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I believe in small government, local control and low taxes

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Phil Wittmann and I am running for the three-year term selectman's position in Alton. My wife and I have been full-time residents of Alton for 35 years. I am in my 26th year as a recreation director in a nursing home-rehab center and have also run a small business as a band leader.

I am running for selectman because I love my town and state and want to give something positive back. I feel, being in the sixth year of a recession, this is a bad time to raise taxes on our citizens. It's possible to hold the line on spending and still take care of our town employees.

I think the most important thing a selectman can do is to listen respectfully to concerns and ideas from citizens and to perform as much town business in public meetings as possible. The citizens should be welcomed partners in their town's affairs. They should not fear intimidation during public input for voicing concerns and exercising their First Amendment rights.

I believe in small government, local control and low taxes. Please consider voting for me on March, 10 as one of the fiscally responsible candidates in the race. I will take my job very seriously and do my best to serve the town I love.

Please contact me at 875-7284 or Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.

Phil Wittmann


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Much of the damage Obama has done to USA is irreversible

To The Daily Sun,

Candidate Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 promised to be the most "transparent administration in the history of the United States of America." After six long, excruciating years of the most divisive, radical, ideological president in the history of our great nation, we know this was another failed Obama promise.

Anyone not sleeping in a cave during the last two presidential elections knows that the media, minus Fox News and conservative talk radio, worked openly and actively to elect Barack Obama. Our founders would be disgusted at the fact we here in the United States of America have in many ways "state-run media", much like regimes in North Korea and China.

One of president's biggest supporters is the New York Times. The "Great One" Mark Levin, a conservative talk radio host, affectionately refers to the Times as the "New York Slimes". When the "Times" rants negatively about this administration, you know times are tough.

Times reporter James Risen went on a Twitter rant on Feb. 17 against the Obama administration. Mr. Risen called out the most political, corrupt, divisive attorney general in history Eric Holder by name several times. Mr. Risen tweets "the Obama administration is the greatest enemy of the press in a generation," and "Eric Holder leaves behind a wrecked First Amendment."

Mr. Risen tweets "Eric Holder has been the nation's top censorship officer, not the top law enforcement officer."

The following are all separate tweets from Mr. Risen all published on Feb. 17. "Eric Holder has done the bidding of the intelligence community and the White House to damage press freedom in the United States." "Eric Holder has sent a message to dictators around the world that it is okay to crack down on the press and jail journalists." "Eric Holder managed to destroy any semblance of a reporters privilege in the United States." "This is Eric Holder's true legacy on press freedom: There is no First Amendment "reporter's privilege". From DOJ brief in my case." "My son is a reporter. I don't want him to have to live in a country where there is less press freedom than when I started as a journalist." "I plan to spend the rest of my life fighting to undo damage done to press freedom in the United States by Barack Obama and Eric Holder."

Much of the damage done by the Obama administration to our great nation is irreversible. President Obama and Eric Holder have set a scary precedent for any future administration.

The fact that Eric Holder served this nation as the "top cop" is a disservice to all honorable law enforcement, a mockery of our justice system.

God Bless the United States of America,

Patrick Wetmore


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