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I in no way mean to disrespect the accomplishments of Mr. Jones

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, Mr. Meade feels compelled to jump into the fray. And, as is often the case, he "paraphrases" something I said into something that I didn't say. We're all aware of deception, lies, spinning the truth, etc., but Meade uses "paraphrasing". It seems in "paraphrasing" you don't have to report an accurate account of what was said — you only have to narrate whatever information serves your argument, no matter how blatantly misleading.

In a recent letter, I voiced my disgust with Congress for using veterans as "pawns" in their game of political chess; after 27 years of military service, I would hope, that even Mr. Meade would agree, that I have earned that right. In referencing veterans it was quite obvious that I was referring to them as a group. In doing so, I made reference to a letter by Mr. Bob Jones, a local veteran. In his inevitable way, Meade makes the great leap and accuses me of "referring to him (Jones) as a 'pawn'." This was never said nor was it ever implied in my letter.

I would also point out, that Jones submitted a letter soon after mine, in which he referenced the "Million Veteran March" and cited his displeasure with "two nationally-known figures who spoke of veterans not being used as 'pawns' were the ones who most often use veterans as 'pawns' ..."

From the bio of Mr. Jones that Meade included in his letter, I learned that Jones was a Navy corpsman serving with the Marines in Viet Nam. As a Marine serving in the I Corps area of Nam, I can tell you that we had the greatest respect for "our" corpsman. We treated "our" corpsman as demigods because we realized that our lives depended on their knowledge, skill, and courage — as exemplified by Mr. Jones. Depending on his time "in country", we may have shared a foxhole at some point.

I in no way mean to discredit or disrespect the accomplishments of Mr. Jones, but in recent years, it has come into vogue to refer to all our veterans as "heroes". Veterans have a relationship that is unique and treasured, but I want to assure you that most vets do not see themselves as "heroes." We were and are, young men and women fulfilling our oath to serve and defend our country. During our terms of service we made sacrifices to honor our commitments to this nation and stood firm to protect its ideals.

Mr. Jones and I share similar views when it comes to encouraging veterans, no matter what their political persuasion, to research their representatives and determine who is just "talking the talk", and who is actually "walking the walk."

L. J. Siden

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Do parents have right as to what moral teachings reach their kids?

To The Daily Sun,

Jesus, talking to the Jews, speaking to them about knowing Him said, "You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free." In saying this Jesus reveals a spiritual truth that permeates all human endeavor. You can see it in operation at every level of enterprise in human history. Our founding fathers seemed to have good grasp of that as it seems did our nation well into the nineteenth century.
The relationship between the reformation and the enlightenment is direct, as is the relationship between the truth of the Scriptures being seen as central and acceptable truth and American liberty. The truth of the Scriptures is true it happened that way, it is that way, and it will be that way. You can shake it can run up against it and ram it, try to blow it up with hand grenades, nuke it, argue against it, it does doesn't matter; it is true, it will stand. Consequently it is the foundation of liberty, for an honestly seeking humanity given liberty to examine our universe freely will find it to be true because it is. This is not true of any other philosophy trying to occupy that foundational position. For as much as a philosophy is less than true it must restrict investigation in order to hold it's place. Otherwise it would be found to be untrue and lose its hold on our society.

I could go on for pages about this but I won't, for my purpose is to draw attention to a case being brought before the N.H. Supreme Court which embodies this principle with all the twists and turns that a cast of corrupt players through the decades could manipulate. This case, this law, though it must seem obscure to many, is probably the most important case to go before the N.H. Supreme Court in decades perhaps a century. The court case is Duncan v The State of New Hampshire. The law is the state's education tax credit program.
What is at stake here is the very essence of our liberty as a people. Do parents have a right of conscience as to what moral teaching their children are subject to for over 1,000 hours a year, or constitutionally must they submit this most important life decision to the society in which they live if their income does not allow them meet the expediencies of raising a family and then paying double for their children's education as well. Or can our state government fashion a law that helps to provide relief for these within the bounds of our state Constitution.
If God and the publisher are willing, I will attempt to make these things clear in future submissions, as it takes several months for a case to go through the court process and the people of our state ought to know just what has transpired and what is at stake.

