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Bottom line: you 'haves' just don't want to help the 'have nots'

To The Daily Sun,

You right-wing nuts are giving me a pain. I suspect all of you have access to medical services, for which you are not paying the full bill. Try looking into the eyes of a mother of a sick child and tell her you don't want her to be able to take her child to the doctor before she gets pneumonia and must go the ER.

You may be the children of fathers who thought Social Security and Medicare were the start of socialism and had to be stopped. Now it is Medicaid and Obamacare that is socialism which we can't afford. Get real. Our taxes are going to give subsidies to big agribusinesses, oil companies, and wars, as well as tax breaks for billionaires who don't need them.

Your desire to impeach Obama is behind your efforts to kill Obamacare. You "haves" do not want to help the "have nots", who are growing in number. If you pay attention when you go to your mosque, synagogue, or church, pay attention to the message. In all religions it is "...do unto the least of me..."

Kent Warner
Center Harbor

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It's important to remember the people who voted for Obamacare

To The Daily Sun,

I hope that all of you young people with no health care are getting your money together to buy Obamacare. In New Hampshire, they are meetings on the implementation of Obamacare. Here are some facts for you:

— The Affordable Care Act (ACA) A/K/A Obamacare is so complex that federal government is funding navigators to explain what is going on. A quick question: did you have a navigator for auto or your homeowner's insurance?

— One of the goals of Obamacare was that competition in the health care insurance market would reduce premiums. However, there is only one carrier (company) on the health insurance exchange. If you can only buy clothes at one store in N.H., is this competition?

— Some of you may say, I am not going to buy health care insurance. If you don't, you will be subject to a tax. In the insurance lingo, this is called the individual mandate.

— There was an employer mandate whereby employers would have to provide health care to full time employees. However, President Obama decided to postpone the employer mandate. Should you be upset about this, I am. What is fair for the employers should be fair for the employees.

— Congress and their staff regardless of income are getting a 75 percent subsidy on Obamacare. Are you?

I would strongly recommend that everyone familiarize themselves on Obamacare. It is important to know the names of the people who voted for Obamacare. This is the gift from Rep. Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen.

Jim Mayotte

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Apathy is still the No. 1 root cause of our national dysfunction

To The Daily Sun,

There's an old adage that says one should never discuss religion, politics or money in polite conversation. I guess we're all supposed to restrict our communication to discussing the latest variety of tomatoes we planted this year? No thanks. These opinion pages are definitely not "polite" means of communication — especially in some of the "freebie" papers circulating around the Lakes Region. Back to America's mega-problem.
There is a movement going on to try and amend the Constitution to counteract the effects of the Citizen's United Case. For the uninitiated, this case gave corporations the power to spend obscene amounts of money to screw us over — not that they needed any help to begin with. Most politicians will jump on the bandwagon during the coming elections and decry the influence of ungodly amounts of money as the main reason for our dysfunctional democracy and if we believe them then we are contributing to what all politicians know, ie we are so ill-informed that we can actually be influenced by shallow spin-dried TV ads.
Yes, apathy is still the #1 root cause of our dysfunction. It's not a couple hundred thousand conservatives rallying in Washington. The problem is the couple hundred million citizens who are tuned out of politics altogether. Don't look to our main stream media to help us out. With their herd mentality, they're more interested in letting us common folk know what upsets conservatives or liberals and regurgitating the "platitude du jour" as uttered by some politician. I could give two hoots and a holler about what they think. Just tell me how public policy is going to affect my life.
If we think local politics is any better, consider Jeanie Forrester, our District 2 State Senator. She writes, or should I say her staff writes, a weekly "travelogue" for some of the papers in her district. Thanks to her, I keep abreast of all the recreation areas, wineries, farms and various and sundry ribbon cuttings in our area. I usually get this kind of information from the New Hampshire magazine or the Hippo. I'm sure these papers consider her sometimes quarter page "public service" messages as appropriate but I hope they are at least charging her for the space — if not then they're missing out on some good revenue. Public policy Jeanie — that's what the people elected you for — not photo ops. Tell us how you implement public policy and how it affects our lives. Talk to us about GMOs , hemp production, labeling of foods, education funding, casinos, infrastructure. Tell us how you voted and why, so that the papers that print your stuff can really justify it as a "public service message".

