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Been around folks who are stoned & you know why it's called dope

To The Daily sun,

High times in N.H.I hate to spoil anyone's buzz but if you ever smoked POT or been around a bunch of people who are stoned ,you understand why they call it dope. Don't get me wrong, what an adult lights up in their home is their own business. It's what going to happen on our roads and in our schools if pot is made legal, and easier to get, that concerns me.

We have all had close calls while driving with jerks crossing the yellow line while yapping or their cells or texting, add to that a half smoked joint in the ashtray and that is asking for trouble. Ask any high school teacher, they have enough glassey-eyed, stoned kids in their classrooms as it is, we don't need them getting into mom and dad's stash.

The lawmakers in Concord should give this some more thought before we all start driving down 93 with the song Rockey Mountain High blasting on our radios.

Tom Sellew
Lochmere (Tilton)

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I look forward to earning your special election vote on March 11

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank the local voters who voted for me on January 21st during the Special Election Primary for Executive Council District 1. A particular thank you to my family, friends and supporters who made it possible.

I also want to thank Christopher Boothby of Meredith and Mark Aldrich of Lebanon for running a very competitive race and were nothing but gentlemen throughout this process.

This primary enabled our campaign to sharpen our message of local control, being a strong watchdog on spending and expressed the value of state government experience. I am the only candidate left who wants to make the Executive Council District 1 a full-time position, not a part-time position. I look forward to earning your Special General Election vote on March 11th.

Joseph D. Kenney
Republican Nominee for Executive Council District 1

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I'm not a vendor, employee or subcontractor of City of Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

More on my quest to have my court fees returned to me for the mistake made by the City of Laconia in the September 10, 2013 Laconia Ward 5 Primary without having to fill out an IRS W-9 Form. City Clerk Mary Reynolds and the City Attorney Laura Spector-Morgan claim in their Motion for Reconsideration as follow, "By order dated November 19, 2013, this Court (Smukler, J.) granted petitioner his costs in this matter. This decision was made following a hearing on November 19, 2013 of which undersigned counsel never received notice. As the Court is aware, undersigned counsel is not in the habit of failing to attend scheduled hearings and, in fact, to her memory, has never in 15 years failed to appear at a hearing of which she had notice. The Laconia City Clerk therefore ass that the Court reconsider its Order in part."

In an article in The Laconia Daily Sun on October 4, 2013 by Michael Kitch titled, "Gammon Feels Vindicated by Ward 5 Vote Recount": "Gammon had also asked the court to order the city to reimburse his $278 in court costs. A hearing on the issue is scheduled in Merrimack County Superior Court on November 19, but in the meantime city attorney Laura Spector-Morgan offered to approach City Manager Scott Myers about footing the bill to spare the city further legal costs."

In an article in the Laconia Citizen by Amanda Newman, "Error Confirmed Through Primary Election Recount": "A hearing on the costs, which amount to a total of $278, has been set for 9 a.m. on Nov. 19 at the Merrimack Superior Court in Concord."

At the Court Hearing on January 21, 2014, Laconia City Clerk Mary Reynolds again did not appear but Laconia City Attorney Laura Spector-Morgan was there to argue why I am required to fill out an IRS W-9 Form. The City Attorney claims that I am required to because the City of Laconia's Internal Control Policy, page 5, states, "A W9 should be on file for all payments before a check is released. At least annually, the clerk processing the AP vouchers should self audit their records to be sure a W9 is in place for each Vendor."

On the IRS W-9 Form, "Purpose of Form": "A person who is required to file an information return with the IRS must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) to report, for example, income paid to you, payments made to you in settlement of payments card and third party network transactions, real estate transactions, mortgage interest you paid, acquisition or abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt, or contributions you made to an IRA."

I am not a vendor, employee, sub contractor ect. of the City of Laconia. Return of Courts Fees is not income. Why should I have to go through this just to have our 3 votes count.

What is it costing the taxpayers of Laconia to pay Attroney Laura Spector-Morgan to fight for this $280.76? In order to force me to perjury myself by filling out a W-9 form.

