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Socialism remains gold standard for the U.S. mainstream media

To The Daily Sun,

"Viva la revolucion" is the war cry of progressive Marxists around the world. "Che" remains such a famous and heralded freedom fighter that his last name need not be mentioned. His infamy as a mass murderer exists only for those who haven't been deluded by the cultural left and the academic elitists. Albert Korda's iconic photograph entitled Guerrillero Herico is still found on t-shirts from impressionable college students to Carlos Santana. Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov from Americans for Peace and Tolerance claim this fantasy belief is one way for students to deal with their "white skin privilege" guilt. David Brooks' book, "Bobos in Paradise" notes that it is a therapeutic way for middle class youth, living off the wealth of their parents and western capitalism in general, to deal with feeling trapped in what they believe to be an immorally privileged corner. Knowing the truth about this "Evil Ways" killer would not fit the narrative of the cultural left and would likely send those clueless youth in search of a "Black Magic Woman" to cure them of their romancing of the Marxist stone.

If our youth are looking for some truthfulness and clarity regarding history, the current leader of the free world, President Obama, is not the one to lead them to that hope and promise land. We all know he spent his formative years being adored by Marxist types from Frank Marshall Davis to his college professors. So we should not be surprised that our dear leader might wax nostalgic by wistfully asserting that "Ho" had been "inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson." Yes, he said this to the press after meeting with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang while noting that after 67 years, the United States and Vietnam were finally enjoying the relationship that Ho once wrote of. Rick Moran's article about this tone deafness of Barack Obama is stunning when it is estimated that Ho Chi Minh, dictator of North Vietnam (1951-1969), used V.I. Lenin's tactics of terror, torture and re-education while killing about half a million people in order to maintain and then increase his brutal, dictatorial power.

How many have forgotten or are not even aware of "Hanoi" Jane Fonda's notorious trip to North Vietnam in July, 1972? Most notably were her radio broadcasts where she called American military leaders "war criminals". And later maintained that our POW's were hypocrites and liars. Who has already forgotten our president's former communications director, Anita Dunn? She of course was a flack for the crooked Tom Daschle and beloved wife of Obama's thug lawyer Robert Bauer, according to Michelle Malkin. However, she is included in this letter for her enthusiasm of Mao Tse Tung, who she deemed to be one of her two favorite spiritual advisers. No matter that his dictatorship resulted in the death of some 40 to 70 million people through starvation, forced labor and executions. This likely puts him ahead of "Ho" and "Stalin" as the historical leader of democide. To Anita and thousands of other Lenin/Marxists, he was a visionary who inspired revolutions around the globe.

Since our progressive educators continue to proffer "Marxist/America is evil" lies to our impressionable youth, it makes perfect sense that they would take up the cause of Dzojar Tsnarayev. And this clueless movement began even before Rolling Stone magazine decided to put a romanticized picture of the Boston marathon bomber on their cover, making him look like a cross between Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison. "Light My Fire" he has to many young woman who have found themselves yet one more "bad boy" to idolize and swoon over like moonbat, "Riders on the Storm". The fact that he is a radicalized Muslim from a region in Russia known for Islamic terrorists, well all the better. Tsnarayev decries, "No, No, No, It Ain't Me Babe" and the youth shed a tear and take to the streets with their "free Dzojar" signs like hypnotized "Rainy Day Women" . Yes indeed, our "social justice", re-educated youth have found another cause celeb to help wash away their ubiquitous white guilt so they may continue to indulge in their capitalist excesses with a clear conscience.

One can hardly blame them with so many mature role models guiding them. Yes, even the esteemed, ahem, United Nations are influencing their impressionable minds with the heartfelt message, "violence for social revolution is so very cool". Why just last month, UNESCO, the so-called intellectual agency of the United Nations, authored a ceremony in Havana honoring Che Guevara by enshrining his writings in the "Memory of the World Register". As reported by Humberto Fontova, not far from the ceremony, Cubans were being starved and beaten in torture chambers for quoting the UN Declaration of Human Rights in public. The regime being honored by UNESCO was also nearby burning hundreds of books and documents in a manner that would make Joseph Goebbels swell with pride. On December 9, 1964, Che proudly exclaimed "certainly we execute". Executions had already reached 16,000 at that point. His speech was rather fittingly made while standing in the halls of the United Nations almost 50 years ago.

With prolific movie makers like Michael Moore and Oliver Stone praising the accomplishments of the now deceased Hugo Chavez, socialism remains the gold standard for Democrats/mainstream media, academia and the Hollywood elite. Meanwhile, capitalism remains all that is evil in the world. So goes the twisted, bizarro mind of modern day liberals who continue to somehow look reality in the face and ignore it. Who also look real evil in the eye and somehow find a way to glorify it.

Russ Wiles

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Please hear what each candidate has to say before voting

To The Daily Sun,

As the primary for mayor fast approaches it has been and honor and a privilege to get to meet so many of my fellow citizens. I have received tremendous support and positive feedback with regards to the issues that matter most to my home and her people. Through my campaign I have encouraged open dialogue with anyone wanting to ask questions both in person and on my webpage: Facebook.com/kaileifjohnstonmitchell.

I wanted to take a moment to again address my fellow citizens and ask them to be sure to consider their options at the polls on Tuesday. There are three men all equally ready to take on the demands which the office of the mayor entails. We all bring something to the table and have a vision of how we see our city in the future. Please be sure to hear what each candidate has to say before making your decision, and most importantly exercise your right to vote with honor and pride because speaking your mind is what this great nation was founded on.

