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'Climate change' is perfect name because climate will change

To The Daily Sun,

I recently read a letter from Professor Wes Golomb of LRCC on climate change. After I was done laughing I felt the need to clue the professor on the fallacy of climate change.

The fear of climate change has been around for decades. Even in the 1970s people were talking about it but it wasn't called climate change back then. It was called global cooling. That's right! People were scared that the world was getting too cold and we were all going to freeze to death. Time magazine even dedicated multiple articles and covers to the threat. It was all the pollution and ash from volcanoes that was blocking the sun and making the temperature drop. One of the solutions was to melt the polar ice caps so we could raise the temperature by getting rid of the ice.

Fast forward a couple of decades. The temperature had been rising and the fear of global warming was growing. Then the stories started. It was pollution and ash from volcanoes that was trapping the heat, melting the polar ice caps, and we were all going to drown if we didn't burn to death first. Time Magazine even dedicated multiple articles and covers to the threat. Sounds the same, only different.

In Dec. 2009, the Global Warming Summit was held in Copenhagen. On the final day of the summit, Copenhagen received four inches of snow overnight due to a blizzard going through the area. Temperatures fell to a balmy 25 degrees Fahrenheit. That is some harsh global warming right there. To make sure that didn't happen again, the next summit was held in Cancun.... no chance of it snowing there.

About six months ago I had the pleasure of attending a regional planning commission listening session. One of the topics discussed was climate change (that's what we are calling it now). They gave us all stats from the year 2000 how the temp has been rising and what we can do to change the course. Someone smartly asked "Why are these stats from 2000? It's 2013 now." The reason is of course that the average global temperature has been dropping over the past 13 years.

So it was global cooling, then global warming, and now climate change. Climate change is the perfect thing to call it because the climate will change. Now we can spend money no matter which way the wind blows. Climate change isn't about climate. It's about someone telling us what we can drive (car pollution), what we can eat (cows bred for consumption fart, leading to methane gas killing the Ozone), and how much of our tax dollars can be spent on a problem that doesn't exist. I'm all for lowering pollution and finding alternative energy sources as long as it is affordable and not paid for by fleecing the American taxpayer. In 2011, Obama-backer and solar cell producer Solyndra received $535 million taxpayer dollars. Did they produce more affordable solar cells with that money? No, they went bankrupt. Where is the $4.28 billion in economic benefits from that investment that the prof. says we should receive?

Professor Golomb says that science of climate change is not a democratic endeavor. Sorry to say it, but the science of climate change leads to big government and that is a Democratic endeavor.

Scott Schoonmaker

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'Insanity' pretty much covers my experience with healthcare.gov

To The Daily Sun,

I want to share my healthcare.gov experience with those who haven't achieved their goals with this — yet.
On October 5, I was finally able to get the application started. This event took approximately two hours and it was a lovely day outside. My husband managed to get the entire backyard raked in the amount of time it took me to "complete" the application.
I finally got to the end of the application (still not knowing if we qualified for the subsidies or if there were insurance plans we could afford) and my husband's ID needed to be verified.
So I did the steps required (scanned his N.H. driver's license and attached it) and then waited... and waited.
I called once a week wondering why his ID wasn't being verified and the call center would tell me to call the ID verifying company (Experian Verification Services). I would call them and be told I had to call the call center again. So I would. Then round and round we go.
Last week (October 10) I was told this was a glitch and I should wait another week.
I called October 19 and the call center, yet again, told me to call Experian. I did and they told me to call the call center. I did.
But on the bright side I now get a new message when I try to upload my husband's ID. Now I get a message telling me the file is too large and must be smaller than 10 MB. It is — much smaller. Still won't accept it.
I will give this one more attempt... one more and I'm done.
I REFUSE to submit his ID via the mail. They can't tell me how long that would take and I have no idea where it's going.
I still don't know what plans we have available to us, I still don't know if we qualify for any subsidies, and we aren't any further now than we were on October 5.
Albert Einstein's definition of insanity "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Pretty much covers this.
Mary Pelchat

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Obama has compassion for those who are less than uber wealthy

To The Daily Sun,
Some recent letter writers make general and stereotyped statements condemning those who need assistance from the government. There are some who will take advantage of any program, or food pantries, or welfare. This should not taint our view of those in need, right? The examples we hear from people with narrowed minds try to make us believe that only the ones who have made it are entitled to what they earn (and to all of it).
If you did not know my mom, would you condemn her because she was on Medicaid, received food stamps and collected Social Security in order to live her life? Would you be one of those condemning her because she was divorced and worked for peanuts at menial jobs, thus having to 'take advantage' of the programs the government offers for those in need so they can at least live day to day? Blanket and unfounded statements such as "a lot of people feel this way" are much too simplistic, erroneous and misguided.
If you widen your scope of the U.S. and the world at large you might understand those who walk among us who have less and maybe, just maybe not be so quick to be judge and jury. You might see them as real people trying to make it and not as statistics and stereotypes. Most of them are people who are working hard and trying to do right. Open up your heart and mind: it's not good to close either one.
Please understand that I support what President Obama is trying to do for you, me and the rest of the country regardless of the color of our skin, our level of education, or how we choose to live our lives. He, and most people in this country, show compassion for those who have less than the very wealthy of this nation. Lest we forget, the one percent of the uber wealthy want to keep all that they have without caring about or feeling any brotherly concern or responsibility for others who are less fortunate than them. I cannot live by this mindset, ever! Neither can this country. We became a strong nation because we worked together and cared for each other. We helped each other and in the process forged a vibrant and compassionate society. We are each stronger when all of us are; we are all in this together.
Bernadette Loesch


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Thank you for turning in my purse, with everything still in it

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the person/persons responsible for turning in my purse (with "everything" still in it) that they found on Sheridan Street to the Laconia Police Department on Sunday. An "overwhelming heartfelt" thank you to you! It is refreshing to know that there are still honest and caring people out there.

Jackie Combs


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All they can tell me about accessing healthcare.gov is to keep trying

To The Daily Sun,

Regulators in New Hampshire, Washington and Pennsylvania are taking actions against companies that are building health care websites. Regulators have warned these companies that the websites could confuse people trying to get on the states health care exchanges.
However, most people should not be confused as these websites probably work. You definitely know when you are on the healthcare.gov website, it does not work. Here is my story:
— After 12 tries, completed the applications.
— Was unsuccessful 32 times that I tried to purchase insurance.
— Called 'Help Line', they told me to keep trying to buy insurance on Healthcare.gov.
— Kept trying to buy insurance on Healthcare.gov, but finally gave up.
— Called Anthem (carrier for NH), got an agent who advised me to keep trying to buy insurance on Healthcare.gov. However, she gave me a direct phone number to call in two weeks and I could signup with Anthem.
Senators Ayotte, Shaheen, and Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster are getting a 72-75 percent subsidy for Obamacare. Why is it good enough for us but not for Congress and its staff? FYI, Kuster, Ayotte and Shaheen are rich (by President Obama's definition).
In November 2014, we need to vote out of office, Senator Shaheen, and Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster. When Congress passes a law, it should apply to all of the people of the United States including Congress and its staff.
Jim Mayotte

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