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We are not now, in any way, in danger from any country

To The Daily Sun,

Do you realize we (the public) have been given erroneous information year after year? Like Pavlov's dog we salivate almost every time. We have experienced years of induced fear and paranoia as a result of misinformation and outright lies by government leaders, namely President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, in an unprecedented effort to lay down reasons to assault Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result we committed criminal warfare against a country, blameless of any terrorist acts against us.

We have been told about the threats of terrorism almost daily. The fact is: foreign terrorism is, and has been, non-existent in this country for the last 12 years. The Boston bombers excepted: one was a citizen, the other, a legal immigrant. Other devious plots have been detected and prevented by our vigilant surveillance authorities. Those numerous incidents happen in every country in the world, especially in smaller nations frequently in a state of chaos and civil disorder.

We are not, in any way, in danger from abroad — from any country, big or small. Consider the amount of surveillance we have covering this country like a tight net. Consider the agencies involved and the amount of money expended. The NSA, Homeland Security, ($600 billion annually) the CIA, the FBI, Military intelligence and so forth. These agencies present an impenetrable wall of protection. Why the constant panic?

The biggest business conducted in this country in more than a decade has been in the weapons industry. I'm sure they have the strongest lobby in Washington. They have had tremendous profits as a result of so-called wars that are directly connected to our huge deficits. They are profit-oriented, regardless of the moral concepts of injuring and killing people. To make these wars possible the public needs to believe that there exists a real and pending threat to our safety, an immediate and near chance of bombs falling out of the skies. It was cleverly and deceitfully started with our previous president and his gangsters friends and still is very present to this day.

Scaring people, like you and me, and keeping them scared is how their strategy works: their ploy. We fell for these lies, hook, line and sinker.

It's overdue that we rebuke these purposeful lies and direct or time and treasure to rebuilding this country — never again to live in fear, putting these detractors in their place. Peace is possible. Work for it.

Leon R. Albushies


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Pres. Obama has made very traveling American a hostage target

To The Daily Sun,

Attempting to distract the American people from the Benghazi, VA, and other scandals, President Obama committed another major blunder instead of the media coup he desired. The illegally executed, ill-considered trade for Sgt. Bergdahl aids the enemy and will cost Americans and many others their freedom and/or their lives.

According to the military, Sgt. Bergdahl was not a prisoner of war. He voluntarily and secretly abandoned his post in Afghanistan, reportedly to join the enemy. Soldiers in his unit call him a "deserter" if not a "traitor," and some believe that he gave the enemy information that helped them kill more Americans.

The trade for Sgt. Bergdahl released five top Taliban terrorist leaders (unlawful enemy combatants, not soldiers), including some al-Qaeda members and some wanted by the World Court for war crimes (for killing thousands of civilians).

From a danger standpoint, Vietnam veterans should consider these terrorist commanders as dangerous as Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Commanders like General Giap. World War II veterans should consider them as dangerous as Commanders like Admiral Yamamoto, who planned and attacked Pearl Harbor, or Field Marshal Rommel, who won many victories, including beating our army at the Kasserine Pass. Such trades would have been unthinkable because such trades would, just like this trade will, cause many thousands of people to suffer and die.

President Obama violated the law in releasing prisoners from Guantanamo without prior notification to Congress. The claimed health problems aren't apparent in the Bergdahl exchange video. Desperate for a media coup, the administration probably thought that the "brilliance" of this trade would quiet the strong objections that Congressional Republicans and Democrats voiced about similar previous proposals.

President Obama violated our policy against negotiating with terrorists and made every American, worldwide, a hostage target.

President Obama's trade for Sgt. Bergdahl to try to divert our attention from his scandals was illegal, careless, and possibly treasonous. He made the world more dangerous. Release of these five top enemy commanders to maim, kill and enslave certainly appears to be giving "aid and comfort" to our enemy.

Don Ewing


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Indictments don't state anything about accused being good or bad

To The Daily Sun,

It was obvious to me while reading the letter in the Wednesday newspaper about the indictment of Robert Woodbury of Gilmanton by a Belknap County Superior Court grand jury that the author is ignorant of the law and how court proceedings work.
The story about Woodbury was based on the indictment issued by the grand jury after he had been charged by local police and been to district court. Felony charges are automatically forwarded to superior court to see if an indictment is warranted.
An indictment is not an indication of guilt but shows sufficient proof exists to warrant a trial in superior court.
Indictments do not state anything about whether a person is good or bad or their background. It simply states the barest facts of the alleged crime and the person's, age and address.
If the author of the letter had bothered to check the facts they might not have written a letter which I found very disgraceful to The Daily Sun and to the reporter who wrote the story in the May 17 issue.
I am not an expert on court proceedings but I did cover the courts as a news reporter for more than 10 years and do have experience on how the court system works.

Gordon D. King

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Captain Amnesty has delivered implicit message: come on in

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama has long since decided to lead by no longer reaching across the aisle, by no longer building consensus on an issue and by ignoring the rule of law. Remember the bygone days when he actually made some attempt to partner with Congress? And actually move bills through the legislative process and garner signatures? The pen and phone, go-it-alone strategy now seems to fit him to a tee. Because as Lou Dobbs notes, "He now not only circumvents Congress, but the law as well." Executive fiat is not to be confused with some fancy, Italian-made golf cart for our dear leader. It is progressive arrogance and narcissism run amok.

Captain Amnesty (not to be confused with Captain America) has given the implicit message to parents of illegal immigrant children that they can "come on in." The water temperature in this country will be just comfy for your children. Citizen taxpayers are ready, willing and able to pay for their care. Until recently, many in the GOP had been complicit with President Obama's amnesty measures by trusting him with his immigration legislation. Seriously, at this point, how can anyone trust this man?

The number of illegal children crossing our borders is expected to swell from 60,000 this year to 120,000 by next year. President Paradox calls this a crisis at our border and calls for humanitarian efforts with the requested help of $1.4 billion in extra federal funding. Paradoxical or ironic (without the humor) is it not, because this crisis is his own monster creation. An "administration-made disaster," says Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

As precisely as one can ascertain accurate details from the "jabberwocky talk" of White House spokespersons, our president has decreed the following: Stop enforcing border security for children; adults and anyone who wants to can enter our country. Again, according to Mr. Dobbs, our president has ordered Border Patrol to ship scores of illegal immigrants from Texas to other states, especially Arizona. Perhaps just one more way that Obama can "punish his enemies." This time the target being Governor Jan Brewer. Texas border patrol is near total collapse, so let's dump my self-made problem onto a bunch of other states commands the "Bully-in-Chief." How's that for humanitarian compassion my fellow citizen countrymen and women?

The lawlessness of this president is breath-taking. Watching the mainstream media still try to cover for this "emperor with no clothes" further illustrates the collapse of the "Fourth Estate."

Charles Krauthammer noted in a 2011 column, "If we don't get politics right, everything else risks extinction." In this case, our borders, language and culture. The fundamental transformation by this president is now attacking the very sovereignty of this nation.

Russ Wiles


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Please 'Stand Up' against substance abuse in City of Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to commend the Stand Up Laconia coalition in its third year of community involvement in making a difference in the lives of teens and young adults. Some examples of this would be the recent Chem Free After Prom Party at LHS and the upcoming Muskrats game fundraiser. This group has accomplished so much since its inception and would love to have more community involvement from volunteers.

Please join and "stand up" against substance abuse in Laconia. To learn more about Stand Up Laconia, please visit the website: www.standuplaconia.com or at the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Judi Lundh


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