Kaileif J. Mitchell

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Personally, on Syria, I think we should do absolutely nothing

To The Daily Sun,

Well now that Secretary of State Kerry has confirmed for us that poison gas has been used in Syria, what next? I read meetings have been taking place in the White House and military resources are "in place" so it seems it's just a matter of time now. Heck, Obama can't back down now after drawing a "red line" in the sand, but what will he do we all want to know?
Personally I think we should do nothing. That's right, nothing. Tell the U.N. to deal with it; tell the Arab League it's there problem; too bad because we have no dog in this fight. Nether side is a friend to the U.S.; nether side would show any gratitude for our intervention; fact is, both sides would kill us if they could, so let them kill each other. But we can be pretty sure that's not going to happen because Obama shot off his big mouth and to back down now makes him look weak, dumb, (put the descriptive word of choice here).
If anything must be done then that one thing should be to destroy the Syrian Air Force. That is likely to cause us some casualties but Obama has spoken. Perhaps Congress will step up and override him for once but don't hold your breath. Democrats were very vocal in opposition to the war with Iraq after first authorizing Bush to use force there, so I wonder if they will stand by their ideals now? Really though will it matter? Obama has shown little regard for Congress or the court when they fail to side with his agenda in the past so what would be different now? As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces he could give any orders he deems fit despite what Congress says, the nation thinks or anything else. Though I doubt it will come down to that because there would be a political price to pay. Yet still so far the main stream media has given the president cover over gun running, Benghazi, the IRS and eavesdropping on America so far, so why should he worry now? It's us who have to worry.
Steve Earle


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Moultonborough selectmen should take a lesson from Meredith

To The Daily Sun,

The recent decision by the Moultonborough Board of Selectmen to hold a hearing for the removal of two Planning Board members pursuant to RSA 673:13 as a result of their alleged "inefficiency, neglect of duty or malfeasance" is badly misplaced. The Legislature in enacting this statute intended it for substantial malfeasance or misfeasance, but not for a vote the Board of Selectmen did not agree with, which is the apparent reason for this action.

The Moultonborough Board of Selectmen should take a lesson from the Meredith Board of Selectmen, which when they were unhappy about a decision made by their Zoning Board (regarding the Foundry Avenue Realty Trust's application for a variance), the SelectBoard filed a timely appeal to the Superior Court, which ultimately remanded the matter back to the Zoning Board due to errors made by that board.

The actions of the Moultonborough Board of Selectmen in attempting remove Planning Board members for their votes will do nothing to rectify real or perceived deficiencies insofar as the Planning Board decision is concerned.

Eric Taussig


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America desperately needs credible conservative opposition

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to this forum, Mr. Wiles lamented that the GOP has not "revealed a bold breath-taking economic plan" and has not gone on the "offensive." In my view, the reason for this is that the Republican Party is lacking leadership and that it is waging war within itself.

The problem is the ever-worsening ideological extremism that has captured the party. The influence of the Tea Party and the religious far right has essentially split the GOP organization. There is a divide between those who think moderates are not conservative enough and those who think radicals are not inclusive enough.

The radicals believe in a brand of invalidation. They seek to invalidate the legitimacy of Obama's two election victories, some tried to invalidate the president's Americanism. They seek to invalidate a health care law that was passed in Congress and signed by the president and that they lack the support to repeal. They seek to invalidate climate change by claiming it doesn't exist. Many radicals would invalidate science itself when data and facts contradict their theology-like ideology.

Republican moderates believe the GOP should be a broad national party, reaching to diverse constituencies, taking positions Republicans have historically taken such as openness to immigration, significant health care reform, civil rights and voting rights, support of collective bargaining and protection of the environment. Radicals believe that these views by the moderates would lead the GOP in ways that would destroy their narrow vision of America.

Wiles, Earle and others of the far-right need to stop talking to themselves. They have become expert in how to provide ideological reinforcement to like-minded people, but devastatingly have lost the ability to be persuasive with, or welcoming to, those who do not agree with them on every issue. It's apparent that Mr. Wiles has strong political views, and while I can admire his strong opinions, his admonishment not to "move toward a more moderate approach" will disadvantage the Republican Party and strengthen the resolve of liberal Democrats. With this arrogant all or nothing attitude, he and other like-minded extremists will be witnessing Hillary being sworn in as our 45th President.

Our nation needs a strong conservative Republican Party, but what we've been witnessing in recent years is a dangerous shift to the far right. Moderate Republicans and independent voters see the party as out of touch with the electorate and determined to maintain a strangle hold on the country in a backwards, unprogressive way. In large part, these voters agree with the party on its nominally austere fiscal policy, but they are also socially liberal. Issues such as gay marriage, abortion, health care, and international cooperation force them to turn to the Democratic Party, and even there they may not find what they're hoping for.

Moderate conservatives must retake the Republican Party from the extremists. America desperately needs a serious, thoughtful, credible 21st-century "conservative" opposition to "liberal" views and actions. They must organize, reassess, and recognize the need to evolve on social issues if they are going to connect with the electorate.

As a nation, we are not going to make any progress on our biggest problems without compromise between the center-right and the center-left. But for this to happen, we need the center-right conservatives, not the extremists to be running the GOP.

Unless the GOP can distinguish who their real enemy is, they just might be on the road to finishing off what is left of the Grand Ol' Party.

L. J. Siden

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