As inmate, I feel voice should be heard from inside on this issue

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is a response to the article that was published on Sept. 24 headed "Commission asks Judge to force lawmakers to meet."

As an inmate here at Belknap County House of Corrections I follow up on issues such as this one.

This article in particular has my attention because this is my "home" and how I live for the duration of my sentence. I directly feel the effects of this "budget situation" as do the families of all the inmates.

Budget cuts mean not enough correctional officers to provide security for privileges as visitation, medical released furloughs, in-house jobs and in-house programs, and any other programs which require a correctional officer to be present. Due to the low staff last weekend, Sept 19th through the 21st, we inmates had our visitation privileges canceled. Although I was not directly affected because I do not receive visits outside of the jail, it did have an effect on six other inmates here because their families had to travel from outside the state and were turned away.

It doesn't stop there. This "low budget" situation has affected me the most by not being able to be out on work release due again to "low budget, low staff, low security." I make my living on the outside as a painter and before I was sentenced here I provided for my girlfriend and her two kids. In my plea I was given the work release program so I could keep providing for my family and obtain the occupation I once had. Due to the low staff here and this "budget situation" I have lost my job and am at high risk of losing my place to live and my family being tossed out on the street due to not being able to provide the money needed to pay bills.

This low budget situation does not stop at that. I know to the outside community we at the county jail are looked at as inmates and belong here for the crimes we have committed. This being true as most of us do belong here for our violations, but where in the rehabilitation stages does it say an inmate has to shower in mold infested showers, live in a dorm with exposed pipes, breath the bad air quality and bad air circulation, and sleep on poor bedding?

I feel as an inmate that a voice needs to be heard from inside the jail on this situation. I am not writing this letter to get any of the staff in trouble, I am writing this based on the facts of this budget situation and how this affects inmates, correctional officers, jail staff, and the inmates' families on the outside.

Any questions you may have please feel free contact me at the name and address given.

David Nelson


76 County Drive

Laconia, NH 03246


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Stop selling your EBT cards for cash and spending it on smokes

To The Daily Sun,

They said it was on the news, but I did not see it, so I went directly to the source and had a face-to-face with the lady at the front desk. Fuller has been buying oil and kero all summer, so there is no reason to be afraid that you will run out of your kind of heating fuel. There are no shortages of drivers. Since I think one should face the person at the front for information, you can usually tell if it is a rehearsed answer that you get back. Yes, if you have lived here all your life, you do know some of the facts about Fred in trouble. But look past those rumors, and settle what's on your mind by going to the source.

Like most seniors, I have given up some of the things I have enjoyed having around the house, like saving a good hunk of change by getting rid of my on-line computer. Heck, by giving that up I could get more at the grocery store. Believe that and I will tell you another. Half of what I saved went to a rent increase, and the other half went to my prescription increase because I was now "in the bubble." So if you think you can win, you would have a better chance of winning the lottery.

Since I have devoted myself to helping the elderly, who have a lot less than I do at the moment, who have also paid into the system like I did all our lives, it is discouraging when you are told there is no help out there for you, so don't bother the people at CAP because they have been told to help only people that were not born in this country, or people that do not want to work, because you owe them a living. After all, "they did not ask to be born."

So, if you are a senior citizen, needing a little helping hand, you know how to find me or ask one of your friends who uses my services. To those people who go to the food pantry and tell the little white lie that you don't get food stamps, I know that you have no conscious mind taking food out of the mouths of people that really need the help. Shame on you! How do you get the nerve taking food out of the pantry from needing people who can't make ends meet? Perhaps if New Hampshire went back to the paper stamps, you might have to give up smoking. Isn't that too bad. Stop selling your EBT cards for cash and spending it on smokes and booze.

Bev Buker


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It was great fun serving you at the Old Home Day Taco Bar

To The Daily Sun,

The Belmont High School PTO would like to express its sincere thanks to area businesses for their support of our second annual Taco Bar fundraiser at Belmont Old Home Day. The generosity of our local businesses helps the BHS PTO to meet its goals and helps it to maintain BHS as a school of excellence. We are extremely grateful and could not have done it without you.

We would like to thank El Jimador, Belmont; Shooter's, Belmont; Applebee's, Tilton; Chili's, Tilton; Pizza Hut, Tilton; and The Lobster Connection, Winnisquam. It is always nice to know your support is there for us and we urge our friends and neighbors to visit your restaurants as a special thank you for your support of our kids.

Funds raised are being used to help support student programs, provide resources to our high school and staff, and educate parents on topics of interest. Our newest parent/student program is our It Takes a Village workshops. Workshop topics include drug and alcohol abuse, teen challenges, internet safety, anti-bullying, and other important topics. Additionally, the BHS PTO conducts parent and student community events, college workshops and other support activities.

We would also like to thank all of our local supporters who visited our Taco Bar booth at Belmont Old Home Day. Please be sure to come back and visit us again next year. It was great fun serving you.

Colleen Akerman
BHS PTO Secretary, on behalf of the BHS PTO Board


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You can count on me to protect your money and your freedom

To The Daily Sun,

My sincere thanks to the voters of Gilford and Meredith. Your show of support for my candidacy in the Sept. 9 Primary is truly appreciated.

Please know, as we move forward to the Nov. 4 general election, I look forward to meeting with you and continuing the discussion of those issues that resonate with all of us. Among these are control of government spending, promotion of job growth through reduction of business taxes and regulation, support for state veterans' rights and benefits, and of equal import, preservation of our Second Amendment rights.

Again, I thank the voters of Gilford and Meredith for your support. You can count on me to protect your money, your freedom and the economic future of your families.

George Hurt

Belknap District 2 (Gilford and Meredith)


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Gilford High has cheerleading team for first time in 16 years

To The Daily Sun,

As a student attending Gilford High School, I am excited to announce that we are starting a cheerleading team this year. The last time we had a cheerleading program was 16 years ago. Our hope is that this new team will be around for years to come. We have already had 23 girls express their interest in cheering, most of whom have no prior experience.

As a team, we look forward to our upcoming cheerleading season, where we will learn many new skills and strengthen any preexisting talents. We will begin by cheering for unified basketball games which include a mix of students with and without intellectual disabilities. Our goal is that we will be able to join other spirit teams at various competitions, giving us the opportunity to show our progress, as well as admire others who have a love for the same sport.

Although our passions and aspirations for cheerleading are high, we lack the funds to carry this team toward our goals. We are currently in the process of fundraising for uniforms, tumbling classes, cheerleading mats, music, and competition fees. To do so, we are taking part in Superfund to collect donations from businesses and individuals, as well as planning to run a cheer clinic for elementary and middle school aged children, participate in the Gilford Craft Fair, compile and distribute "care packages" to students before finals, and host a spaghetti dinner.

We are eager to show our dedication to the sport and to our school. We intend to work hard for what we want and make great strides throughout the winter season. The Gilford High School cheerleaders would truly appreciate the support of Gilford and surrounding communities. We hope to see you at one of our events.

Celia Weeks


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