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Amusing when leftists now declare that, 'America is great!'

To The Daily Sun,

When asked to identify her accomplishments, Hillary supporters usually respond with mumbling and/or blank stares ... and appropriately so.

Frustrated by Hillary's and Obama's dismal records, supporters like Carol Stappi (see her Oct. 13 letter) lash out, making fact-free attacks on their political opponents and maligning critics as driven by hate, racism or sexism.

However, as we criticized Bush, conservatives criticize Obama's and Hillary's policies that hurt people — making people poorer, less free, and less safe. We fight for policies that benefit law-abiding Americans who are, or want to be self-supporting, and anyone wanting to live in peace and safety.

Stappi suggests that Trump "advocates sexual assault on women." That is a lie. If it were true, she would provide a link to the video, she can't.

Trump rightly criticizes the media for its obvious bias and collaboration with the Clinton campaign, confirmed by Wiki-leaks.

Wiki-leaks confirms the corruption in the Obama administration regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information and subpoena violation. Trump, appropriately, believes a special, independent prosecutor should investigate Hillary's actions which, seemingly, would put most people in prison.

Stappi accuses me and others of blaming "everything from racism to Hurricane Matthew on the left." Really? Leftists usually blame us for the weather/climate. Conservatives don't blame people for things beyond human control.

However, facts condemn Democrats for slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, etc. More importantly, current Democrat policies make people poor and make it difficult for people to escape poverty.

Bill Clinton is a sexual predator; Google Paula Jones ($850,000 settlement), Juanita Broaddrick (raped by Bill), Katherine Willie (assaulted), et. al. Hillary ignored it.

Attorney Hillary maligned a 12-year-old rape victim, Kathy Shelton (http://tinyurl.com/nuwm52x), to help a 41-year-old rapist. Now, Wiki-Leaks reveals that, like in Hillary's Senate office, there was a huge gender-based pay-gap at the Clinton Foundation (http://tinyurl.com/hpmmwpc). Hillary's claims to fight for women and children are laughable.

People are rightly offended by Trump's words, but Hillary's actions are much worse, maligning, threatening, and hurting the female victims of her husband's sexual assaults and enabling Bill's predations to continue hurting other women.

Conservatives don't try to prevent opposing political speech. It's leftists, like Hillary, who are afraid of opposing ideas and honest debate.

Leftists use government power for their own ends, e.g., to prosecute or harass political opponents like Governor Bob McDonald and Governor Walker's supporters, and to cover up their failures as when Obama and Hillary knowingly and falsely blamed (and imprisoned) a moviemaker for the Benghazi terrorist attack where four Americans died because they did nothing.

It's amusing when leftists who constantly malign and try to change our country declare "America is great." Has Stappi forgotten the leftist playbook?

Our nation is great because of our Constitution, established to protect citizens' rights, enables people to flourish, and because our Judeo-Christian-based culture inspires people to be tolerant, caring, generous, law-abiding, moral, fair, hard-working, and successful.

Unfortunately leftists get power and wealth by making people poor and dependent on government, thus leftists work to change or ban the things that enable people to be successful, our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian culture.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for more poverty, more government corruption, and more loss of our freedoms.

Don Ewing

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Voters should stick with Jeb Bradley; he's done a great job in the Senate

To The Daily Sun,

State Senate candidate John White recently said at a forum in Moultonborough that there is no such thing as a donor town. Maybe he missed the long controversy of the statewide property tax and the fact that Moultonborough was one of the biggest donor towns in New Hampshire.

I'm not surprised however. Mr. White has long advocated for an income tax. He is opposed to lowering taxes on small business owners. Now apparently he doesn't understand how donor towns impact property taxpayers in this Senate district.

Voters should stick with Jeb Bradley, who has done a great job. Bradley has sponsored legislation that helps small businesses create jobs: lower workers compensation costs and taxes. Bradley has worked for reasonable budgets that don't pinch taxpayers while meeting the state's needs.

Bradley has also recently received major awards for his work to pass Medicaid Eexpansion that has helped 50,000 Granite Staters and legislation that provides more resources to fight drug addiction.

It is not always easy to find compromise that most people can support. Anyone aware of Jeb's work in Concord knows that is exactly what he does, and the critical role he plays in moving important issues forward in Concord. That is why we need to send Jeb back to Concord.

Erik Taylor


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