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Rosemary's Baby (Obamacare) killing Democrat's election chances

To The Daily Sun,

Obama is suffering his worst nightmare. The wheels are falling off his Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. You remember that Rosemary's Baby of legislation passed three year ago with bribes and corruption sufficient to make a hooker blush. Nothing assures burning in hell more than a "yes" vote for Obamacare. Even today only 36 percent of Americans support the program and the PAY, PAIN, FINE and JAIL TIME parts of the program have yet to WHACK tens of millions of Americans with greatly higher health insurance costs. Only the sweetener has been handed out in hopes to improve support. The best irony, many Democrats who voted " yes" have since been voted OUT of office for that vote or they retired fearing defeat defending it. Democrats are in PANIC MODE over America's general unhappiness with Obamacare as the year 2014 looms large on the horizon. There has been no surge of public support for Obamacare and Democrats now fear that will translate to big election losses again.
Obama and the Democrats have good concern to be having night sweats. Now, even PROMINENT Democrats are calling for the key aspects of Obamacare to change or be eliminated. The pivotal 30 hour work week rule defining a full-time job in America has been a TRAIN WRECK of demolition to jobs and pay checks. Tens of thousands of employers are trimming the hours of work for millions of people by billions of hours to stay below the 30 hour limit. The harsh employer medicine for not doing so — a $2,000 per employee fine. Millions of low income people are seeing their weekly take home wages slashed as their hours are CUT. Job statistics show TWO part time jobs being created for every new full time ONE. Obama care's legacy will be memorable for ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT... the 30 hour work week that BANKRUPTED MAIN STREET AMERICA.
Union heads representing some of the largest unions in America are OUTRAGED at Obamacare, saying it HAS WRECKED THE 40 HOUR WORK WEEK they worked a century to negotiate. That 40 hours is required to produce a take home pay that supports a family. Unions are screaming Obamacare has diluted every unions bargaining power forever because health care was always a major negotiated item that helped unions get a leg up. Further, Obamacare is going to force hundreds of thousands of union employees to be dumped from employer health rolls on to TAXPAYER-subsidized, state-run, health exchanges saving employers billions in health care costs forcing TAXPAYERS to pick up the tab. Union honchos also say the legislation is going to force many employers to STOP contributing to complex multi-company health care plans that support many low paid workers in service industries. When the top union labor leaders in America are SCREAMING HOW BAD Obamacare is DOES ANYTHING MORE NEED SAYING?
Obama has postponed the employer mandate to 2015. "Technical troubles" he says. The truth he postponed it because if he alienates any more people with the implementation of Obamacare's PAIN and PUNISHMENT it will be 100 percent certain the Senate will be in Republican hands next November. ROSEMARY'S BABY is coming to life and it is KILLING the election prospects of the Democratic Party in 2014. This is the price we pay when America lets the intellectual arrogance of a president replace bipartisan, COMMON SENSE politics.

Tony Boutin


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Anti-gun bunch piled on the let's railroad Zimmerman bandwagon

To The Daily Sun,

Who could possibly avoid seeing, hearing and/or reading about the Zimmerman case and trial down in Florida? It was everywhere 24/7 the past few weeks but in the aftermath it appears tens of thousand of new arrivals on the planet are making themselves known, demonstrating their complete ignorance of fairness and justice. Honest folks rely on facts and evidence in a trial but two pressure groups are, and have been from the very beginning, attempting to inject race into the case.

The anti-gun bunch saw an opportunity and piled on the railroad Zimmerman bandwagon sighting the stand your ground law which was no more a factor then race, but why let reality get in the way of a good witch hunt? Testimony, Forensic evidence, FBI investigation, state police investigation and local police investigations be damned, these pressure groups, led by Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the yellow journalists of the media prefer cramming their political agendas down America's throats — no evidence necessary. The system must be changed they agitate. Changed to what I have to ask? Rule by pressure groups and malcontents that we see substitute theory's for evidence and invent motives where investigations have found none? How is that better then the rule of law and trial with a jury of ones peers based on the facts of evidence?
Much is being made about Zimmerman not staying in his car, so what? Even a 911 operator does not have police powers — they can only advise, not order, and it is no crime to follow someone out in public. It is a crime however to confront and assault another person, which Martin did. It was a bad mistake on his part but understandable in a strong, young man full of testosterone and confidence. The entire episode was a serious of poor judgments on both parts but in the end it was a case of self defense not murder or manslaughter, so said a jury of his peers.
Steve Earle


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Unfortunately, our skin color is what most often defines us in USA

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday I sat and read my newspaper, and also The Citizen. Of course there were letters regarding the Zimmerman case and I wasn't at all surprised that these letter writers actually sided with Zimmerman. On Wednesday my faith in people was restored somewhat.

You see one person said what Travyon was guilty of was "not running away". Why should he have run away? He had as much right to walk down the street as anyone else. He was there visiting with his family who resided there. Then the other letter that astonished me totally blamed Travyon but did not even make a reference to the fact that all this needlessly took place because Mr. Zimmerman did not follow the directions of the 911 operator to stay in his car. Mr. Zimmerman chose not to do that because he had predetermined Travyon was up to no good. He decided because he had on a hooded sweatshirt and was walking in the rain he was up to no good and because he was looking around that too meant he was up to no good. Since when has it been a crime to walk in the rain? I do, does that make me suspicious? When I take a walk I look at everything around me. Does that make me suspicious? And does it also make me suspicious if I put on my sweatshirt with a hood to keep my head dry? I think not.

