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I assume good intentions but judge people by their actions

To the editor,
Bernadette Loesch and I apparently differ on what we consider important. Ms. Loesch apparently considers that a politician's intent is more important than the results of his actions or policies. Since good intentions don't help people and save lives, I consider the results of a politician's actions and policies to be what is important.
I assume that our politicians care about people, just as I assume that letter writers, even those I disagree with, advocate for what they think is best for our people and our country. It seems to me that wanting the best for everyone is part of the American character.
If a doctor makes a mistake and harms a patient, we assume he intended to help the patient and we usually forgive him. But, if he makes the same mistake repeatedly, always harming patients, we no longer forgive him, we question his good intentions, and we say he should have learned from his mistakes and changed to procedures that help rather than harm people.
So, the important thing is not someone's intent, it is not even their actions. The important thing is the results of their actions or policies, and we should not be forgiving politicians for not changing failing policies.
Mayor Bloomberg may be very well intentioned. He may have done some good things for New York City. But, with respect to violent crime and murder, his policies result in many times more victims of violent crime, including murder, (per 100,000 people) than the policies that we have enacted in New Hampshire. Mayor Bloomberg should learn from New Hampshire, and certainly we shouldn't be taking his advice unless we want to increase our violent crime rate and have many more New Hampshire victims.
Because we believe in their good intentions, too often we accept our politicians' good sounding promises and programs which often turn out to be counter-productive or have terrible side effects that hurt more people than they help. Many federal government programs, even some we think are important, are operated in a way to deprive people of opportunities and jobs, keep them poor, influence them to not prepare for their own future needs, keep children stuck in failing schools and saddling them with enormous debt, and in the case of Mayor Bloomberg's gun controls, they create more victims.
It is time to hold all politicians to a higher standard, one based on results, not intentions. Based on that standard, we need to replace most of our politicians and demand that failing programs be changed or eliminated.
Don Ewing

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I'm at los to understand pretzel logic behind arming Syrian rebels

To The Daily Sun,
Permit me to share an array of thoughts for consideration:
Amidst a growing number of scandals illustrating an unprecedented abuse of executive power, starting with the IRS and now across multiple Executive Branch departments, two Democratic Party operatives have been convicted for fixing the '08 Obama primary in Indiana. Well, like the unexplained murders of Americans in Benghazi, I guess this is old news. We can only guess where the country would be if this important primary had been honestly won. We have also just learned that Walter Reed Hospital military veteran caretakers are being forced to take an eleven day furlough. This decreasing of care to wounded vets is occurring at the same time 70 million in bonuses are being paid to the IRS, and the latest presidential family African vacation invoice now totals about $100 million.
Internationally, as President Obama starts his second unconstitutional participation in an international conflict in our name, we are learning more about our new "allies." No, I am not speaking of the billion dollar F16 and Abram tank foreign aid package delivered to the increasingly antidemocratic, anti-American, and Anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Most recently, our tax dollars are arming Syria's al-Nusra Front — allies of al-Qaida in Iraq. It is imperative to understand that these Islamic terrorists are fighting to replace the Russian-backed malevolent Syrian regime; also an historic exporter of terrorism. It is equally important to understand that these rebels seek a repressive Muslim dictatorship in Syria and elsewhere as preparatory steps to the demise of democracies, foremost of which is the United States.
Recently a video illustrating our misguided tax dollars at work can be seen but the faint of heart may want to skip it and simply know that it portrays activities of the Syria's al-Nusra Front. The man killed by laboriously hacking his head from his body, and the murdered women were most likely supporters of the Assad regime.
I am at a loss to explain the pretzel logic that dictates arming the al-Nusra Front — dedicated enemies of the United States and allies of al-Qaida. Have we somehow forgotten that it is al-Qaida who has declared war on the United States, has attacked our embassies, the Cole, and civilians in our own land? Have we forgotten that al-Qaida and its affiliates seek our absolute destruction? Have we also forgotten that it is al-Qaida that is responsible for the condition of the same veterans at Walter Reed Hospital whose care is now being diminished? I do not understand how supporting participants of such barbarity enhances the international reputation, foreign policy goals, or national security of the United States. I strongly disagree with cutting assistance to our wounded military veterans. The nexus of these behaviors within an administration already mired in multiple growing scandals seems lost upon our President now planning his $100 million African vacation. As President Obama likes to often remind us, these behaviors are not "Who we are."
Yes, an honest Indiana Democratic primary in '08 may have changed so much.
Michael D. Breen Ph.D.

