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A big thank you to Ashley for all her help after my accident

To The Daily Sun,

I  want to express my gratitude and thankfulness for Ashley Spooner helping me after my accident.

Cleaning my house, buying me flowers, and checking up on me is something I thought a stranger would never do.

Thank you so much for being a great person and showing that you care.

Jane Shepard


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I can appreciate the joys that life gives to each & every one of us

To The Daily Sun,

This particular Thanksgiving is a special time for me. In 2014, little did I know what nature had in store for me. Was in the middle of a disastrous marriage that ended, and other things were on my mind as well. The first kidney stone in 2012 passed on its own, but labs were showing significant anemia at the time. The second stone, a 7 mm
monster was extracted on its own. The myeloma was discovered during the workup for the second kidney stone at this time.

Subsequent tests confirmed the multiple myeloma, and then the saga of doctor appointments, treatments, chemotherapy, stem cell transplants began. The first gift was finding the myeloma so early. The second gift were the blessings and friendships of all of you here. The remaining gifts came from various cancer organizations to steer me
through troubled finances and enable me to focus on treatments for recovery. Without all of these blessings, one would even wonder if this email would come today.

This is a special Thanksgiving this year for me and wanted to share this optimism with you all. The gift of life is truly a medical marvel!! The passing of mother did present a moment of sadness. But on the other hand, the love of mother and dad provided this gift of living today. Mother and dad provided the hope of living during their
passing years. That in itself is special too. So even while she is no longer among us, her spirit lives within all of us Thanks to mom and dad, life has been beautiful for me, despite the challenges in the most recent months.

While politics did not go the way many people hoped for, still thisc ountry is a great place to live in. We as friends and family are specially well-provided for. In a combination of treasured friendships and family, we can appreciate the joys that life gives to each and everyone of us.

For all these thoughts, Thank you all of you for just being there as you are. Thank you for your kindness, support, hope and love. I cherish each individual spirit that guided me to being where I am today. It takes many to make a soul to be whole in every way in life.
Thank you for this special day to be alive another day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Bob Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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