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Blizzard should be allowed to purchase city property at bargain price

To The Daily Sun,

There should not be any question, as to whom, should buy the Lakeport Landing property off Union Avenue.

Blizzard bought this property from the Heberts and turned it into a showcase of how a marina can be operated. Hundreds of vacation-minded people found this facility for summer enjoyment, but also found winter activities, which led to many, not only renting lodgings and or buying homes. Continue your thinking as to the new income to this area.

Normally, these people would have continued up Interstate 93, not knowing of the many attractions in the Laconia area. Blizzard put this place on the map. Now, year-round groups visit, restaurants, local food and clothing stores, Funspot and Gunstock Ski Area. Plus touring Meredith, Wolfeboro and towns surrounding the lake. This also represents a tremendous amounts of taxes that were paid to towns and to the state of New Hampshire by the aforesaid mentioned.

Blizzard invested untold sums, for the beautification of this property. He also paid for and built the new railroad drawbridge that now allows larger and safer type boats to enter the Big Lake. It also allowed new business facilities to grow in this 15 square mile area. More tax income.

For someone to come in and buy an established and proven business, knowing it is successful, is like opening Lakeport Marina's books and saying, "Have at it." Blood, sweat and tears built this marina. A new lease or sales price for Erica Blizzard to purchase this property should be adjusted far below any bid from competing marina or other business. It will mean an undisturbed, continuous, successful enterprise. A takeover by a competing marina, will cause turmoil to present boat owners, workers, that have earned a living for the past 35-plus years.

Any other business, will have to raze and rebuild, thus putting this area out of productive use, for two or more years. This will negatively affect Lakeport and its area business interests. Cool heads should prevail. Forget personal bickering, greed. Do not lose a well managed facility, with little or no problems, that maybe found in a new enterprise.

Harrison Spencer

Ormond Beach, Fla.

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Our lives are gifts from God & only he has right to take them back

To The Daily Sun,

Brittany Maynard, of Portland, OR, killed herself on Sat, Nov 1, 2014, using so-called assisted suicide measures. May God have mercy on her soul. The news was reported locally here in Laconia by The Laconia Daily Sun, running an AP story. But folks, that news story was not fair and balanced. It tried to give persuasive arguments in favor of the "right" of someone to kill themselves, but it did not include any discussion of the opposite viewpoint, other than to say "...social conservatives have sharply criticized..." and "...unlikely Republican-controlled legislatures would consider..."

And except for a few religious-affilliated groups being quoted expressing what some consider empty rhetoric in their opposition, there is hardly ever serious anti-assisted suicide discussion on the matter.

In the 2000 years since "The Lamb of God" brought a New Covenant to mankind, and created the "ekklesia," the church of Christ, man has been trying to write his own new set of laws to live by, rejecting those from God. Most people (even some who consider themselves Christians) do not even know that Jesus' death fulfilled all of the Old Law, bringing a NEW Law, which if followed, will give every one of us Eternal Life. Many people either reject the belief, or simply do not know that we are to live our lives for God, not ourselves. Modernism and Post-modernism beliefs today try to convince people that they are in charge of matters of this type, not an unseen god.

But Jesus said that even some who consider themselves religious will not enter the Kingdom of God unless they do the Will of His Father. He also said, in John 14:6, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me."

Some will say that we don't know for sure whether it's okay with God for us to do certain things. But that is so not true. He provided a "rule book" for us to live by. And just like an athlete who violates a serious rule of the sport he's playing, and is disqualified from further participation, we can also become "disqualified" from eternal life. At least the athlete knows what the rules are. What makes it worse for us is that many of us are influenced by the culture around us, that it isn't even necessary for us to know what the "rules" are!

We are a "me first" society, and many times, our selfishness causes nothing else to matter to us. Even though most people believe that we are created by God, hardly anyone ever asks, "what does God want from me?" That's because we are afraid of the answer. We don't want to know the answer! The correct answer might require us to become accountable for our behavior, and the last thing many of us want, is to be held accountable. So we don't ask!

Our lives are gifts from God, and only He has the right to take them back. Young people, please do not be influenced by the destructiveness of the present-day culture. God has a plan for your life — go out there and find out what it is! In the meantime, "Bloom where you're Planted," wherever that is!

Jim McCoole

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