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Thank you to the many who helped with my announcement

To The Daily Sun,

Last week I officially announced my campaign to run for governor at the Wicwas Lake Grange in Meredith. I was honored to have so many friends with me, encouraging and supporting me. Many thanks to everyone who attended and showed their enthusiastic support. Also many thanks to my fellow Grange members for their unwavering support and hard work to host this event on my behalf.

Jeanie Forrester


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Why aren't half of all professors conservatives & Republicans?

To The Daily Sun,

The advocates for diversity in higher education claim that learning requires the robust exchange of ideas where students have the greatest possible variety of backgrounds. They argue exposure to people from different background breaks down unfair stereotypes and promotes understanding of people who come from different circumstances. They argue diversity better prepares students for the diverse workforce they are about to enter. We are further assured diversity breeds greater tolerance for opposing logic. But something has gone tragically wrong with this thesis.
Today, there is LESS TOLERANCE for differing opinion not only on campus but every where in America. The great assumption was if we put apples, oranges, pears, and peaches, together on campus the best features of all those fruits would merge to produce a superior product. But here is the problem. We can spend billions ensuring the diversity of the student body but those billions are wasted if fail to diversity the teaching body.
The Higher Education Research Institute supplies the following data regarding that lack of diversity . A minuscule 12 percent of teaching faculty in higher education lean right of center politically. Most all those are professors in engineering. Only 5 percent of humanities teachers lean right. Only 4 percent of those teaching sociology and psychology lean right. It is impossible to get a rounded, highly tolerant, open minded individual if we allow only people with closed minds and narrow views of society to teach.
Nothing conveys this point any clearer (or funnier) than than a recent quote from an Ivy league professor: "I am all for diversity and plurality, what I am opposed to is conservative thinking on campus." The faculty lounge is a very closed environment to opposing ideas. This explains why 80 percent of college students embrace Bernie Sanders. Students are taught to LOVE Bernie Sanders because 95 percent of the faculty love Bernie Sanders and the socialism he preaches. THAT IS DEAD WRONG!
The risk of the virtually all left, all Democrat, all union, all liberal teaching body is they only identify MERIT with others whose views are consistent with their own. Professors like Scott Cracraft and Leo Sandy see little value in conservative and libertarian scholarship while they do their best to keep the far left strangle hold on the academy.
How fast do you think high quality resumes from conservatives make it to the top of the teacher job pile? In a country divided 50-50 politically, why aren't half of professors conservative and Republican? Those running the academy do not want the principles of capitalism and free markets so strongly embraced by conservatives taught on campus. There is no confusion or mistake about this as the numbers so clearly reveal. The negative consequences of this are profound. Professors are outraged at the mere whisper of education having a BUSINESS MODEL (Wal-Mart or other wise) being held more accountable for their product in terms of cost and quality. The one place where DIVERSITY on campus is needed most is the one place where it is totally ABSENT — TEACHING. If the people who run the academy have their way it will always be ABSENT. All while the UNDIVERSIFIED minds running the academy watch cost and quality spiral out of control. In sheer desperation they're trying to grab "FREE" as their business model to cover up the harm liberal, intellectual inbreeding has produced over the past century.

Tony Boutin

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