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No difference between Communist Manifesto & Obama/Clinton plans

To The Daily Sun,

Whoa, Scott Cracraft is apparently running for the title of uber-nutty professor. He is outdoing the infamous Leo R. Sandy in distortions and mischaracterizations. Less then a month until the election and the uber-professor is taking no chances that truth and accurate facts reach voters.

Let's see now, how did he start? Oh yes by denigrating Christians and the Tea Party, who he claims (without any proof or indication), are racists because they want lower taxes, laws to be obeyed and enforced, and the Constitution to be respected and followed. (What terrible radical thinking). And those Christians who believe that should live their lives by the Ten Commandments. (Boy are they dangerous).

Then there all those despicables who didn't vote for Obama and won't vote for Clinton. (How he hates them). Not very tolerant for an avowed liberal, but then none of them is actually liberal except by title.

Scott feigns righteous indignation for imagined political abuses heaped on Obama and Clinton. My view is they are not abuses if they are true and documented historical records. Now I confess to being a proud Obama basher, but with good reason, as I have provided readers who cared many times.

Take the ACA (Obamacare), which was shoved through a Democratic Party-controlled Congress with zero Republican participation — They were locked out of the room during its writing, which belies Scott's assertion that Obama "crossed the aisle" many times. Actually Obama seldom, if ever, reached out to Republicans.

Obama came on the scene unknown with no record and all his personal records sealed. He was and is the most secretive candidate/president in history. Most of his records are still sealed. Only a birth certificate has been produced and that only after months of controversy.

That "birther" claim came from the Hillary camp in the first place, but who can blame other people from asking questions from Mr. "I've got a secret" Obama? Secrets like, what were his grades in collage? How did he manage to get into such elite schools in the first place and why did he seek out Marxist professors there (his own words)? Why were his travel/passport records hidden? Is there something underhanded/ illegal in them?

Are these all the lies Scott keeps talking about? Well then how about the, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" and the, "If you like your insurance company you can keep your insurance company," both of which Obama knew were false when he said it over and over?

How about Benghazi just before the election four years ago. "It was a demonstration based on a despicable video on YouTube that got out of control," and yes they knew that was a lie when they told it too. Now there are many more like this Scott, are you saying we are all lying when we write about them? If not why don't you spell out just what you think are the lies you say we are spreading?

Another thing I've told Scott before is that I've read the "Communist Manifesto" and "The Rules for Radicals," and as far as I can tell there is not a nickles worth of difference between the Obama/Hillary plans and programs and it. So just why shouldn't we conservatives say so and call them the Marxist socialists they are?

Scott may think conservative writers are ignorant, but we are not. But it seems Scott, a history professor, has a very selective view and memory of history and who said and did what as far as liberal democrats are concerned.

About the economy, Scott, it is still largely stagnant after eight years of Obama with only welfare and food stamps steadily rising. More and more industry is leaving the country taking jobs with them. Job participation is at its lowest in decades and who is suffering most Scott? Black and minority inner city communities, that's who.

What has Obama done about that? Nothing and as a result race relations are worse than they've been in decades. Unrest and riots, violent Black Lives Matter terrorists are calling on the killing of police and what has Obama done except exacerbate the tensions. I have lots more for Scott but it must wait. The paper won't print it if it's too long.

Steve Earle


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I hope this outpouring of support will lead to park improvements

To The Daily Sun,

As many of you may know, I submitted a letter to The Laconia Daily Sun earlier this week regarding the poor conditions at Prescott Park here in Meredith. I cannot express enough how impressed I was to have The Sun's reporter, Michael Kitch, contact me in such an expedient manner to learn more about my concerns. Michael was entirely professional with me and made me truly feel that the issue is important to him, as well.

I was informed that there would be immediate follow-up looking into the conditions of the park and to uncover how it possibly fell into such disrepair. I just wanted to write this second letter to thank the staff of The Sun, particularly Mr. Kitch, for wasting no time investigating a concern of a citizen in our community. It feels great to know that one person can make a difference, as I have learned through this experience.

In addition, I have received an overwhelming amount of support from other members in our community, including through social media, and I would like to thank all of those who have taken time to express their support and even provide me with their own concerns they have come across visiting our town's park.

I am very hopeful that with such an outpouring of support from fellow citizens, there is no doubt that we can improve our park, and in turn the lives of all those who call the wonderful town of Meredith home.

Kenny Hill

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