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Went back to school & received education in mean-spirited snobbery

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, I attempted to attend and open house at Holy Trinity School. Being an 1981 (salutatorian) graduate of the school, I looked forward to visiting my alma mater for a few minutes and regarding the changes and current educational curricula and philosophies at there. It was innocent curiosity and a desire to get informed on the current state of what was once a fine academic institution.

Unfortunately, my wistful memorizes and my sincere desire to possibly contribute to Holy Trinity School were shattered by reality. First, I was approached by the maintenance man (ironically, a former schoolmate of mine) and he barked "this tour is only for people with children!" I should have left immediately once I got this icy reception, but I persevered.

Pardon my arrogance, but alumni of a school which they helped finance in the 1970s and 1980s should not be restricted from voluntary interest and access. After all, what's the purpose of an "open house" if the current principal engages in selective alienation of potential supporters? It was humiliating to me and quite embarrassing. I being an optimist however, so I continued on a 20 minute tour of this Catholic school.

Steve was my cheerful 21 year old guide. I found him to be informative, thoughtful, and a gracious host. However, the tour ended and others at Holy Trinity School were up to no good. As I was wrapping up my talk with Steve, and about to fill my tour feedback form, two police officers appeared and asked to speak with me. As it turned out, someone at Holy Trinity School apparently did not like me or welcome me at their facility.

To this moment I am still not sure why I was being rousted. After all, I had been "invited" to the "open house" and at all times I was respectful of the faculty and students at Holy Trinity School! In other words, I had every reason to visit my alma mater, and I certainly was not misbehaving in any way. I was respectful.

Yet, I was ceremonially declared out of the building by two of Laconia's finest. I cannot put into accurate words the humiliation and latent disgust/anger that I felt while I did a verbal tap dance with the Laconia Police Department. It was obscene.

Which brings me to the purpose of recounting this tragic soap opera. My point being that from 1974 to 1981 I was indoctrinated at Holy Trinity School in "The Golden Rule". Catholics usually pride themselves on being compassionate, helping others, and "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you." Apparently, this ethos is decreased at Holy Trinity School. How ironic.

It is with profound disappointment and disgust that I must report that Holy Trinity School is a bastion of HYPOCRISY. They will teach your children to imitate Jesus Christ, then they will summarily humiliate and insult a good Samaritan (me).

I apologize if it seems as if I am picking on someone salt of the earth people who mean well; but how can Holy Trinity School claim to prepare kids for a Catholic lifestyle and the denigrate innocent alumni and civilians? This is not the religious educational experience that I received at Holy Trinity School and it should not be the current state of education/affairs at that school. As ironically I merely wanted to attend an open house and I ended up receiving an education in mean spirited snobbery.

Thomas Emanuel

HTS Class of 1981


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Obama making sure we're no more exceptional than any other country

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats are demanding an increase in the minimum wage. They just can't decide how much to raise it. Our president thinks $10.10 an hour would be just about right. Fast food workers think $15 an hour is just about right. Well, why not $25 an hour or even $50 an hour. If we make it $100 an hour then no one will need welfare.

So, all you small- and medium-sized-business owners, the backbone of our economy, what are you waiting for? What's that you say? There would be no profit and hence no incentive to stay in business at the $10 to $15 an hour starting pay. Businesses would close en masse and unemployment would soar. At $10.10 per hour, hiring will stagnate which will hurt young folks trying to get into the workforce for the first time. Approximately 30 percent of minimum wage workers are under the age of 30.

Please check out these realities for the young among us according to Nick Pappas, N.H. director for Generation Opportunity. (1) The vast majority of minimum wage earners in our state are young citizens working part-time or entry-level jobs to make some extra cash after school or just to gain work experience. (2) A minimum wage hike only serves to raise the barriers to entry. (3) Youth unemployment is nearly 16 percent and has remained at historic highs for the past five years. Raising the minimum wage will only exacerbate the plight of the young who are already subsidizing the elderly through Social Security and now Obamacare. Raising the minimum wage so drastically and so quickly will hurt the poor and low-skilled workers the most. Automation will accelerate, causing fewer available jobs. The price of some goods will increase, hurting the poorest among us.

An executive research firm, The Lucas Group recent report explains that the 40 percent proposed wage increase would slow business expansion, cause hiring freezes and even cause some business closures. The service industry would be especially hard hit. The Congressional Budget Office reports that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 could kill up to 1 million jobs.

