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Is it too bold of me to ask that you get all the facts before you vote?

To The Daily Sun,

To my Democratic representative and senator: Whether or not you voted for Obamacare, you are stated supporters of it. If you voted for it, you never read the bill before you voted, which is a problem for me as it makes you an uninformed voter on my behalf. So whether you voted for it or you support it, here's what you have given us as part of Obamacare that kicked in January 1, 2015:

— Medicare tax went from 1.45 to 2.35 percent.
— Top income tax bracket went from 35 to 39.6 percent.
— Top income payroll tax went from 37.4 to 52.2 percent.
— Capital gains tax went from 15 to 28 percent (if you're living off your investments, this is a big deal). Dividend tax went from 15 to 39.6 percent.
— Estate tax went from 0 to 55 percent (over half, really!).
— A 35 percent real estate transaction tax was added

Now we're faced with your vote on the Iran deal and I know you do not have all the facts associated with this. Yet you are going to support it anyway; Jean Shaheen has already confirmed to me that she is. No idea all that was in Obamacare, no idea what is really in the Iran deal, but you are supporting it.

You can see the consequences of voting without all the facts to support the president and party rather than the people with Obamacare, which by the way left 26 medical facilities in this state out of the loop, and now another consequential bill is before you and, once again, not having all the facts, you do the same. Is it too bold of me to ask that you get ALL the facts and know what you're doing before you make decisions on my behalf?

Althea Dunscombe
Center Harbor

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When I became disabled I went through all the cycles, none positive

To The Daily Sun,

I am a proud participant with the Community Action Senior Program. I represent this great program as a receptionist at the Laconia Employment Security Office. I work there in my wheelchair and I just love seeing the public who visit. The C.A.P. is a perfect fit for me.

When I became disabled I went through all of the cycles — none of which were positive. Then one day — I choose to call it "divine intervention" — I said enough of this. I refused to believe that I was not capable of doing anything and made myself the commitment to once again be productive. It is far better than the alternative of having 183 cans of beer., a half gallon of 2 percent milk, a box of Devil Dogs and nothing else in the refrigerator.

I joined some wonderful services that are there for everyone — Vocational Rehabilitation and C.A.P. But, above all, I made a renewal and commitment to Christ. It's there for everyone.

In all things negative, inspire to make positive. Aspire to appreciate what was and what is to be. When I was hired as a custodian at the Laconia School District, I was determined to stay for just one year. I was wrong. I stayed for well over a decade and I left only due to the fact that i could no longer do it physically. And this led me to a blessing in disguise. The Lord does move in mysterious way. As for the school district, it was a great experience. Somewhere hidden at the high school are: three boxes of toilet paper and a box of thumb tacks for an emergency. I will not divulge the location. I am not "deep throat". President Nixon would be proud.

Find humor in things negative. I meet depressed people everyday and I do my best to bring a smile to their faces, often at my own expense.

One may find several programs at Laconia Employment Security. It's not just about collecting unemployment. It is also about seeking the services there for a better life and, most important, a better self esteem. It did it for me. I can for you as well. Remember, faith is always stronger than failure.

Matthew Tetreault



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