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Please vote on Tuesday to restore our constitutional government

To The Daily Sun,

Mercifully, the political campaign is coming to an end, but not until the votes are counted on Tuesday night. As we go to polls we still need to remember that this election for president and down ballot offices is not just a referendum on Hillary and Bill Clinton's lifetime record of corruption and deceit, it is also a referendum on the never-ending failures of eight years of the Obama administration.

How could one not laugh this week and in recent weeks as local Hillary propagandist's told us there are no "bombshells" in the FBI investigations (multiple), Wikileak's or Project Veritas revelations. They reminded me of Baghdad Bobs' telling the world that the Iraqi's were defeating the coalition as the tanks rolled past.

Hopefully most people have figured out how deep and how wide the Clinton and Obama corruption goes. Richard Nixon was a Cub Scout compared to what this bunch has done.

Regardless of whether she is elected, our country will be in chaos for years cleaning up their mess at great additional millions of taxpayer dollars rather than being able to try to fix the inherited problems.

Here are some of them. Obamacare and the budget-busting costs that families now are facing, the debt, the deficit, the catastrophically low labor participation rate, the calamity pending in the Middle East and the divisive country he is leaving behind. Clinton has supported his entire agenda and will double down on the policies and problems.

Also, remember that not one, and I repeat not one, of the Democrats has condemned the corruption. Identity politics doesn't cut it. The Constitution was specifically written so that we are all equal under the law, no kings, and no queens.

So please do some serious soul searching as you vote on Tuesday. Please vote for those people who will restore our constitutional government.

David R. Horvath, Sr.


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The big difference is that Donald Trump is open and transparent

To The Daily Sun,

Yes, character does matter. Hillary started as a public defender freeing a rapist of a 12-year-old girl, then laughing about it.

She tried to pass universal health care, but was rebuffed.

Ethics do matter. FBI Directer Comey said she was careless and also said she lied about her emails and the number of devices she used. She, or others, used Bleach Bit to remove emails from her server, after being subpoenaed by Congress.

Evidence, whether real or circumstantial, can lead to prosecution.

Didn't Hillary say she was under sniper fire when she landed on the tarmac? Yet, in reality,  she greeted a little girl for a photo op.

As for openness, I stated before, Hillary is neither open or transparent, as she is the epitome of prevaricating politician.

Donald Trump is not without faults and has built a successful business, thus becoming a billionaire.

They both are egotistical and motivated, but the big difference is Donald is open and transparent. Hillary obviates and equivocates. The sad reality is she believes she is above the law. The fact is she is a stranger to the truth.

Rich Tjaden


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