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Socialism doesn't work because it runs out of money to steal

To The Daily Sun,

Well it seems progressives are trying to make an issue of the Senate refusing to deal with the now open seat on the Supreme Court as if that's some kind of hot-button issue to most voters.

Lucy Natkiel writes that it's plain that the Senate must consider any nomination Obama sends them. Okay, if it makes her feel better Republicans can take any Obama nomination into committee then table it. There is no requirement that they must let it come up for a vote. Even if it did, Republicans would reject it.

Seems to me progressives are now choking on their own medicine, prescribed by Chuck Schumer. What comes around goes around, the old saying says.

Let's be aware that the big issues this election are, in no special order, the economy, illegal immigration and national defense (as regards to terrorism especially). Progressives are not strong in any of these areas that's why their talking points are all about special interest groups issues.

Laughably, every time they bring up one of these and are asked how it can be payed for they say tax the rich. News flash, the rich are already being taxed. Some are parking their money overseas, many are moving their businesses out of the country (Carrier Air Conditioner Co. is moving to Mexico ). So at what point will progressives find that that well has a bottom.

Do we have to wait until the entire economy collapses bringing down the economies of the rest of the world with it? And will progressives then still be blaming Wall Street and the big banks? Won't really matter then because you and I will be scrambling for something to eat and a way to heat our homes when winter comes, those of us that have homes that is.

Bottom line is socialism doesn't work unless it can steal other people's money, and at some point that money drys up.

Steve Earle


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Please support New Beginnings by volunteering to man crisis line

To The Daily Sun,

Since 1995, presidents have designated March as Women's History Month in an effort to recognize and spread awareness of the generations of women whose commitment to gender equality and progress proved invaluable to society. New Beginnings encourages everyone to understand the history of the women's movement and how these pioneers lead us to acknowledge violence against women and set out to eliminate it.

It is important to understand that in the United States one in four women has experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. Men in New Hampshire are also victims, with nearly one in four men reporting being physically assaulted by an intimate partner. Because these pioneers pushed for gender equality, our work encompasses services for all. Anyone can be a victim of domestic, sexual and stalking violence.

New Beginnings-Without Violence and Abuse is dedicated to ending sexual, domestic, and stalking violence through the provision of safe and effective services, including emergency refuge and support  — and works toward social change by promoting an effective community response to violence.

Volunteers are the heart of New Beginnings. Each year New Beginnings volunteers contribute over 23,000 hours of service to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Together, volunteers and staff of New Beginnings provide over 14,000 free and confidential services to individuals and families. In such a small community, this means that almost everyone knows someone who has been a victim of abuse. We ask the community to participate in their healing and provide a supportive environment to survivors and victims.

Starting on March 8th, New Beginnings will host a Volunteer Advocate training program, titled Advocates for Hope, for our 24-hour crisis line. Volunteer Advocates will attend four in-person training sessions (March 8, 10, 15, 17) with other like-minded individuals and each in-person session will have a guest speaker. To finish the training, prospective volunteers will complete online modules and receivecertification as an advocate. You will learn to respond to crisis calls, provide information and counseling and accompany victims to the hospital or police station. There will always be an experienced staff member to provide you with support and guidance and calls are directed to your home or cell phone.

By volunteering on our 24-hour crisis line, you are ensuring that anyone in the Lakes Region who is being victimized and needs support, receives it. You can make a difference! Please consider volunteering at New Beginnings as a Volunteer Advocate. You can find out more information by visiting our website, or calling 603-528-6511.

Please join us, and support our mission to provide safety and healing for all victims of abuse and to prevent any more violence. Your help can breathe new life into the hearts of the men, women and children in need.

Aileen Castillo

New Beginnings - Without Violence and Abuse


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