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Hillary's criticism of Obama will only intensity; she has no choice

To The Daily Sun,

The presidential race of 2016 is already "game on". Nothing assures it like announcing a new book release with a signing tour across the country the way Hillary Clinton recently did. The tour was a total flop and the book panned but that makes little difference. It gave Hillary an excuse to glad hand nationally without having officially announced her candidacy. A book tour is the perfect place to fine tune your message and round off the rough edges.

It is now certain the one thing Hillary will not repeat in the future is that she was "DEAD BROKE" when she and Bill left the White House. Even the liberal media thought that was over the top hypocrisy. But remember, Hillary Clinton has to win a 75 percent of the bottom 50 percent of America economically to win the WhiteHouse, and 90 percent of the bottom 25 percent. The WORKING CLASS of America both BLUE and WHITE collar are going to vote Republican, as they have the past several elections. Small business owners of every stripe who have been unendingly attacked and terrorized for six years by Obama are going to vote Republican. Hillary has to capture 80 percent of the low income black/Latino vote to win the presidency and she knows it. The white vote as it has in the last several elections is also going to vote Republican. That is why Hillary claims to have been POVERTY STRICKEN, no matter the cat-calls she knew she would take for saying it.

Hillary's remark about being broke wasn't some mis-speak. She is trying to curry favor with people who are much more likely to vote for her if they feel she has walked in their shoes. Lets be honest, Hillary and Bill Clinton have more money than Mitt Romney. In 2012 Democrats screamed such extravagant wealth excluded Mitt from being in touch with Main Street America. If those assertions were true in 2012 what changed to make them untrue in 2016? Hillary and Bill Clinton give 60 minute speeches for $200,000/300,000 a pop at their pleasure. At least Mitt had the appearance or working and holding a real job... and Mitt is often seen in Wolfeboro mingling with the common folk, although I have to admit he hasn't invited me over for a cookout yet.

The real fun of the 2016 presidential race is going to be how Hillary handles the OBAMA Anchor that could sink her presidential aspirations. No aspiring candidate for president in the same party as the incumbent who is dragging a 41 percent job approval rating is likely to be wanting to ride the coattails of that person. In fact Hillary has already made her choice. She is moving as fast as she can from the failed and flaming out presidency of Barack Obama. It is a highly delicate and tactical maneuver. One that is sure to outrage some Democrats. That is the tricky part. Separating yourself from failure in your own party, without losing voters...

One thing is for sure, over the next 30 months Obama is not only going to have just conservatives attacking his every word, but Hillary Clinton as well. She has NO CHOICE if she wants to improve her chances to be president, given Obama's poor approval numbers. She needs to DISTANCE HERSELF, explaining how Hillary's presidency will NOT be a continuation of the failed Obama one. That means highlighting all his mistakes where she believes he made poor presidential decisions. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. Her criticisms of Obama will only increase as the months go on. I GUARANTEE IT! She has NO CHOICE.

In a conversation last Sunday, Hillary suggested the average American family is not very happy with what has happened to them over the past six years. The average middle class family income has gone DOWN, not up since Obama took office, they are hurting. She also said she would have armed the Syrian rebels quickly. Obama sat on his thumbs and still is. You remember the RED LINE Syrian disaster from Obama. She surely made it sound as if she would have been far more hawkish than Obama has been on many world events that risk our security in the future if we do not act today. Hillary knows Main Street is not happy and they vote on economic issues first. If they do not see a dramatic change from the policies of Barack Obama that have DONE NOTHING FOR THEM voters are going to give the Republican a chance no matter who he is.
Tony Boutin

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To those who continue to vote for Rep. Mulholland, I ask why?

To The Daily Sun,

On January 6, 1776, the day after N.H. gave this country it's first state Constitution, our House of Representatives was created. In spite of threats from the British crown, we were determined to set a course for self-government and keep that government close to the people. Our forefathers fixed the size of the House of Representatives as a direct ratio to the state's population. The first House had 87 members, each representing 100 families. Our present day House has 400 members.

Article 8 of the N.H. Constitution states: All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at all times accountable to them. Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive."

I'm stuck on the words "accountable" and "responsive" when I think of Grafton District 17 representative Catherine Mulholland. As a resident of the district she's supposed to represent, I've written her both e-mails and letters and also telephoned her several times. I have never once gotten any reply from her whatsoever. Nothing! She drives past my house several times a day, so she can't say it would be too far out of her way to respond to me. Then again, she doesn't even slow down or wave so I guess a conversation is asking too much of her?

