Hassan knows government must do things private industry can't do

To The Daily Sun,

I support Gov. Maggie Hassan for re-election. She is a governor who knows the people of the state and the issues that confront them. She is a governor who recognizes the right of women to make their own health choices. She is a governor who spends time listening to her constituents, not just donors. She supports education, and knows that children can and do thrive in our public schools.

I want a governor who understands that regulation is necessary for good governance. Who knows that government does things that private industry won't or can't do — care for the sick, the elderly, impoverished, imprisoned, and handicapped. For these reasons, Maggie has my vote. I hope you'll join with me on Nov. 4 to re-elect our Governor Maggie Hassan for another two-year term.

Fran Taylor


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Our president has done fine job, considering what he inherited

To The Daily Sun,

First a carpetbagger named Scott Brown, and inside that carpetbag pops out somebody named Terry Payton. Again our porous southern borders have let in immigrants trying to change our way of thinking because they don't agree with our views. Forgetting about the freedoms of speech we enjoy, they are "surprised and disappointed at the amount of liberal politics being spewed out here" They go on to say "what a shame" Well, I say, if you don't like it then since you were able to find your way here you can sure find your way out.

Accordingly, I guess I should be ecstatic that this new arrival would be so kind to "correctly redirect misguided Democrats". Calling us self-serving and then going on to call himself "a well educated conservative professional tired of liberals blabbing their progressive big mouths off" shows his structured GOPness. Personally, in these trying times I feel our president has done a fine job considering what he inherited, especially with the lack of co­operation from the GOPers. Starting with stopping an economic disaster, ending two wars, killing bin Laden and Gadhafi and helping thousands of people get some form of health care is pretty good. So I am not hanging my head at all. While the GOP on the other side spends most of the time investigating numerous non­-scandals from every possible angle, closing down the government because they didn't get their own way, making idle threats of lawsuits or the I-word, spending massive amounts of taxpayer funds investigating miniscule voter fraud (Okay, Iowa found 117 illegal votes, 27 arrested and six convicted at a cost of $250,000), filibustering their own bills even after voting for them, installing new voting ID rules and regulations to remind us of the 1960s. So now we have this "war" with ISSL (or ISIS if you want) and will it unite the country again like 9/11 did for a while anyway. But this is a chess game whereas each move has to be thought out and each move done carefully.

The bottom line here is, once we get in we may never get back out and are we ready for that? So, to Ms., Mrs. or Mr. Terry Payton: was your last paragraph some sort of threat, a warning or just a self-serving announcement?

Jon Hoyt


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Jail is in pretty rough shape; let's not wait for lawsuit before we act

To The Daily Sun,

For the past four years I've had the opportunity to work with the Belknap County Correctional Facility under the leadership of Superintendent Dan Ward and under the supervision of C.O. Lemay, and this facility doesn't get the credit it deserves.

While underfunded and lacking resources, the jail is in pretty rough shape. These two individuals work to a standard worth recognizing and admiring. People of Belknap county, it's not just them two but the whole workforce that do a great job. We should continue to support them as a community so they can help people rehabilitate and to learn how to be upstanding citizens.

While I might not agree with every reason as to why people go to jail, one thing I do know is these correctional officers treat incarcerated individuals with respect. So, I ask Laconia and surrounding towns belonging to the county to support them by at least offering a solution to their needs. They deserve to work in a better atmosphere, so the inmates (someones neighbors, brothers, sisters, etc.) can at least have their needs met.

Let's not wait until a lawsuit because someone gets hurt, or incurs a health crisis to act.

As Fernando Flores once said, "Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great."

Carlos Cardona


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Mr. Osmer's writing room is so dark, glasses would be of no help

To The Daily Sun,

How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? Mr. Osmer says it is none. They just sit in the dark and blame President Obama. I would like to correct Mr. Osmer. The reason they sit in the dark is it will be more unlikely they have to see him.

Speaking of the dark, I have always thought you were In the dark since I started reading your letters. It is so bad I don't think they have glasses that would work for you.

L. Michael Hatch


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Talented people should spend their time trying to clear darkness

To The Daily Sun,

Marty Valengavich's Daily Sun letter of Sept. 10 triggered a phenomena of mine as to why certain intellectually-gifted people spend such precious time on triviality.

Awhile back, Mitt Romney publicly made known he would not make another run for the presidency. Valengavich thinks otherwise and wrote to The Daily Sun predicting he would. His letter conveyed that elemental "I told you so" card, which he appears anxious to raise soon for all to see. Why a person with such academic acumen would be so concentrated on such a small matter is puzzling.

Not long ago Hillary Clinton stated emphatically she would not be a candidate in the next presidential election. A change of heart now appears to be on her horizon. Since shifting points of view is common place in most people's lives, what should it matter if Hillary does change her mind? Wouldn't life be better for everyone if people got out of the way of others whose day-to-day dynamics might allow for personal and family decision reversals?

Whether in the work place, the political field or in domestic living, change is seldom easy. And this I've seen first hand: the toughest decision a person will ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.

As I see it, talented people like Valengavich ought to pursue a culture of trying to clear up the darkness in today's world with something new and visionary and leave the anxiety of who or who may not seek re-election in 2016 for someone else to worry about.

Roland Jutras

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