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A baby isn't a worm or a bug or a mass of tissue; it is human

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. Alan Vervaeke's letter in The Laconia Daily Sun (September 2): The facts on Hillary Clinton's alliance with Planned Parenthood are clear; she has been endorsed by that group and praises it. In 2003, then Senator Clinton opposed a bi-partisan measure to ban the gruesome late-term partial-birth abortion procedure. She defended the legality of partial-birth abortions and condemned the Republican leadership for bringing up a bill to ban them. She says that "unborn babies have no constitutional rights to life." The Americans with Disabilities Act says that we treat all children as equals. So by her own words, she has contradicted herself. When she says, "unborn babies" she acknowledges that there IS a baby. The Disability Act should protect them, though it doesn't. And she says the infant has no rights.

New Hampshire is a state that allows abortions right up to 40 weeks of a woman's pregnancy.

Mr. Vervaeke, yes, the law allows for choice, and my focus is that women should choose life. This pro-life feeling isn't just for women. Every pregnancy has a father involved. Pro-life isn't just for certain religions either, as Buddhists, agnostics, protestants, atheists and all sorts of other groups have members that are pro-life. And Mr. Vervaeke, a baby isn't a worm or a bug or a mass of tissue. It is a baby, a human.

I urge you to choose life. Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell


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Mrs. Clinton opposed to cut-off date for woman's 'right to choose'

To The Daily Sun,

In reference to Mr. Vervaeke's letter to refute Mr. Mitchell's letter:

Mr. Vervaeke "you may not have a womb; but I trust you have "SPERM." Women's issues where Roe v Wade is concerned is with men also. You, as a man, have taken a back seat to reproduction. Is that what you want? Do you wish to negate your responsibilities of fatherhood.

I think the women's/feminist movement has emasculated you. The only way in which a woman gets pregnant is through the seed or sperm of a man. Do you agree?

When the old farts of feminism, who were well passed the age of childbearing and well educated, made a catastrophic blunder by eliminating men from the reproduction process, the esteem of women was deleted and it left the reproduction process to young and uneducated women; men became irrelevant and not responsible for planting the seed of fatherhood. Now, if a girl gets pregnant, have an abortion. This is not right, no matter how you look at it.

I want it known that I'm not a religious fanatic as you elicited in your letter to Mr. Mitchell, but a Christian.

Mr. Mitchell was correct, Mrs. Clinton, states that she is opposed to federal legislation stipulating a cut-off date for a "woman's right to choose." My wording would be "termination of life." I know you go on to Mrs. Clinton's feelings, emotions and thoughts on the subject, but LAW does not equate those perceptions.

Rosemary Mellon


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