Another well-intentioned liberal program being cooked to death

To The Daily Sun,

Michelle Obama's 21st Century lunch lady land has hit the schools with a bland and wasteful thud. The idea that schools should provide healthier choices for students makes good sense for our increasingly obese school-age population. Unfortunately, it is yet another well-intentioned liberal program being cooked to death by unreasonable restrictions on protein, sodium and fat.

Hummus is too high in fat. Pretzels have too much sodium. Pasta primavera with roasted vegetables and olive oil didn't make the cut because it's just too low in protein. Hard boiled eggs? With all that fat and cholesterol, forget it.

According to Leah Barkoukis, an Illinois school district has had enough and has decided they are better off without the federal funds that come with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. When it comes to the Illinois "Fighting Illini," seems like the yokes on the feds.

Jennifer C. Braceras reminds us that "the cost of social programs administered by Washington bureaucrats, and the accompanying loss of personal liberty, free choice and local control, too often outweigh any benefits of these 'feel good' ideas." If the food doesn't taste good, the kids are not going to eat it. Especially low fat mac-n-cheese with broccoli or pizza with whole wheat crust and organic veggie toppings.

Jennifer encapsulates it ever so succinctly — "vomitrocious." She tells us that more than 500 school districts have dropped out of the federal school lunch program due to the lack of flexibility in the federal mandates. This has lead to mountains of wasted food and increased costs to school districts already under financial hardship.

To end an ill-conceived and enormously wasteful program or continue to force it down the throats of our children? Is that the question the progressive-liberal elites are contemplating? Don't be silly, Sherlock. According to Jennifer, the Obama administration has decreed that wasted food is a good thing. You know, the "job-lock is a good thing" thought process. It allows schools to create "food recovery" programs in order to pass this food onto the hungry among us. A glorious, teachable moment with which to turn our students into "civic minded, community-conscious adults."

Central planners micro-managing local communities is always a bad idea. Taking parents out of the equation is a growing "Common Core" phenomenon. Kids may be temporarily stuck with the new math of multiple correct answers, but you can't force them to eat food that doesn't taste very good. And just why are they using outdated guidelines for goodness sake? Eggs, especially free range eggs, are a wonderfully healthful food.

I suppose if this failed liberal program gets parents to send their kids to school with a nutritious brown bag lunch, that is a good thing. However, I'm sure there must be a more cost effective way to achieve that end, don't you?

You know, this program could have worked if the feds had enough sense to ease into these changes rather than blindly mandating drastic changes. Of course that would imply the central planners would use common sense and spend our money in a judicious and tasteful manner. I know, silly me for even thinking such nonsense. That would imply they understand that the ninth-grade football player should not be on the same restrictive caloric intake as the "Slim Jim" sedentary student. Unfortunately, it's yet another "one size fits all" catastrophe.

Please, give my grandchildren "hoagies and grinders, navy beans, meatloaf sandwiches and sloppy joes." Bring Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady Land" back to life. Even if occasionally, "chop suey kicks em in the head." And bring back the hard boiled eggs for goodness sake. Go ahead and make some subtle and tasty changes and include more fresh veggies and fruit and let the "lunch lady" rather than the "First Lady" decide on the menu choices.

Whew, this letter has made me so hungry. I'm longing for a "Cheeseburger in Paradise"(Jimmy Buffet), but another liberal-progressive program gone expensively, tastelessly and wastefully awry has given me the "Dead Shrimp Blues" (Robert Johnson). Oh well, just another day on the eight year cruise of Obama's "Good Ship Lollipop."

Russ Wiles


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Pat Buchanan - What would Braveheart do?

No matter how the vote turns out on Thursday in Scotland, either for independence or continued union with Britain, the disintegration of the Old Continent appears almost inevitable.

Already the British government has conceded that, even if the Scots vote for union, Edinburgh will receive greater powers to rule itself.

Cheering for the breakup of the U.K. are Catalans and Basques, Bretons and Corsicans, Tyroleans, Venetians, Flemish, all dreaming of nations of their own carved out of Spain, France, Italy and Belgium.

Europe's secessionists have waxed ever stronger since the last decade of the 20th century when the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia splintered into 22 nations and Czechoslovakia broke in two.

Abkhazians and Ossetians then broke from Georgia as Transnistria fought free of Moldova. Chechnya went to war twice to escape from Russia. Secessionists now battle Russia in Ingushetsia and Dagestan.

The decomposition of the nations of Old Europe is the triumph of tribalism over transnationalism. The heart has reasons that the mind knows not, said Pascal. And the wild heart is winning.

