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Thanks for letter on group publicizing whether I voted or not

To The Daily Sun,

Thank yu for printing the letter about the Sensible Solutions Coalition.

Several people have received this letter at Heritage Terrace in Belmont and several of us have also called the attorney general and received the same response.

It wasn't bad enough giving our full names but also our full addresses, even the apartment numbers of each unit.

We feel the same way as the Belmont couple.

Barbara Hubley


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Alton Community Services will move, and thanks for donations

To The Daily Sun,
It is that time of year for Alton Community Services and one is most grateful for the donors and volunteers who make it possible for us to maintain our mission to help the distressed in our area.
We have been looking forward to expanding our facility for several years. Mr. Roberts is expanding his real estate business and leaves us no alternative but to move. We are looking at the Scott’s building on Main Street. The building would give us ample space so as not to have to store supplies off the premises.
We have been helping the town with its annual baskets. Hannaford’s again sold Give A Meal boxes and we share these boxes with Barnstead, Gilmanton Iron Works, New Durham and Wolfeboro.
The Cub and Boy Scouts had their annual food drive and delivered over 1,000 pounds of nonperishable food items to us. Thanks to all who made the drive  so successful. Nonperishable food may be left at Maxfield’s Real Estate, Profile Bank or Alton Home and Lumber. Donations may be sent to Alton Community Services, P.O. Box 43, Alton, NH 03809.
Any one interested in volunteering is asked to please call Diane Eagles, volunteer director, at 293-9335 of me are 875-6396. We are open to suggestions as to how to improve our services to you; please let us know.
Dorothye S. Wentworth, Director
Alton Community Services

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