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Marxism & fascism both impose top-down government control

To The Daily Sun,

There seems to be some confusion on the part of Mr. Paul Punturieri (letter to the editor, Dec. 24), when he referred to "Marxist leftists" and "fascist rightists." He seems to associate conservatives with fascism and progressives with Marxism. He is only half right, because progressivism is just a relabeling of Marxism, but conservatism is diametrically opposed to both.

You see, Marxists and fascism are more alike than different. They are both oppressive big government top-down-control of the people points of view. Where the two differ is fascism enlists big business, big banking into the control process, whereas Marxism seizes control of big business and banking. Either way it doesn't turn out very well for the majority of the people who become subjects of the government, not citizens with rights.

Folks who have taken the time to actually read the letters from conservatives should have learned that conservatives favor small, less-intrusive government and individual rights for all the people, as our Constitution allows. In spite of progressives (actually "Fabian progressives," if you care to look it up) continue to try to label conservatives and Tea Party types as fascists. There is no truth to that, but what is new about that?

Also, do not confuse all Republicans as conservatives, not all are that conservative, as events in Washington have shown. That is why most, if not all, conservatives would favor term limits for Congress which would have the side benefit of reducing the ever-expanding lobbying and big money flowing into the pockets of "corruptocrats" in both parties.

Seems to me that the elections next year will determine how the next century of history will play out for the world. Sliding deeper into the trap of government of gi'me more and take away our rights will lead to more lawless violence, war and revolutions. Only by force of arms will a Marxist or fascist government be able to hold power in this country because there are still many who will resist in kind to that kind of attempted control. That will be bad for everyone not only in America but world wide.

Steve Earle


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Children's Foundation thankful for the community's generosity

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Children's Foundation I would like to thank everyone who adopted a family or took tags from one of our Christmas Angel trees at the following places: Walmart, Fratello's, Sacred Heart Church, and St. Joseph Church. I also want to thank the Gilford Village Nursery School, John and Cheryl Barton and the Lakes Region Corvette Club, the thoughtful ladies who made hats and mittens, and all the wonderful people who dropped off donations to make this year's Christmas Angel Program successful. This year we provided more than 600 children in the Lakes Region with clothing and personal hygiene items. We couldn't have done it without your help and generosity.

I would like to thank the local newspapers for their coverage of our programs and keeping the local residents informed of the days and times of operation.

A big "thank you" goes out to all the hard-working volunteers who supported and worked the Christmas Angel Program. Thank you for all your efforts in helping local families and their children, so they could have a Merry Christmas.

We are blessed to live in the Lakes Region, where the people are generous, caring, and willing to help us provide children with the necessities.

By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children in our community.

Sue Page

St. Vincent de Paul Children's Foundation

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