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We need leadership of Hillary Clinton at top of our government

To The Daily Sun,

In light of Hillary Clinton's views, interest in, and efforts on behalf of small businesses here in New Hampshire and across the country, we are enthusiastically supporting her candidacy for president. To Hillary, small does not mean unimportant. These local merchants and varied business owners are the backbone of our economic system, and we don't have to explain that to her. She will work for a government that encourages their growth and success, while providing a safe work environment. Such a government strengthens families, communities, and our nation.

Most small businesses are family owned and face unique challenges. Hillary understands how important this is, having had experience with her father, Hugh Rodham, in his own small drapery business, where the whole family including Hillary, her mother, and her two brothers helped out.

The businesses on Main Street provide more jobs, more income, and more economic benefit to our economy than does speculation on Wall Street. And further, local businesses can grow and flourish with opportunities that the government can provide through the Export-Import Bank, which guarantees loans to help U.S. businesses export their products.

Hillary is strongly in favor of this funding because it supports 164,000 jobs. Other voices want to kill this funding. We need the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the top of this American government.

Pat & Jan Wood


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We are lax & indifferent when we need to be informed & active

To The Daily Sun,

If we are to prosper and improve our living standards, we need to be aware of the detriments keeping us from a realistic, doable solutions. First and foremost, to demilitarize — downsize the over-bloated military structure we do not need and cannot afford. To disentangle military from foreign nations, bringing all armed forces safely home. To end, for all time, the well publicized notion by fear-mongering that we are in danger. It is false — and always has been. The Pentagon budget, (never been audited) steals billions of our precious dollars creating the most powerful military machine the world has ever known. All these expenditures on additional weapons, planes, ships and nuclear subs, we don't need and cannot afford!

Simply put, the United States doesn't have a credible enemy in the world. Our senators and national leaders jump through flaming hoops to make you think differently. Homeland Security's annual budget should be reduced by 50 percent. The threats of terrorists is not a true anymore. Since post 9/11 not one person in this country has been killed from terrorists from the Middle-Eastern countries. Their excuses to use military forces overseas is purely a fabrication and manufactured lies. We are in wars that have existed for a hundred years — sectarian conflicts that have a long and sordid history.

Secondly, the value of education needs to take center stage. Academics must prevail over all other endeavors — certainly above frivolous games schools highly tout. Americans need to realize that this country must put learning skills back in front burner again. Worldwide, we are somewhere in the middle of industrial countries in producing a workforce capable of handling the technical jobs in demand today. Right now, we can't do that. I certainly don't blame our talented and hard working teachers.

We are lax and indifferent when we need to be informed and active to tackle these crucial problems and reclaim our nation's prominence and high moral standards. Don't let military activists take your hard-earned money — money borrowed on the backs of your children.

Leon R. Albushies


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