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I will aim at the red tape standing in the way of new businesses

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Ryan Smith and I am a candidate for state representative in Northfield and Franklin Ward 3. I'm running to bring attention to an issue that I have a particular interest in, protecting New Hampshire's future.

Unfortunately, too many of our friends and neighbors, especially young families, are leaving the state. The economic opportunities our parents and grandparents enjoyed are slipping away. This state leads the nation in highest cost of child care, and features costly health care and higher education. Something must be done to reverse the exodus of young people. I believe that I can help us change course, by bringing some youthful insight to Concord; I know first hand which policies can and will create a business and family friendly environment

In the House I will focus on reforming our education system, cutting the bureaucracy and red tape that stand in the way of starting new businesses, and confronting head-on the substance abuse and mental health services crises. In short, I want to help ensure that the next generation of Granite Staters has the opportunity to live, work, and thrive.

On Nov. 8 I would be honored if you would vote for me for state rep. These are not just campaign issues to me. At 20 years young this is my future, and you can trust I will work tirelessly to make sure our community is still here when I start a family.

Ryan Smith

Candidate for State Rep in Northfield and Franklin Ward 3


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Lacey is running because people need to matter more than politics

To The Daily Sun,

The issues facing Belmont voters are much like those facing Laconia voters: the opioid crisis, property taxes that are harder to afford than ever, it seems, seniors struggling to maintain their independence, younger folks leaving or wondering when they'll be able to live on their own, our challenging health insurance market, and balancing doing what it takes to have a healthy community with affordability.

Diana Lacey is running for state representative in Belmont. She has experience unique to any candidate we've seen in decades, and I should know. I'm her mother and a 30-year resident of the Lakes Region.

The issues we face are more complex than most of us want to admit. Couple that with our Granite State frugality, our fierce passion for independence, and the fact that we're more senior-oriented than future, and New Hampshire's in a tough spot. Too often New Hampshire legislates by lawsuit. Whether it's special education, school funding, child protection, criminal justice, mental health, developmental disabilities, or whatever is next that will land the state in court, our inability to consistently elect lawmakers with the skills and talent to create truly smart public policy is taking a big toll.

We need legislators that have a solid understanding of the challenges we face, a strong ability to look across our population, look at our capacities, and develop a pathway to move us forward strategically. Diana's career has been dedicated to the people of this state. She is experienced in health and social services, labor, public and private financing, the economy and more.

Too many times we have to vote for candidates who later prove they care about politics more than us. Diana Lacey is running for office because people need to matter more than politics. Belmont voters have a chance to elect someone, who truly cares about them, when they cast their vote for Lacey in November.

Mickey Woodbury


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