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Obamacare website problems are just the tip of the iceberg

To The Daily Sun,

I believe that the problems that have been identified with the Obamacare system roll out is just the tip of the iceberg. All the problems they've experienced have to do with nothing more than the data entry front end of the system. Just wait until they get into actually using the system e.g. the reimbursement system, the billing system, the collection system, interface with a myriad of other government systems, the fraud alert system, the actual medical care system, the doctor enrollment system, the insurance company compliance system, the subsidiary disbursement system, etc.

As Al Jolson used to say "folks you ain't seen nothing yet".

Bill Whalen


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'Come little leaves said the wind one day . . .'

To The Daily Sun,

I am quoting below from a letter that my best friend e-mailed to her son who is a Merchant Marine and is now working on a tanker in the Pacific Ocean. Now we all know that the ocean does not have "leaves" and she wants him to remember what Fall is all about.

"Sweetie this is just about the extremely great fall N.H. has ever had . . . the month of October has been hot, warm with a gentle breeze, so that our leaves on our trees stayed for a long time without falling fast. . . the rain and wind usually brings them down.

I took a ride around out town, North Conway, and south to Karass and no matter where you looked the trees were warm with brilliant colors of yellow, orange, red, mixed in with our green pines. The mountains were breathtaking looked like a quilt with all the colors of our life we live and see. It is like the tree's branches were reaching out to hold you in there arms to warm you before the long winter.

The road on the neck was so beautiful. . . you could close your eyes and picture this . . . trees with their painted colors are hanging over our road with the bright sunlight and warmth. . . a few crispy leaves on the side of the road when you drive by and hear them rustle. . . remember that sound. . . I just thank God for its glory, I love the season's of different colors and wait for the first snow of white and the crisp clean smell. I know you always say it's sad when fall comes but I don't look at it that way at all because Mother Nature knows life changes with a new season to refresh out lives and we go on and look forward to the next day, week, month so don't count the days, MAKE THEM COUNT. Find something in each day that counted in your life; it could be a small prayer. . . to helping out someone. . . or just reflecting the day you woke up too. Stop for a minute and smell the air.

Now I'm going to reflect back for a second your Mom does that as she gets old. . . you may not remember but grandpa used to sit in his rocking chair near the window and say this poem to you and Kara on his lap come the fall weather: 'Come little leave said the wind one day, come over the meadow and play with me. Put on you dresses of red and gold the summer is gone and the days grow cold' . . . and I looked this up one time on the Internet and it is a real poem with more words to it because I thought he made it up. He was quite the guy to reach out to teach you both things he learned in life .

So I'm rambling and I know you are getting bored with reading this. . . so have a safe trip up and back I'll write again but not this boring. . . I wrote this because the rain is coming and the leaves will be gone and our winter will be right behind us.

All my love to you, your Mum. XXXOOO"

This letter should brighten up your letter section instead of what people are writing now. All complaints that really cannot be resolved.

Happy Halloween and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves while they last because we all know what is around the corner!.

Barbara J. Perry


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Barry Sanders would resign presidency before his term was up

To The Daily Sun,

I noticed your headline on one of the letters today (October 24th) where you listed Barry Sanders as a possible president. Someone had the wrong contact sport (football) on their mind when doing the headlines.

Although... it is an interesting concept. If Barry Sanders was president we would see a lot of brilliant footwork and change of direction behind the line, followed either by a 1 or 2 yard loss, or by a burst leading to a 60 yard gain. However, he would end up retiring/resigning from the presidency early, when a goal obtained by no one else was in sight.

Ed Allard


(Editor's note: The correct reference would have been to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Barry Sanders is a Hall of Fame running back for the Detroit Lions.)

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I in no way mean to disrespect the accomplishments of Mr. Jones

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, Mr. Meade feels compelled to jump into the fray. And, as is often the case, he "paraphrases" something I said into something that I didn't say. We're all aware of deception, lies, spinning the truth, etc., but Meade uses "paraphrasing". It seems in "paraphrasing" you don't have to report an accurate account of what was said — you only have to narrate whatever information serves your argument, no matter how blatantly misleading.

