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N.H. House sergeant-at-arms is either a moron or a Democrat

To The Daily Sun,

Portable oxygen concentrators are not oxygen tanks and do not pose a hazard to safety. They are approved by the FAA for use on aircraft, and were, in fact, developed for this purpose so that people who need a constant supply of oxygen could travel by air. As a retired flight attendant I am familiar with these devices. Believe me, if they were not 100 percent safe the FAA would not have approved them.

Unlike oxygen tanks, which can explode, a concentrator does not contain oxygen but instead extracts oxygen from the air. These devices are a godsend to those who suffer from COPD, etc. as they allow them to participate fully in society.

Apparently the sergeant-at-arms in the state Legislature is, at best, ill-informed, and worst either a moron or a Democrat who would go to any lengths to keep a Republican out of the assembly. (One would hope that is not the case.)

State Rep. Ernie Bridge is owed an apology and should not be barred from the Statehouse.

D.M. Williamson


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Incident was handled to best of school's ability; protocol followed

To The Daily Sun,

I have a child currently enrolled at Pleasant Street School, and my second child will be starting there in the fall as well. My experience there has been amazing to say the very least. The teachers and the administrative staff all display the heart and passion that I so desire in those speaking into, teaching, leading, and guiding my children.

Pleasant Street School has a wonderful parent volunteer and teacher program called VIPSS (Volunteers in Pleasant Street School). This small group of parents and teachers meets monthly along with the Principal Dave Levesque. They talk about raising funds to provide incredible field trips, bring in special activities, enrichment programs, and become a liaison to other parents and teachers not currently involved. They are a support system to the school, and go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic year for all. From Gold Rush Days, to Fall Festival, to Spring Fling Glow Dance, and all holiday class parties.

The staff has gone out of its way to promote healthy lifestyles as well. They have begun a new an innovative way to start introducing new and healthy foods to all the children. They call this Taste Test Tuesday. They have tried edamame, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, eggnog, and smoothies as just a couple examples.

The school even purchased two smoothie makers and a popcorn machine and were able to serve up fruit smoothies and popcorn at Family Movie Night. Walk to school Wednesday, Family Math Day, Valentine's Ice Cream Social, Potluck Bingo, We Are PSS, Pride Week, The golden sneaker, and the list goes on. There is no end to the incredible ideas and events they produce.

I say this all in light of the recent article that hit the news (Wednesday). This article was not only printed in the news, but highlighted online, and reposted all over social media, leaving an ugly medium for people to bash the school and the student mentioned.

Instead of publishing the fact that the school is raising funds to have a walkway paved on their property, or the fact that the Laconia School District will be cut $1.2 million next year and we need parents to get behind this and support our school, we allow people to tear them down over one — I'm sure exaggerated — article.

Parents, stand up for your schools, support them any way you can, and be proud of them. You are entrusting them to help raise your children. Don't let one poorly written article discourage you, cause you to lose your trust, or think for a second that the other children weren't protected, and proper policy and procedure weren't in place.

I can without doubt ensure you the it was handled to the best of their ability, and followed protocol. I can say this because I know the staff, am involved in the school in every way I can be, and I support and back them 100 percent.

Way to go PSS! Keep on shining.

Roslyn Dutile

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