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Left loves the income tax because it can be raised at any time

To The Daily Sun,

In Tuesday's edition of The Sun was a letter from Tom Dawson expounding on the virtue of an income tax for New Hampshire. As with most progressives — nee liberals, nee Democrats — he claims the state has an income problem and not a spending problem.

Arguing that issue with him would be an exercise in futility but I would like to attack his statement that an income tax would lower property taxes. In almost all instances that a state has passed an income tax the relief to property taxpayers has been minor and of short duration. All one has to do is check the property taxes in Maine and Vermont, two of our bordering states which have both income and sales taxes, to find out the fallacy of his statement.

The reason the left just loves an income tax is that it can be raised at any time with just a majority in the Statehouse. Property taxes, much as we all complain about them, leaves the decision to raise those taxes at the local level. Also, keep in mind that renters also pay property taxes, they just get remitted by the property owner.

To people who think that they, for reasons of age and income etc., wouldn't be affected by an income tax, think again. A tax, no matter how it's implemented, has a sneaky way of affecting everyone. I guess you could call it the trickle down theory of the left.

Dave Schwotzer

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My hope is that Americans will review & renew moral standards

To The Daily Sun,

Why is there so much violence in the world and who's to blame? Maybe it's impossible to define a single nationality to be predominate in killing, but the facts strongly bear out the certainty that the Caucasian race of people are the most violent. Considering the totality of deaths caused by war, in every part of the world, white people and their descendants, mainly from Europe, have the most violent history. I, myself am in that category

Of all the various species in the world, the human species are most prone to kill their own kind. Hundreds of millions have perished in bombing attacks the other species are incapable of.

Consider the assault on Vietnam. The collective force of aerial bombing dropped seven million tons of armaments on that tropic peninsula. Impossible, but true. Consider Japan in the Second World War where two atomic bombs were dropped and incinerated three hundred thousand civilians, each time. Only the human species can kill their own that fast. The sorrowful list can go on and on, not always faulting Western countries. Russia, China and Japan, to name just a few, have had their own bloody past. Will war continue in the Middle East? How much will the American public tolerate? Are we, as humans destined to kill each other until the end of the world.

My hope is that people in this country will revise and renew their moral standards and stand by national courts who have, long ago, stated that these wars are illegal and attacks on countries by the United States are outside of the law!

I pray, may the everlasting God of all creation turn our hearts and minds to love and forgiveness, tirelessly pursuing peaceful answers to the world's conflicts.

Leon R. Albushies

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