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Goodwill has moved to Belmont; did people not hear the word

To The Daily Sun,

I am amazed at how many people are continuing to drop off furniture, most of which looks torn and broken, and boxes of items in the closed downtown Laconia Goodwill parking lot. They closed the doors to that facility on March 12, and have posted many signs stating not to drop off at that site, but to bring items to their new site across from the Belknap Mall only five minutes away.

However, people continue to use this parking lot as a downtown dump site and it is becoming an eyesore for many who live in the area and for downtown in general. The noise late at night from the cars and people pulling up to help themselves to what they might want is a major disturbance for those who live nearby.

The drop boxes are also a problem. People are putting things in them and that's great. But others are getting in the drop boxes shoulder-deep — one person was actually stuck in the box over the weekend — they are pulling the bags out and what they aren't taking they leave on the ground to blow in the wind.

There have been things taken and thrown along the sidewalks on Water Street and the bank parking lot. The parking lot is not a dumpsite and something needs to be done to stop this.

Goodwill has posted signs. It was in the newspaper that they have moved, there is no reason for people to be dropping their things off in the parking lot.

Deborah Craig

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So, green guys, go tell your story to China, India and Russia

To The Daily Sun,
While trying to stay on what I consider more important topics, I keep getting detracted by the constant debate over global warming. The sky is falling crowed is just so myopic in it's view, it's frustrating. They accept no other facts, views or opinions and won't even consider any other possibilities. For instance, those 97 percent of scientists who promote man-made change also admit it would take 20 years and for every nation on earth to strictly adhere to their green policies. So green guys, go tell your story to China, India and Russia, the three most prolific CO2-pumping nations on earth. See if you can get them to change their ways. Until you can, how about taking up a cause you have a chance in "heck" of effecting and let the rest of us alone because the vast majority of us can not afford to plaster our homes with solar panels or erect windmills in our back yards. Besides none of the catastrophic disasters predicted by these "experts" has happened, so don't blame people for being skeptical.
Now about real man made disasters, the ACA, "ObamaCare." Yes, you heard it from us, we told you so. United Health

Care has lost over a BILLION dollars trying to insure people with the great fraud of the ACA. They are getting out, dropping that white elephant and leaving; who knows how many will be scrambling to try to find some kind of coverage next year. Probable Medicare? With the largest insurer in the country choosing to save itself instead of the crooked politicians who invented this scheme, can other companies be far behind? No, because they are all loosing money in spite of raising premiums and deductibles all the while giving less for more. And, yes, we told you so.

Now, I faithfully read the letters here in this paper and in spite of asking. begging, pleading with anyone to tell me what common ground liberals have with Islam, no one has ventured to answer that question. I think they are either afraid or stumped. It's a simple enough question, so why does no one provide an answer? Those liberals who support and defend Islam should know why. Most of those same liberals freely condemn Christians on any number of issues. They also condemn Israelis (Jews) in the harshest terms and support Palestinian Arabs who attack, terrorize, murder and call for a genocide of all Jews worldwide. Do liberals professors in collages and universities even mention that to their students? I should ask Scott Cracraft, he's a professor of history. Hey Scott, do you history professors teach these facts to your students and if not why not? Is the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and the worldwide terror network not worth teaching about? Do today's students deserve to know why Muslim radical terrorists are murdering, bombing, killing innocent people all over the world? It is the world they will inherit after all and they deserve the truth. Will you tell them or duck out on the issue and play the politically correct card again?
One again then, what does liberalism and Islam possibly have as common values? Anyone? Anyone?

Steve Earle


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