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Horrified to think one would advocate murder over political differences

To The Daily Sun,

Republican State Rep. Al Baldasaro is on both the (House) State-Federal Relations Committee and the Veterans Affairs Committee in Concord. He is a retired Marine. And he is an embarrassment to the state of New Hampshire.

As a veteran, I am horrified that this man who served (presumably) with honor would advocate for the death of someone with whom he disagrees vehemently. That right there is the danger of the right wing of the Republican Party. This is extremism no different that Islamic extremists, white supremacists, or the violent aspect of Black Lives Matter. None whatsoever.

If I cannot yell "Fire!" during a movie at the Gilford 8 without consequence, he should not be allowed to advocate for murder of a presidential candidate. This isn't 1864. And this is what a Trump candidacy is offering us. They've offered no ideas — no great vision. Nope — just more name-calling, histrionics, vulgar and sexist memes, and violence.

Is this what America wants? Is this what Baldasaro's community of Londonderry wants? I urge people to look at the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld as an alternative to this mockery of a campaign.

Alan Vervaeke

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I run to represent Center Harbor, Meredith, Gilford & Alton on county commission

To The Daily Sun,

Please let me introduce myself and give you some of the reasons I filed for Belknap County Commissioner for District 3, serving Center Harbor, Meredith, Gilford and Alton, I am Jonathan Smolin and ask you to consider voting for me on Sept. 13 in the Republican primary.

As long term residents of Alton, my family and I have enjoyed much of what the Lakes Region has to offer. Our children have been educated in the Alton public schools and I am employed as a surgical assistant at a local hospital. As well, I have significant private business experience in administering a nursing school and running a surgical assistant business.

There have been a number of articles over the past several years which highlight county operations and problems pertaining to same: Budgetary authority, the need for an affordable addition and renovation to the County Jail, issues impacting the County Nursing Home and so forth.

I believe that my business background and job experience have provided me with a skill set that will be useful in dealing with these and other issues.

Looking forward, I think that the county should be aware of a tendency on the part of the federal and state governments to downshift spending to a local level while at the same time imposing stringent standards, To build out significant  programming to meet every perceived need and to hope that the federal government will continue funding support for them five years from now is unwise.

While we need to expand programming in some cases — for example at the County Jail — we must be cautious that
any services we add remain affordable to Belknap County.

I hope to meet many of you in the coming months with the thought that helping to serve the larger community in which I live will be a contribution to life in Belknap County, a life which my family and I embrace.

Jonathan Smolin


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