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Co-ed is badly outdated word & shouldn't be used in your newspaper

To The Daily Sun,

I was dismayed to see the term "CO ED" used to carry over the AP report of the Seth Mazzaglia trial (Daily Sun, May 29).

"Co Ed" harkens back to the days when having women on college campuses was a novel idea. The first women's dorm was built at UNH in 1908 ... more than 100 years ago. I think the novelty of co-education has long passed. Women were not called "Co Eds" while I attended UNH, and that was over 20 years ago.

Surely "TRIAL" or something else could have been used?

Kathy Bunker
South Tamworth

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That's all you have to say in defense? The name was spelled wrong?

To The Daily Sun,

O-boy, I'm in trouble now. Marty Valengovich discovered that I spelled the ambassador's name wrong. Oh dear, oh dear what ever shell I do? Yet he understood exactly who I was talking about so isn't that what the point was?
Is that it Marty? That's all you have to say in defense of your incompetent in chief, Obama? No "facts", made up or otherwise? Isn't the modern media great, when Obama lies it's right there for everyone to see and hear. When Obama breaks his promises it's right there for everyone to see and hear.
Steve Earle


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You can visit place where job creation takes place right here in Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

Wednesday evening, I had the privilege of participating in the presentation of one of the awards at the annual celebration of completion of the 12 programs at the J. Oliva Huot Technical Center in Laconia. One hundred thirty one students from around the Lakes Region celebrated achievements that included certification as Licensed Nursing Assistants and automotive technicians, earning of hundreds of college credits, numerous scholarships, and advancement in apprenticeship programs, to name just a few. There was standing room only at the Laconia High School Auditorium. June and I were moved by the enthusiasm and joy that filled the auditorium.

My purpose in writing, though, is to let you know, that whatever you hear about "job creation" in the upcoming election campaign, our technical education centers like the Huot Technical Center are where job creation actually begins. You don't have to read about it, you can actually visit a place where job creation begins right here in Laconia, on Union Avenue, and you can talk to real, honest to goodness job creators, like Dave Warrender and the dedicated and enthusiastic group of instructors he leads, who tease the very best out each and every student.

Rep. David O. Huot

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The way our veterans are being treated is a 'crying shame'

To The Daily Sun,

My father was a proud decorated veteran of World War 2. Last year, my father past away at the age of 90 at a hospice in Keene NH. He was a lifetime resident of Vermont. Over the years, he had many illnesses, heart attacks, hearing problems and finally cancer.

Many times, when we spoke he would say 'I have an appointment at the VA in White River. In his 80s, he was driving to the VA in White River, a distance of 65 miles. He lived only three miles from the Brattleboro Hospital.

I believe that any veteran that qualifies for VA health care should be given an ID that would allow them to go the nearest health care facility for treatment.

Sadly before he died, my brother checked him into the Brattleboro Hospital. He was transferred to the VA. When we saw him, he asked for his keys because he wanted to drive to the VA. He did not understand that he was at the VA.

My father was my hero and a military hero. The way veterans are being treated is 'a crying shame'. These proud veterans should not be treated this way. God bless the USA and the veterans that gave all.

Jim Mayotte

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Today we sadly fail our soldiers & vets even more than usual

To The Daily Sun,
On Memorial Day I had terribly mixed emotions. Our freedoms and opportunities to prosper have been purchased by our soldiers at great personal cost — moments of great stress and even terror, suffering, physical and mental wounds, loss of limbs, hearing and sight, and many gave their lives.
We owe our soldiers much more than we give them. We owe them political leaders who consider each soldier's life as precious. We must avoid war unless absolutely necessary for national defense, consider our soldiers the most precious things on the battlefield and to be protected above all else, and that there are no restrictions to our soldiers' ability to win.
Today's volunteer military represent a small percent of our population so most of us are unaffected by the consequences of our leaders' bad policies that cost our soldiers so dearly. Therefore we haven't been appropriately offended by, and demanding changes of, bad policies.
In my lifetime the political leaders we elected, and trusted to conduct our wars, have limited our soldiers' abilities to win...and even sometimes to survive. From President Johnson's "acceptable" 10-to-one kill ratio and off-limits enemy supply routes in Viet Nam to Bush's and Obama's limited objectives and restrictive rules of engagement, too many of our soldiers have been wounded and died unnecessarily.
Sadly, today we fail our soldiers and veterans even more than usual. Our soldiers returning from war are labelled potential "domestic terrorists" by President Obama's Department of Homeland Security and efforts have been made to limit their constitutional rights.
And our VA (government run) health care is even worse than usual. Many veterans needing health care are placed on secret lists so VA employees can claim bonuses for responsiveness. E.g., the Phoenix VA kept 1,700 veterans on secret lists and delayed their health care, as a result several dozen veterans died unnecessarily.
It is long past time for the American people to think of every soldier as their own child, parent or sibling, and demand that our political leaders do the same. Americans should not accept any war unless the lives of the children of our political leaders are put in jeopardy alongside the children of Third Street and Fifteenth Street, etc. If the children of our political leaders are in the front lines, perhaps our leaders will be more careful in their decision making.
Don Ewing

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