George Maloof


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When do sign holders show up to protest Obama's new war?

To The Daily Sun,

Watching Fox News Channel (too moderate for me!), I found myself agreeing with Alan Colmes. We both agree that the U.S. military led by Commander-In-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has no reason to be taking us into a war with Syria.
I am sure Alan Colmes would not agree with me on this part. If BHO says it is for humanitarian reasons (the number children being poisoned in Syria), then I challenge him to concede/confess that abortion/infanticide should not be celebrated in our country. When do the sign holders show up in downtown Laconia to protest this new war? It seems that since Obama (the Nobel Peace recipient) became president, no one shows up to protest our men and women in uniform being killed almost daily in Afghanistan. What happened to you folks?

Niel Young

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Let's start calling welfare in every form what it is — welfare

To The Daily Sun,

There must be something in the drinking water in Sandwich that causes delusions and fantasy. Nick Vazzana is simply the latest Sun contributor from that north country hamlet providing proof of this phenomena. It is fine for others to hold opposing opinions. What isn't okay is for others to simply spout partisan drivel that is factually inaccurate and incomplete to the point of absurdity.
Apparently Nick and others way north, haven't gotten the news. Social Security, Medicare, and disability insurance are all insolvent. Nick seems to think because you paid into these programs you are entitled to access them in full whether there is money to pay your benefits not. It could be Nick simply does not understand the meaning of the word insolvent. Every Ponzi scheme, entitlement program WITHOUT EXCEPTION dreamt up by Nick Vazzana and Democrats over the the past 70 years — where you pay in 50 cents and get a dollar back in benefits — is headed for bankruptcy. Donkey math always ends the same place, BANKRUPT.
The Affordable Care Act is really the UNAFFORDABLE CARE ACT by another name. Tens of millions of Americans will in fact pay far MORE for health insurance after the program begins than they do now. Harmed most will be younger Americans, age 24 to 36. Their living standards, already low will be further crushed as they are forced by government to pay thousands for health insurance they do not want or need. Millions of them will not qualify for a single dollar of subsidy. When it becomes certain these programs require severe benefit cuts or tax increases to be maintained, Nick will have the hubris and the gall to suggest Republicans are the reason for it. Come on Nick, you are surely spiking the Sandwich water with Kool Aid. These social WELFARE programs, and that is exactly what they are, WELFARE in good measure, are all broke because they were designed to go BROKE, and spectacularly. The Congressional Budget Office suggests Medicare is so BROKE and under funded going forward the amount reaches 100 trillion dollars. or SIX TIMES the TOTAL economic out put of America for an entire year. THAT MY FRIENDS IS SPECTACULARLY BROKE. Nick suggests because you had a little money withheld form your check you are ENTITLED to this 100 trillion dollars of WELFARE and any Republican wanting to fix such an insolvency that could well bring this country to its economic death is somehow mean.
This is all just delusional, partisan donkey political drivel that comes from brains turned mushy after drinking Sandwich water. Lets call WELFARE in its every form what it is, WELFARE, while America goes broke trying to pay for it. When you pay a few cents and demand to collect twice that amount or more that is called ENTITLEMENT WELFARE. There has been no more spectacular failure from Democrats than their signature legislation all implemented with PROMISES to reduce poverty and increase equality. I know news travels to Sandwich slowly, but just so you know Nick we have record millions of people TOTALLY DEPENDENT on WELFARE today and we have less equality than we have had in a century since FDR babbled fables. IT is 100 percent clear, every FDR , JFK and LBJ inspired social program has failed to deliver anything except BANKRUPTCY and more BANKRUPTCY while at the same time widening the economic stratas of America.
Tony Boutin

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