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N.H. casino owner would take profits away to another state

To the editor,
"Government is instituted to provide services to its citizens." This statement by two elected state officials is quite extraordinary, the two apparently haven't read the New Hampshire Constitution or the history of its people. The government of N.H. was instituted first and foremost to protect the rights of the citizens and its Constitution written to protect the citizen from its government. Written 230+ years ago — read it.
As far as chicken charading, perhaps the state officials ought to copyright the idea, sell it, give the income to the state services they are so concerned about. Charades is a word guessing game. The form most played today is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party. Charading is an app one can purchase at an Apple Store. Chicken charading might possibly be some sort of slander indicating one might give an indication of what one wants and then run from and or hide before they either have finished giving their clue or before the other party has stated their guess.
"On purely partisan grounds", a phrase often used by Democrats when non-Democrats aren't being submissive, is never heard from them when they're in control and ignore the same non-Democrats. Or to indicate they and not the other party have passed a bill meant to help the "people" — not necessarily the taxpayer.
Something every state and voting taxpayer needs to wake up to is that there is no such thing as government revenue, especially federal revenue. The government doesn't earn money, and the federal government doesn't print money, it's only authorized to coin money. It's the non government entity referred to as the Federal Reserve which prints and circulates paper money. They have in the last three years printed $2 trillion and are purchasing upwards of $85 billion of U.S. debt every month. So when we are told that the Republicans of the state are "passing up an infusion of billions of dollars" it is really being said that they refuse an illusion.
As far as the casinos go, those running and establishing the casinos will retrieve all building/operational cost, state and local taxes and fees, which will be in the billions, and then take the profits out of state. Does N.H. actually have that kind of money to dispose of? Perhaps the state liquor stores ought to be extended to build and operate casinos? At least the money would stay in state.
G.W. Brooks

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To what extent should county home be considered profit center?

To the editor,
Generally, I refrain from jumping into letter writing "food fights", but the recent letters by Paula Trombi have led me to do so. Ms. Trombi seems to believe that when four Belknap County representatives voted against approving additional nursing home funding of $200,000., they did so out of either pure meanness, total stupidity, or both. The county commissioners and the nursing home director believe they can use the $200K to attract an additional $400K in Medicare revenue, thereby providing a $200K profit for the county. That profit alone, tells an incomplete tale. Those short term physical, occupational, and speech therapies are high profit services that the county commissioners want to profit on, but doing so will take business away from the open market of health care providers. Is the county nursing home supposed to be a profit center? Should the Belknap County Delegation (the eighteen State Reps) encourage the county commissioners to actively pursue Medicare short term rehabilitation folks and thereby directly compete with marketplace providers? If such expansion is to be allowed, should limits be imposed? What are the long term downsides of such expansion?
During several delegation meetings, the county commissioners said this effort would be for just a "few" Medicare patients", "maybe five or six patients", well, "maybe up to eight patients", and then on June 3rd, hinted that the number would not go "above 10 at any time". How much will it grow if it continues for many years? Will it become such a moneymaker they will want to expand the nursing home to allow for more profits?
The delegation was told that the nursing home normally has spare beds and these Medicare patients will not require any new staff or any physical expansion. I viewed such projections with a jaundiced eye, doubting they would hold true in the long run. Since actual data is not available, it seems reasonable to take some mental excursions as to what could, or even might, become reality. First, if the nursing home now runs with a persistent "free bed" level of six to 10 beds, but could fill those beds with Medicare folks without expanding staff, does that mean it is currently overstaffed? If not, at what point would a continually "full bed" nursing home start triggering some combination of increases in kitchen staff, housekeeping, maintenance, overtime for current staff, or more floor space.
Because of the turmoil the delegation and the commissioners have had for the last six months, I felt that it was necessary to, if not bury the hatchet-to at least lay it down for a few months, so I voted with the majority to fund the Medicare expansion for this year, only. But, I mentioned then and restate now, that I intend to investigate this issue statewide, and try to present a fuller explanation to everyone before the delegation is called on again to approve such funding. However, I fully understand and greatly appreciate the position taken by Representatives Burchell, Cormier, Sylvia, and Worsman and believe that their free market position should be the one we all strive to reach. I hope that during the next few months we, as a delegation, can get all the facts out in the open, and clearly articulate them for ourselves, and for all of the voters of Belknap County. I also know that Representatives Burchell, Cormier, Sylvia, and Worsman are dedicated, serious, and intelligent lawmakers who are very committed to doing what is best for Belknap County. I strongly disagree with Ms. Trombi's message and tone.
Representative Herb Vadney
Belknap District 2

