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City Council needs to investigate selling of concession stand rights

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing as a member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club as well as a taxpayer in the city.
I am outraged by the events that have taken place regarding the concession stand at the high school's new athletic field. It appears that a behind the scenes deal was made with Laconia Youth Football by the school department represented by Bob Champlin and Matt Lahey in an effort to obtain a "donation". This so-called donation gave the right to preferential treatment to Laconia Youth Football with regard to use of the concession stand during high school football games. The Laconia High School Key Club had been using the concession stand for over 60 years and was ousted arbitrarily by the athletic director without notice to them or the School Board.
The Key Club had been notified, as Mr. Roy states, that their use was not likely earlier this year. (It is interesting that Mr. Roy knew this and the School Board did not.) That is when the Laconia Kiwanis Club began a dialogue with Mr. Champlin and later Mr. Cormier, School Board chairman. We were assured that "no decision has been made" and that there was to be a process and that we would be part of that process. No such process took place and no one apparently had the decency to let anyone know. Shorty before the first football game, the Key Club was given alternative dates and how this was decided is still a mystery. The events they were given will not be anywhere as lucrative as the football games. This is not a process!
Let's be clear, the Key Club is a school organization that raises funds for charitable purposes. Operating the concession stand provided them with 80 percent of their funds. Laconia Youth Football is a private non-profit that benefits children in several communities, not just Laconia. And furthermore, Laconia Youth Football uses the concession stand at their own football games. Isn't that enough?
A donation does not carry strings or demands. In my opinion, a donation with strings is improper. The previous concession stand belonged to the city, how is it donated by Laconia Youth Football as an equipment shed?
I call upon the mayor, City Council and the city manager to investigate this immediately. Furthermore, I request that a procedure be established regarding contributions made to city property that addresses the ethics of future preferential treatment by the city to the donated party.

Joseph Adrignola

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How about spending some of that foreign aid money in the USA

To The Daily Sun,

When is the media going to do a TV special about the foreign aid, which totaled $53.3 billion in 2012? Also just read in 9/16 edition of Time magazine, the Off The Grid article, that Obama announced his Power African initiative, which promises more than $7 billion over the next five years for this project. Where the hell is he finding this kind of money to send out of the USA?

People need jobs, food and a place to live in the USA. How about spending some of that money in the USA where it belongs

Bill Whalen


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There are hundreds of examples of voter fraud chronicled on web

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Kaelen Caggiula's letter in the August 29 Sun:

It isn't up to me to disprove the claims of Mr. Hoyt about Republican voter fraud. There's no way I can because all he did was make a broad sweeping accusation with absolutely no details. How can I refute them if I don't know which ones he's talking about? He made the accusations, let him prove them.

My response to him leveled the same accusations, but those committed by Democrats. My intent was to show that to make such unverified accusations is any easy thing, but to prove them is not... unless there is proof. I did not think I needed to detail them as this was more of an object lesson. However, I will oblige you and list a few of the known cases of election fraud, voter fraud, and voter intimidation perpetrated on the behalf of Democrats:

On November 6, 2012, election officials in Philadelphia's 20th Ward, 1st Division attempted to prevent court-appointed Republican minority inspectors from doing their job to monitor elections. One election official, a Democrat, went so far to say "I do not care what the law says." (Western Center for Journalism)

Three people were indicted for election fraud in Flordell Hills, MO (near St. Louis) related to the April 2nd elections for mayor and alderman. Two of the three tried to file fraudulent candidate paperwork using false addresses with the help of the third person. The fraud was uncovered when the St. Louis County election board found discrepancies in absentee voter registrations. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Note: I looked deeper into this one and found the two alleged perpetrators were registered as Democrats.

A former resident of Brownsville, Texas was accused of voter fraud during the 2012 Democratic primary runoff for the U.S. House of Representatives. The federal indictment cites that alleged perpetrator cast five absentee ballots under the names of different people in Cameron County in July 2012. (mySA – San Antonio Express News)

I found those three in less than a minute of searching the web. They were all on the first page of a Bing search I performed. There were hundreds of other incidents listed on the subsequent pages. I could go on and list many more, but I doubt the Sun would have room to fit them. I leave to you to follow up if you so desire. By the way, I didn't find a single incident of GOP fraud in the few pages I perused, but then that wasn't the intent of the search. If you wish to pursue that line of inquiry, be my guest.

You bring up a couple of proposed bills in North Carolina that might affect voter registration which directly contradicts Mr. Hoyt's statements that they were already in effect and denying people their right to vote. The bills you mention are unlikely to make it through the legislature in the form they were proposed. (There are constitutional issues with both of them that must be resolved. If no changes are made I have a feeling they will be overturned in court on those constitutional issues.)

In the few letters to the editors I have written, I have not made a single allegation or accusation that I could not back up with facts, and none of those facts came from Fox News or Rush or Beck or any of the other usual suspects so often decried by the left.

Dale Channing Eddy


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Consider nominations for 1st Annual Health Champion Awards

To The Daily Sun,

Nominations are being accepted through September 13 for the First Annual Health Champion Awards. Submit a brief written statement (no more than one page) describing the workplace, individual and/or community groups' achievement in promoting health and wellness in the Lakes Region.
Categories of health include: Healthy Eating/Nutrition, Access to Healthy Foods: Healthy Food Policy/Practices; Physical Activity/Exercise: On site or off site exercise opportunities; Tobacco Cessation: Opportunities to Quit Smoking, Tobacco free workplace policies; Stress Management: Education; General Health: Employee Health Screenings, Health Risk Assessments, Injury Prevention.
Three winners (Workplace, Individual and Community Group) will be recognized and will receive a personalized award that can be proudly displayed. Winners will be announced at the LRPPH Annual Meeting on September 26. Submit your nominations by September 13 to:
Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health
67 Water Street, Suite 105
Laconia, NH 03246 or by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here's to your health!
Lisa Morris, Executive Director
Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health

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Bob Kingsbury served his country well & was true gentleman

To The Daily Sun,

I can't remember anything on which Bob Kingsbury and I ever agreed. Bob, however, was always a gentleman. He served his country honorably and bravely as an officer in the Army of the United States. He participated actively in the life of his community. Although some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office, he didn't just sit around and complain, he voiced his views openly and honestly.

Bob Kingsbury will be remembered by a lot of people for a lot of things. Actually, that's something to which we all should aspire.

Rest in Peace, Bob.

Rep. David O. Huot

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