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State senators should all take a ride with Meals on Wheels

To The Daily Sun,

I am extremely disappointed with the recent budget passed by the New Hampshire House of Representatives. In particular, I want to highlight the impact it will have on crucial senior services.

This year's budget calls for a 50 percent cut to the Meals on Wheels program, congregate meals at senior centers, transportation services for seniors, as well as the elimination of ServiceLink, which connects seniors to services available to them.

Over the years I have attended many congregate meals at numerous senior centers throughout northern New Hampshire. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the social atmosphere these dinners provide, as well as seeing the seniors appreciate a nutritious, delicious meal. After the meal, many of them remain at the center to relax, socialize, play various games, listen to entertainment, etc. I have seen firsthand the value of this wonderful program.

I had never actually participated in the Meals on Wheels program until last week, when I was able to join a Meals on Wheels driver during his rounds. It was an eye-opening experience.

In addition to having meals delivered to them, for many housebound seniors the deliverer is the only person they see all day. The driver I rode with explained to me the importance of checking in on these seniors to make sure they are safe. While many of them are experiencing difficult living situations, they are very appreciative just to see a smiling face. And, it is equally gratifying for the deliverer to visit with them.

I encourage all state senators as they prepare their budget to do as I did — take a ride with someone who delivers for the Meals on Wheels program. If they see firsthand what I saw, I doubt they will cut this valuable program along with the services being impacted by the house budget.

Indeed, all of the above programs help many seniors stay in their own homes/apartments at a much lower cost than their being in nursing homes.

My final thought. Can you imagine these vital services being cut by a staggering 50 percent? I can't.

Michael J. Cryans
Grafton County Commissioner - District One

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Congrats to all for a wonderful production of 'Wizard of Oz'

To The Daily Sun,

The Inter-Lakes Middle Tier Theater Company and the Inter-Lakes High School Theater Company recently brought to our auditorium stage the very popular and warm story "The Wizard of Oz". Composed by Frank Baum, with music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, with dance and vocal arrangements by Peter Howard, and with orchestration by Larry Wilcox, this tried-and-true production was superbly performed by a large group of our students, a perfect blend of novices and veteran actors and actresses of various ages. The four performances on captured the interest and the enthusiasm of many, many adults, students and children who filled the auditorium seats to capacity.

Director Kathleen Hill, who very fortunately "has been there and done that," uses such a thorough approach of integrating all major components of a theatrical production. Enumerated, these include excellent casting, consistent and strong character portrayal, appropriate costuming, functional stage designs and sets, excellent music and choreography, perfectly managed technical effects, and a diligent and attentive stage crew. All of our young people did a super job of making those components their top priority. Their impressive grasp and demonstration of the storyline, their energy and enthusiasm, and their very apparent fondness for what they were doing contributed greatly to the rave reviews received.

Congratulations to Director Hill, to her absolutely magnificent cast, to her stage crew and to all others behind the scenes who contributed to the successful show.

Marjorie Lee

Inter-Lakes High School Store Manager


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