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Eliminating Alton Town Planner job will likely not save money

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is directed to the voters of the town of Alton, and it concerns Warrant Article 43. This article is an attempt to eliminate the position of Alton Town Planner, a move that is not supported by either the Selectboard or the Budget Committee.

A town planner's duties are many and varied, including balancing the conflicting demands of housing, recreation, industrial development, and our environmental needs. All this and more must be done with consideration to both the short- and long-term effects of any action taken upon the town of Alton.

Eliminating the Town Planner's position will likely not involve any cost savings, and will result in a contractual planner who has no real involvement with the impact of decisions made upon our town. Additionally, and importantly, we have an individual currently in the Town Planner's position that is capable, courteous, honest, industrious, and adept at coordinating various town agencies and offices in their daily decision-making activities.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Ken McWilliams for the past two years on the Development Committee of the Pearson Road Community and Senior Center. His dedication, genuine concern, and follow-up are impressive. He inspires cooperation coupled with congeniality, no easy task in today's political environment.

I strongly urge a "no" vote on Article 43 in the March 11 election.

Fred Sallah


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Cryans committed to positive approach to government & service

To The Daily Sun,

An important special election to fill Ray Burton's former seat on the Executive Council is coming up on Tuesday, March 11. I am supporting Mike Cryans for this seat and urge readers of The Laconia Daily Sun to turn out and vote for Cryans. Here are the chief reasons for my support:

1. Cryans was raised in New Hampshire's North Country and has pledged to advocate for citizens in every corner of District 1, working in a bipartisan fashion to help grow the local economy, protect taxpayers, and strengthen the middle class. Cryans' 16 years of experience as Grafton County Commissioner (working alongside Ray Burton) is a good example of his commitment to public service.

2. Cryans has received the endorsement of Ray Burton's two sisters (Joan Day of Concord and Mary Grimes of Columbia) and brother (Steve Burton of Hanover). They recognize that Mike Cryans is the candidate best suited to continue the extraordinary public service and commitment to the North Country exemplified by Ray Burton. It should be noted that Ray Burton endorsed Cryans in the most recent election for Grafton County Commissioner and supported Cryans as Chair of the Commissioners.

3. Mike Cryans is committed to a positive approach to government and constituent service, just as Ray Burton was. The negative and divisive initial campaign mailing sent out by Cryans' opponent, Tea Party Republican Joe Kenney, is the kind of ideological attack that Ray Burton would have had no part of. This negative attack piece clearly demonstrates why it is Mike Cryans who is the rightful heir to Ray Burton on NH's Executive Council.

Gary McCool


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Ray Burton endorsed Mike Cryans for commissioner in 2012

To The Daily Sun,

After a recent event with Executive Council candidate Mike Cryans, I sat down to write a simple letter of endorsement. He had my vote when his response to the question, "What are the three most important parts of the job?" was "Constituent service, constituent service, constituent service!" The late, great Ray Burton taught him well.

But recent letters and interviews have led me to expand my endorsement to address some additional issues. Recently, state Rep. Jane Cormier wrote a Letter to the Editor in which she stated that she "likes" Joe Kenney's (the other Executive Council candidate) use of $40,000 of his own funds for his campaign. I feel completely the opposite.

Mike Cryans has raised his campaign resources from over 740 individual donors. That many individual voters believe he is the one to do the job. As Rep. Cormier went on to say, "It is the voter with a ballot that makes a difference," and Mike Cryans has voters behind him.

I was also surprised to read an interview with Joe Kenney in which he supported the concept of "crowd funding" to fund some services. Again, I couldn't disagree more. State and local services need reliable revenues sources so that citizens can be sure they will stay in place, and that does not mean being put out to bid on the internet.

A final, and critical, correction is in order as well. A recent letter stated that the late Ray Burton always supported the Republican candidate. In fact, Ray Burton endorsed Mike Cryans for Grafton County Commissioner in 2012. And, just recently, Ray Burton's siblings endorsed Mike Cryans to succeed Ray at the Executive Council. As they stated in their letter of endorsement, Ray's siblings believe Mike Cryans shares their brother's values of "service above politics."

Please join me in supporting and voting for Mike Cryans for Executive Council on March 11.

Kate Miller

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Sen. Hosmer is paving way for domestic violence legislation

To The Laconia Sun,

As a young woman and college student, I was incredibly proud when I read the article in The Laconia Daily Sun about state Sen. Andrew Hosmer, who sponsored a domestic violence bill. It is reassuring to know that Sen. Hosmer is looking out for the rights of people who have been backed into a corner, and in my opinion that's a man worth standing behind.

This piece of legislation, Senate Bill 390, allows victims of domestic abuse the ability to maintain a steady job and have peace of mind while at work. While I have never been a victim of domestic abuse, I have had some close friends who have, and I know that this legislation will be life-changing for them.

Sen. Hosmer is paving the way for domestic violence legislation in New Hampshire and has proven to me that I can still have faith in my elected officials. I just hope that other officials will follow Sen. Hosmer's leadership because domestic violence is a very real and very frightening reality for many of our fellow Granite Staters. This is a problem that we can all work together on to better New Hampshire.

Thank you Sen. Hosmer for sponsoring this bill and caring about your constituents and all people of New Hampshire.

Victoria Bunk


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Vote 'no' on Article 1 to put a stop of workforce housing law

To The Daily Sun,

On Article 2 on the Alton Town Warrant: Planning Board Proposed Amendment No. 1. This amendment may confuse some voters on March 11. A "yes" vote will still support the Work Force Housing State Law instead of trying to do something to eliminate it. Towns across the state should not have this law hanging over their heads. Town leaders need to join forces with other towns to work with their elected representatives and senators to get rid of this bad law.

As for HUD money, this article exists because HUD makes money available to push their agenda against individual and private property rights in the state of New Hampshire. Once money is accepted the article must appear on the ballot. However, voters still have the option to vote it down.

A "yes" vote preserves this bad law. A "no" vote can help start the process to get rid of a bad law. Please vote "no" on Article 2: Planning Board Proposed Amendment No. 1 on March 11.

Phil Wittmann


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