Politicians seem powerless to influence outward migration

To The Daily Sun,

Where are the leaders? So asks Walt Havenstein. Which is absolutely the right question. There is no strategy for eliminating terrorism. A woman is beheaded right in the U.S. and there is no outcry from our government. A Marine languishes in a Mexican jail and there is no outcry against Mexican trade and travel. We have a governor who balances her state budget by using revenue from a non-existent casino. The First Lady, a powerful minority female attorney, complains that women are disadvantaged in the U.S. Our children are faced with food they won't eat in school, while they are taught Common Core classes that are centrally controlled through leaderless directives.

Our New Hampshire citizens are leaving New Hampshire to drive to Massachusetts for their work in droves of over 100,000 people/day, and local politicians seem powerless to address or influence this issue. Taxes are so high that we no longer can afford to live on one salary alone and we mostly need two workers per family to make ends meet. And we are struggling with so very many citizens and illegal aliens on government support, and need leadership to get our population back to work. So where are the leaders?

Walt Havenstein is a leader. His employees at BAE are vocal and loyal. Their energy and support are reminiscent of the recent support that Market Basket employees gave Arthur T. People who worked with him for years, know that he is "the real thing," know that he listened to and respected all the employees who worked there, knew their names, was open and honest as a manager, and kept their jobs in New Hampshire.

It's time to get back to real leadership. My vote goes to Walt. I hope you'll join me.

Janet Cramer


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Totally unacceptable for public officials not to tell truth in court

To The Daily Sun,

Our recent county "crisis" has proven to have been a fabrication. On Sept. 15, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee of the Belknap County Convention, there was no request from the commissioners for any budget transfer. Three days later, on Sept. 18, the Belknap County Commissioners announced that the county was faced with an immediate crisis if the commissioners were not allowed to make a number of significant money transfers from various budget lines to other lines. They demanded that the executive committee meet again and immediately approve the needed transfers. The commissioners emphasized that the immediate situation was so serious that the transfers could not wait until the executive committee's next scheduled meeting on Sept. 29.

When the executive committee refused to hold another meeting immediately to approve the claimed emergency transfers, the commissioners on Sept. 23 again sent their lawyers from Exeter into court. This time the lawyers made an emergency motion to either compel an immediate meeting of the executive committee to approve the needed transfers or, in the alternative, to obtain court approval for the claimed emergency transfers.

Specifically, the commissioners represented to the court through their attorneys that "in the week that it will take to convene the executive committee by their proposed schedule, elderly patients will need to be transferred from the nursing home, inmates will need to be transferred from the jail, and law enforcement personnel will be subject to danger due to insufficient communication." To address this urgent situation, the commissioners initially told the court that $617,872.20 was needed. After questioning by the court, the commissioners then reduced the figure to $455,500.

The court rejected both requests, refusing to order an emergency meeting and also refusing to grant approval of the transfer of the money said to be immediately needed. The judge did make it clear that he would like to see a meeting of the executive committee take place before the scheduled Sept. 29 meeting.

A meeting was scheduled by the executive committee for Sept. 26 to hear the commissioners' request for emergency transfers that could not wait until the Sept. 29 meeting. At that meeting, the prior requests of $617,872 and then later $455,500 became a request for transfer of $10,000. The "crisis" that was going to shut down the county if $455,500 in transfers were not immediately made turned out to be a $10,000 need.

It is abundantly clear from this that the original representations were patently false. It is obvious that the commissioners knowingly misrepresented the "crisis" to the convention, the public and the court. In addition to conveying knowingly false facts to the court, the commissioners also expended public funds to pay for lawyers to convey the misrepresentations to the court.

When public officials lie to the public and to other public officials, that is wrong. Intentional misrepresentations to a court in the course of a public officer's official business is totally unacceptable.

Our state does not have a recall procedure. Instead RSA 64:7 provides that "any officer of a county may be removed from office by the superior court for official misconduct." The case law under this statute is clear that the misconduct need not rise to the level of a crime but must be more than a mere lapse in judgment. Intentional lying to a court about matters of county business definitely cannot be dismissed as a mere lapse in judgment. Whether or not it rises to the level of perjury, the effect is the same.

Hunter Taylor

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We followed you formula for world peace and look what happened

To The Daily Sun,

Aggressors around the world have been emboldened. Some aggressors are nations, others are terrorist groups like al-Qaida and ISIS or criminal groups such as the Mexican drug cartels. Some aggressors claim their neighbors' lands, others just take them. Some aggressors kill fellow citizens who aren't the right something (e.g., religion, tribe, ethnic group, gang), while others are reaching out and killing people in other countries. Aggressors, such as North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, and in the Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, are acting, demanding or taking what they want, increasing their power, and controlling or killing increasing numbers of innocent people.

