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Thanks for your generous support of the Laconia MS Walk 2015

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater New England Chapter, we would like to thank the following local businesses for their generous support of the Laconia MS Walk 2015:

Annie's Cafe & Catering, Laconia; Coca Cola Bottling, Belmont; Domino's Pizza, Laconia; Hannaford Supermarket, Gilford; Laconia Ice Company, Laconia; Laconia Village Bakery, Laconia; Market Basket, Tilton; Michaud Distributors, Laconia; Sal's Pizza, Belmont; Starbuck's, Tilton; The 99, Tilton; and DJ Tim.

These local businesses helped provide food and beverage items and entertainment for all participants in the Laconia MS Walk 2015.

The Laconia MS Walk 2015 hosted more than 100 walkers and raised in excess of $13,000. Thank you to all of you who walked and/or donated to this event.

Funds from this event will support research into the cause and cure of MS. The money raised will also fund community-based education, support and advocacy within Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. The NMSS Greater New England Chapter responds to the needs of the nearly 19,000 individuals and their families who are confronted every day by the many challenges of living with multiple sclerosis, empowering them with the resources to maintain independence and to live their lives as fully as possible.

Thank you for joining the movement to create a world free of MS. We appreciate all of the help that these local businesses have provided.

Colleen Akerman

Committee Member

Laconia MS Walk 2015

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Isn't purposed of our system to rehabilitate people & reduce recidivism?

To the Daily Sun,

I am writing regarding news articles which have recently appeared in both daily papers that cover our area.

At least five articles naming Tammy Dunn, and a sixth inferring her situation, have recently been published, possibly more that I have not seen. Why is this person getting so much coverage? Is this a notorious murder case? A series of daring burglaries? Perhaps a hit-and-run or a drug bust? Surprisingly, none of the above. Tammy has been convicted of perjury in a landlord and tenant case.

My copy of "Black's Law Dictionary" defines perjury, in part, as "A person is guilty of perjury if in any official proceeding he makes a false statement under oath ...when the statement is material and he does not believe it to be true."

While I respect the law and our court system, I know Tammy to be an honest person, perhaps not well versed in the law. I believe that she made a mistake and is being severely punished for it. As a landlord, I have appeared in our District Court numerous times on landlord-tenant issues and have known of many tenants who did not tell the truth under oath. An example of this is tenants who owe money to the landlord and fill out paperwork for the court attesting that their income is zero and their monthly expenses are over $1,000 a month. While I do not condone this behavior, it does appear that Tammy is being singled out by both the court and the press with the intention of punishing and humiliating her beyond what her crime justifies.

I had always believed that the purpose of our system of law was to rehabilitate criminals and reduce recidivism, with punishment playing a secondary role. This does not appear to be the case in this instance.

Enough, already. It is time for the papers to cover more serious and newsworthy items and leave Tammy alone. I call Tammy Dunn my friend as I know that she would do anything that I asked of her, within reason, as I have seen her do for other people.

Susan Condodemetraky

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