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I'm running because I believe in what Gilford schools are providing

To The Daily Sun,

I am a candidate for the Gilford School Board. At this time last year, I was honored to be appointed by the board to fill an unanticipated vacancy. During the ensuing year, I have discovered something special is happening in the Gilford schools. Led by a talented, dedicated staff of teachers and administrators, our students are receiving a first class education. I am running because I believe in what the Gilford schools are providing and wish to continue to support, direct, and advance this education excellence. All Gilford residents should be proud of what has been accomplished in our schools.

Although I am running unopposed, I want my views and opinions to be known to so that I may earn your confidence and your vote.

Thank you and whoever you support please be sure to vote Tuesday, March 10.

Jack Landow


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Mitch Lewis will be much needed replacement on our Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

The average Sanbornton resident has seen their town tax increase 86 percent over the last 10 years ($1,053  to $1,956). This rate of increase is, in my view, unsustainable. Fortunately the upcoming March 10 election will provide every resident an opportunity to do something about taxes by voting for candidates that are capable of counterbalancing town services with town income.

Earl Leighton, the current Budget Committee chairman, has been a tireless advocate of fiscal responsibility and should be re-elected. Craig Weisman is also running for the Budget Committee and, as a successful businessman, has proven that he has not only an in-depth understanding of the budgeting process but has the necessary intestinal fortitude when trying to balance income and expenses. He is an excellent choice for Budget Committee.

As for selectman, the current incumbent is running for re-election on a record of not being frugal with the public purse. For example, her endorsement of the Fire Department's request for two new full-time firemen at an overall annual cost of $159,000 demonstrates a disregard for the already overburdened taxpayer. Mitch Lewis is a much needed replacement and as a business consultant, will bring not only a new focus on spending, but also a much needed new approach to management of town resources. Mitch deserves your vote for selectman.

Roger Grey


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