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How are parents coming up with the $7k to transport their kids?

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama recently asserted that a photo op at our chaotic southern border was totally unnecessary since he is well informed about the goings on in and around the Rio Grande. His "dreamy plan" is of course to wait for the Republicans to cave in to his every desire which requires $3.7 billion in aid to be sent to "secure the border". Right on Mr. President. We can keep our border, period, he assures us. So long as we send him bags of moolah to play with. His nose grows longer still. Inventor Gepetto created a wooden marionette who came to life and became untrustworthy in word and deed. It seems as though communists created a soulless Marxist U.S. president who is also eminently untrustworthy. How exactly could this have happened in this country?

So cocksure is he that Republicans will cave in to his latest lust for money and power, that after his callous comment, he sped off to more fundraisers, barbecues and a night of billiards and beer. Even Democrats have begun to question his "bizarre behavior" and his aloof, detached demeanor. Yet even more bizarrely, disparate groups from La Raza to Christian churches are embracing some form of amnesty. Innocent children are being used as Trojan horses to create utter mayhem as our southern border dissolves right in front of our eyes.

All but the true blue Kool-Aid drinkers know that Barack Obama has created this tumultuous and sometimes deadly exodus with his implicit message of amnesty and that trying to put the blame on Republicans is patently absurd. And now we have children coming in with TB, chicken pox, scabies, lice, foot and mouth disease, bacterial pneumonia and who know what other diseases. Drug cartels, violent, international MS-13 gangs and other persons of ill repute are infiltrating this country. Ah yes, and the perfect opportunity for radical Islamists to infiltrate our porous borders with which to create more sleeper cells within our states.

Who is paying the drug cartel "coyotes" to transport Central American children across Mexico? If it is their parents, then where are they coming up with the $7,000? How much are the drug cartels paying the Mexican government to allow the transportation of these vulnerable children 1,800 miles to our border? What kind of pressure,if any, has our president placed on Mexican President Nieto to stop this illegal invasion of our sovereign nation? Perhaps he could also persuade President Nieto to have Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi released pronto. Does our president even know or care that this decorated war veteran with PTSD has languished in a Mexican prison for over three months and has spent $65,000 on legal fees. That would be all the money he has earned while serving our country with honor. Just where is the honor and leadership of our Commander-in-Chief?

Why does President Obama continue to lie about his deportation record? Why does he continue to lie about the security of our borders? There seems to be little doubt that something sinister or clandestine is going on. Is he trying to ensure that the United States is no more exceptional than any third-world country? Is he actually so power drunk and mentally unstable that he is deliberately creating pandemonium so that he can implement martial law? Rumors are growing that he has plans to go after our guns while ignoring the 2nd Amendment. These are indeed the times that try mens' and womens' souls.

Russ Wiles

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People of Newfound Area came together to celebrate nation's b-day

To The Daily Sun,

The Bristol Lions Club is grateful for all of the support that the Town of Bristol, the Bristol Fire Department and the Bristol Police Department as well as the Highway Department and the Water/Sewer Department gave the Club with this year's Fourth of July celebration.

Although the weather rained on our parade and pushed the fireworks to the following weekend, the Kelly Miller Circus arrived on time and in great form. The RS Fireworks Company from Londonderry gave us a great show that was witnessed by hundreds of spectators at Kelley Park. The Kelly Miller Circus in its third year of with us gave a spectacular two-day extravaganza that fit the time and the community. Over 2,000 people attended.

Most of all, you the residents and visitors of the Newfound Area came together to celebrate our nation's birthday. The people attending and supporting these events are appreciated by the Bristol Lions Club. Thank you for allowing us to serve the community once again.

Bristol Lions Club

Merle Lyon, President

Gerry Gagnon, Vice President

Joe Denning, Secretary

Theressa Butler, Treasurer


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LHS Band Boosters will hold annual yard sale from 8 to 4 on Saturday

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, July 26, Laconia High School Band Booster organization will be holding its annual yard sale from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Laconia Middle School Gym. Funds raised through this endeavor help with the purchase, repairs and replacement of musical instruments.

Through this program, students of all socioeconomic statues are afforded the opportunity to learn an instrument and participate in the LHS Band and helps ease the pressure of obtaining their own instruments. Under the leadership of Ms. Debbi Gibson, the band and chorus have traveled to such places as Busch Gardens, Walt Disney World and most recently to Toronto, Canada.

We are still in need of donations to help make this event happen. We will take donations of everything except for clothing, shoes televisions and computers. Items may be delivered directly to the Laconia Middle School between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. up until July 25 or by contacting 491-4573 to arrange a pick-up.

The Laconia Sachem Band Boosters extend a warm and robust thank you to the community for being such strong supporters of the LHS Music Department and Ms. Debbi Gibson.

Lisa Fortson


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These men aren't spewing hate, they're expressing love of country

To The Daily Sun,

In the weekend edition of The Sun there was a letter to the editor from a Ms. Carol Stappi congratulating Bernadette Loesch for chastising Misters Earle, Boutin and Ewing for their "hate" letters to the editors. I don't know the contents of Ms. Loesch's letter as I no longer read them due to the lack of facts and truths in them. If the world was flat, Bernadette would have fallen off the left side of it a long time ago. Obama could murder his family and Bernadette and others of her ilk would find some way to blame someone else.

As far as Ms. Stappi is concerned, her hypocrisy is blatantly exposed by her failing to add the writers from the left, Mr. Veverka is one who stands out, who spew more hate than anyone on Ms. Stappi's list. Apparently, Ms. Stappi is another who blindly voted for Obama (twice) without checking into his background which showed he didn't have the experience to sell hot watches on a street corner, never mind running this country, and the last six years have proven it.

The Misters Earle, Boutin and Ewing aren't spewing hate they are showing that they care for this country, and it's a shame that Obama doesn't do the same.

Dave Schwotzer


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We have to come up with an affordable number for county jail fix

To The Daily Sun,

If nobody thinks we need a $42 million jail, and nobody thinks we can afford a $42 million jail, how did we end up with a $42 million price tag? The answer is in the normal construction process.

My wife and I have long considered fixing our kitchen so that it's not freezing in the winter and getting rid of the flat roof that leaks when it snows. We invited an architect who was recommended to us to develop a plan. She gave us three alternatives. One of them looked to best meet our needs, so we asked her to put a a price tag on it. "$14,000," she said. "Whoa," we said, 'that's not happening."

How did she get to that price? She estimated conservatively so we would know what the highest priced scenario would be. She hadn't spec'ed out the finishes so she assumed the best of everything. She included extra touches like a really nice bow window and a large deck (which we are not going to do) and so on. We talked, she revised, and came back to us with a simpler plan. We sent it to three contractors for estimates and the numbers which came back were much more reasonable for our budget.

Should we do the job? Well, in a cold winter, the kitchen isn't very usable, interest rates are low, and construction costs only go up.

We have the same considerations when it comes to the jail. We have to find a happy medium between the best possible plan which would meet all our wishes and what we can afford. And we have to work at it from both directions. We have to look at the tax burdens across the county and come up with an affordable number, and we have to continue to work the plans and specs with the sharpest of pencils to get the price down.

But one thing is clear: Refusing to do anything or making any improvements is not realistic and is not going to save us money — either in the short term or in the long run. Burying our heads in the sand and hoping the problems will magically go away, or throwing out alternatives that simply won't work in the real world are only going to cost us a lot more — and in more ways than financial ones.

Dave Pollak
Candidate for County Commissioner

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