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Neglecting to vote is sure way to get wrong candidate into office

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing this letter to support Scott Brown for U.S Senate. It's not so much a vote for Brown as it is a vote against Shaheen. That's right, I prefer someone I only partially agree with over Shaheen who doesn't do much I agree with.

Shaheen aligns with Obama most of the time. She and her supporters have run one of the most negative campaigns of this election. You may not always agree 100 percent with a candidate but "no vote" is a sure way to get the least effective candidate into office.

It is very important in our democracy to vote.

Richard Hickok


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Have Americans really lost their precious right to dissent?

To The Daily Sun,

We have been dropping bombs on Middle Eastern countries (as many as seven countries) for 12 years — non stop. We have the dubious record of killing more people, without regret, or justification without international laws in place (if war should ever be morally acceptable.) We have done more damage trying to instill democratic beliefs on ancient cultures that continue to war between themselves — as they have done for hundreds of years. If we defeat this gang of cut-throats, who's next? Answer this question to justify continued bombing. If it stopped tomorrow, what have we accomplished?

It is a sad commentary on our total lack of morality, fostering misplaced suspicion on the lives of other people different from ourselves. We cannot solve their constant uprisings that they themselves have created.

Have Americans lost their precious right to dissent? Has morality disappeared for the sake of military dominance whereas unabated and irrational fear give us the excuse to use greater military force. Have 4,400 men and women, in service to their country, died without just cause? God forbid!

Leon Albushies


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