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Newest members of Alton board were not notified of extra meeting

To The Daily Sun,

After abruptly ending the last public School Board meeting without setting a new meeting date, the Alton School Board decided to convene April 25 and has posted the agenda. At issue is whether there was a meeting or other communication including only three school board members and the superintendent held to decide on April 25 as a meeting date.

The two newest school board members were not notified of — or included in — that meeting, nor was the public. With only the input of the superintendent and the three School Board members, a meeting date was selected that neither of the newest board members could attend.

It seems to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders that this board's continuing backroom tactics clearly prove they are only interested in their own agenda and not what is best for the parents and students of Alton.

Richard Brown, President

Alton Teachers' Association

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Mother's Day Carnation Sale is fundraiser for New Beginnings

To The Daily Sun,

It's time to honor the mothers in our lives with the most beautiful and carefully-crafted carnations from New Beginnings. Hand-wrapped, single carnations with greenery are available for $1.50, while hand-wrapped bouquets with greenery are available for $12.

Carnations may be purchased May 5 through May 7 at New Beginnings and other participating locations, and pre-orders may be placed today by calling 528-6511. Back for the 24th year, the Mother's Day Carnation Sale is one of New Beginnings' key annual fundraisers, with all proceeds benefiting survivors of domestic, sexual and stalking violence in Belknap County.

This event serves as a fundraiser and a great way to increase the visibility of New Beginnings and the need for services. Kathy Keller, executive director of New Beginnings-Without Violence and Abuse, explains, "Our Mother's Day Carnation Sale is also a key 'friend raiser', allowing us to raise funds and make new friends in the community."

By honoring mothers, New Beginnings also honors the roots of the Anti-Violence Against Women movement: a grassroots effort of women helping women to live violence-free lives and promote safer communities.

New Beginnings Mother's Day Carnation Sale brings together many caring community members, from the businesses that donate buckets for carnation preparation to the volunteers preparing, packaging and delivering the carnations to the restaurants and businesses. Local businesses such as Sundays Salon, Pat's Mobile, and Meredith Village Savings Banks also participate by allowing us to sell our carnations at their locations. All proceeds from these sales benefit the crisis intervention and support services offered by New Beginnings.

Nearly one in four women have been sexually assaulted in New Hampshire and at least a third of New Hampshire women have been physically assaulted by an intimate partner. New Beginnings-Without Violence and Abuse is a nonprofit organization committed to ending domestic, sexual, and stalking violence through service provision to victims, community education, and prevention work focused on breaking the generational cycle of violence. For more information about New Beginnings, its programs or to purchase carnations please contact the office at 603-528-6511.

Aileen Castillo

Development VISTA

New Beginnings – Without Violence & Abuse


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