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Thanks for help introducing new Laconia teachers to their community

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Laconia School District, I would like to thank the following local businesses for welcoming our new Laconia School District professional staff on Monday, Aug. 24.

These businesses include: All My Life Jewelers, Art Escape, Bank of NH, Bead Devine, Belknap Mill, Bootleggers, Burrito Me, Happy Cow Ice Cream, Laconia Fire Department, MC Cycle, Polished and Proper, Daubs Shoe Repair, Frates Art Studio, Laconia Athletic and Swim Club, Laconia Chamber of Commerce, Laconia City Hall, Laconia Police Department, Laconia Public Library, My Coffee House, Prescott's Florist, Soda Shoppe, SunDay's Salon, Sunflower Health Foods, The Studio, Village Bakery, Vintage Row, Wayfarer Coffee Roasters, and Whittemore's Florist.

Many of our new teachers are new to the area and it was helpful to introduce them to local merchants and services as well as learn about our amazing and supportive community.

Regina Theberge

Administrative Assistant

Laconia School District

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He used to make his points without resorting to name-calling

To The Daily Sun,

Well, I know Scott Cracraft was recently on vacation, but boy oh boy, have his last couple letters been snarkey. Maybe someone dropped something in his Coca-Cola or the water was bad where he stayed but geeze, he's sounding just like James Veverka's nonsense. I know Scott's a liberal, but previously he has always been able to make his points without resorting to name-calling and smears.

I don't know, maybe it's the reflected pressure building on Hillary and her server problems, or perhaps Planned Parenthood's scandals. Maybe even the Obama/Iran nuke deal that the head, head case over there just announced today that Iran was going to purchase any weapons from anybody and would ask no one's permission. So much for any agreements or measures of trust. A really bad deal keeps getting worse as the days go by.

Poor Bernadette Loesch got all worked up last week about the growing drug problems all across the country. Why can't we put all these drug dealers in jail, she wanted to know? Well perhaps she should address that question to her hero Obama, who just ordered the release from jails of hundreds of them as they were described as "non-violent criminals." Guess all the druggies overdosing and dying must be from bad spring waters. Thing about Bernadette is she just doesn't pay attention to world events and only listen or watches extreme left wing sources then never checks the truth of them.

I don't believe she's a bad person, I was even given to understand that she attends church every Sunday, but then on Mondays she writes letters to the editor bearing false witness against people only because they hold different political views then she does. Anyone who didn't vote for Obama or questions his policies are, according to her, racist. Her praise of a couple of the progressive writers to the paper well known by their radical anti-Christian rants is unbridled. How do we account for that except that Bernadette lets herself be unduly influenced by unscrupulous left leaning, supposed news organizations that do more distortion then news.

While I've been writing this I hear a commentator on TV saying that the investigation into Hillary's servers has found that many of her staff have had their e-mails hacked by the Chinese and if the FBI finds that her's also were hacked she could be in really, really big trouble. Isn't this getting exciting?

Steve Earle


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