The call of blood, history, faith, culture and memory is winning the struggle against Economism, the Western materialist ideology that holds that the desire for money and things is what ultimately motivates mankind. Economics uber alles. Here is Niall Ferguson in the New York Times wondering how these crazy Scots could think of seceding from England: "The economic risks are so glaring that even Paul Krugman and I agree it's a terrible idea. What currency will Scotland use? The pound? The euro? No one knows. What share of North Sea oil revenues will go to Edinburgh? What about Scotland's share of Britain's enormous national debt?"

A Scottish vote for independence, Ferguson wails, "would have grave economic consequences, and not just for Scotland. Investment has already stalled. Big companies based in Scotland, notably the pensions giant Standard Life, have warned of relocating to England. Jobs would definitely be lost. The recent steep decline in the pound shows that the financial world hates the whole idea."

Niall Ferguson is not the kind of fellow who would have been out there at midnight dumping the King's tea into Boston harbor in 1773. And he would surely have admonished those stupid farmers on the Concord Bridge that if they didn't put those muskets down, they could wind up ruining the colonies' trade with the Mother Country.

"What currency will we use?" Ferguson would have demanded of Jefferson in Independence Hall in 1776.

Yet it is not only in Scotland where peoples are deciding that what separates them is more important than what unites them. Secessionism is ablaze all over the world. All those straight lines on Middle East maps drawn up by Sykes and Picot are being erased. The Syria and Iraq we have known will never be the same again, as the Shia-Sunni divide deepens and the Kurds of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran come together.

In this century, we have seen Ethiopia and Sudan break in two, and now South Sudan hosts a tribal-civil war between Dinka and Nuer.

Facing secessionist movements in Tibet and the Uighur lands of the west, Beijing is exporting Han Chinese by the trainload to repopulate the regions. Much like Stalin did with the Baltic republics he annexed in 1940.

Vladimir Putin is perhaps the most popular leader alive for bringing home to Mother Russia the Crimea and making a virtual protectorate of the Russified southeastern Ukraine.

But it is not only secessionism that imperils the One Europe of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman and their historic achievement, the EU. In Britain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and most of the countries of Europe, populist parties have arisen to liberate their nations from what they see as the soft dictatorship of the EU. Foremost among these are Nigel Farage's Independence Party, the UKIP, and the National Front of Marine Le Pen, who is now running ahead of President Francois Hollande in national polls. This weekend, the Sweden Democrats, a rightist party, doubled its strength, taking 13 percent of the vote as Stockholm's conservative government fell.

What assures the growth of these parties is what engendered them — mass immigration from the Third World and the attendant rise in crime, Islamism and social disorder. And what is there to halt the waves of immigration in boats and rafts from across the Mediterranean? Nothing. Out of a Middle East descending into chaos will come millions of Arab and Muslim refugees. The African continent, which had 1.2 billion people in 2013, will have 2.3 billion in 2050, and 4.2 billion by century's end.

Hundreds of millions of these African folks will be fleeing these lands to occupy the empty places left by the depopulating nations of Europe, not one of whom has a fertility rate to ensure that its native people survive.

As for the Scots, not to worry if Goldman Sachs is bearish on secession. When you enter the polling booths, just ask yourselves:

What would Braveheart do?

((Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan has been a senior advisor to three presidents, twice a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and the presidential nominee of the Reform Party in 2000. He won the New Hampshire Republican Primary in 1996.)

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Mr. Hull lives in a commune of free-staters sharing same address

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all the good people who came out on such a beautiful day on Sept. 9 and cast a vote for me. I would have brought a common sense passionate responsibility to the job of serving my constituents. It saddens me that I will not have the opportunity to bring your concerns to Concord, for unfortunately I failed to make it past the primary.

It would appear that all of the local governmental meetings I had been attending and all the researching I had been doing were not as important as the lawn signs on the side of the road. It would appear that voters who do not know who they are voting for, vote for a name on a lawn sign.

I knew I couldn't beat two-term incumbent Jeff Shackett, so I had to beat Bob Hull.

Bob Hull, the man nobody knows without those signs, or mailers, or full-page advertising, is a free-stater from the town of Grafton. He lives in a commune of free-staters sharing the same address. For those of you who did vote for him and don't know what a free-stater is, I'll clue you in: they had unsuccessfully pushed for a resolution to get Grafton to secede from the United Nations, arguing that the U.N. could potentially obtain the authority to impose its own taxes or invade the town. They don't believe in government. They would like to do away with the Constitution, and are very big on guns.

Mr. Hull has yet to come out to any town in this district and introduce himself to any one of our selectboards or anyone else for that matter, and if that is the how he is stepping up to the responsibility confronting him, you can bet that he will not come out to represent anyone but that small special interest group in Grafton. He is yet to reach out to the Republican Party? It's almost the end of September, after all. The chair of the Grafton County Republican Committee hasn't heard one word from him, never has, looks like he never will. He's spent thousands of dollars on advertising this campaign. For what? A $100-a-year job ? What's the hidden agenda? Why didn't he sign the affidavit agreeing to the voluntary spending limit for campaigning?
Do we really want this man as our next representative?

