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Mr. Jean is showing that he is the adult in the selectmen's room

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton selectmen seem to be having a difficult time attempting to do their duty in appointing a third selectman.

The idea that a precedent or a tradition has been set, thus indicating that Mr. Currier is the appropriate choice is not convincing. Circumstances change and even the thought that those who supported him as a write-in candidate would still support him is tenuous.

Mr. Jean makes valid points that 623 voters opposed Mr. Currier in the election and, that if there is, in fact, a precedent to be followed, it would be that Jim Barnes would be the logical choice now.

Additionally Mr. Guarino's comment to and about Rachel Hatch was totally inappropriate and he should apologize. This and other remarks show that his mind is already closed on this topic.

If Mr. Currier is chosen for the position there is the potential of creating difficulties for his own son and the Police Department. For him to simply recuse himself when police matters arise is more complicated now.

Perhaps those 623 voters who did not support Mr. Currier will contact Mr. Jean and thank him for following their wishes. It is interesting that Mr. Jean has said that he would support Brian Forst or Rachel Hatch. Surely there is a compromise here if Mr. Guarino chooses to recognize it.

By focusing on experience, Mr. Jean has also shown that he is the adult in the room.

Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Obama still has enough time left as president to do great damage

To The Daily Sun,

Our president saw fit to submit the Iran deal to the U.N. before our Congress had a chance to vote on it. Should the U.N. accept the deal and our Congress not accept it, our president put the United States in violation of the U.N.

I personally do not worry about that as so many countries are in violation of the U.N. and nothing ever happens. Countries that are not true friends of the U.S.

It seems he has no respect for the Constitution or the will of the American people. Unfortunately we have still time left in his term to do more damage.

Our Congress must stand tall against his disrespect for the American people and our Constitution.

Our representatives must vote against the U.N. deal. They cannot waver in this at all. For all the votes that they did, not defunding the "Dreamer" amnesty or Obamacare as some promised to do, this one, Republicans and Democrats must come together and defeat.

It is bad for our country. It is bad for the Middle East. It gives Iran money to buy weapons and also drops the embargo of selling weapons to Iran which it can and will pass on to terrorists.

Some places the U.N. inspectors cannot examine and when they do they must give almost a month's notice. Anything can happen in that time.

Our borders are so porous that it is easy for the terrorists to come in with weapons that could do great harm to America.

If Congress votes against the Iran deal and Obama vetoes it, our representatives must work with other representatives to override the veto.

It is no longer enough that a representative says they will vote for or against something. They must work with other representatives to see that the bills are passed or not with the regard of the wishes of the American people.

The American people do not want this deal. Our representatives must have the integrity to do the right thing and not what they think the media will approve. It is time that Congress stand tall for the American people and the world. Now before it is too late.

Linda Riley

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