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Left believes our capitalist system stinks and must be dismantled

To The Daily Sun,

"I've got 12 more months to squeeze every ounce of change I can while I'm still in office. And that's what I intend to do." This chilling assertion by President Obama in a fundraising email has spiked my cortisol and adrenaline levels up to the "abject fear" level. Let's be crystal clear here shall we? President Obama's gleeful boast is much more than just a political problem. This is a narrative of gross ideological proportions from someone who is indeed a Marxist-socialist as Steve Earle reminds us. You may also term it as the progressive Left, the group that seeks to destroy this country's national sovereignty. As Dennis Prager reminds us and I report again, the leftist movement has been more successful and inspirational than Christianity over the past century.

The spiritual vacuum of moral relativity promoted by the Left has created a society that is becoming more morally decadent by the day. The indoctrination of secular humanism by the Left is turning our youth into helpless disciples of victimhood and dependence. The Left's obsession with psychology as a cultural construct is destroying interpretations of human behavior based on religious/moral values and good versus evil. It seeks to define all aberrant behavior as caused by various forms of abuse along with all manner of social and economic factors. This absolves individual's bad behavior of any personal responsibility and places it on everything and everyone else.

The mental derangement of the "Leftist" movement delusionally believes that our Judeo-Christian, capitalist system stinks and must be dismantled to create some mindbending notion of a Utopian, fantasy world where borders are all open and all cultures are equal. Equality of opportunity is considered narrow minded and racist and equality of outcomes is somehow considered achievable. And evil is created by poverty, unemployment, name calling and climate change. Don't waste your time asking someone from the Left why other cultures saddled with the same issues don't suddenly transform into terrorists who seek to kill all who disagree with them.

M. Zudhi Jasser, MD, the founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy is an American doctor. He is also a Muslim who is now devoting his life to bringing about a Muslim reformation and with it, bringing moderate Muslims out of the shadows in order to speak up against radical Islam and sharia law as practiced by many Muslim countries who have brought it's anti-women, brutal tenets to Europe and now to this country. President Obama has totally ignored Dr. Jasser, while embracing the likes of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both of those organizations have close ties with radical Islam. The Southern Poverty Law Center has actually called Dr. Jasser anti-Muslim. This is just one of so many examples of where the Left is in cahoots with radical Islam. That is correct ladies and gentlemen. The Left and radical Islam may not be best buddies, but they are both hell bent on bringing about the demise of the best country this planet has ever had the honor of providing fertile soil for. The soil for which American patriots have planted the seeds of liberty and for which the Left seeks to destroy.

Paul Punturieri recently wrote, "it would be refreshing to see one single letter that seeks to actually solve problems and understands that the way to do it is to seek common ground and compromise." Well, that is great in theory, but reality really does bite doesn't it, at least for clear thinking conservatives. The Left will not compromise. If one looks objectively at the last seven years, one will notice that this administration has had no desire to do any such thing. In fact, for most of the past century, the Left has been on a stubborn and uncompromising stampede of creating a Marxist, socialist, economic debt colossus that may soon swallow us whole. Common ground indeed.

Bill Hemmel's recent letter describing the five dumber than dirt awards seemed right on point until he got to his top prize. He claims that the Republican Party is dumb for considering Donald Trump as a serious candidate. Perhaps he has missed the GOP revelations in recent months. This establishment party, too often strange bedfellows with the Left, despises this man as strongly as does the Democrats. Some GOP types swear they will vote for Hillary, the corruptocrat, if Donald wins the Republican bid. I'm not quite sure how you missed that. Steve Earle hasn't missed the point that Mr. Trump, despite his bombast, is so popular because he is the only one screaming loudly and unabashedly about Washington being broken. It appears that his bombast has been the necessary ingredient to ignite a sleepy populace and a complacent GOP. At this point, I hope Ted Cruz continues to crystallize his tea party message and can maintain his anti-establishment stance and emerge as the one to turn this Titanic ship around. But would I vote for Trump over Clinton? You bet your reality star bombast I would.

Russ Wiles

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Let's demand an end to all special treatments, subsidies & bailouts

To The Daily Sun,
Since Froma Harrop is accurate much less often than a broken clock, we should acknowledge it when it happens as it did in her column published on December 30.
Harrop says that Puerto Rico should be allowed to declare bankruptcy and default on its debts; that U.S. taxpayers should not bailout investors as is proposed by Washington politicians (to protect their big donors). Harrop is right; and hopefully she opposes, as the TEA Party does, all bailouts, including subsidies and special treatments for all special interests.
U.S. taxpayers should not be forced to provide bailouts for states, cities, U.S. territories, businesses, or special interest groups. The only way to force fiscal discipline on borrowers and lenders is for there to be consequences for their actions. Allowing entities to go bankrupt and investors to lose their investments forces investors to carefully evaluate the risks before investing, this will force better fiscal management by politicians, businesses, or others who want to borrow money.
Since subsidies and special treatments are essentially bailouts, these too should be ended, including the ethanol requirement, oil subsidies, solar energy subsidies, tobacco subsidies, wind energy subsidies, insurance company subsidies, special treatment for sports teams and unions, other farm subsidies, subsidies for all businesses and all special interests like community action groups and environmental groups, etc. Any of these that are truly needed should be funded locally, by states, communities, or interested donors.
Every penny that the federal government hands out comes at a high cost. First the money was (or will be) forcefully taken from taxpayers, then an expensive bureaucracy passes a little of the money (often with expensive strings attached) for specific purposes to selected recipients who are supposed to be duly appreciative to the politicians.
Politicians should be creating an economic environment that allows businesses to thrive and everyone to prosper so they can take care of themselves and progress towards their American dreams. This would generate all the taxes our governments need.
Unfortunately it appears that creating an economic environment that allows every American to prosper does not generate the reliable support for politicians that comes from dispensing subsidies, special treatments, and bailouts (often on an annual basis so recipients are reminded to be properly appreciative). In any endeavor other than politics this corrupt system that allows people to dispense their employer's (voters/taxpayers) assets in return for personal benefit would, and should, land people in prison; this should also be true in politics.
Let's celebrate Froma Harrop's rare correctness by demanding an end to all special treatments, subsidies, and bailouts.

Don Ewing

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