Fred Wszolek boils down the real winners in this "cycle of minimum wage economics." Higher minimum wages equals higher union dues. Some jobs disappear while money pours into the coffers of big labor with which to fund Democrats running for re-election. So Fred says that there are indeed winners — politicians in Washington and their big labor allies.

History has shown that when government gets out of the way, the private sector engine of free enterprise roars into action. President Obama, with no real-world experience, thinks he knows better. With as much expertise as Wile E. Coyote setting an ACME trap for the roadrunners, he shuns Congress, pounds his chest and commands, "America does not stand still — and neither will I. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that's what I'm going to do."

The imperialist president has spoken while the economy continues to sag and the labor participation rate is now the lowest since 1978. Why some still believe Obama actually likes the country he was elected to preserve is the mystery of the decade. He is making sure we are no more exceptional than any other country. The liberal good intentions of the minimum wage hike, especially if enacted in such a reckless and capricious manner, will add just one more nail to the coffin of our president's failed five year jobs recovery.

Russ Wiles


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Public colleges need to cut back on showy extras to be affordable

To The Daily Sun,

Back in the days of the Seabrook nuclear plant's building we became familiar with the idea of C.W.I.P. —  construction-work-in-progress charges. I still keep an old Gov. Gallen election sign that's pro-Gallen and anti-C.W.I.P. Utilities wanted to expand by building expensive plants and getting construction money through rates charged to consumers.

There could be no end in sight, this financing plan. Wonderful for the utility, very tough on the consumers who do need our electricity, so are captive.

Now, I wonder if so-outrageously high student debt is not a failure of similar financial-planning thinking. Our higher educational institutions, competing for students as businesses do for customers, expand their campus extras, those showy amenities (what some people call furbelows) that let them compete. Students pay higher tuition and higher and higher to cover the campus's costs. Students and their families are captive, because numbers show that adult financial security is more likely with a college degree.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new student loan bill that allows people to refinance their student loans at a low rate, an option currently denied to most borrowers by federal rules, would help to alleviate the problem. We should encourage our Republican Sen. Ayotte and our Democratic Sen. Shaheen to sign on to the bill. New Hampshire students are among the most indebted in the country. But in the long run, we need affordable or free four-year degree institutions. Community colleges give the basics for two years without the alluring live-in and furbelow promotions. Four-year institutions, especially public ones, should fix their business heads and renew their vows to provide an affordable education, cut back on showy extras that get put in place and then need maintenance just as a more-than-basic house does.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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Problem is most parents are clueless and just don't give a darn

To The Daily Sun,

I read the article in your paper about a (Gilford) parent getting arrested. Down in (New) Jersey, we would say, "Now, that's ghetto."

Poor conservative parent who actually has some involvement with what their kids doing at school.

The other parents should have taken notice; this was a learning moment but they missed the boat by complaining that the guy "spoke out of turn, or his time was up". What kind of crap is that? The guy has a ligit gripe and he gets arrested?

Here's a good question: Why don't the cops go the the town beach and arrest every high school foulmouthed girl running around after school.

I was in town the last few days and visited the beach while here and saw and heard just that. All your prima donas (expletive) this and (expletive) that, all for everyone to hear.

The problem is this: most parents are clueless and don't give a hoot where there daughters are as long as there out of their hair.

The guy at the meeting was representing his whole community and he didn't even know it. How? Simple, school lets kids read this kind of ("Nineteen Minutes") material and the impressionable little darlings grow up to be a bunch of you know whats, flooding our communities, breaking down the very fabric of any goodness.

And the board members say "Oh, they did a good job". Let's see how your kids are doing in five or 10 years.

Finally, someone who gives a damn has enough passion for what's good and right to get arrested and all you idiots can do is quietly giggle amongst your little cliques.


Jim Heimbuch

Oak Ridge, N.J.

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We all pay for huge social welfare programs for low-wage workers

To The Daily Sun,

I'm always amazed at how much stays the same in Laconia and the Lakes Region: Te beauty of the lake, favorite restaurants, the same people posting the same endless letters in The Laconia Daily Sun, with the same old "talking points."

Bob Meade fits right in with his disproved list of "concerns" about raising the minimum wage.

There are so many very-low-wage workers, and we pay for huge social welfare programs for them. Paying a decent salary would save something on the order of tens of billions of dollars. Raising the minimum wage will help curb government spending on social services, strengthen the economy.

Doesn't it make more sense for employers to pay their workers then passing the cost to the government?

In a recorded message, a McDonald's employee who reported not being able to make ends meet was advised to sign up for food stamps and other government assistance programs. McDonald's is really the one getting government subsidies. They can pay a low wage and keep their high profits.

Michael Jones

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