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New Beginnings is available 24 hours a day; services are free

To The Laconia Sun,

On behalf of everyone at New Beginnings, especially those we serve, I would like to thank everyone who voted "Yes" on the warrant article to provide New Beginnings with funding from the town of Gilford.

Since 1991, New Beginnings has provided free and confidential services to people in Belknap County whose lives have been affected by domestic and sexual violence and stalking. The result of this vote will help us continue providing essential, life-saving services to those in need.

Individuals and families from Gilford have benefited from New Beginnings' services. They have stayed in our shelter in order to flee violence in their homes. They have received assistance from court advocates while petitioning for a restraining order and attending related hearings. They have received support when they have arrived at the hospital after being sexually or physically assaulted. They have reached out to hotline advocates for crisis intervention, and non-judgmental support, and information about their options. After healing from the trauma they've experienced and creating positive changes in their lives, they have gone to serve as volunteers and Board of Directors members in order to create positive change in their community.

Through this demonstration of community support, you have not only granted the funds to help ensure continued services, you have also reached out to survivors to show that this is a responsive community that believes that everyone deserves safety in their homes and respect in their relationships.

If you or someone you know has been affected by domestic or sexual violence, New Beginnings is available 24 hours a day. Services are confidential and free of charge. You don't have to be in crisis to call us. Advocates are available through the state-wide hotlines: 1-866-644-3574 for Domestic Violence and 1-800-277-5570 for sexual violence. For general information about New Beginnings, education and prevention programs, or volunteer opportunities, please call the office at (603) 528-6511.

Kitty Kiefer

Education & Outreach Coordinator

New Beginnings


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Why are these Obama mistakes so invisible to all you liberals?

To The Daily Sun,

Here on Wednesday, the 25th, Jon Hoyt answers my letter challenging his clairvoyance as to Obama's openness? I see very little to enlighten us.

First Jon brings up the Bush plan of "Wide Receiver". Yes, Bush tried to trace guns meant for the cartels, but after the cartel's discovered the tracking devices implanted in those weapons Bush ordered the plan stopped. Obama or Holder or whoever set up a similar plan under Obama, (we still do not know who), omitted the trackers, and then ordered the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to allow these guns to cross the boarder unencumbered. So what was the plan there Jon? Who devised it, who supervised, who approved it? Most of all, Jon, where is the results of the Obama-promised investigation and who did he hold accountable as he promised?

Benghazi may never be solved, Jon? Really Jon, is that what you think? No one knows why Ambassador Stevens was sent there in the first place? No one in the Obama administration knows why or who ordered it? Know one planned the mission or knew that the British, French, Dutch or whoever the other western nations with presence there had been attacked there and that they had removed there personal from there? Well guess your right after all at least as long as Hillary Clinton stonewalls Congress ("What does it really matter after all this time?") And by the way Jon, who invented that cock and bull story about a YouTube video being responsible? Who ordered this BS story to be presented to the American people for weeks just before the election by every administration spokesperson and excuse-rs during that time?

To answer your question to me Jon, yes I was concerned about those embassy attacks during the Bush years and the Clinton years and every years, but it was Obama who ran a cover-up, lied to the American people, the media, the world. Why Jon, did he think that was necessary? Bush didn't cover attacks up with lies, Bill Clinton didn't either as I recall. So with your clear insight into Obama and his plan's and policy's explain that to us please.

Jon, I see nothing wrong with your facts, just the spin you try to apply to them. You want to hold Bush and Republicans accountable for all their many mistakes, all the while excusing those of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Excuse the unending list of lies covering Obama's adult life, the deceit and cover-ups, over and over and over. The harm he has done the suffering and hardships his mismanagement has resulted in. These are the wrongs I see Jon. So even though pointed to by a conservative why are these things invisible to you Jon?

Steve Earle


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