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Let's vote for New Hampshire's interests, not those of the Koch bros.

To The Daily Sun,

I moved to New Hampshire in 1970 as a 20-something, drawn by, among other things, the state's Yankee independence and commitment to self-determination. Home rule was an important principle that allowed local communities a voice in decisions that affected them.

Now I look at a Senator, Kelly Ayotte, who is financed to a huge extent by out-of-state interests, and who not surprisingly votes their interests, not necessarily ours.

Kelly Ayotte's campaign has been bolstered by ads costing over $3.4 million from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on behalf of corporate out-sourcers. Not surprisingly, in July 2012, she voted against the Bring Jobs Home Act which would end tax breaks for out-sourcers and incentivize companies to bring overseas jobs back to the U.S. At the same time, she voted to block the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act which would have provided tax breaks for small businesses that add to their payrolls. Is this New Hampshire taking care of New Hampshire?

Ayotte has taken over $2.5 million in campaign cash from large Wall Street financial interests. Not surprisingly, she voted for a Wall Street supported amendment attacking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, allowing Republicans to slash the bureau's funding. And she voted to protect taxpayer subsidies for corporate bonuses for Wall Street CEO's. What about us, the consumers, her constituents?

Kelly Ayotte's campaign has also received over $1.2 million from Americans For Prosperity, the Koch Brothers' main political arm. Additionally, Koch family members and their PAC have contributed $50,000 directly to Ayotte's Senate campaign. Last time I checked, the Kochs didn't live in New Hampshire, but Ayotte votes their way.

Personally, when I vote this Nov. 8, I'll be looking to elect New Hampshire representatives who will look after New Hampshire interests.

Lucy Natkiel

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N.H. is hotly contested; we can't afford 3rd party option

To The Daily Sun,

In this election, there are so many issues that are at stake. My future and my generation's future are at stake.

Donald J. Trump believes in a society where making misogynist comments are tolerated. I cannot believe we're in the 21st Century and a presidential candidate is body-shaming women. As a high school student, if I were to say some of Trump's comments such as "Grab them by the (expletive)" and "Sadly, she's no longer a 10...", I'd be reported for sexual harassment and be suspended from school. Now, Kelly Ayotte thinks that Trump is a "good" role model for kids. Not that Republicans care much about quality education, but we need kids to stay in school.

I support Hillary Clinton because she's been fighting for kids for her entire life, and always been advocating against discrimination in all forms. Instead of mocking people with disabilities, she wants to help those who are disabled — making sure they have rights, too. Hillary has proven time after time that she can withstand partisan attacks, and can also be accountable for her actions. She has the judgment, temperament, and yes, stamina to be president.

Not only does Trump believe that misogynist comments are okay, his policies are abhorrent to America's future. He believes that minimum wage should be gone, guns should be allowed on college campuses, his policies on women's health (i.e., he believes women should be punished for having an abortion), his immigration policies, his criminal justice policies, etc.

He has run a campaign full of insults to the majority of Americans, praises Vladimir Putin, and could be one code away from the nuclear football — just as we've seen from his tweets — he doesn't have the judgment or temperament to be president and commander-in-chief. You cannot be the commander-in-chief when you insult the military, as well as not helping to fund the military via taxes.

Hillary Clinton has a bold plan to move America forward. She believes in a debt-free college to all, pathway to citizenship, expanding on disability rights, fighting mental health, LGBT rights, raising the minimum wage, funding Planned Parenthood, paid family leave and equal pay, protecting Social Security and Medicare, committing to end the epidemic on gun violence, has plans to defeat ISIS (which Trump apparently knows better than the generals), and so much more. While Trump has plans to divide Americans by building a wall, Clinton has plans to move America forward.

As this contest is hotly unpopular in terms of candidates, New Hampshire, we are a battleground state, and we cannot afford a third-party option. In the 2000 election, you saw the disaster in that election. Al Gore lost to GWB in New Hampshire by fewer than 8,000 votes due to people voting third-party. And look what the Bush administration did to America.

If Al Gore (had) won New Hampshire, he would've won the presidency, too. This election is too consequential to take risks.

We also cannot re-elect a senator who doesn't listen to the majority of Americans and instead, chooses to pander to lobbyists. We need Hillary Clinton in the White House, Colin Van Ostern as our governor, and Maggie Hassan in the Senate.

No matter who you support, I hope you vote your conscience on Nov. 8 — at the top of the ticket all the way down. I hope to see the glass ceiling break.

Nick Crosby

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