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Democrats are determined to take more of our liberties & property

To The Daily Sun,
Leftists (progressives, liberals, democratic socialists, or whatever they want to be called to hide their intentions), unrestricted as they are by facts, logic, history, or reality, often ascribe their own nasty characteristics to their opponents, e.g., that the TEA Party is fascist.
The leftists would probably prefer to call the TEA Partiers Nazis, which were perhaps 100 times worse than fascists, or Stalinists, which were even worse, but everyone knows that Nazis are socialist and Stalinists were communist and the leftists like socialism and communism.
The distinctions between fascist, socialist, communist, tsarist, emperor, and other absolute (right-wing or left-wing) dictatorships are only interesting to philosophers and academics tired of debating how many angels can dance on the head of pin. The distinctions are meaningless to the people whose freedoms, property, and lives are arbitrarily taken by government.
Liberty is essential to people desiring to achieve their dreams. The liberty spectrum is from full liberty (do whatever you want) to no liberty (dictatorship). But full liberty isn't stable because without some restraints you have anarchy; some people take other peoples' freedom, property, and/or lives as we saw in Ferguson and Baltimore.
Our nation's founders believed that people had certain inherent rights and that the purpose of government should be to protect those rights: from other people (to prevent crime/anarchy), from other nations (war), and against the biggest threat which is government.
To minimize the threat from government, they created our Constitution that defined a government with only those limited powers needed to protect people's liberties. The people and the states agreed to this limited (unless expanded by constitutional amendment approved by the people's state representatives) government and authorized it to govern in accordance with the Constitution.
Most government officials, including the president, swear to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." This oath is intended to ensure that our federal government stays limited and fulfills its purpose of protecting the liberties of American citizens.
Unfortunately many politicians violate their oaths and have greatly expanded government powers to empower and enrich themselves. (This corruption has given rise to the popularity of anti-establishment candidates.)
Today's conservatives (sometimes called the "right" or "extreme right") advocate return to the limited government that protects the people's liberties. For this, conservatives are slandered by people who benefit from government infringement on people's liberties.
Today's leftists willingly sacrifice our liberties and property for their own benefit. (Our lives seem safe for now, although the government's leftists admire and aspire to murdered more than 100 million of their own citizens in the last century).
Leftists use government power to enrich and empower themselves, to suppress opposition (e.g., IRS oppression of TEA Party applicants), to control people (e.g., threats of prosecution against global warming opponents) and the use of their property (e.g., $30,000 daily fines for filling in depressions or creating ponds on people's own property).
Leftists want restrictions on the liberties and take the property of responsible Americans; for example, they try to take away our rights to self-defense; they consider our earnings to be the government's money, President Obama said the money we get to keep is government "spending through the tax code;" they try to suppress or outlaw speech they don't like, etc.
Leftists happily harm responsible hard-working Americans to advance their power, e.g., illegal immigration, Obamacare, and policies that destroy good American jobs. But leftists are lax on criminals, coddle rioters and leftist protesters, destroy families, trap people in poverty, and tolerate and often reward badly performing government programs, e.g., school systems, TSA, the VA, and IRS.
While conservatives fight for a return to government that maximizes people's freedom, property, and lives, leftists fight for more government control over people's liberties, property, and lives. As the government gains power, our nation moves further from the constitutional government our founders created to protect our liberties and closer to dictatorship
The results of nearly eight years of President Obama's leftist policies are in; the middle class is poorer, the rich are richer; people's free speech, religious liberties, protections against unreasonable searches, and other rights have been threatened or infringed; people's opportunities have been diminished; people's cost of living have risen; crime rates and terrorist threats have increased; and nations that threaten the well-being of the American people have become stronger.
Hillary Clinton promises four more years of President Obama's policies which will take away more of our liberty and property and take us closer to dictatorship.
Don Ewing

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America's hidden establishment had other plans for China

To The Daily Sun,

General George C. Marshall became a key figure in the communist takeover of China. "The Tragedy of George Marshall" by Walter Trohan (1951) gives a picture of who he was and his rapid rise in rank. He wrote: ".. his way to a general's star appeared blocked forever when the inspector general reported that under one year of Marshal's command the Eighth Regiment had dropped from one of the best regiments in the army to one of the worse. MacArthur regretfully informed Pershing that the report made promotion impossible."

Six years after being relieved of command of a regiment by Douglas MacArthur in 1933, he was placed by Franklin Roosevelt in charge of the entire army.

