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Someone was thrown under the bus in 2012, but it wasn’t Hillary

To the Daily Sun,

Mr. (Steve) Earle, could you please clean up your attacks on Hillary and the Dems in general? We, who hope to see a Republican elected to the presidency next year, hardly need letters as your recent rant embarrassing our efforts. Many of us are for stronger measures against criminal aliens because we do not want to see the continuation of the flood of illegal immigrants at a rate of 250 with fifth-grade educations for every educated, high-tech savvy immigrant that would contribute to our nation improving its GDP.

First of all, Obama and the Obamas, not "Obama's" as in the possessive, did not throw Hillary under the bus. Instead, unlike Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, they met in Unity, N.H., after Obama became the winner of the Democratic nomination, to announce their common commitment for attaining the Democratic party agendas.

Then, not "than," Obama sucked up to Hillary to get her to accept reluctantly at first, his nomination of her as his Secretary of State. It seems their two inner circle staffs had more animosity toward each other than Obama and Hillary ever had? Remember, Ron Paul being disinvited to the 2012 RNC Convention? Remember Clint Eastwood, not Ron Paul, speaking? Remember the keynote speaker praising Ron Paul before the second half of his speech where he eventually got around to mentioning the nominee? If your memory is faded you can read that speech on the internet.

Some one was thrown under the bus in late 2012, but it was not Hillary. Mr. Earle could you please clean up your fifth-grade grammar skills and get your facts correct. You are correct about the more scandals in the last seven years "than" since Watergate, but the way you write instead using "then," leaves us embarrassed. Try using a "too" when it is the correct grammar.

I personally find it ironic perhaps even by a purpose of the editor, to include in the headline calling attention to your recent letter "...gaffes, goofs and ....", when it is so poorly written, asserting that which is historically not in evidence and exhibiting so much poor grammar. A letter that was certainly full of gaffes and goofs of its own, for sure. We are left concerned that the audience you are aiming at convincing will come to think of Republicans in general as bumkins. The quality of the writing in your letter leaves us vulnerable to being criticized by the public education industry or perhaps even validating the Common Core education agendas.

Tim Sullivan


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Fiorina is the perfect example of an American success story

Letter to Daily Sun,

Carly Fiorina is making a dramatic presence with her clear, straight-forward, concise vision for America. On Saturday, Sept. 12, between noon and 2 p.m., is your chance to meet with Mrs. Fiorina at the Merrimack County Republican Committee and the Concord City Republican Committee at our second Stretch Kennedy Patriots Picnic.

Mrs. Fiorina is the perfect example of an American success story, from her start as a secretary to her elevation to become the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, a Fortune 50 company, while overcoming some of life's challenges. You won't want to miss this opportunity to engage with this candidate for president in an intimate setting while you enjoy delicious barbecue.

The event will be at the home of Senator Gordon and Patty Humphrey at 78 Garvin Hill Road in Chichester.

You can purchase a ticket online at http://www.merrimackcountygop.com and follow the prompts or you can email or call This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 731-6733 to reserve your tickets. Tickets are $25 per person which includes lunch and children under 16 are free.

Kathleen Lauer-Rago, Chair

Merrimack County Republican Committee

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