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James Barnes is the right man for selectman in Town of Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

Please join me in electing James Barnes for selectman.

I have just moved to the area, but in the time that I have known James Barnes, I have found him to be a very smart and caring person. He cares deeply about how his town is run. I feel that he will make a great selectman, making the right decisions on the behalf of Gilmanton.

He is someone who will look after Gilmanton and make sure that the town's people and betterment of the community come first. I would feel comfortable allowing him to make choices as my voice in public affairs.

Join me in pledging your support for an honest and hardworking man who is right for the job, James Barnes.

Katie Wilson


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Ray Burton believed in service above politics & so does Mike Cryans

To The Daily Sun,

A letter writer in Thursday's Daily Sun, mentioning the fact that Mike Cryans has been endorsed for Executive Councilor by Ray Burton's siblings, claimed that the endorsements have not come from the siblings themselves.

That writer is wrong. Ray Burton's two sisters and one brother wrote and signed a letter to the editor which has been published in newspapers around the district. For example, it was in the Valley News, dated Feb. 26.

Here is the full text of the letter:

"With the passing of our brother Ray Burton in November, District 1 and the state of New Hampshire lost its most vocal and well-respected advocate. We believe that Mike Cryans would be an excellent executive councilor for District 1. He will, like Ray, make sure Concord remembers to "look north" and address the needs and concerns of his constituents.

When our mother was a resident at Grafton County Nursing Home for six years, we saw from personal experience Mike's concern for the residents as he attended many of their family functions, and spent time talking and listening to them.

Mike served side by side with Ray for 16 years as a county commissioner and understands Ray's philosophy when it came to working on behalf of the North Country residents. During these 16 years, Mike and Ray worked together to move Grafton County forward, never letting partisan differences stand in the way of helping those who were in need.

Ray served the people of District 1 for 35 years. He will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to the needs of his constituents. There is little doubt that Ray left big shoes for the next executive councilor to fill. Mike knows no one can fill Ray's shoes. However, he will do the best he can for District 1 and the state.

For our brother, public service was never about partisan politics. That is why we are endorsing Mike, who will share those values we always admired in Ray — service above politics.

Joan Day, Concord

Steve Burton, Hanover

Mary Grimes, Columbia "

Here is the link for anyone who wants to verify that it appeared in the paper:


Mike Cryans is the experienced candidate with a record of accomplishment. He is the one who can carry on the legacy of Ray Burton. Ray Burton endorsed him in the 2012 county commissioner's race. And he is the only candidate in this race with a record of being able to work across the aisle in a bi-partisan way to get things done for his constituents. Please make sure to vote in the special election on March 11, and to vote for Mike Cryans.

Ed Allard


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Joe Kenney will be the taxpayer's eyes and ears in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

On March 11 we will elect the person to fill the seat vacated by the passing of Ray Burton. It will be either Joe Kenney or Michael Cryans.

The Executive Council, together with the governor, has the authority and responsibility over the management and administration of the affairs of state. It's the watchdog of the state treasury, approving all state expenditures and contracts in amounts greater than $10,000.

As a taxpayer, I want a fiscal conservative like Joe devoting his full time to the job as opposed to a part-time tax-and-spend politician. I want someone in Concord watching out for my pocketbook, especially at this time when we are subject to uncertainties as to the cost of federally "funded" programs — think Medicaid expansion, if passed, and Common Core.

I am sure Ray Burton would support Joe Kenney as he did many times in the past when Joe was running for various state offices. If you want someone who will listen to the people and protect their interests, you have to vote as Ray would vote.

Joe Kenney will be the taxpayers' eyes and ears.

Vince Merola


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Joe Kenney is only candidate who has state-level experience

To The Daily Sun,

I know there is a race to see who fills the shoes of Ray Burton on the Executive Council. I have seen the many claims that Ray would endorse one candidate over another. There are state representatives who tell me Ray was a friend of Mike Cryans, but that he wouldn't back a Democrat over someone of his own Republican party. The truth is we will never know.

The position of Executive Councilor in District 1 is bigger than partisan politics. It is the largest councilor district in the state and requires a full-time councilor that has the ability to work with all parties effectively at the state level.

Joe Kenney is the only candidate who has state-level experience — 14 years as state representative, six years as state senator, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. On the local level he has served his hometown as chairman of the Selectboard. On the national level Colonel Kenney has proudly served his country for 34 years as a Marine. Joe has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Times are just too challenging in the North Country to send a council candidate to Concord for on-the-job training. On March 11h I will be voting for Joe Kenney, a man of ability, experience and integrity.

Paul Simard


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Hillary will fit right with Meredith's legacy of good government

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire has such a unique culture of civic engagement. We expect a lot of ourselves, and it is always so gratifying when we find that right combination of intellect, dedication and service that we are not just willing to support that person but want to share the good news with our community. It is precisely for that reason that I am writing in support of Hillary Seeger for Meredith selectman.

Meredith has really had it "good" over the past 20 years or so. We have been fortunate to have educated, committed and dedicated town governance, and Hillary will fit right in with that legacy. Hillary is fiscally conservative, but also knows the value of when to make good investments in our town to maintain our core businesses as well as attract a new generation of entrepreneurs.

I've had the opportunity to see Hillary's commitment to our community first-hand and I can assure you that she will be accessible for a wide spectrum of viewpoints before making a good decision based on the facts and what she sees as the right path for our community's continued good health.

We all have a part to play in our collective future. Each of us should do a bit of research (Check out Hillary Seeger for Meredith Selectman on facebook, it looks like she is doing the job already.) and then participate in our future by casting a vote for selectman. I hope that you will join Maren and I in supporting Hillary Seeger so that we can keep Meredith heading in the direction of strength and prosperity.

Christopher Boothby

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