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I remain a fiscal conservative with an eye on taxpayer impact

To The Daily Sun,

I am requesting the support of my fellow Tilton citizens in my attempt to be elected as a member of the Selectboard of our outstanding community. I would concurrently would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that voted during the last election cycle. Last year's election process was impressive in that it showed that community members know who they want to lead their community and who are willing to reach above the marketing ploys used in such processes.

I have not changed my views in the last year and staunchly remain a fiscal conservative who reviews all operating monetary requests at the municipal and school district level, utilizing the question of what is the impact on the taxpayer.

Our town is growing and facing problems that go hand in hand with growth, whether it be of an aging infrastructure, increasing health and retirement costs for municipal employees, less state and federal money and requests for additional services.

We, as a community, need to expand our search for revenue streams while keeping in check or reducing expenditures.

I strongly believe that I can fulfill this mission with your help and support in the upcoming election.

Wayne Brock


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Win a new 55-inch HD television in Kiwansis Club's March Madness raffle

To The Daily Sun,

March is upon us. It's time to get mad! March Madness, that is. March 16 is the final deadline for you to buy your winning raffle ticket for the 55-inch HD SMART TV, currently housed in Greenlaw's window on Main Street, Laconia. Prepare to see all of your favorite TV shows, from March Madness basketball, to local and world news, to "Downton Abbey" in high definition clarity and Internet capability.

Tickets are $10 each. The proceeds from this Kiwanis-sponsored event will go directly to services for children in Laconia and the Lakes Region. Buy your tickets at Greenlaw's Music or from any Kiwanis member.

Your winning ticket will be drawn by Mayor Ed Engler at City Hall on March 16. You would be mad to miss this opportunity.

Martha Kruse

Community & Public Relations

Kiwanis Club of Laconia

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