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If you want on of those right-to-work jobs get ready to apply at Walmart

To The Daily Sun,

First, I must respond to Niel Young's letter published on Oct. 3. I understand that you feel it's your right to say whatever it is that comes to your mind, without any basis in reality, and it is of course. But, please list any policy that is "America killing" that President Obama supports. As I have said here before, opinions are not facts, whether you like it or not. I can understand you wanting Scott Brown to have a well-funded retirement (by big oil companies). What I don't understand is why.

Oil companies are "killing America" far more efficiently than anything the president is doing. And we, that's all taxpayers, are subsidizing them to the tune of billions of real dollars. And they can gouge us any time the market says oil prices should be higher, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So when you point out that we are now producing more oil in this country than we are importing, you will actually have a point that President Obama is helping to "kill America." Please list some facts that prove your point of view.

Curiouser and curiouser, obviously I'm talking about George Dengel's letter on Oct. 4. While the whole letter seems to be a punch line, the joke is just plain confusing. The sentence that ends with "... they receive unbiased facts presented by well-educated reporters and commentators," I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. Really, you found this on the Internet did you? And it's from that "den of iniquity (Yale)." Yes, I know Yale allowed the Bush family to purchase a C average for young George W., but you shouldn't hold that against them and damn the whole university for this nonsense. However, I am glad that TPer's are accepting science as a fact of life. Wherever they get their "news."

But seriously, what makes that letter really funny is that not too long ago, a channel called Fox's Bill O'Reilly said and I quote "no one can explain why the tide comes in and goes out" therefore there must be a God. He added that it is a mystery how the sun rises and sets every day. Umm, really O'Reilly, try asking any fifth- or sixth grader-about these mysteries. Maybe he was absent that day. Now, if you want to believe in God and say he makes these things happen through some kind of magic, that's your right and I for one support your right to think that. However, here in the land of religious freedom, don't ask me to believe it.

A lot has been written lately about the wrongly named "Right To Work" laws passed in various states. It's basically the right-winger way of saying "unions bad, corporations good." I have yet to hear from the corporation-loving writer about how he would like a nice fresh glass of West Virginia water, taken from just down the river from a leaky poison chemical holding tank, I wonder why. Back to RTW laws, this tactic is used clearly to undermine unions, you shouldn't be forced to work in a union job they will tell you.

Maybe you should do a little research prior to applying. If the job you want is a union job, then apply some place else. I hear there's always a big turnover at Walmart. Perhaps you would be a better fit there. I say these laws are wrongly named because they should be called "union bashing let us pay you less and if you don't like it you can leave" laws. And if they do manage to do away with unions they will be called "your job goes to the lowest bidder" laws. But if you do get to work at a union facility and don't like unions, you should make darn sure you don't get any of the benefits the union employees get, that'll show 'em, yessiree.

I know that Mr. Earle does not know the difference between an opinion and a fact, but his letter published on Oct. 15 is proof positive. In his letter Mr. Earle cites an "article" printed in Newsweek. It's actually an opinion piece by a former John McCain staffer. Niall Ferguson did indeed write the opinion piece and Newsweek did publish it. They have been "embarrassed" by printing this "article" which is apparently riddled with misrepresentations of the truth and outright lies. Corrections and apologies to follow from Newsweek. I'm sure Mr. Earle will go on believing this nonsense, obviously a channel called Fox will be high-lighting it on all their shows as proof of a failed presidency. Mr. Ferguson is a professor at yet another "den of iniquity," Harvard.

Newsweek seems to be torn between ending its hard copy magazine and not ending it, or bringing it back. But it isn't "closing it's doors" as Mr. Earle seems to believe. I am as non-tech savvy as they come. I am in fact an analog guy in a digital world and with minimal research I was able to find the truth about this article. I understand right-wingers hate facts and fact checkers, but do a little research prior to writing a letter to any newspaper.

Marty Valengavich


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Should we believe assurances that our hospitals are pristine?

To The Daily Sun,

Carol Stappi's recent letter claims that "Shoutin" Tony Boutin is long winded, a self-proclaimed expert and in need of a distemper shot. Anyone find it interesting that she chose to infer that Mr. Boutin must be too late to get a shot designed to prevent canines from contracting a highly contagious, viral disease. I found it to be doggone funny in light of her attack on Tony's concern for the Ebola virus.

This just in Carol: According to Judicial Watch and Bob Goodlatte, House Judiciary chairman, President Obama has a plan, yet to be announced and pray to God he doesn't, to import Ebola-infected foreigners from other countries. Not to worry ladies and gentlemen, Carol scoffs at Tony's notion that we might have an Ebola crisis on our hands. Will she change her mind if our "mad scientist" president actually decrees that we must bring hordes of Ebola patients to our shores?

Carol scoffs at Mr. Boutin's concern that hospitals may not be able to keep up with all the tons of treating and sanitizing that would be required in a real outbreak. She assures us that the hospitals method of sanitizing everything, called "terminally clean" can handle it all because they do it every day. Then perhaps Carol can explain to us just why so many C.diff (gastro intestinal) infections are occurring in our "terminally clean" hospitals. Why are four times as many people dying from C.diff versus 10 years ago and why is it the number one hospital infection killer in most of the nation. Even more than staff infections and about as many as AIDS. About 9 percent of C.diff patients do not survive their hospital stay and are thus "terminally dead."

Hospital personnel blame it on antibiotics. Well yes, the rampant overuse of antibiotics does make patients more vulnerable by killing the good bacteria in the gut along with the bad stuff and also by creating "super bugs." But they don't actually cause C.diff.

Betsy McCaughey, who has done the research, assures us that it is caused by inadequate cleaning in hospitals. Carol, how can that be? Speaking of antibiotics, the Mayo Clinic reports that MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has mutated into a more drug resistant form that is infecting healthy people in the community. It is difficult to treat, requiring longer hospital stays from the longer illness and resulting in the prescribing of more expensive and toxic medications and sometimes death. Oh Carol (sorry, had a Neil Sedaka moment), can you tell us why every PCP that treats a patient with an antibiotic doesn't tell them to take probiotics in order to replenish their intestinal tract with good bacteria and thus support and replenish compromised immune systems?

Carol accuses Tony of "scare mongering" when it is the CDC (yes, the group that can't make up it's mind about the correct protocol or how to properly train medical personnel) who uses scare mongering to get the public to rush out and get their flu shot. The CDC's own official record, the National Vital Statistics Reports says that only a few of the 36,000 deaths per year are from the flu. Most people die from a weakened immune system (especially the elderly) and from pre-existing conditions. Many deaths result from contracting pneumonia as a result of their compromised immune systems. And let's not forget that pneumonia is usually bacterial in nature.

In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal confirmed that the CDC flu death figures are indeed bogus and are manufactured in order to scare people into obtaining a flu vaccine. Yes, the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies are bosom buddies. Very rich and reciprocated, crony capitalistic bosom buddies.

Okay, I report and you all can decide for yourselves. Should we believe Carol and her assurances that hospitals are pristine and the CDC is spot on in handling the Ebola concerns, or your lying eyes. I'm thinking that Tony is right to be skeptical of our government agencies.

And good grief Carol, please take a good look around you before you pick on Tony for his displeasure regarding Obama's policies. The Democrats are running away from Barack Obama because the man has totally gone off the rails and epitomizes a lawless runaway locomotive gone loco. Our open borders are bringing in all manner of disease, death, destruction, terrorists and brutal gangs. And all to insure an unending supply of new Democratic voters. Impeachment proceedings would have been well on their way under a Republican administration.

Russ Wiles


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