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Evidence of God is not admissible in court of Jim's understanding

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka says, "There is no evidence" for the supernatural realm in the natural, "because the natural world evidences itself, nothing more." God says, through the apostle Paul, the natural world is itself enough evidence of His existence that by it we should know that He exists. (Romans 1:20-22) Who should I believe, Jim or God? Let's see. I read a lot of Jim's letters and have caught him misleading his readers often. Please, I would not say this if on at least two occasions I had not uncovered Jim's error. God's word has always proven to be faithful and true. So who should I trust? I'll chose God, thank you.
It's interesting that Jim doesn't know how life happened. He also doesn't know that Jesus is an actual historic figure. Of God speaking through dreams and visions, Jim says, "There isn't any evidence that any of these experiences occurred for any other reason than neurologic ones." We do have physical bodies, this is true. We also have a spirit which is just as obviously true. Otherwise how do we know anything at all. Trying to find something that he could say was unquestionably true, Rene Descartes said "I think, therefore I am." That is not physical. That's spiritual. That God speaks to men and women also through dreams and visions is not with without evidence. He has been doing it for generations, to people all around the world. If He hasn't spoken to you in this manner you probably know someone to whom He has. It's not that it's not in evidence, but that the evidence is not admissible in the court of Jim's understanding. Jim says only physical evidence please. He attempts to create a catch 22. He accepts only physical evidence, then concludes there is no evidence of the supernatural realm.

This brings us back to Jim's denial that Jesus is an actual historical character. Jesus is the physical evidence. Jesus life is where the supernatural world and the physical world come together, in the deity and the manhood of Christ. And even though by all objective standards of judging history, Jesus lived. (Christians know He still does but that's another discussion.) Jim, against all reason, can't bring himself to admit it. It threatens his fragile world view — which the Rock made without hands will crush along with the coming world government. (Daniel 2:34-45). Which reminds me dreams and visions that are from God are usually predictive in nature. This makes for one of the ways that you can tell that they are from God. Do they come to pass?
Yes, Jim, your side is in control and increasing for now. But if you're a sportsman you know how fast things can change.
As to evidence, I think I have used the term quite correctly. Yet I think that you really don't understand faith. Firstly: the God kind of faith you can't even have unless God gives it. He will give it if you sincerely ask. If He gives it it opens up a door for you to have a relationship with Him. That relationship becomes a real and concrete thing even more so than the stuff of this world. Think about it Jim. Which is stronger, God who created everything or the stuff He created?
Jim are you humble enough to admit that those living generations before you, though they did not have the advantage of the increase in knowledge of this world that our generation has inherited, may have had a better understanding of revelatory knowledge of the supernatural realm than our generation.
Jim says, "The history of knowledge is a story of an ever-shrinking space within which to say something is an act of God." How does that make sense; except that it is the thought from an ego puffed up from an arrogant pride of someone who has come into possession of some knowledge of the world and because he has learned how some things work, he thinks that somehow evidences that there is no God, or that He does not perform acts in the physical world? It is not a logical thought process. It only evidences arrogance.

John Demakowski


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I want to say 'thank you' to the Belmont Public Works crew

To The Daily Sun,

A big "thank you!" to the Belmont DPW for all the hard work they do year round: snowplowing when everyone is asleep; keeping our roads clear of debris after a windstorm; cutting and clearing trees after they have fallen; even picking up trash that people throw on our streets, like TVs, couches or other unwanted stuff. Not nice!

So, I just wanted to say "thank you!" for your service to our town.

George Dagoumas


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