Gallagher & Brothers are good listeners and respectful to all

To The Daily Sun,

Brian Gallagher and Richard Brothers are my choice for State Representative for the Sanbornton/Tilton district.

Both men are accomplished individuals who understand the economic pressures of working and retired people. They are good listeners, articulate and respectful to all. We need representatives at the County and State level that will promote good governance and economic prosperity for all.

Please consider voting for Richard Brothers and Brian Gallagher on the Sept. 9 Republican primary ballot.

David DeVoy


Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner District 1


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Obama hasn’t done anything? Might ask Bin Laden about that

To The Daily Sun,

As usual, being one of the few to write and support our president, I will do so again.

Maureen Dowd, news pundit, wrote this morning that even though Obama can't do everything he should do something; she complains that he is outsourcing everything to others. Might be because his relationship has slipped and everyone wants to complain about him. Is it the message or the messenger that is most important?

The GOP has done nothing but complain for the last few years. They have even gone to the extent to sue him for not doing something they have tried to stop from being done. They have voted over 50 times to stop Obamacare now they are suing him for not starting it faster. They have wasted investigation and investigation over Benghazi, the VA, the IRS, voter fraud and found nothing. One or two investigations would have worked fine.

They have filibustered their own bills, closed the government down and just basically acted like a group of spoiled 12-year-olds in a sandbox. They use paranoia to get their way.

I'm tired of hearing, "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here". It's easy to use AFTER 9-11 but it could have been used BEFORE, or so they say.

So, Obama hasn't done anything? Might want to ask Bin Laden or Ghaddafi about that.

I'll agree it didn't look to good him playing golf after the beheading. But look what happened just after that. Another hostage, Peter Curtis, was released unharmed after two years. So maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all. old . What was a BAD idea was giving a 9-year-old an UZI to play with. When I was 9, I had a BB gun.

Jon Hoyt


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Forrester provides constituent service most can only dream of

To The Daily Sun,

As the owner of a small business which provides good jobs for local people, I am happy to endorse Jeanie Forrester in her bid to remain our State Senator in District 2.

Recently, we were notified by the state that our business was liable for worker's compensation costs for an employee who voluntarily left our employment last year. We knew that there must be a mistake and submitted the necessary paperwork to the state and called to confirm that it was received. We then got another notice saying that this same employee was receiving financial benefits without any indication that our documentation was even consulted. More paperwork, more calls and more of being ignored by the state. Finally, we had enough and sent one simple email to Jeanie.

The same day Jeanie forwarded our concerns to the appropriate commissioner. The next day, we got confirmation from the department that, after reviewing the documentation, we were not in fact liable and would receive a refund.

Wow! That is the type of constituent service most people can only hope for. If Jeanie hadn't stepped up, our local business would still be held hostage to a bureaucratic system which wasn't at all responsive to our efforts to show that there had been a mistake.

Jeanie Forrester is smart, experienced, and most importantly, responsive to the needs of her constituents. I would encourage everyone to support her in the upcoming Primary and General Elections to insure that we have an advocate in Concord.

Christopher Boothby, M.P.A., N.H.A.


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Dumais understand local needs and what it takes to fulfill them

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Dumais has the experience and the qualifications to best represent Gilford and Meredith at the Statehouse in Concord.

A lifelong resident of New Hampshire, he served three terms as a selectman in the town of Gilford and has been a member of the Gilford Budget Committee. He will bring with him to Concord an understanding of town, as well as, county needs and what it takes to fulfill those needs. He is an environmentalist who served eight years as a member of the State Water Supply & Pollution Control Commission, as well as the chairman of the committee that wrote the first Petroleum Underground Regulations. He will work to preserve the environment and the unique beauty of the Lakes Region.

He was a member of the Laconia Airport Authority for more than 20 years and a former president of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. If this were not enough to more than qualify him to serve, he is also a successful local businessman. He has met a payroll, he knows how to balance a budget and that we all have to live within our means personally, and in Concord.

Russ Dumais has been a dedicated public servant for years who will make a big difference in Concord.

Join me in supporting Russ Dumais on Sept. 9.

John A. Kane



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Google Lynn Rudmin Chong to find out how independent she is

To The Daily Sun,

When I read Lynn Rudmin Chong's letter to the editor titled "Rubens can beat Brown", I really had to laugh when she said she was a Independent.
Go to Google and look under Belknap County Democratic chairmans and guess who's name appears numerous times? That's right, Lynn Rudmin Chong.
In her letter she mentions all kinds of reasons to support Jim Rubens and many reasons not to support Scott Brown. I imagine Lynn and many of her fellow Democrats will probably will switch so they can vote for Jim Rubens. I would do the same thing if I was as scared of Scott Brown as they are.

Everyone knows that in order to vote for Jim Rubens she will have to declare, as a Republican and will only get a Republican ballot.

Actually, I don't blame her. I wouldn't vote for Jeanne Shaheen either.

L. Michael Hatch


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