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Our culture is antithesis of everything world of Islam holds dear

To The Daily Sun,

While some schools showed video clips of the horror of September 11, 2001 as a reminder of how evil can strike and to ensure that younger generations understand how this country was attacked, our leaders act as though they did not get the message. It seems to me that two basic principles seem lost on our Democratic leadership.

Number one is that evil exists in this world and that trying to appease that evil is a fools errand. Also, trying to not offend that evil and making unverifiable deals with evil creates confusion, chaos and death.

Number two is that our democratic, constitutional republic was created with a host of historical anomalies. Freedom of speech, human rights, equality of the sexes, a tolerance of differences, personal liberties, political freedom, material prosperity, separation of church and state and consensual, coequal branches of government bases on law.

Yet somehow, some way, our leaders have thought that they could convince those whose core beliefs are steeped in the doctrines of Islam that they should give up their 1,000 plus years of yearning for world dominance and embrace our unique culture. A culture that is the antithesis of almost everything they hold dear and is based on the Koran and Sharia Law.

Russ Wiles


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THis monumental oak should be allowed to live out its normal life

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Heritage Commission would like to thank the people who have already spoken out in support of the beautiful "monumental" oak tree at 1106 Union Avenue. Once again, Greg Nolan, Cafua Management and Dunkin' Donuts are trying to destroy something historical. Unlike the Hathaway House which was to be preserved under a gentleman's agreement, the final approved site plan for this property specifically states that this tree is to be saved. We urge the Laconia Planning Board and City Council to stick to their guns and not allow this tree to be destroyed. The argument seems to be line of sight coming out of this property. Easily fixed. Make the area by the tree the entrance rather than the exit.
According to Arthur Costonis of the Environmental Defense Fund, this tree just needs some pruning to help with its preservation so it can continue to grace Union Avenue with its beautiful presence for many decades to come. Several steps were outlined by Mr. Costonis, such as removal of the asphalt over the root system and porous cement pavers put in its place. We urge the City Council, Planning Board and Public Works Department to take these steps to preserve this tree, sooner, rather than later, before it is destroyed.
Like the Perley Oak, this monumental oak tree is worth saving to allow it to live out its natural life for all of the city of Laconia to enjoy.
The Laconia Heritage Commission
Pam Clark, Chair
Dorothy Duffy
Mary Jane Hoey
Mary Ellen Boudman
Catherine Tokarz
Charlie St. Clair

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