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It’s scary to think what Hillary will sell as president

To The Daily Sun,

Why I won't be voting for Hillary:

Foreign policy.

Hillary, you said you traveled all over the world as secretary of state. You did. But that means nothing. It is the policies that happened as you were secretary of state that counts.

It has been said that the Bush administration made the agreement to remove the troops from Iraq. Well apparently you thought it was okay, as you did nothing to change it. And because we took out all the troops, we left a vacuum for ISIS to step in.

Hillary, you take credit for the reset button with Russia.

Well, now Russia has a presence in the Middle East and not as an ally of ours. They are on the opposite side of our bombing in Syria, to help those who want Assad. Until the reset button, Russia lost its influence in the Middle East. It is now selling missile defense systems to Iran. It is helping Assad.

The U.S. traditionally tried to bring peace between the Palestinians and Israel. Now we are stepping back and Russia is stepping up. It is gaining influence in the Middle East and we are losing influence.

Russia invaded and now has Crimea. Putin wants to bring Russia back to the strength and take back control of countries under the Soviet Union. Russia is violating the airspace of Finland, Turkey, and Estonia.

Hillary, your Libyan policy took out Kadafi and you take pride in a democratic government. Unfortunately it is in exile and the terrorists are in control and the terrorists are expanding to neighboring countries.

The U.S. is proposing to put 300 Marines in Finland, 60 miles from Russian border.

China is building man made-islands in the South China Sea and claiming navigation rights.

China and Russia are flexing their muscles. The cold war is heating up due to the foreign policies that Hillary proposed when secretary of state.

Hillary was in favor of TPP and now says she is against it. TPP is very dangerous. It will supercede domestic law in favor of global corporations. This is not good for small U.S. businesses. We all know the effect of past trade agreements on good U.S. paying jobs. The jobs left.

Wikileaks came out with email from Huma Abedin to Podesta. Huma writes, "She created this mess and she knows it," as she was referring to Hillary. Hillary was supposed to give a speech as a payment of a donation of $1 million form Moroccan government-owned company OCP. She wanted to cancel the speech as it was close to or after her declaring she was running for president. Instead the Clinton Foundation sent Bill and Hillary. Pay for play . . . example after example. You might not hear of these "pay for play" instances in the media. The media wants Hillary elected.

Chelsea will still be working — if you can call it working — at the Clinton foundation and will have "pay for play" with her mother. Can you imagine what Hillary will sell as president? That truly scares me. It should scare you, too.

Linda Riley

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FBI is at full-throttle to investigate Hillary’s email scandal

To The Daily Sun,

I met Bishop Blake in Laconia at the last Trump rally riding his bike, and then out of the clear blue the Bishop starts talking to me. I listened. I thought of this stranger, and through the Holy Spirit we connected. We became friends in a short amount of time and guess what? We both met and shook hands with the next president of these United States, Donald Trump.

We all get it about the Supreme Court decisions. We get it about the Clinton corruption schemes and pay to play for the money laundry Clinton Foundation. The FBI is at full throttle to get to the source, the act or intent of treason with the fact that Hillary's server was hacked multiple times.

The race is so close now that we need to pray to God that nothing happens to Mr. Trump between now and the election as he slowly but surely becomes our next president. Vote Trump and pray to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to keep Donald Trump and his family safe, and God bless America.

Kirk Deluca

Burlington, Mass.

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