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Still time to get team together for the Nov. 23 Turkey Plunge

To The Daily Sun,

The 9th Annual Salvation Army Turkey Plunge will take place on Saturday November 23 at Opechee Cove Beach. Gates open at 11 a.m. with sponsored plungers taking a dip in Lake Opechee starting at 12 noon. This is a fun family event with many Plungers wearing costumes for the Plunge. Funds generated from this event support the many worthy programs of the local branch of the Salvation Army including the only homeless shelter in Belknap County, the Salvation Army's Carey House. Over 100 Plungers are expected with hundreds more spectators there to cheer them on.

Following the Plunge, a delicious luncheon will be served at the Laconia Middle School cafeteria. Restaurants donating food for the luncheon include Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Kitchen Cravings, Lago, Hart's Turkey Farm, T-Bones, Fratello's and O Steak & Seafood. Desserts and service will be supplied by the Culinary Arts students of the Lakes Region Community College and beverages are compliments of Coca-Cola of Northern New England. The general public is invited to the luncheon for a $5 per person donation while Plungers eat for free. Raffle prizes will be awarded to some lucky attendees. Anyone interested in taking the Plunge for the Salvation Army or simply to make a Plunge donation may visit the website www.saturkeyplunge.org. or calling the office at 524-1834. The Turkey Plunge Committee is also requesting any local business with a marquee or electronic message board to promote the Turkey Plunge by placing a public service message on their sign for a day or two between now and November 23 promoting the Plunge. Thanks to all our supporters and we hope to see you at Opechee Cove Beach for the Plunge!

Don Morrissey
Plunge Committee


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We keep lowering definition of who is poor, creating dependency

To The Daily Sun,

There is no person in the Lakes Region who could benefit more from an economics and tax class than Bernadette Loesch. Bernadette has the audacity to accuse others of being narrow minded when the truth is she does not know what the hell she is talking about. I was a tax and business consultant for 15 years so I know just a smidgen about taxes and economics. Bernadette simply does her best to escalate division and hatred in America, things we already have an too much of. She suggests the wealthy want to earn and keep their money. Don't we all? That is a human instinct, not a rich one. The rich should alone should be pilloried by an uninformed, socialist for a trait we all share. The facts are, the wealthy, represented by the top 20 percent of earners already pay about 80 percent of ALL the income taxes collected in America. Corporate tax rates at 35 percent are about the HIGHEST of any developed nation on earth. This ONE FACT explains in good part why the Obama economy STAGNATES and the MIDDLE CLASS suffers. All as American business thrives, having expanded its footprint successfully every place BUT HERE to avoid HIGH TAXATION. Over and over Wall Street hits historical records while government can't design a single WEB SITE or FIX ANYTHING. FIFTY PERCENT of the people in America pay ZERO INCOME TAX — thanks to the RICH. Bernadette says that is not ENOUGH FREELOADERS, we need more. Who the hell thinks people paying no income taxes are capable to make voting decisions that go beyond who will provide them the HIGHEST welfare handouts? Demented Democrats like Bernadette demand security, not from WORK but from their VOTE. Such people are not STAKEHOLDERS in tax policy decisions. They are just TAKERS from YOU. They want OTHERS to pay their way and they do not care who it is. The YOUNG are going to pay BILLIONS to the point of bankruptcy for the "sick" under Obamacare. NOT THE RICH! Does Bernadette give two craps for the harm caused to them? NOPE. The U.S. Constitution does not imbibe Bernadette or anyone else with dispensing economic equality or that the concept of social justice even EXISTS. The Constitution guarantees no equality of economic outcome. It only implies an equal opportunity for all, nothing more.
This country has MORE SOCIALISM TODAY that it has had in the past 100 years. Capitalism has been steadily diluted for the past century, never more assaulted than by Obama. The result, this country is WALLOWING in a record amount of self-inflicted, socialist-induced DEBT that will ruin the lives of our kids who will pay for this insane spending spree. We have more social, safety nets, of greater variety, with longer durations than ever. We have eased the qualifications to almost all of them to the point of absolute absurdity. There are countless studies that PROVE increasing unemployment benefits only lengthens the time people spend unemployed. Today, we have the smallest percentage of the eligible working population, working in more than 30 years, as we OFFER the best and longest unemployment benefits EVER. We have record food stamps because we keep REDUCING the qualification to get them. Disability insurance has become just another pure form of welfare. The past few years has seen the numbers on disability DOUBLE. Why? because we have REDUCED the qualifications to become eligible for disability. A week-long head ache or back ache has suddenly become the TICKET to $300,000 worth of TOTALLY FREE government money. Lawyers GUARANTEE you will not be turned down for the benefit. We have put more people on disability in the past five years under Obama than we put on in the previous 50. We keep LOWERING and LOWERING the definition of WHO IS POOR, loosening the path to a lifetime of welfare and DEPENDENCY on YOU. I repeat YOU. I am all for a HAND UP. Just not for lifetime HANDOUTS made ever ever easier, DESTROYING the incentive for people to take responsibility for their own LIVES and their own DECISIONS. The majority of people who fail most often get there from a lifetime of poor choices.
After 100 years of the great New DEAL from FDR ,the GREAT New Society from LBJ, the great humanity of JFK, Medicare, Medicaid, disability insurance, unemployment insurance and more welfare, whirly gigs and contraptions than anyone can shake a stick at all PROMISES SCREAMED TO INCREASE EQUALITY by Democrats like BERNADETTE what do we have? RECORD POVERTY  RECORD POOR and RECORD WELFARE, high unemployment, a lousy, stagnant, economy and ZERO change in the distribution of wealth In America, with Democrats and Bernadette screaming the SOLUTION to all out troubles is MORE SOCIALISM. Whether this is insanity, ignorance, or plain and ordinary stupidity is hard to ascertain. But it sure is hubris and arrogance that has no equal. Democrats like Bernadette will NEVER stop demonizing the successful of this country and their taxes will never be high enough. It is simply a deep, character flaw.
Tony Boutin

