You elected Obama because he is black, not because he is capable

To The Daily Sun,

Oh come off it, Jon Hoyt. What planet did you live on where the opposition party didn't complain about the sitting president? Even you must remember Democrats criticizing both Bushes. Of course your of the mind that was okay because you disagreed with the Bushes. Where you go wrong is you elected a black man because he was black, not because he was capable, which he was not and is not.

Aside from giving SEAL Team 6 the okay to kill bin Laden, his every move has harmed at least as many folks as he helped and usually a great deal many more. The cost of energy has gone up as has the cost of food, clothing and most services. The national debt is over $17.3 trillion and well on the road to $18 trillion. The value of our dollar is down as is the nation's credit rating. Obamacare has insured many who did not have insurance but by increasing costs for nearly everyone who had it before, and increasing co-pays and increasing deductibles by hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. He did this together with a Congress fully in the hands of Democrats and shutting Republicans completely out of the process. Oh yes, he lied about it to get enough support from the gullible to get it passed.

His list of broken promises is as long as my arm. Scandals, (real) scandals include Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the VA and on and on, for which he promised investigations and fixes and to hold those responsible accountable. Anyone held responsible for anything by this administration?

Our border is invaded by thousands of aliens, the vast majority unskilled and uneducated, while we have millions of Americans under employed, or unemployed and wages stagnated. Young black men are the worst effected with close to 50 percent unemployment. Has anyone seen any sign that Obama cares?

Obama's foreign policy has left the Middle East and North Africa in chaos. He treats our friends and allies like enemies and our enemies like friends. Hamas is treated like some poor victim and Israel and Jews like terrorists.

So here is Jon complaining that a majority of the American people don't like what Obama has done and wants to do more of. Just what doesn't he understand about this?

Steve Earle


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Send Bob Smith to Washington so he can help save our country

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Smith is a conservative with principles as unshakeable as New Hampshire granite. He has always supported protection of the weakest among us.

Bob has pledged to work tirelessly for the following principles:

— Cut taxes and fees.

— Oppose any tax increases.

— Cut spending and the size of government.

— Pass a Right-to-Work law in New Hampshire.

— Oppose all forms of Obamacare, including Medicaid expansion.

— Uphold both the New Hampshire Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

Unions contribute tens of millions of dollars to the Democratic Party through forced union dues. Despite the fact that enactment of a Right-to-Work law would repeal government enforced union dues, which would result in defunding the Democratic money machine, Scott Brown has refused to sign this simple pledge. If Mr. Brown cannot support these principles, we really need to send him back to Massachusetts.

The other candidate in this race has been supported and funded by an organization which calls itself "Mayday." This organization has supported Carol Shea Porter and Jim Rubens. That should tell you all you need to know about Mr. Rubens.

Send Bob Smith to Washington, D.C. so he can stand with Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Tim Scott to save our country. He did it before. He'll do it again.

Charles H. Bradley, III, Esq.


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Raymond Howard is excellent choice to represent our three towns

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is to support one of the candidates for the Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton N.H. House seat. His name is Raymond Howard.

Ray is a born and bred native of New Hampshire. He has been a contractor, and self-employed, for over 34 years. Hard work and frugality are nothing new to this guy. He knows exactly what it takes to pay bills, including taxes. He brings that Granite State common sense with him to the Alton Planning Board, where he regularly applies it in defense of the local taxpayer. As a contractor, he has a keen eye for the details in everything.

For more than 17 years, Ray has been active in the Boy Scouts. This great organization offers valuable contributions for molding young men's characters, and Ray has been a part of that.

If you want a candidate that is fiscally responsible, a defender of the U.S. and N.H. Constitutions, and a supporter of local control, may I offer to you the candidacy of Raymond Howard.

I believe he is the best choice to represent us in Concord.

Don Walker


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Let's honor Women's Equality Day by voting in this election

To The Daily Sun,

It always amazes me that when my grandmothers were young women, they weren't allowed to vote because they were women. Women's Equality Day is a reminder of the amount of organizing and the numbers of people it took to reverse public opinion and secure for women the right to vote. It took almost a hundred years. Many early supporters weren't even around to see their goal achieved in 1920.

As we continue working toward progress for women and families, we need to bring that same mentality for the upcoming November election by talking to and rallying our friends, families, and neighbors to go vote. We can't afford to sit on the sidelines. The stakes are just too high.

We've already seen the destruction that Bill O'Brien and the Tea Party super-majority wrought on New Hampshire women and families when voters didn't turn out during the 2010 election.

It took the Democratic majority in the House to restore the minimum wage and to pass the N.H. Paycheck Fairness Act that ensures that women receive equal pay for equal work. As a candidate for the N.H. House, I want to make sure this progress stands.

Let's honor Women's Equality Day this week as a call to action for women to get involved in this election.

We know that when New Hampshire women organize, our state moves forward.

Nancy Frost


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Chong must believe voters are as naive as some of her students

To The Daily Sun,

Lynn Chong recently wrote two letters to the editor describing herself as an independent voter. I don't doubt that she's registered as one, but if she is an independent Obama is a right-wing conservative.

She suggests that people vote for Jim Rubens in the Republican primary. She has one reason for doing this and that is because the polls are showing Scott Brown breathing down Shaheen's neck (I mean that literally) and she's trying to push the voters to Jim Rubens as he is way behind Shaheen in the polls. This is a ploy that the Democrats use to try to sway the results of a Republican primary so that their nominee will face the least resistance.

This is one of the drawbacks to allowing people to vote R or D in the primary but switch back to independent for the general election. There's no question in my mind of who Ms. Chong will vote for in the general election, it will be everybody with a D in front of their name.

I have to remind her that this idea can work both ways and the situation could be reversed in the future. She must believe the voters of New Hampshire are as naive as some of the students at Plymouth State where she performs her left-wing indoctrination.

Dave Schwotzer

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