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Why do leftists give a darn that other people believe in God?

To The Daily Sun,

Reading letters here in the past few months leaves me with the question of why the left feels the compulsive need to attack Christians and Christianity? The left doesn't believe in God, so what's the deal? Why do they give a darn if others do? What's their purpose other then just to be nasty, mean-spirited and disagreeable? So they don't believe in God or that the Founding Fathers did so what, what's their point? Do they want religion outlawed in America, the world, or what?

I do see them defending Muslims with great vigor, creating a straw man argument that only a minority are terrorists. They just can't bring themselves to admit that Muslim terrorism is the huge problem that it is. They won't even use the words Islamic terrorism. President Obama went to the extreme of telling Christians to get off our high horses because of events a thousand years ago. No we won't, Mr. President. We Christians have evolved. We led the anti-slavery movement in the 19th century and haven't burnt anyone at the stake for hundreds of years, so we can ride proudly, thanks very much.

Jon Hoyt just had to throw in his two cents worth (about what it was worth) trying to defend the stupid, insulting remarks of the president. Apparently Jon listened to Obama and like a bobble-head doll nodded his compliance and agreement just as unthinkingly as the plastic real thing. So let's see Jon, how many acts of Christian terrorism can you recount since the beginning of this year? None. How many last year, or the past 10, 20, or 30? Now how many Muslim terrorist acts can I recount just sense the first of this year is more then you can for Christians for the past 40, so it's time for you and the other leftists to get off your elitist pedestals and take note of the facts.

While I'm at it, let's not hear anymore of these leftists calling themselves liberals. Nothing liberal about them, they do not stand for or support liberal principles. They push Marxist socialist values, nothing more. And for Siden, these are my opinions.

Steve Earle


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Thank you Children's Auction for $30k donation to Got Lunch!

To The Daily Sun,

GOT LUNCH! Laconia would like to express its sincere gratitude to the NH1 Children's Auction for granting us our biggest award ever of $30,000 to help deliver healthy groceries to the children of Laconia for the entire 11 weeks of 2015 summer school vacation.

From our very first year, 2011, the Children's Auction has been there for us with financial support. Without their assistance that first year to get us off the ground, we can't be sure we would have made it. Since we began, we have also helped 13 other programs get started in towns throughout New Hampshire.

It's amazing the number of communities coming together to address child hunger in New Hampshire — and it started because the NH1 Children's Auction had the foresight to support this worthy cause.

Our program has grown from serving 273 children with 72 volunteers that first year, to serving 612 children with 233 volunteers in 2014. The $30,000 grant award will feed close to 275 children all summer — thank you NH1 Children's Auction for all your support.

GOT LUNCH! Laconia

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