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Volunteers play a vital role at New Hampshire Humane Society

To The Daily Sun,

Working at New Hampshire Humane Society is so incredibly rewarding, given we have the ability to affect the lives of the most vulnerable who arrive at our doors. Daily as an organization staffed with people who truly care and have that "fire in the belly" commitment to the animals we are pledged to serve, we heal those creatures who are downtrodden, bearing the signs of human neglect and indifference, and those simply unwanted that deserve a second chance.

Taking care of the cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, always our first priority demands significant resource.

Ensuring the physical and emotional needs are met for all our shelter animals happens in large part due to the thousands of hours given selflessly by our volunteers who work, shoulder to shoulder with our staff. Witness the army of orange clad T-shirted and sweat-shirted people, some wearing flashy Wellington boots, many with the mark of a true dog lover, training leashes strapped crosswise over their bodies, these stalwart individuals are indeed our most precious resource — our volunteers.

Volunteers represent every generation and are immersed in every aspect of the New Hampshire Humane Society. They clean the living quarters of the shelter animals, bath dogs, maintain the grounds, walk, exercise and train our dogs. Volunteers provide enrichment for our shy and fearful cats, foster new feline mothers and babies. They are in the schools, libraries and other community sites teaching to the next generation the finer points of responsible pet ownership and empathy to all animals.

They staff events such as our community rabies clinics, craft fairs, off site adoption meet and greets, and so many other gigs, large and small. Volunteers actively participate on NHHS committees: Auction, Safety, Finance, Education & Outreach. The highest level of  volunteerism is, of course, our vibrant and engaged board of D\directors.

While our staff works tirelessly to care for more than 1,200 creatures each year, volunteers provide that extra connection these animals need. New Hampshire Humane Society volunteers are the jewel in our animal welfare organizations' crown, logging over 10,000 hours of service in 2015.

On behalf of my staff, the board of directors, our donors and supporters, but most of all the little fury faces that watch with trepidation the daily hustle and bustle that is shelter life, I wanted to extend a warm and heartfelt 'thank you' to all who make up this wonderfully special group.

For information about the volunteer program check out the Society website www.nhhumane.org.

Marylee Gorham-Waterman, Executive Director

New Hampshire Humane Society


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Liberals are really the ones trying to put a lid on right of free speech

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Alan Vervaeke's response to my April 5 letter. First off I want to apologize to my readers for my gaff that left me open to Mr. Vervaeke's charge of not knowing how our government works. Secondly, I want to thank the editorial staff at The Sun for correcting my gaff in their title for my letter. I don't think anyone who reads my letters on a regular bases would charge me with with not knowing how our government works. I do my best to stay knowledgeable and informed and try to limit my writing to things I know something about.
I am also quite a student of history. To be charged with not understanding how our government works by someone who does not understand the relationship between morality and the success of a democratic republic, that has been understood from antiquity is a bit much for me.
Alan's suggested banishment of my letters to Rhe Weirs Times, which is by the way a pretty good little newspaper, puts the shoe on right foot, on who is in favor of free speech and who is not, as liberal writers have tried to claim conservative writers have been trying to stifle free speech. It is really the other way around.
One closing thought: Are not our senators morally bound by their oath to support the Constitution, to see that justices who believe in the Constitution and will base their decisions on it and not some other philosophy or source are appointed to our federal courts?

John Demakowski

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