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Most gun crimes committed in cities Dems have long controlled

To the editor,
Saturday's letters included another misinformation piece by James's Veverka, this time concerning my supposed objection to background checks on firearms purchases. For the record I am not against background checks. I am against background checks run by the the liberal, anti-gun left, who's objective is to gut our 2nd Amendment and confiscate and outlaw the private citizens' rights. James gives a clutter of statistics of which I will not endeavor to challenge because they are insignificant to the point.
The point is that we need to address the cause of the problem, criminals and crazies. It is our liberal leaders who are blocking any sound, sane, constitutionally-legal approach to the problem. They are playing politics and hiding behind their accustomed politically correct shields. These liberals refuse to even consider any ideas such as armed security guards in our schools to protect our children. They refuse to consider making mental health records available to the instant check system siting privacy concerns. No, they choose to continue to attack our law abiding gun owners and our Constitution. So James, check your own house before you throw more stones.
It's a fact that most gun crimes are committed in cites like Chicago, Detroit, L.A., New Orleans and so on. The common factor is these are cities and states where liberal Democrats have had decades of control with among the strongest gun control laws in the nation. Yet James supports these political leaders and their policy's in blind obedience regardless of the decades of failure, suffering and injustice they create.
Criminals, by the way, do not get their guns at gun shows or gun stores, they steal them or get them from family members. Only about 1.5 percent come from legal purchases.
Regarding the supposed gun running from outside states without checks, it's at best all guess work, as no hard reliable numbers are available. And remember the biggest gun running scandal since Iran Contra has been Fast and Furious run by Eric Holder. Our liberal Attorney General has also declined to prosecute all but 44 attempted illegal purchases caught by the instant check system.
No James, you and your liberal friends need to start trying to take care of our at risk children rather then taking advantage of them after it's to late.
Steve Earle

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The SB-2 deliberative session is not at all like town meeting

To the editor,
Over the last week I have had the opportunity to speak with several residents who supported SB-2. After a brief, open and honest discussion of the pros and cons of both Town Meeting and SB-2 also known as RSA 40:13, I was horrified to discover how misinformed these people were on the matters of SB-2. I was told they were voting for SB-2 because they WANTED to keep Town Meeting! They understood the "deliberative session" in the SB-2 process to be the same thing as Town Meeting. There is nothing further from the truth!
SB-2's deliberative session is more like our current budget hearing, where we can expect between 35 – 50 people (the current year's attendance in surrounding SB-2 towns) to listen to the presentation of the Budget Committee and selectmen for the budget and warrant articles. Then at this meeting by majority vote of those in attendance everything is subject to change. Any article/warrant can and will change by the vote of those few people, even fewer than at Town Meeting. This will be the undoing of the 10+ months of work by those elected officials. A month following this deliberative session the voting of all issues and elected officials will happen in the voting booth, with "no opportunity" to ask questions regarding the meaning of any item.
Please make sure you understand for yourself the consequences of your vote. Make sure you get the facts! Don't vote for it because someone tells you the "deliberative session" is Town Meeting or is like Town Meeting, because IT IS NOT!
It may be time for us as a town to look at the options available to us in regards to governing; SB-2 is not the only alternative. It would make better sense to study all the options, as they did in Hillsboro, see what would be best for Sanbornton, and not just replace what we have with something broken. (One local town's default SB-2 budget was larger than the proposed current year budget. How do taxes decrease that way!)
Please do your homework and Vote NO to article 1, regarding SB-2, RSA 40:13. At Town Meeting ask for a study committee to review all the options.
Selectman Karen Ober

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Nickerson has served Sanbornton well, let's keep him in office

To the editor,
Dave Nickerson has served the town of Sanbornton for the past six years as a dedicated selectmen. It would seem that Dave is on the job 24/7, as he is always aware of all the activities the town employees are engaged in. He also continuously solicits the opinion and comments of all town residents. I have found Dave to be very open and responsive to all questions and the concerns and never hesitant to express his views.
Lets keep this knowledgeable dedicated selectmen for another term as one of our selectmen.
Vote for Dave Nickerson on election day, May 14th.
Bill Whalen

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Where was outrage about what N.H. state senators did right here?

To the editor,
An awful lot of people are writing letters and buying commercial time to chastise Kelly Ayotte over her vote on extended background checks. The first thing I thought of was, "Where's the outrage over what our state senators and representatives did to ignore us right here?"
Hundreds of voters and tax-payers packed the statehouse in Concord in February in support of HB-580, a moratorium on new energy facilities. The small handful of opponents were either non-residents or those in a position to make money from these projects. This bill and every other one in the house regarding reigning in the corporate rights to ruin our natural resources was tabled by the Science, Energy and Technology Committee — essentially doing nothing to protect our rights.
Dozens of us drove to Concord again in March when there was a public hearing on SB-99, another call for a moratorium, in the Energy & Natural Resources Committee. After most of us left the room because they moved on to another bill, the bill was revisited, amended (stripped) and voted on. The bill was changed from a moratorium on new, elective energy projects to a call for the SEC to review their process.
But it's not dead yet. Please contact your state house rep and ask them to vote in favor of SB-99. Let them know we're disappointed in how our concerns for the energy future and preservation of our natural resources has been discounted by them so far this legislative year but they can find some redemption by doing the right thing now on SB-99.
Cindy Kudlik

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I want to continue to be honest, courteous, truthful & available

To the editor,
To the residents of Sanbornton:
My name is Dave Nickerson. I have served you for the last nine years, three years as a Budget Committee member and six years as selectman.
It's been a pleasure to serve with fellow selectmen and work with some great department heads and town administrators. I've been able to create a good working relationship with state DOT and DES personnel as I am retired and have had the time to attend meetings with them.
It's always been my philosophy to try to give back to the town that I live in. Sanbornton is a very unique town and as many residents will tell you, I've been to their homes to listen and discuss issues that they have. I've sat in their kitchen and had coffee and cookies with them and brought their concerns back to the Selectboard. My phone number has always been available anytime day or night and I'll always tell you the truth and not say what I think you want me to say.
Working with my fellow selectmen, the Budget Committee and department heads has kept the town portion of the tax rate as low as possible. Drawing on 15 years of experience on the Merrimack Valley School Board I reached out to school board members and the Winnisquam School District Budget Committee to try to make them understand that the town is being overwhelmed by school tax increases. I spent a short time on the school budget committee.
Keeping the rural beauty, the scenic roads and historical connection of our town is very important to me. Sanbornton is so very special; my wife and I can travel our dirt roads with a horse and cart and feel the beauty and nature that attracted us and others, such a disappearing treasure in our fast moving world.
On the tax issue; the voters ultimately decide what their tax rate is going to be. The selectmen and Budget Committee can only present to the voters what we think is needed to run the town. ONLY the folks who go to the school district and town meetings decide the tax rate. There are many issues that the selectmen are working on right including roads, policies and fair and equitable pay scales; I would like to continue working with our other two selectmen and bring my knowledge to the table.
If elected I will continue to be honest, courteous, truthful and available.
Please vote on May 14th; please attend town meeting on May 15th.
Dave Nickerson

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