Loud people on the far right disrupt attempts to hold town halls

To The Daily Sun,

In my opinion, town hall meetings are often disrupted by the far right, loud and boisterous individuals such as the Chicken Man with Senator Sheehan, and/or by the parent who did not like a particular book in school. They all are very loud and disruptive, since this is how they get attention and get the media involved.

It's too bad that partisan politics has gone this far. We should be able to sit down across party lines and work together and town hall meetings are the perfect venue. But, until we do ... God Bless America. So, when you vote this Nov. 4, choose very wisely my friends.

Al Beliveau


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Republicans fixed the state budget before, we can do it again

To The Daily Sun,

The late Democrat Senator Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts once famously said, "You cannot be pro-jobs and anti-business at the same time. You cannot love employment and hate employers"

New Hampshire's Democrat legislators have different ideas. How else to explain the fact that not one of the 130 bills they passed into law down in Concord last session helped New Hampshire businesses? During tough economic times, our Democrats didn't pass a single bill that help businesses think favorably about moving to New Hampshire, creating new jobs, or expanding operations. Despite their campaign promises, they have not focused on "jobs, jobs, jobs."

Instead, our current Democratic legislators focused on increasing spending, increasing taxes, and reducing freedom by giving government the power to decide who can be your doctor and what kind of heath insurance you must have. Note, we didn't say what kind of health insurance you want. They think they know best what you and your family need.

This fits a disturbing pattern. The same priorities existed for a prior Democrat-controlled Legislature. Remember their 100 new fees, fines and taxes? Remember how expensive it got to register your car? Remember the $800 million budget hole? This crop of Democrats are poised to leave us with our state's finances in trouble again.

Vote them out Nov. 4. Vote for personal responsibility. Vote for people who keep their promises. Vote for "jobs, jobs, jobs." We fixed it before. We will fix it again.

Greg Hill for State Rep. (Merrimack District 3)

Carolyn Virtue for State Rep. (Merrimack District 3)

Jason Parent for State Rep. (Merrimack District 26)

Kathy Rago for State Senate (District 7)

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Sen. Hosmer will continue to champion cause of higher education

To The Daily Sun,

I am supporting Andrew Hosmer for the New Hampshire Senate because of his demonstrated effectiveness when restoring funding for higher education, by working with both Republicans and Democrats.

Quality education is a very important issue for me and my family. An education opens doors of opportunity and helps build and sustain a robust economy. Andrew's focus on education and bipartisan solutions are just two of the qualities that make him worthy of my vote on Nov. 4.

My wife and I moved to New Hampshire to be closer to my younger son, his wife and our 8-year-old granddaughter. Upon our arrival I was shocked to learn that the 2011-2012 New Hampshire Legislature had made massive and drastic cuts to higher education. In fact only one other state had made larger cuts. Unfortunately, these cuts were embraced and supported by Sen. Hosmer's opponent. I know from personal experience that a decrease in funding for our university system and community colleges has the undesirable consequences of shifting costs from the state to parents and students. It also has a significant and detrimental impact on our economy.

Strong public support for the New Hampshire system results in a high quality of instruction, particularly in the sciences (the engine that drives modern progress and our economy) and holds down tuition and fee increases. Higher education must be accessible and affordable to all, not just the affluent.

I want an academically strong and affordable state system for students this year and for our granddaughter when she is ready for college in 2024. I support Andrew Hosmer because he will continue to champion the cause of affordable higher education in the Granite State.

Kent Hackmann

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Help keep our children warm this winter; support Santa Fund

To The Daily Sun,

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region was established in 1973 to provide charitable assistance to the Lakes Region children during the holiday season and throughout the year.

We will begin our winter outerwear distribution on Oct. 22. We have partnered with Salvation Army, St. Vincent Children's Foundation and local schools and police departments to assist families in the Lakes Region with their holiday needs. The need this year appears to us to be much greater than in past years, and with the cooler weather already on the way, we are anxious to get this done. We rely on cash donations to purchase these items, and do most of our shopping in the off season locally in order to get the best deals possible for our money, and support local businesses.

Last year we were fortunate enough to form a partnership with Al Miltner and Bootleggers to purchase high-quality children's winter boots at a great discount. This week Al delivered over 325 pairs of Ranger boots. These high quality boots will help to keep children warm this winter. We are very appreciative to Bootleggers and especially Ranger Boots for helping us fill our inventory. We are committed to purchasing from local vendors whenever possible and this is an example of collaboration with local vendors and the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region and our mission of spending our donated funds locally.

We would like to personally thank Al Miltner, David Woodruff, Ranger Boots, and Bootleggers for helping keep the children of the Lakes Region warm this winter.

