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As an independent, I see only one great candidate: Hillary

To The Daily Sun,

Has there ever been an elected politician who didn't promise to work for us? As an independent voter I, like many citizens, am tired of the ideological gridlock, political can't, and vacuous rhetoric that passes these days for public service in our nation's capital. This election is a chance to change that. Our future depends the choices we make about who our candidates will be. So do the freedoms we cherish. If we want competent government we need qualified candidates.

It is important that we select a presidential candidate who shows up for work the first day with "a full tool box," someone who is experienced and prepared from the day he/she takes office to lead us.

This means a candidate who understands the legislative and bureaucratic processes of government, someone who understands that presidential governance involves both domestic and foreign affairs, who knows and has worked with the players not only in the House and Senate but in the foreign capitals of the world.

It is important that we select a presidential candidate who can stay the course when the going gets tough. I was impressed by the courage Hillary Clinton demonstrated in subjecting herself to the unnecessarily rude, partisan and disrespectful questioning of the House Benghazi hearings and I was disappointed by Donald Trump's cowardly refusal to participate in the last Republican debate because he thought Megyn Kelly might be biased. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has been in the "situation room," including the night they got Osama Bin Laden.

Finally, I think it is important that we select a candidate who will protect our rights and freedoms.

I have a different perspective about this than many. I live in the United States today because my father was able to get out of Holland as the National Socialists ("Nazis") came to power in Germany during the early 1930s. I live in New Hampshire today because of the rights and opportunities this country provides to its citizens.

Hitler promised to make Germany great again. He told the Germans that there were "bad people" out there doing bad things and that Germans all knew who those "bad" people were. Once they voted him into power they realized too late they'd surrendered their rights.

Martin Niemoller, a decorated German U-boat captain and later Christian pastor, has said of the Nazis that when they came for the homosexuals, he didn't speak out because he wasn't one of them. When they came for the Bolsheviks, he didn't speak out because he wasn't a Bolshevik. When they came for the Jews, he didn't speak out because he wasn't a Jew. When they came for him, there was no one left to speak out.

Donald Trump has said on national television a number of times that he is willing to suspend the Bill of Rights for what he views as "security" purposes. Our rights are too precious to surrender them so foolishly. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is the only candidate who has effectively championed human rights, both domestically and internationally.

As an independent voter I see only one candidate who truly has the experience, the courage and the commitment to the rights of others to lead us: Hillary Clinton. I hope all independent voters will join me in voting for her in the Democratic primary.

As the "First In The Nation" primary it is important that we let our voices be heard loudly and clearly through our votes. Our future and our freedoms depend on it.

John van Lonkhuyzen


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Obama made promises with no details & this year Trump is doing the same thing

To The Daily Sun,

The Iowa Caucus is behind us. Now it's on to our state for what I believe to be a crucial election.
I see the anger of the American voter. Congress has let us down. Voters were asked to vote Republican and with the Republican majority in the House and Senate, they would repeal Obamacare.
But that did not happen.

The Republican Elite in Washington decided it was better to negotiate with Democrats than the Republican fiscal conservatives.

Congress has the power of the purse and did not defund anything Obama enacted with executive orders. We might not be in this mess had they used the power of the purse.

Obama rode into the White House in 2008 with the idea of "Hope and Change." Americans who voted for him became disillusioned with Obamacare and the hope turned to depression as the change they hoped for was not what was promised.

We are angry and we want real change. I do not want to elect a president on a wave of anger.
Do I want the wall to protect our southern border? You bet! Do I want a temporary halt in letting Muslims into America until we know for sure they are not Isis terrorists? Definitely! Am I tired of politically correct candidates? Absolutely!

How will Trump build the wall? How will we stop Muslims from entering the country until they are properly vetted?

Trump is in favor of eminent domain — maybe for highways but not for personal gain. We in New Hampshire do not want eminent domain for a better use of the property. We are proud of the property rights of New Hampshire citizens.

Trump has used his own money for his campaign. Great. He owes no one. He said probably one of his children would run the Trump Empire under a blind trust. Trump has hotels in the U.S., Rio de Janeiro, Scotland. What if the blind trust wants to build a hotel in a foreign country? Hillary made deals with other countries while she was secretary state and donations were made to the Clinton Foundation. What will Trump do?

Trump said that he would not use junk bonds to finance the hotel in Atlantic City. Then when he got all the approvals, he used junk bonds. Can he be trusted to do what he says? I do not know.

I do not want a candidate who is one way when running a campaign and the opposite when elected. We have had enough of that.

I heard Trump say he could be politically correct in the White House. He could work with Harry Reid and Pelosi. He just said that recently. That is what got our country in the trouble it is in now. Some of the GOP elite in Washington are saying they could work with Trump. That scares me. To me that means an outsider who would be an insider in thinking and actions.

Trump was not in the last debate. Honestly I do not blame him. But WMUR wanted to interview him and he rejected the idea as they wanted to talk about a poll that said 30 percent Republicans would not vote at all for him in the election. Trump will only interview with people who ask what he wants asked. We want to ask the hard questions and get honest answers. We deserve it.

Trump is for a single payer health care. That is left of Obama.

Trump wants to repeal Obamacare. He wants to replace it but what does he want to replace it with?

The Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare. Justice Roberts was the deciding judge. We need conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Just think of what may come before the Supreme Court in the future and what the result may be. I do not remember the case, but there was a Supreme Court ruling in the last couple years that was not based on what was actually written, but what they thought should have been written. This is dangerous and we must have true constitutional judges.

Trump said he was going to create jobs. How? I want details.

I remember Obama made promises and there were no details.

The devil is in the details. I do not want executive orders. Obama did enough of them.

Sarah Palin endorsed Trump. Who cares? Not me. Palin was the VP choice of McCain. He lost. She quit being governor of Alaska, saying she had a lot of bills. I am sure conservatives would have donated to help her pay her legal bills. She was in a reality show and that did not work. She was on Fox and they let her go. With her endorsement, I am sure not to vote for Trump.

Our Founding Fathers created checks and balances in the government. Unfortunately, Congress has not chosen to use its power to check on President Obama's executive orders. Congress could have defunded the amnesty and Obamacare. Did they? Some legislators said they would do that when running for office and once elected promptly forgot what they promised the citizens.

I do not care who endorses who. Voting is my decision. It is your decision. Do it wisely. This might be our last chance.

Linda Riley

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