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Conservatives need to learn to work outside their comfort zones

To The Daily Sun,

I always enjoy when Mr. Earle responds to my letters because he inevitably reinforces points that I'm trying to make, while at the same time ignoring issues that I may raise. He once again responds with his filtered version of what he thinks I said and a manufactured version of what he says I wrote. But, as always he never responds to issues that are raised. If Earle had been able to see beyond his hatred, he would realize that I was addressing the direction of the conservative agenda and not the real or imagined "scandals" of the Obama administration. He may cast sticks and stones but his tired old attacks do nothing to advance the conservative cause.

I believe the core principles that all Americans are likely to agree upon are individual freedom, self-determination, personal responsibility, and the preservation of our great nation. These are principles that will remain fresh at all times, as they are fundamentally grounded.

Conservatives need to respond to today's growing public anxiety over middle-class wage stagnation and growing income inequality, and not just produce redundant policies that are plainly intended more for looks than as real solutions. This will require conservatives to work outside their comfort zones. Their whole philosophy seems to be built on the idea that only their perspective is true and right, and all else are lies from the pit of hell. They are conceived by the electorate as insulating themselves in a cloak of impenetrable propaganda, which reinforces their superiority (the "real Americans") and their righteousness.

As a nation we are not going to make any progress on our biggest problems without a compromise between the center-right and the center-left. But for this to happen, we need the center-right conservatives, not the radical right to be running the G.O.P.

A divided Republican Party cannot win a major election. It's not that Democrats achieve more, or even less than what they promised, it's simply that the Republicans are set to achieve even less. The divisions within the party are holding it back. A Republican Party capable of standing on a conservative fiscal platform without alienating socially progressive voters would handily win over independents, moderates, and a large portion of the American electorate from the Democrats. Republicans in 2016 need a candidate to unite the party on the issues, both foreign and domestic, rather than polarizing it.

While maligning the president must make him feel good, Earle can spare us the dramatic recitation of his scripted outrage about a "divisive president." Republicans have divided the nation into what they perceive are "makers" and "government dependent takers." Does anyone recall them writing off "47 percent" of the American public in 2012? What will the percentage be in 2016? And as far as the Middle East is concerned, apparently Earle has forgotten which administration jumped in with both feet — where are those weapons of mass destruction?

Rather than the frenzied finger pointing, Earle and friends would better serve the conservative cause by promoting an environment dedicated to quality principled candidates that can advance conservative policies and their agenda.

L. J. Siden

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Losing John Schlemmer as fire chief a real blow to Center Harbor

To The Daily Sun,

I was very saddened to hear about the resignation of Chief John Schlmmer from the Center Harbor Fire Department due to political reasons. As a member of the Fire Department, I was always truly impressed with the commitment and dedication with which Chief Schlemmer carried out his job as chief. He always had the best interest of the town's citizens and members of the department at heart an I think that he did a great ob of meeting everyone's needs. His dedication to the job went far about what was expected, and he could always be counted on in any situation.

I am currently enrolled in medical school outside of the state so I am not able to attend the meetings in order to support him in person. Despite my geographical absence, I wanted to formally voice my support for him. I think that losing John Schlemmer as chief of the department would be a very great loss to the town of Center Harbor, as well as its members, and I hope that this situation does not have to resolve itself with his permanent resignation.

Bailey Lynn

Center Harbor

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Arguing with people you don't know on these pages is sucker's game

To The Daily Sun,

I've often wondered why a newspaper allows "bullying" on their opinion pages and more than one person has asked me why I don't respond to my so-called critics. I consider bullying to be offensive and wish not to encourage them. I have a sneaking suspicion that those few (the minority fringe) who choose to be offensive, resort to name calling, and being very personal in their remarks, are some of our "older denizens". You see? I could have said "old farts" but I didn't. Their unrelenting negativity and half-truths are definite signs of bullying.
Arguing with anonymous people on these pages is a sucker's game. Inevitably they turn out to be like self-righteous teenagers who have a lot of time on their hands. As a wise man once said: "It's like wrestling with a pig. You both get dirty but the pig will enjoy it." "Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference" — Mark Twain.
One can see how easy it is to fall into the bully trap. Sometimes I think that the only cure for them is six feet of dirt but someone once said that even death can't cure someone with questionable cognitive capacity! One famous comedian suggested that to argue with one of them would only bring you down because they would beat you with experience.
I've never been known to turn the other cheek but for those Christians who do, this would be a good note with which to end: "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him." Proverbs 26:4

George Maloof


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Enemy is government blinded by unrealistic green energy promises

To The Daily Sun,

Citizens of Grafton County are valiantly fighting the same battle that is turning rural New Hampshire communities into industrialized energy zones. Our common enemy is the government — blinded by unrealistic green energy promises of the wind industry.

It's past time to take this fight to the courts, where we can restore democracy and protect rural Central New Hampshire from violations under our New Hampshire Constitution. Simple common law rights with enjoyment of our property. Our "Rights and Freedoms" are being legislated away with the erection of these man-made monstrosities. I urge you to turn your attention toward N.H. politicians and our "Queen of Green" Governor, Maggie Hassan.

Thousands of local residents have written to their elected officials in Concord. The summer is almost over and only a three politicians dared to visit this beautiful lake and its proposed sites? What message are New Hampshire politicians sending us — they don't care?

Nevertheless, both wind developers and our N.H. government continue to site wind energy projects too close to our important watersheds and state wildlife areas.

One thing is clear — large international wind energy corporations have too much power. I view them as wind cartels, who are bad actors, who try to suspend the laws of supply and demand, exclude competition and gouge their customers.

This is not the New Hampshire way!

Ray Cunningham


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Dumb & dumber people are again saying the darndest things

To The Daily Sun,

Well, its August, which is the silly season in politics. Dumb and dumber people say the darnedest things. The right has gone apoplectic about Obamacare being implemented and lunatics are still off and riding in their birther clown cars. Ted Cruz, with Louie Gohmert close on his heels, has replaced Michele Bachmann as the most ridiculous person in DC and the American Taliban's abortion bills are now 0-6 in the courts this year. Tod Kincannon who is was director of the South Carolina GOP tweeted that Muslims worship Satan and the National Institute of Drug Abuse recently denied that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol. "Ex-gay" therapist Jerry Mungadze told televangelist Benny Hinn he can identify someone possessed by demons based on what colors a person chose when coloring in a drawing of a brain. Paul Taylor of Creation Today recently stated that Tyrannosauruses were not created to eat meat and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's police state is arresting people for singing in Madison protests. Tea Party extremists are encouraging young people not to sign up for Obamacare and Ted Cruz was just wildly heckled for having government health care while preaching the defunding of Obamacare. Sean "Inanity" Hannity will lose both his TV and radio slots and Ed Schultz is returning to MSNBC's nightly lineup at 5 p.m. due to popular demand. North Carolina House Majority Leader Paul Stam told June Atkinson, the state's superintendent of public instruction that "She should stick to her own knitting" and California Tea Partier Rep. Tom McClintock asserted that there is no crime on Wall Street because bankers don't use guns.

Finally, in this edition of Bobby Jindal's Party of Stupid, Mike Huckabee and James Inhofe say climate change isn't a threat because "God is still up there" and N.H.'s Bill O'Brien once again made a complete jackass of himself by comparing Obamacare to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

James Veverka


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