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Gov. Hassan's senate campaign has cost taxpayers thousands

To The Daily Sun,

As Governor Hassan runs all over the country while running for the U.S. Senate, she is missing in action. She owes the people of New Hampshire a apology.

Not only has she not been here to deal with issues that Granite Staters are facing, she is asking the people of New Hampshire to pay for her absence. As she traveled around the country raising money for her Senate campaign, she has been collecting her taxpayer-funded salary and charging the taxpayers more than $40,000 to cover the cost of her security detail. Meanwhile, her campaign said it was not incurring any cost.

Check it out and you will see why I think it is just bogus.

I don't expect (this to happen), but Gov. Hassan needs to apologize for not being here. She needs to apologize for charging the taxpayers for her security detail, and she needs to come clean for misleading voters the past few months. Governor Hassan needs to answer for this.

We need a senator that cares for the people of New Hampshire, not her friends in Washington and Hollywood.

L. Michael Hatch


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They are serving up a very favorite meal from my childhood

To The Daily Sun,

Memories from past days and years can make you young again.

This Saturday, the Homestead Restaurant in Bristol had a '50s/'60s meal: beans, hotdogs and brown bread. This meal was one of my boyhood favorites.

Thanks Amanda Wright and Chef Keith.

Jim Mayotte

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