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I applaud Holy Grail for keeping cross atop their establishment

To The Daily Sun,

In respectful response to Bishop Paul W. Blake. The steeple of the Holy Grail Pub points to the sky to signify respect to the Lord. The cross at its top offers hope to all of those who see it and believe in him. In a day and age when we Christians are being asked to remove our religious symbols from all things public, one would think that this beautiful symbol of Christ's gift to us would be revered and respected no matter where it was or is on display.

I, for one, applaud the Holy Grail Pub for keeping this symbol atop of their establishment. Jesus turned water into wine, and fed many with one loaf of bread. Hopefully this breath of fresh air in Laconia will aid in the continued path to economic and social growth for the area. Let the cross of our Lord draw in believers and non-believers alike. The fellowship of all can only be good for the community.

Hillary Seeger


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We need leadership of Hillary Clinton at top of our government

To The Daily Sun,

In light of Hillary Clinton's views, interest in, and efforts on behalf of small businesses here in New Hampshire and across the country, we are enthusiastically supporting her candidacy for president. To Hillary, small does not mean unimportant. These local merchants and varied business owners are the backbone of our economic system, and we don't have to explain that to her. She will work for a government that encourages their growth and success, while providing a safe work environment. Such a government strengthens families, communities, and our nation.

Most small businesses are family owned and face unique challenges. Hillary understands how important this is, having had experience with her father, Hugh Rodham, in his own small drapery business, where the whole family including Hillary, her mother, and her two brothers helped out.

The businesses on Main Street provide more jobs, more income, and more economic benefit to our economy than does speculation on Wall Street. And further, local businesses can grow and flourish with opportunities that the government can provide through the Export-Import Bank, which guarantees loans to help U.S. businesses export their products.

Hillary is strongly in favor of this funding because it supports 164,000 jobs. Other voices want to kill this funding. We need the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the top of this American government.

Pat & Jan Wood


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