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Why do illegals get better treatment than our own veterans?

To The Daily Sun,

In the news, not so much is being said about our veterans, since the trade for one deserter for five top Taliban leaders. Was that the plan of the administration?

Bergdahl has been receiving treatment in Germany, while honorable veterans are still waiting. Illegal aliens can go to any hospital and get treatment immediately while our veterans have to wait for appointments and treatment. . . . or are denied treatment.

Friday, it was announced that the administration will hire 100 lawyers for the large number of illegal underage immigrants that have crossed the border. I understand their homeland is a dangerous place and promises for a good future for the children is slim.

Our veterans cannot go to a hospital without approval of the VA. Soldiers are fighting for the benefits they were promised. They have to fight on their own, and yet our president is hiring lawyers for illegal aliens. What is wrong with this picture?

Marine Tahmooressi is in jail in Mexico for taking a wrong turn. He called 911 for help. Did our president hire a lawyer for him? What is the White House doing to help him?

Bergdahl's family took part in video conferences. As far as I know Tahmooressi's mother is trying to get her son out of jail in Mexico. The White House is not helping her.

With the hiring of lawyers, more and more illegal children immigrants will be sneaking into our country.

So instead of taking care of our veterans, we will take care of the illegal alien children. And what is more, our president is encouraging more to sneak into our country.

I am a mother and feel for these children. I would do anything for a better life for my child. To not give care to our veterans and give to others is a disgrace. Our country would not be the country it is without our veterans.

The president is renewing "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals", which gives work permits to illegals younger than 30 years of age.

Yet he sits back and waits for others to do something for our veterans. He has a pen. Why can't he write a law to give our veterans care NOW!

The federal government transferred some of these children to Arizona and asked Arizona for medical help for these children. Did the federal government ask Arizona to give medical attention to our veterans? Not that I know of.

Why do illegals get better treatment than our veterans? If our federal government treats illegals better than our veterans, the federal government will treat illegal aliens better than the ordinary citizen.

Elections are coming. I do not want a representative who just asks for someone to be dismissed as was done with Shinseki. I want action. What is their plan?

There is no person running that will vote the way I want 100 percent of the time. I want the same beliefs. I want a plan of action not just voting. What are they going to do if elected? What have they actually done while in office?

In the primaries — are we going to vote for better treatment for our veterans? Are we going to vote for a better America?

Linda Riley


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Linda Riley (6-10) 148 HILLARY

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary and her book are in the news. Is it a prelude to a run for the presidency in 2016? I hope not.

In interviews, Hillary said Ambassador Stevens chose to be in Libya. She said there were many places not safe but did say it was in the top 10 of being unsafe....

According to Steven's diary, he knew he was on a hit list. His last entry: "Never ending security threats."

I remember her saying in a congressional hearing, "What difference does it make?

Well, Hillary... if you do not know the cause of something then chances are you are going to repeat it. I do not want the attack on Benghazi to be repeated.

I remember the ad about a phone call at 3 in the morning. Well, I know Hillary won't answer it. She had her chance and failed miserably.

Linda Riley


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Thanks to restaurants & patrons who ate out for Got Lunch! Laconia

To The Laconia Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Advisory Board and all the volunteers of Got Lunch! Laconia, we would like to sincerely thank the eight restaurants for participating and supporting our fourth annual Eat Out for Got Lunch! Laconia fund-raiser. It was a great week of fun, food and friends while raising funds and awareness for our summer healthy lunch program.

We were able to raise $2,182.93 from the donations given by T-Bones/Cactus Jack's, Village Bakery, Burrito Me, Hector', Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Tavern 27, Brick Front and Fratello's.

It takes $110 to feed a child a healthy lunch for the the summer break. This will help feed 19 of Laconia's finest kids.

We also want to thank all the wonderful members of our community that went out to eat lunch/dinner at one of these wonderful restaurants to support a very important cause to help end childhood hunger in our city.

Please visit our website www.gotlunchlaconia.com to learn more about this fabulous program and see how you can get involved or make a donation. We also have our own Facebook site so go on and "like" us.

Got Lunch! Laconia

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All senior activities, except meals, continue at Meredith Com. Center

To The Daily Sun,

What is happening with the senior crisis in Meredith?

A core group of dedicated Meredith senior volunteers are searching for solutions to the decision of the Community Action Program Belknap/Merrimack County to leave Meredith. All senior programs will move to Laconia. This decision has caused an upsetting dilemma to Meredith seniors. They consider the Community Center their home. The many questions that arise are under consideration by the volunteer group. Any input and advice from the Meredith community would be greatly appreciated.

A giant first step was granted to Meredith seniors by the Parks and Recreation Director Vint Chioniere, allowing seniors to keep using the rooms designated for seniors. In addition all activities presently active will remain in place supported by the center. WE HAVE A HOME! The rooms will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The next step will be to create an organization to operate the senior program. The group of advice volunteers is presently striving to accomplish this huge task. We are meeting every Wednesday at the Community Center at 11 a.m. All interested citizens are invited to participate to assist with fresh ideas to make this a viable thriving Senior Center. The possibilities are endless with your help.

Bob Franks

Inter-Lakes Collaborative for Active Seniors

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How long before we are issuing entitlements to these lawbreakers

To The Daily Sun,

At the conclusion of the Patriots' football season last year this realization that sports had taken me away from what is important. That would be the "unchanging" of Obama's "changing of America". The real reasons for the Obama second-term victory was due to, of course, protecting a woman's right to dispose of her unborn baby, and being guaranteed a free living for fraudulent Americans who find it easier to live off the hard-working Americans who are the makers/producers of wealth.

In my early years, "the government man" (Mr. Davis, a nice guy) would call upon my grandmother and me to see how I was doing as the recipient of my father's benefits for losing his life during battle. I was removed from my mother's lack of care at the age of 4. If, at age 69, a person who did sign up for their Social Security is still working three small jobs, nearly 40 hours a week total, why do we not have a Mr. Davis who visits the disabled and EBT card recipients to find how many have chosen to not seek any type of employment?

Now, Obama wants to further ruin this country by giving those jobs to people who broke our immigration laws. How long before we are issuing entitlements such as the EBT cards, free health insurance, and "early retirement" to those lawbreakers? Let's have a show of hands (letters) of those who get my point. Means testing for those takers.

Niel Young

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