You are going to find that we will have no representation for the next two years in Concord or delegate to the County Convention if he wins in November. The selectboards know this. He will introduce bill after bill to get Grafton off the radar at the expense of the general fund. He has no working understanding of how deep the state's unfunded liability retirement fund is in trouble. He could care less about "franchise" industrial unsustainable energy projects, Common Core, Right to Work, business regulatory environment, health care, education, environment, school bonding issues, the things that matter most, that touch all of our lives, now and in our future.

One question I would like to ask of Mr. Hull: why did you sit in your car in the corner of the parking lot all day at the Bristol polls Tuesday and not stand and greet your voters? I'll answer it for you. If they had met you they never would have voted for you.

One more thing, as soon as the polls closed he ran inside to see what the count was, picked up his signs and beat feet out of there. This is going to be our next Republican representative for the Newfound Lake Region. People, the next time you vote for someone, if you don't know anything about the candidate than pass over them. Stop wasting your vote on lawn signs.

If you feel that you deserve to have a strong leadership-minded representative on your side in Concord, with the passion to understand our shared interest, than I am willing to be there for you. Just pick up a pen on Nov. 4. Mistakes can be corrected.

Thanks again to the people in Alexandra, Ashland, Bridgewater. Bristol and Grafton.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Festival draws people who might not otherwise visit downtown

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to personally thank all who were involved, for yet another successful Multicultural Day here in Laconia. As someone who has attended every year, I am always impressed that it continues to get bigger and better. The food is amazing and performances are delightful. It is rare to find something that appeals to four generations of a family, yet this event does, and at no cost to those who attend. Bravo!

On a professional note, it is wonderful to see a number of independently owned local businesses participating, including Sunflower Natural Foods, Tavern 27, Woodshed Roasting Co., The Mill Fudge Factory, China Bistro, Bubble & Flame Soap & Candle Co., Squam Lakes Science Center, The Kettle Korn King and Lanna Thai Restaurant, to name a few. Thanks also to the number of organizations, individuals and families who graciously shared their cultural influences with food, crafts and more.

My companion for the day has lived in Gilford for many years. As we walked to and from my car, she commented on the many nice shops she had never been to or known of. An event like this draws people who might not otherwise venture to explore our wonderful downtown area. There's no way to put a price on that kind of exposure. It's a win-win for the community.

I look forward to next year's Laconia Multicultural Day.

Debbie Bolduc


Owner, BizBuzz Marketing Partners

Vice President, Belknap Independent Business Alliance (BIBA)

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I agree that the president doesn't have to go back to Congress

To The Daily Sun,

Saturday's Sun was really full of it ... left-wing letters that is. Poor ol' Henry Osmer and Leon Albushies leading the way.

Henry berates Republicans in spite of the fact that every prediction made by them regarding Obama's policy's has come true. The vacuum left by our troops leaving Iraq was filled by terrorists and now we're heading back ... kind of, maybe, perhaps, once Obama decides, if he ever does and then commits.

Poor Leon must be beside himself. His hope of the U.S. retreating back within our own boarders and pulling the doors shut behind us must seem an impossible dream now. Funny thing how reality has the effect of the ice bucket challenge on even Obama at last. The peace in our time, at any price, president is now committing to attacking ISIS and already has boots on the ground over there. Of course the president says we are not at war. Excuse me, but dropping bombs, killing even terrorists on foreign soil is, what then? Well it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck so I'm calling it a duck, or war in this case.

Obama is playing a semantics game trying to give himself and his followers cover. He is saying things like we are not at war. He doesn't need to go to Congress for approval to take military action. He will forge a strong coalition of nations to reduce ISIS. So far, little in the way of a coalition is shaping up. Arab countries are reluctant to come along and I have detected no rush by Europe to join up. Perhaps because of the president's history of not supporting his allies and weak, wishie-washie foreign policy and failures to commit to anything except failed socialist plans here at home. They know he will throw them under the bus the first time he feels pressure from his base. (That's what community organizers do after all.)

He is right about not having to go to Congress though, I think. He cites the two previous congressional votes, first right after 9-11-2001 giving President Bush the authority to use our military in the war on terror. The second was the vote giving him the authority to use force against Iraq. Incidentally, Leon might be interested to note that the first says "war" four times and the second nine times in the documents. Means Obama recognizes these as legal authority for the U.S. to commit to war. Puts Leon's illegal war theories out the window, seems to me.

But hey, given the left-wing writers to this paper their reluctance to face up to facts, history and reality I expect to hear lots more of their nonsense in the next several weeks. But readers just remember their record of failures and fallacies in the past six years.

Steve Earle


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