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Turning our airport into a prison-like compound is a bad idea

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the recent article regarding the fortification of the Laconia Airport with a "safety fence". An eight foot high, chain link fence with barbed wire outriggers will surely go a long way towards preventing those pesky aircraft/animal collisions.

Oh, wait, there have never been any. A search of the NTSB accident/incident archives back to 1963 does not reveal a single incident between an active aircraft and a deer, bear, moose, otter, bobcat, coyote or any other fur bearing critter at KCLI. Ever. So how did this become an issue of "human safety"?

Turning the airport into a prison-like compound, disturbing local wetlands and destroying it's friendly, rural appearance is a bad idea. Spending $700,000 to solve a problem that does not exist is even dumber.

Bill Hemmel

Last Updated on Friday, 20 December 2013 10:38

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Purveyors of war blind our sight & deafen our ears if we don't speak

To The Daily Sun,

During this festive and holy season of Christmas it is fitting that we reflect, for at least a moment, on the content of wars we have pursued these last 12 years. To use the word war is, in itself, incorrect. No war has been declared in any country we occupy in the Middle East. Therefore our military presence there is illegal and criminal! Pakistan, for one country, hates us and wants our removal immediately. Our drone attacks recently killed a four-year old girl. I'm sure we paid the family blood-money and apologized.
Americans accept military aggression by this country as justified. The logic extolled says these people are dangerous and we must weed out terrorists and pursue a vigorous policy of punishment — almost always by deadly assault. We have killed hundreds of thousands of men, women and children while this country looks on dispassionately, for the most part! Our elected representatives have turned their backs on moral and military law for the sake of lucrative weapons contracts. They have sold their soul, hiding the sin in lengthy debates! After 12 years the military is still on duty in Afghanistan although we deny it repeatedly. Leaders in at least two countries have hinted they might have talks with the Taliban: who we hunt down and kill as dreaded enemies.
Wall Street is bulging with money, (where did it come from?) My guess it is war profits. So far, we have spent six to seven trillion dollars to slaughter people alien to our way of life! It was never justified, legal or moral according to every law and Christian value we have honored for two centuries! Shame on us to let this killing continue, even one more day! Pray to God, no matter His name, to forgive us for these crimes!
The purveyors of war have immense powers to blind our sight and deaden our ears if we refuse to speak out strongly and forcefully against policies of death and destruction pursued by the military. Bring our soldiers home safely. Save our lives and those thousands who happen to be in the way!
Leon R. Albushies

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 December 2013 11:58

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Why can't fire chief work a shift 2 days a week & save us $30k?

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the latest articles in the paper about the Fire Department vs. the Selectboard, I must say that I'm appalled. I've lived in this town for more than 18 years and typically remain quite. This is the first board of selectman I can remember that has EVER been able to lower taxes and for that I thank them.

The fire chief is currently Joe Hempel III, to my recollection this is his third time. He has quit twice on the town before. Now the selectman are trying to save almost $30,000 to have Chief Hempel be the second person on the shift two days per week, instead of a part-time employee. As long as I can remember this was always the way it was; the chief was always part of covering shifts... until now that is.

Hempel has said he is more of the coach than anything, and its more bang for our buck this way. Including benefits, retirement, and salary the fire chief costs around $100,000/year. Gilmanton Fire Department handles about a call a day on average. Maybe if Coach Hempel helped out a little, Gilmanton could retain some of the full time players. I challenge the chief to explain why he can't work for two days a week to save us $30,000?.

Patrick Corbett

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Clear you eyes & see how we're being manipulated by oligarchy

To The Daily Sun,

Although I do love to read your letters to the editor almost daily, and used to throw my two cents in from time to time, I have gotten wary of the usual suspects and all the petty bickering. Local news and issues aside, both sides of the aisle chime in day after day with their endless points and counter points which really amount to nothing. I considered myself a liberal Democrat when I was younger, a conservative Republican once I started a family. Now I have transcended those labels and believe I am a true independent, though I may never vote again. The reason? The system we are in is an illusion of democracy. A fraud. An abhorrent deception of the truth. Before you skip to the next letter, please give me a second to explain..

The United States government is an oligarchy. This is a rule by the few. The few are rich, powerful and are in our government buildings, on our televisions and heading our banks and corporations. In America, presidencies are auctioned, not won by votes. Obama raised half a billion dollars in his election. Do you think that this comes from his millions of low-income voters who bought into his message of hope? No, it comes from corporations. It came from banks. The few who decide everything in this country.

