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I urge parents to cautiously embrace Common Core & stay involved

To The Daily Sun,

Before succumbing to the misinformation surrounding Common Core, I urge everyone to simply go to the source and read for yourself what this curriculum does and does not include. Details including grade-by-grade standards can be found at www.corestandards.org (not commoncore.org or other variations). There is no doubt that America's educational house is decaying and Common Core offers a starting point for producing a future generation that can compete on a global stage in math, science and technology. Common Core is the culmination of 20 years of efforts by business professionals, educators, and parents which has received support from the likes of Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Dell Computers, Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Governors Association. The U.N. and Federal Reserve have nothing to do with this!

Set aside the fear mongering and read it for yourself. Common Core lays out an attainable, yet challenging set of educational objectives designed to produce a workforce that is able to compete in todays' world of high tech and global competition. For example, please examine the mathematical standards set forth at www.corestandards.org. Mathematics, in particular, represent objective, timeless and necessary truths that apply uniformly and equally to any citizen regardless of political affiliation, geographic location, or age. Fractions mean the same in Iowa and Alabama as they do in California and Texas. For my fifth grader this means setting the goal of learning the basics of algebraic thinking, understanding fractions, geometric measurement and analyzing patterns and relationships (quoted directly from the curriculum guidelines). What is wrong with setting clear goals and objective that have been developed with the input of future employers like the companies mentioned above? Nothing.

Perhaps it is good that Common Core has been attacked by conservatives and progressives alike, but as the Alton School Board rejects Common Core it is worthwhile to note that according to the yearly NECAP Mathematical And Reading test results, Alton Elementary schools ranked 177 out of 219 in the state and fell 23 spots from the previous year. Meanwhile, Alton Middle Schools ranked 74 out of 126 and fell 15 spots in the same year.

Unless there is a better alternative that can be implemented immediately, I urge everyone with school-aged children to cautiously embrace Common Core, take an active role in your childs' education and refrain from crying that "the sky is falling." At the first sign of some subversive agenda you will be the first to know and you will be in the perfect position to shout to the rooftops with clear evidence of some Orwellian agenda. In the meantime, my hunch is that you may find your child is better prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century. After all, nothing is more powerful than an enlightened, engaged and enthusiastic parent in a childs' life.

Mark McCarthy


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Let's hold the press accountable for demonizing the Tea Party

To The Daily Sun,

Responding to a recent article entitled, "Tea Party Takes Aim at Alton Workforce Housing Initiative", I am inspired to respond.

First of all, this title is WRONG. This meeting was a citizen forum of over 70 people strong, who came together to hear about Alton and workforce housing. This event was hosted by the Alton Business Association and was NOT a Tea Party event. To imply it was not an honest forum to discuss an important town issue is deliberately misinforming the public. Indeed, it was the Alton Town Planner, Ken McWilliams who requested this meeting! It had NOTHING to do with the Tea Party.

Now, the Tea Party has long been the "whipping boy" of the progressive left. The largest divisions of our government have demonized all liberty groups, as is the case with the current ONGOING IRS scandal. Using its governmental power with a complicit media, the ultimate goal is to marginalize CITIZENS VOICING THEIR CONCERNS against an ever-encroaching federal government into our local communities.

I agree with everything I have heard from the Tea Party movement. I am not a "member". But, perhaps I will become one in the future. In the meantime, I suggest we hold our local press accountable to the standard of not participating in the lefts' mission to marginalize and propagandize what is an honorable organization, borne of a grassroots movement against government overreach.

I invite all citizens who are interested, to join the Alton Business Association on Sept. 25, 6 p.m. at the Gilman Museum to discuss the issue of Workforce Housing in our communities. We welcome ALL discussion and hope to see you there.

Rep. Jane Cormier
Belknap District 8


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Every person has a right to have their vote counted & recorded

To The Daily Sun,

The City of Laconia held a Primary Election on Tuesday September 10 in Ward 5. Only the incumbent, Robert Hamel. was running for the City Council Seat for Ward 5 and had his name printed on the ballot. The Laconia Charter, Section 2:06 THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION states: "The printed municipal ballot shall contain the names of the two candidates for each office who received the highest and second highest number of votes in the primary election and no others."

