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Great partnering make events like College Prep Night possible

To the editor,
Belmont High School PTO would like to thank the parents and students that attended our expanded College Prep Night on May 1. Feedback from the event has been very positive. Families surveyed stated that they left the event better informed about the college application process, standardized testing, financial aid, and financing a college education. Presentations by Dream Strategies and NHHEAF were fantastic! Thank you to friends of PTO that helped with food and drinks for our concessions and to Hannaford Supermarket of Gilford, the 99 Restaurant, and Applebee's of Tilton for their generous donations. Part of our mission statement is to identify and support student programs to promote educational excellence. Such events would not be possible without the great partnering with BHS Administration and Guidance. We would also like to thank The Laconia Daily Sun and The Citizen for helping us advertise our event. Working together, we can all achieve great things!
Gretta Olson-Wilder
Community Liaison
Belmont High School PTO

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I'm old school: sticks & stones may break my bones but . . .

To the editor,
I wrote a letter to the editor (April 13 issue) concerning the U.S.involvement in Iraq Iran war 1980) during the Reagan years. I made note of the FACT that WMDs were sold to Iraq to be used on the Iranians in Iraq Iran War. This caused Jack Stephenson and Steve Earle to call me a liar and a fool.
I grew up in the old school where sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Steve Earle wrote on May 3rd that if I couldn't take it, don't dish it out. I can handle anything you can dish out, Steve.
Now, my question to either of these nitpickers is this: Where is your information that this never happened? Please give references with your answer so I can see what I was lying about.The letter written by Mr. L.J.Siden from Gilmanton was written in detail on the Bush years and explained what a war on lies and distortion looks like.
Finally, as soon as I get a response from the nitpickers on references to how they determined me lying on sale of WMDs to Saddam, The war on Iran Iraq is over.
Henry Osmer

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Rep. Burchell offers no solutions, he just votes against things

To the editor,
I have to respond to Rep. Dick Burchell's letter to the editor published on May 10. The headline says that the Belknap County Convention "minority" has made the process with the Belknap County Commissioners as uncivil as possible. The real problem is with 12 of the members of the 18 member county convention. That is, 12 of the elected members of the New Hampshire House from Belknap County who will be responsible for costing Belknap County a lot of extra expense. They think that just because they agree with the ultra-conservative agenda to destroy local government, they assume they must be right. They give no credit to the commissioners for all the cost saving measures they have put into effect in the past five years. They only worry about a nine percent increase without mentioning the past cost savings. They are out to destroy the morale at the county facilities. They seem to be bent on ending up in court and costing the county money. You can bet they will be pointing the finger after that happens.
I urge all Belknap County voters to follow this story and watch their attempt to destroy local government. Rep. Burchell has a history of voting against budgets, against infrastructure improvements, against funding higher education. He offers no solutions; only votes against them. He and his cohorts of 12 need to be voted out next year.
Steve Copithorne

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What has Obama actually done to make our future brighter?

To the editor,
I keep wanting to ask those folks who voted for Obama, why? What has he done to deserve your votes? Sure he's slick and cool but what has he actually done to make your lives better or to make the future for your kids brighter? As far as I can tell every program he supports hurts average people — unless you consider welfare and food stamps the good life. Yes, he supports education in the form of teachers' unions but look at the state of the nation's education. We are way down the lists of student achievement among industrialized countries. Kids are still graduating high school who can't read. Collage grads come out with degrees but can't find jobs and are saddled with crushing debt. Who's fault is that? The collages who continue to raise tuition year after year and now Obama wants to excuse the debt. So who gets hurt? All those who pay taxes, that's who, us.
And he's so cool with his "green" environmental plans. Yup, he invests billions of tax dollars in all kinds of green energy only to see them go bankrupt one after another. Who get hurt? We do, the taxpayers.
To pay for all these bloopers, Obama borrows trillions then waists them on bail outs that fail, investments of millions in foreign countries, and then want to be allowed to borrow more trillions to do more of the same. Who gets hurt? Yep, we do.
Notice gas prices are down to around $3.42 gal. Swell, only double what it was when he was first elected. Are the 1 percent suffering from any of this? Nope, its the poor, elderly and working families taking the brunt of it.
But unemployment is down you know. Well consider this, millions will graduate high schools and collages in the next couple of months only to find no jobs waiting but neve fear they will not find themselves on the unemployment rolls those are only for workers that have been laid off. Moms and dads will continue to carry the load without break for, what, years to come? And the industries just keeps leaving the country one after another.
I could go on and on and on and I will, but in another letter. Let this one sink in a little with those who actually are able to use their own minds outside the incessant drone of progressives telling them what to think, feel and say.
Steve Earle

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I thank Sen. Ayotte for her vote & urge her to keep fighting

To the editor,
To all those writers spending their time and energy attacking Sen. Ayotte for her recent vote against the purely political and emotionally inspired gun control law, save your time and breath. The billionaire mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg is doing it for you with millions of his dollars spent on TV adds trying to discredit her. He also spent an unknown amount of his bucks to send out-of-state rabble-rousers to the recent Warren and Tilton, N.H. town meetings, complete with signs and an agenda to disrupt these meetings. Do you really want that blowhard trying to operate in New Hampshire?
Just Google "Bloomberg security" and you will find all kinds of articles on this hypocrite's security detail. He even gets special dispensation to travel to Bermuda with his heavily armed force of NYPD officers. The local cops there don't even feel the need to be armed. Like most of our large cities, NYC is a haven for gangs and murderers. I say, let him prove that all of their long-standing gun control laws make one iota of difference in the safety of his average citizens.
I don't have to make this stuff up. Again Google "firstread.nbcnews.com Ayotte" and you will get the facts straight from an NBC reporter, Kassie Hunt. Also when checking his security, read a few of his misuses of what he refers to as "his private army". Apparently they even have tanks and anti-aircraft guns — anti-aircraft guns? Even I find that hard to believe. Doesn't sound like a city bleeding red ink really needs a standing army.
I'm sure that this letter wont make any difference in the opinions of those fixated on more and more government control, whether it be for guns, education or other areas. As for me, I truly thank Senator Ayotte for that vote and wish her well in the continuing battle against the DC gang in power in their attempt to turn us into a flock of sheep begging for directions to the trough.
Donald Lockwood

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