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No provission in state law for a vice chair of county commission

To The Daily Sun,

1. No provision in state law provides for a vice-chairman of a county commission.
RSA 28:1 Organization – The county commissioners of each county shall choose from their number a chairman and a clerk.

2. No provision in state law empowers the Belknap County Commission the power to give permission, to any department head, to file/apply any grant applications.

3. No legislation empowers the commission to bind the county to expend funds from any source for any purpose, not authorized by the county convention. RSA 24:15, IV.

4. No legislation exists for any county or city for funds made available during (the) year. comparable to that of a town.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any town or village district at an annual meeting may adopt an article authorizing, indefinitely until specific rescission of such authority, the board of selectmen or board of commissioners to apply for, accept and expend, without further action by the town or village district meeting, unanticipated money from the state, federal or other governmental unit or a private source which becomes available during the fiscal year.

(a) For unanticipated moneys in the amount of $10,000 or more, the selectmen or board of commissioners shall hold a prior public hearing on the action to be taken. Notice of the time, place, and subject of such hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the relevant municipality at least seven days before the hearing is held.

(b) The board of selectmen may establish the amount of unanticipated funds required for notice under this subparagraph, provided such amount is less than $10,000. For unanticipated moneys in an amount less than such amount, the board of selectmen shall post notice of the funds in the agenda and shall include notice in the minutes of the board of selectmen meeting in which such moneys are discussed. The acceptance of unanticipated moneys under this subparagraph shall be made in public session of any regular board of selectmen meeting.

IV. Action to be taken under this section shall:

(a) Not require the expenditure of other town or village district funds except those funds lawfully appropriated for the same purpose RSA 31:95-b


1. Grant money is "reimbursement" for a line item in the county budget for a specific purpose, which upon encumbrance of money will be offset by a specific revenue. Such expenditure with revenue line items must exist in the county's annual budget as adopted or by supplemental appropriation.

2. Proof of the inclusion of the budget line items must be included with the application for grant as commitment by the county to accept and expend for the purpose for which the grant application, if awarded, shall be fulfilled.

Thomas A. Tardif

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Western world needs to see Islam as an existential threat

To The Daily Sun,

It is often said that we cannot condemn the whole Islamic religion because of the evil acts of radical Islamists who commit brutal acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. Whenever these radical Islamists conduct horrendous acts of murder it is also often rationalized by many of our leaders that Christians, historically, have also performed extremely brutal acts of murder in the name of Christianity. All of which may also be true but, what both of these arguments prove, however, is that even though there have been Christians who were good people there were also evil ones and, conversely, there are good Muslims and there are also evil Muslims.

The big difference, I believe, is that Christianity, whose foundation is the New Testament and not the Old Testament, established as its basic pillars, "Faith, Hope and Love of which Love is the most important," according to Jesus Christ. From these pillars flow the qualities of goodness, compassion, tolerance toward all human beings, saints and sinners alike, and a belief that our creator did not want to force humans to love him. He gave human beings a free will so that we could choose to love Him and do what is right or not to do so. However Islam, according to its doctrinal teachings and commandments, does not tolerate "disbelievers" and radical Islamists believe individuals must be forced to submit to the will of God. These two value systems can never co-exist, especially when one side, in the form of radical Islamists, wants to destroy or subjugate the Western world and its Judeo-Christian values, in addition to all disbelievers (Jews, Christians, atheists, pagans, Hindus, Sikhs, gays/lesbians and anyone else who is not a Muslim).

The PEW Research Center survey conducted in 2015 measured attitudes in 11 Muslim countries in the world. The survey revealed that between 10 percent and 40 percent of Muslims, depending on the country, said that suicide bombings and other forms of violence in the name of Islam are sometimes/often acceptable. Support for Muslim Sharia Laws ranged from 10 to 15 percent in some countries to 85 to 95 percent in other countries. Support for ISIS and their brutal acts in the name of Islam, on average, ranged from five to 10 percent.

One can only assume that, since radical Islamists have killed thousands of other Muslims throughout the world who disagree with the doctrinal teachings and the brutal acts of the radical Islamists, they too must be hated and destroyed for their apostate views. In addition, a previous 2011 PEW Research Center survey found that, in America, eight percent of Muslims are radicalized or sympathetic to the radical Islamists' acts of brutality in the name of Islam. That would translate to approximately 250,000 Muslims.

It is a historical fact that the founders of Islam were extremely intolerant of disbelievers and forced them to conform, submit to their teachings or be subjected to brutality and murder. Such a religion, whose founder(s) commanded such brutal acts, is not a religion where love, compassion, tolerance and free will for all human beings are foundational. Such a radical perspective is comparable to the evil of Hitler's Nazism and the evils of communism under Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. All of whom were responsible for the deaths of at least 150,000,000 people in the 20th Century in order to fulfill their ambitions of dominating their worlds.

I believe, the god of the radical Islamists cannot be the same as the god of Christianity and the New Testament. He would appear to be the total opposite of the God of Faith, Hope and Love where individual free will, human goodness, compassion and tolerance for all people are basic tenants. Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God and came unto Earth to save us from eternal damnation, said, "...love your neighbor as yourself..." That did not mean love your neighbor only if he is a radical Islamist and hate everyone else because they are infidels and disbelievers. If we are to "... judge a tree by the fruit it produces..." how should we judge the god of radical Islam?

Between the 14th and 16th centuries, Ukrainian Kozaks, who were devout Orthodox Christians, waged continuous running battles with the Muslim Sultan armies of the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) across the steppes of Ukraine, the Black Sea and the Ottoman Empire. They ultimately prevailed and prevented the Ottoman Muslims from gaining a foothold and spreading their Caliphate into Eastern and Western Europe.

Today it is time for the Western world to step up to the plate and cowboy up, acknowledge this existential threat to our civilization and respond accordingly. We are on the brink of a clash of civilizations between the two major world religions the likes of which we have never witnessed. Let us not stick our heads in the sand and live in denial believing the false narrative that Islam is a peaceful religion. Although there are many good and peaceful Muslims there are also many evil radical Islamists and many others who support their point of view and their brutality. Various survey data and actual acts of brutality committed by radical Islamists in the name of Islam prove otherwise, that Islam is not a religion of peace.

This is a fact that radical Islamists themselves strongly agree with and do not deny. Let us take the radical Islamists at their word when they tell us that they hate us and want to destroy us primarily because we do not embrace the teachings of Islam and adopt their Islamic "divine law," (see article entitled "Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You" published in the ISIS magazine AL DABIQ). Let us, therefore, prepare ourselves for the ultimate probability of that existential world war for the survival of Western civilization and its Judeo-Christian values.

Bo J. Rudzinskyj

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