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No prosperity for anyone but the rich will continue under Hillary

To The Daily Sun,

Failed Obamanomics will be taught in college as the antithesis to successful Reganomics. Two presidents with as different views on business and economics as any two could be, producing economic outcomes as starkly different as any two could be. Regan's resounding uneconomic success is chiseled in history books. So is Obama's, as he draws to the end of presidency having produced the worst economic performance defined by GDP of any president dating back to shortly after the stock market crash in 1929. Even worse, if your a taxpayer, Obama's economy is just as weak and bleak today as it has been his entire presidency. The Obama economy is so bad the Federal Reserve has "thrown in the towel" that it will ever be able to normalize interest rates during his presidency. This weeks headline in the Wall Street Journal tells all "wary Fed rethinks pace of hikes" supported by verbiage from Janet Yellen the economy is " just TOO WEAK to sustain any certain schedule of rate hikes".
The Fed predicts the same lousy Obama economy for Obama's last six months as he has produced the last SEVEN years. In fact, the federal reserve is so gloomy it sees sees no real pick up in economic output through the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017. We rightly blamed Bush for his poor policy decisions with there chilling effects. Barack Obama presidency has provided Americans no reprieve from what is and has been a high level presidential and bureaucratic, economic bungling that has harmed so many millions. Six-year-olds with a kindergarten degree can see the harm in piling on endless federal regulations on business whose every penny of added cost is passed on to consumers with higher prices. Look no further than the incredible increase in bank fees to see who is paying for all the Dodd-Frank BS. It is YOU buddy. All as Obama spent his presidency demonizing business people, and business profits while refusing to lower what is the highest corporate tax rate among any of our trading partners.
I can't recall a time when voters have been SHAFTED with such poor choices for president by BOTH parties. Hillary Clinton runs claiming to be the third term of Barcak Obama. The man America just watched produce the worst economy out of the last SEVENTEEN PRESIDENTS, producing an electorate so frustrated and disillusioned with government a jerk like Donald Trump looks good.
I guarantee there will NO PROSPERITY FOR ANYONE in America but the rich with a continuance of the EIGHT YEAR Obama's 2 percent ( more often sub 2 percent) economy under Hillary Clinton no matter how much money is promised to be taken from one person and given to another, or how much is promised FREE to you from government as government itself is drowning in it's own debt from decades of grandiose election promises that far exceed tax revenue to ever pay for them, always guaranteed by donkey dorks to create equality.
Redistribution of wealth as an economic solution has been promised by Democrats since forever and we sit with record inequality TODAY. This outcome after a century of the same litany of promises repeated to every new generation of the bottom 50 percent of Americans. It is laughable. These IDIOTS BELIEVE it, eating the crap up as if the MIRAGE was brand new. Lets all remember, the ONLY PEOPLE who have seen their fortunes rise under EIGHT YEARS of Barack Obama (and his 2008 equality for all promises) are the ones who were ALREADY RICH before he was elected. Repeated polling says 75 percent of voters think America is on the wrong track. If true, who thinks a third term of Barack Obama in the name of Hillary Clinton, a politician as old as old as dirt and as slippery as an eel will set it right?
Tony Boutin

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Laconia Council has better things to do than fight for equality

To The Daily Sun,

Yes councilman, there are better things to focus on then the need to fight for equality. So stop issuing violations, that are unconstitutional, upon the women in your city. And start using those resources toward the good of your city.

I'm sure your city has spent over $20,000 throughout the years, writing the ordinance, enforcing, and court costs. Whether they came out of your funds or state funds, it is still capital that has been wasted. Along with the fact that while you're tying up officers over frivolous violations, those under-privileged children that you are so worried about are shoplifting, drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

When the harassment/discrimination lawsuit against your city is (filed), there is another large chunk spent. Giving your children attention should be your top priority, rather than restricting the equality of only the female-born members of the community.

So yes councilman, we all have better things to do with our time, and it starts with you and your city.

Donald Gilbert

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