In a recent letter, I voiced my disgust with Congress for using veterans as "pawns" in their game of political chess; after 27 years of military service, I would hope, that even Mr. Meade would agree, that I have earned that right. In referencing veterans it was quite obvious that I was referring to them as a group. In doing so, I made reference to a letter by Mr. Bob Jones, a local veteran. In his inevitable way, Meade makes the great leap and accuses me of "referring to him (Jones) as a 'pawn'." This was never said nor was it ever implied in my letter.

I would also point out, that Jones submitted a letter soon after mine, in which he referenced the "Million Veteran March" and cited his displeasure with "two nationally-known figures who spoke of veterans not being used as 'pawns' were the ones who most often use veterans as 'pawns' ..."

From the bio of Mr. Jones that Meade included in his letter, I learned that Jones was a Navy corpsman serving with the Marines in Viet Nam. As a Marine serving in the I Corps area of Nam, I can tell you that we had the greatest respect for "our" corpsman. We treated "our" corpsman as demigods because we realized that our lives depended on their knowledge, skill, and courage — as exemplified by Mr. Jones. Depending on his time "in country", we may have shared a foxhole at some point.

I in no way mean to discredit or disrespect the accomplishments of Mr. Jones, but in recent years, it has come into vogue to refer to all our veterans as "heroes". Veterans have a relationship that is unique and treasured, but I want to assure you that most vets do not see themselves as "heroes." We were and are, young men and women fulfilling our oath to serve and defend our country. During our terms of service we made sacrifices to honor our commitments to this nation and stood firm to protect its ideals.

Mr. Jones and I share similar views when it comes to encouraging veterans, no matter what their political persuasion, to research their representatives and determine who is just "talking the talk", and who is actually "walking the walk."

L. J. Siden

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Do parents have right as to what moral teachings reach their kids?

To The Daily Sun,

Jesus, talking to the Jews, speaking to them about knowing Him said, "You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free." In saying this Jesus reveals a spiritual truth that permeates all human endeavor. You can see it in operation at every level of enterprise in human history. Our founding fathers seemed to have good grasp of that as it seems did our nation well into the nineteenth century.
The relationship between the reformation and the enlightenment is direct, as is the relationship between the truth of the Scriptures being seen as central and acceptable truth and American liberty. The truth of the Scriptures is true it happened that way, it is that way, and it will be that way. You can shake it can run up against it and ram it, try to blow it up with hand grenades, nuke it, argue against it, it does doesn't matter; it is true, it will stand. Consequently it is the foundation of liberty, for an honestly seeking humanity given liberty to examine our universe freely will find it to be true because it is. This is not true of any other philosophy trying to occupy that foundational position. For as much as a philosophy is less than true it must restrict investigation in order to hold it's place. Otherwise it would be found to be untrue and lose its hold on our society.

I could go on for pages about this but I won't, for my purpose is to draw attention to a case being brought before the N.H. Supreme Court which embodies this principle with all the twists and turns that a cast of corrupt players through the decades could manipulate. This case, this law, though it must seem obscure to many, is probably the most important case to go before the N.H. Supreme Court in decades perhaps a century. The court case is Duncan v The State of New Hampshire. The law is the state's education tax credit program.
What is at stake here is the very essence of our liberty as a people. Do parents have a right of conscience as to what moral teaching their children are subject to for over 1,000 hours a year, or constitutionally must they submit this most important life decision to the society in which they live if their income does not allow them meet the expediencies of raising a family and then paying double for their children's education as well. Or can our state government fashion a law that helps to provide relief for these within the bounds of our state Constitution.
If God and the publisher are willing, I will attempt to make these things clear in future submissions, as it takes several months for a case to go through the court process and the people of our state ought to know just what has transpired and what is at stake.

John Demakowski


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