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'Agri-tourism' is part of 'agri-industry' and should not be banned

The The Daily Sun,

Farm-to-table food is the choice of some families here in New Hampshire's Lakes Region because of the abundance of rich farm land and the nourishing food grown here.

This local mini "agri-industry" should be protected and supported as a valuable asset, especially in the fast-changing time of the world today, and not hampered by local regulations.

"Agri-tourism" is term used to describe the preparing and serving of food to a group of people enjoying living in a country setting. It is part of "agri-industry" and should not be banned.

Don Onofrio


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National delegates should vote at convention for who won primary

To The Daily Sun,

I am responding to the column in Saturday, Nov. 14's, Daily Sun that reminded me that super delegates can support the candidate of their choice regardless of who the voters choose.

We definitely need election reform big time. Delegate votes should reflect who the voters choose. If the delegates are biased toward a particular candidate. then cast their vote in the primary and general election. But when it comes time to cast their votes at the convention they should reflect the choice of the voters in their state. Otherwise their votes will be fraudulent and they should be released from that responsibility.

Donna Lawler

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