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I look forward to representing Franklin & Hill in the N.H. House

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Dave Testerman and I am running for state representative in Franklin and Hill, District 2. My wife, Karen, and I moved to the area more than 20 years ago to raise our children, and we now enjoy helping to raise 11 grandchildren. Our family motto is "Give back to the community."

Many of you know Karen's accomplishments over the years at the local and state level, and I share her keen interest and involvement in politics. My focus has been on our schools and economy, while keeping a sharp eye on our tax rates. I now seek to become your representative in Concord.

As a Vietnam vet with 300 combat missions and more than 20 years serving in the Air Force, I understand the importance of leadership in getting the job done. As an aeronautical engineer with a Master's in business, I have the tools and experience necessary to accomplish complex and difficult tasks. For over 20 years I put these skills to the test as a systems engineer and program manager at BAE Systems.

I look forward to the challenges of working as your representative to promote job growth, maintain services for our seniors, and improve the education of our children. It's time to quit electing the same politicians and expecting different results.

As an involved citizen and your representative, I will work with you to find better solutions. I hope to meet and speak with you as I campaign across our community this summer and fall. You can reach me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dave Testerman

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We experienced overwhelming evidence of crematorium issue

To The Daily Sun,

We were stuck in a regular Meredith summer traffic backup when we were assailed by horrible odors and breath-taking fumes. We were stuck in traffic directly between the Mayhew Funeral Home and MacDonald's when we experienced the odors and fumes. We could see the heat emissions coming from the crematorium chimney and the wind was blowing directly toward us. We suffered from this odor for a couple of minutes until, blessedly, the traffic began moving. I would certainly hate to have to endure this obnoxious odor on a full-time basis like the poor people at the Motorcycle Museum have to. It was an odor like I have never experienced before and I don't want to again.

For anyone to try to claim that the crematorium does not emit such fumes and odors, we can only say they are living in a stinky cloud cuckooland. In fact, we are betting that the crematorium will not be used during Motorcycle Week since it will be so obvious as to its emissions.

We have absolutely no connection to either the Motorcycle Museum or Mayhew Funeral Home other than we have been to the museum once and the funeral home a couple of times. But we did get stuck in traffic and did experience the fumes and odors from the crematorium — the crematorium that is now claiming they don't exist.

Mayhew really needs to fix that chimney or shut down the crematorium. Claiming it does not emit any gasses or fumes when the overwhelming evidence shows otherwise is ridiculous.

Bill & Evelyn Firth

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