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We need money to print the full order of our Local Food Guide

To The Daily Sun,

Spring crops are in the ground, and local produce will soon be appearing at roadside stands and farmers' markets, and in Community Supported Agriculture baskets. How will you find all this great local bounty? Simple, the Lakes Region Local Food Guide, your one-stop search location for all the bounty the Lakes Region has to offer.

Veggies, fruit, cheese, meat, eggs, wine and more are offered by the farms and businesses listed in the guide. Need veggie or herb plants for your backyard garden? Check the guide to find garden centers selling exactly what you need.

There's just one thing ... we still need a bit more funding in order to print as many guides as we did last year. With your contribution, you can help us spread the guides over the entire Lakes Region. So far, we have received generous contributions from Meredith Village Savings Bank, Moulton Farm, Red Fox Farm, Lindon Garlic Farm, Minglewood Farm, Winnipesaukee Woods Farm, Sunflower Natural Foods, Top of the Hill Farm, Song Away Farm, Belknap County Conservation District, Jeremy Hogan, MD, Lakes Region General Hospital, Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, Alice's Herbals, Curtis and Marcia Rodman, and UNH Cooperative Extension.

Please make a donation towards the printing costs — your donation by May 10 earns you "bragging rights" with a listing in the guide. Donations of $100 and up entitle donors to include website, logos and text, depending on the amount donated.

Checks payable to UNH can be sent to Kelly McAdam, UNH Cooperative Extension, 635 Main St., 3rd Floor, Laconia, NH 03246. No contribution is too small to be recognized, so show your support for this sector of the local business community, and help our Lakes Region food producers thrive.

Karen Barker

Lakes Region Food Network

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How many poor people have shipped American jobs overseas?

To The Daily Sun,

The Sunday Union Leader (May 3, Page B-6) had two good articles.

The first one headlined "Fox News as Foil (It is getting a bit old)." The second was a letter to the editor headlined "A draft would bring peace with Iran."

I quote, "Many of the nuclear deal critics have never served in our military. Cheney had five deferments during Vietnam War. O'Reilly, Hannity, Giuliani never served." I suggest ones who have access to the Union Leader read these two articles.

In response to a letter written by Mr. Wiles on April 25, the headline read, "How many poor people hired you for any of the jobs you've had?" This is the second time I've been asked this question; the first time in a e-mail dated April 3, 2014, in exactly the same words. I can only answer that by saying I didn't consider them rich. Two are still in the area. I will ask you to tell me how many poor people do you know that shipped jobs overseas? Hummm! I will let you believe that no one is colluding. However, I believe we both know what's going on.

On March 13, 2013, the N.H. Business Review in a census taken, reported 17 percent of New Hampshire workers — or 107,000 — commute out of state to work every morning. Another report stated that 63,000 work in New Hampshire that reside out of state. Finally 9.7 percent — or about 61,000 New Hampshire workers — have a commute of over 60 minutes.

To close, Russ Wiles, how many folks do you know in the Lakes Region who haven't had a pay raise in years? The saying that the rich get richer and poor get poorer is well alive in New Hampshire. I have been pleased to see some letters lately that explain their lives have not been as simple as many in the area. A question I asked a few years back comes to mind: Tell us what you have done for this country that your words show such great concern about. Perhaps that would be a good topic to discuss at the next meeting of the parrots.

Henry Osmer


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