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My conversation with Mr. Morrissette revealed man of character

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to share what has happened since my last letter to The Daily Sun. I personally called Mr. Morrissette's home and his mom answered the phone. She asked me who I was and I told her my name and that I was one of the people who wrote a letter to the newspaper in regards to the church property. She thanked me for calling after I told here why I was calling and she gave me Mr. Morrissette's cell number to call.

I called Mr. Morrissette and apologized to him if my letter was received in the wrong tone. I told him I didn't want my letter to him to be coupled with Mr. Vachon's response which in my view was a bit harsh toward Mr. Morrissette. I can't speak for Mr. Vachon, but I can for myself, and I did to Mr. Morrissette and I want to publicly say he was very polite and thanked me for calling him. He acted like a gentlemen and I appreciated the fact that he did take time to talk with me. I believe that Mr. Morrissette reflected to me that he is a man of character and I respect him for talking with me when he could have simply hung the phone up, he did not.

After reading his last letter, I realized there are many issues Mr. Morrissette has had to deal with as a business man in our community. My dad was on the Zoning Board in Cambridge, Mass., and he once shared with me that a homeowner had built his property one inch over the legally approved area and the board wanted him to tear down that whole section. My dad, as a board member fought to have the once inch approved for the homeowner. And the board eventually approved the change. It was the common sense thing to do and in the end the board made the right decision.

Hopefully, in Mr. Morrissette's case there will be a decision that is mutually acceptable to all parties involved.

It has been said that one of the surest marks of good character is a man's ability to accept personal criticism without feeling malice toward the one who gives it. The conversation between myself and Mr. Morrissette reflected that character on Mr. Morrissettes's part. Thank you Mr. Morrissette for being a gentleman. I can see your mom has instilled the type of values we all look to see in others.

Bill Adario


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Close to 600 children receiving healthy groceries via Got Lunch! Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

With all the crazy things going on in this world, the people of Laconia can be proud of the way this community works together, cares about one another and makes things happen.

Five years ago this community had around 67 percent of our children qualifying for Free and Reduced Lunches during the school year and going without nutritious food during the summer months. In that first year with the amazing support of the Children's Auction, Kiwanis and the Laconia Rotary somehow the vision of a small group of people came together and GOT LUNCH! Laconia was born. More than 300 children were given healthy food to eat that first for the summer.

2015 is the fifth year of a program that has helped many children and families. This year close to 600 children are receiving healthy groceries each week because of the generosity of many, both financially and in giving of their time. Today GOT LUNCH! Laconia wants to say thank you to all those business and major donors who have made this program possible:

WLNH Children's Auction, Irwin Marine, VISTA Foods, Franklin Savings Bank, The Bank of New Hampshire, LRGH Nursery Guild, The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and The Congregational Church of Laconia. Without these organizations continued generous support our work would be much, much harder.

Of course these eight organizations alone do not make the program successful. It's the support of so many individuals and other organizations pulling together to make a difference. Each week approximately 75 volunteers gather in the Church Hall of the Congregational Church of Laconia to pack and deliver healthy groceries to more than 290 families in Laconia. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this amazing community effort. It's a fun and productive way to start the week. (Monday mornings 8:15-9:15)

Thank You To All

GOT LUNCH! Laconia

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