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Gov. Hassan had no business endorsing Clinton for president

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Governor Hassan:
Until this evening I had a favorable opinion of you. I was about to contribute to your senatorial campaign. Fortunately, I heard you speak at the Democratic fund raiser in Manchester before I wrote the check.

The N.H. Presidential Primary is a big event for New Hampshire, and not just for Democrats. I am a Democrat.
It is important that New Hampshire graciously host all presidential contenders, regardless of party. At a Democratic fund raiser I would expect equal hospitality to all Democratic contenders. When you (and Senator Shaheen) stepped out of the gracious host role and publicly supported Hillary Clinton, both of you lost my respect and political support.

If any Democrat seeks to run for the Senate in competition with you, I will support that person. If you are the Democratic nominee, I will vote for Kelly Ayotte.

As a representative of the people of New Hampshire, and a currently sitting governor, you are certainly entitled to your private opinions. However, you step outside the bounds of good taste and hospitality when you use your office to denigrate (or at best, damn by faint praise) the leading candidate at the expense of another before the party has made its selection.

Barry Borella
Center Harbor

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Trump may not be eloquent but his words make a lot of sense

To The Daily Sun,

Why I am voting for Donald Trump:

When the presidential campaign started for this most recent election, I was truly perplexed on who would get my vote. I listened to most of the candidates and the one that seems to make the most sense, so far, is Donald Trump. Although, he does not have the most eloquent way of expressing himself, the words that he says make a lot of sense.

America, the USA, is getting "screwed," to use his terms, by most of the world. We protect our allies, give countless aid to all countries (even countries that hate us), we have mostly open borders to our North and South, millions of welfare is given to non-citizens-including social security, and the list goes on.

Back in the mid-1950s, both of my parents immigrated to this great country from Ireland. My mother had a sponsor, my Uncle Martin, and my father signed up for four years in the U.S. Army to access citizenship. They both hoped to gain better life. I am all for legal immigrants, but somehow, the U.S. has lost its way on this issue.

Perhaps someone like Trump, who is not a career politician, can make some sense of this whole ordeal.

He is also for a favorable tax code for manufacturing. I know that this is the economic engine for any country and I think it should be a priority. If you hear Mr. Trump, as I did in Concord, about three weeks ago, then you know he has a good understanding of what is going on globally.

He is not in this for his own personal gain, but only to "Make America Great Again."

Sean W. Kenneally


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