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I liked Rep. Gallagher's 'judgement & decision making' a lot

To The Daily Sun,

This is the first letter to the editor that i have ever written, but I must respond.

Belknap County Commissioner David DeVoy spent more words and effort attacking (state Senate District 2 candidate) Mr. Gallagher than in support of Gallagher's Republican opponent, Mr. Giuda. He said he didn't like Brian's "judgment and decision making." At the executive branch I participated on a committee in hiring Mr. Gallagher. Years later, working at the judicial branch I liked his "judgment and decision making" enough to hire him again.

It appears to me that Mr. DeVoy may have a problem with people who see things differently than he does. Mr. Gallagher is only one of 18 representatives on the county delegation. How many votes did Mr. DeVoy's plan get? Apparently zero! Mr. Gallagher has experience with all three branches of the government, which will enable him to serve the people of Senate District 2 well.

James Brickner

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Thanks for coming to Leavitt Park for a hot day of fun and good eats

To The Daily Sun,

What a beautiful day for a carnival. Saturday, Aug. 27, the annual Leavitt Park Carnival took place and a big thank you to all of the volunteers and members who came and helped make the occasion a great success.

The winners of the raffle prizes are:
Two prime-time lift tickets donated by Gunstock: Shawn Peters.

$100 cash donated by Deloitte Consulting: Fred Sorrell.

$100 cash donated by Leavitt Park: Jennifer Dunleavy.

$100 gift certificate from Lacasse Floors: D. Dearborn.

$50 Visa gift card donated by Bank of NH: Don Ethier.

$50 gift card donated by Boulia-Gorrell: North East Tire Service Inc.

$25.99 gift certificate donated by Patrick's Pub and Eatery: Northeast Tire Service, Inc.

$25 gift certificate donated by Café Déjà Vu: Kaitlyn Peters.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Don Ouelette and he returned it to Leavitt Park.
Thank you Don.

Other donations came from Vista Foods, Funspot, and our many bakers. Thank you all.

Once again a big thank you to everyone especially all who came with their families for a very hot day of fun and good eats. We look forward to 2017 for a special celebration......more information to come.

Alice J. Smith, Board Member

Leavitt Park Association


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