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Pretending there's no difference between male & female breasts is ridiculous

To The Daily Sun,

Kia Sinclair's letter in The Daily Sun really stimulated my apparently erroneous concept of female anatomy. Keeping abreast of all the rapid changes regarding our sexuality in this country today has me flummoxed. Chelsea Handler sent an Instragram of she and Vladimir Putin both topless on horses to prove that she has a better body. I wholeheartedly agree with her, but don't think she needed to go that far to prove her point.

Feminists want to know why nourishing little nipples have been taboo-tyrannized? Why in this age of gender equality should those nipples be censored from the public square or anywhere that men are allowed to expose their nipples?

Kia asks the question, "Men go topless because they want to and many times for comfort. Why is it not the same for women?" You may call me a boob, but isn't the female breast, to which those nipples are attached to, a sexual part in a way that a man's is not? Kia goes on to say, "Breasts are for babies and children, not men or lovers." I have always been under the impression that they served both purposes magnificently.

Are today's feminists actually trying to insinuate that the bodies of men and women are analogous or somehow amorphous? Are they saying that the naked truth is, men should not look at women in a sexual way because that somehow is akin to "taking away the breast from the woman and the babies for your own sexual pleasures"? Kia laments about men having to keep their shirts on before 1936. But didn't that have to do more with sartorial etiquette, rather than being titillatingly offensive?

Perhaps I am being prudish, but being present at Hampton Beach a few weeks ago when women were parading around topless made me uncomfortable. It was not because I find the female breast offensive. It was because I was there with my two grandchildren and their three friends. I'm sorry, but my grandchildren are inundated with sexuality everywhere they go today and our family outing was ready for the bikinis, but not for this distraction. My granddaughter rather succinctly pointed out that pretending that there is no difference between the naked breasts of women and men is ridiculous.

I hope the feminists do not decide to go back to the movement where they did not shave their legs or underarms because men do not have to. Or continue to marginalize men as did either Gloria Steinem or Flo Kennedy who asserted, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

I have never met a man who felt he needed to deny that breasts serve a wonderful function for the nurturing of little children in order to be able to admire the unique attributes of the female body. So I don't know why Kia felt the need to make that insinuation. I am a man, not some gender-challenged phrase, "cis-man" — a person who just happens to identify as a man. A man who has always been attracted to the female breast. Or as someone once lyrically phrased it, "Mammaries light the corners of my mind." I'm just not sure I want them bouncing around and lighting the corners of little children's minds in the public square. I suppose it is possible one can color me square.

Russ Wiles

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Half the members of gangs are illegals? Please seek the truth

To The Daily Sun,

Although I stated some time ago that I would not entertain or reply to any of Mr. Earle's letters, his most recent one needs a serious fact check: "FBI estimates that half of all criminal gang members are illegals," submitted Monday, Sept. 7, to The Laconia Daily Sun.

After much in-depth searching I have found a few sites to counter Mr. Earle's erroneous assertions.

1. Migration Policy Institute (www.migrationpolicyinstitue.org) -"Migration Policy Source," September, 2015-Washington, DC

2. Cato Institute-"Immigration and Crime: What the Research Says", July 14, 2015

3. "The Changing Misrepresentation of Race & Crime on Network & Cable News"-Travis L. Dixon & Charlotte L. Williams. Article published online-December 13, 2014-Volume 65 Issue 1 pages 24-29. Published February, 2015

4. Rice University-Kinder Institute for Urban Research: Working Paper #2015-01-The "Southwestern Strategy: Immigration & Race in GOP Discourse" by Jessica Brown-University of Houston-January 2015

5. American Psychological Association-Citation: "The Land of the Free: Undocumented families in the juvenile justice system" by Cavanagh, Caitlin and Cauffman, Elizabeth. "Law and Human Behavior-Vol-32(2) April, 2015 pages 152-161 (this is a journal article from the American Psychological Association.

In addition it is worth noting the following quote from Mr. Earle which he excerpted from Snopes: "...FBI estimates half of all criminal gang members are illegals...." Snopes notes the following: "this statement references a Department of Justice study (not an FBI report), and that it describes only a single gang in Los Angeles County (the 18th Street Gang); the gang that likely has the highest membership rate of illegal aliens."

Here is the source with the correct information and quotes:

Testimony-April 13, 2005: "Immigration & Alien Gang Epidemic: Problems & Solutions" by Heather MacDonald, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, before the House Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims.

It's important to note that the excerpt from her testimony is as follows: "In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide in the first half of 2004 (which totaled 1,200 to 1,500) targeted illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) were for illegal aliens." MacDonald further states: "No one knows for certain the percentage of illegal's in gangs, thanks in large part to sanctuary laws themselves."

When any particular statistic is printed one has the obligation to be sure that it is accurate, truthful, not fragmented or taken completely out of context.

Bernadette Loesch

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