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Report does't use the word but we know a lie when we see one

To the editor,
The Bush administration devised a carefully constructed mechanism to lead the U.S. to war with Iraq.
First they manufactured a problem, declaring that Iraq was a grave danger to the United States. They argued that Iraq was a threat to America and to the peace of the world, through its alleged arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and growing danger from Iraq, thus there was an urgency to act. Cultivating widespread anxiety by propagating fear stories about enemies seeking to do the American people great harm? Demonizing Hussein as someone so evil and irrational that there was a moral imperative for action.
They next had to dismiss other policy options that could have avoided war. Arguing that containment, an effective strategy during the cold war — couldn't work. They continued by attacking the efficacy of the U.N. weapons inspectors (which, ironically, had successfully disarmed Iraq from 1991-1998). Ultimately declaring that there would be no negotiations or discussions with Iraq.
Finally, the administration stated "we have no choice" — The U.S. did not want war but was being forced to act. It was Saddam's choice to go to war. The administration argued that Hussein must disarm. If he did not comply by turning over his weapons of mass destruction, he was choosing war and if the U.N. refused to act, then the U.S. would have to act. The Bush administration argued that was is our last option, even though the U.S. actively blocked every other viable policy. In this way, the administration made war the only option.
Subjected to this sustained campaign, Congress and a majority of Americans came to support this war of deception orchestrated by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co.
As early as 2002, while in the office of Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, then President Bush stated, "(expletive) Saddam, we're taking him out." A year later he commented that, "Well, there is no question that we have evidence and information that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical particularly ... all this will be made clear in the course of the operation, for whatever duration it takes."
The evidence is conclusive that the Bush administration fabricated evidence and ignored repeated warnings that what was being reported were false.
Governments of coalition forces had to buy into these lies in order to justify sending troops from their respective countries. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that he would have invaded Iraq even if he knew from the start that it didn't have weapons of mass destruction.
Our Senate Intelligence Committee released a 200-page report on how Bush and his officials deliberately misrepresented secret intelligence to make a case to invade Iraq. The report is a direct rebuke of the Bush administration's continued claims that it was the intelligence that was faulty and that Bush and company were simply presenting what the CIA had given them. The report doesn't use the word, but we all know what it's called when someone presents something as fact that's directly contradicted by the evidence: a lie. Not a mistake. A lie.
Further U.S. Senate reports revealed that the Bush administration could not find links it claimed existed between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. It tried, in best Soviet style, to torture its captives to admit that such a link did in fact exist. That, of course, would have been much better excuse for invading Iraq than the lies about weapons of mass destruction pointed at America.
Conservatives maligned the United Nations because this organization is not an arm of the United States and told the truth about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. U.N. reports submitted to the Security Council before the was by Hans Blix, former chief U.N. Arms Inspector, and largely validated by U.S. weapons teams, found that Iraq's nuclear weapons program was dormant. No evidence was found to suggest Iraq possessed chemical or biological weapons.
While we would all agree that Hussein would never be voted Man of the Year, if we were to follow Bush's logic, our next preemptive strike to protect the U.S. from attack and "evil dictators" should be on North Korea, Cuba, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Burma and ... the list goes on.
Why is it that Mr. Earle and other conservatives are quick to hold Obama accountable for all the ills of the United States, but fail to recognize possibly the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people? Apparently they only believe and repeat what they hear on their "fair and balanced" network.
I'm certainly not opposed to defending our country and way of life, but I am opposed to dumb, rash wars based on passion and politics.
L. J. Siden

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Please, senators, don't side with thugs, rapists & murderers

To the editor,
Open letter to the Senators of the N.H. legislature:
In the recent past there was a hearing on HB-135 — legislation to repeal a law that has had less than a year of testing in this state. The turn out at the hearing was overwhelmingly in opposition to this piece of legislation. Sadly a majority of our House of Representatives decided it was better to side with thugs, rapists and murderers than to stand with the majority of the citizens of New Hampshire. This bill is now coming to you. Please do several things when you vote on this on Tuesday, April 23: please do not take the step to make law abiding citizens criminals for defending themselves in any place they have a right to be; please review the facts that, since this law was put into effect here in N.H., there have been no incidents in N.H. to warrant its repeal, and, even more importantly, do not stand as a friend to rapists, murderers and thugs — stand by the citizens of this state and kill this bad legislation!
A. C. R. Piper

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Saddam had WMDs during war with Iran; we supplied them

