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Democrats had the votes to do whatever they wanted in 2010; so why didn't they?

To The Daily Sun,

In her Aug. 10 letter, Bernadette Loesch condemns Republicans for not passing laws that Democrats could have passed, but didn't, early in President Obama's first term.

Democrats didn't need a single Republican vote to pass anything they wanted. Why didn't they fix the problems they complain about? Voting? Gun violence? Public education? Aging and dangerous infrastructure. Too much money in politics? In particular, why didn't Democrats close the wealth gap (rather than making the rich richer and the rest of us poorer)?

The obvious answer is that Democrat solutions don't work or Democrat politicians don't want the problems solved.

Loesch refers to President Obama's comment, "If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists ..." Our Constitution defined a government for the purpose of protecting our liberties. Who believes that is the priority of Washington politicians and bureaucrats? Seventy percent of Americans believe our country is headed in the wrong direction.

Government is making American life riskier by releasing imprisoned criminals early, by ignoring our immigration laws allowing illegal immigrants to roam our country killing 400-500 Americans annually and committing thousands of rapes, robberies, burglaries, and other crimes, and by allowing thousands of unvetted immigrants and refugees to come here from hotbeds of violence and terrorism.

Government (Obama's policies) has created an economic environment that makes most Americans poorer. Good jobs are destroyed and are typically replaced with lower paying part-time jobs. More and more Americans struggle with stagnant or reduced wages, increased cost of living, and increased taxes.

Is government accomplishing its primary responsibility to protect the people's liberties? No, Democrat policies are increasing the threats from criminals and terrorists. Just as important, Democrats are pursuing polices to take away American's constitutional rights.

Americans have been threatened with prosecution for speaking politically incorrectly (even if factually), e.g., about Islam and about climate change. The power of government has been used against everyday citizens who complain about corruption in Washington, oppose, or peacefully organize to oppose government policies.

Our Second Amendment Right is under attack and it will disappear if President Obama or a President Clinton appoints another Supreme Court justice. Law-abiding citizens are the scapegoats because Democrat politicians refuse to protect the American people from criminals and terrorists.

Contrary to our constitutional rights, Americans are subject to warrantless searches, excessive or no bail, excessive delays before trials, other invasions of our privacy, and arrest without legitimate probable cause.

President Obama's policies harm most Americans, making us poorer, less free and less safe. A President Clinton would continue those policies that harm most Americans but reward her rich and powerful supporters.

Don Ewing

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'Trust' is word that best describes why I support Forrester for governor

To The Daily Sun,

Trust. I cannot think of a single word in the English language that better describes why I support Jeanie Forrester for governor of New Hampshire.

I have known and respected Jeanie for almost a decade, through her tenure at the helm of the Greater Meredith Program as well as her time as our state senator. I have had the privilege of serving as an adviser to Jeanie on occasion and I have seen her leadership first-hand.

Catchy slogans are usually just pretty words serving a political campaign. But in Jeanie's case, "Governor for the People" truly expresses who she is and whom she serves. I am comfortable in the alignment of our core values and equally important, I trust Jeanie Forrester to make the right decisions for the people of New Hampshire.

Mark Billings

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