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Year Round Library has become staple for our Gilmanton family

To The Daily Sun,

We just wanted to voice our support for the Gilmanton Year Round Library.

What I would like to focus on is how our family and many like ours in town have greatly benefited from the Year Round library. This library has been a real treat to our family and we have used it for books, movies, and even shared in the different fun events that the library hosts. Just last weekend our seventh-grade daughter finished her book Friday night and wanted the second in the series. Did we mention the fact that we love that our kids love to read ... books ... actual, turn-the-pages books? Saturday morning we drove to the library and got her the book. Today our second-grader watched a movie there after school with some of his friends. The library is a comfortable, safe environment for our kids. The hours are set, they are year round, and they are convenient.

We feel many times when we go to the library it's like old home day for a young family like ours. It is so awesome to see other families we know, who are from our community, enjoying this resource.

The Year Round Library has become a staple for our family and we don't want to keep this gem we have found, a secret or to ever see it close.

The Warren Family

Mark, Audra, Ethan, Abby & Elliot


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Elderly population of Belknap County is backbone of taxpayers

To The Daily Sun,

The City Council had the pleasure of having state representatives of our county delegation as well as the newly elected county commissioners at our Monday night meeting. The information gleaned regarding County Nursing Home problems was just one of many subjects but one that needs to be brought to the attention of all who live in the Belknap County jurisdiction and particularly taxpayers of Laconia because any loss from the state or federal funds means we will have to come up with the money. Remember, the county's budget is partially (20 percent) paid for by you the taxpayers of Laconia. The Daily Sun also printed an article on Saturday, February 21,with information from the nursing home director that also indicates the funding problems the county nursing home is facing.
What it boils down to is losing $2.5 million in revenues. This is caused by the state cutting its support, which then means the federal revenue share is also cut. You don't get the federal funds if you don't get the state funds.
Also, the governor says the Department of Health & Human Services is facing a $58 million deficit for fiscal year 2015 and so $7 million in appropriated nursing home support will be cut.
My concern goes beyond funds being cut, to the continued cutting of funds to the elderly needs of the community. The federal government cut Medicare by billions to fund Obamacare and now the state is cutting money that is owed to the county nursing homes and again by doing this removing the federal share.
The Daily Sun recently published an article on the household income in Laconia and how it has fallen. While the figures are a couple of years back, the article pointed out that the age of the primary taxpayers in the under 30 age group dropped by 25 percent, the 30 to 40 age group declined by 25 percent, the 45 to 60 age group remained stable, but the 60 and over age group climbed by 15 percent.
What does that tell you?
We all know that the elderly population in Belknap County and particularly in Laconia has grown substantially and they represent the backbone of taxpayers, yet, when money is needed for non-paying tax groups of people, where does the government cut services or revenues? The elderly.
We are facing a huge challenge to deal with the aging population and how they will live out their final years. We should be getting ready for this mass of people who will be looking for solutions to live out their lives and have the needed resources to take care of them. The county should be looking to improving and expanding county home facility.
I do have other thoughts on county and state budget problems but this piece is meant to stand alone.
Councilor Brenda Baer

Ward 4 - Laconia

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