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Let's not lose iconic structure that is the Lakeport Opera House

To The Daily Sun

As some of you are aware, the Lakeport Opera House block is up for auction. This piece of real estate holds many enjoyable memories for residents of Lakeport and Laconia. As most of us can recall, Henry's Five & Dime was an instrumental part of many locals' childhood memories including myself, as were the regular visits to the Lakeport Post Office with my grandmother.

I recall both my grandparents sharing memories with me about the long abandoned theater that once existed upstairs. It was not till years later, I was able to view this unique hidden gem for myself, and gaze in wonder at its unused potential.

Years have passed, and after many intermittent tenants, and lack of esthetic care the block has fallen on hard times. As a former resident of Laconia, I see the value in preserving this structure, and it is nice to know I am not alone in this important cause. This structure would make an ideal venue for concerts, theater productions, and there is plenty of opportunity to utilize the existing lower level for retail space.

I read recently the curtain from the Moulton Opera House was discovered in a barn in Laconia. We no longer have that structure due to Urban Renewal, and yes, esthetically the Lakeport Opera House needs a little TLC, but it still exists today. What better way to honor the memory of this lost landmark, then to showcase it within its Lakeport counterpart.

We need to remember there are federal historic preservation grants available to secure these types of structures for the future. It will sadden many residents, including former ones like myself, if this iconic structure is lost.

Michael Brown

Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Pleae help me do my part to keep Gilford great well into the future

To the Daily Sun,

My name is Harry H. Bean and I am running for a seat on the Gilford Budget Committee.

I am one of four family members that share the name Harry Bean currently residing in Gilford. Our family has been in Gilford since 1855, living on Saltmarsh Pond Road. I am a 60-year-old self-employed businessman (35 years). I feel that I am at a place in my life that can give back to this community that has treated me so well my entire life.

It is this sense of community service that lead me to assemble a small team (consisting of four generations of Beans) to donate the skill and labor that was required to finally complete the restoration of the warming hut at the now defunct outing club on Route 11-A.

Please support my candidacy so I can do my part in keeping Gilford great well into the future. I would appreciate your vote on March 10.

Harry H. Bean


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