The good thing that may come out of this is more discussion on the "stand your ground law". Unfortunately it is an ambiguous law and gives too much discretion to the police. It allows the police to become judge and jury and decide, on the spot, who is guilty and who is not. Unfortunately, in this case, one person involved was dead and had no opportunity to tell his side of the story. The Sanford Police took Zimmerman at his word. He should have been arrested and taken to jail as any other person would have been. He would then have been able to put up bail, get an attorney and wait until the prosecutor decided whether or not to prosecute him. Just because they are police officers doesn't necessarily mean they are without bias so giving them total discretion should never happen.

I believe the DOJ should do a thorough investigation of that police department. The medical examiner expert (not the Sanford Medical examiner) said on the stand that there had been many errors in the collection of the evidence (i.e. the hands had not been bagged per procedure, that wet clothing had been put in plastic bags whereby evidence was contaminated by mold, etc. not following proper procedures in evidence collection). I listened intently to what he said and he was the defense witness. He also said that the police were negligent in not taking Zimmerman to the hospital to be examined for head injuries. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Zimmerman is suing the Sanford Police either. If the police had followed procedures in this case the parents would never had made such an issue of this. I honestly can say I would have done the same and not allowed the police to sweep this under the rug. And that, like other cases which are now being looked into, would have been what would have happened if people (of all skin shades) hadn't decided to protest and demand an investigation.

I can also say in all honesty that I am happy I was not the parent of a black child. I never had to sit down with my teenage son and tell him to always keep his hands in sight and not to put them in his pockets. I never had to say if a police officer or adult in authority stops you make sure you go out of you way to be respectful and courteous and make eye contact. I never had to say when you go into a store to shop get what you need, pay for it and leave. Do not look around. I never had to say bend over backward not to bring attention to yourself so you do not give anyone circumspect to see you as a trouble maker. I never had to say when you go into a store you will be watched simply because you have already been stereotyped. I would have had to make it clear to the child "no you aren't like every other teenager you will always be seen differently".

Now you may think these statements aren't real. I did not always live in Laconia. For 20 years I lived in the city. I have many friends who are non-whites. I talked to some of them about these statements, because I wasn't aware of this, and found out my friends do have these discussions with their teenage sons. I find that very sad.

So for those jumping to get their pens out to castigate me for saying all this go for it. I realize that race is an issue most people would prefer was never discussed. The simple fact is that most people think that when the 13th and 14th amendments were signed everyone was equal. If that had been true would we have had the Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights demonstrations, the Martin Luther Kings?

The biggest problem the USA has is that we see each other as colors not humans beings and unfortunately color is what defines us most of the time. That is really sad. True but sad.

Nancy Parsons


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Obama's goal is unrest & rioting in wake of Zimmerman verdict

To The Daily Sun,
I am going to try to address issues I have with letters that have been written regarding the Martin/Zimmerman issue. Tricky challenge, that, as innuendo and propaganda are thick around this case.
Racial profiling was never an issue; do you lie to a 911 operator in response to a direct question? The main stream news media and their CENSORING of the TRUTH — worse than censoring, total construction of an imagined truth — and political pressure from an administration out to destroy this country turned this into a "black on white crime issue"! How about some useful laws being passed? Like requiring TRUTH IN NEWS MEDIA/AP REPORTING?
Now, if certain liberal writers had done, as they claimed, research on all sides of the issue, they would have attested to character assassination done by the main stream media, and would have provided you with this website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebu6Yvzs4Ls&feature=em-uploademail which gives you all the truth the news media deliberately altered or censored. In their game of "if/then" statements, they would have had to say "IF Trayvon had acted like a civilized human being— THEN he would still be alive"! (No racial context in that statement at all — nor was there any in the event.)
The kangaroo court that the Obama administration forced through did not provide the outcome they wanted — a guilty verdict — or did it? This was exercise in how far the media can alter reality and have the people eat it up, support it and parrot it. It was a deliberate drive to race riots and an excuse to suspend constitutional government with the imposition of martial law. This can be clearly seen by the Obama administration's actions since the verdict of not guilty came out: they are not trying to calm the country, they are determined to get their unrest and rioting.
People keep saying that Obama is not a tyrant. His administration worked to silence its opposition by sending the IRS after them. This administration has gone out of its way to publicly show that they are willing to destroy a citizen's life by using political pressure to force them into a kangaroo court. Are these not the actions of tyrants?
A. C. R. Piper

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Maybe school administrator would do better job of budgeting

To The Daily Sun,

Recently I wrote an letter asking the Town of Gilmanton if it might be a good time to consider changing the way our school does business by ridding the town of the SAU offices and hiring a school administrator. Since the SAU offices are up for sale and they will be looking for new space, it seemed like a good time to address this to the town and research possible cost saving by hiring one person to do the job of several by using the resources available at the school .
Mr. Michael Kitch took the questions I posed in my letter, then called Superintendent Fauci for a comment, asking if the SAU is going to close. I hope you didn't think you were going to get the superintendent to "open up" to you. I hope you liked all the statistics you got along with denial that anything is going to change.
The main issue many in our town have is with the elected School Board members who have said openly that they are not on the board to work, but only to have the superintendent do their job for them so they then can vote on those results. One board member told me, "I wanted to be on the School Board because I have children in the school system and I want to make sure they get the best education available. I have a full time job, am a mother and wife and don't have time to look up RSAs or school policies. I leave that to the superintendent". That is NOT what they were elected to do and that is NOT what the taxpayers expect from them.
However, there is another important issue at play here. Over the past six years or more there have been surplus funds of anywhere between $100,000 to over $800,000 at the end of the fiscal year. If the superintendent, financial administrator, and the School Board were intent of being good stewards of the tax dollar we would never see such abnormally high surpluses. Maybe a school administrator would be better at this.
So, Mr. Kitch, you can probably note that there have been ongoing issues between the School Board, the SAU, and the town for many years. I simply posed a possible change from the present system to one that might be more "user friendly". After all, it's OUR MONEY.
Elena Ball


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