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Rand Paul knows what does & does not make our country safer

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, my son returned from a second deployment. I am proud of him and his fellow soldiers. The military and their families have been at war for almost 15 years, shouldering the burden, while America has been at the mall.

I believe in a strong military that is used wisely. I do not believe in undeclared wars because they are usually questionable and never fought decisively. Endless deployments are not supporting service members or their families.

Borrowing money from China and printing the rest to project our power does not make our country safer, but instead weaker. We now have a national debt at $19 trillion and unfunded future liabilities approaching $150 trillion. Our nation is on the road to financial ruin and that will diminish the military, along with our security. Only presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul has said that this situation is unsustainable and not in our national interest.

Regime change has brought chaos to the Middle East and just as money has corrupted domestic politics, it has done the same to our foreign policy. The Syrian conflict is about a pipeline dispute to bring natural gas to Europe. Turkey and Saudi Arabia conspired to overthrow the Syrian government with the help of American weapons and the use of jihadists. The unintended consequence of these actions was the creation of ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) that captured wide areas in Syria and Iraq using American weaponry.

If the president of Syria allowed the pipeline through his country that would have originated from Saudi Arabia instead of Iran, there would be no refugee crisis. Two hundred, fifty thousand Syrians would still be alive and there would be no ISIS. President Assad of Syria would be considered our friend, not our foe.

The Iraqi government has told our government they do not want more soldiers. The average Iraqi soldier and citizen thinks we are sympathetic to ISIS. Iraq is a proxy state of Iran that has invited the Russians to help them defeat ISIS. The Syrians have also invited the Russians to fight ISIS. What we are witnessing is a Sunni (Saudi Arabia) vs. Shiite (Iranian) civil war throughout the Middle East. Both countries export terrorism and recently both broke off diplomatic relations with each other.

The Middle East is in complete disarray with no end in sight. Yet we have candidates running for president who say they are going to shoot down Russian aircraft and send more troops to Iraq. Only presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul, has called our policy of regime change a disaster and would end it.

We need a president with good judgment, not one guided by ego, ideology or special interests.

President Reagan understood our country was stronger and safer when the military was well armed, rested, and only used to protect true American interests. As Senator Rand Paul stated recently, hoping the next Thomas Jefferson comes to power after we topple a regime is not possible in the Middle East.

Bringing democracy to people by force, who are unwilling to be free, is a task that has no hope of success. The United States needs to be the beacon of freedom for others to follow, at their own choosing. This country does not need to be drawn into dangerous and misguided conflicts that do not benefit the American people. Some people call this an isolationist foreign policy, but Ronald Reagan was not considered an isolationist.

Please join me in voting for presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul. We need a strong nation, focused on our interests not others.

David D. DeVoy II

Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired


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Taxpayers need to rein-in out-of-control Shaker School Board

To The Daily Sun,

Was very upset again after reading Wednesday's Sun concerning another huge pay raise to what is considered a very high pay level already for Shaker School District employees.

The school board, as well as their superintendent, are out of control and totally disregard any taxpayers, many of who have not had a pay raise in years.

I agree with Jon Pike in his comments. The taxpayers need to take control of these out-of-control school board members. They stack their meetings and raise fears with parents who have children in the district.

Taxpayers, unite. Take back this out-of-control district!

Don Irvin

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