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Rosemary Landry is approachable, caring & knowledgeable

To The Daily Sun,

In the almost 12 months I was privileged to be on the Meredith Board of Selectman, there were few constants, but one of the most enduring and endearing has been Rosemary Landry.

I first met Rosemary when she campaigned for David Sticht, running against me for Selectboard last year. Rosemary knew better than I the time it would take and the time it would take during business hours to do this job. She knew that because she was and is always there. She is committed to this town and to making this town the best that it can be. Even as a layperson, I would venture a guess that Rosemary knows more about what is going on in this town than just about any elected official, and anything she doesn't know she researches thoroughly.

She is kind and approachable. She is caring and knowledgeable. She will work with the residents of the town and will not concern herself with the status quo. Meredith would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated and caring selectperson than Rosemary Landry. She was a kind and correct adversary, and now I am privileged to call her my friend.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Rosemary. She will not disappoint.

Hillary Seeger


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How about a fair wage and benefits for all U.S. workers?

To The Daily Sun,

Ms. Williamson, there might not be a free lunch, however there is a generosity our country has had passed down from one generation to the next. From the earliest Pilgrims to the current immigrants someone has been there to help. If this didn't exist then your Social Security wouldn't be direct deposited every month in your account. Your Medicare or Medicaid wouldn't pay your medical bills. Neither would have ever existed but they did and did so after a lot of fighting by the Democratic Party. Social Security by FDR in 1935 and Medicare and Medicaid by LBJ in 1965 were created.

So, we are very similar not counting our genders. I have been paying into Medicare and SS for as long as you have and collect about the same amount but a little more. Keep on voting for the GOP and that will never change and I will always earn more money. The president is trying to open our education system by looking toward a positive future instead of a negative past. This has been his usual positive approach to everything he has done or tried to do since being elected twice.

Now look at the possible positive results to be had. People who may never have had a chance to attend school will have that chance while not being locked into a rigid routine because the opportunity to change classes or majors will exist. Phrases like dropping out due to lack of affordable education will disappear. Sounds like a win-win to me. Then again people doubted we would ever land on the moon or Mars, cure polio, invent stuff but we did.

By reducing the taxes on the higher earners (CEOs) will only put the burden on the lower earners; remember your free lunch analysis. Your views of taxing the poor to increase the profits of the CEOs doesn't pass the smell test either. How about a fair wage and benefits for all? Some will be satisfied with that, but others will try to move on to increase their value to themselves and others. To open up this opportunity for advancement by free schooling seems like a good idea to me. It reduces the stress of student loans while increasing a wide spectrum of possible educational services.

Overseas tax shelters still exist. Might want to check out Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Caterpillar. Between profits and unpaid taxes accounted for around $40 billion as of 2013­-14. Romney had so many he didn't know where they all were. Lindsay Graham mentioned once something to the effect that it is American if you avoid paying taxes. These shelters and off-shore accounts cost the taxpayers from $100 billion to $­150 billion of yearly revenue.

Jon Hoyt


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