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A difference of opinion does not mean that one party is just lying

To The Daily Sun,

Have readers noticed the ongoing trend in L.J. Sidens letters? In every letter lately he brings up the "birthers", birthers this, birthers that. Funny thing, Siden is the only one I can recall in two maybe three years who continues to bring up that question. Why? I suppose it's all he has left to try to deflect readers from the lies, failures, and incompetence of the Obama administration. But you see, Siden is a true believer who has hooked his ego and credibility to a shady politician and is now desperately trying to salvage something, looking for old stories, conspiracy theories — anything to take the heat off his hero. Well too late, Obama is on another campaign-like tour telling the faithful to "get out the word" about his ACA. Problem is the word is out, all over the place, even NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, well everywhere. The word is the TRUTH, finally.
As for Obama's school records, they don't matter, except to highlight the inherent dishonesty of the man's character. I'm not calling for their release — don't care — but if he had a 3.7 gpa and all was up and up, he would have released them years ago like the braggart he is. Oh, that's my OPINION.
Another thing, what are all these "lies" I'm supposed to be telling that he keeps referring to? Can it be L.J. still, after having it explained to him many times, cannot separate the difference between a DIFFERENCE of OPINION from his own and thus has to label them "lies" like a truculent 10 year old? Yes, he and Maloof, two of a kind, true believers — any means justifies their ends.
Well good luck trying to put the cat back in the bag fellas because it's mad as you know what — and has it's claws out.
Steve Earle


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You're just going to love latest folly uncovered about Obamacare

To The Daily Sun,

Okay, first of all, I must correct my misuse of the term "modern day liberals" because there is absolutely, positively nothing liberal about the paternalistic, socialist policies being enforced by this current lawless administration. The correct description is "progressive". That would be the maddeningly coercive and oxymoronic term used to describe the "regressive" policies that have infected all areas of our life including the media, academia, entertainment industry and of course our government. Just draw a time line from the Woodrow Wilson administration to the magnificent wrecking ball that is the Barack Obama administration, minus the pause for the Reagan revolution.

Now on to the show and the American version of Kabuki theater starring the "dear leader" himself, Barack Obama. Notice his suave, stylized movements and smooth rhetoric as he just this week assured us that the "Affordable Care Act" is working and will continue to get better. Yes, he actually said that, with squared jaw and firm resolution.

Never mind all the sticker shock of increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles, except for the very poor and those with sizable subsidies. Never mind that there will not be enough young and healthy folks signing up to pay for the costs of insuring the aged and sick and all the millions of formerly uninsured. It's new math on statistical steroids ending in a death spiral. Never mind the looming doctor and nurse shortages which will severely hamper the quality of care. Never mind the exploding medicaid roles and the increasing number of physicians who will not accept medicaid. Never mind understanding this same scenario will soon impact the medicare roles. Never mind the recent revelation that when this medical insurance monstrosity was created, there was little thought given to security concerns. Thus, caveat emptor for the buyers and caviar for the security hackers and identity thieves.

Now on to the feature presentation, "the monetary exploding exchange payment system (MEEPS)". Yes indeed, the "Improvised Exploding Device" (IED) concealed within the "Obamacare website has been discovered and it is the MEEPS. It seems, who could make this up, that the 35 percent of the website that has yet to be developed, is a way for subscribers to actually pay their insurance company. You're just gonna love this my beloved and obedient taxpayer. There is no way as yet to actually "cut the check". So technically, zero folks have officially signed up. Crony capitalism has reached new heights in hypocrisy as President Obama attempts to hit the reset button, again. "Private sector velocity and effectiveness" is most important at the back end where the sale is completed and payment is rendered. Guess the "Signature Achievement Man" (SAM) didn't understand that when he said the website was now working with the same speed and efficiency as the private sector. Just let the sad irony of that government versus private sector comparison sink in for a moment. And then come January, February and March, close your eyes, cover your ears and jump into a deep foxhole before opening up any government/ insurance company mail packages.

You see, in it's infinite wisdom, the government has created an illusion that people can pay for their health insurance and just let the insurance companies and the government figure out how much we should have to pay and everything will be hunky dory. As Meagan Kelly just found on on the eve of December 4th, according to the Reuters news service, the following is the progressive, central planners wondrous plan of action: (1) the insurance companies will just go ahead and estimate what they think is a reasonable fee for service; (2) the feds will go ahead and cut them a big fat check; (3) and then at some point down the road, they supposedly will get around to figuring out what the actual amount should really be and adjust accordingly. When this IED explodes next year, the shrapnel covering the countryside will create severe pain and suffering.

