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4 years & counting; our opposition to Northern Pass will not waver

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, Oct. 26, no fewer than 70 grass roots members opposed to the Northern Pass gathered in Franco for a celebration dinner marking four years strong in fighting the Northern Pass as it is proposed. Guest speakers talked about rights-of-way and how Vermont, Maine and New York are burying HVDC lines. PSNH is pushing forward with this project, and as long as they do the opposition will be there for however long it takes. We will not stop.

Hydro Quebec said they would not build this line if the people of New Hampshire didn't want it. Why is it taking so long for the New Hampshire legislators to follow suit with the other three states that are burying these lines? It has been four years of committees, studies, meetings, disappointments. When will the state House act?

Remember this Northern Pass HVDC line is a merchant-funded project not needed for system reliability. It will put millions upon millions of dollars in the pockets on PSNH and North East Utilities' stockholders. It is only sensible to bury he line under Interstate 93 and other state-owned rights-of-way. Think of that revenue instead of casinos and gambling.

George Wright


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Thank you allfor the tremendous Tobin/Hicks family benefit

To The Daily Sun,

Unbelievable!! Thank you tremendously from the Tobin/Hicks family benefit.

The gift items for auction, donations and an abundance of food was amazing and so much appreciated. The community spirit of Sanbornton and surrounding towns, friends and family, businesses and organizations were especially overwhelming. We may live in a small community but the love, gifts and caring are worldly. We will always be grateful as these memories will brighten the tough days ahead.

A special thank you to the Van Tassel, Fournier, Mcgirr and Ober families who organized and dedicated many hours of work and love to make this an unforgettable event.

Bill Tobin


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