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Kenney will stand by his values & not waver in political breezes

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Niel Young's letter of Friday. I dryly note that while Jane Cormier may be in his "NOT friends" category (a rather large set of people, I imagine), I am quite sure I rate much lower than that (if at all, eh Niel?).

That said, ditto pretty much the rest of what he said; my vote is going to the conservative in the Special Election for District 1 Executive Council seat — Joe Kenney. He knows how the state political system runs, the doggedness and discipline of a prior Marine, and the conservative values as a foundation. It is time to elect someone who follows and stands by his values instead of the go-along-to-get-along mantra that waver in any political breeze.

He certainly has my endorsement.

Skip Murphy

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Mr. Boothby is just another in a long line of typical politicians

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to comment further on the letter written in the January 18 issue of this paper by Thomas Tardif reminding us of the embezzlement of funds by the former County Administrator, Nancy Cook, which occurred under Mr. Boothy's watch as county commissioner. Your right about him (and the other commissioners) not fulfilling his fiduciary responsibilities. As if this were not bad enough what happened after is even more reason for the voters to shun Mr. Boothby.
When Ms. Cook was relieved from her office of county administrator she was replaced with the current administrator Debra Shackett, there are a lot of questions surrounding this decision. The job description for county administrator in every county in New Hampshire states that the MINIMUM educational requirement be a BS degree in a related field, (some require MS), yet Ms. Shackett has only a high school diploma. Why would the commissioners fill this important position with someone so woefully unqualified? Could the fact that she was related to a prominent state representative have anything to do with it?
I will remind everyone that Ms. Shackett's salary is $106,000 per year, plus perks. I believe this make her the highest paid county employee. Not bad for a high school graduate. What do we say to all those in our community who worked hard and went into debt to get the educational training that qualifies them for positions like this? What kind of message are we sending to our kids? Hard work means nothing, it's connections that matter. This is the status quo that politicians like Christopher Boothby represent.
It seems to me that Mr. Boothby is just another in a long line of typical politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths, yes for me, no for you, depending on what the listener wants to hear. Just another politician who will take care of himself and pals and those who are politically connected.
The way our county government is currently run is a total train wreck. The underlying reason for this is poor leadership and bad management. As a result you have the 28 non-represented employees of Belknap County now throwing in with the Teamsters, not only to protect their pay and benefits, but to insulate themselves from the poor decision making of the current administration. I don't blame them one bit they are being attacked on all sides.
In my opinion Mr. Boothby is seeking election to enrich himself and others like him who have the right connections at the taxpayers expense.
Gordon Blais

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Mike Cryans is best candidate to continue Ray Burton legacy

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to voice my support for Michael Cryans for Executive Council. As we all know from our experience with Ray Burton, the position of Executive Councilor is very important. It requires a concern about all of the citizens of a very large district, and it requires considerable dedication. Mike Cryans knows what it means to work for the small towns of New Hampshire. Mike is a native of Littleton, and currently lives in Hanover. Mike has spent 18 years serving the people of Grafton County as a county commissioner, almost all of them side by side with Ray Burton.

The first district Executive Councilor is a considerable voice for dozens of small towns in Concord, and especially in the governor's office. The district encompasses all or parts of seven counties and more than half the state's land area. Just as he has done as county commissioner, Mike's focus will be on investing in the economy, protecting taxpayers and strengthening the middle class. Most importantly, Mike will always be available and responsive to his constituents.

Mike would appreciate the opportunity as executive councilor to work to improve the lives of thousands of people located in the more northern areas of the state. He has made it clear that he is opposed to Northern Pass as currently planned. He would like to work at improving northern infrastructure and roads. As a former teacher, Mike understands the importance of investing in education.

I believe Mike Cryans is the best candidate to continue Ray Burton's commitment to the working families of northern New Hampshire, and I urge you to vote for him in the primary election on Tuesday, January 21.

Mike Conklin,

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Sub-species of snow beast is known for texting while prowling

To The Daily Sun,

Yes, I am one on those idiot joggers who roam the icy corridors that Laconia calls streets. Now let me point out that I wear a reflective, neon-yellow jacket and two strobe lights on when I venture out in to the inky black of night. My preference is running in the day but as the sun will not cooperate with me in the winter time and is determined to take long naps I am forced to be a creature of the night.

Recently while prancing down one of these streets I came nose to nose with a snow beast. Now a snow beast is an impressive creature for sure. It often has sharp chrome teeth, large bright eyes and is very quick on its four feet. This snow beast can often be found prowling the streets both at night and during the day. They are an ornery sort often menacing unsuspecting runners and walkers with their loud honking like growl.

The snow beast that I came across was of an ever growing sub-species known for texting while on the prowl. This particular type of snow beast has a careless almost haunting presence on the road and is known for its lack of concern for other snow beasts and road creatures.

So as I was wandering down one of the many well illuminated roads the other night I stopped and stood on the side of the road to let this snow beast pass knowing the dangers that this type presents. But as I mentioned this type of snow beast is a mercurial sort and he attacked me. As he was giving me a tour of greater Laconia on his hood like nose, I was struck with terror not only for myself but for other more gentle snow beasts. Luckily for me he released me from his icy grip and after getting back onto my feet and realizing I was unhurt was very thankful. After the Beast came to a stop I admonished it, but alas it is a fickle creature of habit like myself and likely will return to its old ways.

I think next fall I will bury all my canned goods in the yard and prepare to wait out the winter in fear of another encounter with a winter snow beast or a car to you non runners.

Matt MacDonald


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These wars have given us heartache, suicides, bankruptcy, etc.

To The Daily Sun,

Do you realize that this country has spent more human life, more money and more resources fighting nefarious enemies, we claim (without substantial proof) are a threat to our safety here at home? More national effort has gone into killing foreign insurgents than any other single enterprise in the last decade. Americans, for the most part, accept war and our military presence in several countries as the price we must pay to insure our security and peace — even if killing hundreds of thousand civilians is the on-going cost! We have been brutal and merciless in our vengeance against our supposed enemies, bringing terror and death to all in the cross hairs of daily raids and gunfire. Think about an alternate scenario!

Iraq was never a threat to us, in any way. The war there was based on phony information that every legislator in Washington knew was a contrived lie. We went into Afghanistan with bombs and suitcases filled with millions of dollars to buy off tribal leaders to gain information and secure loyalty, (at times it worked, only temporarily.) In Pakistan we continue we kill innocent people with drone rocket attacks, not deterred, in any way, from our fierce assault on the same element that has been there for unknown years. These internal wars are not, in any way, our responsibility. They are regional problems in countries beset — for generations, with civil wars and internal chaos and regime changes.
To be specific: This country has enriched the weapons industry in trillions of dollars in military contracts for bombs, guns, tanks and endless amounts of equipment: thru the efforts of our elected officials (the war industry's salesmen) all done without remorse or regret for the loss of human life — our brave soldiers and the faceless enemies of the poor and impoverished countries in the Middle-East. These so-called wars have been, in every conceivable way, a total waste and a serious crime that this nation will go on lying about and defending until history books in the future will deny any culpability whatsoever.
None of the countries we have attacked had anything to do with the event of 9/11. These wars have enriched corporations and the war-related industries and given the rest of us heartache, loss, crippled soldiers, suicides, bankruptcy, moral corruption — nothing more.

Leon R. Albushies

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