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Status quo with Gilford & Alton educational leadership not acceptable

To The Daily Sun,

A Gallup survey of 1 million people concludes that people quit bad bosses, not companies and organizations.

The last few years have exhibited a revolving door of school administrators, both principals and superintendents, in Gilford and Alton. No matter who is elected this spring, it is incumbent upon both the school boards and budget committees of these two towns to conduct a self examination to discover why they have been unable to provide stability in these two important roles.

As bosses, what kind of environment are you creating in which these roles are carried out?

Have you been poor leaders? Has your leadership been arbitrary? Has it been partisan and political? Have you failed to coach and on-board new hires, to orient them to the local culture? Have you made poor selection decisions in the first place, failing to ascertain the underlying characteristics that will lead to success in your town? Have you created a succession pipeline of current talented personnel within your own districts? Must you always go outside for lack of planning?

What priority is given to education by your budget committee? Have you failed to pay competitive salaries? What is your reward strategy? At what percentile do you compete for talent? Why? Is that strategy successful. Have you starved the school departments of the resources they need to succeed in a misguided "no new taxes" ideology? Why are people leaving for greener pastures? Find out.

"By their fruits, you will know them." So far the fruit has not been very good in terms of stable educational leadership; but all is not hopeless if you are willing to "read the handwriting on the wall" and right your ship. The status-quo is not acceptable.

John B. Larrere


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It's time for some new blood in Gilmanton selectmen's office

To The Daily Sun,

It seems there are some immature people in Gilmanton who think that thievery and bullying is the right way to win an election. That is why there are laws in place that make it illegal to steal political signs. Driving down the wrong side of the road is very dangerous, and it is also against the law.

Our sign in support of Michael J. Jean was in place in front of our residence for three days, when in broad daylight, some hooligan drove a dark blue pickup truck down the wrong side of Highway 140, jumped out, lifted our sign, and threw it in the truck bed. He then jumped back into the truck and continued speeding down the highway to the east with screeching tires.

This type of activity is turning Gilmanton once again into a 21st century "Peyton Place." Why are these people afraid of Mr. Jean? Are there secrets that some people want to smooth over and hide? Michael Jean has pledged an open door policy, and he has stated that there are very few reasons why the selectmen would go into a closed-door session. There are good reasons why what goes on in this town should be transparent.

A few weeks ago, the Academy building was flooded. It is very curious that the job of restoration was not advertised for bid. I can see for myself that this work is going on when I pass the building. I wonder if things are being done properly so that our historic academy will be a healthy environment for years to come.

I think there are many people in this town who believe it is time for some "new blood" in our Selectmen's Office. We need to end the "good ol' boys" club. We should have fair-minded people who can make unbiased decisions that build Gilmanton into a quality place to live. The candidate that fills this description the best is Michael J. Jean.

Please cast your vote for honesty and integrity: Michael J. Jean.

Susan Gelatt


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