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Americans have the right to alter or abolish bryrannical government

To The Daily Sun,
Addressing America's gun violence problem is made harder by the many false claims by gun control advocates, many of whom know little about guns, gun laws, or gun usage. Their "common sense" laws would turn more innocent Americans into victims.
There are about 100 million American legal gun owners; it's a myth that these people, except in the rarest cases, decide one day to jeopardize their whole life's efforts by shooting someone. However, legal gun owners stop many thousand, estimated up to two million, crimes annually, usually without firing a shot.
Almost all gun murders are committed by adults and juveniles with criminal histories who can't legally get guns. If the real objective is to reduce gun violence, the focus must be on people with criminal histories.
It's nonsense that our Second Amendment gun rights have always been interpreted as a "collective right," i.e., within the context of a militia. Every settler moving West of the Appalachians, who wanted to eat or survive Indian, animal, or criminal attacks, had a gun or, if possible, guns for hunting and self-defense.
Several state gun law cases were adjudicated in the 19th Century. Bliss v. Commonwealth (1822, KY, apparently the first) and Nunn v. Georgia (1846), held that gun ownership was an individual right. Aymette v. State (TN, 1840) and State v. Buzzard (AK, 1842) approved gun ownership as a collective and an individual right. Not until 1905 did any Supreme Court (Kansas) claim, contrary to precedent, that the Second Amendment only grants a "collective right" in Kansas.
Thomas Jefferson stated, "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legalized version of the first."
Our Declaration of Independence states, "...it is the right of the people to alter or abolish..." oppressive and tyrannical governments. Our Founders worried that our government might become oppressive and tyrannical, requiring a subsequent revolution. The Second Amendment is intended to ensure that Americans can, if justified, exercise the right to throw off an oppressive and tyrannical government.
Another myth is that, at the time of the Constitution, Americans only owned muskets. Americans owned muskets, shotguns, rifles, cannons, armed ships, etc. American revolutionaries with rifles were BETTER armed than most British soldiers.
Not even the "common sense" gun law advocates can show any shooting that they would have prevented, but these laws would make more law abiding people defenseless in the face of recently increasing criminal and terrorist threats. Americans want gun violence reduced; this requires focusing on the type of people who commit almost all gun violence, criminals.
Don Ewing

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Trump's intentions are smartly/bluntly realistic — America first

To The Daily Sun,

Make no mistake about it, Hillary's real VP is Bill, her husband, who will roam the White House after dark and long after her vice president has returned to the VP residence at 1 Observatory Circle. Bill Clinton, like Hillary when Bill was president, will have profound influence on her policies and decisions.

Team Hillbillary will re-institute the Arkansas red neck, back-slapping and scratching deals and self-centered enrichments that have plagued the country's conscience for decades.

Hillary was a complete failure in the tasks she took on as first lady. Her own public career was hardly any better. Bill may be too busy with his own pursuits to interfere but it's doubtful; in the end it is their combined sociopathic ego and ambitions equaling House of Cards lore that scares the distrusting hell out all of us.

No one can point to one Hillary success of note, not even her, yet dozens of investigations exist into illegal activity, national security, and policy decisions like Benghazi, uranium to Russia, and emails. Then there was the bimbo control and cover-up intimidation tactics against these women from Hillbillary.

Like "Pig Pen" from the Peanuts comic strip, happily traveling unaccountable in their own dust storm of their lives, you must ask, can you trust them to have a real concern for this nation's success with their own ambitions to retain personal power? -Doubtful.

Most informed people I have talked to have said Trump is all about America. He has a lifelong history of talking pro-America and about concerns for the failures out of Washington, D.C., that have affected all of us and leaves such a bad taste in our ever-increasing hungry mouths.

We worry about stagnation in pay, our kids' college debts, national wealth undermined by Washington's deficits and debts, trade deals sending more money out than in, and financing more for China's military expansions of power projections around the world.

We can trust Trump/Pence intentions are smartly and sometimes bluntly realistic — America first.

We have real problems now and in the future that have to be addressed with fresh and realistic clarity that puts the exceptional America prowess back into the leadership code. This is not isolationism or anti-free trade, but frustration with the D.C. lobbyist mindset to sell out America for profits first. Businesses and individuals understandably want reduced over-taxation policies which support slavish funding of ever-increasing failed socialist engineered programs.

More important is the need to make the trade deals and enforcement laced with powerful tools to deal with inequities between trading nations. Trump/Pence definitely have the personal experience and business tools to make this happen and create jobs from the new billions in rewards to America. Just having equal trade with China would add 2.8 million jobs here as a first code of conduct from our leaders.

Let's talk security. The first obligation of our government leaders is life, as in; "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Can the person in charge of securing the safety of the State Department personnel in Benghazi, without a doubt well known to Hillary to be very dangerous, really be trusted to keep an entire nation safe?

Can she succeed when she has so many failures in her past? Can we trust her to tell us the truth and understand the mistakes to learn from them if it is not politically expedient to her? Does she have the chops to go eye-to-eye with ISSI when she says she could not stop a U.S. made silly cheap shot dime YouTube movie from supposedly killing four American brave patriots as she said later — "What difference does it make?" — maybe her electability as the next president, that's what difference security makes.

When I vote, as a former military officer whom controlled nuclear weapons, I must trust the person sending me into harms way to have my back and their ability to sacrifice their politics for America rather than cover up failures with lies to my fellow service men families. This and national security issues such as trust in protecting confidential communications can not be lightly taken, it means lives.

Finally the liberal press are making hay out of Trump's open conversational diatribes against his opponents and others which many of the press have in private but of course will not admit. The liberal press all set hypocritical review of Trump particularly when Hillary Clinton is the last liberal choice left.

I have a better choice, Trump/Pence.

Jeff Frost

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