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On a number of levels, mule was perfect choice for a symbol

To The Daily Sun,

I woke up in a cold sweat the other night, the result of a frightening nightmare. An elitist professor (whom I shall call Dr. Edsel) had been elected as head of the EPA by President Hillary Clinton. Our economy, having been decimated by eight years under "Obamacare", had put citizens in desperate, financial straits. Meanwhile, China, Brazil and India had become economic powers. Strangely, a ghostly visage of the Lakes Region Community College campus repeatedly rose from my terrified unconscious state. While a haunting voice kept repeating a familiar refrain, "man made global warming is settled science".

Hillary was the keynote speaker at the 2017 climate conference in Cairo, Egypt. With Barack Obama having stolen her magnificent health care brain storm, her signature accomplishment was to be a combined magical environmental life saver and Muslim outreach world peace maker. She promised the world that the United States would do it's utmost to counter the increased CO2 pollutants by the emerging industrialized countries. This despite the fact that the earth had entered a cooling period for the past couple of decades, while CO2 emissions continued to rise. Madame President's response when queried about this fact replied, "at this point, what difference does it make". The NY Times was reporting that this plant killing, global cooling period was a direct result of anthropogenic global warming.

Al Gore was awarded the position of Transportation Czar by Hillary and he had a grand scheme with which to secure his second Nobel Peace Prize while accommodating the EPA. Dr. Edsel and the EPA had mandated that this country decrease CO2 automobile emissions by 100% by the end of Hillary's first term. A mind numbing and "inconvenient" conundrum even for the magnificent intellect of Mr. Gore.

With the expensive Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt and Smart Cars financially out of reach of most consumers and now environmentally verboten by the Clinton regime, Al Gore went to work. After inventing the Internet and saving the polar bears, this would have to be really something. He had an epiphany and from his fertile mind emerged the fuel efficient, low maintenance, "Smart-Ass car". As part of his brilliant scheme, any old clunker car would do (the failed Cash for Clunkers program mercifully hadn't crushed all of them) and it didn't even need an engine or an intact front grill. It would be pulled by a mule.

During the winter months, heat would be provided by the mere cost of a can of "burro beans". Whenever the temperature reached the freezing level, the driver would need only feed the faithful steed a can, and soon a steady stream of heat producing flatulence would flood the front of ones' special designer vehicle. To entice sales, Al Gore even promised a sleek and lightweight "pooper scooper" with every new purchase. Inside the glove compartment would reside an airtight nose cover. It would be used to deflect any unwanted odors in the event of an assault on the driver's olfactory glands.

All the mules would be purchased from Muslim countries as part of the "Outreach for Muslim Peace Clinton Global Initiative". The mule was the perfect choice on religious, historical, environmental and pacifist levels. The Hebrews viewed the ass as something for peaceful use, the very emblem of peace, while the horse was the symbol of war. And we now know the camel is the symbol for Geico. Dr. Edsel had cross referenced the methane gas emissions from the motoring critter and found that the effect on global warming would be minor in comparison to the aforementioned 21st century hybrid cars. Mr Gore would track these mule-borne methane emissions by virtue of his super sensitive, algorithm decoder device which would be attached to his private jet fleet.

Mercifully, I awoke from this night terror after imagining that our economy went into total collapse and everyone tried to sell their mule after remembering a biblical passage. During a severe famine in Samaria, one distraught owner sold the head of his ass for 120 pieces of silver. Now, tell me if you find this odd. Every time I hear the word donkey or Democrat mentioned, I start humming the song, "Jim's Windy Mule". A local farmer told me that tune is an actual song. In fact, a 1935 classic by the Prairie Ramblers. Spooky huh?

The following night, I had another unnerving dream. Dr. Edsel had been relieved of his duties at the EPA and was now teaching our children at Lakes Region Community College. Now that would be just plain creepy if it were true. Even Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi would have declined a starring role in a movie that chillingly unbelievable. I called Plymouth State University looking for some help to resolve my disarming dream state intrusions. Sadly, I was informed that Professor Leo Sandy was no longer heading the psychology department. Just thinking about Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and a million or so asses running around the country has caused some insomnia. Oh good, the 1931 version of "Frankenstein" starring Boris Karloff and Colin Clive is playing on MeTV. That should help bring about some restorative slumber for one greatly fatigued curmudgeon. Oh wait, Barack Obama is playing the part of the Invisible Man, hovering above it all, creating "exceptional" havoc, while no one seems to be noticing. Now that is really weird.