I'm not asking you to buy into the conspiracy theories. I'm not saying it's the Illuminati or the Free Masons, what I'm saying is public record and factual. I saw a documentary called 'ETHOS'. I beg you to give it a chance. It will open Pandora's box for you, starting with the fact that the Federal Reserve has been the root of all evils here in the United States since the early 1900s. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to coin (create) money and regulate the value thereof. Today however, the FED, which is a privately owned company, controls and profits by printing money through the Treasury, and regulating its value. That's right, in case you didn't know it, the Federal Reserve is not owned by the United States. It is owned by a cartel of bankers who not only decide the state of our economy, but decide who will be elected by pumping money into candidates who leave them alone, and into any candidate's opponent who tries to regulate or audit them. Case in point, the FED has NEVER been audited in its entire existence!! Name one other institution in our country that can say that. It deceived our politicians to gain its existence, and has owned them since.
Most of us have wondered at some point how we have arrived at a situation where democracy is touted as having created an equal society when all we see is injustice and corruption. Politicians openly deceive the public with the support of major corporations and the mainstream media.
Wars are waged, the environment is destroyed and inequality is on the rise. But what is the source of these institutional mechanisms which — when we scratch the surface — are so clearly anti-democratic, so contradictory to the values we hold in common and yet so firmly embedded that they seem beyond discussion? The answer is your money. Money is what we feed into these corporations and banks and politicians. Living beyond our means and continuing to borrow borrow borrow.

When you clear your eyes to see how we are all being manipulated; arguing about Republicans and Democrats, CNN vs Fox, starting wars and molding our world views seems pretty damn petty. It's what they want us to do as a society, stay in the middle so nothing ever truly gets accomplished. Maybe once you realize how our system works, well, only then we can start real change. Give the movie a chance and hopefully it will cause you to start your own investigation, as I did. If not just Google "Who owns the Federal Reserve" and start from there... once you scratch the surface you will not believe how far down the rabbit's hole we as a society have fell.

Thomas Lemay

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Health insurance should be based on proven system for life insurance

To The Daily Sun,
There is much dithering about the "Conservatives Have No Plan" to replace Obamacare. Why don't we try a capitalist approach to the system with minimum government interference?
We should model health insurance on the same proven system that offers life insurance. It could be a stand-alone policy or an adjunct to a life insurance policy. Policies could be either whole health or term as they are for life insurance. Rates would reflect either the current risk in a term policy or the life-long risk for whole health. Rates would be lower the earlier you buy the policy. For whole health, premiums in excess of the immediate risk pool requirements would be invested to provide for the more expensive late-life incidents.
Rather than only three options, all of them expensive, as there are for Obamacare, the health policies would have multiple options. There would be a bare bones low cost policy, there could be paid-up options. Special situations would be covered by a la carte options. The options would be priced separately. This would create a forest of opportunities and it would be a challenge to select the right mix. Most citizens are competent to make rational decisions to meet their needs because they are familiar with their particular needs. Insurance agents could be helpful in selecting an appropriate program.
I suspect that there would be legitimate functions for the federal government. There ought to be some percentage limit on the amount of "excess premiums" that can be invested in the company that issues the policy. The balance of the premiums would be invested in domestic or foreign stocks, bonds or hard assets (real estate, minerals etc.). Customers should receive annual accounts on the profitability of investments. Profits in excess of actuarial needs could be used to reduce or eliminate premiums or rebated to the policy owners.
Those who decide not to buy health insurance should be required to post a bond and to establish a Medical Savings Account. Those who need care and cannot purchase coverage would receive essential treatment. These humanitarian treatments would be passed on to the paying clientele as they are now.
I have not mentioned obvious steps that could reduce the cost of health care.
The logical first step would be to establish tort reform. This will not happen. Lawyers contribute heavily to political campaigns, and too many congressmen (forgive the transgression) and senators are lawyers.
Another step toward sanity would be to allow purchase of health insurance across state borders. Some states have created artificial and expensive barriers to efficient competitors coming in state to compete. The best requirement is financial soundness of the competing companies.
It is apparent that strides in medical treatments have outstripped the traditional methods for approving new protocols. (I'm under the impression that allowing the quest for perfection, delays adoption of what is merely better. Perfect is the death knell for better. People are saved from some problems and others die while waiting.)

Employer sponsored health care should be taxable, and the employer should determine how much, if any, contribution will be offered. Of course, policies will be portable because they belong to the employee. People are naturally more careful when they spend their own money.
There are already clinics that are less expensive than emergency room and perhaps preferable to co-pays to physicians. (Physicians should not be dealing with minor cuts, bruises, and colds.) We will have to see how this trend develops, or will government bureaucracy and tort lawyers stifle this logical step.
Of course, I am a cynic. If these steps were offered to Congress, they would pay enthusiastic lip service, but by the time they polluted them with adjustments they might be just as screwed up as Obamacare.

Dale P. Eddy


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