At the Primary Election Carol and David Gammon wrote in Tom Tardif for Ward 5 City Councilor. After reading the City Charter I went to City Hall on Friday September 13 and requested a copy of the Municipal Primary Election Results asking why Tom Tardif hadn't won a spot on the ballot. The results showed Robert Hamel received 39 votes out of 47 votes cast but the results didn't show any write-in votes. The Laconia City Clerk Mary Reynolds told me that Tom Tardif would have to request a recount but didn't say it would have to be on that day, September 13th. At that point Tom Tardif didn't even know anyone had voted for him.

On September 16, Tom Tardif and myself went to City Hall to talk to Laconia's City Clerk Mary Reynolds about Tom requesting a recount. The City Clerk said that she was advised that all recounts had to be requested by Friday, September 13. Tom filed the request anyway. We also requested a copy of the computed print-out of the election results. Contrary to the "Municipal Primary Election Results" which didn't show any write-in votes for the Ward 5 Councilor seat, the "Election Results Report" showed 3 write-in votes.

On September 16, I received a call from Sylvia Metivier saying that she also wrote-in Tom Tardif for Ward 5 City Councilor, which accounts for the three write-in votes and awards Tom Tardif a spot on the ballot in November, if he wishes to accept.

This could be solved by talking to the Ward 5 clerks who signed the "Election Results Report, Primary Election Laconia, NH 9/10/13 for Ward 5". The signatures of "Nancy Merrill, Alice Ortakalas and Sarah Weeks" were included.

Every person has a right to vote and have their vote counted according to the USA and New Hampshire Constitutions.

David Gammon


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Don't imply we supplied Iraq with poison gas or germ warfare

To The Daily Sun,

Funny thing happened a couple days ago, Henry Osmer wrote he would no longer respond to my letters. No big deal but that doesn't mean I won't respond to his. In today's paper Henry has a letter where he claims we (the U.S., I presume) sold weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.
Let's be clear on what WMD's are. Henry and I were both in the military during the same era. Every branch of service were universally given CBR training. C = Chemical (poison gas), B = Biological (germ warfare) and R= Radiological (nukes or dirty bombs). For five decades these three categories were Weapons of Mass Destruction. Only in the last decade did some in the media and political fields started referring to conventional weapons as WMD. Sounds so much more dramatic you know, better to bash America with.
Back to my first paragraph regarding Henry's WMD statement — in his first attempt to deceive folks he use the "poison gas" as his term. Called out on that he then resorted to WMD's as his next best smear term. Both he and I know what the true definition of WMDs are. So Mr. Osmer can expect me to roll up a paper and smack him on the nose and say "bad" every time he tries to fool the people.
Steve Earle


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To provide health insurance for another 5% we plan to do harm to 85%

To The Daily Sun,
Do you want to keep your doctor? Do you want to keep your health insurance (the insurance that you understand, that meets your needs, and that you can afford)? When President Obama wanted your support for Obamacare, he promised these things.
Are you unhappy that your health insurance premiums are skyrocketing (on average more than $2,000), although President Obama promised your premiums would go down by $2,500?
Millions of Americans are suffering because so many Obamacare promises are false. But now, if you object to President Obama's broken promises, you are called an "extremist".
Obamacare is destroying jobs, suppressing job creation, and turning millions of full-time, into part-time jobs. Many employers who are struggling with increased, rather than lower, health insurance premiums are cutting workers, cutting spousal insurance coverage, or passing on increased costs to employees.
Facing new Obamacare regulations, restrictions, and taxes, many hospitals, clinics, and companies working on new medical devices and techniques are cutting jobs and services ... which means poorer future healthcare for patients.
Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean and others now admit that Obamacare inserts, between doctors and patients, a government bureaucrat who determines if life-saving (e.g., cancer drugs) or life-enhancing (e.g., hip replacements) treatments can be provided.
Obamacare taxes raise the cost of health care, especially for people with high medical expenses.
To provide insurance for 5 percent more Americans, Obamacare is harming the insurance and health care for the 85 percent of Americans who already had health insurance.
One of its authors, Senator Baucus, called Obamacare a "train-wreck". Our country was far better off without Obamacare.
Are you afraid to be called an "extremist" for wanting to help avoid this train-wreck which harms so many Americans? If not, sign the petition at dontfundit.com and call or e-mail Senators Ayotte (202-224-3324) and Shaheen (202-224-2841), and Congresswomen Shea-Porter (202-225-5456) and Koster (202-225-5206) and tell them to vote to defund and repeal Obamacare.
Don Ewing

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