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Fire truck purchase back before Gilmanton voters on Tuesday

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Gilmanton voters:

On Tuesday, June 10, the voters of the town will be asked to vote once again to support the lease/purchase of our proposed replacement fire engine.

As you know the truck purchase was approved by the voters back in March. However, due to an issue with the warrant, we are required to vote once again to ratify the article so that we may proceed with the acquisition of the fire engine. This is a very important article, and needs your support, and our organization would ask that you take a few moments and vote to support this article.

The polls at the Town Hall will be opened on June 10 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

It is not often that we convene a special town meeting to address an issue, your vote is important and counts. Please support this article at the polls on Tuesday, June 10.

Fire Chief Paul J. Hempel III


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Middle class is in decline & lower class has doubled in size

To The Daily Sun,

Fifty years ago Ronald Regan gave one of the most famous speeches of his presidency. It was called "a time for choosing" where he described the great differences between the two paths forward for America. One was the continuation of the Democrats' vision of ever larger, more intrusive, more regulating government, highlighted with deficit spending and soaring debt as millions of main street Americans become dependent on government programs to live. The other path would bring lower taxes, less spending, lower debt with diluted power in Washington marked with increased freedom for all.

Regan reminded us the centralized power of government in the hands of Washington, D.C., was the was the one thing our founders sought to avoid at all costs. Power was divided among three separate branches of government, not by accident, but by intent. The Founding Fathers recognized outside its most basic legitimate functions government did nothing as well or efficiently as the private sector.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson recognized the incredible danger to the people from centralized power in the hands of a few individuals within a single party.

Democrats for a century have been trying to destroy, demolish and diminish everything Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton stood for. There was no single issue these famous men focused on more than preventing the federal government from usurping full power and authority over the people of the republic. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has spent his entire presidency as a one-man wrecking ball to the Constitution, assailing and assaulting its every pillar while attempting to increase and consolidate singular, solitary federal power in the hands of himself and Democrats, while refusing to admit what was more than clear to Ronald Regan and is now more than obvious to every other American. That is, larger government, more benevolent government, more subsidizing government, more interventionist government over the past half century has led this country to the brink of financial and social disaster.

Who can deny where the Democrats path of expanded government has ended. The middle class is in continual decline, the lower economic class has doubled in size, the number of Americans dependent on government to eat has exploded while the debts of government have mushroomed to incredible levels crimping our economic strength. Debt that will be repaid on the backs of our children with lowered living standards. Government has never been more powerful than it is today while the prosperity of 90 percent of Americans has declined in a straight line with that increase.

What do we hear from Democrats today? Just one more subsidy, just one more promise (program) from government and one more increase of government control (like Obamacare) and all will be well.

Did you learn nothing from Washington, Hamilton and Jefferson about the threats from the ever increasing power and promises of government? They warned that however enticing those promises would be made to appear, screams for increased government power are hidden behind every individual's failure to succeed. The protective cloak and bogeyman to increased government power is called inequality. It is the greatest Trojan horse of them all and has been around since clocks had wooden gears.

Tony Boutin


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Senator Jeanie Forrester voted against increasing the minimum wage

To The Daily Sun,

Who does state Sen. Jeanie Forrester represent?

In May, our state Senate voted down a bill to raise the minimum wage (Bill 1403), in spite of the fact that it had widespread public support and had passed in the House— 65 percent of Republicans and 90 percent of Democrats supported it.

This leads me to wonder who our senators represent. For instance, Jeanie Forrester voted against it, in spite of the support of most of her constituents. The people in her district would have greatly benefit from this gradual raise. According to the N.H. Fiscal Policy Institute's research, over 12 percent of our areas workers would have more money in their pockets to spend around town — about $1,200 per year, as a matter of fact. Women would benefit more than men, since so many adult women — many with children and working full time — are stuck in our local low-paying jobs in the retail and the tourist industries.

New Hampshire now lags behind every other state in New England and half of the country on this issue. This embarrassing statistic is enhanced by the fact that our cost of living is the 20th highest in the country. However can people make ends meet?

Senator Jeanie Forrester needs to listen to the people she represents and vote according to their needs, or else we need to find a new senator.

Joyce Weston


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Most say they're getting better coverage, and at a lower price

To The Daily Sun,

The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, the ACA is working in New Hampshire. Despite the political ads on WMUR or the negative letters to the editors, thousands and thousands of New Hampshire citizens are better off now.

For example, the Part A Trust Fund of Medicare is fully funded until 2026 instead of 2016. Seniors in the "doughnut hole" have been saving money on prescriptions since 2010. Medicare is better off and seniors should be cheering.

If you are a young adult and presently being insured under your parent's policy because of the ACA, you are better off. Obamacare is giving you a chance to adjust to the work world.

If you have been sick and no longer have to worry about pre-existing conditions, you are better off now.

If you are among the working poor that are eligible for insurance in New Hampshire under Medicaid, you are better off now. You have a chance at early detection and all the other benefits of good health care.

I take the opportunity to talk to relatives and friends about health care. The answer that I am getting most often is that we have better coverage at a lower price because of Obamacare. Some of them are really surprised.

We need to thank Senator Shaheen, and our representative in the House, Carol Shea Porter, for sticking their political necks out for us. They need to know that we are thankful.

Paul Bonneville

Lochmere (Tilton)

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We are not now, in any way, in danger from any country

To The Daily Sun,

Do you realize we (the public) have been given erroneous information year after year? Like Pavlov's dog we salivate almost every time. We have experienced years of induced fear and paranoia as a result of misinformation and outright lies by government leaders, namely President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, in an unprecedented effort to lay down reasons to assault Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result we committed criminal warfare against a country, blameless of any terrorist acts against us.

We have been told about the threats of terrorism almost daily. The fact is: foreign terrorism is, and has been, non-existent in this country for the last 12 years. The Boston bombers excepted: one was a citizen, the other, a legal immigrant. Other devious plots have been detected and prevented by our vigilant surveillance authorities. Those numerous incidents happen in every country in the world, especially in smaller nations frequently in a state of chaos and civil disorder.

We are not, in any way, in danger from abroad — from any country, big or small. Consider the amount of surveillance we have covering this country like a tight net. Consider the agencies involved and the amount of money expended. The NSA, Homeland Security, ($600 billion annually) the CIA, the FBI, Military intelligence and so forth. These agencies present an impenetrable wall of protection. Why the constant panic?

The biggest business conducted in this country in more than a decade has been in the weapons industry. I'm sure they have the strongest lobby in Washington. They have had tremendous profits as a result of so-called wars that are directly connected to our huge deficits. They are profit-oriented, regardless of the moral concepts of injuring and killing people. To make these wars possible the public needs to believe that there exists a real and pending threat to our safety, an immediate and near chance of bombs falling out of the skies. It was cleverly and deceitfully started with our previous president and his gangsters friends and still is very present to this day.

Scaring people, like you and me, and keeping them scared is how their strategy works: their ploy. We fell for these lies, hook, line and sinker.

It's overdue that we rebuke these purposeful lies and direct or time and treasure to rebuilding this country — never again to live in fear, putting these detractors in their place. Peace is possible. Work for it.

Leon R. Albushies


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