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Hillary's long history of service is a statement in and of itself

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was in the U.S. Capitol building for a hearing on early childhood education where Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton were to speak. While waiting in the corridor, an announcement was made that the hearing was canceled given the terrorist attacks. Having no knowledge of any attack, a few of us went to Senator Gregg's office to see the television reports in his waiting room. After a few minutes of watching the devastation on TV and realizing the severity of the attack, the corridors became filled with people running and shouting for everyone to leave the building. The attack on the Pentagon was in process and no one knew what was next.

I led my colleagues down the basement door, hoping to avoid the confusion at the front entrance. Hillary Clinton was standing outside that door, directing people away from the building and potential danger. There were security personnel who could have whisked her away. There were still cars and taxis moving in the area, despite the sirens and the smoke drifting in from the Pentagon. But she stayed, when she could have been comfortably escaping the unknown in the back of a limo.

To me those few minutes were an important statement, they were a measure of Hillary Clinton's character and her concern for people, many of whom she didn't know and would never see again.

It reinforced an earlier impression a decade before, when Hillary was working with the Children's Defense Fund. She flew to New Hampshire to help us with an initiative to bring children home to New Hampshire who had been sent to out-of-state institutions. Her passion for the well-being of children was clear. We connected again as I watched her battle for health care. When it failed in the 11th hour, she helped to turn defeat into nearly universal coverage for children — a program that thousands of children in New Hampshire have benefited from, the Healthy Kids program.

I have seen her in policy and personal settings. She can be as tender with those in need as she can be tough with dictators, foreign or domestic. She inspires confidence, and her long history of service is a statement in and of itself.

Hillary Clinton is the leader we need on the world stage to keep us safe and at home to help build healthy, prosperous communities. Her late mom summed it up on a bus ride during the last election cycle. She told me, "She was just born knowing the right thing to do."

Kathleen Sgambati


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Ted Cruz is the most trustworthy conservative and he gets my vote

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump is a sore loser, so he lashes out. Give him a pacifier. He's crude. He even manages to present reasonable proposals in an offensive way. He's nasty. Consider his vicious comments about Ben Carson, Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, et al.

Perhaps Trump attacks personally because he can't debate policy. Perhaps former President Carter is right that Trump is "completely malleable," without any fixed positions.

We don't know Trump's judicial philosophy. Who will he nominate for the Supreme Court? His sister? His friend, Laurence Tribe? Both are dedicated leftists.

How will he save Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, or balance the budget? How will he protect the American people from terrorists, drugs, criminals, and gang violence? How will he fix the Obama-caused disaster in the Middle East?

Does he care about the Constitution? Does he believe in federalism? Will he shrink or grow our big government? Does he support the Patriot Act and/or the incarceration of citizens without due process?

Trump says he loves the military, will fix the VA, and will fix everything. No word on how he'll do any of these things, take it on faith. This is reminiscent of "Hope and Change."

How is he going to make America great again? By making deals like his sellout to the ethanol special interests in Iowa? Deals like that hurt the American people.

Like establishment politicians, Trump believes in subsidies, the various bailouts, crony capitalism, and the use of eminent domain to transfer property to someone who will use it "more productively."

It's great to see someone stand up to the political establishment that governs against the interests of the American people. We like seeing someone unintimidated by the media or political correctness. But these can be done without being crass, but apparently not by Trump.

Not only that, but people say he stiffs his contractors and cheats at golf.

Imagine being faced with choosing between the current front-runners in the Presidential Primary, Trump and Hillary. Yuk!

Trump is a crass, nasty narcissist. Hillary is a scandal-ridden big government proponent, who is careless with our nation's most sensitive secrets, who helped Obama create the Middle East disaster, who couldn't handle the 5 p.m. call for help from Benghazi, who according to her husband's sexual assault victims threatened them into silence, and who used her government office for personal benefit against the best interests of the American people, etc., etc.

We should say to these two leaders: "You're fired!" Vote for Bernie or any Republican but Trump. Ted Cruz is the most trustworthy conservative and he gets my vote.

Don Ewing

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