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Is Gilmanton Fire Dept. being run as business or good old boy club?

To The Daily Sun,
I was appalled when I read the article in The Laconia Daily Sun about the alleged theft of town gasoline by a respected lieutenant in the Gilmanton Fire Department. This lieutenant has been working for the Gilmanton Fire Department for many years. This theft makes me wonder how much control the fire department has of gasoline usage and how much we the taxpayers have paid for personal use. It also makes me wonder why our fire chief doesn't have documented proof of gasoline usage. Is our fire department being run like a business or like a good old boy organization? I have read articles in The Laconia Daily Sun that quoted the fire chief complaining that he was being micro-managed by the selectmen. It's time for the selectmen to do their job and get to the bottom of this. There is a lot more here than just an alleged thief steeling gas.
Congratulations and the highest respect to the firefighter who stepped up and reported this crime. It would have been a lot easier for him to say nothing. He should be treated like a hero, he did his job and didn't back down.
Douglas Isleib
Gilmanton Iron Works

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They were courteous, efficient knowledgerable. I recommend. . .

To The Daily Sun,

Friday, I had a problem with my truck cap window. I stopped at Pemi Glass in Meredith to ask for advice to remedy the problem. They were great! The window was removed, repaired and reinstalled in an hour. They were courteous, efficient and knowledgeable.

I recommend Pemi Glass highly.

Fred Huntress


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Price of 'church' does not reflect actual value of building today

To The Daily Sun,

The column by Roy Sanborn about the "bargain" in Center Harbor (Nov. 1) is very misleading. I was recently told the owner (Bank of America, I believe) had turned down $300,000. There was an auction several weeks ago and $275,000 was the top bid, also turned down. The second bedroom seems to be in the choir loft of the "church", which to the best of my knowledge is NOT heated. The appliances have all been removed, as has the lap pool. There is a need for shingles on the "church". The basement is full of mold, I am told. Doors are warped and need replacement. The fireplace is nice, but far too large for the room. Where the lap pool was, there is a hole covered with plywood. The kitchen is small and not set up well. The assessed price reflects what has been spent to acquire the "church" and add the addition, not a value of the place today. The lot is very small. Last but not least, I believe the lot is zoned residential and the notion put forth by the owner and the real estate broker "use your imagination" for a use, is way out of line.
Bob Heath

Center Harbor

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Obamacare hurts responsible people who take care of themselves

To The Daily Sun,

Robert Moran's letter of November 1 provides more of a false picture than the October 11 Hannity/Fox News show that Moran complains about. Moran cites reporter Eric Stern who claims to know Obamacare and reported on follow-ups with the three couples on the Hannity show who told how Obamacare has impacted them. (Millions of Americans have similar problems.)
Stern claims that these couples would have found cheaper health insurance policies on healthcare.gov than quoted by their health insurance providers. Moran fails to indicate, perhaps because Stern doesn't highlight it, that the "quotes" he found for them come from a Kaiser Foundation (left-wing) SIMULATOR, and are not real quotes.
(Because of the false predictions of the man-made global warming alarmists, we all now know that simulators are "flawed". Despite their hysterical claims 20 years ago, we are not starving because of global warming, there hasn't been any global warming for 15 years, and the Arctic icepack hasn't vanished, it is bigger now than in recent history.)
Perhaps Stern can be somewhat excused for not identifying real policies and premiums for the couple's to examine, because the healthcare.gov website still has major problems almost a month later.
Working people shouldn't be expected to struggle with a problem-plagued government website. And, generally people, like these three couples who have been responsibly buying their own health insurance, expect to continue to do so without government "help".
Stern falsely claims that Obamacare doesn't impact small businesses. Obamacare impacts everyone by churning policies and rates, and by the uncertainty caused by thousands of pages of new regulations annually.
Obamacare was expected to insure about 15 million new people. For three years the Obama administration knew that about 15 million responsible Americans will lose their health insurance this year, but they lied to hide this fact.
According to administration estimates, approximately 78 million more Americans will lose their health insurance next year after the one year employer mandate delay that President Obama provided to postpone this obvious disaster.
Sadly, Mr. Moran's irrational hatred of his political opponents blinds him to reality. President Obama and other Democrats lie when they claim to stick up for the middle class and poor against the rich. Their programs almost always benefit the rich and/or special interest groups while hurting the middle class and frequently hurting the poor by depriving them of opportunities and incentives.
Obamacare, like most big government programs, hurts the responsible people who struggle to take care of themselves, their families, and their communities. Despite their promises of delivering Nirvana, much more Democrat Party inflicted pain is coming for middle income and poor Americans.
Don Ewing

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Obamacare roll-out failed because work was delayed by politics

To The Daily Sun,

There have been countless letters written to this paper (including many from me) concerning the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obamacare. I guarantee you there is still much people do not know or understand about the legislation. The law already stands six inches of paper high. The same way the tax code began that is now 12 feet in height. And like the tax code, Obamacare has already become the lobbyists and special interests dream for loop holes, waivers, delays, one-time exceptions and special treatments in exchange for voting blocks. The same way the tax code is. Here is some of that information you may not know about Obamacare even today:

1. In many ways Obamacare is simply single payer. How can that be concluded? A very STRONG PERCENTAGE of those effected by Obamacare are not going be buying insurance on the exchange. Tens of millions of them will be BY PASSING the exchange at the speed of light, going directly on to MEDICAID rolls, becoming instant, permanent wards of the state and dependents of taxpayers for all eternity. In fact the initial analysis of sign-ups show this is exactly what is happening. What represents single payer in America any more than Medicare and Medicaid?
2. The Reason, the Affordable Care Act is anything but AFFORDABLE (as so many are now discovering) is because Obamacare MANDATES MINIMUM SERVICES in EVERY POLICY that drives up the costs of those policies to the moon. People, till now have shopped for coverage and services that fit their needs and pocketbook. Obamacare robs the individual of the FREEDOM to make HIS OWN, informed choice of customized services he wants and can afford. There is LITTLE DIFFERENCE in policy choices under Obamacare, EXCEPT in deductibles. You get a "CHEVY" health care policy whether you want or need a VW policy or Ford policy". It is a ONE SIZE fits ALL government CRAM DOWN of health insurance to our country. GOVERNMENT HAS USURPED OUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. IT DECIDED IT KNOWS BEST what every American needs for health care. The individual is not smart enough or intelligent enough to make an informed choice tailored to his or her situation. Millions of people in countless places have given their lives REBELLING against this level of government repression. America only exists today from people forced to take action to escape REPRESSION exactly like Obamacare represents.
3. A core reason why the Obamacare roll-out has been the DISASTER of all time is because the beginning work was delayed INTENTIONALLY by Obama. He was PARANOID the details and decisions so critical to PROGRAMMING the code required to begin Obamacare would leak into the hands of MITT ROMNEY. So the Obama administration simply delayed any serious work until after the election, greatly shortening the work time available. It was well known dozens of contractors would be required to do the work. They would all need detail instructions that made it easy to ascertain who the Obamacare WINNERS and LOSERS were going to be when the software was written. THIS FITS the OBAMA "scum bag" play book perfectly. I am sure such information would have leaked. That such information would have been used against Obama. It was significant enough and dangerous enough that it could very well have changed the outcome of the election and Obama knew it. After all, Obama care was his MASTERPIECE; when the real truth came out, you-know-what would hit the fan — as it is now. Such information could have thrown millions of votes into doubt. I guarantee you millions of people TODAY who are now getting notice of policy cancellations and discovering RATE SHOCK for the first time may have voted differently had they known last November what they know this November.
Tony Boutin

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