing thereon. The public hearing is informational only because the convention must hold a formal public hearing on the county budget before adopting it.

Only meetings held subsequent to the first meeting must be noticed as to purpose. Publishing a notice in addition to the one required by law does not vitiate the authority of the convention to take action at its first meeting. The convention certainly has the authority to give public notice of items to be considered in any manner it chooses.

David O. Houot
Representative, Belknap, Dist. 3

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More ridiculous choices for President-elect Trump's cabinet

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome to Herr Trumpenfuhrer's DC swamp of predators. We have racist Sessions, Breitbart's Bannon, and Flynn the raging Muslim hater. Nominated now for Secretary of the Treasury is Steven Mnuchin, a banker, a globalist, once a hedge fund chief, and one who also made partner at Goldman Sachs. Yes, that Goldman Sachs! Mnuchin is also a buddy of globalist George Soros. Hmmm. Mnuchin was involved in just about every recent major banking innovation, including those that brought us the recent economic disaster. Mnuchin's bank targeted the elderly during the collapse, even foreclosing on a 90 year old over a 27 cent mistake. Trumpenfuhrer's choice for Commerce secretary is billionaire and vulture capitalist Wilbur Ross. If you thought he would keep his promise about draining the swamp you got punked by the art of the deal. Breitbart and the far right are now screaming because their savior isn't interested in going after Hillary.

And another billionaire for the Education secretary! Betsy DeVos thinks her work in education reform can "advance God's Kingdom." Are you on drugs, Betsy? The DeVos couple are Christian fanatics who funded the Michigan state constitutional amendments to allow public money to be spent on private and religious schools. Voters rejected the ballot initiative. Their fingers are everywhere wingnuts are trying to bring down public education and the separation of church and state.

And how about that crackpot for Health and Human Services? Tom Price is a member of a far-right fringe medical organization American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. Wiki states, "The association is generally recognized as politically conservative or ultra-conservative, and its publication advocates a range of scientifically discredited hypotheses, including the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS, that being gay reduces life expectancy, that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, and that there are links between autism and vaccinations." They also believed that Barack Obama was using Neuro-linguistic Programming, "a covert form of hypnosis," to trick people to vote for him in his 2008 presidential campaign. As you know, Herr Trumpenfuhrer is an anti-vaxxer, too. AAPS is so extreme they oppose mandated evidence-based medicine and practice guidelines. Price is unfit for HHS.

As of Tuesday, Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead is at 2.7 Million and growing. She is 400,000 short of Obama's win over Romney. Let that sink in. Take all the time you need. What we need is an electoral college rebellion because he is clearly unfit for the presidency. He wages war on comedy shows at 3 a.m. in the morning.

James Veverka

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