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If you can't show you live in N.C., voter ID is 'impossible' to get

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Jon Hoyt's letter in the July 31st edition of The Sun:
Mr. Hoyt, I find your diatribe against the GOP to be disturbing on many levels, perhaps the biggest one being the absolute paranoia you display. Your accusation that the GOP is only able to win through voter suppression is ludicrous on the face of it. As a number of indictments, trials, and convictions have illustrated, it is primarily Democrats who have been suppressing the votes of legitimate voters, enabling non-eligible voters to vote, stuffing ballot boxes, finding "lost" ballot boxes in the trunks of Democrat election official's cars, and allowing the dead to vote. How is it that laws such as Voter ID will suppress the vote of any eligible voter?
You make the claim that in North Carolina a state issued ID is almost impossible to get, making it equally difficult to vote. Really?
I made a call to the North Carolina Secretary of State's office and inquired about what was needed to get a state issued ID. All that is required to receive an ID card is "verification of an up-to-date North Carolina address". Acceptable forms of verification include military orders, correspondence from the Social Security or Veterans Administration, vehicle registration, or a North Carolina voter registration card." With one of those documents and $5 you can get a state issued photo ID. The only way it is "almost impossible to get" is if you cannot prove you reside in North Carolina, you don't have the $5 to pay for one, or are too darned lazy to go get one. Strike One.
In regards to "student's parents will be fined if their kids vote at their school", I must assume you are talking about college students attending a school not in their home town or home state. It has not been uncommon in the past that those students would use absentee ballots from their home town to vote. If their legal residence is in another town or state then that's where they should vote. There may be issues that you do not understand (or more likely, don't care to understand). My question about your claim: How is it that parents of a student who is legally an adult can be held liable for the actions of their son/daughter? That goes against a couple of hundred years of American jurisprudence. If such a case were brought before a judge it would be thrown out as it's no different that you being charged with a violation of the law for something your neighbor did while he was away on vacation. Strike Two.
Next you make some a claim about private schools down there, tie them into Mitt Romney and his son Tagg, and state "they will be making a fortune on those private schools." Okay, prove it. You made the accusation, NOW PROVE IT. Or is this just something else you picked out of thin air to back up yet another of your baseless accusations? You also say the GOP will "kick numerous unemployed off" (you didn't state exactly what they would be kicked off from) and that their benefits will be cut off. I'm sorry, but if they've exhausted their 99 weeks (almost two years) of their unemployment benefits, how is that the fault of the NC GOP? Those are federal benefits administered by the state. If they haven't found work after two years, I would place the blame on Washington, and particularly the Obama Administration for its failure to get the economy moving again. (I could go on and on about that particular subject, but I know it would fall upon the ears of a closed-minded individual incapable of forming a cogent opinion not based upon the same old tired leftist talking points, fueled by feelings and not upon provable facts.) Strike Three.
All you have managed to do with your letter is show that you really have no idea about reality, that what it is you profess to know "just ain't so", that feelings override any facts that contradict your beliefs, and that you pull "facts" out of thin air to make your accusations sound legitimate.
Nice try.
Dale Channing Eddy

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Open Farm Day a success & we're working on next year

To The Daily Sun,

The 2nd Annual Barnstead Open Farm Day 2013 was a success. Lots of folks came out to visit our farms and talk with our farmers.

The Barnstead Farmers and Gardeners Network, and our farmers, want to thank the local businesses that were very supportive of our event; Blueberry Station, Clark's Grain Store, Dominick's Restaurant and The White Buffalo Trading Post. These folks put out our booklets and give up space on their own business signs to promote this event. We are so grateful for their generosity and support.

We also want to thank the Suncook Valley Arts and Artisans Tour for their support. These talented folks worked hard to make this year's event a success. Thank you for all that you did.

We are already working on next year's Open Farm Day, and look forward to offering the public an opportunity to see our farms in operation.

Don Walker



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A chilling message to all who would volunteer in Moulutonboro

