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Ever think you could be exposing yourself right next to a rape victim

To The Daily Sun,

Please excuse the continuation of my previous letter, however it was pointed out to me that I seemed to have "missed" more of Ms. Lilley comments.

1. The women that yelled "nasty" at you had nothing to do with body shaming, she was referring to your display on the side of the road. She was referring to you, not your body! So please understand that clearly. And if she had kids in the car she had every right to say something, I would have done the same. A mothers job is to protect her children and if she felt that strongly about yelling that out in front of them, then that should show you she is not in favor of your "choice" in-front of her children.

2. I love how suddenly your campaign has gone from, If men can go topless, so should we, because that was the claim to fame since day one right? Now you include slut shaming, body shaming, and rape issues to your cause; where did that come from, your lawyer to make this "campaign" look better, more solid? It actuality made me laugh and made me see how far off this planet you truly are with your "views" on these subjects.

3. Slut shaming of any kind is cruel no matter how it is used. It is degrading emotionally and I agree needs to stop from both men and women. Your topless cause will never help it, it only adds to it and gives people more reason to use it.

4. Body shaming is another cruel issue. We are all not born like a super model, male or female. We age, have children, have medical conditions, etc. Shaming anyone on how they look or dress is childishness and bullying, and I agree needs to stop. But exposing yourself and causing "drama" is not the fix either. People need to love themselves and haters need to focus their energy else where. Maybe to a good cause, like helping out your fellow kind instead of hurting them.

5. Rape is a whole issue that goes on a level of darkness and horror that no female or male should ever have to suffer. Rape is a vicious, demeaning,and a selfish act. It leaves scars and pain that last a lifetime — not just for the victim, but all their loved ones, children, and friends. So even putting that in your comment shows me how clueless and insensitive you are. No one should get raped because of their gender, the way they dress, act, or behave, ever. And again your topless/exposing ways are not the attention any rape victim would want or need to be "reminded" of it ever in their lives. Did you ever think of that?

Did you ever think you could be exposing yourself right next to a rape victim? A victim of incest? Think of that the next time you sit next to, stand near, or walk by a woman, man, or child.

Good luck at, I believe, Hampton Beach, on Aug. 28 — another topless march. As I have read online many people are not happy about it, unless you're an 18-year-old boy. And I have also read, not all of your protesters are as peaceful as you claim to be.

But, I did see your following stand for pictures with their backs turned, due to censoring by local papers covering your plight. And, so amazing that the majority taking the frontal pictures were all men. Perhaps their cameras pointing down, along with their eyes, they must be showing their support for your "cause" in their own way, I guess you could say.

Denise C. Burke

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If you don't comply with Rep. Hurt's demands, he has no use for you

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to Representative Hurt's letter, that states, "Mr. DeVoy lusts for power."

In my letter to the editor, I called attention to Representative Hurt's inappropriate behavior of promoting a lie that county Commissioner Hunter Taylor wants a county sales tax. A claim Mr. Hurt has not denied. I have worked closely with Hunter Taylor, during the past year. He has never supported, nor spoken of a county sales tax.

Two weeks ago, George Hurt went to the business of a former state representative. Mr. Hurt demanded that he take down Hunter Taylor's sign. Hurt claimed Hunter Taylor wants a county sales tax. The former representative was not fooled. He refused to take down the sign.
Rep. Hurt knows, by statute, that county commissioners cannot create new taxes (such as a county sales tax) or increase taxes. That authority is only in the hands of Rep. Hurt and his fellow representatives.

When I first decided to run for county commissioner, George Hurt befriended and supported me. After I was elected, George tried to tell me what to do and how to think. Although we agreed on many things, some we did not. George Hurt views politics as power. If you do not comply with his demands, he has no use for you.

So, who really "lusts for power"? Is it the one who points out a bad politician's actions or the one who intentionally promotes a false statement, to change the course of an election?

David DeVoy, Chairman
Belknap County Board of Commissioners

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