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Joe Kenney is one politician who really cares about people

To The Daily Sun,

When you hear Michael Cryans say how much he cares about people, question who he actually cares about, whether he is able to help, and whether his "caring" helps or hurts you.

Did Cryans care about Grafton County taxpayers when he approved the gratuitous spending of their hard-earned tax dollars? Did he show caring for the taxpayers or for himself when he voted to give many thousands of taxpayer dollars to his employer? (How much did Cryans personally benefit — salary, bonuses, perks, etc.? — from obtaining money for his employer?)

Even if Cryans really cares, his ability to help people is limited, because he doesn't know how to make the state government work for people. And, if Cryans learns these things, will his political philosophy enable him to help people? After all, doesn't President Obama want to help people? Yet his policies are killing middle-class jobs, increasing taxes, increasing our cost of living, destroying our health care system, locking more and more people into poverty, stealing our constitutional protections, etc. President Obama's policies have made the rich richer and middle-income Americans much poorer.

I am tired of hearing politicians who claim to care about people but whose actions don't match their words. If these politicians really cared, why are things so bad for most Americans? Either they don't really care or they don't know how to help people.

Joe Kenney doesn't have to talk about how he cares for others, people tell how he helped them (e.g., http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6iwWZ4fPfw). From his years in the Legislature, Joe knows the key government players and how to get things done to help people. He has worked with these people to bring jobs to New Hampshire.

If you want an Executive Councilor who has demonstrated his caring by actually helping people, and someone who will make sure that we get the maximum value for our tax dollars, then join me and vote for Joe Kenney for Executive Councilor.

Don Ewing

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McCormack clearly understands problems that exist in our town

To The Daily Sun,

In reply to Mr. Isleib's letter of March 7, criticizing Mr. McCormack's work for the state employees' union, I would offer this rejoinder.

Mr. McCormack was a field representative for the SEA for 26 years, and a Marine Corps officer before that. A field representative travels the state, and I mean the entire state, representing the interests of state employees and working with state management to seek common ground and proper resolutions to employee-management issues.

I have worked with Steve in the past, and can attest to his honesty, dedication and hard work. He listens to all people's opinions on issues, and does not make hasty decisions. He is uniquely qualified to address the current management issues that are so painfully apparent in this town. I listened to both Mr. McCormack and Mr. Barnes at the Candidates Night last evening. Mr. McCormack's remarks clearly showed that he understands the problems that exist in Gilmanton, and that he intends to work with all parties to address them in a much more collegial manner than the present board has done.

Mr. Barnes, a nice enough individual, while telling some interesting stories, gave no indication that he understands what the real problems that face Gilmanton are, much less how he might address them. That is how I judge candidates, not by making baseless statements about their past careers.

By the way, Mr. Isleib, you and I worked together on the Class VI roads special committee, in a very trusting and open relationship. I happen to be a union steward, and so you have in fact met and worked with a union person that you have trusted and been able to work well with. Please don't judge any book simply by its cover. Read the book and learn about the story behind it, then make your judgement. You and the town will be better for it.

Dick de Seve


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Dave Sticht is ready, please write him in for Meredith selectman

To The Daily Sun,

Meredith needs an experienced, knowledgeable selectman to help our town deal with the challenges of years of economic stress for our town and our citizens. In the selectman area of your March 11 ballot, please write in and vote for David Sticht.

David Sticht has been a selectman. He is up to speed on the issues since he regularly attends the selectmen's meetings, and he will help Meredith get the most for our tax dollars while providing the best possible service to our citizens.

Now is not the time for a total novice to become a Meredith selectman. Eventually the economy will rebound and ease the stress on the budgets of our town and citizens. That would be a much better time for someone to learn the job, to get to know our town employees and their responsibilities, to learn how our town government operates and how things get done, how to help citizens with government related issues, the relationship and responsibilities of Meredith's government to other town, county and state governments, the school board, etc.

David Sticht went through this learning curve long ago. He has been a longtime resident of Meredith and he understands the stresses of both citizens and government in these difficult economic times.

David Sticht is ready to start addressing the challenges of our citizens and our town. On March 11, please write in and vote for David Sticht for Meredith selectman.

Don Ewing


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Howard Cunningham will serve again, please write his name in

To The Daily Sun,

If you are a voter in Center Harbor, Meredith and Sandwich, on Tuesday, March 11, please write in Howard Cunningham for the School Board position representing Sandwich.

Howard had previously announced that he would retire from the School Board, but he has agreed that he would serve another term if he wins the election. There is no one on the ballot for this position. We are so fortunate that Howard has reconsidered.

He has been a thoughtful and respectful representative on the I-L School Board who is highly regarded as a person of great integrity. He makes decisions based on what is best for the students and families in the district. Our decision should be to return him to another term on the School Board.

So on Tuesday please write in Howard Cunningham for I-L School Board to represent Sandwich.

Voters from all three towns in the I-L School District vote for this position.

Denise Doyle


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I've learned that politics, even in Meredith, can be dirty business

To The Daily Sun,

As a member and leader in and of many non-profit organizations, currently and in the past, I have always been drawn to public service. I am proud of my honorable service in the U.S. Air Force and in the New Hampshire National Guard. I have a deep love for the Lakes Region, having spent my formative years here and having visited and spent much time with my parents here over the last 30 some-odd years. Ken Jollimore, former town moderator, and his wife Anne, former supervisor of the checklist and state school board member, were very active in the town they loved. Now here I am, wishing they were still around to love, support and guide me, but knowing that, in spirit, they are.

So, as I worked tirelessly on the Christopher Boothby campaign, I decided it was time for me to throw my hat in the ring and I registered to run for the Meredith Selectboard. Since I made that decision I have met some of the most amazing people. People who have offered to educate me and who have spend countless hours sharing their non-partisan knowledge with me. It may surprise some that none of these is a current selectman. I thank these people for their support and for their willingness to help me when nobody else registered to run.

I have also learned that politics, even at this level, can be a dirty business. People will make up things and twist things to get their point across, and for a newcomer like me, it's difficult not to be hurt by these falsehoods.

Let me just say a couple of things to you all as you head off to the polls today. First of all, I want to thank Joe Kenney for his honorable service in the U.S. Marine Corps. My support of Mike Cryans in no way is intended as an attack on Lt. Col. Kenney, but as an American exercising my right to my opinion that Mike Cryans would be more suited for the Executive Council position.

Secondly, I have not been privy to any action on the part of the current Selectboard get me elected. I also don't have any knowledge of Phil Warren's activities in that manner. I know these people from around town and that is all, and I don't appreciate anyone besmirching their character or mine in an unwarrented letter calling me a Meredith "sweetheart." I find that comment sexist and demeaning and the whole letter bordering on libel.

As a relative newcomer to this game, I guess I just didn't expect the mean-spirited attacks that exist in our community. You see, to me, I feel grateful and privileged to live in a post card. I really want to keep it that way. I want to keep it filled with tourists and happy residents with happy employees and low taxes and happy business owners. We actually have a community unique enough to accomplish that. Amazing isn't it?

So, I may not have the experience, but I will get it. And, I really do love this town and want to work with all of you to do what's best for all of us.

Please do come out and vote for me on Tuesday, March 11.

I look forward to seeing you at the polls.

Hillary Seeger

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