John Demakowski


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Democrats get to work on fixing programs & them work better

To The Daily Sun,

Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee met to consider the technical difficulties surrounding the introduction of the federal exchanges of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. All the Republicans on the committee were not only critical of the website glitches but were emphatic in their condemnation of the ACA law. Unfortunately, not one GOP Congressman offered any ideas to correct the difficulties or improve the website's performance. Not one offered help for the people who would benefit from the new health insurance law

In stark contrast, this same House committee met in April of 2006 to consider the troubled implementation and website of President Bush's Part D Plan that expanded Medicare to include prescription coverage for seniors. Democrats on the committee were critical of the Republican plan, pointing out that Part D had a gap or "donut hole" that limited coverage for the elderly above and below set amounts of drug coverage. But unlike today's Republicans, the Democrats back then kept their reservations and criticism in check and joined with their GOP counterparts to come up with better ways to implement the program and publicize the program to seniors.

You do not have to be a Democrat to understand the essential difference between these two Congressional hearings seven years apart. The Democrats did not use temporary problems with implementation as a reason to defund, delay, or change the legitimate law that President Bush had signed. The Democrats put the people ahead of party and worked with the Republicans to help the elderly citizens who would benefit from the legislation.

Over the years, America's seniors learned about Medicare Part D and most are supportive. During this time, Democrats in Congress looked for ways to improve the law and eliminate the donut hole that plagued many seniors with high prescription costs. It may surprise you to learn that the ACA or Obamacare will do away with the donut hole gap over the next few years for all seniors. Ironically, its part of the law, that's hated by the Republicans, signed by President Obama and approved by the Supreme Court.

It's about time that Republicans used their power to effectively help people and put both obstructive and destructive politics aside.

Nick Vazzana

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The liberal, socialist minset has caused misery around world

To The Daily Sun,

"Open up your heart and mind: it's not good to close either one".

Right on Bernadette Loesch, I agree with you. Unfortunately, then the socialist virus flows from her pen onto the pages of The Sun. "Lest we forget, the 1 percent of the uber wealthy want to keep all that they have without caring about or feeling any brotherly concern or responsibility for others who are less fortunate than them." Her broad brush then paints a picture of patronizing contempt for letter writers who disagree with her view of how the world works. "The examples we hear from people with narrowed minds try to make us believe that only the ones who have made it are entitled to what they earn (and all of it)".

The questions abound. "One per cent of the uber wealthy" includes exactly what minuscule percentage of the population? How does she know that all those folks have no "brotherly concern" for others and hence give nothing to charity of their personal wealth? And heaven forbid that people who bust their tails every day should feel entitled to what they earn. Who are these narrow-minded people that she speaks of and how does she know what they do or do not contribute to their fellow man? I wonder if she knows that Republicans contribute more of their personal wealth to charity than do Democrats and by a wide margin.

I wonder why Bernadette offers no proof whatsoever and offers no names to back up her allegations of these supposed narrow minded letter writers. No, no, she just blasts away with accusations of folks stereotyping and condemning all the poor and needy as not deserving of our help. I haven't read of anyone saying that. How about one example. Who anointed you the arbiter of who is and isn't a responsible person?

Bernadette, I am not angry with you. I used to believe as you do until I opened up my mind and rid myself of the socialist virus that had afflicted me for so long. I am angry with liberal teachers and professors who filled me with this socialist, redistributionist nonsense. I am angry with the media who perpetuate lies about capitalism and conservatism. I am angry with most Republicans who continually cave in to the Democrats. And I am angry with myself for taking so long to wake up.

Now that I am awake and have an open mind, I will in my letters, continue to correct the misrepresentations made about conservatives by modern day liberals. The liberal, socialist mindset has caused untold misery around the world as history has borne out. Unfortunately, like a tenacious virus, it keeps rearing it's ugly head by those who remain convinced that socialism is the best model for taking care of citizens despite not one single, solitary example of a success in the history of mankind.

Yes, I am angry, but not at you Bernadette. I actually feel sad for you since you apparently still feel as I once did. "I am a liberal, I am a Democrat and therefore I am in the party that has cornered the market on the care and compassion for others". That, is pure rubbish and I will continue to call you and others out on all the lies, hypocritical name calling, generalizations and arrogance that flows from the progressive, modern day liberal mind.

Russ Wiles

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State took slots away from casino & Belmont is now surprised?

To The Daily Sun,

Suppose its a coincidence that Lakes Region Casino isn't paying real estate taxes since the state closed down its burgeoning slot operation? Everyone knew that the charity gaming aspect also would suffer when that happened. If Belmont wants its money, have them go to the idiots in Concord and tell them to open up LRC to genuine casino gambling and stop driving our gaming money to ME,CT, RI and soon, MA!
Leo Paradis


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