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We should be proud of changes Gilford voters made to school budget

To The Daily Sun,

At the School District Deliberative Session, last Tuesday evening, the citizens of Gilford expressed their

continuing support for high quality education by voting, overwhelmingly, to reject the cuts made by the

Budget Committee and restoring the budget beyond originally proposed by the School Board. Passage

of this budget will assure that Gilford will continue to provide its students with the high level, quality

educational opportunities for which our community is known and for which we all can and should be

very proud.

Gilford voters, we encourage you to look carefully at what this budget offers and then support it with

your "yes" vote on March 8.

Karen Thurston

Rae Mello-Andrews

Jack Landow

Chris McDonough

Sue Allen

Gilford School Board

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Senator Sanders offers the best hope to move our country forward

To The Daily Sun,

2016 is the most critical election in this nation's history. Multiple issues are facing and challenging American voters. We need a person who can guide us through these troubled times. There are economic, social, and many more issues that this president will need to address. That person is Bernie Sanders. Mr. Sanders, with his presentations seems to be on a path that could well place him among the great leaders of our past, from Washington, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, and perhaps John Kennedy.

The Republican selections are very narrow, but two men stand out that should not be chosen. They are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Both men present as a clear and present danger to the health, safety, as well as welfare of our great nation. One is simply rude and bigoted. The other presents as a severely deranged person who cannot accept anyone but his own ideas, plus the carpet bombing of countries is simply unacceptable. Ted Cruz does not get along with anyone in the congressional halls in Washington.

Two Republican candidates do merit significant selection as both of these men are dedicated to the American cause. Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich do demonstrate a willingness to work both sides of the aisles, something that is badly needed to try to get rid of the partisan gridlock in Washington.

Being a voting Republican for over 50 years, this writer is faced with either writing in Senator Sanders, or selecting one of these two men. It is recommenced that those Republicans who wish to support Mr. Sanders, write his name in the block for write-ins at the voter booth. This writer most likely will do the same.

Senator Sanders offers the best hope to guide our country forward. He is quick to pick up on previous mistakes, acknowledge them, and correct them. This trait is not found in any of the other candidates. His efforts to try not to use names or challenge to his primary opponent are admirable. There continues to be questions regarding his primary opponent because of the long history involving emails, and other controversial issues she faces. One also needs to remember, no president ever gets "trained," it is on the job training that can be merciless at times, but Mr. Sanders is one who seems to be fit to do this. He presents fresh ideas, and youthful ones at that.

Two things in particular offer much that can well jump-start this economy fairly quickly.

First is the proposal to have a single-payer health care system, or enhanced Medicare. Overnight, this could provide more free cash into voter's hands that naturally will be returned to the economy. While it is a "tax," this writer feels it is a significantly reduced premium. This reduction of the premium may well be more than half the amount families pay the private insurance industry today. There is no place for profit when it comes to human life. We are the only industrialized country not to have a central government health care program. We need this to normalize lives for the voters, not the insurance industry that make these unacceptable profits on our lives. This is fitting when Mr. Sanders talks about billionaires, insurance companies, etc.

Two is the minimum wage. This should be raised immediately to $15 an hour. This will also stimulate the economy by putting more disposable money in the voters' and citizens' hands. Even this is too low, but it is a start. There can be areas where the rates may be less, but to a family of four or more, no less than $15 an hour is acceptable. Young teenagers and the restaurant industry may be acceptable exceptions. Please not the word, "may." But this does offer a negotiating point where compromise may be needed. Mr. Sanders has shown he is willing to compromise and work with both sides in Washington.

There is a time when we need a great leader to guide our country through the challenging years ahead. That person is Bernie Sanders. We cannot allow the billionaires, and special interests to take control of our country. This country belongs to all of us. Mr. Sanders is quite clear about this. There is a quote that came from Al Gore many years ago. "It is time for these people to go!!" Let's paraphrase this. It is time we the people take back our country. It is time for us to stand up to these rich people and tell them they have a responsibility for caring for the very people who helped them become so wealthy. It is payback time. We are first, we the voters.

Bernie Sanders is the candidate who respects us, and will lead us in the years ahead. Please provide him your vote and support.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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