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I don't recall any of these groups observing Pearl Harbor Day

To The Daily Sun,

Members of several activist groups are planning to observe the 70th anniversary of the United States dropping atomic bombs during World War II on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping flowers into the Merrimack River and remembering names of those killed in those two Japanese cities.

I don't recall any of these group members holding an observance of Dec. 7, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. War records show that 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 wounded in the attack.

During my career as a news reporter I had the opportunity to interview Richard H. Nelson, the radio operator aboard the Enola Gay, the B-29 which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Nelson said he never had regrets about the use of the bombs and his involvement with them.

"It saved lives. The bombs were the only thing to convince the Japanese that the war was over and they had lost, " Nelson said. The crew member also said it was estimated that if the Allied Forces had had to invade Japan it was estimated that casualties would have reached two million.
He ended the interview by saying, "Occasionally a soldier comes up to me and says, 'You saved my life.' That makes it all worth it,'" Nelson said

Gordon D. King

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I do not want Hillary Clinton as a role model for my granddaughter

To The Daily Sun,

Why do people, especially women, like Hillary?

Hillary hates other women. When Bill was being accused of infidelities, she was the bulldog who went after the women and smeared them ruthlessly. And they were telling the truth. She lied every chance she could to smear their reputations.

Women who worked for her were paid about 70 cents on the dollar compared to male counterparts. War on women wages. She did not pay fairly.

As Secretary of State she was supposed to turn over documents, including e-mails, when she left the State Department. She only turned over some when Judicial Watch put her e-mails and private server in the news. She chose what e-mails to turn over, not the State Department or Congress. Who knows what she destroyed.

As Secretary of State, she should not have used a private server for emails. Anyone can hack it and it was hacked. A Romanian hacker hacked her e-mails. Don't you think the Russians and Chinese hacked them also?

She said she had trouble with more than one device and yet she has an iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. I heard in her own voice on the radio that she is close to being a hoarder. Yet she erased e-mails. It is clear she erased e-mails she did not want the public to see.

The Clinton Foundation seems like a worthy organization. But did you know that only 6 percent of the money goes to causes. The rest of he money, 94 percent goes to administrative costs. Can you imagine 96 percent to pay for Clinton expenses? That is living high.

As Secretary of State she approved the sale of a uranium company to Russia. How stupid is that? With our porous borders and Iran working to nuclear bombs, it is easy to think a dirty bomb may come to the USA with uranium from this company.

The Clinton Foundation had to redo their taxes as they "forgot" to include some of the monies it collected. You and I would be paying fines, if not jail time, too!

Transparency.... no transparency in her campaign. Questions are all staged. He poll numbers go up when she does not make public appearances.

I met a woman at a store a couple months ago who was a staunch Hillary supporter. I asked her why as I cannot understand it. She was impressed how she stood by Bill.

The man cheated on her and is still cheating on her.

When asked about our education system, she said it was complicated. She has no clue how to fix it, or is not telling us.

I have a son, but I also have a daughter-in-law who I love like a daughter. If my son acted like Bill Clinton, I would have her drop him like a hot potato.

I hope to have grandchildren in the future and hopefully, a granddaughter. I emphatically do not want Hillary Clinton as a role model for her. What sane mother or grandmother would?

Would I like to see a woman president some time? Sure. But I want a woman with integrity. A woman with scruples.

If asked what Hillary has accomplished, I can honestly say nothing good.

Our country needs good-paying jobs. Our education system needs improving. Infrastructure improvements are needed. All without increasing taxes.

We need a president with bold fresh ideas and most of integrity to do what he/she says he/she is going to do. That is not Hillary Clinton!

Linda Riley



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