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I'm a candidate to represent Northfield on Winnisquam School Board

To The Daily Sun,

Congratulations to all who have submitted their names for consideration to all electable posts in our town and district. I wish you well in your pursuit of the office you desire. I encourage all eligible voters to ask questions of our candidates and thoroughly examining their positions on the issues that matter most to you and our town and district. Most importantly, get out and vote.

I also am a candidate this year to represent Northfield on the Winnisquam Regional School District School Board and I humbly ask for your vote. Since I arrived in Northfield I have volunteered on many boards and committees looking to make our town and district a better place to live. I have served on the Northfield Zoning Board for the past 11 years. I have also had the pleasure of serving on the School District Budget Committee for six years and have been the chairman as well as vice chairman in that time.

I currently serve on the Northfield Town Budget Committee and I am the president of the Northfield Economic Development Corporation.

After working well with the School District Budget Committee over the years I would like my focus to shift to more of policy setting than just a budgetary focus. I leave the Budget Committee in good hands as Nina Gardner, the remaining and new members will do another fine job in my absence. I believe my familiarity with the administration, my work with the Budget Committee and my common sense approach to the school board agenda makes me uniquely qualified for this position.

I look forward to talking with you about my positions on specific area in our school district. My direct email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and should you want to talk directly I will be more than happy to do that as well.

Thanks again for your consideration and I hope to see you at the polls.

Keith D. Murray

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I thank the Lady Sachems basketball team for all they've accomplished

To The Daily Sun,
I would like to take a moment to publicly thank the ladies' Sachems basketball team, its coach, Mr. Jeff Greeley, and Sachem Nation for the outstanding efforts made toward excellence throughout the high school basketball season this year.
I rarely make public comments about athletics. The reason for this relates to the excellent support our community has historically made for as long as I have been here that indicate Laconia LOVES its athletics programs. From youth sports through high school athletics, this city is filled with committed parents and community members who work hard to ensure every athlete has the opportunity to be involved. That is as it should be! The need for this principal to add to that seemed unnecessary and possibly indulgent. I have always focused my energies on pushing the concept of academic excellence.

Something special happened this year with the Lady Sachems basketball program. They overcame some early season setbacks and built a strong record. They always played hard. They played aggressive AND clean. They were unified and supportive of each other in ways that were evident to the Sachem Nation and the community at large. They were coached again this year by a Sachem alumni who truly bleeds the Laconia Red (you should have witnessed his pep rally speech!) Our student fans saw this and responded with resounding support. Not only did our student body support the team, but throughout the play-offs, alumni from near and far showed up in full force. Our entire community embraced this group.

The Lady Sachems team played well throughout the season. They grew together as one of those teams Sachem Nation will remember for a long time. We will honor them for the way they have represented our school and our city on the court. At the same time, this team impacted our school and community by bringing us together in support of them. These are our kids, they represent us and they did so in an amazingly positive fashion. Our students wrapped around them, supporting them and cheering for them positively, appropriately and with tremendous spirit. All of this brought Laconia High School to a better place, a place where we have pride not only because of "winning" but also because of the positive, respectful way that the winning happened.
So let me humbly and publicly thank the Lady Sachem basketball team for all they have accomplished during this school year, both as a team striving for excellence but also as a tremendously positive example of all that is right about Laconia and Sachem Nation!

Jim McCollum, Principal

Laconia High School

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