Would the progressive bureaucrats of utopian fantasy land pay for a product in this delusional, rife with potential fraud and waste method? Of course not. But when they can just use our money, the skies the limit. Hey, but a small price to pay to create equality for the masses right? Never mind that a NY Times study found that between 2009 and 2011 income inequality grew four times faster than under George W. Bush, according to Jonah Goldberg. Jonah calls the ACA, "Slimcare" and says, "it seems like a smashing success so long as the results don't matter, just like slim liberalism". Or as I prefer to call it, "slim progressivism". A recurring theme of socialism rears it's ugly head once again. Good intentions are what matter. Positive results that actually provide an improved quality of life for tax paying citizens, not so much.

Just you wait for the next progressive "IED". That will be the earth shattering explosion poised to ignite next November when the employer mandate takes effect. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius and of course Barack (SAM) Obama will have been outed as the real terrorists, arsonists and plunderers of the poor and middle class. That's because Obamacare is not about improved health care. It is about power and control and soft tyranny. Geez, could that be why conservative, tea party types want to repeal this really bad law?

Russ Wiles

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Pat Buchanan - Where are grounds for optimism that we can close American education gap?

The scores are in from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment, which, every three years, tests 15-year-olds from the world's most advanced countries. For the United States, the report card is dismal. The U.S. ranking has fallen to 17th in reading, 21st in science, and 26th in math. Florida, one of America's diverse mega-states, competed separately in the PISA exam, and scored below the U.S. average.

In the academic Olympics, the American superpower is a mediocrity.

Ranked one through seven in test scores in reading, science and math were Shanghai-China, Singapore, Hong Kong-China, Taiwan, South Korea, Macau-China, Japan. Also well ahead of the United States is Vietnam.

By and large, Western Europe has moved out in front of us and our close competitors are the Slovak Republic and Russian Federation.

Fifteen-year-olds in two ex-Soviet republics, Estonia and Latvia, also posted grades in math and science superior to those of America's young.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan calls the PISA test scores a "brutal truth" that "must serve as a wake-up call" for the country. Excuse me, but how many wake-up calls do we need?

In October 1957, we got our first when the brutalitarian and backward superpower built by Josef Stalin beat America into space. Two months later, our answer to Sputnik, a three-pound satellite, was to be launched by a Vanguard rocket from Cape Canaveral, to get us back in the race. It got four feet off the ground, when the rocket exploded.

Egg all over our face, we were rescued from national humiliation by the Redstone Arsenal rocket crew of Wernher von Braun who built the V-2s that had rained down on London. Von Braun put an 80-pound Explorer into orbit, and we were back in the game. While the first manned space flight was made by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, America, under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, took command and put an American on the moon in July 1969.

Meanwhile, the country was on fire over the issue of education. In LBJ's Great Society legislation in 1965 came the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which poured enormous amounts into our pubic schools. In 1983, came "A Nation at Risk: The Imperative For Educational Reform," the report of President Ronald Reagan's National Commission on Excellence in Education. Conclusion: America's schools, even then, thirty years ago, were failing the nation.

Under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, we got another surge in spending with No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.
How can a lack of money explain our declining test scores when America continues to spend more per capita on education than almost any other country? Yet, the more we spend, the lower the test scores we get back in global competition?

Some insist the persistence of poverty in an affluent America is the cause of these declining test scores. Yet, have we not fought a 50-year war on poverty since LBJ's Great Society? And not only have countless trillions of dollars been spent, the poor in America receive benefits of which the world's poor could only dream. America's poor receive free food, free health care and free education for their children from Head Start to K-12. The poor get subsidized housing and subsidized incomes. They are exempt from federal income taxes. State programs and private charities pick up where the feds leave off.

Yet, if poverty explains the dismal performance of America's students, why are they being lapped by Vietnamese 15-year-olds? Do the Vietnamese have a higher per capita income than we? Is there less poverty and more emphasis on education in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City than New York City and Washington, D.C.?

Is home environment behind the disparity in test scores? Forty percent of American children are born out of wedlock, but for Hispanics it is 53 percent and for African-Americans 73 percent.

Looking again at those PISA test scores, other than East Asia — China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam — hardly any other nation of Southeast or South Asia, the Arab or Muslim world, Africa or Latin America, is in the top 40 in academic performance. And, in these test scores from a diverse world, we can see mirrored the academic performance within our own diverse nation.

