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I have delighted in getting to know 'Miss Pig'; you should, too

To The Daily Sun,

Somewhere between Meredith and Laconia, on Rte. 106, if look carefully, you will meet "Miss Pig." Her girth is about one foot by one foot and she is a very fashionable pig. You will always find her appropriately dressed for the holidays or a special event. For example, she donned a wreath last Christmas, a witch's hat and green hair this Halloween and I laughed all the way to Laconia when I saw her in a wading pool with her rubber toy this past summer.

You may have to search a little to see her and be careful because she lives on a curvature in the road, which is heavily traveled. We don't want to cause any accidents.

How kind of her owner to share their pet pig. Needless to say, I love her. \

Susan Goodnough


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Thank you, Sheri & Joel, for sponsoring the annual Veterans Day ride

To The Daily Sun,

There is a little publicized event that takes place each year on Veterans Day that I think my fellow motorcyclists should be aware of. Sheri and Joel who own and operate Tilton Haircuts for Men on Main Street in Tilton sponsor a police-escorted ride to the Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen each Veterans Day. Attendance varies each year and weather this year kept many riders from attending. Having just removed my wet clothing, I thought I'd submit my first ever letter to this publication.

I would like to urge all my fellow riders to postpone that heartbreaking day when you put up you're beloved two wheelers (and three wheelers) to the 12th of November. This ride is something special. This a show of support and respect to all our fallen heroes, those who have served as well to those who are away from us today serving our country and protecting our freedom. The sacrifices our veterans have and are making for us are far greater than the small amount of discomfort we may have experienced riding in the rain today. In fact, the poor weather only served to make it more meaningful for those who rode today. We can never begin to thank our veterans enough nor can we ever offer an acceptable apology to those who served in Vietnam for the way some in our society treated them upon their return home.
Today's ceremony at the cemetery was well attended as usual but poorly attended by the motorcyclists of this state. If you have never visited the Veterans Cemetery I cannot suggest a better day to do it than Veterans Day. Prepare to be impressed. Our Veterans Cemetery is known to be one of the best if not THE FINEST in the country!
Thank you Sheri and Joel for continuing to sponsor this event. Special thanks to the N.H. State Police motorcycle officers, the Tilton Police and Officers Hunter and Sullivan from Alton, who rode all day with us without the benefit of issued rain gear! It seems that Alton does not provide their motorcycle officers with rain gear (?). Despite being soaked to the core and freezing, these two officers had a smile on their faces and said they hope to be back next year ... hardcore!
This ride has special meaning to me as it does to all participants. I had a special treat this year. Choosing to take up the rear on the ride back to Tilton my rear views reflected nothing but blue lights on my tail. What a novelty knowing they weren't intended for me!
Thanks for a great job everyone and good Lord willing, see you again next year.
Mike Boudreau


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