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L.R.M.H.V. Co-op grateful for donations to our annual meeting

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the following businesses that donated prizes to be awarded at recent L.R.M.H.V. Co-op annual meeting. The door prizes donated by Beans & Greens, Funspot, Lakeside Restaurant, and T-Bones Restaurant were sincerely appreciated by all. Please patronize these local businesses frequently as they do care about and invest in the communities they serve.

I would also like to express my appreciation to Betsy Lindlau and Barbara Whitaker, members of our co-op, for also donating beautiful craft items for our door prizes at the meeting.

Nancy Price


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Those who lost their lives in Korea will forever remain our heroes

To The Daily Sun,

Although we salute the "Marine Corps Birthday Event" story in the October 24 issue, the reference to the Korean War as the "Forgotten War" belittles the sacred number of U.S. Armed forces personnel loss during this 3-year war. Department of Defense figures report that 33,629 U.S. service personnel were killed and 103,284 were wounded as we eventually chased the North Korean forces and saved the South Korean country.

Our troops, air and naval forces also, for the the first time, defeated international communist forces. Maybe it will never be a total victory, but the memories of those who courageously served and those who lost their lives will forever remain our heroes.

Bob Desmond of Nashua, a member of the New Hampshire Veterans Association and the National KWVA council reports that a major campaign is underway to raise funds for a world-class museum in New York City honoring Korean War Veterans.

More information is available at www.kwnm.org.

Hugh Baird


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Where does Bownes stand on any issues? I'll vote for Beaudoin

To The Daily Sun,

Richard Beaudoin is running for Laconia City Councilor in Ward 2 against former City Councilor David Bownes. Bownes voted in 1989-90 for a 9-11 percent increase in the Laconia city budget during a revaluation year in which most home owners saw their homes increase in value along with a large increase in their property taxes. The next election year saw most incumbents voted out of office because they didn't listen to the taxpayers and voters.
Bownes did not attend the Weirs Action Committee's debate on October 25, 2013 to make his views known. Though Beaudoin attend the debate, The Laconia Daily Sun did not report much about what Beaudoin had to say. The Citizen did report, "City Councilor Ward 2 candidate Richard Beaudoin suggested that they should find a buyer for the Colonial Theater, but does not think the city should own it in any way."

In an article in The Daily Sun on September 7, 2013 Beaudoin said that, "Although he supports the property tax cap, he question linking the increase in the amount to be raised by taxes to the consumer price index (CPI). The CPI may go up but pay checks do not." He also said that he is, "tired of the waste in city government". As an example, he pointed to the plan to landscape the plaza at the Main Street Bridge. We're not trying to turn Laconia into Greenwich Village, I want businesses on Main Street not flower pots."

Where does David Bownes stand on any issues facing the City of Laconia. Will he subject the rest of Laconia with a new tax called Pay-As-You-Throw?

Please Vote for Richard Beaudoin for Laconia Ward 2 City Councilor. He'll make a real change.

David Gammon

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Ed Engler is a fair man & the right man to be next Laconia mayor

To The Daily Sun,

Today will be the last opportunity to read about the election next Tuesday as The Sun does not print on Mondays, something I miss more than I can say. Hopefully, the voters will spend some serious time this weekend thinking about the candidates in their ward and in particular, the candidates for Mayor of Laconia.
Laconia is on the brink of redefining itself and time is running out. The need to define what we want to be and how we will get there is still out there and there are many different ideas and proposals out there but there is also a lack of consensus.
We need a strong mayor and City Council to involve itself in the process and that will take the leadership of a mayor with the experience and knowledge of the demographics of the city that will result in positive results.
Ed Engler recently said "...we as a community have to decide what we want downtown to be". Whatever the course we take, it must be what the people of Laconia want.
Mr. Engler is living proof of success. He came to Laconia and founded this little paper for free and it grew to a circulation of 18,000 from 2,000 when it first started up. Along with that was a huge increase in advertising and circulation stretching out to the entire Lakes Region. He also involved himself in his community serving on many boards and serving as a director of the Belknap Economic Development Council. He is involved with many projects and has personally contributed to many projects that benefit Laconia.
Fairness is another quality, often not mentioned, but as editor and publisher of the paper it is within his province to not publish things that might be of an opposing point of view to his own, but every article is printed, no matter which side it represents.
Leadership, successful businessman, booster of Laconia, fairness. Ed Engler.

