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Unlike Guinta, at least Scrooge didn't lie about being mean & miserly

To The Daily Sun,

Congressman Frank Guinta is a master of misleading self-promotion. In his August Union Leader op-ed, he portrays himself as caring and dedicated to the public good. Balderdash!, as tightwad Scrooge might say.

Frank "Scrooge" Guinta sits on the House Budget Committee, and people should know that he voted a cruel and stingy budget out of committee, which makes mockery of his honeyed words. The Republican budget would cut $3.7 trillion over the next decade from programs for low- and middle-income people.

By 2026 such programs would be cut by 42 percent, and 62 percent of the cuts would come from low-income programs like Medicaid, Pell grants, Children's Health Insurance Program, the Social Services Block Grant (includes Meals on Wheels, employment services, and substance abuse), and food stamps. But don't look for his wealthy cronies to pay more — not in Guinta's budget. Guinta seems comfortable with the idea that tens of millions of Americans would lose their health care coverage and food support.

Guinta's always crowing about his language to strengthen opioid addiction recovery programs, but he voted against funding them, opposing both a Budget Committee amendment to increase funding and the Omnibus Appropriations bill. Did you think we wouldn't notice?

Guinta "create(s) opportunities for those less fortunate"? "Always put(s) (our) needs first"? Please. At least Scrooge didn't lie about being mean and miserly.

Juliette Paquin


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I ask that you write-in Tina Thurber for Franiklin School Board / 3 years

To The Daily Sun,
I am a candidate for Franklin's City Council in Ward 2. It has come to my attention that a candidate for the School Board is trying to make the tax cap an issue in the City Council race. His goal appears to be to get citizens to vote against me and Heather Moquin, a candidate for Ward 1.
At last Monday's candidate forum (which the School Board candidate declined to attend), there was a question on the tax cap. All the candidates responded with essentially the same answer: that the citizens of Franklin had chosen the cap, that if the cap were to be broken it should be by a vote of the citizens, but that no one was proposing that such a vote be taken. You can view these responses at https://youtu.be/kR1EftZZ-1Y.
I don't know why he is seeking to smear me; he has never approached me about this question or, in fact, spoken to me at all. I do know that waging a campaign of innuendo on a fictitious issue is beneath the dignity of a public official. Therefore, I ask the voters of Ward 2 to write in Tina Thurber for the 3-year School Board position. And I urge voters in all three wards to exercise their democratic right and vote this Tuesday.
Vincent S. Ribas

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