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Big government destroyed Detroit, not the lack thereof

To The Daily Sun,

While Detroit is drowning from 50 years of suffocating liberal rules, regulations and corruption, modern-day liberals remain focused on their primary goals: revisionist history, crushing capitalism and escaping reality. "What's Going On" sang Marvin Gaye. Well, Detroit's bodacious automobile industry has been crumbling under the weight of crushing union obligations while refusing to adapt to changing economic realities following World War II. Matthew May puts it succinctly, "The industry that built the gleaming city on the Detroit River scoffed at the Japanese and their silly, little cars".

Democrats falsely offered hope exclaiming, "Reach Out I'll Be There" (Four Tops). So for the past half century, they were there. No Republican mayor since the 1940s. Democrat mayors so intoxicated with power that corruption was omnipresent, sucking the life out of a city once called "Paris of the Midwest". Powerful unions fostered a sense of entitled superiority for the workers while holding automakers hostage and simultaneously clinging to an unsustainable business model. Charles Krauthammer termed it a cozy symbiosis where "public sector unions gave money to elect the politicians who negotiated their contracts".

Racist mayor Coleman Young exhorted whites to "take their asses across 8 Mile (to the suburbs)" in the 1970s. Most white folks did, eventually followed by black folks. Today, Detroit's inner city is inhabited mostly by black folks who do not have the means to get away. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick bled the city dry in a way that would bring admiration from any infamous crime syndicate.

Despite millions spent on schools through LBJ's ill-fated, "Great Society" programs, Detroit students recently turned in the lowest math scores ever recorded in a proficiency test according to Bloomberg.com. More than a third of students fail to obtain a high school diploma. All this for a $14,000/year per student cost.

40 percent of street lights don't work. Two thirds of the parks are closed and emergency police response takes an hour. Unemployment is at 16.3 percent versus 7.6 percent nationwide. The population is now about 700,000 compared to a peak of 1.8 million in the 1950s. Violent crime is five times the national ave. The murder rate is 11 times that of New York City. $19 billion in obligations and the mayors' Motown theme song, "I Can't Help Myself" (Four Tops).

As Marvin Gaye laments, "Inner City Blues", the revisionist liberals claim to know the reasons for "What Has Become of the Brokenhearted" (Jimmy Ruffin). Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm blames Detroit's demise on "free trade". NY Times columnist Paul Krugman believes the city was just an innocent victim of market forces. MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry asserts it was due to what happens "when government is small enough to drown in your bathtub". She was not wearing her tampon earrings when she made the comment which might explain her inability to absorb reality or hear the truth.

Here's a reality check for Jennifer, Paul, Melissa and the rest of of the modern day liberal machine. Government destroyed Detroit and not the lack thereof. Corrupt mayors, powerful public sector unions, unfunded obligations, anti-business taxes, anti-business regulations, insanely high property taxes and a calcifying progressive mindset killed what once was one of the brightest cities on the planet. Yes, it was the city's own really bad decision making rather than free markets and limited government that put Detroit on the precipice of poverty and destruction. Charles Krauthammer is correct when he says that "it doesn't take a genius to see what happens when the entitlement state outgrows the economy upon which it rests". "Ain't to Proud to Beg" (Temptations) says bankrupt Detroit. Let the bailouts begin.

As we've seen for a century, at least, progressives never seem able to accept the mountains of empirical evidence or the vast lessons of history, the now motorless city only the most recent example. So, they will continue to distort reality in a "Ball of Confusion" (Temptations). They will continue to believe that liberal elitists are the only ones qualified to organize society and assure equality and social justice. The ideology that has caused the demise of civilizations from the Roman Empire to many present day European countries. Will it also be the "End of the Road" (Boyz II Men) for our glorious nation? Not if enough of us speak the truth and never, never, ever give up defending Lady Liberty. "I Second That Emotion" (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles).

