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Bob Dole had it right – the Republican Party is out to lunch

To the editor,
I want to reply briefly to letter written by Ron Tricca on May 30:
I have said in the past and I'll say it one more time. The Republican Party is history. You lost in the last election. You will lose the next one. All signs the country is on the comeback with not one vote from the party of NO showing assistance of any kind. Your letter answers none of my questions — some where you got twisted up. I guess you know now what Senator Bob Dole said on Sunday was correct. The GOP party is out to lunch.
Your letter has been written before by others using the same argument and proven wrong by many fine liberal Democrats.I suggest you go back a few months and read past issues of letters to editor. The WMDs that you refer to were given to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s by the Reagan administration during Iraq Iran war. (Reference U.S. involvement in Iran Iraq War 1980.)
The question you didn't answer was WHY an American civilian in harm's way is murdered and a soldier is killed? You are right on many hard working folks know how to type. I should have said that growing up in a small Vermont town (40s 50s) typing was not something most boys took up. I served 20 years in U.S. army, drove truck cross country for 20 years, worked local for eight years, retired in 2005 and not once in my life was I held back because of my inability to type. Today it is needed to communicate.
Henry Osmer

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‘Eat Out’ week raised enough to feed 22 children this summer

To the editor,
On behalf of the Advisory Board and all the volunteers of Got Lunch! Laconia, we would like to sincerely thank the nine restaurants for participating and supporting our 3rd Annual Eat Out for Got Lunch! Laconia fund raiser. It was a great week of fun, food and friends while raising funds and awareness for the GOT LUNCH! Laconia program.
We were able to raise $2,446 from the donations given by T-Bones/Cactus Jack's, Fratello's, Village Bakery, Burrito Me, Hector's, Lyons' Den, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Tavern 27and Brick Front! Our estimated cost for a summer of healthy lunches is $110 per child, so this donation will provide lunches for 22 of our city's children.
We also want to thank all the wonderful members of our community that went out to eat lunch and/or dinner at one of these superb restaurants to support a very important cause to help end childhood hunger in our city.
Please visit our website www.gotlunchlaconia.com to learn more about this fabulous program and see how you can get involved or make a donation. We also have our own Facebook site so go on and "like" us.
Linda Tunnicliffe
For the Advisory Board

Got Lunch! Laconia

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The U.N. stands poised to collect your guns, with Obama’s help

To the editor,
To the Live Free or Die State:
You lived free and now you're dead. Do you know what killed you?
It was U.N. Agenda 21? And you don't even know what it is.
In simple words that all can understand, it's an action plan implemented by The U.N. worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy (note: windmills), all education, all information, and all human beings in the world and George H Bush signed on to it.
That in its self should have set off the alarm bells.
Well, one Democrat got it right and she aligned with the 912 Party in a movement called Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21? Look her up on the Internet: "Inventory and Control - Behind the Green Mask" by Rosa Koire.
SUSTAINABILITY is the key word that drives the U.N. Agenda 21. Other key words are Local Governments for Sustainability and Land Use Policies. One-planet communities are being implemented in every town,county, state and nation in the world and will be changing their land and water use (Senate Bill 11), planning codes and government policies so as to align themselves with (The New World Order) which is (One World Government) and that will usurp the U.S. government, The Constitution, The Bill of Right sand American's individualism.
Under U.N. Agenda 21 your children are now being brainwashed in your schools by programed teachers instructing them using, Common Core Curriculum (which teaches communism), outcome based education, community protocol, comprehensive planning, and the list goes on and on?
The three "E"s of Sustainability are Equity, Economy and Environment.
It's not just a coincidence the windmills were pushed down your throat or your water rights were taken away from you. Senate Bill 11 is all part of the U.N. telling us what we can and cannot do or have in our country.
On Tuesday, Obama signs the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and he doesn't need the authorizing of Congress. The U.N. stands poised to collect your guns with the help of Obama's private army (Homeland Security). New Hampshire was a free state until the idiots in the Statehouse opted for UN Agenda 21 and sold out the USA.
George Dengel

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First Amendment protects free speech regardless of its source

To the editor,
As Ronald Reagan said to Jimmie Carter in their 1980 presidential debate; "There you go again" to highlight Carter's misrepresentations (some would say lies) concerning Reagan's policy positions and political record. Back in April, I responded to a letter criticizing the U. S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, which confirmed a 35 year old precedent that the inherent worth of speech to inform the public does not depend on the identity of the speaker, whether corporation, union, association or individual. Since that time there have been a series of letters in The Sun advocating a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to limit the free speech rights of corporations, including passing a symbolic act in the N.H. Legislature urging such a Constitutional Amendment.
Mr. Larry Spencer's letter is the latest diatribe in this area, because "if we continue to give corporations the same rights as people have, it will in the long run be the downfall of our democracy." Again, I suspect it is the content of the corporate political speech that Mr. Spencer doesn't like, but I bet it would be okay with him if a union used its members' dues to lobby politicians and influence legislation. As I said previously: The foundation of the First Amendment is that it protects and promotes the free exchange of ideas regardless of source and however personally disagreeable one may find the content of the speech.
Our founding fathers fought the Revolutionary War to bring freedom to America from British rule. They knew first hand about "unalienable rights" endowed by their Creator to which British rule was "destructive." The founding fathers distrusted monarchy and arbitrary rule and they were suspicious of government power. Accordingly, in the Constitution, they created a system of checks and balances between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government to "secure these rights" by "deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." The First Amendment is the cornerstone of securing and maintaining those rights. Not only does it protect the free exercise of religion, but it prohibits the abridgement of freedom of speech and the press. Where does the First Amendment say that only certain groups or individuals have free speech rights regarding political speech? Moreover, one only need look at the abuse of power by the IRS in investigating conservative organizations seeking tax exempt status, and the FBI in seizing phone records of the Associated Press and a Fox News reporter and his parents without proper notification and process, to realize the wisdom of the founding fathers and the confirmation of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case. If Mr. Spencer and others had their way, The AP and organizations like American Crossroads would not have the right to criticize government at any level and could be investigated, harassed or possibly fined merely for the content of their "offending" political speech. "There you go again."
Richard R. Gerken

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Mail carrier food drive came when need was at all-time high

To the editor,
It's heartwarming to see our community pull together to support local food pantries. This year's mail carriers food drive comes at a time when needs are at an all time high while donations have not been able to keep up. Therefore, the willingness of postal workers to donate their time and effort, and the generosity of the area residents is much appreciated.
If anyone missed the drive and would like to contribute non-perishable food items, St. Vincent's is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If those that are able continue to donate, we can continue to help local families.
Thank you again, and may God bless.
V-Jo Carignan
Manager and VP
St Vincent De Paul Food Pantry

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