In 1935, U.S. Ambassador William Bullitt wrote to Secretary of State Cordell Hull: " ... The Soviet Union would certainly attempt to avoid becoming an ally until Japan had been thoroughly defeated and would then merely use the opportunity to acquire Manchuria and Sovietize China".

Stalin wanted Manchuria. Professor Anthony Kubek at the University of Dallas, wrote in How the Far East Was Lost: ".. As a matter of fact, not one word of protest was sent by the Department of State to the Soviet Union, despite her absorption of Sinkiang and outer Mongolia, while at the same time Japan was censured for stationing troops in China."

General Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist government attempted to unite China. Soviet agents were deported. In 1928 the Council on Foreign Relations published in their foreign relations an attack against Chiang Kai-shek. From that point the American establishment joined forces with the Soviets against the Nationalist Leader.

Roosevelt sends 600 shiploads of supplies to Stalin's Far Eastern Army. Three-thousand tanks, 5,000 planes with food, ammunition and fuel to supply 1,250,000 man army. Chiang Kai-shek received half that as our ally for four years. Roosevelt made other concessions with the shrewd communist. Allowing them control of Manchurian seaports and a railroad. Ceding control of a nations sovereignty without congressional approval.

General Stilwell did not like Chiang Kai-shek. He admired the communist commander Chu Teh and the forces he commanded. His Burma campaign called for Nationalist forces to fight the Japanese. Chiang refused. Stilwell complained to FDR, asking for complete command. Chiang said he would go it alone against the Japanese as he had for four years before Pearl Harbor. General Albert C. Wedemeyer relieved Stilwell of command.

Chiang later wrote" Stilwell was in conspiracy with the Communists to overthrow the government". General Patrick J. Hurley wrote: "the record of General Stilwell in China is irrevocably coupled in history with the conspiracy to overthrow the Nationalist government of China, and set up in its place a Communist regime-and all this movement was part of, and cannot be separated from, the Communist cell or apparatus that existed at the time in the government in Washington."

Soviet agent Harry Dexter White , assistant secretary of Treasury withheld a loan approved by FDR to Chiang Kai-shek. In 1959, the assistant secretary of state spoke to the National Press Club: "we stood by and saw China drift into a state of complete economic collapse. The currency was worthless in China; we withheld our funds at the only time, in my opinion, we had a chance to save the situation. To do what? To force the Communist in."

In November 1946 Chiang Kai-shek called for a convention of National parties that represented all of China. Over 2,000 delegates assembled where they adopted a national constitution. The Communists did not attend.

Five Star Admiral William Leahy wrote: "I was present when Marshall was going to China. He said he was gong to tell Chiang that he had to get on with the Communists or without help from us. He said the same thing when he got back." And when told Mao Tse-tung and his followers were communists, Marshall remarked, "Don't be ridiculous. These fellows are just old-fashioned agrarian reformers." This lie never seems to change. Korea, Cuba,Vietnam, Pol Pot.

Marshall declared a truce once he arrived in China. The timing was superb.70,000 Communist troops were surrounded by 200,000 Nationalists. One hundred thousand Communist forces were trapped by government forces near Canton. The communist marched out of the trap. By January 1947 the Soviets had been supplying the Communists with weapons. Most were weapons and supplies we had given them. Marshall boasted how he had disarmed the Nationalists by imposing an embargo on weapons with a stroke of the pen."

U.S. Ambassador William Bullitt testified to Congress in March 1948: "General Marshall in August, 1946, by unilateral action, broke the promise of the American government to the Chinese government and suspended all deliveries of planes. As a means of pressure to compel Chiang Kai-shek to take Communists into the Chinese government. General Marshall stopped all fulfillment of this program and dishonored the pledge of the United States."
President Truman rewarded Marshall by appointing him Secretary of State.

Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations published pamphlets through the Institute of Pacific Relations to be distributed to schools and the military. Furthering the propaganda that the Communists were agrarian reformers. The Saturday Evening Post praised Mao. The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee found 54 persons connected with the Communist world conspiracy had infiltrated the institute. "Amererasia", published by IPR in 1945, listed the whereabouts of the Chinese Nationalist Army.

The University of Peking became a Communist objective. Soviet psychological warfare took over the university newspapers. Nineteen out of 20 were controlled by the very few Communists who had infiltrated the school.

Two forces fought in China. One for her freedom and one to enslave her. One led by a Christian, the other an atheist. Millions perished and millions more suffered because the hidden establishment had other plans and George C. Marshal, the State Department, Josesph W. Stilwell and Soviet agents saw that it was carried out. Do we see a pattern here?

Gene Danforth


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