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Hillary has a realistic agenda that will benefit American people

To The Daily Sun,

I'm currently a junior at Newfound Regional High School, and I currently support former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for president. I identify myself as a liberal (Democrat).

You might think, that might be unheard of that a young person, like myself, will be supporting Hillary, as typically most younger people lean toward Bernie. The reason why I'm supporting Hillary is due to the fact that she is an excellent negotiator, and is always committed to make sure that every American is being treated equality, regardless of sex, religion, nationality, and/or disabilities. Unlike Sanders, she has realistic agendas that will benefit the American people both economically and socially.

Sanders has criticized many of Clinton's past history, like her voting on the Iraq War, but if we look at it unilaterally, he too, would also be criticized for many of his voting record.

We need to work off of Obamacare. We need to make sure workers get family medical assistance, equality pay, and all of the agendas she has spoken about. She is very experienced in foreign policy, and without a doubt, would make a great commander-in-chief.

Hillary will stand for the LGBT community, the minorities, the veterans — everyone. She will fight for America.

As she has gotten caught up in many scandals, we have to set aside that some of them are untrue, while some of them are true. However, the other candidates are using these scandals for political gains. For instance, Benghazi, and the select committee that the Republicans formed — in which there were no additional findings.

One thing for sure, we cannot let the fascist Donald Trump get the keys to the White House.

Nick Crosby

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Voters need to slam door on the accountability masquerade

To The Daily Sun,

"I knew nothing about this."
So said candidate Cruz to candidate Carson. He looked him in the eye on national TV, said "sorry" and that, was that. Cruz knew nothing, apologized for the — his — staff's attempt on his behalf to derail Carson's campaign, and it's end of story ... except to blame CNN for stoking the embers.
Such is the nature of accountability in "public life." Similarly, Mr. Christie knew nothing about retaliatory shenanigans on a bridge in Jersey, he says, relying on, not one, but three investigations into the affair. As if we should be reassured knowing it took three tries to get it right.
Mrs. Clinton says her vote for the Iraq war was a "mistake," but she was entrapped into making it by the Bush war machine. As Madame Secretary, she was so far up the food chain at State (Department) she couldn't possibly have known about the events unfolding in Benghazi ... fog of war, and all that.
Speaking of President Bush, presumably he, like the rest of us mortals, had no idea the economy was going to melt down on his watch, or that his legacy would be a catastrophic war with fallout that will be endured by a generation of Americans, our allies, and millions of innocent people. His intelligence guys got it wrong about Sadam's WMD. Yet, I don't recall Mr. Bush looking anyone in the eye and apologizing; Cruz at least had the decency to do that for Dr. Ben — maybe. More likely, he calculated not apologizing would cost him votes, and doing so might cloak himself with the thinnest veil of moral character.
The incumbent president had no idea that rogues at the IRS were maliciously targeting specific nonprofits with conservative leanings, or that the Veteran's Administration was a scandalous mess ... or that General Petraeus was leaking classified material to his mistress. Mr. Obama knew nothing, and let others take the fall, notably VA Chief Eric Shinseki, (General, USA. Ret.), an honorable man. Presidential term limits offer scant repose to those who blame Mr. Obama for what happened.
I wonder, if we vote for any of these people running for office, will the winner know anything when the next big mistake comes ... or will it be more of the same: "I knew nothing — he did it, next question."
Come Tuesday in the Granite State, I hope folks slam the door on this accountability masquerade, loud enough for the rest of the nation to hear.

Bruce Van Derven

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