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Ray Burton has exemplified highest standards of office holding

To The Daily Sun,
Let us all take a moment to thank a tireless public servant, Executive Counselor Ray Burton, for his years of service to this state and especially to the North Country.
Councilor Burton has always exemplified the highest standards of public office holding by working for all his constituents, regardless of party affiliation or level of contribution, with a cheerful demeanor, a friendly handshake and an amazingly full schedule.
We wish him well, send him our gratitude and seek to follow his remarkable example.
Kate Miller, Chair

Belknap County Democrats


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Perhaps the World Series will take attention off all the hate speak

To The Daily Sun,

According to Wikipedia: "Hatred/Hate is a deep and emotional extreme dislike; it is often associated with feelings of anger and a disposition towards hostility". I regularly read this paper and increasingly find that many of the letters written display anger and hostility representing hate for our president. After seeing portions of, and reading about, the recent "Value Voters Summit" I was left with the feeling that the only thing they seemed to value is their hate of anything related to the President of the United States and their anger and hostility about anything he says or does. The content of so many letters and of the speeches at the Value Summit are focused on tearing down the president or anyone who may write a positive thing about him or Obamacare. They offer no constructive thoughts or suggestions, just bullying and hate speak. I guess I should not be surprised as many writing the letters and speaking at the Summit are fueled by organizations such as the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and Freedom Works; all organizations that depend on the hate of others to spread their divisive messages.

Blinded by the emotion of hate renders individuals unable to care about the truth and accepting of any information that satisfies their anger and hostility. If you read the claims made in the letters of writers such as Mr. Ewing, Mr. Boutin and Mr. Earle, to name a few, you know many of their claims have already been discredited by credible, non-partisan sources such as the Kaiser Foundation, Pew Research and PolitiFact. If you listened to the speeches from the "Value Voters Summit" you heard the long ago discredited claims made against Pres. Obama and Obamacare continued to be repeated and applauded by the hate frenzied attendees.

Blinded by the emotion of hate allows individuals and groups to believe they can say and do anything and makes them willing to spend fortunes on it. Shortly after Pres. Obama started his second term, a coalition of conservative activists led by for former Atty. General Edwin Meese met and plotted a strategy that played out this month. Their "blueprint to defunding Obamacare" was a take-no-prisoners strategy asserting that Republicans could derail the health care overhaul if conservative lawmakers were willing to push their fellow GOP members into cutting off financing for the entire federal government. We saw this long hatched plan play out as the Tea Party/GOP shut down the Government. It cost the country over $24B and actually resulted in an improved view of Obamacare while leading the Republications, primarily the Tea Party, to a decline in their favorability ratings.

