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N.H. Education Tax Credit program is a win-win for everyone

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to inform business owners that the time is running low to take advantage of the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit program. This program allows businesses to donate to fund scholarships that help parents send their children to schools that fit their needs. The upcoming deadline to apply is June 15.

A business donating $1,000 could see a tax savings of $958 with the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit and federal tax deduction. Every donation counts, from $100 with an $85 tax credit to $100,000 with an $85,000 tax credit.

It's a win-win for everyone, a way to empower businesses to support quality education without breaking the bank. For more information check out this short video that explains the program. (https://vimeo.com/124366638)

Also more information is available at networkforeducation.org. This program helps many children who would otherwise be failing in the public school system. Thanks for checking them out and donating.

Bob Ely

New Hampton

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Who does Mr. Albushies condemn for hikes in defense spending?

To The Dalily Sun,

I have a few questions in response to Mr. Leon Albushies' recent letter expressing concerns over U.S. military spending.

Firstly, does Mr. Albushies condemn the president and/or the Congresses of the last six years for the 14 percent average annual increases in U.S. military/defense spending? Secondly, are U.S. military pensions part of the U.S. entitlements system, or part of the military/defense spending? Are these increases attributable to military spending part of the two cents in change that the president came into office promising and in fact delivered on?

Would Mr. Albushies like to see a Navy veteran president of a different political party assigned to the CVN-79 currently under construction?

Tim Sullivan


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