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Those numbers don't address whether or not people are the cause

To The Daily Sun,

I don't make it a habit of responding to a response, as I am happier using the time that it takes to respond doing something productive. I'm responding to James Veverka, as I was impressed with the speed at which he researched his usual haunts and came up with a lot of figures that in fact did not address what I was implying.

Even if the numbers he produced are correct, they don't answer the question of whether or not people have anything to do with the rise in those numbers or whether it's old Mother Nature up to her normal hijinks. The climate change (nee global warming) alarmists ignore history and the changes in climate that have occurred long before we inhabited the earth. If you read Don Ewing's letter in Saturday's edition of The Sun you will find many statements that coincide with my quoting of parts of Irving Janis' book on "groupthink". If you compare in-group to alarmists and out-group with deniers you'll see exactly what professor Janis meant about the phenomenon of "groupthink".

On another note, I will stand by my statement that Al Gore claimed the ocean waters were going to rise by a few feet, the exact number he used I don't recall. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Gore would exaggerate the numbers as he has been known to skew the facts in the past. Keep in mind this is the same Al Gore that claimed he invented the Internet and that the book/movie "Love Story" was written about him and his wife.

Again, I want to thank Mr. Veverka for responding so quickly to my letter so that this cave dwelling conservative could learn the truth. His kindness is only exceeded by his tactful charm.

Dave Schwotzer

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Are you ready to survice a massive attack on our electricity sources?

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, there was a hacking of U.S. government computers. As CNN reported, it was a warning. This breach impacted millions of federal employees and perhaps even more. There was hacking of IRS files as well. Take this quote from CNN: "The Internet may look big, but it is a fragile little network. It can hardly handle the stress of streaming video without compromising its legacy of neutrality, much less the secrets of the U.S. government without sacrificing its true mission of connecting the people of world in open interaction. The government, along with business, banking, and everything else that depends on security should simply get off the Internet and build another one. After this week, they can't say they haven't been warned."

For some time now, I have been sharing sentiments about the dangers of Internet with friends and associates. I have been a victim of this Internet twice, once through identity theft, and most recently through an ex-wife. The Internet is the most dangerous form of communications mankind has invented. This along with Facebook and voice mail are seriously the most potential compromise to our personal rights, health, safety, and welfare. Many of us use social media to promote themselves to their targeted audiences, namely friends, relatives, and business associates. All this is doing is exposing those who use these sites to further compromise of themselves.

At the greatest risk of all, is the power grids that supply this Internet. We are but one second away from the greatest attack on our electricity sources. In one second, the U.S. as well as the world will find themselves back in time. Gasoline can only work when there is electricity. Everything is computerized. Financial markets will collapse instantly. Already we have seen computers on planes hacked, threatening the lives of those in travel. In one second, we will be back to candles, fireplaces, wood stoves (if you can transport it?), and gardens. Second Amendment, you will need the guns to survive, protect, and obtain food. Cell phones, computers will cease to exist at all. Are we ready to survive this massive attack?

It is not a question of if, but a question of when, unless safeguards are provided to protect us now.

All that we take for granted today will cease. The poor people, in irony, will be the survivors as they have the strength and stamina for this. Many already live off the "grid" now. Suddenly all of us will be equal once again, no matter your race, creed, skin color, or religion, because once again, we must live from the land we live on. Horses will become premium property until they are bred in sufficient numbers to accommodate our needs for transportation, if ever.

We all need to reduce our dependency on this internet. It will mean our survival later. We must seek better and hack proof computer systems. But never leaving to chance, better to be prepared or begin preparing is to be prudent. Given the free rein within this internet, it has become truly a dangerous place to depend upon. Even this writer has succumbed to the convenience of emails, reviewing the news, or researching topics of educational interest. It is done with wariness now and extreme caution.

As said on CNN, "No, data breaches aren't pretty, and the things smart hackers and governments can do with even peripheral files dwarf any of the cable-TV drama scenarios I'm imagining here. But they are to be expected because they are an inevitable outcome of using an open network to convey information we mean to keep closed."

It is imperative we all must be on alert and start to prepare. CNN did an excellent job telling us why.

Robert T. Joseph Jr.

New Hampton

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