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LRGHealthcare & Taylor have a long history of working together

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday, an article regarding a lawsuit filed by LRGHealthcare against Taylor Community appeared in The Daily Sun. While it is not uncommon for reimbursement disagreements to arise in workers' compensation cases, these are issues that are being negotiated between attorneys and insurance companies. We are both confident that we will reach an equitable agreement — that is not our concern.

Our concern is the impression that may have been created by this article. LRGHealthcare and Taylor Community are both not-for-profit entities operating for the good of this community. Both are highly respected organizations known for their focus on the well-being of the people they serve. We are also both proud to be known for our ethical business practices, and for being good neighbors in the community.

LRGHealthcare and Taylor Community not only have a long history of working together to serve seniors in the Lakes Region, we are pleased to be exploring opportunities for greater collaboration in the future. Our relationship is one characterized by mutual respect and appreciation for how we both contribute to the health and well-being of our community.

We want to ensure that public announcement of this lawsuit, which will be appropriately and professionally handled, does not mislead our community regarding the positive nature of our professional relationship.

 Kevin Donovan

President & CEO, LRGHealthcare

Michael Flaherty
President & CEO, Taylor Community

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Noise ordinance wouldn't help but rights of all are very important

To The Daily Sun,

In the last eight months, since my election to the Town of Gilmanton selectman office, I have read and studied more judicial and legislative functions than I ever thought possible. If I have learned anything it is the knowledge that it is the responsibility of all board members to help and guide taxpayers to comply with all regulations, give advice when needed, and to be impartial.

What does this mean? As board members we must be as human as possible. We must help residents to follow the town and state regulations and even at times tell them they are not complying and let them know what they must do to comply. We must be good stewards of our government, not enforcers.

Last Monday, Dec. 12, the Town of Gilmanton held a selectmen's meeting with a public input on the agenda, "Town of Gilmanton Noise Ordinance." Except for a resident who let us know that one resident, or taxpayer's, complaint did not matter, I found the meeting went very well. I enjoyed for the first time listening to residents give us good input, explaining why, and asking the Board of Selectmen to consider their point of view.

Having a vineyard in the town. I know firsthand how a noise ordinance would not help at all, but the rights of all residents are very important. As selectmen, we must listen and do our best to find a solution that would be beneficial for all. In this case, with the input of the residents, I feel a noise ordinance would not be beneficial to the town. However, I do feel there needs to be some ordinance that will hold the land owner responsible for all activity on his or her property. As one resident stated, "we need to have common sense, respect for each other and our neighbors."

I want to thank the lady and gentlemen who came to the meeting for their input and honesty.

Marshall Bishop, Selectman

Town of Gilmanton

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