To the editor,
I was looking at the letters to editor online and was going to skip "1600 year wars" but noticed my name was the first word in the sentence. I started reading the letter and got to thinking about the little tin toy with a crank on the side. As it was cranked the tune (Round and Round the Mulberry Bush) at the end up pops Jack the Weasel.
I was not interested in the history lesson any more than I was to read your income tax return letter — what garbage. Jack was correct, Saddam had WMDs during The Iraq Iran War, all supplied by USA. Jack calls me a liar and fool throughout his letter. His version of events are all his opinion. I spent 8-10 hours reading many articles and my letter contains quotes copied off web pages. His opinion on WMDs and inspections that followed are false. Jack, read the web pages as I did to get the truth and give reference to where your opinion came from.
In the meantime, I feel you are a instigator and also add you to my list of pathetic liars along with Mr. Wiles and Mr. Earle. You wouldn't know the truth if it tapped you on the shoulder. Honest writers, you call them! Jack,did your mother ever tell you to speak only when spoken too? I wrote a letter to Mr Earle, which was answered by Mr.Wiles. I answered his concerns, asked him how many of the 30 GOP governed states voted for President Obama . . . no answer. His next letter prompted me to write the one you found fault with and you answer that one. It looks like you are the spokesman for your little web of liars. I have had a few 2-minute conversations with Mr.Earle. Now when he sees me, he runs faster than a pit bull who just got introduced to turpentine.
Finally, I hope you read the fine column written by Pat Buchanan, twice GOP presidential candidate, who took George W Bush to the woodshed, spanked him, threw him under the bus and slowly put him under the rear wheels, got out and threw the keys in the woods and walked away.
Henry Osmer

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Newfound should not bare total wind turbine burden for N.H.

To the editor,
Newfound Lake residents are outraged over New Hampshire's decision, which goes against popular vote, to move forward with these next three wind project developments. One hundred and twenty plus wind turbines in this area will surely have a negative impact on our tourism.
Outsiders, looking in, can clearly see that residents are against these next three wind projects. Voters showed they clearly oppose them, surveys identify that residents oppose them and "the talk of the town" clearly shows opposition to these projects. Many New Hampshire officials have also stated that they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of letters they've received from residents opposing wind farm expansion plans around Newfound Lake.
Residents are also starting to raise concerns that the wind farm developers are offering so-called community benefits (also known as bribes and kick-backs) to local institutions, business owners and residents. It's being seen as an inducement not to object. Residents are shocked that developers are pursuing their plans in this manner, especially since they clearly stated upfront in multiple public presentations "we will not build here if the people do not want us to".
Contrary to what many believe — many residents here believe in "green energy" and we have proof of that. Look at how many biomass plants we have in our community already. Many residents also believe that wind farms should be limited — limited by how many turbines can or should be proposed for one community.
Newfound Lake should not bear sole responsibility for the majority of New Hampshire's renewable wind energy policy. That's just not a fair green energy policy, it should be spread out. The current plan clearly marks Newfound Lake as "New England's largest concentration of wind turbines."
As developers and politicians continue to push hard for these additional wind farms — I think it's time for politicians to start thinking about and talking "common sense". Have some common sense on spreading your green energy policy evenly across the state.
Wear our shoes for a day, stop looking at maps and come visit our beautiful lake. It's time you came to us... we have much to show you both during the day and at night.
Raymond Cunningham

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Democrat leaders called for Clinton & Bush to control Saddam

To the editor,
As per Henry Osmer's instructions, I searched Wikapedia trying to find where it says that the U.S. sent poison gas to Iraq. I didn't find it. I'm not surprised because this is the same false claim made by Leo Sandy a few years ago. He made that claim twice, about two years apart, and it was debunked then by several people, myself among them. What the professor said was poison gas, and I'm pretty sure Henry is basing this falsehood on, is that a ban on a chemical solvent used in the production of fertilizer, a color pigment stabilizer in paint and ball point pens and many other legitimate industrial uses, was raised. Unfortunately this solvent can and was used as a precursor in the production of Saddam's poison gas stocks. That's on him, not on us, not on Bush, not on Clinton, no one except the Iraqi dictator himself.
I don't know if Henry understands the differences here but make no mistake, it is NOT THE SAME THING.
Also just to be clear, I have 15 printed pages of quotes from Democratic leaders: Pres. Clinton, Sec. State Madeline Albright, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Senators Carl Leven, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Nancy Polosi and many, many other Dems. attesting to the "fact" that Saddam Hussein had or was developing WMD. If in doubt, I invite Henry and others to go to:
There are also abundant sites with tapes and videos that readers can go to to see and hear these Democratic leaders saying this and calling for our presidents, Clinton and Bush, to take firm measures to insure that Iraq never gets nukes and to depose Saddam as ruler of Iraq.
I might suggest that before Henry again starts throwing around the accusation of liar he does a little more research other then just picking out what he thinks will provide cover.
Steve Earle

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