Russ Wiles

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2.5% raises for town employees should be put on separate line

To The Daily Sun,

I understand that the Sanbornton selectmen have approved a recommended 2.5 percent COLA increase for town employees in 2014. How inappropriate when the elderly of Sanbornton will only get a 1.5 percent Social Security increase this year and those in the private sector may get nothing.

I would like to recommend that the 2.5 percent COLA amount for be placed on a separate budget line, if possible, so it is apparent to taxpayers when they attend the Town Meeting. As I recall, right now the COLA is buried in the salary lines of each department and some taxpayers may not be aware of this item.

Bill Whalen

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I'm forced to give up my insurance but I can help pay for others

To The Daily Sun,

When does the second revolution begin?

During the past few years, I have witnessed a dramatic and frightening shift in the "American Dream". Not that long ago as young people were growing up, most had visions of reaping the rewards of the seeds they sowed. Whether those visions were of starting a business, entering a professional career or entering into a trade. The generations before them who archived their goals were rewarded for their accomplishments and were respected.

Now we have an atmosphere created by the current president that not only scorns the people who have achieved their goals but demonizes and penalizes them. It's ironic that without these "fortunate" people, the president would not be able to carry out his lofty socialist goals.

At what point do we as Americans say enough is enough? A mis-named bill called the "Affordable Health Care Act". A bill passed solely by one political party to buy votes. A bill not read before passing it. A bill touted by the president stating that it was not a tax, although the Supreme Court ruled that it was a tax. A bill that the president stated over and over that "if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it." A bill that the president stated over and over that would lower your health insurance costs and give you better coverage. Not one of those claims made by the president has turned out to be true. In other words he has LIED to the American people. This president also modified the law without congressional approval and has granted waivers to his supporters.

The mainstream news media still refuses to call out the president on the lies. Instead they say that the president could have better presented the bill, or that the insurance plans getting cancelled were deficient. I happen to have one of those "deficient" plans. I was well aware of the limitations of the plan, but at $700 per month it was affordable. (My replacement plan for my wife and I is $1587) I have carried health insurance for over 30 years. Now I am not only being forced to give up my insurance, but I am being force to help others pay for their health insurance.

Contrary to what I have heard some people state, health insurance is not a right. Taking my hard earn money and my health insurance to redistribute it to others is not a right. It's called STEALING. (For the record, I do make "voluntary" contributions to various health organizations.)

What ever happened to a government of the people by the people and for the people? We have elected representatives that pass laws on to us that they either exempt themselves from or get subsidies from us to pay for their participation. If this isn't taxation without representation, I don't know what is.

Dennis Robitaille


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What Laconia most needs is another homeless shelter for winter

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing about the homeless in Laconia. Where are they going this winter? They're going to be out in the cold when they are the ones who need help the most.

Help out the homeless people. Give them a chance to have a place to live so they don't have to be freezing outside. What Laconia needs the most is another shelter beside the Carey House. Think of the homeless men and women out there.

Debra Davis


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Is Gilmanton Fire Dept. being run as business or good old boy club?

To The Daily Sun,
I was appalled when I read the article in The Laconia Daily Sun about the alleged theft of town gasoline by a respected lieutenant in the Gilmanton Fire Department. This lieutenant has been working for the Gilmanton Fire Department for many years. This theft makes me wonder how much control the fire department has of gasoline usage and how much we the taxpayers have paid for personal use. It also makes me wonder why our fire chief doesn't have documented proof of gasoline usage. Is our fire department being run like a business or like a good old boy organization? I have read articles in The Laconia Daily Sun that quoted the fire chief complaining that he was being micro-managed by the selectmen. It's time for the selectmen to do their job and get to the bottom of this. There is a lot more here than just an alleged thief steeling gas.
Congratulations and the highest respect to the firefighter who stepped up and reported this crime. It would have been a lot easier for him to say nothing. He should be treated like a hero, he did his job and didn't back down.
Douglas Isleib
Gilmanton Iron Works

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