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Another huge tax increase for Belmont thanks to Shaker voters

To The Daily Sun,

Even with lower student enrollments and a suggestion by Shaker School Board members not to fund full-time kindergarten this year, the voters once again were able to stack the meeting and vote them in as well as another pay raise for teachers.

I was not at the meeting, as having been in the past it is a waste of time. This last meeting proves that point. They even funded a teacher's position deemed not to be needed any longer.

Huge tax increase once again for Belmont taxpayers, who are in no position for it, all due to the school district. You should be ashamed of this and the hurt it is causing the taxpayers of Belmont and, to a lesser degree, Canterbury.

Don Irvin

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U.S. has no intelligence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon

To The Daily Sun,

Recent media reports about negotiations over Iran's nuclear program are disappointingly one-dimensional and misleading. For example, it is all but accepted that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon. Yet all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies report there is no evidence that Iran is building a nuclear bomb. Israel's own intelligence agency, the Mossad, says the same.

As a veteran, I know that democracy is dependent upon a well informed public. People should be able to consider all the relevant facts.

Israeli leaders may feel threatened by the re-emergence of Iran as a strong regional power, as has historically been the case. But they know that Iran poses no military threat to Israel. The U.S. should not allow itself to be "played" in a regional power struggle.

A peaceful, stable Middle East is in the interests of the American people, the Iranian people, the people of Israel, of the region and of the world.

As a military veteran, I know that war is horrible as well as futile. The militarization of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has been a disaster for all concerned.

I am grateful that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are pursuing diplomacy with Iran, instead of more sanctions, leading to a war that could kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

As a signer of the Treaty for Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT), Iran has the legal right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Instead of pressuring Iran, the U.S. government should take steps to comply with its own obligations under the NPT. The U.S. should be destroying its nuclear weapons instead of developing a new generation of doomsday missiles.

Our senators should not sign any bill that would undermine the possibility of achieving a peaceful, negotiated solution with Iran.

Diplomacy, not war!

Dennis Lintz

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