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Democrats have no real intent of lifting the poor out of poverty

To the editor,
Democrats have declared since Adam and Eve that they represent the less fortunate of America. If that is true no advocate for any one has failed their cause with such certainty, for so long as the Democratic Party. If the thinking/programs of the Democratic Party were indeed the solutions to the unequal society is it not reasonable to expect after 75 years there might be one sign of progress. We implemented endless legislation from the greatest "society equalizers" of the 20th century, from FDR to JFK and LBJ. Government programs from all of them trumpeted with great fan fare, assigned catchy code names like the "New Deal" and the "Great Society" all aimed to produce EQUALITY and reduce poverty in America. Face the truth people, every boondoggle, contrived, jury-rigged, paper-clipped, band-aided, cleverly-hyped, whirly gig contraption dreamed up by that donkey threesome, hoodwinked on a society, brain washed to think GOVERNMENT would solve their every problem has done absolutely NOTHING. . . I repeat. . . NOTHING except push this country ever closer to financial extinction.
After all the great hype and the trillions spent, what do we have to show for it? Record poverty, record numbers on welfare by any measurement, record disability claims (many totally fraudulent), record debt waiting delivery to our children and Democrats who never stop PROMISING their NEXT IDEA will FIX EVERYTHING. We are 60 years past FDR, 50 years past JFK, and 40 years past LBJ.The differences between the top and bottom of society has never been greater despite the greatest number of safety nets and most costly social programs in our history all SOLD TO US IN THEIR DAY BY DEMOCRATS attached to promises to reduce poverty and produce equality. Guess what....EVERY IDEA FAILED.
Democrats have no intent to let the POOR OUT OF POVERTY only to lose dependent voters. They know making empting promises with catchy names, tied in candy wrappers buys elections. The less fortunate will never stop buying the sweet ILLUSION free handouts from government will bring them equality no matter that it has not happened after 75 years of promising that it will.
Tony Boutin

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Author of 'Tundra' comic strip needs to find a second act

To the editor,
Does the cartoonist who draws your "Tundra" strip think anything besides snowmen is funny?
Ray Carbone

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Help us 'Ditch the Gray' in Belmont; please consider a donation

To the editor,
Fellow residents and business owners of Belmont:
In the spirit of great changes being made in the look of our town, my daughter and I have to decided to take the reins and "Ditch the Gray".
Have you ever noticed the traditional uniform for police is dark blue, and our town has grey. The grey is not attractive looking and is more expensive and harder to find these days.
As you may know, the town has purchased new police cruisers and have gone back to the traditional colors which has been highly praised. As you all know, we have a new Police Chief Mark Lewandowski, who has been in this town a very long time and seen a lot of change. This change has sparked a lot of enthusiasm in the department. He took on his new role without having any part in the budget process because it was already done. Our Belmont Police Department is in great support of going back to the traditional look for their department. New uniforms are not in this year's budget for them so we have decided to help out. Alicia and I have set a goal to raise the funds for them to "Ditch the Gray".
With this being said we are asking you for a donation in support of this initiative.  Any donation is accepted and nothing is too small. We want to thank you so much in advance and appreciate your patronage. Checks need to be written out to the Town of Belmont, Attn: Ditch the Gray Campaign, P.O. Box 310, Belmont, NH 03220 and will be put in a special account specifically for this use. If you have a question for us. please don't hesitate to give us a call at our office at 527-1140.
Ruth P. Mooney & Alicia M. Segalini

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Russ, I accept you apology; we are all patriots on Patriot's Day

To the editor,
To Russ Wiles:
It takes a gentleman to apologize, especially in the print media where there may be 17,000 local readers. Your apology is "accepted" — regarding my poem. We all suffered from the disaster on Marathon Monday/Patriot's Day in Massachusetts and we are all patriots that day, in one way or another. Thank you.
Jack Polidoro

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N.H. voters get the picture; we'll not forget Newtown child victims

To the editor,
I heard our Sen. Kelly Ayotte on NHPR (lecturing voice) expressing her belief (out of touch) that an out-of-state entity (Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' gun-control effort) "can't tell New Hampshire voters how to think." This is Sen. Ayotte's reaction to a TV ad, sponsored by Rep. Giffords, victim of a high-powered gun assault. Sen. Ayotte — wake up. Or Sen. Ayotte — get honest. Ninety percent of Americans want gun controls, especially that reduce the number of bullets in a magazine. No one needs to tell New Hampshire voters how to think on this. We get the picture: mowing down people with machine-gun like rapidity is an insane capacity. Let us never forget the Newtown child victims. Only someone in the pocket of the NRA would cast her vote otherwise.
You should be ashamed, Ms. Ayotte, very, very ashamed.
Lynn Rudmin Chong

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