Why do young adults feel government should pay for college?

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to the two students that wrote in and think that the government should pay for their college education. To quote Lauren Bacall's famous line: "The World doesn't owe you a (damn) Thing". I hope you came to that conclusion on your own, and not what you learned or learning at PMHS.

I started working when I was 12 years old cleaning houses, picking fruit. I've worked most of my adult life and am still working part-time. I remember sitting in science class and the teachers remarked how my white blouse reflected the heat as the darker sweaters and blouses kept the heat in. He didn't know how lucky I was to have a new white blouse let alone a dark colored one. Young adults don't seem to want to rake blueberries or pick fruit apples, or such. I've lived on strawberry shakes and grilled cheese sandwiches and never felt like the government owed me a thing. Why is it that the young adults feel they should help pay for the education? Students are getting grants now to help their tuition, as well as living expenses and are not paying anything toward bringing the total down. Parents are taking loans to pay for the tuition, which is essentially the same as a home mortgage. 

The government gave cell phones to certain areas now they are contemplating giving free internet services. If they feel the need for such services let them set priorities. 

There are individuals in the area with no income and no emergency telephones and the government aren't providing them with phones?

If you work for it and pay for it one may appreciate it more. 

Dorothye S. Wentworth 


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Equal pay for women is on the mid-term elections ballot this year

To The Daily Sun,

This week we celebrate Women's Equality Day, which commemorates the ratification of the 19th Amendment that secured women's right to vote.

What better time to talk about the stakes for New Hampshire women and their families this upcoming November than now, because elections mean choices, and it's crucial for New Hampshire women to know the stakes so that we don't cede the progress being made.

For example, New Hampshire Democrats worked to pass Paycheck Fairness Act legislation in New Hampshire to promote equal pay for women, and implemented Medicaid Expansion to provide health coverage for nearly 50,000 working Granite Staters.

As we continue working toward progress for women and families, we need to bring that same mentality for the upcoming November election by turning out our friends, families and neighbors. We cannot sit on the sidelines as many did for the 2010 mid-term election.

Our right to vote was only achieved by extraordinary efforts — and we must not waste that.

Judy Wallick


(Candidate for NH House of Representatives, Grafton District 9, representing Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Alexandria & Grafton)

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Smith has long record of fighting for constitutional government

To The Daily Sun,

Congress has a well-deserved 77 percent disapprove rating. Congress's members are irresponsible, wasteful, dishonest, and they don't solve America's problems. Illegal immigration is tolerated and even rewarded, politicians spend future generations into debt to buy votes today, welfare keeps people poor rather than leading them to be successful, public education declines after 40 years of federal government "help", etc.

So why do the American people keep sending the same people, or people like them, to Congress? Because special interest groups, which get billions of dollars and special privileges from our corrupt and dysfunctional Congress, spend hundreds of millions of dollars to reward supporters and to fight against the election of anyone who might threaten their generous incomes and privileges.

Most Americans recognize this corruption and want it to end. A few brave people put their lives on hold to challenge the Washington establishment, to end this corruption and return to government for the people.

Few challengers can win elections against the overwhelming power, experience, and money of the establishment and special interest backed candidates. In New Hampshire, the Republican and Democrat political establishments and special interests are working hard and spending lots of money to ensure that only their candidates are on the ballot for the people to choose from in the November election for U.S. Senate.

But New Hampshire is fortunate that an exceptional candidate, former Sen. Bob Smith, has stepped up to challenge the Republican and Democrat establishments' picks for U.S. Senate. Bob Smith has a long and clear record of fighting for the constitutional, limited government required to ensure people's freedoms, opportunities, and prosperity.

To start making the U.S. Senate work for the American people rather than the special interests, we must elect Bob Smith in the primary election on Sept. 9. Please join me in supporting and voting for a man with a distinguished record of working for the people, Bob Smith.

Don Ewing


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Stock market recovery was in spite of stimulus, not because of it

To The Daily Sun,

I am responding to Paul Bonneville's letter in the Aug. 26 edition.

As to Paul's first point, almost everyone, including a lot of Democrats, know the $787 billion was wasted taxpayer money. Of that total, only $55 billion had any direct effect on the economy as it went toward actual work, in this case the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure and the creation of new infrastructure. It was a drop in the bucket. The rest? Payoffs to Obama supporters, crony capitalists, and grifters who took hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars and wasted them, creating no new jobs, no new economic activity, but a boatload of new debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay off. The recovery of the stock market happened in spite of the stimulus, not because of it.

Of the two auto companies that went into bankruptcy, one of them — GM — was bailed out illegally by the president, who unconstitutionally interfered with the normal bankruptcy proceedings as a payoff to Big Labor. Chrysler survived because it was bought by Fiat. Ford was smart and didn't go bankrupt or require a government bailout. Kudos to them.

And as far as the stock market recovery, all it signifies at this point is the recovery in the value of assets and nothing more. That the Dow Jones is around 17,000 points is not an indicator of the health of the economy. It does not signify the jobless rate (the U6 unemployment rate, not the oft touted and totally bogus U3 rate), nor actual economic activity.

Next, his crowing about how Obamacare his provided insurance to "thousands and thousands" ignores the "millions and millions" who lost their health insurance because of Obamacare and now have to pay much higher premiums for new policies that provide less coverage, won't let them keep their doctor or use the local hospital. As an added insult, access to health insurance does not automatically equate to access to health care.

A lot of medical practices aren't taking new patients, with or without health insurance. Others that are may be an hour or two away. So it helped "thousands and thousands" at the cost of hurting "millions and millions." Yeah, that was a great tradeoff, and we still haven't seen all the effects as some mandates have been postponed — again unconstitutionally by Obama — and others due to go into effect at the first of the year will knock a lot of employers and their workers for a loop as new taxes, fees, and other requirements kick in.

Before praising the success of the stimulus and Obamacare, maybe Paul should have looked into all the effects rather than just the positive ones. I think he would have found the negative far outweighed the positive.

Dale Channing Eddy


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Gallagher & Brothers are good listeners and respectful to all

To The Daily Sun,

Brian Gallagher and Richard Brothers are my choice for State Representative for the Sanbornton/Tilton district.

Both men are accomplished individuals who understand the economic pressures of working and retired people. They are good listeners, articulate and respectful to all. We need representatives at the County and State level that will promote good governance and economic prosperity for all.

Please consider voting for Richard Brothers and Brian Gallagher on the Sept. 9 Republican primary ballot.

David DeVoy


Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner District 1


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