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Vote for GOP Executive Councilors to keep spending under control

To The Daily Sun,

One reason why Governor Hassan keeps overspending the budget is because the Democratic-controlled Executive Council doesn't do its job. The Democratic executive councilors frequently just rubberstamp the contracts, even costly hundred-page contracts, that Gov. Hassan and her department heads present to them.

The Executive Council is supposed to review contracts to make sure that good value is received in exchange for taxpayer dollars. But the Democratic majority refuses to allow enough time for contracts to even be read, let alone investigated, before the councilors vote on them. This results in wasteful spending.

Wasted dollars can't be used for other things, e.g., to repair roads or bridges, to help needy citizens, to make life more affordable for New Hampshire citizens, or to make New Hampshire more inviting to businesses so they create more good jobs here for our citizens.

New Hampshire needs executive councilors like Joe Kenney, in District 1, who are dedicated to providing the appropriate, effective, and efficient state government operations that improve the lives of all New Hampshire citizens rather than just favored special interests. Vote for Republicans for the Executive Council.

Don Ewing


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Think about Hosmer’s record next time you pull up to a gas pump

To The Daily Sun,

There is no doubt that stat Sen. Andrew Hosmer and his challenger Kathy Lauer Rago are likeable individuals, however, this is where the similarities end.

Sen. Hosmer voted to kill the Education Tax Credit, which hurts low-income and lower-middle-class families. However, Sen. Hosmer's vote has no effect on himself personally because his children attend private schools.

Sen. Hosmer voted to raise the gas tax, by doing so he hurt low-income families, the elderly living on a fixed income, small business and all of us. Sen. Hosmer can well afford to raise the gas tax, he comes from a wealthy family and as such his vote has no personal consequence.

Sen. Hosmer voted in favor of raising the tobacco tax. Sen. Hosmer voted to reduce the carbon allowances for New Hampshire utilities, thereby increasing electricity costs for ratepayers. Sen. Hosmer sponsored a bill to reduce state regulations on auto dealerships.

Ask yourself, do we need a local politician who takes the easy way out by increasing our taxes? Do we need local politician who is willing to silence parental rights in regards their children's education? Do we need a local politician who is willing to increase our energy costs? Lastly, do we need a local politician who is willing to sponsor self-serving legislation for personal gain?

Sen. Andrew Hosmer is not a friend to parents, those living on low income, the elderly, and the middle class. We've seen what Sen. Hosmer has done for us.

Thank Sen. Hosmer the next time you pull up to a gas pump by joining me in support of Kathy Lauer Rago on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Paul Trudel


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