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Do these N.H. politicians really know what a Good Samaritan is?

To The Daily Sun,

Eric T. Rottenecker hit it out of the park in his Dec. 9 letter. Finally, we're hearing from another person who actually gets how easily manipulated the general public is by our "leaders." Union jobs used to be needed to protect low wage workers from abuse and dangerous working conditions. Now it is a pyramid scheme run by a cartel of power-thirsty cronies who continue to shape public perspective in their favor to forever insure the money keeps on mainlining from the middle-class right into their pockets.

It's virtually laughable now that there is a big push to fund the heroin epidemic now, rushing tens of millions of more taxpayer dollars into their accounts for them to spend on pretty much everything except practical methods to curb this disturbing trend.

Two points on the heroin epidemic: Is it just a coincidence that its boom coincided with the crash of the economy? Kids cannot even afford a bag of weed for $60 anymore, but they stock up on heroin for $10. Politician thinking, "Make marijuana legal?" Whoa, slow down. That is a gateway drug my friend, there will be chaos in the street.

But a heroin outbreak would mean we could keep our $2 billion that we use (laugh) to battle pot and suck another $2 billion out of the middle class for another "war" that we need to fight. Eureka!!" Clearly it's all about the money for them. There is no solid argument for justifying why alcohol and cigarettes are legal while marijuana is not. Kudos to Mr. Rottenecker for knowing his history.

Secondly, I have to laugh when I hear this Good Samaritan law. I understand that they want to curb heroin deaths. I get it, the law itself seems good in its intent. My problem is with the title. Do politicians really even know what a Good Samaritan is? So some 20-year-old kid can take a 17-year-old out, buy some heroin with money he stole from his parents, go back to his room and give it to the younger kid and get high also. Then when the 17-year-old starts to overdose, he can call for help. When the police arrive they help the overdose victim while the other kid can be sitting on a pile of heroin and not get charged, oh and he's a good Samaritan?

What? I'm sorry, but I thought helping an elderly person across the street or giving the Heimlich maneuver to a choking victim made you a good Samaritan. Going into a lair of filth and buying a drug that will kill you then distributing it does not make you a good Samaritan. This much I'm pretty sure of.

Thomas Lemay

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Don Guarino was invited to Nov. 23 meeting but he didn't attend

To The Daily Sun:

I am writing in response to the letter from Don Guarino that was published on Dec. 15. The letter was in response to a joint meeting held at the Gilmanton Year-Round Library on Nov. 23.

I wish to clarify some issues. Don stated that the Board of Selectmen was represented by Rachel Hatch and Michael Jean. I would like to clarify the fact that all the selectmen were invited to participate in the meeting and it was posted on the town website. Don chose not to attend.

I requested to be on the agenda at the Oct. 19 selectmen's meeting for two reasons. First, I updated the selectmen on library activities and statistics. Secondly, I stated that we wished to have a discussion about the town-funding issue. I provided the selectmen with a written summary of the information I provided that evening. I did include the fact that we were looking at options that included creating a single or multi-year contract or agreement between the GYRLA and the Town. I also stated that we would be reaching out to the selectmen to meet and discuss the issue.

On Nov. 1, I sent an email to each of the selectmen with our budget information. I mentioned that we were targeting the end of November or beginning of December for a joint meeting. The date that was selected was shared with the selectmen via email on Nov. 9 from the Town Administrator. He requested confirmation from the selectmen that they would be able to participate.

The meeting was officially posted on the town website.

GYRLA Board members tried to call each of the selectmen prior to the meeting on the 23rd to get feedback on the options for town funding. The board member trying to reach Don went to Town Hall and left a message for him since he was unable to reach him by phone. The call was not returned until an hour before the meeting.

Participants at the joint meeting on the 23rd included the town administrator, two selectmen, nearly the entire town Budget Committee, School Board members, and GYRLA Board Members. There were members of the general public there as well. The discussion was positive and productive.

The proposed agreement between the town and the GYRLA is an "agreement" and not a "contract." All residents should know and understand that they retain voting rights and abilities to make their voices heard. This is clearly stated in the proposed Agreement. The SB-2 process, including the Deliberative Session, will provide residents with the opportunity to demonstrate their support. This agreement still needs to be discussed by the selectmen as a board and they will take a formal vote.

The GYRLA and the Town of Gilmanton are attempting to move forward in a positive manner. This is being done in public forum meetings with full transparency and willingness to work as a team toward a common goal. Please feel free to address any questions you may have about this process to the GYRLA or your selectmen.

Chris Schlegel

GYRLA Board of Directors


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