Councilor Brenda Baer

Ward 4 - Laconia

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'If you like your health insurance you can keep it,' was just a lie

To The Daily Sun,

Obama delivered quite the ghoulish trick for Halloween. Somewhere between 10 and 30 million people are going to LOSE THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE. Millions of people have already received notice their policies are being cancelled. Why? Because their policies do not meet the standards DICTATED under Obamacare.

Obamacare slap in the face number TWO: most of these people are going to simultaneously discover their new, OBAMACARE policy is going to cost them a LOT MORE MONEY, as much as DOUBLE for some people.

Obama care slap in the face number THREE: millions are going to find out they will LOSE THEIR DOCTORS.

Obama care slap in the face number FOUR: they are going to discover they may lose access to the hospital they want, like the one nearest to them.

SLAP NUMBER FIVE: they are going to face monster deductibles that leave them greatly at risk.

Slap number SIX: tens of millions will discover their subsidy is ZERO if they earn anything that represents an average wage. Ravaged most by Obamacare: the UNION WORKER who losses at every turn.
Understand, Obama has been circling the country for years repeating the same old line "if you like your coverage and your doctor you can keep them". Then he shouted, we all need Obamacare to make health care MORE AFFORDABLE. We have now come to discover what bold faced, arrogant, LIES those statements were — sufficient to make Pinocchio's nose grow to a telephone pole. If lying was not egregious enough, NBC news and numerous other media outlets report that the White House and Obama have been well aware for more than THREE YEARS that tens of millions would in fact lose their insurance and that replacing that insurance would cost the majority of them billions more in out of pocket costs. Obama simply remained SILENT. We not only have an ECONOMIC incompetent as president we have a bloody, lying SOB. "You will NOT lose your health coverage or your doctor" is in the same league with Bill Clinton's great line " I did not have sexual relations with that woman". There is nothing that weakens America's image in so may ways, tangible and intangible, than having the president be labeled a repeated and distrusted liar. Meaningless red lines you can't cross and you can keep your doctor are are just another day in "slimeballville" for Obama.
Healthcare.gov is just another lie as millions have discovered. When asked directly how much the massive website site failure has cost taxpayers, Obama silence? Outside experts estimate it to to be as much as 600 million dollars. In the end it could be a billion. THE MOST EXPENSIVE SINGLE WEBSITE IN THE UNIVERSE. ONLY FROM GOVERNMENT! Apple only spent $150 million to develop one of the greatest inventions of all time, the I-PHONE. It gives you a good appreciation for the level of incompetence in government.

When Obama is asked how many people have signed up for Obamacare? Silence. When asked how much changes, waivers and delays to Obamacare have cost and will cost? Silence. When asked if Obamacare is running over budget? SILENCE. When asked when it will be totally operational? Silence. When asked how many millions of people will lose their insurance and pay a lot more? SILENCE. When asked why an ever increasing numbers of doctors are refusing to see Medicaid and Medicare patients? Only Silence. When asked if he will agree to Obamacare changes even Democrats and unions want? SILENCE. When asked if some one will be fired over the massive failure as they would in private enterprise? SILENCE. When asked if HHS secretary Sibelius will be replaced? OBAMA Silence.

Are we the taxpayers funding the OBAMA DISASTER not entitled to answers to these most basic questions. All we get from democrats and Obama is lies, obfuscation and SILENCE. Obama now has the lowest job approval rating in five years. There is no wondering why. Among those with a BRAIN, it is ZERO.
Tony Boutin

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