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Evidence suggests employers doing right thing under Obamacare

To The Daily Sun,

I am obliged at this time of hysteria about Obamacare to give some facts concerning the very real ramifications of The Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare). The following will bring to light what is actually happening as a result of the implementation of The Affordable Care Act.

Walt Disney Company (one of the largest employers in Florida) announced on Wednesday that it is offering full-time employment to the 427 part-time employees at its Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida who work at least 30 hours per week-the threshold at which the Affordable Care Act requires large employers with 50 or more workers to offer basic health benefits to employees or risk paying a $2,000 per employee fine after the first 30 workers. Disney World Them Parks employs well over 59,000 people who live in the Orlando Florida area.

Disney already offers a level of health coverage that is acceptable under Obamacare to its full-time employees. But part-time workers, including those who work at the 30-hour cut-off set by the health law, receive more limited benefits. Instead of rolling back these workers' hours to avoid expanding health coverage, Disney is choosing to promote them to full-time status. "Disney wants to be proactive," said Ed Chambers, president of the Service Trades Council Union that represents tens of thousands of Orlando Disney employees, in an interview with Bloomberg News. "Disney is way out in front on this".

Examples like these are not shared by those who want to malign Obamacare. High-profile stories about companies that do adopt approaches less favorable to part time employees tend to dominate media coverage. But Obamacare critics' claims are not borne out by reality.

A recent survey of chief financial officers at large American firms finds that American companies actually intend to increase their number of full-time employees by almost 2 percent over the next year.

According to an analysis by the Center for Economic & Policy Research (CEPR) in July, just .06 percent of the American labor force worked between 26 and 29 hours per week in 2013.

Less than a third of these workers say they are working less than 30 hours because of an employers' decision, with most choosing to work a limited number of hours out of personal preference. That led CEPR researchers to conclude that the employment trend "is in the wrong direction for the Affordable Care Act as a job-killer story." In short, Disney and other employers are belying the myths that Obamacare adversaries are trying to sell. Voters and the American public need to look behind the headlines and learn what's really happening for the American workforce.

Bernadette Loesch


Last Updated on Friday, 11 October 2013 10:40

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We can't let Obama & Reid get away with blaming conservatives

To The Daily Sun,

Harry Reid refuses to negotiate with House Republicans on Obamacare. The House sent multiple government funding bills to the Senate that defunded and delayed Obamacare. America doesn't want the health care takeover. Yet Harry Reid refuses to negotiate with the House. He'd rather protect Obama's legacy than protect your country from what Democrats call a "train wreck."

Obama is trying to blame conservatives for the government shutdown. Buthe and Harry Reid are the ones refusing to negotiate. We can't let them get away with that.

Bob King

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Vaccines are biological agents & must be treated as such

To The Daily Sun,

The other day I read in The Laconia Daily Sun that the Waterville Valley town hall offices were hosting a flu shot day on October 4. I was in the Belknap County Superior Court yesterday and thought I was seeing things. Please tell me I was imagining things. I thought that they too, are having a flu shot day on October 10? This is disturbing on many levels.

The United States Department of Labor (OSHA) has specific HazMat and Emergency Response Procedures with regard to biological agents and the event of a spill or breakage. Yes, vaccines are biological agents and must be treated as such. Have these offices been briefed on these procedures? Do they have a chain of custody procedure that is being implemented? Have they been briefed on the procedures in the event that someone is accidentally jabbed with a contaminated needle? I mean, haven't we all seen those bio-hazard boxes in the doctors' offices in which used needles are to be placed in?


These are legitimate concerns. The last time that I read up on the HazMat procedures with regard to vaccine vials breaking or spilling, I read that an entire area must be evacuated in the HazMat crew must perform cleanup — you know, the men in "HazMat suits."

Dawn Crim


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The Tea Party doesn't care as long as Pres. Obama gets hurt

To The Daily Sun,

They are standing firm and refusing to give an inch. Henry Ford would never have an assembly line under the GOP. Thomas Edison and electricity/the telephone — forget about it. We would still be walking around with candles. But as usual the GOP hasn't thought this out because they thought the Dems would fold on demand.

The GOP is good at telling us what to do as long as they are not affected personally, like health care, wars and anything they can use as a prop. They will stand up for POWs and MIAs but if the vets need help they will turn their backs. Unless someone is watching of course. The Tea Party doesn't care as long as Obama gets hurt. That has been in the works since day one. It has nothing to do with health care (which seems to be off to a busy start) but that was a workable excuse to unify against the Dems. It is easier to say how bad this law can be than how good it can be. They can make up any number of reasons no matter how far fetched they are because no one is checking each thing they say.

The bottom line is we have to find out how it works and repair the problems as they arise. I really don't understand the reasoning or mentality of this type of anti-Obama terrorism. Bill Krystal on Morning Joe this AM, when told people might get hurt from services being cut, just gave his "joker style grin" as if to say no big deal get over it. But that is the Tea Party for you as they live on a different planet from the rest of us. Some in the GOP are now asking for a clean CR to vote on and hopefully the ranks are falling apart.

Jon Hoyt


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So-called Defense Department has had its way too long

To The Daily Sun,

There are only two legal methods for this country to declare war on another country: As you might know it is within the power of Congress to declare war. The president doesn't have that authority. Second to that, the United Nations Security Council, by a unanimous vote, can sanction a military attack on a country. (I can't recall that happening!) Other than those two legal options, military assault is illegal and therefore criminal!
If you recall, more than 10 years ago, President George W. Bush and his cohorts took their case for military assault on Iraq. The evidence was faulty and the U.N. did not accept it as legitimate or adequate. Kofi Annam, Sec./General of the U.N. said any subsequent military action by the United States would be illegal. That ruling did not deter the U.S. from bombing and invading Iraq with devastating results. Iraq lost more than a half million people, soldiers and civilians alike, in the ensuing years. There still is just cause to arrest George W. Bush for "crimes against humanity" as described in defining documents all lawyers and military personnel are familiar with! Of course, it never happen.
Since then, we have, with impunity and disregard for human life, bombed other mid-eastern counties. Our excuse has been, in doing so, we are killing dangerous people who pose a threat to our own security. Although not one American has been killed by foreign terrorists we cling to that alibi with tenacious authority. Every bombing raid we conduct is illegal, therefore criminal. American citizens (for the most part) accept this brutality with disdain and give their passive approval — which allows these killings to continue. Even churches have withheld their condemnation of this brutality which is against every moral law we have agreed to uphold!
The so-called Defense Department and the leaches in the weapons industries have had their way for too long. Make a positive statement, and do all you can — even in a small way, to end wars and bombing raids by the United States. Do not support criminality!

Leon R. Albushies

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 October 2013 12:44

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