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Truth in our nation is under attack as never before under Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump continues to terrify the nation with his shoot-from-the-hip tweets and maybe made his most terrifying move yet: putting Julian Asange on a pedestal and attacking U.S. intelligence for reports he doesn't favor. He has the ability, if unchecked, to hamstring U.S. intelligence for years to come.

Truth in our nation is under attack as never before. So many of our frequent letters are devotees of Fox News and the anti-American and perhaps even treasonous actions of its employee Sean Hannity. In his outrageous interview and commentary with Assange, he is fast becoming a modern day Joseph Goebbels, the reich minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany.

Still, our old white men continue to believe that the left is nothing but a bunch of whiners because Trump won. They are blinded by the fake news and continue to turn a blind eye to all the outrageousness of Trump. These same people would be apoplectic if it were a Democrat doing these things. Instead they continue to apologize for Trump and call us whiners.
The nation is in great peril if this continues unchecked. Call me a whiner if you will, but I love my country and will continue to protest and call out, all who try to take it down.

Carol Stappi

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Sun’s photo of drug use is disgusting and inappropriate

To The Daily Sun,

I found the choice of picture for the marijuana legalization article on the Thursday's front page disgusting, and inappropriate.

This paper is in many local stores, school areas where children can see the front page. My 10-year-old son and 8-year-old son don't need to see someone lighting a packed bowl on the front of his town's paper. I found that picture in bad taste for selection.

Couldn't we have something like the ski section you had in the paper on the front. What matters in this area?

Callista Wilson

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