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Newfound should not bare total wind turbine burden for N.H.

To the editor,
Newfound Lake residents are outraged over New Hampshire's decision, which goes against popular vote, to move forward with these next three wind project developments. One hundred and twenty plus wind turbines in this area will surely have a negative impact on our tourism.
Outsiders, looking in, can clearly see that residents are against these next three wind projects. Voters showed they clearly oppose them, surveys identify that residents oppose them and "the talk of the town" clearly shows opposition to these projects. Many New Hampshire officials have also stated that they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of letters they've received from residents opposing wind farm expansion plans around Newfound Lake.
Residents are also starting to raise concerns that the wind farm developers are offering so-called community benefits (also known as bribes and kick-backs) to local institutions, business owners and residents. It's being seen as an inducement not to object. Residents are shocked that developers are pursuing their plans in this manner, especially since they clearly stated upfront in multiple public presentations "we will not build here if the people do not want us to".
Contrary to what many believe — many residents here believe in "green energy" and we have proof of that. Look at how many biomass plants we have in our community already. Many residents also believe that wind farms should be limited — limited by how many turbines can or should be proposed for one community.
Newfound Lake should not bear sole responsibility for the majority of New Hampshire's renewable wind energy policy. That's just not a fair green energy policy, it should be spread out. The current plan clearly marks Newfound Lake as "New England's largest concentration of wind turbines."
As developers and politicians continue to push hard for these additional wind farms — I think it's time for politicians to start thinking about and talking "common sense". Have some common sense on spreading your green energy policy evenly across the state.
Wear our shoes for a day, stop looking at maps and come visit our beautiful lake. It's time you came to us... we have much to show you both during the day and at night.
Raymond Cunningham

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Democrat leaders called for Clinton & Bush to control Saddam

To the editor,
As per Henry Osmer's instructions, I searched Wikapedia trying to find where it says that the U.S. sent poison gas to Iraq. I didn't find it. I'm not surprised because this is the same false claim made by Leo Sandy a few years ago. He made that claim twice, about two years apart, and it was debunked then by several people, myself among them. What the professor said was poison gas, and I'm pretty sure Henry is basing this falsehood on, is that a ban on a chemical solvent used in the production of fertilizer, a color pigment stabilizer in paint and ball point pens and many other legitimate industrial uses, was raised. Unfortunately this solvent can and was used as a precursor in the production of Saddam's poison gas stocks. That's on him, not on us, not on Bush, not on Clinton, no one except the Iraqi dictator himself.
I don't know if Henry understands the differences here but make no mistake, it is NOT THE SAME THING.
Also just to be clear, I have 15 printed pages of quotes from Democratic leaders: Pres. Clinton, Sec. State Madeline Albright, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Senators Carl Leven, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Nancy Polosi and many, many other Dems. attesting to the "fact" that Saddam Hussein had or was developing WMD. If in doubt, I invite Henry and others to go to:
There are also abundant sites with tapes and videos that readers can go to to see and hear these Democratic leaders saying this and calling for our presidents, Clinton and Bush, to take firm measures to insure that Iraq never gets nukes and to depose Saddam as ruler of Iraq.
I might suggest that before Henry again starts throwing around the accusation of liar he does a little more research other then just picking out what he thinks will provide cover.
Steve Earle

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Conservative Republicans not about 'usurping'; we want a voice

To the editor,
I would like to thank The Laconia Daily Sun for being such an important part of our community. Each day I read this newspaper and learn much about what is happening in our local communities and beyond. Indeed, its Letters to the Editor have been a wonderful way for people to communicate differing viewpoints. Dialogue is ALWAYS a good thing!
I also believe the recent article "Party Within a Party; Conservatives Organizing Separately" written by Michael Kitch was a fair representation of our phone discussion regarding the newly formed Belknap County Conservative Republicans. However, there was one important sentence at I would like to correct.
In the final paragraph of the article, it was written, "She said that conservatives were very successful in strengthening their presence in Alton at the town elections in March." Absolutely true. The next sentence, "They've totally usurped local government", is incorrect. I not only do not believe this but more importantly, this is NOT what Belknap County Conservative Republicans are about. Rather, BCCR is a group of concerned, conservative Republicans looking to build a voice in our local communities, county/state government and of course, our political party. No "usurping" necessary!
So, all in all, Mr. Kitch wrote a very truthful article about BCCR. I want to thank him for this. But, this one sentence at the end of the article, did not clearly define what was discussed and I wanted to set the record straight.
Rep. Jane Cormier

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Why aren't his kids 'damaging' public schools by their absence

To the editor,
I think Senator Hosmer set a new record for hypocrisy in one letter on Thursday.  For the layperson, the state of N.H. pays school districts a stipend for each student in attendance. The student leaves, the payment stops. Simple. The senator says he worries about the damage to the public schools financially when a possible 1,400 kids from low to moderate income families leave their assigned public school with a School Choice scholarship but he has a problem.... you see, N.H. has 10,000 wealthy kids (mom and dad pay the tuition) currently attending private schools. No stipend gets paid for any of those kids. Four of these wealthy kids have the same last name as his.
So, Senator, why aren't your kids causing the same "damage" to the schools when they attend their private religious schools?  You seem to be causing the same downshifting of costs onto the taxpayer that you say is a valid reason to oppose this scholarship program.
Lastly, a campaign video said you and your wife send four kids to private school to get what you called "a superior education".  My question is, why can your kids get this superior education while poor kids have to stay in their assigned public schools? The Commissioner of Education said two weeks ago that 72 percent of our public schools in N.H. are not meeting Annual Yearly Progress. I want ALL kids to have access to that same superior educational opportunity just like your kids have. Is that so bad?
Gregory Hill

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Why is convention so determined to take money from employees?

To the editor,
The Belknap County Delegation does not want to give any Belknap County employee ANY benefits, pay increases or any incentive to want to continue to work for Belknap County. No pay increase (cost of living), no longevity pay (for dedicated long-term service), no nothing! Just take more money out of their weekly paycheck to pay for the increased cost of health care insurance. So how much are Chairperson Worsman and the other convention members taking out of their weekly household income to match the deductions the county employees will take?
In none of the newspaper reports have I seen any mention that the County Delegation did a comparison of Belknap County pay scales with other N.H. counties. Are Belknap County employees overpaid? All they said is, we need to reduce county expenses so let's take the money from the employees.
The jail and nursing home staff work 24/7. Days. Nights. Weekends. Holidays. Birthdays. Etc.
Jail and nursing home staff get spit on, pissed on, kicked, punched, scratched, eyes and faces gouged, ears ripped and lots more, often going home to loved ones with broken eyeglasses, fat lips, bumps and bruises, broken fingers, etc., etc.. Maybe Rep. Cormier, who said she volunteers at the Nursing Home, has seen some of this wonderful treatment on the staff.
Now the delegation wants to hire and PAY for an ATTORNEY to fight the county commissioners, who want to adjust some line items so the county employees are not mistreated and neglected by the convention-approved budget. The commissioners are using only what the convention approved in the county budget. Why are the Belknap County Convention members so adamant about taking money away from the county employees?
The cost of the ATTORNEY will be an EXTRA expense to the county taxpayers and probably cost MORE than allowing the county commissioners to manage the budget.
What a Joke these Belknap County Representatives are proving themselves to be. I would be ashamed If I were one of them.
Jim Martel

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