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County home residents had great time watching the motorcycles

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is to thank all the lovely staff at the Belknap County Nursing Home — Administration, Activities, Nursing
and Direct Care, Restorative, Kitchen, Maintenance, and Housekeeping — for all they do, and especially for the wonderful effort they made today to get my husband and other residents down to the parking lot by Route 106 where they could safely view the motorcycles.

It meant a lot to me because my husband always enjoyed watching the bikes and it was so good to see him taking part in watching the parade of two-wheelers again. The residents waved and shouted at the bikes and had a great time!

Belknap County, you are lucky more than you know to have these loving dedicated people serving you. And also
thank you, Charlie St. Clair, for stopping by to say hi to us all.

Thea Aloise


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Does Obama believe Cuba has earned our money & forgiveness?

To The Daily Sun,

Dennis Prager recently reminded us that progressive liberals hate those who fight evil. The corollary to that is "liberals love those who commit evil".

President Obama, current acting executive director of this infamous club, has been busy with his "Cuba deserves our love and adoration" unilateral policy of appeasement to brutal dictators. Our president arrived in Havana in April for the Summit of the Americas at the ready to bow to another tyrant.

The Castro gang demanded that if the United States wanted to open an embassy in Havana, then they must remove Cuba from the list of terror-sponsoring nations. That would of course open the financial spigot of taxpayer funds to Cuba. The Cuban leadership said, "Don't be ridiculous," when we asked if they would return some of the convicted terrorists on the FBI's most wanted list. Well, after that tough negotiating by Team Obama, Cuba has been removed from that list of terrorist countries.

Who can forget Fidel Castro's comment in May, 2001: "The Islamic Republic of Iran and Cuba can play a significant role in international organizations through cooperation . . . We need to further boost unity to make the big powers understand that the era of bullying has come to an end." There have been reports of Iran allegedly using Cuba's colony of Venezuela as their secret site for enriching uranium, far away from prying eyes. Last month Colombian authorities found 100 tons of gunpowder, 2.6 million detonators, 99 missile heads and over 3,000 artillery shells hidden in a ship bound from Red China to Cuba.

"Two years ago, unregistered Russian missile parts found in a North Korean ship that had just left Stalinist Cuba and was bound for Stalinist North Korea were hidden under sugar sacks", according to Humberto Fontova.

Why has Obama been easing sanctions on Cuba since roughly 2009? Does our president believe that Cuba has earned our money and forgiveness for the easing of its torturous ways? Well, according to Mr. Fontova, who knows more about what is going on in Cuba than most, nothing could be further from the truth. "From 2009 until today, the Cuban people have suffered a wave of terror by their Stalinist oppressors surpassing most of the terror of the past decade, which is really saying something."

Besides the massive number of arrests and detentions by the Cuban police on peaceful Cuban demonstrators, six Cuban dissidents have been murdered — Orlando Zapata, Juan Soto, Laura Pollan, Wilman Villar, Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero.

Is our president not the worst negotiator ever? How is it possible that he loses every negotiation, negatively affecting our security and prosperity? How is it possible that the leaders of Russia, China and Iran are laughing at the fecklessness of Barack Obama? How is it possible that our allies have lost their trust and faith in the United States, no longer holding the belief that Obama will have their back when push comes to shove? Is Barack Obama just inept, or is he purposely bringing this country to its knees, believing it to be racist and evil as told to him by his pastor? Just why do liberal progressives appear to embrace the evil among us while attacking those who go into harm's way to fight evil? I have no idea. How about you?

A hat tip to Humberto Fontova for the above information about Cuba that our mainstream media prefers to keep hidden from sight.

Russ Wiles

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