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Palin is apparently unaware of what Trump said about McCain

To The Daily Sun,

I thought I would not be writing a letter to the editor during this New Hampshire Primary season unless it was in support of my candidate, but I have CNN on right now and Sarah Palin is speaking at a Trump rally in Oklahoma where she said, "Are you ready to vote for a president who will not leave our soldiers behind? Who respects what our soldiers do and cares about them when they return?"

Evidently, she is not aware of what Donald Trump said about Senator John McCain's service and his 5 1/2 years as a POW during the Vietnam War — "He's not a war hero. He was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

Seems like not only does Sarah not read the newspapers she doesn't even listen to the news by any medium or device.

This Trump campaign cannot get any lower can it? Oh, it did.... Sarah is still speaking.

Dog gone it.

Paula Trombi


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Defeating the GOP clown car is the First Cause for all Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

I'll be voting for Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire Primary because he speaks my language on the most important issues.

Mr. Sanders sides with the working class in a way never approached before by a candidate. Not since Teddy Roosevelt and FDR have we seen such a proper indictment and assault on our lopsided and rigged corporation-driven political system. We are no longer a nation by the people and for the people. Oxfam recently found that the top 62 richest people have the same wealth as the bottom 3.6 billion people in the world. That is obscene, unnatural and is driven by the political and financial purchasing power at the top. Make no mistake; this is not capitalism we have. Its social Darwinism run by a system trapped in "he who has the most money wins." It is the root cause of income and opportunity inequality around the globe.

I knew how difficult it would be for Bernie to win the nomination from the start and have hoped that as each state's primary came on deck, Mr Sanders' message would resonate there. We Democrats have three great candidates. So regardless of who gets the nomination, that candidate should be vigorously supported. Keeping a Democrat in the White House is the most important aspect of this critical election and far outweighs the need for one's preferred candidate to win the primaries. Note that the right wing has completely ignored its own autopsy report after the 2012 election. Defeating the GOP clown car of carnival barkers, bigots, chronic liars, religious wackjobs, and science deniers should be the First Cause for all Democrats whether they be centrist or progressive like myself.

Make no mistake, both Hillary and Bernie poll similarly against the GOP, so believe no one when they say he or she is unelectable. Polling only shows us the wind direction and speed at the present and much will change as Americans realize that this election is critical in maintaining and building on top of the successes of President Obama.

Today's GOP is likely to lose the 2016 election due to shifting demographics and the fact that they have become a feeble-minded and anachronistic party full of fearful and angry people. These are the people who think their religious and economic ideologies are more important than life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and equality for all. They don't even know the definition of pragmatic. Tradition is more important to them than reality so they are impossible to reason with. As Reason Magazine said after the 1998 election, "the party that hates America deserves to lose."

And remember, if Hillary does win, we will be entertained by rotten redneckers and Steve Earle burn-outs with four more years of bizarre nonsense and another round of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, for which there is no known cure. Schadenfreude! So, vote, dammit!

James Veverka

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