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Pres. Hillary will look after special interests who made her rich

To The Daily Sun,

Several letters in the Nov. 20 Laconia Daily Sun deserve comment.

Bless you, Bill Atkinson, for expressing the frustration that most Americans probably feel as our National Anthem is butchered by some would-be "star." Hopefully all your readers will commit to boldly singing the anthem with the respect, reverence and gratitude that it and the men and women who have fought for our nation deserve.

Karen Tays, just a little correction to your correction. Liberal media bias is clear in their attempt to smear Dr. Ben Carson. First, to try to make him look like a liar they imply he applied to West Point, which he never claimed. Then, to try to make him look stupid they imply that he wasn't accepted. Then, they quibble over his use of the words "full scholarship" which any high school student or non-expert would consider any completely-paid-for education whether at a military academy or someplace else.

Politifact (http://goo.gl/drJIKV) says, "The military academy has used the words "full scholarship" a few times in admissions literature and advertising and one (updated to two) place(s) on its website. However, experts say Carson's use of the word scholarship doesn't properly explain the application and appointment process to West Point." Desperate to impugn Dr. Carson, they reduce his claim from completely "true" to "mostly true" based on something only an expert would know or care about if he/she was providing a detailed explanation of the application and appointment process which Carson wasn't trying to do.

Further, when the media was promoting this smear, many talk show callers told how they were recruited by the military academies with promises of scholarships and that appointments could be secured even before an application was submitted.

For Ruth Larson: You will recall that Vice President Biden lauded the situation in Iraq and predicted that it would be one of President Obama's greatest achievements. (https://goo.gl/fkRGpa) Everyone would have opposed the war in Iraq had they known that President Obama would take the fairly stable Iraq (and Middle East) he inherited from President Bush and so screw it up that it would become the disaster we see today.

For Todd Welch: I regret that I cannot express myself in one syllable (little) words so that you can understand my letters. I typically write about ideas or policies, not people. I criticize Obama's disastrous policies just as I criticized Bush's disastrous policies regarding overspending, immigration, conduct of the war, etc. I criticize the establishments of both parties since neither seems to care about the impact of their policies on the American people as long as they enhance their own power and wealth.

I don't blame anyone when it's hot or cold, I call it weather. I do criticize politicians who try to call it something else in order to allow them to further interfere in the economy for their own benefit while making most Americans surrender more of our freedoms and hard-earned money.

Some of my recent letters were on the benefits of capitalism (people freely trading what they have for something they want more); an explanation that political influence in commerce that benefits appropriately grateful special interests is not capitalism but "crony capitalism" (aka corruption); the fact that "gun free zones" and excessive gun controls get people killed; the need for school choice so every child has a chance to get a good education in a safe environment; the need to stop illegal immigration; and the fact that Americans need to prepare to defend themselves because our politicians, for their personal objectives, refuse to take even the basic obvious steps to protect Americans from terrorists.

By the way, I will be very happy to have a female president who will work for the benefit of all the people. Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton will favor the people over the special interests that made her and Bill multi-multi-millionaires since leaving the White House "broke" only 15 years ago is living in a fantasy world along with people who believe she cares about women after she spent eight years trying to smear and/or harm women who were brave enough to report that they were sexually molested by her husband.

Don Ewing

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Hillary Clinton understands veterans' issues and she will lead

To The Daily Sun,

As a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, I support Hillary Clinton for many reasons, including her agenda for veterans. Honoring our nation's responsibility to those who have served has always been a priority for Clinton, and her plan underscores the seriousness with which she treats these issues.

Clinton's plan will correct the problems within the VA that have resulted in lengthy wait times for veterans seeking both medical care and disability benefits. She will not allow the VA to be privatized, recognizing that the VA provides critical functions that would disappear if that happened. Clinton's plan will also ensure the VA has the resources needed to serve veterans dealing with mental health, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress — the invisible wounds that are the signature of recent wars.

Clinton's plan focuses not only on reforming the VA, but on the full spectrum of veterans' benefits. She will ensure that our veterans have access to education and training, provide incentives for companies to hire veterans and reap the benefits of their skills and leadership, and coordinate the 17 agencies that provide benefits to our veterans.

Hillary Clinton understands veterans' issue, and demonstrates the leadership and experience we need in our next president.

Val Scarborough


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