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100,000 Americans have killed other Americans since 9/11

To The Daily Sun,

"Nobody panic, the shooter was a white guy!" goes the caption in a new cartoon of anti-immigrant protesters surrounding a bleeding victim. The recent right-wing Christian terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood is another reminder of who the enemies of liberty really are here at home. They are the Jesus Jihadists and right-wingers. It is without question that the terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood is rooted in Tea Party and extremist Christian propaganda. After being apprehended, the terrorist said, "No more baby parts." These are people who feel OK about murdering doctors or burning down a building for their God. They are no different than the lowest filth of ISIS.

Since 1977, there have been eight murders, 17 attempted murders, 42 bombings, 186 arsons, and thousands of incidents of criminal activity directed at Planned Parenthood — before the incident last weekend. Prominent fundamentalist Christians and right-wing media like Fox are guilty of stochastic terrorism due to their fanning of the flames of jihadist Christian delusions. When Al Qaeda or ISIS make jihadist videos, they are designed to incite hatred and violence. The same is true of right-wing Christian extremists who create deceptive videos or who mindlessly call abortion murder.

It is not murder because a fetus is not a separate and independent being. Fetal rights do not trump the rights of the invested living. The invested living are those with goals to achieve, jobs to attend to, health to maintain, families to feed and clothe, cars to maintain, rent or mortgage to pay, and homes to heat. These are people with serious responsibilities and important networks to maintain and balance.

Colorado Springs is a hotbed of right-wing Christian extremism and crazed ammosexuals, so it's no surprise that some fundamentalist Christian jihadist would decide to kill some people for God. Last January a bomb went off near the city's NAACP offices. A right-wing terrorist and racist act for sure. And on Halloween a man walking down the street with his gun shot dead a cyclist and two women sitting on their front porch. When someone notified the police earlier of the man, the person was advised that "This is an open carry city, after all." What demented fools you gun nuts are.

Are all Christians extremists? Of course not. Are all Muslims extremists? Of course not. There is an argument is that we can't let any Syrians in because one might be a bad seed. Well, gun crazies, why aren't you using this argument regarding gun control to save thousands of lives? The argument is that we can't have gun control because law abiding gun owners are punished. Well, what about the punishing thousands of law abiding Syrian refugee families because of that hypothetical one?

Just last month, Randolf Linn was arrested for trying to burn down an Indiana mosque. His reason was that all Muslims are terrorists and they don't believe in Jesus. Mr. Linn told the judge that Fox News got him all riled up and he learned about Muslims on talk radio. From right-wing Christian jihadists, I am sure. He faces 20 years. Hallelujah!

In Irving, Texas, David Wright organized an armed anti-Muslim protest at its mosque and then published the names and addresses of dozens of Muslims and "sympathizers" online last week. Now this terrorist wannabee is bellyaching about the backlash. What reasons was this done other than intimidation and veiled threats of violence? This is Christian extremism that seeks to terrify. This is stochastic terrorism by design. This is a way to get some religious ignoramus to commit a horrendous act of violence just as old Imams and Mullahs get young fools to join ISIS or al-Qaida and become butchers for God.

More than 750,000 refugees have been legally settled in the United States since 9/11. How many Americans have died in this country due to a refugee committing an act of Islamic terror since 9/11? Four, I think. On the other hand, in that same period, over 100,000 Americans have shot and killed other Americans. So it seems that it's OK to right-wingers for Americans to kill Americans but surely don't let one Syrian in! You are far more likely to get killed by an angry American with a gun than a terrorist. You are far more likely to be killed by a right-wing Christian with a gun than ISIS. You are far more likely to be killed by a spouse, an intimate partner or a drinking buddy than an ISIS recruit.

James Veverka

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A remarkable dedication to support of unsupportable 'facts'

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka just dropped the ultimate bomb on conservative ideas and thoughts, "Wallet-Hub." Or so he would have readers believe.

Who or what the heck is Wallet-Hub, you may well ask? Well Wallet-Hub self describes itself as a "personal finance site," a financial social media company if you will. Wallet-Hub does literally thousands of surveys and studies on everything and anything. Best cities for teachers, for retiring, worst for Halloween, worst for driving, on and on and on. I seriously doubt James stumbled on the study he refers to without the help of some far-left think tank, there are just far too many studies for that to be logical, in my opinion.

Thing is the one out of the thousands naming "moocher states" (his term not Wallet-Hubs) that disregards a dozen other studies on different subjects naming those same states as among bests in multiple other studies. Point is, Wallet-Hub is so prolific cranking out surveys and studies (like M&M's produce candy) any individual study is rendered meaningless unless taken in context with the, in this case, overall states other ratings. Readers have to notice things about James's letters to the editor. They are always vague and devoid of independent non-partisan referrals. His forte is digging out obscure "nasties" from far-left sites and trying to pass them off as authoritarian unbiased sources. James might wish to quote Snoopy, "Drats! Shot down again."

I have to credit Bernadette Loesch for her persistence and dedication in support of unsupportable "facts." No matter how much irrefutable evidence attesting to the lies and distortions Obama, Hillary and the Marxists-socialists throw out, she will doggedly refuse to even consider questioning their honesty. Just about every criticism mainstream Americans have leveled at Obama in the past seven or eight years have proven correct but Bernadette is not even phased. She keeps up keeping up. They tell her what to think and she thinks it. They tell her what to say and she says it. Proof is in her own writings here in this paper. Oh, oh, oh Bernadette!

Then I have to laugh at recent letters by Hillary fans telling us how she is most qualified. For what? She has accomplished nothing in her career, failed at everything she put her mind to. Did nothing as a senator. As sectary of state she failed, broke laws, and lied before Congress under oath and to the American people yet she is still supported by Marxists and the deluded. No wonder the nation is screwed up.

Steve Earle


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