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I am running for Alton water commissioner to get myself fired

To The Daily Sun,

Alton needs a new water commissioner. We have three water commissioners, one superintendent, one full-time laborer, one part-time secretary, and one pickup truck. The payroll and benefits are almost half of the total Alton water budget. Why does a superintendent need three bosses, and why does a single laborer need four bosses? They don't.

Why shouldn't Alton's Building & Grounds Department and Highway Department with all of their excavators, trucks, and a myriad of equipment manage the water utility functions? Why are we outsourcing heavy duty equipment when we have everything right in town already paid for with taxpayer money? Who really cares more about providing adequate water services to the residents of Alton — the water commissioners or the selectmen? Who has more resources? Who has more management and organizational expertise?

Who has more money in case of an emergency? Who has more resources to take care of emergency situations such as fire hydrants that do not work, lack of water available to local businesses, or our most needy senior citizens? Who has open televised meetings to publicize lack of service efficiencies, daily operations, or just plain lack of services? Who can handle most infrastructure breakdowns themselves and quite frankly can do it better? Who does not need to get paid additional tax dollars for just doing their job? Who has more skin in the game?

If you said the selectmen then you have an easy decision. I am running for water commissioner to get rid of the water commissioners and turn the water department over to the town of Alton where it belongs. I am running to get fired. The Water Department is currently unregulated and not responsible to any government agency for doing the right thing, which is just to provide adequate water services to its customers. Businesses are hurting today and will again. Alton Central School is in harm's way because the water department chooses not to fix any of the surrounding hydrants. Our neighbors are at risk because "the hydrants were never expected to be able to be used to put out a fire."

I am running for water commissioner to get myself fired, cut the budget in half, turn the responsibility over to the Town of Alton, provide working fire hydrants to everyone in town including our children, deliver life sustaining water to all residents, make sure we can all flush our toilets, and ensure that our local businesses are both vibrant and successful. If you vote in the same "ole boy network" you have no right to expect any change or improvement. If you vote for me at least you have a chance.

Steve Miller


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Thank you hosting forums for Meredith candidates to attend

To The Daily Sun,

As a candidate for the Meredith Selectboard, I've learned how hard it can be to get your ideas and message across to our voters.

I want to thank the members of the Wicwas Lake Grange and the League of Women Voters, especially Steve Durand, Chris Kelly, and Liz Tentarelli, for sponsoring candidate forums in support of the election process and giving us the opportunity to speak directly to the voters of Meredith.

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank our local newspapers for providing us with fair and even-handed coverage of the election race.

Ray Moritz


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