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Pence, not Trump, is the true champion of the Republican Party

To The Daily Sun,

Many critics point to (Republican vice presidential candidate Mike) Pence's failure to defend accusations made by (Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim) Kaine against Donald Trump, and there are rumors that Trump is upset at Pence for not doing so. They also suggest that Pence is positioning himself for a 2020 run for president, after a 2016 loss by Trump. But Pence is proving himself to be the "darling" of the true conservatives, and Trump is not so — even being accused of being a closet Democrat.

But why wait? If the Republican Party can get Trump elected this year, they could impeach Trump over many issues, and install Pence as president — as their true champion. Trump and his supporters should be concerned about losing to Hillary, but PETRIFIED about being the lamb surrounded by wolves in the Republican Party should he be elected. I'm sure they would be glad to be rid of this embarrassment called Trump.

A loss to Hillary would be far less humiliating and damaging to Trump's ego, than being impeached within six months of taking office. How would this possible scenario affect the voting of Trump supporters, on Nov. 8, facing such Republican treachery.

John Lewis

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Kelly Ayotte has had her chance in U.S. Senate & she has wasted it

To The Daily Sun,

I just watched another political ad by Kelly Ayotte, where she claimed once again that she is an "independent" senator, who constantly works the "other side of the aisle." It gets very tiring hearing her say this, because it makes her look weak and ineffectual. If she had been either independent or worked across aisles, she would not have to be telling us now, it would be understood.

The real truth is, Kelly Ayotte and the word, "independent" are opposites, and her voting record clearly points that out. Please take the time to look it up — it's very easy to do — and will show Kelly Ayotte's voting record to be very bland, not one hint of independence, nor even a small step across the aisle. In fact, her record would suggest she would need her GPS system to find the other side of the aisle.

The United States Senate, with its 100 elected members, is one of the most powerful bodies in the world, and Kelly Ayotte has had her chance to make her mark, six years to show us she really cares about New Hampshire, and all Americans. She has done practically nothing of note on the positive side, just gone dutifully along with the old Republican Party every time.

And all those ads that depict Kelly Ayotte as caring about seniors — just more campaign bull; her voting tells a much different story. Why, she would not even cast a vote for the Supreme Court nominee, a task we elected her for, not some Republican ploy to hopefully hold out for, for Donald Trump, whom she recently said was a great role model for children? And what kind of American, especially a U.S. senator, writes a letter to an enemy nation, telling them you do not support your own leadership?

We live in arguably the best state this nation has to offer, by any number of measures. Our schools are highly rated, unemployment is half of what the rest lives with, great business atmosphere, and much more. Maggie Hassan deserves some of the credit as our leader. Kelly Ayotte had her chance, and wasted it. It's Maggie Hassan's turn. Vote Maggie Hassan for U.S. senator on Nov. 8.

Jim Babcock

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