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Thanks to all of you who came and enjoyed Gilmanton Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton Old Home Day Organizers would like to thank all of the people who helped make the 118th Gilmanton Old Home Day such a success.

Thank you to the volunteers that come and set up the grounds, to the bean sorters, to the wonderful folks that put on a beautiful art show, to the fantastic organization of the crafters, antique car show and car parade, our master of ceremonies, our bean dinner and food booth volunteers, our dinner ticket sellers, our presenter of the Smith Meetinghouse history, our raffle hawker, our golf cart driver for the handicapped, our grounds organization and parking people.

Special thanks to the local businesses that helped us provide a fun-filled day and to all of our participants whether advertising, donating or participating in the event. The winners of our two raffle baskets were won by Linda Womack and Margaret Roberts.

Thank you to all of those who came and enjoyed the day on the Smith Meetinghouse grounds.

Barbara Angevine


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Do you know of quid pro quo between Democrats and Planned Parenthood

To The Daily Sun,

With 13,000 alternatives to choose from, I wonder why is Planned Parenthood so important to Democratic politicians that they demand spending your taxpayer money to support Planned Parenthood so enthusiastically? This is especially puzzling since the services Planned Parenthood offers, with their highly paid executives, is readily available from other local sources. According to The Daily Signal (Aug. 17, 2015), more than 13,000 non Planned Parenthood health clinics offer comprehensive women's health services across the USA, as contrasted with only 665 PP offices.

Interestingly when one looks at the Opensecrets.org website under Planned Parenthood, Influence and Lobbying tab and scroll down a few pages, we find the following:

— Independent Expenditures: $3,467,881.

— For Democrats: $2,099,244.

— Against Democrats: $0.

— For Republicans: $343,175.

— Against Republicans: $1,260,468.

— Electioneering Communications: $0.

— Communication Costs: $252,727.

Might this be a "smoking gun"? In any rational mind, Democratic politicians earmarking taxpayer money to go to Planned Parenthood only to have Panned Parenthood route much of it back to Democrats is money laundering.

When a Republican objects to these Planned Parenthood shenanigans the liberal press headlines can now say: "Republicans are anti-women bigots!" or "Republicans hate women!" My bet is that most all Republicans, most all independents, and many Democrats don't know about this quid pro quo, and if they did would not approve.

I think it is safe to say: The liberal press cares more about bashing Republicans than they do about reporting facts. Democratic politicians care less about women's health than they do in stealing your tax dollars.

Think carefully America, elections have consequences, especially this one.

Dave Rivers

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