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Perhaps Ms. Pillsbury would allow Legion to burn flags on her lawn?

To The Daily Sun,

In the Tuesday, Oct. 5, issue of The Sun is a letter apparently addressing a private grievance between Carolyn Pillsbury and the Mayhew crematorium next door to the Motorcycle Museum. She points out that she feels that Griggs-Wyatt Post 33 is siding with Mayhew's and is "is just one of the examples of American politics." But the American Legion National Constitution contains this information:

"§ 21706. Political activities: The corporation shall be nonpolitical and may not promote the candidacy of an individual seeking public office."

She mentions that she is a "76-year-old retired nurse who worked 15 years at the New Hampshire Veterans Home." I find it difficult to understand what this has to do with Post 33 burning unserviceable American flags, as it is mandated to do. It is a noble calling to work "all shifts and long hours providing care to New Hampshire veterans" at the Veteran's Home, as she stated. But I still have no idea what this has to do with her private grievance with a crematorium.

Perhaps she should address her complaint to the families of the deceased who are cremated at Mayhew's, or to the families of all American Legion veterans who have died defending a piece of cloth.

All that Post 33 is attempting to do, is to retire those unserviceable American flags that have been left with us, in a dignified manner, according to our mandate.

If Ms Pillsbury objects to Post 33 utilizing the Mayhew crematorium, then perhaps she would volunteer to let Post 33 burn hundreds of our country's flags on her front lawn.

Elliot Finn, Judge Advocate
Griggs-Wyatt Post 33
American Legion


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Our Founding Fathers were not Christians, they wre deists

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Meade, as does many other older white male in America, wants us to believe that the United States is based on Judeo-Christian values. The simple fact of it all is that if this country truly was, then everyone would be equal. Men, women, black, white, hispanic, Asian, native American — all would be absolutely equal and we would never have needed to emancipate anyone or grant others the right to vote. It would not have been necessary.

No. The United States was created to be free from religious influences by men who were all avowed deists and not Christians. The entire Judeo-Christian-Muslim world is theoretically based on all of those same values, and we can see how that is working.

This is why I brought up religious-based violence, in that people will use their own religion to justify violence against others, be it Muslim or Christian or Hindu or any other. That is why — specifically why — this nation was conceived to not have religion as part of its principles. It was only fear of the unknown — specifically Communism — that brought God back into the forefront in our federal documents and Pledge (of Allegiance). Congress did us no favor in that action. Before that, people were confident enough that they didn't need a constant reminder. But now people are still afraid — afraid of not getting their way, afraid of not being able to dominate, afraid of being minimized, afraid of being a minority. And until you start seeing everyone as an equal, no one will ever be. That includes everyone on the planet, no matter what your faith or lack thereof.

Please stop pushing your fears on the rest of us, and thank you in advance.

Alan Vervaeke

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