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LIfe is not easy; it demands we work and pay our own way

To The Daily Sun,

Sorry, Mr. Siden, if the letter I wrote offended you, I must be in the same club as Mr. Steve Earle. He told us all he is a Christian, and a firm believer in God and his word. As Christians we should not judge, but do our best  to solve as many problems we all get into from time to time.

Our churches have food kitchens for poor people to come to, we also do mission work to many people all over the world. But nevertheless, we do have people who abuse the kindness of generous people, who won't work in any way to support themselves. You as a scholar Mr. Siden know this only too well. These so called "bums".

I believe we must do our utmost to work if able, to supply bread for the table, just as you and I have done all our working lives. But let God speak and you and I shut up, for His word is truth - John (17:17).

Gods word tells us, if anyone will not work neither shall he eat; also, we don't eat anyone's bread free of charge but be willing to work day and night so as not to be a burden to other people (2 Thess 3:8)

Life is not easy, it demands we work, pay our way, look after our family, give in love to real needy people and to stand for the truth of God's word.

I have no right to say who lives or dies, as a father I could not live with myself if my wife and I chose to abort any unborn baby, it is a life-long mental disaster fr any woman, to chose death for her unborn baby.

Remember God is the author of life, not us. Also, we as a nation have killed millions of unborn American citizens, by our own choice. The answer to this hell and sorrow is "STOP". Repent (be sorry) and ask God to forgive us of this national sin, and believe God will bless America, so we can all work and eat our bread with thankful hearts.

William Liam McCoy




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The governor is not protecting the citizens of New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

The other day I was reminded of a small statue I purchased as a child. The statue showed a tree with a bird in it and a forlorn looking man sitting under the tree looking up at the bird. The caption on the base of the statue said, "Go ahead, everyone else does." At the time I thought this was very funny, but now it reminds me of the position in which Governor Hassan has placed New Hampshire, that being the scrap yard for Massachusetts.

First, the governor has failed to protect us against the Northern Pass Project and its plans to erect 1,500 steel lattice towers traversing 187 miles of this state. Then, because Massachusetts' residents protested the laying of gas pipelines in their own state, Kinder Morgan now proposes to lay the pipeline through Eversource (PSNH)-owned rights-of-way in New Hampshire. The power from this project will again to go to Massachusetts.

The governor once again is not protecting New Hampshire's citizens.

Lastly, government subsidized 400-foot turbines erected by a foreign country continue to pop up on many of New Hampshire's most scenic ridge lines. Is Gov. Hassan taking an active role to protect New Hampshire from this outside aggression aimed at destroying the beauty of this state and its citizens' property values? The answer is a resounding "no".

She has not used her position as the leader of this state to support the bipartisan bills which have been introduced aimed at protecting New Hampshire's citizens. Gov. Hassan can and should tell the Southern New England states in need of power that New Hampshire is not available for exploitation. The Northern Pass should be buried. But because of Hassan's political alliances with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Eversource through their funding of her campaigns and inaugural balls, she has turned a blind eye toward everyday citizens in favor of corporate cronyism. Unfortunately, my childhood purchase is no longer funny.

Michael Marino

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