I appreciate that we all have the opportunity to express our views but am personally tired of the hate and bullying displayed in so many letters, Mr. Boutin's letter published on October 19 is a representation of this. He continues his routine rant against our president, Obamacare and the Dems while taunting Kate Miller to reply to him. His letter does not deserve reply, although those who love to fact check could have a field day with it.

Consider the benefit to our local and broader community if all the effort and emotion put into the hate and bullying was channeled for constructive purpose. Perhaps the World Series can at least take attention off the hate speak and give us all at least a short reprieve.

Denise Doyle


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Bob Meade - Life's realities

One of the best things you can do for someone is to give them a job. A job can require significant physical skills and detailed knowledge about a particular function. That could be as a carpenter, a plumber, a lumber jack, an automobile mechanic, or any other number of jobs. In the medical area, bright people spend up to 12 or 13 years after high school, learning and polishing their skills in their chosen specialty. While their physical requirement may not be the same as that of a carpenter, in many cases their need to be critically focused and precise in their movements for hours on end in an operating room, may even be more taxing on their body than what the carpenter endures. And in the case of the surgeon, another's life may hang in the balance. Every job brings with it a need for knowledge and effort. And, regardless of the field of endeavor, not everyone is as skilled or accomplished as their fellow workers. There is a natural "bell curve", or ranking of people based on their level of skills and abilities and their accomplishments. Normally, in any field, those who perform at the highest levels of skills and productivity are the ones who are paid the most.

Each job has a value in the marketplace, and that value is most often based on supply and demand. The level of training or education needed for the various jobs differs greatly. A person may become adept in one of the manual arts after apprenticing for three or four years under a journeyman in that field. In some trades, the state requires the apprentice first pass a comprehensive test to show that they are qualified to be a journeyman in their chosen field. In most cases, the process is rigorous enough that there is rarely an over abundance of qualified workers in any one of the skill sets. While there is competition to get work among those workers, the demand is often high enough that good wages are paid for their labor. In the case of physicians and surgeons, they must go through very costly and rigorous learning and training to become licensed in their fields. The supply of them is limited and hospitals, clinics, and research facilities not only compete for their services, the individuals themselves have the option of starting their independent practice, and that increases their competitive value in the marketplace. Other "professionals" are in law, accounting, engineering, computer technology, and a few other specialties. Which ever the professional skill set one chooses, there will still be a natural "bell curve" where the most competent and productive performers will command higher wages.

There is also a wide variety of what are called unskilled labor jobs. That label is not meant to demean in any way the individuals performing those jobs, it is meant to show the difference between those jobs and those that have a basic requirement of training and/or education in order to be licensed to work in certain fields. Examples of what are called unskilled workers are often in the service industries and agriculture. The supply and demand for these positions is generally quite different than those that require more training to develop their skill set. Because of the greater availability of people to do these jobs, the laws of supply and demand place less monetary value on them. Again, individual performance will dictate where in the "bell curve" the person fits, and he or she will be compensated accordingly

Young people in particular should be aware that their future earnings will be based on which of these categories they are in . . . unskilled, skilled, or professional. Each of these categories, these jobs, are essential to a functioning society and are to be respected. Not everyone is capable of becoming a skilled neurosurgeon. Not everyone has the interest or desire to become a skilled plumber or electrician. Not everyone wants to work in a service industry. It is up to the individual to figure out the field of work in which they want to spend a large part of their life.

Sadly, often times a person's station in life may have been determined by the decisions they made as a youngster, as a teenager. Didn't study hard for that exam? Or that other one? Or that other, other one? Was that lack of study reflected in your SAT score? Won't that affect what college you can get in to? Or if you can get into a college at all? Missed a lot of school because you overslept? Is oversleeping now a habit? Try being late when you're apprenticing with that master electrician or plumber. Sorry Charlie, we can't waste our time teaching a no show.

Every job is to be respected . . . just be aware that you get out of it commensurate with what you put into it . . . and it starts when you're a kid.

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident.)

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