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Campaign againt 'No Wind Farm' signs is planned & organized

To The Daily Sun,
Dozens of signs, displaying opposition to wind farms, are being stolen and vandalized around Newfound Lake. More than 36 signs have been stolen or vandalized over the past few months. Residents from as many as seven towns have reported theft and vandalism of their yard signs.
"This is totally ridiculous and illegal as hell," said one victimized resident. "I'm an elderly woman voicing my opinion through my sign — peacefully, and now I have people walking through my yard at night vandalizing my property."
Some residents had their signs ripped off metal frames, some were lit-on-fire, some covered in grease and spray-paint, some were folded up and stuffed down sewer drains across the street from the Bristol Police Station... but most were simply stolen.
To me, these signs represent free speech and a very clear message — wind farms are not welcome here. Apparently, people don't have anything better to do and feel threatened by our community stance. If they don't like the message on a sign, they can pay for their own signs and put them in their yards. It's that simple.
The green "YES" signs (paid for and distributed by Iberdrola Renewables at a private closed meeting hosted at the Alexandria Fire Department last month — Ed Cherian present) are very hard to find and lack no sign identification. The lack of "YES" signs truly shows a lack of support for future wind proposals here.
Lawn signs are used for many reasons: elections, yard sales, moving, etc. Our signs clearly state we are united against the next three proposed wind farms. Our rule of thumb is that when one sign is stolen or vandalized we replace it with two signs. There's still about a thousand of them being proudly displayed throughout the community, but there's a number of them that were removed without authorization.
What's troubling to us — it's not a random act of vandalism by the opposition — it's planned and organized. Opposition signs are paid for by New Hampshire Wind Watch (NHWW) a Bristol-based non-profit organization. NHWW is fighting the next three wind farms targeting our mountain ridges around the Newfound / Cardigan Mountain area.
Ray Cunningham

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Thanks you to Shaw's for the water we were able to sell on boardwalk

To The Daily Sun,
Despite the fact that Mother Nature was less than cooperative for Motorcycle Week this year, the Kiwanis Club of Laconia still managed to eke out a decent profit operating a refreshment stand on the Weirs boardwalk. For eight days, club members volunteered their time, rain or shine, to man the stand selling water, soda and light snacks all for $1 each. By far the most popular item was the water. I would like to thank Ken Rueffert of Shaw's Supermarket for his generous donation of 40 cases of water, which we sold out of by the close of business Saturday night. Thanks to Ken and Shaw's Supermarket our overhead costs were kept low allowing the Kiwanis Club of Laconia to generate more revenue to be donated back to various programs that benefit children in our community.
The Kiwanis Club of Laconia thanks you and the children we serve say thank you.
Scott Laurent, President
Kiwanis Club of Laconia

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Medicaid money has already been set aside for us to use

To The Daily Sun,
Medicaid expansion is important to all of us. The federal government, which has demonstrated a time-honored commitment to Medicaid since 1965, has agreed to pay 100 percent of the cost for the expansion for the first three years and 90 percent every year after that. The Lewin Group estimates that 58,000 more low-income adults will benefit from affordable, quality health coverage as a result of Medicaid expansion.
This is a program that benefits New Hampshire. This program would be a win/win; there is something in this for everyone. Previously uninsured individuals and families would get the coverage that they so desperately need and by reducing their reliance on the emergency room for health care, which is both inefficient and very expensive; all taxpayers will save money.
The Lewin group estimates that $2.5 billion in federal funds would be injected into the N.H. economy between 2014 and 2020, which would create 700 new jobs and boost salaries giving families more disposable income to spend on consumer goods instead of medical bills.
This money has already been set aside for our use. If we do not take it, another state will. Currently, New Hampshire sends more tax dollars to Washington, D.C. than we get back. Accepting the federal funds to expand Medicaid would help to ensure we are getting our fair share of services for our money.
Paul Blackford

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If you favor national gun owner database you're living in wrong place

To The Daily Sun,
Are you in favor of having a background check done when some one is buying a gun? I think most people would agree to that. The real fact is that all gun buyers already do need to get checked out by the police every time they buy a gun at a gun store. If some one wants to sell a gun to a total stranger in a private sale, they have the responsibility to take reasonable care that the buyer is not a "prohibited person". It is a crime to knowingly provide a weapon to someone who is not supposed to have one. They have the option to go with that person to a gun store and perform a background check. But most of the time such transfers are done between people who know each other, or can provide documentation of their good character. The first rule is that they be a legal resident of New Hampshire and must be 18 years old for a long gun or 21 for a handgun. Another good sign would be that they already were a gun owner that had passed a police check before. The best credential of all would be a License to Carry Loaded and Concealed, which shows that this individual had been fully vetted by the police recently. The thing is that many people buying a gun in a gun store are being checked out over and over, redundantly, at times clogging up the instant check system and wasting police resources that could be better directed toward actual criminal activity. In some states, a gun buyer only needs to show their License to Carry, and then can skip the instant check system. I think that this could work very well in New Hampshire.
The only way we could ever have 100 percent police checks on every single gun transfer would be to have a data base of every single firearm that exists in the United States, and track who has which. Now, if you would be in favor of that, you are living in the wrong country.
There are those people coming here from other states trying to scare us into enacting more restrictions on gun transfers. Did you know that our state has the 48th lowest rate of violent crime in the whole country? This statistic comes from the U.S. Census Bureau. The only states with a lower rate of violent crime are our neighbors Vermont and Maine, both with relaxed attitudes about gun ownership as we have. Contrast that with the crime rate of New York state which is 20th and has three times the murder, robbery and violence that we do. Don't you think that those places should mind their own business and clean up their own problems? Our systems are clearly working for us. Let's not mess with success.
Alan Moon

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One needs compassioin, understanding & tolerance of all people

To The Daily Sun,
"Why do liberals cling so tenaciously to their deck of race cards?'
I will try to answer and in turn address some of your concerns in Mr. Wiles letter written to the Laconia Daily Sun, published on Thursday, June 27.
1) I watched the daily coverage during and after the time period of when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. It's recorded on the police tapes that Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher to "stay in your vehicle and await the arrival of law enforcement".
2) The Police Chief of Sanford, Florida resigned from his position as a result of his handling of the subsequent arrest and follow-up investigation of the shooting.
3) Your reference to racial equality in this country, according to who?
a) The recent Supreme Court decision in Shelby County, Alabama vs. Holder, Attorney General which declared the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unconstitutional?
b) Or the constant and ongoing "Gerrymandering" of voting districts?
c) Many individual state governors changing "vote by mail" criteria?
d) Shortening days and hours involved in order to register for voting?
e) Requesting voters to produce I.D. in order to vote at the polls?
One need not be to the Left or Right, one needs compassion, understanding and tolerance for ALL human beings. Your references and quotes from the media coverage of the Zimmerman trial are taken out of context. Why? To what end? May I suggest that we watch the media coverage of the Zimmerman trial each day. Oh wait, we cannot do that here in N.H. May I then suggest a trip to Florida in order to watch the daily coverage free from misleading and distorted media "bites".
We have to allow the judicial process to take its course. We have to keep informed and keep an open mind before we allude to the ideas of riots as a result of perceived injustice on either side of this trial.
Bernadette Loesch

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