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Cost of adding CO2 to atmosphere are socialized for all to pay

To The Daily Sun,

Pollution means socializing costs. If you produce something that fouls the water and don't pay to clean it up, you are making everyone else but your company pay the costs of clean-up — not to mention any permanent damage. When the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969, the companies that dumped the flammable chemicals that polluted it did not put the fire out. The Cleveland Fire Department did. Taxpayers had to pay the cost while the polluters profited.

The Environmental Protection Agency was created shortly after this fire was put out and the Clean Water Act was passed shortly after. The act raised the cost of production for anyone who was making things and polluting water by requiring that they include the cost of preventing that pollution in the cost of their products. Thus, they had to pay the true cost of the product, rather than making the rest of the society ante up for some portion of that true cost. Yes, either their profits took a hit, or the costs were passed on to customers who bought the product.

Clearly, however, the costs associated with the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act and other pollution-control laws did not wreck our economy. Making companies pay the true cost of production is the right thing to do, and since the rules applied to everybody no one had an advantage. In addition, entrepreneurs also saw an opportunity to get rich by making pollution control equipment and by inventing non-polluting production methods.

"Creative Destruction" is the essence of capitalism. It is a term for long-term economic growth that is initiated by innovators who make something new out of the scraps of the old. Think of how transistors rose on top of the vacuum tube industry and computer chips from transistors. Are we better off without tubes and transistors? You bet!

CO2 is said to be a pollutant because of the costs of the extreme climate change it is causing when released into the atmosphere. These costs are socialized instead of being paid by the producers of the gas — taxpayers are and will be paying them. It will work just like the Clean Water Act did if new rules to control CO2 emissions are applied to every producer and product (including those imported from other countries). Entrepreneurs will create whole new industries and get rich, and we will all be better off in the long run.

Those who don't want to protect polluters and who are in favor of making them bear the real costs of their products are not the enemies of capitalism. They are the true believers in free enterprise.

Dave Pollak


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Why bring brain dead babies to term? To make more Tex. politicians

To The Daily Sun,

The elephant stands awaiting and the chute is in place. What GOP candidate will announce themselves next? Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity. In the tradition of Charlie Hebdo, we bring you the best of the ridiculous.

Falling for the "job creators" myth sold by corporate monks, Kansas has had revenue shortfalls, credit downgrades from Moody's, and now has to close public schools down early because they don't have enough money. The inanity of libertarian economics dies again. Governor Brownback has also implied that forcing women to have children is good for the Kansas economy.

Michelle Bachmann is back. She says The rapture has been moved ahead of schedule because, well, it's Obama's fault.

There's bad news for the anti-vaxxer wackjobs. Two more major studies again confirm there is no link between vaccinations and autism. In a fine display of epic cluelessness, anti-vaxxer and organizer Rosemary Woods said, "Let me know when there is a study that confirms what I know in my heart." As Russ Wiles might say, "Isn't it kind of suspicious that every credible study on the subject says the same thing?" Ya think?

Did you see Republican Dog the Bounty Hunter on Fox? The four Fox women were all giddy until he soiled their carpet by saying he supports Hillary and trusts the Dynamic Duo.

Over in the world of religious circuses, the fear mongering propaganda coming from the revival tent meetings. Taking their signals from Huckabee, they claim that legalizing gay marriage will criminalize Christianity. Tortured logic much? Some Christian jihadist blowhards are talking armed revolution if equality wins over the fossilized traditions of religion-based bigotry. In their apoplectic fits (slain in the Spirit) they are calling for the impeachment of the justices who vote for equality. Gay marriage is sure to bring down our civilization. Nasty stuff, that freedom and equality.

Fox News' favorite Catholic Priest, Jonathan Morris, claims we can't have an atheist president because he would not fear God. You mean he might be logical? Wouldn't that be oppressive! Shall we ask Bugs Bunny for a comment on weapons-grade stupid? Did you know that rape and incest can't be verified? Yup, another insane religious conservative has escaped her rubber room.

Tennessee State Rep. Sheila Butt blocked exemptions for rape and incest in the new abortion bill because she claims they are not verifiable. On today's "700 Club," Pat Robertson warned that God will soon remove his hand of protection over America because people are mocking fundamentalist preachers like himself. The old fossil complains, "People mock the word of God and those who proclaim it are laughed at as fundamentalists. Well, we need the fundamentalists because if we don't have them this nation is doomed." Yes, Pat, we need more crackpots who might even believe that 6,000 years ago a talking snake deceived a couple who had no belly buttons to eat some fruit. Pat also gave us five predictions if gay marriage wins. We will be hit with war (revolution!), floods, terrorism, the apocalypse and the anti-Christ! Fox News commentator Todd Starnes, while on Pastor Hagee's show says if gay marriage is affirmed, pastors will end up in jail. For what? Pedophilia? Embezzlement? Sounds good.

America's village idiot, Louie Gohmert appeared on Glenn Beck's television program the other night. He claims Obama won't help the government of Nigeria fight terrorism until the country legalizes gay marriage and abortion.

Also in Texas, where wide open spaces include the heads of Texas lawmakers, H.B. 2510, espoused by Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer will force a woman to carry a nonviable fetus to term. No, you didn't read that wrong. What could be the reason for bringing a brain dead fetus to term? Well, what better way to create more Texas politicians.

Oklahoma is also a scary country full of wide open spaces. While speaking in the Senate, Kevin Calvey threatened to go across the street and torch himself with gasoline if they passed state Senate Bill 548, which would increase funding to the court system. Why? Because the court has struck down some abortion laws.

James Veverka


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