David Gammon


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Mr. Veverka's words are not uplifting but God's holy word is

To the Daily Sun,

Dear Mr. Godbout,

First Let me thank you for your service in USAF, I respect that, now I can't say I served in the armed forces, my calling in life was to serve as a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, which I have spent over fifty years doing so from Ireland to New England to California.

As a Born Again Christian we are to love all people, but not love what they say, or do, or speak, but have the right to respond to what he says, he insults the fellow Americans, also Christians. As a Christian, I believe God's holy word tells us how to live. Mr. Veverka is not uplifting in what he says, God's word is.

Our nation is under attack, but listen, the United States of America Federal Reserve Note, which is legal, says "In God we Trust," I believe that and so does Tilton, Northfield, Belmont and Laconia.

To mock Americans  faith in God, is anti-American, that is why I say, Mr. Veverka's letters are shameful, but he has the right to express his views.

But I will contend with his views, why? Because God tells us, "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph 6: 11-13)

The United States gives me freedom of speech, but greater than any nation or person, God gives me freedom, that allows me to proclaim Jesus Christ, as savior, and Lord, of the whole earth.

I thank the Daily Sun for allowing my letters to be printed, not only Mr. Veverka, but mine also, also yours Mr. Godbout, God Bless you, have a happy new year.

William "Liam" McCoy


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Petitioned warrant article would give Gilmanton Schools a tax cap

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton residents:
It's budget time once again for fiscal year 2014-2015. Last year the School Board presented us with a budget that they said was absolutely necessary to run the school, and the town voted to approved it. That resulted in a surplus of over $1.1 million of your tax dollars.
As a result of their ever increasing surpluses each year ($900,000, approximately, last year), I have submitted two petitions to the School Board, signed by folks from our town, that will become Warrant Articles for you to vote for at our March 11, 2014 Town Election.
One article will be to revoke the Gilford High School Tuition Expendable Trust Fund. By continuing this fund, you are essentially being taxed twice — once for the actual students who attend Gilford High School and a second time for "phantom students" who may or may not move into town during the school year. We have a contract (AREA Agreement) with Gilford which covers all tuition needs for our high school students. If the School Board reads the contract and follows it, they would see that there is no need to double tax us.
The second Warrant Article is to apply a Tax Cap upon the school's operational budget for a period of three years. That simply means their budget for the next three years will be based upon the previous year's approved budget, with adjustments for contractual obligations, debt service, and one-time items.
This has been successfully applied to other school districts in New Hampshire and has reduced their budgets without depriving the students of the essentials necessary for a comprehensive education. Since our School Board chairman has stated openly in school board meetings over the years that the Gilmanton School Board produces the budget for the school, so they don't accept the recommendations from the Town Budget Committee or the people of Gilmanton, we must do something to make this School Budget Committee responsible to the taxpayers.
By reducing the operational budget, we do not reduce the contractual salaries of the teachers, reduce the ability of the school to give our children the best education available, or take away any programs in the curriculum. It will merely require the School Board's Budget Committee to find line items in the budget where they have over reached or included funding for something that "might happen", but usually doesn't. This will reduce the budget to a more reasonable amount and, in turn, reduce our taxes. Our town selectmen have done this with the town's budget over the years and still manage to run the town without cutting services to the people.
We have a system within the School Board's Budget Committee that is broken. Over the years we the people have tried to work with them by using simple methods to make the budget manageable. Sadly, the common response from the School Board or superintendent is to say that reducing the budget will only mean making painful cuts to the ongoing operation of the school. Clearly, if you end up with a surplus in excess of $1.1million, we are not being told the whole truth.
So, please come out to vote at the Town Election on March 11 and vote "YES" for both of these Warrant Articles and "NO" to the school budget. It takes a 3/5 majority to pass each of these Warrant Articles so every single vote counts. If you cannot come to the polls, contact our Town Clerk's office and ask for an absentee ballot. Your voice cannot be heard if you don't speak out. And always remember, IT'S YOUR MONEY!
Elena Ball
Gilmanton Iron Works

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