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Donnie was a Democrat & now he's a republican (with a small r)

To The Daily Sun,

As I prepare (2 p.m.) this email to be used as a letter there is a voice in this new land of make believe saying Trump is using this story of not being at the debate to gain attention. When he is not looking at himself in the mirror he is working on the next project to bring headlines for him. Trump is the bully who is making fun of a person in a wheel chair (reminds me of the Obama quote where that bully joked about bowling a Special Olympics score), attacking a real lady, Carly Fiorina, regarding Trump's opinion of Carly's face.

I am voting for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. While there are several candidates and I have no interest in giving many of them my vote, they do not deserve the disparaging personal attacks from the least informed on the issues. Therefore, Donnie does not wish to discuss issues. This is the guy who was a Democrat, and then became a republican (small r on purpose), he was not opposed to abortion or partial birth abortion. Donnie has problems with eminent domain, but Obama threw the Constitution out!

Please tell me, why you are voting for this guy?

Niel Young


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Don't job applicants deserve a little respect & good manners

To The Daily Sun,

I miss good old-fashioned manners. It seems people are too busy these days to employ them. For example, all of the companies that offer employment in this newspaper's "Help Wanted" section. Having applied to numerous advertised positions with a resume and a letter, it used t be that you could expect — at the minimum — a polite letter that thanked you for your interest. It might also say that applications are being reviewed, or that your qualifications weren't sufficient. But at least you had some idea that your resume and application were received. It was manners. Manners and good old fashioned common sense that you treated people with respect.

If you advertise in this paper, it might be nice if you remembered that people respond to your advertisement because they need a job or at least a change of job. And they are offering to work for you. Doesn't that count for something? Don't these people deserve a little respect and manners to let them know that you appreciate their wanting to work with you? Because you might be in the exact same situation some day when your current job goes away when people decide to spurn an employer who doesn't respect their own employees or the general public.

And soon enough, some of these presidential candidates won't get hired because they have no manners, either.

Alan Vervaeke

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