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Numbers matter, join the Freedom Ride to Hesky Park on Thursday

To the editor,
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American Soldier, American son . . . POW. . . captured June 30, 2009, Afghanistan.
Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability are now and have always been more important than "Thank you for your service!". Twenty-five years of Thursday evening POW/MIA Awareness Vigils. First started to bring awareness to the Vietnam Live POW issue and at that time the statement was made, "to ensure that those in the future, in service to our country who may find themselves in the hands of the enemy, could be assured that those of us at home would do everything possible to keep the light burning and make sure that all would accept the responsibility and accountability to bring them home..alive!"
Over the years even the terminology has been changed to Missing-Captured from POW! That is neither being responsible or accountable. The return of remains does not bring truth to this issue. If Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is to come home it may very well take the "groundswell' of support of the American people that was said needed to bring all those home from Vietnam and past wars. If it was YOUR son what would YOU do? What would you hope for? This Vigil and Freedom Ride is an opportunity to show his family in Hailey, Idaho that they are not alone and America does care and at least those of us in NH and the Northeast are aware and do care. Doing Nothing is NOT an option.
Freedom Ride line up at Lowe's (Gilford) parking lot by 6 p.m. Thursday. Vigil, Hesky Park (Meredith) at 7 p.m. . . Focus is Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American POW. No fly-over this year. . . sequestration. . . your leadership at work! Responsibility and accountability? It's up to the American people. . . us. . . Numbers matter!
Bob Jones, N.H. Director
Northeast POW/MIA Network

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Sen. Ayotte stabbing U.S. in the back with immigration stance

To the editor,
Sadly, Senator Ayotte will join Senator Shaheen in stabbing New Hampshire and U.S. citizens in the back by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. Comprehensive Immigration Reform, despite some positive sounding provisions (which history shows won't be implemented), benefits the politicians, special interest groups, and illegal aliens at the expense of already over-taxed, over-victimized, and under-employed Americans.
They say this bill isn't amnesty, but it rewards people for disrespecting our country and breaking our laws, that is amnesty!
They say many requirements must be met before illegal aliens get any benefits. Who goes to jail if the "requirements" aren't enforced, if the fines and taxes are waived, or if illegals get federal means-tested welfare? No one. (Note, they can get taxpayer provide state, local, and apparently federal non-means tested welfare. The attempt by politicians to mislead Americans on this is despicable!)
They say hundreds of thousands of illegals will be subject to deportation. Millions are subject to deportation today, but it's not happening!
They say the administration has to certify that certain things happen before the process begins. This administration has repeatedly lied to the American people and Congress (e.g., Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS, surveillance of Americans and the media); only a dunce would trust them. Both parties have lied to us about immigration, in the 1960s, 1980s, 1990s, and the 2000s with the border fence. Remember, we only have an illegal alien problem because politicians failed to keep their promises and enforce our laws.
The American people have little trust in our politicians because they repeatedly show themselves to be untrustworthy. Our politicians don't listen; a vast majority of Americans has repeatedly said "NO!" to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Politicians can earn our trust by listening, fulfilling your campaign promises, and by enforcing existing immigration laws (Close the border with Mexico!). Until then, Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary have earned and deserve our disdain, disrespect, distrust, and complete opposition to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Don Ewing

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Great to see what middle school students collected for food pantry

To the editor,
Thank you to the Laconia Middle School National Junior Honor Society Students, which recently collected and donated food to the Hands and Hearts Food Pantry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Thank you, also, to their advisor, Greg Schneberger, who helped to coordinate the donation. All of your hard work and your desire to care for others is appreciated, and it was great to see your picture with what you collected in Thursday's paper.
Rev. Dave Dalzell, Pastor
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

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