This summer, literacy material was slipped into each Got Lunch bag

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to express our appreciation to the greater Laconia community for helping to make our first year of "Got Literacy" a success.

In the summer of 2013, we three retired teachers volunteered for the first time in the outstanding, "Got Lunch, Laconia," program delivering lunches to deserving families. As we observed the widespread impact this program provided our Laconia children, we began a conversation about adding a literacy component to the weekly lunch deliveries. Throughout the winter we crafted a plan, and with the help of so many supporters in the community, we began to put in place our vision of "feeding the mind," in addition to feeding the belly.

Each week the Got Lunch volunteer packers slipped literacy materials into every bag. Included were various word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, etc. We also provided information to parents to advocate reading to their children 20 minutes a day provided by Family Resource Center. One week we included two new books with each delivery. In addition, two new books were distributed to each child attending a storytelling event in mid-July sponsored jointly by Got Literacy, the Lakes Region Boys and Girls Club, and the Children's Literacy Foundation.

We would like to thank the many people who supported us in our efforts, whether through monetary donations or their gift of time in coordinating the distributions. Thank you to Laconia Altrusa and the Kiwanis Club for their generous book donations. A special thanks goes to the Laconia Library, particularly library Director Randy Brough and their dynamic children's librarian, Gail Drucker, for providing and funding all copy materials.

Got Literacy is already in the planning stages for next summer. We hope to expand the program by adding more stimulating materials and distributing additional books to combat the, "Summer Slide," that often occurs academically during the summer vacation months. We welcome your ideas and offers of book donations or financial help. Please feel free to contact us at 527-3744.

Kay Anderson, Laconia

Jane Hewitt, Laconia

Jan Streifer, Sanbornton

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A lot of seniors don't drive; need to keep KFC in Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to help save our Laconia KFC Restaurant. Many seniors get nice hot meals there that won't be able to eat at Taco Bell. Why can't they combine the stores like the have in Lebanon, N.H. into one restaurant?

I know there's one in Tilton, but a lot of people don't drive, plus Laconia needs to keep the KFC here — Best Fried Chicken around!

Betty Fortier


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You ruined my joke; the point is there are no bears in Antarctica

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 10, you published a letter I wrote, but darn it, you ruined one of my better jokes. The whole idea was that there are no polar bears in the Antarctic, just as there never were WMD in Iraq. You changed my words, so it seems like I condone polar bear hunting, which I do not. I neither condone nor discourage hunting of any kind, if you want to legally hunt that is your choice, have at it.
My main point is that Mr. Earle seems to like to seek out things that don’t exist. His fake “scandals” letters prove that for themselves. In fact in the very issue you printed my letter, he claims the IRS “scandal” was somehow a way of “shutting off the rights of non-liberals.” I wonder if Mr. Earle is interested in knowing the truth about what the results of that “scandal” were? Of all the groups, both conservative and liberal being investigated for fund raising, only two were found to be unworthy of the tax-free status they sought, both were liberal.
I know Mr. Earle will never accept the whole truth on any issue he doesn’t happen to agree with, hence my suggestion to him to go hunting polar bears in the Antarctic. Not the Arctic, where there actually are polar bears.
Marty Valengavich


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We need to put some energy back into Grafton Co.; vote Simard

To The Daily Sun,

The county commissioners' responsibility is to control county spending. We are spending money like it is going out of style. We demand all of these services and hardly ever use them. I'll ask people, are you using the amount of services that you pay in taxes on your property every year? The answer is all ways the same. No, they wouldn't use that amount of services in a lifetime.

We need to tighten the belt. The state's retirement system is hurting, and the more it hurts we will all end up hurting, by paying for it. We need someone in county who is reasonable and responsible enough who will take us there. We need to get our county taxes down. We need to send Paul Simard up to Grafton County for our next commissioner on Nov. 4. We need to put some "Red" back into the county. We need to put some energy back into Grafton County.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Another well-intentioned liberal program being cooked to death

To The Daily Sun,

Michelle Obama's 21st Century lunch lady land has hit the schools with a bland and wasteful thud. The idea that schools should provide healthier choices for students makes good sense for our increasingly obese school-age population. Unfortunately, it is yet another well-intentioned liberal program being cooked to death by unreasonable restrictions on protein, sodium and fat.

Hummus is too high in fat. Pretzels have too much sodium. Pasta primavera with roasted vegetables and olive oil didn't make the cut because it's just too low in protein. Hard boiled eggs? With all that fat and cholesterol, forget it.

According to Leah Barkoukis, an Illinois school district has had enough and has decided they are better off without the federal funds that come with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. When it comes to the Illinois "Fighting Illini," seems like the yokes on the feds.

Jennifer C. Braceras reminds us that "the cost of social programs administered by Washington bureaucrats, and the accompanying loss of personal liberty, free choice and local control, too often outweigh any benefits of these 'feel good' ideas." If the food doesn't taste good, the kids are not going to eat it. Especially low fat mac-n-cheese with broccoli or pizza with whole wheat crust and organic veggie toppings.

Jennifer encapsulates it ever so succinctly — "vomitrocious." She tells us that more than 500 school districts have dropped out of the federal school lunch program due to the lack of flexibility in the federal mandates. This has lead to mountains of wasted food and increased costs to school districts already under financial hardship.

To end an ill-conceived and enormously wasteful program or continue to force it down the throats of our children? Is that the question the progressive-liberal elites are contemplating? Don't be silly, Sherlock. According to Jennifer, the Obama administration has decreed that wasted food is a good thing. You know, the "job-lock is a good thing" thought process. It allows schools to create "food recovery" programs in order to pass this food onto the hungry among us. A glorious, teachable moment with which to turn our students into "civic minded, community-conscious adults."

Central planners micro-managing local communities is always a bad idea. Taking parents out of the equation is a growing "Common Core" phenomenon. Kids may be temporarily stuck with the new math of multiple correct answers, but you can't force them to eat food that doesn't taste very good. And just why are they using outdated guidelines for goodness sake? Eggs, especially free range eggs, are a wonderfully healthful food.

I suppose if this failed liberal program gets parents to send their kids to school with a nutritious brown bag lunch, that is a good thing. However, I'm sure there must be a more cost effective way to achieve that end, don't you?

You know, this program could have worked if the feds had enough sense to ease into these changes rather than blindly mandating drastic changes. Of course that would imply the central planners would use common sense and spend our money in a judicious and tasteful manner. I know, silly me for even thinking such nonsense. That would imply they understand that the ninth-grade football player should not be on the same restrictive caloric intake as the "Slim Jim" sedentary student. Unfortunately, it's yet another "one size fits all" catastrophe.

Please, give my grandchildren "hoagies and grinders, navy beans, meatloaf sandwiches and sloppy joes." Bring Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady Land" back to life. Even if occasionally, "chop suey kicks em in the head." And bring back the hard boiled eggs for goodness sake. Go ahead and make some subtle and tasty changes and include more fresh veggies and fruit and let the "lunch lady" rather than the "First Lady" decide on the menu choices.

Whew, this letter has made me so hungry. I'm longing for a "Cheeseburger in Paradise"(Jimmy Buffet), but another liberal-progressive program gone expensively, tastelessly and wastefully awry has given me the "Dead Shrimp Blues" (Robert Johnson). Oh well, just another day on the eight year cruise of Obama's "Good Ship Lollipop."

Russ Wiles


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