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I ask Mr. Veverka to make me an orchid. He must be able to

To The Daily Sun,

Let's correct the record, after Mr. Veverka leaves his mess all over the letters section of The Daily Sun, once again. As he incorrectly stated to the contrary, no one is saying that he or his hard-left, atheist fellow travelers are engaged in a "vast conspiracy to oppress the truth" regarding their promotion of the "evolutionist theories". Not once have I ever read that's the assertion of believers in God and creation.

Pay attention, Mr. Veverka, because here's what we are saying: Your refusal to accept the truth of a higher power is based solely on your desire to not be held accountable to that higher power for your behavior.

Your choice not to believe in intelligent design must mean that you believe everything is, because of something opposite of intelligent, i.e. some unintelligent force. And since you personally are obviously much more intelligent than any unintelligent force responsible for it all, I have a request for you: please make me an orchid. You must be able to make me an orchid, Mr. Veverka, because you are so much more intelligent that the 'un'intelligent force you claim is responsible for everything. Oh, you can't make me an orchid? I'm disappointed in you, Mr. Veverka, but I'm not surprised. That's because, using accepted scientific methods of observation and experimentation, you can't provide one shred of observable evidence of evolutional change of kind.

We don't all get to have our own truth. The little boy whose mother told him not to touch the hot stove also thought he was smarter than his mother. It really doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not, Mr. Veverka. Just like the little boy, if he persists in believing that it's okay for him to have his own truth, he's going to get burned.

That goes for all of creation, including you and me...

Jim McCoole

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Great idea governor, a $76.7 package to fight the war on stupid

To The Daily Sun,

Stand by, here we go again. Maggie, is at it some more. Maggie wants the Executive Council to force the House and Senate into an early session. The reason, because, in addition to the $43 million from the general fund that the Senate Finance Committee so gracefully put into the budget, the $12 million grant she received from the feds she forgot to mention and the $4 million from Medicare, she now wants an additional $11.1 million to come from taxpayers to be spent on the 0.00034 percent of the New Hampshire residents who have chosen to become part of her " epidemic".

Here is the $ 11.1 million breakdown: $3.1 million for drug courts, $2 million for additional law enforcement, $800,000 for probation and parole officers, $100,000 to up grade the prescription drug monitoring program, $135,000 to add an attorney to focus on opiate related crimes and $5 million to be added to the $6.7 million Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery program. That will end up as a $76.7 million package to fight the war on stupid. How much is enough Maggie?

Did I forget to mention the $7 million to $ 10 million to fight the war on marijuana the state currently spends. How many more "jobs" added to the state employees retirement system that the lawmakers are scrambling to cover the $10.5 million shortfall that you had forgotten to mention before the budget process began? Governor, before you run for Senate perhaps you should go to UNH and become an economics teacher and mentor students who want to be career politicians on how to create more government jobs that has no end game, at the expense of taxpayers. It should come as second nature to you.

I wonder how far all of these millions could go to filling up the food pantry's for the holidays so many New Hampshire residents that do not have state jobs, rely on.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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