Just as East Asians and Europeans excel in the PISA tests, so, too, do Americans of East Asian and European descent dominate test scores and excel in educational achievement, while our Hispanic and African-American students trail. At top universities like Berkeley, Stanford and in the Ivy League, too, Asian and white Americans are overrepresented in the student bodies.

Yet, Hispanic and African-Americans are more than 30 percent of the U.S. population and 35 percent of those in our public schools. Increasingly, these minorities will represent the nation in international academic competitions.

Where, then, are the grounds for optimism that we can turn this around? And if we cannot, ought we not accept the inevitable?

(Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan has been a senior advisor to three presidents, twice a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and the presidential nominee of the Reform Party in 2000. He won the New Hampshire Republican Primary in 1996.)


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Interesting that some run for government job who hate government

To The Daily Sun,
To paraphrase President Reagan; "There you go again". I am speaking of the latest news from the N.H. Dept. of Transportation's Commissioner Chris Clement, where he said, "Four years ago, I said we were at a tipping point. Two years ago, we were in a crisis, and now, we are facing a catastrophe."
This was caused when the Republican-controlled Legislature repealed an annual $30 surcharge on the registration of all cars and trucks which took away $90 million dollars of that biennium and since then an additional $45 million this past year. Not only does this Republican House and Senate like to never increase taxes regardless of the health of the state but they also like to take away existing revenues earmarked for the DOT.
Senate President Chris Morse said "I continue to oppose any increase in the tax or tolls, this economy in New Hampshire is fragile at best."
My thought was, "Exactly"!
When are those in office going to connect the dots and see that the price of asphalt and gas to name just a few have greatly increased over 19 years and taking away the revenue source for the DOT more than exacerbates the problem?
A few months ago I attended a meeting hosted by the late Executive Councilor Ray Burton and fellow presenters from the DOT and the Lakes Region Planning Commission where they explained the changes they had to make to the DOT's 10 year plan because of this loss of revenue, which was $135 million.
One member of the audience was my House Rep. Colette Worsman and she offered this advice to the DOT: "I'd like to propose a two year moratorium on the new 10 year plan until I can get a committee together and come up with a different priority list for the DOT". I could not sit back so I said, "I thought it was an outrage that she and my Senator, Jeanie Forrester, who was also in attendance ,voted to do away with the surcharge, and now she knows better than the DOT as to where and how their budget should be fixed."
I find it very interesting that some of those who run for office (a government job) and get elected hate government. They do not come up with solutions to the many financial problems and obligations the state is responsible for, only ways that make matters worse.
Folks, please start paying attention to what is going on at the state level it impacts you immensely.
Paula Trombi

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The 20 days of Obama Christmas

To The Daily Sun,

Obama's TWENTY days of Christmas.
Day one — He gave us none other than HIMSELF.
Day two — He gave us the liar Obama.
Day three — He gave us Obama the nation divider.
Day four — He gave us the arrogant Obama.
Day five — He gave us the incompetent Obama.
Day six — He gave us Obamacare.
Day seven — He gave us a website that wouldn't work.
Day eight — He gave us insurance cancellation notices.
Day nine — He gave the majority of the MIDDLE CLASS higher health insurance costs.
Day ten — He gave millions restricted health care access (you finally discovered what Obama already KNEW, you couldn't keep your doctor or hospital ).
Day eleven — He gave us a five person death panel (accountable to no one) to restrict your access to the latest life saving services and pharmacology.
Day twelve — He gave us syringes with do it your self euthanasia instructions.
Day thirteen — He gave us $17 trillion in debt to hand down to our children to pay off through lower living standards.
Day fourteen — He gave us a RECORD 47 million welfare dependents to feed and house because he REFUSED to focus on FIXING the economy.
Day fifteen — He gave us 20 million unemployed with the lowest percentage of the prime working age people with jobs in 40 years.
Day sixteen — He gave us his refusal to reform Medicare, Social Security or SS Disability. All three programs desperately BANKRUPT.
Day seventeen — He gave us more rules, regulations and handcuffs to throttle and restrain business and job creation than any president in history.
Day eighteen — He gave us back General Motors and stuck taxpayers with a TEN billion dollar LOSS to save UNION JOBS (votes) while NON-UNION workers got pink slips.
Day nineteen — He gave us one of the most divided, unhappy, and venom-spewing electorates in modern history accompanied by gridlock and total political dysfunction.
Day twenty — He gave us a windmill so we could light our tree.
Give your self a Christmas present EARLY next year. Please vote Democratic incompetence and insanity out of office in November. The Senate is easily within Republican grasp!
Tony Boutin

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