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Nobody eats like this anymore . . . except at the Jewish Food Festival

To The Daily Sun,
Listen my children and you shall hear
of schmaltz and herring of yesteryear.
blintzes and kugels, knishes and strudels
matzo balls, kreplach, pot roast and noodles
challah and tzimmes and pickled tongue
corned beef on rye, pastrami, chopped liver.
coffee cakes, rugula, strudel and cheesecake...
Wash it all down with seltzer or tea.
Ess kinder, ess. Eat more and more please.
Nobody eats like this anymore
Except at the Food Festival, Jewish food galore
Come JULY 14, a Sunday for brunch
Eleven to two; we'll be serving through lunch.
So ess kinder, ess. Eat more and more please
We never have leftovers, as you will see!
The Food Festival Committee

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List of Obama's broken promisis aslong as your arms & legs

To The Daily Sun,
I keep reading the many letters written by those who support Obama and his leftist progressive agenda, though it seems like I'm a moth attracted to a flame sometimes. Someone said, "To ignore the facts doesn't change the facts", but most of the left have their heads stuck firmly in the sand. Even when facts are presented to them they ignore them, choosing rather to attack the messenger or deny the facts exist. Take for instance when, I believe it was Bob Meade, wrote recently that 80 percent of those opposed to civil rights legislation in the '60s were Democrats (a fact check-able on Wikapedia), he was immediately accosted by the left, here in this paper. With heads stuck deeply in political mud they denied the truth of the statement, going on to attack Bob's veracity. Easier then checking the facts I guess.
Some other facts the left doesn't care to address. 1) The fact that Obama promised the American people that an investigation into the "fast and furious" gun running scheme would be conducted. Anyone heard yet who authorized and ran this? Anyone being held responsible yet? 2) Obama promised an investigation into the Benghazi attack and those responsible would be brought to justice. Anyone heard anything about this sense Hillary said "What does it really matter"? Those responsible are still openly walking around Libya free and clear. 3) Has anyone heard of anyone being held accountable for the IRS scandal? At the hearings Obama's people didn't know, couldn't remember or took the 5th.
The list of broken Obama promises are as long as both of your arms and legs combined. Close behind are his list of broken laws and unconstitutional acts. Just the other day he decided, Congress be damned, he would change provisions of Affordable Care Act which Congress passed and he signed into law. Rule by edict and presidential command. How far off can a dictatorship be?
Steve Earle

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Interlakes Summer Theatre is a hidden gem in the Meredith area

To The Daily Sun,
My wife and I just saw "Dreamgirls" this past weekend, which followed the shows "Ain't Misbehavin" and "All I Ask of You", presented by the Interlakes Summer Theatre. We've seen many shows the past few years and decided to become subscribers.
Interlakes is certainly a hidden gem in the Meredith area. The performers are first rate, the venue is wonderful, and the shows are spectacular. We have attended many shows in various cities, and find the shows at Interlakes to be on an extremely high level. So go buy some tickets and enjoy the show. You won't be disappointed!
Vincent Martino
Braintree, Mass.

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If $42.5M number for a new jail is wrong, give us the right one

To The Daily Sun,
Concerning the article in the July 11 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun, for the sake of clarity I wish to give an alternate explanation to
those offered by the county commissioners for the failure of the proposal for a new jail to gain consensus.
For the commissioners to state that this proposal has been on-going and to ask where the convention has been seems a little disingenuous since the convention and John Q. Public were excluded from the design process which yielded this Colossus.
Secondly, I have not heard any delegate say that nothing should be done. The observation that we have to go back and address steps
which were ignored by the commissioners has been made.
Thirdly, it is circuitous logic to state that there a lot of misinformation out there since the sources of the 42.5 million dollar price tag and for the annual personnel payroll increase of 2.6 million are the commissioners themselves and the experts whom they hired. If there are other numbers which are more accurate, I would like to review those numbers and their source.
To offer the viewpoint that the convention does not give a damn is unprofessional and unjust. The delegates have consistently tried to
walk the line between fiscal responsibility at a time of economic hardship for many and authorizing sufficient monies so that real needs
are met. I am confident that we will continue to do just that.
Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5

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What I would argue is that racism & prejudice are alive & well in U.S.

To The Daily Sun,
Dear Mr. Russ Wiles:
I wasn't going to answer you latest letter to the editor: "You know Zimmerman but bet you've never heard of George Thomas". Oh well, so much for entertaining that thought on my part. I will admit to you that I do not personally know either individual you refer to in your letter. But I will tell you this fact, I know that they were both involved in crimes whether they be the alleged perpetrator or victim.
I will tell you very sincerely that I and many millions of others in this country have been exposed to daily reports of gun violence through reporting from the media whether it be via TV, radio, in print or online. In point of fact we have been deluged with horrors each and every day concerning violence with guns and other weapons.
You are entitled to take the opportunity (as you do quite frequently) to express your comments about current events. You are entitled to your opinions. But sir, you are not entitled to assume what I do or do not know on any particular issue(s).
While I admire Yogi Berra and his unique speaking style and of course his stellar baseball career, I addressed almost all points in your letter concerning George Zimmerman from what I watched each day on TV and read in print from the day that the murder of Trayvon Martin occurred.
I do not write or offer any opinions with "left leaning" arguments or points of view. I have and will continue to look at both sides of every issue, been doing this since my teenage years, to a fault. Because of my background dealing firsthand (I won't bore you with the details) with local, state and federal officials, the court system (right on up to the Supreme Court) and Due Process Rights, let me assure you that before I write a letter to the editor my thoughts are pondered, researched and written in logical cohesive steps.
You query, ... "why would a Maryland teacher, use a "current affairs" lesson plan which compared the killing of Trayvon to the killing a 14 year old black boy, Emmitt Till"....? Why not let the students ask questions and use their critical thinking skills? Other than parents of students, who better than a teacher who is qualified and responsible for the education our children... right?
The very young in this country are being exposed to violence real or perceived each and every day of their lives. It's not a secret discussed in "back rooms", it's "in our face" 24/7... 365 days a year.
What I would argue is that racism and prejudice are alive and well in this country. Sad to say, the color of a person's skin does matter... why? In this day and age for skin color to cloud our opinions be it positive or negative pollutes any logical decisions or outcomes in the legal arena and in our daily lives.
I don't judge you by your admitted conservative views or values. I merely read what you write, then decide whether I will be able to agree or disagree with you.
Bernadette Loesch

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