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Mouths have dropped open with size of donations to Garden Club

To The Daily Sun,

The president of the Alton Garden Club, Joan Blackwood, received a phone call early in the year. The caller told her that a former member, Margaret "Peg' Kayser had mentioned the club in her will and that a check would be coming. Her initial thought was how nice and how unexpected.

Some time went by and she received another phone call, this one from the treasurer, Betty Jane Meulenbroek. She said that a letter had arrived for the Garden Club and a check was enclosed from Peg's estate. As she read the letter mentioning the amount, Joan's mouth dropped open. The same response has been from everyone who has heard this news. "What?" "How much?" And looks of amazement. It will be a huge blessing as well as a huge responsibility of the club to spend it wisely to see that Peg's wishes are fulfilled.

That wish was to beautify the town and "and hoped that the money would be put to great use." 

A member of the Alton Garden Club, Peg Kayser, had been actively involved for years. Though quiet and unassuming she was instrumental in initiating a scholarship for a local deserving graduating student who was going into some form of science or horticulture future. That $500 scholarship was recently presented to Haley Mellon from Prospect Mountain who may pursue a career in environmental science.

On hearing of Peg's gift a member of the Alton Garden Club thought it was a wonderful idea to help make our town more beautiful and wrote the club this letter:

"Dear Alton Garden Club: Please accept my gift to the Alton Garden Club to augment the generous gift that you have already received. I know you will use the money to beautify the town of Alton in a very special way. I am giving the gift to give back to the community who has so lovingly given so much to my family. I thank all the friends, businesses, police, ambulance service and the Alton Garden Club. I fell blessed to live in such a wonderful community of great people.

We have a great town, and I look forward to the further beautification of the area. I hope this gift will help your project.

Sincerely, the Hudson family

A check was enclosed for another large amount of money. More mouths have dropped open. It is believed that many improvements can be made with this kind of money. 

A committee has been formed to plan and implement these improvements. The primary goal is to make the Bay, where so many visit, a more beautiful area. Another area the committee is considering is around Monument Square. It is hoped that plans will be finalized before fall so that by next summer some, if not all of the work will be done and those who live here as well as those who visit will be able to say, "What a beautiful town."

The Alton Garden Club

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Democrat policies nurture the growth of big, big business

To The Daily Sun,

Trust in government has slumped to near record lows. The one question we should be asking every presidential candidate is, "What are you going to do to reform government to make it more effective and cost far less?"

According to a Pew research poll, 74 percent of Americans rate government just fair or poor at running its programs. Another Pew poll indicates 75 percent of Americans believe government will do the right thing just some of the time — or never. The last poll suggests Americans believe Washington wastes 51 cents of every dollar it spends.

These poll numbers represent an indictment against government ability to do anything right. This country should be screaming its lungs out for a real government reform candidate. That surely is not Hillary or Jeb.

The true government reformer would have plenty of fodder to work with. They could start with the $700 billion already on the books in unpaid taxes, delinquent debts and over payments to individuals and government contractors. Many experts believe we could cut the government payroll by 10 percent, and the contractor payroll 15 percent by simply updating the antiquated technology that infects government from the FAA to Homeland Security.

Can anyone forget the Obamacare roll-out catastrophe that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions. It illustrates the point perfectly. If you want "Three Stooges" incompetence, put the federal government in charge. Excessive costs and bungling are irrelevant because government has your wallet as an open money pit to pay for its endless boondoggles.

Funniest of all, when business screws up like government, government demands it must be in control of it. Government obstructs modernization because improved efficiency shrinks its size and power. Every government employee from Obama to the congressional building janitor obstruct anything that might shrink government or its cost that is killing main street paying for it.

What has the massive explosion of government over the past 50 years bought us? Record debt, flourishing inequality, entrenched long-term poverty, steadily declining family incomes , a shrinking middle class, a frustrated lower class, a deteriorating black culture with the rich richer than ever, all tied to total collusion between big business and ever more in in your face, in your life, BIG government. Freedoms are fewer, taxes are prolific and higher while government more dysfunctional than ever, as the electorate spews heated venom at each other. This, after a half century of non stop growth of government.

The progeny of big government, big business. You can't name an industry today where the top 10 companies don't have a larger market share than they did 20 years ago. Big government's rise has grown hand-in-hand with big businesses rise. They monopolize the country together. What's good for big government is almost certainly good for big business. Every new government regulation becomes a new hurdle that keeps competitors out, making the already big, even bigger, and stronger.

Democrats say they hate big business, but their every policy nurses the growth of big business with milk from breasts the size of Mount Everest. Big government loves big business because they are much easier to control and collude with.

The passage of Obamacare has spewed more consolidation producing more health care behemoths in the past four years than took place in the previous 100 years. Two of the largest health insurers in America Anthem and United Healthcare are now trying to buy their slightly smaller rivals, Cigna and Humana. All deals in the multibillions.

Every Main Street clinic has been bought by the local hospital. The local hospital is then bought by the regional chain. Then the regional chain is bought be the national chain. The big drug companies now consume all the small biotechs rather than do research. Why? Because only the huge can survive the costs associated with complying with the frontal attack leveled by big government from Obamacare.

Doctors have been turned into data automatons. The person your apt to be treated by is now is not a doctor, but a nurse practitioner because a nurse practitioner gets paid less. Guess what? Many of the health insurers are seeking 10 percent to 30 percent increases in premiums for 2016. Obamacare did nothing except put the cost of health care for the less fortunate on to Main Street while while it will create 10 giant companies in health care that government will declare too big to fail so they can demand control over every aspect of their businesses the way they do big banks.

Screaming they must do it to protect Americans from unscrupulous big business which government created and wants. Time to wake up America.

Tony Boutin

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