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The Amerian Taliban is coming to Kansastan, I kid you not

To The Daily Sun,

Its almost spring and crazy is in the air. Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity where we strive to keep the stupid in the news.

The American Taliban is coming to Kansastan to get your dangerous books. Bill 56, introduced by right-winger Mary Pilcher-Cook criminalizes teachers with any lesson plan that depicts "nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse," or anything that the "average adult person" believes "lacks serious literary, scientific, educational, artistic or political value." Average adults? Like those who haven't a clue about evolution, vaccinations, climate science, or what the word secular means?

An epidemic of constitutional cluelessness in right-wing world continues unabated and there is no vaccine for willful ignorance yet. PPP's latest survey found 57 percent of the GOP support, "establishing Christianity as the national religion." They must belong to the George Clark and Gene Danforth School of American History funded by the Tony Boutin Educational Foundation. In Sacramento, attorney Matthew McLaughlin an American Sharia activist, paid $200 to file the "Sodomite Suppression Act" ballot initiative with the Attorney General. Gay people in California would be banned from holding office and be executed by firing squad. McLaughlin wants to save us from God's wrath. Fox ranter, Pastor James Manning, known for praising ISIS for the execution of gays, must be proud.

Right Wing World is on fire lately. Logic be damned! Lower the IQs!. Ayatollah Mike Huckabee, who vowed to fight "secular theocracy", is crying about those blue meanies imposing their secular values on religious conservatives. What that means is that giving the LGBT community the rights and freedoms he and his band of apoplectics already have is an insult and an imposition. Persecution, too! Crazed TV Pastor John Hagee is demanding that we stand with war criminal Netanyahu or God will destroy us. Spawn Matthew Hagee says gay marriage will cause the collapse of society and the incessant babbler Ted Cruz wants a constitutional amendment banning gay and lesbians from marrying because they threaten our liberties. Cruz is proof that a good education doesn't cure stupid. Tony Perkins of FRC is blaming gay activist Dan Savage for the videos recorded by University of Oklahoma fraternity members singing a racist chant. That's rich!

On Perkins' radio show, ex-NFL player Craig James is in a tizzy because the New England Patriots, the Tampa Bay Rays and the San Francisco Giants joined a brief on behalf of gay marriage at the Supreme Court. James stated, "that's Satan working on us." Satan! Liberty Council's Matt Staver quipped that the teams were "hostile to our faith and to the very foundational values of God's natural created order." Oh, the weeping and gnashing of teeth in Biblestan!

And poor Bobby Jindal is now claiming Obama's secularism is taking his liberties away. Which ones? Making bigotry legal? What he doesn't realize is that secularism is the foundation of religious liberty for all because like the Constitution, government should take no sides on the issues of mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus. That unassailable truth may be a little too deep for the thinking of conservative Christians, though.

James Veverka


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Come enjoy some great soup & help feed others in the process

To The Daily Sun,

We invite the community to attend our fourth annual Soupathon to benefit Hands Across the Table this Sunday from 4:30 to 6:30 at the St. Andre Bessette Parish Hall on Gilford Avenue in Laconia.

Come and enjoy six all-you-can-eat soups, two salads and delicious homemade cookies all with an international flair. Thanks to our wonderful community of volunteers, sponsors and Board Members, HATT is providing as many as 150 hot meals every Wednesday night at at a cost of less than $2 per meal.

Come enjoy some soup and help feed others in the process.

Irene Gordon
Glnger Wells-Kay
Soupathon Co-Chairs

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