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Why is it that Mr. Vevaeke can voice abortion opinion but I can't

To The Daily Sun,

I offer this response to Mr. Vervaeke's letter in the Sept. 9 issue of The Sun. Who you call my "hanging-off-the-cross minions" are individuals who speak for life, and I graciously thank them for their support of the unborn. Each has his or her own opinion, not mine. If we agree, so be it.

As far as being male, why are you entitled to speak, but you don't think I am?

I have always acknowledged that the law of the United States offers choice in ending the life of your child. I only encourage women to choose life and give them hope in keeping their baby. An abortion is a gruesome, terrible act of murder that can't be unmade once it is performed. Please don't have an abortion is my plea. Life is precious.

Finally your insulting manner and rude offensive comments are not respectful of other people's opinions.

Harry Mitchell

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Need someone we can trust in the White House: Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,

The State Department recently announced that there were 30 emails related to Benghazi recovered from Hillary Clinton's private email server. Why did Hillary Clinton delete emails related to Benghazi off of her personal email server? Better yet, why did she even conduct official State Department business on a private email server?

Clinton repeatedly said that she turned over all work-related emails to the FBI. Not surprisingly, it is now clear that she lied about that. If these emails were recovered, imagine what the contents of the other emails she attempted to wipe from the 13 devices that housed her personal emails may have contained.

Four Americans died during the Benghazi attack. Their families and the American people deserve to know all the facts behind the events surrounding the attack and the response by Hillary's State Department and the Obama administration. Clinton's corrupt actions, repeated lies, and scandals should give all voters pause.

We need someone we can trust to serve as our next president. That person is Donald Trump.

Francine Wendelboe
New Hampton

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