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If loud pipes save lives maybe it worked that we heard these morons

To The Daily Sun,

But just last week while driving from Meredith towards Holderness, an older man on a Harley with his also-older female passenger passed two cars in a no passing zone and almost caused an accident when he finally pulled back into his own lane just a dozen yards before he would have hit a VW bus that was frantically breaking — as were every vehicle behind him. We were doing the speed limit, but he just had to Live Free — or Die.

But wait — it gets better! After leaving Walter's Basin in Holderness on a warm, busy day with lots of boats and lots of pedestrians, we nearly got hit on a crosswalk by a pack of motorcycles who chose to ignore the folks entering the crosswalk from both sides of the street. If loud pipes save lives, maybe it worked that we heard these morons as they bombed down the street. I wish I'd had my own marine air horn to let these riders know our displeasure. But safety on crosswalks seems to be an issue in this area. Meredith is particularly bad, and Laconia is no safe haven.

It would simply be great if we could all make it home alive.

Alan Vervaeke

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Free the Nipple movement wants it all; they are selfish & greedy

To The Daily Sun,

Growing up I was always reminded about being a respectful and modest young lady. "Sweetheart you are wearing a dress, you really ought not to be sitting like that," my mother would gently remind my young mind, many times within a single day. I couldn't imagine growing up without my mother teaching me how to be modest and respectful. Would I have been deprived of this upbringing, I would probably be a blind supporter of this movement to create equality by exposing private parts of my body. I ask myself and others how this is suppose to accomplish equality between genders, feeling there are more effective means of working towards this equality, more constructive and important, for example working towards creating equal wages for both men and women for equal work.

Given women's lower wages and the expense of clothing I can see why these supporters believe it is morally right to only clothe half their bodies. This is not a valid point however, as I have always been able to afford to buy a complete outfit even if it was only from Salvation Army. I find it morally wrong to expose your breasts in public aside from breast feeding, and if you are biblically-inclined, wrong in this respect as well. Just as it would be wrong of me to be shoving a bible in your face telling you that you aren't living your life correctly and that you should be obligated or forced to adopt how Christians approach the world. That's exactly what this movement is doing, imposing their beliefs upon the rest of a varied people.

Whether one believes the nipple of a woman should or should not be sexualized, the fact is that it is sexualized in the U.S., and simply stripping is not going to alleviate this deep-seeded perception. As there are places for me to gather with other Christians, there are also places for people who wish to expose their body parts. The world coexists with all sorts of religions because we understand that not everyone is going to possess the same set of values, morals and beliefs and that's okay, we respect and understand the lines that should not be crossed, and adhere to the idea that these conflicting ideals can coexist, as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others. This movement wants it all, they are selfish and greedy in their desires and are oblivious to others feelings and beliefs. There needs to be a level of respect, a line that should not be crossed. I do not believe that they will set this line on there own and do believe a ban on public female toplessness needs to be put in place at designated places throughout the state. We need there to be beaches that do not allow bareness for the sake of not crossing this line, and to avoid imposing their misdirected intentions and beliefs on the rest of us.
Chelsea Davis


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