Yet, this wasn't supposed to happen.

Less than six years ago the progressives of the world awarded President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize not for anything he did but just because they "knew" that his progressive policies would bring peace and justice to the world.

President Obama has done what the world's progressive elites wanted. He apologized for our country because they accuse U.S. power of causing aggression. President Obama is cutting our military and economic power to ensure our country's future weakness. President Obama negotiates with and appeases aggressors, against the advice of our military and blames us for the killings. He prematurely withdrew our troops from Iraq. He refuses to accurately name our enemy and he removed information about Islam from our anti-terrorist training to avoid being "offensive" (and perhaps anticipating a flood of Quaker or Presbyterian terrorists). He establishes "harsh sanctions" that don't hurt the people instigating the aggressive actions. And, of course, he is "properly" anti-Israel.

For decades progressives have told us that these actions were required for world peace. But, after nearly six years of applying these progressive policies, the promised peace is nowhere to be found. In fact, aggression has increased and made the world a much more dangerous place (as predicted by people with a realistic understanding of human nature and history).

Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Ronald Reagan advocated, "Peace through strength." Burke's and Reagan's statements reflect reality. Weakness and denial of reality embolden aggressors. Strength deters aggressors. These are clear lessons that Pearl Harbor and 9/11 should have taught every American.

President Obama and the progressive elites may actually believe in their progressive policies of appeasement, political correctness, denial of reality, and weakness, but they only achieve peace in fantasyland. In reality progressive policies create an increasingly dangerous real world where people lose their freedoms, prosperity, and often their lives.

Don Ewing


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Why isn't press reporting Obama's role in high cost of electricity

To The Daily Sun,

Massachusetts and New Hampshire papers have reported that power companies are telling everyone that electricity will be much more expensive this winter, but they haven't told us why.

Back in 2008, Mr. Obama told us he planned to raise electricity rates (http://instituteforenergyresearch.org/quotes-on-cap-and-trade-and-energy/): "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. . . . Because I'm capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, natural gas — you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers."

He couldn't pass his cap-and-trade system, but he's had the EPA write rules that are shutting down our coal-fired electrical generators. We can't get our now-abundant natural gas to them because he's blocked all sorts of pipeline construction.

Rising electric rates are the direct result of Mr. Obama's policies. Why won't the newspapers tell us that?

Bill Taylor

New Hampton

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As inmate, I feel voice should be heard from inside on this issue

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is a response to the article that was published on Sept. 24 headed "Commission asks Judge to force lawmakers to meet."

As an inmate here at Belknap County House of Corrections I follow up on issues such as this one.

This article in particular has my attention because this is my "home" and how I live for the duration of my sentence. I directly feel the effects of this "budget situation" as do the families of all the inmates.

Budget cuts mean not enough correctional officers to provide security for privileges as visitation, medical released furloughs, in-house jobs and in-house programs, and any other programs which require a correctional officer to be present. Due to the low staff last weekend, Sept 19th through the 21st, we inmates had our visitation privileges canceled. Although I was not directly affected because I do not receive visits outside of the jail, it did have an effect on six other inmates here because their families had to travel from outside the state and were turned away.

It doesn't stop there. This "low budget" situation has affected me the most by not being able to be out on work release due again to "low budget, low staff, low security." I make my living on the outside as a painter and before I was sentenced here I provided for my girlfriend and her two kids. In my plea I was given the work release program so I could keep providing for my family and obtain the occupation I once had. Due to the low staff here and this "budget situation" I have lost my job and am at high risk of losing my place to live and my family being tossed out on the street due to not being able to provide the money needed to pay bills.

This low budget situation does not stop at that. I know to the outside community we at the county jail are looked at as inmates and belong here for the crimes we have committed. This being true as most of us do belong here for our violations, but where in the rehabilitation stages does it say an inmate has to shower in mold infested showers, live in a dorm with exposed pipes, breath the bad air quality and bad air circulation, and sleep on poor bedding?

I feel as an inmate that a voice needs to be heard from inside the jail on this situation. I am not writing this letter to get any of the staff in trouble, I am writing this based on the facts of this budget situation and how this affects inmates, correctional officers, jail staff, and the inmates' families on the outside.

Any questions you may have please feel free contact me at the name and address given.

David Nelson


76 County Drive

Laconia, NH 03246


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