If you would like to help keep our children warm this winter please send your donation to: Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region, PO Box 7454, Laconia, NH, 03247. No amount is too small and together we can make sure the children of the Lakes Region are taken care of. The Board of the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region thanks you for your thoughtfulness.

Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region Board of Directors

Kim Lacasse
Janet Brough
Kathy Crane
Andrea Condodemetraky
Brian Winslow
Chris Guilmett
Chris McCarthy
Dennis Phelps
Paul Charlton
Jim Carroll
Jamie Caldwell
Lisa Cornish
Courtney Coppi

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My list of programs & laws that would help many Americans

To The Daily Sun,

I sorta kinda know that this letter is going to fall on Mr. Boutin's purposely tone-deaf ears, but other readers with open minds might understand what I'm saying.

His recent letter, again bashing President Obama for lack of action on almost every front, is interesting for its outright omissions. Yes, very serious omissions. Does Mr. Boutin do this on purpose? Oh wait, if I ask this question it will be totally rhetorical as to ask it is to answer it. We are still awaiting his list of programs and laws which have been put in place by the current GOP members in Congress (who have the nerve to call themselves our representatives, huh?). Programs and laws which would go a long way in helping many Americans with just a few of the following problems:

1. Fair wages and benefits for actual working hours.

2. Quality medical care for all Americans.

3. Lower cost of medications.

4. More realistic and honest hospital charges.

5. Stronger anti-pollution legislation.

6. Fair and decent housing for those who cannot afford to purchase homes or pay for a rental dwelling that isn't in a slum.

7. Improving and strengthening work-related benefits such as pension, vacation and personal leave so they don't disappear or get trashed if a company is sold or merged.

8. Quality and affordable education without having to pay for private schooling.

9. Lower tuition costs and fair repayment plans for two- and four-year colleges.

10. Ending non-profit status for mega rich corporations who are not charitable organizations.

11. Ending tax loopholes for corporations** (and please don't give me the Wall Street Journal pabulum about the high U.S. corporate tax rate when the fact is that in reality the average real tax rate is one-third of the nominal rate because of all the loopholes and tax giveaways).

12. Stopping jobs being shipped overseas.

13. Penalizing corporations who leave this country for cheaper labor, making inferior goods, but still taking tremendous tax breaks.

(**The Treasury Department announced new rules, effective immediately, that will reduce the tax benefits available to companies that have inverted — moving their tax residence overseas on paper to avoid paying their fair share in taxes here at home — while also making new inversions more difficult to do and less potentially rewarding. This and other rules just passed by the Treasury is the administration's latest effort to tackle what it sees as a pressing issue by taking executive actions that side-step a gridlocked Congress.)

Those are but some items that President Obama has tried to address without any support from the GOP in Congress. In fact, the openly stated purpose of congressional Republicans since 2009 has been to automatically oppose anything and everything that President Obama supports. Reminds me of a pack of Pavlov's dogs — trained to salivate at the name "Obama." And listening to some of them it appears that his major crime is "being President while black."

The president never promised nirvana. He came into office with the job of starting to dig this nation out from under what the policies of Bush/Cheney did to this nation ... remember Mr. Boutin ... the Bush/Cheney Regime brought this nation to the verge of total financial collapse. The economy has slowly improved while President Obama has been in the White House. Again, show us your "facts" of how it has not.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of bills Senate Republicans have filibustered for Mr. Boutin's upcoming list just in case he is at a loss to find some.

1. Infrastructure, highway & housing bills (2011, 2012 & 2013).

2. Minimum wage increase.

3. Creating American jobs, bringing jobs home act.

4. Teachers and fRrst Responders Back to Work Act 2011.

5. Student loan reform.

6. Extended unemployment benefits.

7. Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)-filibustered in 2007 and killed by threat of filibuster in 2009.

8. Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act.

9. Repealing Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act.

People should do the research on what has been blocked or obstructed in the House. The House will not bring up a bill for a vote unless a majority of Republicans are for it. Looking into what has actually passed in the House will be one of the hardest and saddest tasks of all.

We cannot change history. That only happens in movies, a novel, or in Mr. Boutin's letters. When you accuse President Obama of being a 'self-centered politician looking out for his best interests above all others" you have an obligation to tell us how, when, where and for how long. Yes, maybe we were too optimistic when thinking that this country could actually be united with the policies put in place by President Obama. But, how many more times do you want the GOP to try and repeal the ACA? How many lawsuits do you want Mr. Boehner to bring against the president? How many times are Republicans going to try to take away the right to vote of seniors, young people, and anyone who is not white while crying about "voter fraud" (when the most recent investigation found a total of 31 credible incidents out of 1 billion votes cast since 2008)?

Bernadette Loesch


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