Russ Wiles

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Nothing phony about people who died in Mexico & Benghazi

To The Daily Sun,

Where in the world does Bernadette Loache get her news and information? In her letter on July 26, she blasts Don Ewing's account of the Zimmerman case, making all sorts of backwards-to-the-evidence assertions to which there is no foundation. The prosecution attempted to show a racial motive but not even the FBI could do that in spite of an extensive investigation. It was the prosecution that spun unsupported theories and speculation in order to make their case. It was they who did everything she accuses the defense of doing. If Bernie wanted to she could look up, online, Trayvon Martin's history and then decide which side had evidence suppressed, but she won't. Bernie made up her mind as soon as NBC doctored the 911 call tapes and left wing media built their yellow journalism, railroad Zimmerman bandwagon. A true intellectual she.
Speaking about turning things backwards and on its ear, the president and his crew are on the campaign trail again, this time touting the idea of phony scandals. Well Mr. President, there is nothing phony about the hundreds of deaths caused by your Attorney General's gun-running scheme to Mexico. Corrupting the IRS and multiple other government agencies into discriminating against and targeting conservative groups and individuals is not phony either. Mr. Holder targeting the Associated Press telephone and other records, naming a Fox News reporter as a co-conspirator in a search warrant application, lying to congressional hearings more then once and stonewalling investigations counts too. And, yes the little matter of Benghazi and a dead ambassador and three other Americans falls into that category also. We will not allow you and your gang of stooges to sweep these things under the rug.
Just a little side bar, if I may? One recent letter writer says we can have oil or a livable future but not both. I would ask that gentlemen what does he propose to replace oil with that will not economically crush the poor and middle class in this country? Just asking?
Steve Earle


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Did Ms. Loesch feel as strongly when O.J. Simpson was acquitted

To The Daily Sun,

I see that Ms. Loesch is insisting her version of the Martin/Zimmerman case is the correct one even though the facts say otherwise. She continues to bring up the stand your ground law even though the case was based and adjudicated on self defense. I guess common sense will never get in the way of ideology in the minds of progressives. I'm curious as to whether or not Ms. Loesch felt as strongly about the O.J. Simpson case when he was acquitted of a double murder when the evidence showed otherwise. The members of the black community were dancing in the streets after that decision because they approved of it. The members of the white community were definitely unhappy with that jury but they didn't tear up any cities because of it.

On another note, I see that Lynn Chong must have the warring town of Plymouth under control as she is taking her sign and going down to Concord, that bastion of incivility, to see if she can bring peace to the area. Her bravery knows no bounds. Might I suggest that her next stop be Syria or maybe Yemen. I'm sure there's a travel agency out there that would gladly book a flight for her.

Lastly, I see that George Maloof just adores those windmills that desecrate Tenney Mountain. In his letter he goes on to pontificate on everything wonderful about them and how terrible the telephone poles and wires look in comparison. I really hate to be critical of a critical thinker such as George but I have to remind him that the power generated by these monstrosities doesn't move through the air like sound waves but is actually carried through these wires. I guess when you become a critical thinker your common sense is removed and replaced with Playdough. As others have stated before, these are the people that teach your children.

Dave Schwotzer


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Please support new contract proposal for Ashland's teachers

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, the Ashland School Board would like to sincerely thank voters of Ashland for their overwhelming support of the school district's budget for 2013-2014. And, once again, the board asks for your support. The school board and teachers will ask voters to reconsider the proposed teachers' contract beginning with a Deliberative (First) Session of a special school district meeting to be held September 3.

Many of Ashland Elementary School's teachers have been with the district for over 20 years, providing dedicated service to your children. The proposed contract offers the teachers a 5.5 percent increase in salaries over three years. The board and administration have worked hard to keep the general budget lean with the hope that voters would support this collective bargaining agreement. Our belief is that teachers make Ashland Elementary School a great school for your children. We ask for your support by attending the deliberative session on September 3, 2013, and by voting "Yes" on October 1, 2013, on the proposed teachers' contract. Thank you.

The Ashland School Board


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Laconia & Gilford should find a way to share new football field

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia has a great tradition in the annals of New Hampshire high school football. We have fielded some outstanding championship teams over the years. I can remember playing for Franklin during the 1950s; Laconia was the culmination or our senior year because that was the only game in our career that we would play under the lights.

Laconia, now has a state of the art arena in which are teams can play and, coincidentally, a tremendous area in which to view the festivities.

I love the sport of football as do many of the people in the area. We will be able to see approximately seven games a year played there, assuming we get into the playoffs every year. I would like to suggest that the Laconia School Board seek to enter negotiations with the Gilford School Board and then ask the scheduling committee to arrange a schedule whereby the two schools could share a field to their mutual advantage. If the Giants and the Jets can share and arena, it shouldn't be to much of a problem for Laconia and Gilford to do the same. Giford needs a new field, and Laconia has a new field. Laconia and Gilford can negotiate a contract fair and equitable to both sides for the use of the field. If they could come together in two agreements on the business park, this should not be to difficult.

Roland L. Maheu


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