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If FDR-style policies work so well, why is poverty still such an issue

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Dawson pines to this paper weekly about his love of unions, socialism and higher taxes in the supposed quest for equality. There is no welfare state too large for Tom to bear hug, no tax increase too high for Tom not to endorse, no handout too broad for Tom not to stand behind, and no subsidy too "fat" for Tom not to put on the backs of the middle class to pay for. Tom is the modern day FDR, still spouting the same insane, brain dead, failed logic FDR did. Worse, the man lacks the courage to defend it. This works well for me. I love to shred loony, liberal, logic so weak the people who spout it lack the gumption to stand behind it. I have no problem turning Tom's liberal" hash" into a nice breakfast omelet.
Let me point out the obvious. If FDR's never ending hurricane of higher taxes, entitlements, bigger government and endless handouts followed by endless subsidies aimed to produce equality worked even a smidgen — I mean just a smidgen — why does the following exist 70 years after FDR, and seven years after Barack Obama, as Tom Dawson still screams for the same exact fixes of higher taxes and more spending. Democrats say " trickle down doesn't work". Neither does handouts, entitlements, subsides, Social Security ,disability insurance or VA Hospitals (unless you like government scandals). SEVENTY YEARS of following the lousing, logic of FDR and his disciple Tom Dawson produce the following questions:
1. Why are the number of millions suffering poverty every day near records in 2015?
2. Why have record numbers of people been forced on food stamps to survive ?
3. Why is the percentage or working age people with job at 40 year lows today?
4. Why is the country in debt up to its derriere vaporizing the future living standards of our kids?
5. Why are Democrats still running on a platform of inequality 70 years of FDR?
6. Why are the numbers of people in unions at all time lows?
7. Why are many of the largest and most successful business in this country trying to leave it?
8. Why are our corporate taxes the highest in the developed world crippling our ability to compete in the global economy?
9. Why is there a smaller percentage of monthly transfers by government going to the lowest quintile of Americans than there was 60 years ago?
10. Why has spending far beyond our income for decades only increased inequality, not improved it?
11. Why is it every major entitlement in this country is bankrupt in the trillions going forward?
12. Why is it government is now larger, and runs more things in America than anytime in history while life is worse and inequality higher?
13. Why is it "cradle to grave government welfare" has only produced bankruptcy in Greece?
14. Why is almost all of Europe with "cradle to grave" government welfare accompanied by sky high taxation produced failed economies for years?
15. Why has the middle class been shrinking ever since Barack Obama was elected president?
Don't expect Tom Dawson to address this pig sty of his failed liberal logic.
Tony Boutin

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Claims of climate change deniers can be quite easily refuted

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing was wrong about the war on women and the tea party's parasitic relationship with corporate funding; now he is wrong about the Little Ice Age (LIA).

Russ Wiles used a site that has an demonology expert for his anti-vaxxer claims and now he is mostly wrong about polar ice.

Mr. Ewing wants to equate the warming that began around 1850 with our present warming but that claim ignores important data. The best evidence for the cause of the warming trend of the mid-1800s is that solar activity increased. A decrease in volcanic activity is also in the cards. Contrary to what climate change deniers claim, volcanic activity causes global cooling due to the release of Sulfate aerosols. The problem with Mr Ewing's explanation is that around 55 years ago, solar activity began a trend downward while warming continued to pick up. This cooling reversed itself after a decade for about a decade but for the last 35 years the sun has been on a cooling trend. [1] What this clearly suggests is that while post-LIA warming may be connected to increased solar activity, its rather imaginative to claim the climate forcing of the 19th century is responsible for our present trend. Solar activity, which brought us warming, has decreased overall since 1960 yet the warming continues. Solar activity and global warming are going in opposite directions.

Mr Wiles chimed in recently, "The Antarctic has record levels of ice while the Arctic has regained much of the ice lost over the past decade". Not so quick, Russ. The Arctic Sea ice reached its annual maximum ice extent on Feb 25, 2015. The winter peak extent of Arctic ice this year is the lowest on record and one of the earliest since satellites went up in 1979.[2] The Arctic has not regained any lost ice over the decade. On the contrary, satellite data shows that summer minimums and winter maximums have declined and the Arctic has lost an average of 20,800-square-miles of ice a year. [3] In the matter of the Antarctic, there are two kinds of ice to be measured because it is a continent while the Arctic is mostly sea ice and some of Greenland. Continental ice is not the same animal as sea ice. Also consider that while ice advances and recedes in two dimensions, how thick is it and what is its volume? Measuring ice is a three dimensional job. Using satellite laser and radar altimetry, the elevation and thickness of land ice across the Antarctic ice sheet can be measured. The data so far says the West Antarctic and Antarctic Peninsula sheets are losing ice steadily while the East Antarctic sheet has gained slightly. Added up, the continent lost 1,350 billion tons of ice into the oceans between 1992 and 2011.

On the other hand, Antarctica sea ice has gained some. According to to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, Antarctic sea ice covered a record 7.72 million square miles on September 19, 2014.[4] The average maximum extent in Antarctica between 1981 and 2010 was 7.23 million square miles. The Arctic has lost a yearly average of 20,800 square miles of sea ice while the Antarctic gained 7300 square miles. The Antarctic sea ice gains make up only a third of the ice lost each year in the Arctic. That's a net loss of 13,500-square-miles of sea ice a year while the continent is losing around 70 billion tons of land ice each year. Greenland is no longer stable and is losing 286 billion tons of ice per year.[5]

Just about everything else Mr Wiles and Mr Ewing claim can also be refuted quite easily but space prohibits today. I will certainly take them up if they wish. Next up? Another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks!


James Veverka


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