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Good reasons why Mr. O'Connor shouldn't address Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

This is an open letter to (1st District congressional candidate) Shawn O'Connor:

Mr. O'Connor, I saw you on WMUR's "Close Up" on a recent Sunday. You pretended to be mystified as to why the New Hampshire Democratic Party has prevented you from speaking at the state party onvention.

You know darn well why. If I were threatening to file or had filed a lawsuit against an organization, as you have against the NHDP, I would have zero expectation of an invitation to speak at their convention. I would be shocked if anyone spoke to me at all.

You falsely attacked a lot of good Democrats, tried to get the NHDP to pay you money to get out of the race, lied about the Puritan Restaurant having rats (the Manchester Health Department said that was false), got into Twitter fights with Union Leader reporters, and generally conducted yourself as if you were Donald Trump.

Of course, you were a Republican, so filing as an Independent and saying that you will caucus with the "Majority" (Republicans) is really like coming home — after being a Republican, a corporate Democrat, and for the past six months a so-called Bernie Democrat.

You can now try to be a spoiler for your Republican challengers, but I'm guessing their voters won't want you either.

Lew Henry
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Downtown parking is essesntial & this project is the answer

To The Daily Sun,

At the last City Council meeting, Councilor Bownes introduced a proposal for a new parking garage to be located in the city parking lot next to City Hall.
This Monday, June 27, there will be a public hearing on this matter and the council would genuinely like to hear from the public on this matter
I will support this proposal and these are my reasons for so doing.
I always try to do what is right for Laconia and am always very careful about where we spend our money. I have opposed many bills and budgets over the years because I did not find them financially necessary or the need for them to outweigh other projects. I always ask myself, do we NEED this. Will the city suffer if we don't do it, and is our safety at risk if we don't do the project.
In this case, I am truly at odds with myself. We have a garage nobody wants and is going to cost millions to fix what is wrong with it.
How many options do we have? Do the unpopular thing and put more money into a bad situation?
What other options do we have? So far, I have heard two.
One is to do nothing. Why are we here? Were we elected to do nothing?
The other is a viable though expensive and somewhat tenuous plan, but answers my criteria. We NEED a parking garage. It is necessary. Will the city suffer if we don't do it? Yes. Because the other option is nothing.
There is another reason. I have served for 11 years as have most of this council and the problem of downtown revitalization has been with us all that time and a lot of time before that. Yet, we the city have done little until the Colonial restoration plan. That alone is not enough. We have to go all in. Let's get 100 percent behind revitalizing downtown.
We have spent those past 11 years, building schools, football fields, libraries, police stations, fire stations, parks, the WOW trail, River Walk, etc. at great cost to the taxpayers. Now, we need to do something for them.
Supporting downtown and giving it what it needs to bring our tourists and residents downtown to enjoy and spend their money is a win.
Parking is essential to the further development we want and this project will be the answer. This project will call for parking meters downtown and in the parking garage and the revenue will support and help pay for the project along with TIF funds, which are meant for this very thing. TIF funds will not impact on the taxpayers. More of this part of the discussion will be available at public hearing.
Brenda Baer

Ward 4 Councilor


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