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Year-Round Library patrons have access to statewide book network

To The Daily Sun,

Some may think access to information, books and even DVDs is limited to what we have available at the Gilmanton Year-Round Library. We're certainly proud of what we have. But, did you know that through our connection with the N.H. State Library, the residents in our small town actually have access to almost all library materials in the entire state?

It isn't possible for any one library to contain all the books its patrons might want or need. By sharing resources, libraries who participate in the State of New Hampshire's inter-library loan system can offer their patrons much greater options in borrowing materials.

Here's how it works. If you can't find what you're looking for when you browse the stacks at the Gilmanton Year-Round Library, ask one of the librarians to check to see if the item is part of the collection. If it isn't, you may request to borrow the book, movie, music CD or audiobook as an "ILL".

A few frequently asked questions: How much does using this service cost? Nothing! It is absolutely free for Gilmanton Year-Round Library patrons.

How long will it take for my book (movie, music CD, audiobook) to come in? Items generally take one to two weeks to arrive, depending on the location of the lending library. A librarian will call you when your requested items arrive. Simply pick them up at your earliest convenience.

How long can I keep the materials? It depends on the rules of the lending library, but generally, three to four weeks.
Using this system can be a great cost cutting measure, not only for individuals, but for home-schooling families and educators as well.

Last year alone the Gilmanton Year-Round Library lent over one thousand items to participating libraries' patrons and our patrons requested AND RECEIVED nearly five hundred items in the same time frame. We hope to count you too as a satisfied user of the inter-library loan system soon!

Board of Directors

Gilmanton Year-Round Library

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No endorsement could speak louder than that from Ray's family

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing to encourage all area residents to attend the upcoming Debate Forum with candidates Michael Cryans (D) and Joseph Kenney (R), who are vying for the open Executive Council position in District One. The Forum will be held on Tuesday, February 11th at 6 p.m. in the Meredith Community Center. The Forum will be moderated by Liz Tentarelli, co-president of the League of Women Voters of N.H. The snow date is Tuesday, February 18, same time and place.

The 5-member Executive Council serves an important role in the active management of the business of our state. They have the authority and responsibility, together with the governor, over the administration of the affairs of the state as defined in the N.H. Constitution, the N.H. statutes, and the advisory opinions of the N.H. Supreme Court and the Attorney General.
Residents of District One have been fortunate to be represented by Ray Burton (R) for 34 years. Since his passing, Burton has been lauded, by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, for his congenial non-partisan approach to state politics and his willingness to compromise. We are fortunate to have a candidate running to fill the seat that emulates Ray's approach to politics. Michael Cryans, Democrat from Hanover, has served as a Grafton County Commissioner for 16 years alongside Ray Burton who also served as a Grafton County Commissioner. In fact, Mr. Burton endorsed Mr. Cryans in the 2012 Grafton County election. Now, Mr. Cryans has received the joint endorsement of the Ray Burton's three siblings. This past weekend they said that Mike Cryans is the most qualified candidate to follow in their brother's footsteps to represent District One. While two of his siblings are Republicans and one a Democrat, they are unanimous in their endorsement of Cryans over his Republican challenger Joe Kenney. Burton's sister noted "I cannot think of a more qualified individual to fill his seat than Mike Cryans. I have no doubt that he will put the needs of his constituents first and come to Concord to provide full services as a public servant. Mike knows there is a lot work to do and he will get it done." Another said "There is little doubt that my brother Ray left big shoes to fill, but I am confident that Mike Cryans is the man to succeed him. He has a deep understanding of District One and the issues facing its residents. Mike is someone who listens to the concerns of his constituents and will follow through on their issues. I know he will make an excellent executive councilor." Ray's brother added "Now we must 'look north' and elect someone who will continue to advocate for northern N.H. residents. That person is Mike Cryans. Intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated to serving the needs of others, Mike will never forget the residents of District One."

