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50 people helped Historical Society participate in Candlelight Stroll

To The Daily Sun,

The fourth annual Gilford Candlelight Stroll has come and gone. Many thanks to all the many, many volunteers who helped make it a success. The Gilford Historical Society would like to thank those who volunteered so that our three historical buildings could be open to welcome visitors.

I will start with those who were in the 1838 Rowe House, since that is the building that often seems like my "second home" and where I was. We thank Ethan Roys and an anonymous fan for lending their collections of "Star Wars" toys for our special "Star Wars" exhibit. This seemed to be of special interest to young fans and to many who remembered seeing the first three movies in their youth (or six in all); many said they wished they had kept their toys. We thank Sue Harris for sharing her collection of beautiful old potholders created by housewives to express their creativity as they made household items as beautiful as possible. We also thank her for demonstrating rug hooking, another old-time craft. We are already thinking about what we could have for a special exhibit at the Rowe House next year, (perhaps even at the Meetinghouse also). If any readers have a collection that they would like to share during the stroll next year, please contact Kathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are grateful to Carmel Lancia for creating the beautiful green centerpieces that were on the mantels, and to Jerry Murphy for playing his guitar and leading us in holiday singing.

We thank the members of the Senior Moment-um group who diligently worked to string the popcorn (no easy task) and the cranberry garlands that decorated our country-themed tree, they are Ginny Brake, Carlene Cornelison, Diana Dufault, Ardy Eaton, Bev Fortson, Maggie Livingston, Doris Millo and Kristin Jarvi and Sue King from Parks and Recreation. We thank Lauretta and Lauren Isikoski, Nancy Carsen and Diane Godbout for serving the hot, mulled cider in the kitchen. We also thank Alexandra Breed, Ann Montminy, Ed Rushbrook,and Rosemary Shannon for welcoming our guests.

At the Meetinghouse, Donna Schinlever was aided by Terri Bobseine, Jim Colby, and Nan Fay and Diane Mitton. Thanks go to Bill and Sally Bickford for decorating the outside. Thanks to the First United Methodist Church of Gilford for their Hallelujah Bell Ringers for playing their chimes at the Meetinghouse. Under the direction of Vickie Woods Parrish and Alice Bryant, Candlelight Stroll director, they were: Alice Bryant, Carol Michael, Judi Phelps, Kathy Smith, Kelly Scudder, Peggy Lacey, Rachel Young, Sharon Waldren, Vicki Stewart, and Wendy Getchell-Lacey.

The aroma of gingerbread cookies was enticing to many at the Grange, thanks go to Patti Herrick (who lives in Meredith) for making the dough for us and to Karin Landry, Naomi Eldbridge, Kathy Dahll and Dawn Richardson for baking the cookies in the kitchen.

Thanks go to Carol Johnson in the Homestead Room and Walt and Shirley Stockwell and Pete Allan and Pat Martin in the Store who shared their knowledge with visitors. We also give thanks to four new volunteers at the Grange, Robin Mescon, Bob Gunter, Pat Martin, and Dawn Richardson.

We try to schedule our volunteers so they are able to volunteer for an hour and have an hour to enjoy the stroll. For the two hours we had 31 people in the various buildings. We had nine volunteers from the Senior Moment-um group who made the garlands and 10 from the Methodist Church who provided entertainment in the Meetinghouse. It takes many, many hours to prepare the three buildings for the stroll, have people in the rooms during the stroll, and clean up afterward.

All in all, 50 people helped the Historical Society to be able to participate in the two hour stroll. If anyone is willing to volunteer to help with the stroll for next year, please contact Kathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Historical Society at 527-9009 and leave a message.

We are thankful to all who are willing to work and volunteer their time to help make the Candlelight Stroll so enjoyable.

Kathy Lacroix

Gilford Historical Society

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Our rural community is better place to live thanks to Day Away

To The Daily Sun,

As a New Hampton resident I would like to take this moment to express my family's gratitude that all of you have taken time in your lives to put together the Day Away Program in Bristol.

The Day Away Program allows a place for people to go and have stimulation and interaction with others. It also gives a caregiver a day to get things done or just enjoy their time alone. As a nurse, I know that caring for a family member can be a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week job.

This program you have developed is a great idea and has provided fun for people in our area. When we were told by the neurologist to find more stimulation for my mother, living in a rural area this task seemed like a futile request. Miraculously, we found out that you were starting this fun Day Away Program in the basement of the church at the foot of Newfound Lake. My mom has been attending your program from day one. My mom was a very social person and this allows her to have the appropriate social interaction she needs.

When I see the craft that she has made at the program that week and I ask her if she made it she always smiles. She may not remember that she made it but by the smile she has, I know she had a good time. Thanks to people like all of you who dedicate your time to helping others, our rural community is a greater place to live.

Denise Stewart

New Hampton

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