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Press never mentions the Constitution; they report the dribble

To The Daily Sun,

It's déjà vu all over again. As John McCain's independent chairman in 2000, I heard one assault after another how he was unfit to be president. His experience in the Hanoi Hilton had permanently affected his mental character to be unfit for president. He had an illegitimate black daughter and his wife was a drug addict!

Shameless and unfounded in any facts as it was, like today, a press corps willing to do the bidding then schlepped their supposedly presentation of "news." Sadly it was just character assassination which they spun like a spider web of deception. The John Q. Public actually believed the mud slinging as in today with Trump, and Romney in 2012 and it was numbing diversion over substance.

The play dialog stays the same, like Shakespeare, but the Democrats substitute the current names of the front-runner and sell the garbage and stink.

Come on people, stop being sophomoric junior high droids believing this dribble instead of your gut, instincts, wallet, and America's contract with you — the Constitution. None of the press understands the Constitution. They never mention it, just the dribble and you have to get beyond the coverup of issues suppressed with character bombs.

Jobs, manufacturing, debt, terrorism, wages, international security, Obamacare, and finally the Supreme Court — rulers of the law that affect us all — the Constitution, and its future should have a little more fire power for your vote, or the Supreme Court will rule over us.

Jeff Frost

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Ryan Smith will bring a unique perspective to the Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

I was recently introduced to Ryan Smith at a function at City Hall in Franklin.
A young Republican, he is passionate about serving the citizens of Northfield and Franklin Ward 3. I was immediately impressed with his depth of knowledge, his eagerness to learn and his passion for clean, local politics.

Ryan is particularly interested in alleviating the issues that are causing so many young people to leave the state, as well as the social issues that surface through the graying of the remaining population. He envisions a job-friendly, family-friendly environment that encourages young people to come and stay in New Hampshire. He told me. "I want the community that I grew up in to still be here for my kids."

Having lived all 20 years of his life in Northfield, Ryan would bring a unique perspective to Concord, one that recognizes the growing challenges for young families in the state. He understands the issues presently facing our families, our children and our schools. Ryan believes in the Second Amendment; every law-abiding citizen has a right to self-defense. He also supports policies such as right-to-work, which will attract jobs, and he is against a minimum wage hike as this would eliminate entry level jobs for young people and would hurt small businesses.

Importantly, he supports stronger penalties for heroin dealers who are directly responsible for an increasing population of addicts who need treatment.

In my estimation, Ryan is a level-headed, smart and articulate young man who can deliver a young but informed perspective to New Hampshire government.

Please exercise your right to vote and choose Ryan Smith.

Bob Lucas

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