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Meredith disregarded its own regulations with crematorium

To The Daily Sun,

After watching the Selectboard meeting of April 18, and witnessing Meredith's town manager, Phillip Warren, as he attempted to insinuate that a wood stove was the cause of the smell and irritation at the Motorcycle Museum, I am appalled and extremely disappointed with the entire town. Rather than address the issue of the inappropriate location and disgusting discharge from Mayhew's human incinerator, Phillip Warren suggested that a wood stove has burned "inappropriate material," i.e. "wood," on an adjacent street, causing the smell of burning dead human flesh and a discharge of human ash.

In an article printed on the front page of The Laconia Citizen dated May 6, Warren, Meredith's town manager, is quoted as saying, "Regardless of what you were told by the Office of Energy and Planning and the governor, emissions from smokestacks or any type of stacks is regulated by DES, not the town." If one were to look at the town of Meredith's own zoning rules, Article III, section A states: "Obnoxious Use (Amended 10 March 87): No land in any of the districts herein set forth shall be used in a manner that is disorderly, unsightly, noxious, offensive or detrimental to the public or the owners or occupants of adjacent property."

Mr. Warren is obviously overlooking this little fact. It is becoming increasingly clear that the town of Meredith is disregarding its own regulations where Mr. Mayhew is concerned. The next obvious question is "Why?" One only need look at the large pine tree between the museum and the crematory to see the effect it is having. The gases and heat emitted by Mayhew's human incinerator have all but killed the tree and it now poses a serious threat of fire. I simply do not comprehend the logic of the town planners. To allow a crematory directly across the street from a McDonald's restaurant and directly below an aging, dry, old barn housing an antique motorcycle museum is simply poor town planning.

To add insult to personal injury, Meredith Community Development Director John Edgar has compared the incinerator to a bakery. Lets clarify this. A bakery operates at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A crematorium operates between 1,600 and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. A bakery does not spew human ash all over its neighbors.

The concerns raised by the owner of the motorcycle museum regarding the stench and excessive, dangerous discharge from Mayhew's incinerator are correct from all accounts. The gases and cremate discharge from Mayhew's human incinerator has also spread to the McDonald's parking lot. The only people who do not see the problem caused by the location of the incinerator are Mayhew and the town of Meredith. Even the people who manage the McDonald's franchise have made extremely negative comments about the location and activities at Mayhew's crematory.

This brings me to another observation. Who on earth in the town's planning board decided it would be a good thing to put a crematorium directly across the street from a McDonald's, right next to a museum housed in a dry, dusty, old barn and abutting a residential neighborhood? Each and every one of you deserve a medal for this stroke of genius. Meredith certainly cannot be considered a community of the future with planning like this.

Tracy Pillsbury




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Jack Weeks (5-5) 169 RUSSIA

To The Daily Sun,

I was surprised — and pleased — to read Pat Buchanan' s column in Thursday's Sun about U.S./Russia relations. The headline read "Why Russia resents us". I think Buchanan's explanation is "right on." What would be the U.S. reaction be if there were Russian troops in Mexico or Canada, or anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere? We learned from the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis many years ago. So in my mind, it's not hard to figure out why Putin's Russia is so super defensive about U.S. military activity in their historic sphere of influence — Eastern Europe and the Mid-East.
Yet I don't know the alternative, or the "answer." Our government, especially our military establishment, are suspicious of Russia's potential expansionist behavior, based on the decades of Soviet expansionist behavior during the decades of the Cold War. It seems like the detente era of Reagan and Gorbachev has "gone up in smoke," and we're stuck in mutual distrust similar to that of the Cold War.
Jack Weeks

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