I've noticed she tends to vote straight Democratic Party line, so maybe she feels she doesn't represent our household as there are no registered Democrats here. There are also no registered Republicans, Libertarians, Communists or any other political party here either, so that point is likely moot. Besides, in reading the Constitution I've not found it stating or even implying that the government need only be "accountable" and "responsive" to the voters they agree with or share a political alliance with.

For those of you who continue to vote for Ms. Mulholland, I just have to ask why. Why do you vote for someone who pays no attention to her constituents whatsoever? Why do you vote for someone who doesn't care about your opinion or will even take a moment to acknowledge your concerns? Why do you vote for someone who doesn't think for herself but simply hits her voting button according to what the party tells her to do?

We already fought and won the war against taxation without representation once. Let's do it again and vote for a representative in District 17 who will give us accountable and responsive representation.

Cindy Kudlik

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So candidate Tom Dawson has a problem with ideologues like me

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! The letter from Tom Dawson, former Laconia School Board member was interesting in a way. I have read some in the past and as I recall I didn't agree with his words. The last six years have been rough, and many friendships have been strained. Gee, wasn't that after the time of the election of the most dangerous man in America, Barack Hussein Obama? That election was won by extremely liberal minds, and free loaders who believe in wealth redistribution, mine! And because Independents and common sense Republicans would not vote for amoeba Republicans — NO backbone. So candidate Dawson has a problem with an ideologue like me? Unlike local, state and the federal governments, a good representative for the people should form a plan to reach the final decision. How many times has government done B and D before A and C?
Another Wow! As one who has advocated for more discussion at Belknap County Republican meetings, this one had more action than when Bill Grimm and I went at it verbally two years ago. Glad I wasn't there! Havensetin is the Establishment candidate, as is Scott Brown. Walt is a Republican, a Marine, successful businessman. When the video surfaced of Walt giving some speech and using the "tea bagger" expression, I was chewing nails. Now maybe people who know what that means let us not continue to allow the Liberal Democrats to use this filthy description. Two or three years ago, after hearing these words, I did the research and it is not nice.

As for his positions on the gay agenda and abortion on demand, they do not sit well with me. It tells me a lot about one's character. I am glad that Mr. Havenstein did not take the garbage from Skip Murphy, though. And for that, sir, you may get my vote!
Niel Young

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Amusing that Mr. Earle predicts Dems will do just what he does

To The Daily Sun,

I had to chuckle when reading the first of Steve Earle's letters this week. He predicts the mud will soon be flying from desperate Democrats. He predicts that they will make personal attacks on Republican candidates and supporters and will be nasty as they get unceasingly desperate.

Mr. Earle sure knows about being nasty, making personal attacks and slinging mud as that is exactly what he, Mr. Wiles, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Boutin and alike do in every letter they write. And they sure do write a lot of letters! They have made countless personal attacks and flung mud at the president and their nastiness only increased after his 2012 repeat rout of their preferred candidate. He talks about Democrats being desperate. Look at the letters from this group of individuals written this year alone — they write day after day after day about the exact same things desperately trying to convince readers why they should hate President Obama as they do.

It is amusing that he predicts Democrats will do exactly what he has been doing for years and yet he chides them for it. Mr. Earle, look in the mirror and reread your letters. You and your fellow weekly writers could give lessons on how to sling mud and make personal attacks.

Denise Doyle


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We don't know what we will get from any of these candidates

To The Daily Sun,

What do we get from those who are advertising their qualifications for elected office on TV? One says he wants the "Best for New Hampshire." Who doesn't want the "best" for our state? His wife says he is a "leader" and "fearless. What wife wouldn't say that about her husband.

Then we have another candidate running for the Senate. His sister says that he protected her as a youngster from an abusive stepparent. He was also a Boy Scout who lived in Portsmouth as a child. So what? That's all we get so far. I like to think he has something else?

Then we have the incumbent senator. She is for the Portsmouth Navy Yard. That's nice. Who is not in favor of keeping the Navy Yard? As a senior senator, if she cannot keep the yard in New Hampshire, we don't need to keep her in the Senate. She also likes small business. How about getting some big business to move to New Hampshire instead of China?

Then we have the former senator who is running again. Although he hasn't run an ads on TV, he has signs up all around the area. Guess we have to remember what he did when he was in the Senate years ago, in order to get an idea of what he would do if elected this year.

All of them are giving us a "Pig in a Poke." We don't know what we will get from any of them if elected until they get the job. We are entitled to more. How do they feel about immigration, the pipe line, Northern Pass, taxes, Afghanistan, military spending?

We want specifics. Facts, not emotion.

Len Economou


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