To The Daily Sun,

As an elected member of the Moultonboro Planning Board and speaking as a concerned private citizen, I am appalled at the recent actions of our Board of Selectmen to intimidate multiple members of the Planning Board by threatening them with removal by public hearing if they did not immediately resign. All without presenting any evidence to them. The Board of Selectmen in a " non meeting" with Town Counsel Peter Minkow, voted unanimously 4-0 ( Selectmen Chris Shipp was not present ) to have the Town Administrator Carter Terenzini and Town Counsel deliver the message to two sitting, duly elected board members to resign or face the indignity of a public hearing seeking their removal. The charges were "neglect of duty" and "malfeasance".
A deadline was presented and if the resignation was not delivered, a letter would be forthcoming with the public "lynching" soon to follow.
A tense selectmen meeting on August 1st enforced the lack of thought that the selectmen put into the process and the actions they authorized.
The "defendant' was not told who his accuser(s) were.
He was not told the details of the charges and despite the fact that only he, Carter Terenzini and Peter Minkow were present and their versions of the meeting vary widely, the selectmen chose to unequivocally believe Mr. Terenzini's version of events. In doing so they backhandedly called the defendant and his wife liars.
No selectmen was present at the resignation meeting. How can that be? A matter as important and as personally damaging as this can be , the chair and or vice chair should have had (I will use a phrase I read this week from Neil Young in the Weirs Times) the testicular apparatus to discuss this with the accused themselves. Unless of course the idea to send Terenzini and Minkow was perhaps suggested and even orchestrated by someone else in town hall. "Gee, that sounds like a good idea, let's do that".
Asking for an elected official's resignation with these two very serious charges, has the potential to permanently damage their reputations. Couldn't this have been discussed with each of the individuals before taking such a bold step? How about with the Planning Board chair?
Our Town Counsel also needs to brush up on the Right-to-Know law. Consultation with Town Counsel is indeed a non meeting, but then having a meeting during the consultation and taking votes is stretching the fabric of the RTK law to the ripping point. He should be advising his clients to be follow not only the letter of the law but the spirit of the law as well.
The selectmen seem intent to hold a public hearing "to decide what to do" in the words of the Chair Joel Mudgett, but the damage is done and it is almost irreparable. Do they not understand the implications of what they set in motion?
We have a shortage of volunteers. This sends a chilling message to all in any elected or appointed office that the Moultonboro selectmen will have you removed if you dare disagree with them or make decisions they do not approve of. No discussion, no chance for the individual boards to address their concerns themselves and no chance for the board members to even get the facts before the public execution. And your reputation will be permanently damaged.
Is this the American way? Is this the New Hampshire way? No to both, but it is apparently the Moultonboro way, and it is a wrong as wrong can be.
Our Planning Board has been very effective and accomplished a great deal despite the fact that we have a very wide range of opinions and often long-winded discussions that at times can get contentious. I don't object to that and in fact I choose to celebrate that diversity of thought, but in the end, when the votes are taken, we move on to the next item on the agenda. No one is asked to resign.
So our little quiet village will be in the spotlight across New Hampshire and not in a good way. If there are indeed public hearings, they will be very ugly and contentious and in the end there will be no winners. The selectmen should take a step back and withdraw their threat. And then apologize publicly to the people whose reputation they have harmed and to the public at large for their abuse of power.

Paul T. Punturieri



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We need specifics: what Rx drug & what is the man's ailment?

To The Daily Sun,

I found Hillarie Goldstein's letter regarding Sarah Palin, death panels and a man who has to go to the emergency room every time he nears death because of some Obamacare rule to be highly suspicious. Firstly, a major goal of the ACA is to end the emergency room being the sole source of care for the uninsured. Hillarie Goldstein does not tell us what the drug that supposedly is not covered is so she makes it impossible to fact-check her. Very convenient, Hillarie!. Her story is very suspicious like all the nonsense that comes from the far right. I want to know what that drug is and what ailment the 60 year old suffers from that he has to go to the emergency room. No names. I understand privacy but in order for me not to suspect Ms Goldstein of being dishonest or just gullible, I have to be able to fact-check her. I see the ACA as a stepping stone towards universal health care. Sure, it has faults but it certainly beats a world where insurance companies can drop you when you get sick or refuse to insure you because you have a condition. It beats a world where billions of dollars of unpaid emergency room bills end up jacking up everyone else's premiums. Someone has to pay and it isn't the people using ERs.

Regarding all the whining about immigrant reform, that is fear mongering and in some, a degree of bigotry. Recently, over 100 conservative economists and the CATO institute have come out in favor of immigration reform because it will boost the nation's economy. (http://americanactionforum.org/topic/more-110-top-conservative-economists-send-letter-supporting-immigration-reform) Of course, we all know that the right wing obstructionist don't give a damn about the economy or people in hard times. These high-functioning sociopaths will never be able to understand anyone else's pain. They were born without empathy. Add to that the Obama Derangement Syndrome and there is a group that needs therapy.

James Veverka



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Thanks to Harry Bean family for skillful work on warming hut

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone traveling on Route 11-A near the Gilford Town Hall will notice that the former Gilford Outing Club warm-up hut has taken on a new and impressive appearance. It will not be long before the building is fully restored and added to the list of historic structures that have been saved from possible demolition.

Harry Bean, a member of one of Gilford's oldest families, recently came forward and volunteered to assist in the restoration project. He volunteered not only his services but also that of his construction crew, which consisted of his father, son, grandson, and an employee, Lou Sousa.

During the initial meeting that was held to discuss the work required, Harry stated that he would be able to complete the work in a week. He and his crew did exactly that — they began on Monday morning and by Friday afternoon, he called us to let us know that the work was done and that they were moving on.

He insisted that he did not want to be recognized for the volunteer labor he gave to this project. However, he and his employees — his family — do need to be thanked for their thoughtfulness and generosity. They are truly dedicated to the town that their family has called home for many generations.

Members of the Bean family never had a chance to belong the Gilford Outing Club — they were too busy working. Yet, they came forward and helped save one of the club's historic structures, not for the recognition but because they felt it was the right thing to do. With that attitude, they would have made phenomenal members of the organization.

The preservation of history is hard work, but it is rewarding and can bring out the best in people. There are some wonderful families living in Gilford, and the Bean family is one of them. We wish to wholeheartedly thank them for the skillful work they put into this restoration project. It has truly been a pleasure working with them. We are sure that the entire town appreciates their hard work, caring, and dedication.

The Anderson Family


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