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Protect your family's future by electing Kathy Rago to the state Senate

To The Daily Sun,

As the current and former mayors of Franklin, we wish to encourage the voters of Senate District 7 to support Kathy Rago in her bid to become our next state senator. We have observed Kathy as a member of our Zoning Board, our School Board, and ultimately as a state representative.

Rep. Rago has always acted in the very best interests of the working families of New Hampshire, and particularly for our children. She is the mother of a special needs child, and we highly honor her commitment to, and sacrifices for, all New Hampshire children in need. Kathy Rago's work on behalf of education opportunities for needy students is to be commended, and must continue in the New Hampshire State Senate.

Protect your family's future and finances by sending Kathy Rago to the State Senate.

Mayor Ken Merrifield

Mayor David Palfrey

Mayor Tony Giunta


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Not a stronger choice for state rep from Laconia than my father

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Sofia Spanos, and I am writing today to urge all eligible voters to vote on Nov. 4 for my dad, Peter J. Spanos. I realize that it is virtually impossible to objectively support my father for office so I just want to tell you what I think qualifies him to be your state representative.

First off, he is uncanny when it comes to looking at both sides of an issue and determining the best solution going forward. With this said, his decisions are unfailingly sensible, reasoned, and most importantly, fair. As a state legislator, you may count on him to make the difficult decisions that will certainly arise while always keeping an eye on how these decisions will benefit the present and future.

My dad is not particularly concerned with who gets the credit when working on solutions with others. He is primarily concerned with achieving successful results. When it comes to small business my dad feels Concord should be far more of a help than a hindrance in promoting their present and future success. I do not believe there is a stronger choice for a Laconia-based state representative than Peter J. Spanos.

Sofia Spanos


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