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I hope you will reject perfidious nonsense that Punterieri spews

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to respond to a recent letter to The Granite State News (Wolfeboro) sent by candidate Paul Punterieri, who is running to represent the towns of Moultonborough, Tuftonboro and Sandwich in the N.H. state House. He sounded very confused about what he supports and opposes, and especially since he mentioned Carroll County incumbent Glenn Cordelli in a misleading way.

First of all, not everything is "the Koch Bros fault." Cordelli is merely responding to the concerns of parents and teachers like me, who see that outside interference is destroying real education, and people who feel their education tax dollars are not being spent the way they would wish. That is "local control," and that is what Cordelli currently is, and has been fighting for, all along.

What is not "local control"? Currently, public education is not under "local control" because federal and state government and many outside groups such as foundations and other NGOs have unconstitutionally interfered. For example, Common Core, with its blatant social justice political agenda, with its convoluted academics, or worse yet, the philosophy that less academics is more, like every other similar "fad" in education that came before it, was never the choice of the taxpayers. So how ironic is it when a New York City transplant such as Mr. Puntertieri, who himself had the benefit of a private education, says he "...will oppose any effort to dismantle our public education system. I will reject outside groups that try to inject their ideology into our local government and school systems. I will fully support our locally-controlled public schools"? I would have to say he is either confused about his facts, or just not being quite honest with you.

To support the current state of education, a system which is being completely run by outsiders, is to completely and utterly reject any sort of "local control."

Don't listen to the doublespeak. All one needs to do is look up "World Core Curriculum" and read the first four links that appear, and one can educate himself or herself on the origins of Common Core. After reading about it, I hope all would reject any more perfidious nonsense that candidate Punterieri spews about his "defense" of local control and his attack on incumbent Glenn Cordelli, who has been fighting to keep "outside groups" out of our educational system.

Finally, according to Punterieri's latest blog posts to "Moultonborough Speaks," this candidate doesn't think people should be allowed to file legal 91-A (Right to Know) requests. Is this the kind of person Moultonborough, Tuftonboro and Sandwich wants in the state House, watching out for the "people" in the spirit of transparency of government? We think not.

Jane Aitken

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She supports Glenn Cordelli's attempt to dismantle our public schools

To The Daily Sun,

Perfidious: "not able to be trusted; showing that someone cannot be trusted."

This is part of the title of a letter to the editor in The Laconia Daily Sun on Thursday by Jane Aiken of Bedford, regarding my letter about Glenn Cordelli's extreme position on public education.

Firstly Jane, you spelled my name incorrectly. Your condemnation of my letter is a boon to my campaign so please get my name correct. I would hate to lose votes because of your inability to check your spelling ... or facts.

Jane Aiken is the mouthpiece for the extreme right Tea Party, responsible for the propaganda, conspiracy theories and fear-mongering about everything from public education to regional planning. She is about as extreme in her thinking as anyone can be. Jane has consistently gotten it wrong and is of the belief that local citizen volunteers who comprise the vast majority of all things local, are part of the " conspiracy."

One sentence in her letter pretty much tells it all: "To support the current state of education, a system which is being completely run by outsiders, is to completely and utterly reject any sort of 'local control.'"

I see things very differently and despite her accusations of my being naive or not honest or simply not understanding the perils she and other perceive that we face, I trust our local leaders, volunteers all. They are deep-rooted in our community and always try to do what is best for our schools and children.

She fully supports Glenn Cordelli's extreme position to dismantle our public school system. It is clear that her viewpoints are extreme and do not represent what I hear from constituents in Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro. We are proud of our school systems and the outcomes they have produced. Your irrational fear-mongering, coming to us from Bedford, are not welcome.

Our schools are under our local control Jane. I know all our School Board members. They control our schools.

As a longtime proponent of the right-to-know, who at one time brought suit against the town. I take very strong exception to her assertion that I do not support people having the legal right to make a right-to-know request. She knows that is not true, but in one sentence where she accuses me of "doublespeak" purposely commits it. I wrote on my blog, "Moultonboro Speaks", that I questioned the real motive for Ed Comeau's right-to-know request. Here is what I wrote: "I suspect that his real motivation has more to do with his Free State ideology rather than fulfilling his role a member of the county delegation or even as a private citizen." I never once said or hinted that he did not have the legal right to file the request.

The truth, Jane, is the best antidote for those that practice perfidiousness. (See, I can use big words too!)
And yes, Jane, I am the kind of person people of Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro want to represent them in Concord, I have a long track record in my local town, where I live and have served as a volunteer for many years.

Voters come Nov. 8 have a clear choice: extremism or common sense leadership that will always place the needs of the three towns I will represent ahead of ideology.

We here in Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro know what is best for our towns, Jane. Not you.

Paul Punturieri

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