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Founding fathers could never have perceived what is going on today

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to Robert Joseph, Jr.'s letter of December 16.

Mr. Trump does not need me to come to his defense; however, I take umbrage at a letter calling him a bigot and talks like Hitler during World Wars I and II. I like Trump's passion for this country. He is a nationalist, like myself. This is and always has been the greatest country in the world and he wants to protect it. Many of the learned politicians have forgotten this. They act like zombies, too much in the Senate and Congress — politically correct and afraid to offend. It is time to take off the white gloves. We are at war.

Daesh/ISIS is a Muslim, ultra-conservative religious sect founded like four hundred years ago. They are Sunni Wahabees, found mostly in Saudi Arabia and Qutar, who want to form a Caliphate of all Muslims, which I assume includes Shiites. I don't really know that. They oppose the U.S. for reasons such as our support for Israel, we made a deal with Iran, we went to the Middle East in two wars, we are Christians, etc. To say Daesch are pirates is quite frankly ridiculous. Pirates never had a religious bent.

And then pols and media bring up the Constitution. The founding fathers could never have perceived the idea of what is going on today — peoples wanting to come to America with the one purpose to annihilate and destroy us in the name of religion. The Constitution was never written to project enemies of America and Daesh is our enemy. Of course it is not all Muslims, and Mr. Trump knows that. I don't understand why a religion is modified to identify it, i.e. moderate, but they have to be vigilant and help us.

The saying Mr. Joseph quoted, "Freedom isn't free," defeats the very essence of his letter. Only a quarter of the world's population is free. You can be sure this freedom was fought for heroically with blood and tears. And I object to him saying so summarily that we can place boots on the ground. We have tried that and it doesn't work. Americans don't belong there. The Muslims need to work toward destroying Daesh, but do we really want to and can they overcome differences lasting hundreds of years to achieve peace in that region?

Rosemary Mellon


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Clarification: Kim Smith is from Vermont

Confusion abounds concerning the name of the Meriden (not Meredith), New Hampshire postal worker who is accused of several misdemeanor accounts of mail tampering. The issue was the subject of a letter to the editor submitted by David Boyton of Bridgewater that was published on Wednesday. For the record, the accused woman's name is Kim Smith and she is said to be a resident of Harland, Vermont. The incident has nothing to do with Meredith or anyone who lives in or near Meredith.






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