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From England: thanks for making your WOW Trail possible

To The Daily Sun,

As a visitor from England I wanted to thank those who had worked to make the WOW Trail possible. On our visit to N.H. we stayed in the Weir Beach area last night. I was disappointed not to be able to find a substantial traffic-free trail for my evening jog. However, using the local map I saw the reference to the WOW trail and ran its current length this morning.
I did have to ask local people for directions for the middle section. As a stranger could I suggest that the section using local pavements be signed. The signs need only to be quite small, as pedestrians do not need too much advanced warning of the route.
Nevertheless, I sincerely thank you for your efforts and would like to say how friendly and helpful other trail users were.

Bryn Thomas

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Don't give the nipple protestors the publicity they are craving

To The Daily Sun,

The "Free The Nipple" movement is nothing more than some liberal trash trying to subvert law and any moral decency that resides in our great community. They say they don't want to be a spectacle but that is exactly what they are trying to be, all in the name of equality for women.

Sitting on a beach with nothing covering their breasts isn't going to do anything for equality for women, certainly not for any important issues like equal pay for equal work. If this issue is so important for them and not just a way to subvert the law, why not fight it in a more important and law abiding way, say fighting to have the law pertaining to covering a woman's breasts pertain to men as well. There's an idea, not that these women would actually think of that because that would make it so they can't show their breasts in public which is all they really want to do.

They also say they don't want to be ogled. Guess what "ladies"? That is going to happen. You are going to get stared at, cat-called, and photos will be taken. And there won't be a thing you can do about it because, unlike you, no one doing any of these things will be breaking any laws. This is what your public indecency will cause and you will deserve every bit of it.

I beg anyone planning to protest to not do so as this will jam up the streets and give them the publicity that they are craving. Don't go to the beach this weekend. Anyone with even a shred of moral decency, please do not bring your kids to the beach this weekend. This is something they don't need to see. In fact anyone who does bring their kids knowing full well that this is happening should be arrested for endangering a minor. After all, any porn site requires that the person viewing be 18 or older for that reason and that is all this movement is, just cheap porn.

As a citizen of Laconia, I call for the absence of any police presence unless they are called by a citizen to arrest the ones breaking the law. If the city provides police pre-emptively to arrest or protect the law breakers, then that is an unacceptable use of taxpayer funds. Why should we have to pay any of our hard earned money to protect those that want to trash our community?

Scott Schoonmaker

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