Meredith retreat raffle tickets will be on sale Sunday from 8 to 2

To The Daily Sun,

For anyone who has not bought a $5 raffle ticket making you eligible to win two free nights at one of the four fabulous Inns at Mill Falls in Meredith, tickets will be on sale in Rotary Park this Sunday from 8 a.m. until the drawing is held at approximately 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

The raffle is being held in coordination with the 4th annual Roger's Ride celebrating the life of past Kiwanian Roger Ballantyne. All monies raised go to the Kiwanian Charity Fund which supports many Lakes Region children's charities.

Come visit us and enter this fabulous drawing.

John Walker
Laconia Kiwanis Club

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Mainstream Muslims remain silent about this outrageous behavior

To The Daily Sun,

The beheading of U.S. Journalist James Foley should be the final wake-up call needed by mainstream Muslims to "clean their house." There are slightly more than 7 billion people on this planet of which some 23 percent — or 1.6 billion — are Muslim. I should think main stream Muslims would be outraged with the actions of their extremist faction. Yet I see no letters to the editor, news reports, or any other indication that the mainstream Muslims care at all. Indeed they are particularly silent.

There are about 2.3 billion Christians in the world, and I am confident that were there a small extremist faction beheading, raping, killing, and perpetrating all kinds of atrocities all in the name of "God," that Christians everywhere would be denouncing them loudly, disassociating themselves from these people vehemently, crying out for their extermination, and perhaps even taking the steps needed to eradicate this cancer. Again, I repeat, mainstream Muslims are silent... Qui Tacit Consentire — Silence Implies Consent (or perhaps approval?).

Edmund Burke, Anglo-Irish statesman (1729-1797) stated: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Paul R. Lituri


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George Hurt is clearly my choice to represent us in N.H. House

To The Daily Sun,

I ask that you join me in support of George Hurt, candidate for New Hampshire House of Representatives, District 2.

For the past several years, I have been registered as an undeclared voter in the town of Gilford. Why? Because I am more interested in the qualifications and positions of individual candidates as opposed to political party platforms.

On Sept. 9 a primary will be held to select the Republican candidates who will be on the ballot for the November elections. I will exercise my option to vote in the Republican Primary to support George Hurt because I believe that his previous experience while serving in the New Hampshire Legislature from 1995-1998 and being a member of several state boards and commissions will be advantageous. His strong commitment to fiscal accountability, and his ability and willingness to compromise is what is needed during these challenging economic times for our state.

Recognizing that strong, decisive, experienced leadership is critical to seek a balance in the months and years ahead, George Hurt is clearly my candidate of choice to create an even better New Hampshire. I encourage you to cast your vote for George Hurt in the Republican Primary. I am convinced that he is a highly qualified candidate to again serve in the New Hampshire House representing Gilford and Meredith in District 2.

Michael E. Tocci



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Ture, the Muslim world has extremists, but so does ours

To The Daily Sun,

Today's editorial in the Boston Globe Newspaper portrayed the state of Islam (or the Muslim world) in defamatory remarks due the recent execution of a journalist. There is so much more to this story if we care to look at the wider more expansive picture than this one horrid incident.

No country in the world has killed more people, soldiers and civilians then the United States in the last 12 years. No country has dropped more bombs (in tonnage) than we have. No country has broken recognized international and domestic laws as this country in criminal pursuit of (so-called) terrorists as this country has: Stating now the Iraq invasion and death of a half million people was a mistake?

Still, many overlook these tragedies in remarkable fashion — remembering only what they want, seeing a greater threat than ever; when there has never been a threat to begin with, only lies.

Islam has a long history, so much older than ours. Under the leadership of Mohamed warring tribes were united. They were in many respects more advanced in science, mathematics and the arts than European countries. They taxed the wealthy and cared for the poor, disabled and homeless. They fairly taxed the wealthy to benefit the less fortunate. Many were nomad merchants ruling a harsh desert empire They prospered and their domain spread through out the known world. For untold centuries they lived peacefully side-by-side with the other great religions.

True, they have extremists elements, but so do we. We have hundreds of war-mongers, agents for the weapons industry driving this country into spending trillions of dollars in endless violence and bloodshed. Wars that deprive needy people the resources they should expect from the wealth that is available right here.

Here is a directive to the commander-in chief Barak Obama: We must make peace with the Islamic nations. If the world is to prosper we must have strong, lasting agreements to settle our differences on the peace table, not on the battlefields. Rid both countries of extreme elements politically without guns or bombs.

Leon R. Albushies


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We're fortunate that man like Hemingway is running for governor

To The Daily Sun,

In the November election, the Republican and Democrat establishments want people to only be able to choose between candidates selected by and beholden to the parties' establishments.

Fortunately, in the Republican primary election on Sept. 9, voters have a chance to elect a Republican candidate for governor, Andrew Hemingway, who is so committed to the people of New Hampshire that the Republican establishment scrambled to find and fund a wealthy alternative candidate.

A growing economy can create the good jobs that are essential to improving the prosperity of New Hampshire citizens. Having started multiple successful businesses, Hemingway understands the difficulties in starting and running a successful business that creates good jobs, and he is committed to reducing the difficulties. He will also fight to keep and grow existing New Hampshire businesses and to bring businesses here from other states and countries.

Hemingway is committed to the well-being of New Hampshire citizens. He will work to remedy the problems created by Obamacare, e.g., loss of access to people's current doctors and hospitals, high costs due to limited choices and lack of competition, and regulations that reduce investments in future life-saving and life-enhancing solutions, and drive health professionals into early retirement. Hemingway will bring more insurance companies offering more choices and better prices for the people of New Hampshire.

Andrew Hemingway is committed to, and with young children has a personal interest in, returning the priority in publicly funded education to the students. Hemingway knows that no single top-down, Washington-driven education approach will meet the needs of America's children. Control of education needs to return to our local school systems, teachers, and parents. Parents need to be able to move their children from failing schools to schools where each child is safe, challenged, and has the opportunity to flourish.

Hemingway will use his vast business and technical skills to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our state government to provide the best possible environment for the people of New Hampshire, e.g., students, workers, businessmen, retirees, tourists, etc.

New Hampshire is fortunate that such a talented young man as Andrew Hemingway is willing to put aside his successful business career and dedicate himself to the well-being of the people of New Hampshire.

Do a favor for yourself and for every New Hampshire resident, join me in voting for Andrew Hemingway in the primary election for the Republican candidate for governor on Sept. 9.

Don Ewing


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