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When evidence against their candidate mounts; they scream 'racism'

To The Daily Sun,

"Let's be frank here folks, Wiles, Earle, Meade and Ewing have a problem with Obama being black and that Clinton is a woman." While others including Scott Cracraft and Tim Welch have inferred I am a racist, Carol Stappi just came right out and said it about me and three others in that quote from her Oct. 13 letter. She also claims that we are misogynists as well.

I would like to thank Carol from the bottom of my heart for being so honest with what seems to be in her heart. When the left or the modern-day liberal socialists among us have nothing of substance to offer, they scream racism to anyone with an opinion different from theirs.

When the evidence about the corruption of their candidate becomes overwhelming, they scream "racism." I believe Carol is defaming all that Martin Luther King Jr. stood for and died for with her baseless use of the racism label. Carol, your attempt to smear us is nothing more than despicable bullying.

Bullying and name-calling is what the left does best. I should not have to explain that I am not referring to all the people who vote for Democrats. Most of them either do not know what today's Democratic Party embodies or they have been indoctrinated by the academic elites to think that Republicans are racist. Especially all those "white older men." Right, Carol?

Most of my friends and co-workers who agree with the Democrats are really good people and I respect them. This letter is not about them. Carol's letter illuminates what the progressive leftist movement thinks about those who have opposing views and opinions.

Despite the mountain of corruption, collusion and pay-for-play that has come out via Wikileaks and the Judicial Watch, Carol proclaims that "Hillary Clinton is not crooked." Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Bullying, name-calling and denying or distortion of reality are critical elements of the progressive left movement that have poisoned our political system. Thank you Carol for your letter that speaks volumes.

Russ Wiles

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Don't let 'dark money' steal this election; vote for Carol Shea-Porter

To The Daily Sun,

It is easy to support Carol Shea-Porter. She deserves the support of Democrats, Republicans, and independents. She does not accept corporate PAC money and she does not accept lobbyist money. She will go to Washington to represent the people of her district.

Her opponent is Frank Guinta. Did he really violate campaign funding rules? Did members of his own party ask him to resign? Have you looked at his voting record against vets? Does he really deserve another term?

The record says that Carol will support our veterans who return from harm's way. She will keep her word to protect Social Security and Medicare. She will speak up for students and working family. In short, she will represent all of us.

Don't let "dark money" steal this election. Vote for Carol Shay-Porter because she deserves our support.

Paul Bonneville
Lochmere (Tilton)

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