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Letters should be fact-checked by a nonpartisan panel

To The Daily Sun,

Don't know about the rest of you letter writers but religion seems to be the main topic these days. Since Friday, Feb. 20, religion has been the main topic seven times from the usual political writers.

Local politics took up most of the other letters that week. Of those writers I include: Linda Wood, Siden, Cracraft, Earle, Veverka, Jim McCoole, McCoy and Ewing. Earle and Veverka have their own personal issues, but most attacks were towards Siden and Veverka. Other interesting, non-religion based, writers are Bernadette Loesch, Whitman, Michael Harris with some good ideas for thought, Linda Riley on taxes, Russ Wiles and G.W. Brooks on climate change.

Hopefully some form of fact checking took place before these were sent for publication. As for my opinion, I feel no letters — or more important, no TV-type ad — should be run until they are fact checked by a non­partisan panel of some type. Especially before an election. This might be the only possible way of getting something truthful out to the voters. For those of you that don't think this is important just look or listen to those elected. That should convince you beyond all doubt.

We can't control the way they do the job, but at least we will know they have some information of the topics they will be considering. Most likely any of us could do just as well as they do now. We might vote out of order or not understand how to or when a filibuster is okay. It should be simple ­ Yes or No / Pass or Fail ­ easy right?

The only people who know this get elected but they still don't have a clue what the vote was all about.

Jon Hoyt


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Up here, even Democrats know that guns are great equalizer

To The Daily Sun,

Let us harken back to the days of yesteryear, when outlaws roamed the west. Before the times when town marshals could communicate by radio, or use mug shots to identify strangers riding into town, they had limited options available to keep the peace. Most often the trouble came when drifters and cowboys came into town to get liquored up and spend their wages. So it was a prudent policy to disarm them until they sobered up. However, the local townspeople were free to keep their guns at the ready and the law officers were glad that they did. The idea that the Wild West was tamed by disarming the population is the stuff of liberal fantasy.

To hear George Maloof complain about the lawless atmosphere concerning guns in America today, there must be shootouts happening all over the place. Heck, with all of the high powered weaponry out there today, the streets should be running rivers of blood every Saturday night according to him. Maybe in some gang and drug infested cities, liberal policies have created a situation where no one has the guns except the bad guys. If you want to read about what it's like, check out some Chicago newspapers any Monday morning or New York, or Los Angeles, where the Democrat political machine controls the gun laws.

Here in northern New England we have all the guns we want compared to our neighboring states just south of us. Practically any one can have a license to carry a loaded concealed handgun or own a modern rifle, yet Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have some of the lowest crime rates in the country. How can that be Mr. George Maloof? Up here even most Democrats understand that having a gun available is a great equalizer even if they won't admit it.

We do have plenty of dangerous people running around, mostly strung out drug addicts looking for the next fix, or road rage nuts on the highway. I for one am glad that there are more regular folks around that are prepared to fight back. I am glad that we in New Hampshire have that choice.

Mr. Maloof, you would like to turn us all into defenseless victims. You are more afraid of the Tea Party. Get a grip on reality man.

Alan Moon


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