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Did you see the round red lights in the Thursday night sky?

To The Daily Sun,
On Thursday June 20, 2013, at approximately  9:45 - 10 p.m. in Canterbury:
We were outside watching fireflies on the path we have leading to our chicken coop. My boyfriend Damon Goss and I noticed in the sky what we thought to be planes. I grew concerned when I realised how closely they were flying from one another. About 100 feet from where we stood the objects were coming from the direction of Shaker Village. There were three red bright lights round in shape. There were two red lights that were clearly separate objects following closely to a much larger object. It flew closer to us; approximately 50 feet above us rather quickly. We were able to get a good look of the flying objects threw an opening in the trees. I saw a triangular shaped flying object with a haze around it. The front object was very large in size with red lights; the two separate objects that were following it looked like red balls of light moving in their own paths. The two red lights were flying behind it, never beside it. The three objects hovered slowly over the tree tops towards the north and over our pond in the back yard. We could not see them after they flew over the pond because of the many trees.
Unfortunately, my camera did not pick up what we saw, it actually turned off. I fumbled around trying to turn it back on in the mean time keeping my eyes on the objects. I am disappointed I was unable to capture vital proof. I would like to find out if anyone else in the surrounding areas saw what we saw.
My boyfriend did call the Canterbury Police Department and The National UFO Reporting Center. The center said they had a similar sighting called in from Connecticut that same night.
Kelly Gammon

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All N.E.states but N.H. have called for overturning Citizens United

To the editor,
Montana is a small state, for population. It ranks 44th for population compared to N.H.'s 42nd status (The World Almanac). It has just under a million people, while N.H. is closer to 1.5 million. However, 75 percent of Montanans have seen the light about Citizens United case and its effect on our elections, and are in league with 15 states that have passed resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment as worked for by their Senators Baucus and Tester.
Wrote Sen. Max Baucus (Dem.) in January this year, third anniversary of the Citizens United decision:
"I introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision and restore Montana's right to regulate corporate and labor spending in our elections. I will introduce that constitutional amendment once again in the new Congress — and again and again in every Congress until our elections are back in the hands of the people, where they belong.
"This past election cycle brought unprecedented amounts of special interest money into Montana, and plenty of ugliness with it. But Montanans also took democracy into their owns hands with a ballot initiative and won an important victory in the fight to restore the people's voice in our democracy. Nearly 75 percent of Montanans supported a ballot initiative in favor of a constitutional amendment targeting the problems caused by Citizens United. Once again, the people of Montana rose up to say, 'We are not for sale'."
Montana's two senators are Democrats, and one representative is Republican, to give Bob Meade fodder upon which to chew. He enjoys it all to be partisan.
I thought about Bob this a.m. as I walked my dogs and picked up roadside litter. The most popular beer with trashers is Bud Lite, with Keystone Lite a close second. Most thrown-out-the-window cigarette brand is Marlboro. I can just hear Bob Meade claiming (to counter Lynn Rudmin Chong) that Keystone Lite is the more popular. He might put in a plug for Lucky Strikes, too, though my sack of trash hasn't included any of that brand. He will also remind readers that I am a teacher — ominously.
How about this for ominous? All New England states but New Hampshire, at this time, have called for a constitutional amendment as described above, aiming for transparency in spending and spenders, aimed at returning elections to the people.
Lynn Rudmin Chong

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Freedom becoming for supporters of the government agenda only

To the editor,
Any administration that seeks to denigrate and silence opposition using the power of the government tramples freedom.
Freedom, for the supporters of the government agenda only, for the members of a said party regardless of how many have no freedom at all. Without general elections, freedom of the press, assembly, and speech in all public institutions. The bureaucracy remains the only active element. The result is a dictatorship. Perhaps the question to be asked is that what the present administration seeks?
I close with this — One who is illiterate, anyone can fool. One who has nothing, anyone can buy.
"Live Free! or Die" — John Stark
Donald Poirier

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