No endorsements could speak louder then those that came from Burton himself and now from his family who knew him best and the things he valued most. These endorsements are loud, clear and importantly non-partisan; I hope the residents of District One hear them. Come and meet Mike on February 11th at the Debate Forum and vote Cryans on March 11th.
Denise Doyle


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I can enjoy my food even more knowing all is well at T-Bones

To The Daily Sun,

Mea culpa, Jay. I appreciate your taking the time to make me an educated diner. I found myself rather embarrassed that I hadn't done my homework better and exposed my ignorance on the subject of wages. I really appreciate the time you took to answer me and am grateful for your response and your personal story.
Best of all I can enjoy my food even more by knowing all is well at T-Bones and Cactus Jack's. Thank you.
I will go back to relishing my payback coupons!

Carole Polony


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Have you heard? Downtown Laconia is making a comeback

To The Daily Sun,
In response to the letter from Carole Polony of Jan. 30, she states Downtown Laconia is the saddest little town, comparing it to the poor house and claiming it has just empty stores and second-hand shops. As a store owner on Main Street, I was hurt and saddened by Ms. Polony's letter. I can only guess that maybe she hasn't been downtown in a long time. From where Second Feature Antiques is located at 611 Main Street, I see people buying wonderful floral bouquets from Whittimore's, across the street, (by the way they have been here "forever"), a steady flow of people getting their shoes repaired at LaBelles Shoe Repair (we had a customer last week that came all the way from Hudson. N.H. to bring her boots to LaBelles; she dropped them off and was shopping) directly across from us, and in the warmer weather, I enjoy seeing his young son with his shoe shine business on the sidewalk. I also see eople with guitars or other instruments in cases headed to Greenlaws Music Store  for lessons or supplies (another store that has been here forever). On my way in to open our shop I stop at the Little Cafe and get a warm muffin and there are people in there serenely sipping coffee and working on their lap tops – it has Wi Fi.
A customer came in the other day with a basketball, she had purchased it for her son, but when it arrived it had no air in it. She had just come from the Bike Shop on Canal St. where they gladly helped her out. Afternoons the young people also flock to Canal Street to Frates Dance studio, in tutus no less! Right next door to our shop is Vintage Emporium, they not only sell antiques but chalk paint, and have painting classes. The big Laconia Antique Center on the corner now has the soda fountain open for refreshments and ice cream and I would be remiss not to mention The Soda Shoppe, who could miss their Friday night fish fry of all you can eat. All My Life Jewelers, can turn your old screwback earrings into pierced, yet again making some new again. The Dress Shop and Bridal Shop, Barber and Hair Studio, Nail Salon, these are not these are not empty stores.
My point being, Ms. Polony's, these small shops and stores and restaurants are all run by hard working people who do their best to provide a service in a personal way. They actually get to know their customers, spend time talking to them. Yes some of the items in these shops are second hand, I prefer to call it repurposed, as we take items and make them into something useful again and in our throw away world today, I find this refreshing. Also if you're buying from the Antique/Collectible stores you're buying Made in USA, not Made in China. You can get the Made in China at the big malls.
Pleasant Street also provides services that are needed, New England Rockers, repairs seats and chairs as well as selling items. Vintage Row around the corner has a cute little boutiques as well. I realize there is a big Goodwill Store and a Salvation Army store but let's face it, in this economy they are needed and provide services beyond their stores to those that need a helping hand.
I invite you to come down, pick a sunny day when you can walk around Main Street, Canal Street, Pleasant Street, etc. Spend some time stopping in and saying "Hi"; have lunch; you can even get your nails done and hair cut. Take the time to check us out anew, even if you only window shop, many of us spend quality time making our windows look as pleasant as possible to the passerby, Whittimore's always out does themselves, then if you still find us sad and forsaken, go to the malls, where no one talks you and pushing and shoving is the norm.
I have lived in Laconia all my life and have seen the Downtown at it's "hay days", and I'm proud to be a partner in store on Main Street; have you heard, Downtown is making a come back?
Jane Gove

Second Feature Antiques - Laconia

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Maintain current level of staffing for Gilmanton Fire Department

To The Daily Sun,

After many discussions about the Gilmanton Fire Department and its operation, it is clear that any disagreement is not about money.

At the Deliberative Session on Saturday, Feb. 1, the voters stated quite clearly that they are concerned about public safety and do not want to be put at risk while the selectmen debate costs.

The selectmen have done a good job of lowering taxes, but this is a time when they need to listen to what the citizens of the town want.

Please support Warrant Article 30 at the polls on March 11 to maintain the current level of staffing at the Fire Department while level-loading the budget.

Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

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