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Let us not forget that Peter Karagianis is turning 100 in June

To The Daily Sun,

Linda Frawley told me the other day that Peter Karagianis, Laconia's most persistent booster, will turn 100 years of age this coming June. I know of no one who has given more time and energy to the benefit of their community than Peter.

I first met Peter, in 1949 or 1950, when I was a little boy peddling summer vegetables with my grandfather, Henry LeBlanc, a local shop owner in his own right. My grandfather was escorting me from store-to-store to teach me a small life lesson about initiative and reward. Peter's downtown store was one of those places where we stopped. Peter's warm and encouraging smile was what I remember most from that event.

By chance, 20 years later, I had the privilege of working with Peter on the saving of the Busiel and Belknap mills, and then as the architect for the preservation and adaptive use of the Belknap Mill. The level of personal and financial commitment that Peter made to that project has been unmatched by any person on any project that I worked on since.

But Peter committed to many, many, more community betterment projects over the years, including the hard-fought effort to improve the water quality of the region's lakes.

I sincerely hope the City of Laconia makes the effort to recognize and honor Peter on his 100th birthday for the all the love he's given the city over these many years.

Paul Mirski

Enfield Center

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If you hate to hear it, these days, it is labeled as hate speech

To The Daily Sun,

Every election year people get a little crazy and this year they are getting crazier then usual, sooner then usual. I'm not a fan of Trump but the other day watching a mob of left wing thugs shut down a Trump rally in Chicago didn't sit well with me. But then I remember this is just typical left-wing behavior.

They have been doing this for years, if a conservative is booked to speak on campus they demonstrate, they disrupt, threaten violence and do what ever they can to prevent any views they disagree with from being voiced. Usually with the blessings of leftists professors and administrators. What is disturbing to me is that so many are trying to blaming Trump. It's not Trump it's the left. If you don't speak for them you are not allowed to speak at all as far as they are concerned and to heck with freedom of speech.

The big thing now is "hate speech." If you hate to hear it it is labeled and verboten. Except when they are the "haters" and speaking it.

Funny thing happening this year, though. The more people, left, right or other take aim at Trump the more popular he becomes with his supporters. So why is that do we ask? I'd suggest that millions and millions of American are just fed up with the professional political class, they've had it. I hate to think what will happen if the convention, behind closed doors, should steal the nomination from Trump if he goes in as the leading candidate. His supporters are unlikely to take that lying down nor should Democrats take any solace in the idea. It could very possibly set of a powder keg of revolt and violence and I for one am just too old for that.

Frankly it's time for all those Republicans who signed a pledge to support what ever candidate wins the nomination to support that candidate. In my mind that will be the one going in with the largest number of delegates. It's time also to start attacking Hillary's terrible record, her lies, her failures. We should also put to rest a couple old left-wing distortions blamed on conservatives.

Remember how the left keeps coming up with the "birthers" label? Well, did you know according to factcheck.org it was Clinton supporters in 2008 who circulated the emails questioning Obama's place of birth? No evidence she or her campaign were involved, still?

There is also, from PolitiFact, that it was low level Clinton supporters who circulated emails in late 2007, claiming Obama was a Muslim.

An interesting couple facts for those Clinton supporters who so often like to rub conservative noses into those unfounded rumors. Oh and don't put it on me. Talk to factcheck.org and PolitiFact.

Steve Earle


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