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Obama needs to get serious about defeating radical Islamic terrorism

To The Daily Sun,

Just weeks before ISIS took Mosul and Ramadi, Obama called them the "jayvee team"; just hours before the terror attack in Paris, Obama said ISIS was "contained"; Just days before the ISIS attack in San Bernardino, California, President Obama said the group didn't pose a threat to the homeland; and ... if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance.

ISIS continues to gain strength. The number of foreign fighters traveling to Syria to fight for ISIS's cause has doubled in the past 18 months. Top military brass and politicians on Capitol Hill have roundly criticized our strategy; or lack thereof, to defeat or "contain" them. There's belief in one's ideology and then there's reality.

Now, the Donkeys and Elephants on Capitol Hill are demanding the president deliver a coherent strategy to defeat ISIS. House Speaker Paul Ryan is working to force the president into a response on the issue. Many Donkeys voted with Elephants, in the face of the president's veto threat, for a bill requiring him to present a comprehensive strategy to eliminate ISIS.

The administration needs to stop playing politics with our national security. The administration needs to get serious about defeating, not containing, radical Islamic terrorism. Reps. Steve Israel, Adam Schiff and Senators Dianne Feinstein, Bill Nelson have expressed not only concern, but alarm over the president's lack of strategy and his naive rhetoric on the threat posed by Islamic terrorism.

In a time when extreme partisanship is the norm, Speaker Ryan has managed to corner the president, using members of the president's own party, on this issue. Ryan has been able to do so because this is an issue that is a top concern of the American people.

The Donkey presidential candidates are busy campaigning on platform that amounts to who can give away more "free" stuff that taxpayers will have to pay for. The Elephants are battling about national security, immigration and the economy.

Terrorism rivals the economy as the most important issue to Americans in the 2016 presidential election. Primaries open in two months. The general election is less than a year out. More people are paying attention to the contest at this point ... than in any race going back nearly 30 years ... for a reason. One party is responding to what is going on in the real world and the other is chasing a Fabian Utopia.

Marc Abear


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It's good for big pharma to know there's big bucks in fighting addiction

To The Daily Sun,

The present-day opioid addiction epidemic in our community and nation as a whole could and should bring about positive long-term results in proportion. This moment could be a peak of awareness that has the potential to result in permanent, positive change. Since the mid-1800s, when morphine-derived addiction really took root in the U.S., there has not been a time when it has been this widespread and serious. More and more lives are lost or ruined than ever before.

Profit incentive is probably the most powerful potential weapon against this crisis and along with immense advancements in technology, a very negative trend could be on the verge of dramatic change in the opposite direction. Most politicians truly are dedicated to helping and improving the lives of their constituencies, which are calling out for serious action against the socially and economically debilitating scourge of addiction. Our governor is hearing the pleas from families, police and legislators. She wants to do and is doing everything she can.

The state system of government is in the process of the intricate development of laws and procedures that will help intervene in a humanistic way, hopefully for years to come. Tighter controls on the output of prescribed, potentially addictive medicines is one example, however, too much government control can be a hindrance in a free-market system. The increasingly sophisticated drug courts are another more advanced method. Legal professionals are getting more involved in the personal direction of suffering addicts like never before, and they are doing this with sincere intent. Treatment that is medication assisted has reached a new height with the development of buprenorphine and full opiate blockers that are administered monthly. Support group networks are accessible over the net with positive results.

Pharmaceutical companies are motivated to make profit and that is a value in our free-enterprise system that we must protect. These companies do not exist for the purpose of helping people and that is a very good thing. Corporations, private companies and big business are our most formidable force against the spread of opioid addiction. If there are hundreds of billions in profit to be made from developing non-habit-forming pain relievers as well as recovery enhancing medicines, then further breakthroughs are inevitable. We mustn't forget that the drive to make money is vastly powerful and if big business believes that more money can be made from defeating addiction than increasing it, then the tide will turn.

A team approach in behemoth proportions for an extended period of time will eventually bring about great success toward ending most potential addiction. Prevention, awareness and the availability of quality treatment will, over time mitigate the likelihood of generations to come being subjected to humankind's darkest addiction of all.

Hopefully, those with that power and ability will continue to strike while the iron is hot, with the 'long-term vision' in mind.

Michael Tensel

A&D Recovery Counseling


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