I will work hard to represent the people of Gilford & Meredith

To The Daily Sun,

I hope now that we are moving on to the General Election that I can still count on your support.

If I win the General Election I will work hard to represent the people of Gilford and Meredith to keep spending (and thus taxes) low and create a friendly business environment which will attract out-of-state businesses and new start-ups which would help provide much needed good paying jobs. I'm also in favor of looking for health care solutions by opening up enrollment to insurance providers from other states. By creating a competitive market prices should decrease and service will increase. We see it in state after state that chooses this route.

I am a firm believer that low spending equals low taxes. Figuring out how to spend money by using realistic figures (instead of projections) will help us budget our state more appropriately and allow us to have real concrete numbers to work with.

The Democrats took our rainy day fund and spent it on pet projects in order to gain more votes for their campaigns. I will promise to do no such thing. You work too hard for your money. There's no need to allow fat cats in Concord to use your money to get themselves re-elected. I promise to do no such thing. The dollars you give me I spend extremely wisely. I plan to do the same if you give me your support in November.

Glen Aldrich
Candidate for State Representative

Belknap County Dist. 2 (Gilford, Meredith)


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Who better than Richard Leonard to serve as our state senator?

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to recommend Richard Leonard for state senator in the upcoming election.

Many of you may not know him but I'm sure he knows you. He's the man you trust with your health needs as a pharmacist at Hannaford's Supermarket in Alton. Today's major issue for all of us is the health care system and health care needs. Richard has years of experience and is behind the scenes and has watched as things have gotten worse and out of control.

He knows when we're in pain, ache, depressed, chronically ill and worse, terminally ill. He treats us discreetly, with care, compassion and knowledge, always mindful of our situations. He knows how the health care system works and does not work. He's had first-hand knowledge in these areas and is dedicated to help correct them where ever possible to bring the best to the citizens he would serve.

Who better to serve in a capacity as state senator than a person who knows our system is in pain, chronically ill and depressed, than your pharmacist. If you trust him with your health, please trust him with your vote on Nov. 4.

Karen Poor


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Loud people on the far right disrupt attempts to hold town halls

To The Daily Sun,

In my opinion, town hall meetings are often disrupted by the far right, loud and boisterous individuals such as the Chicken Man with Senator Sheehan, and/or by the parent who did not like a particular book in school. They all are very loud and disruptive, since this is how they get attention and get the media involved.

It's too bad that partisan politics has gone this far. We should be able to sit down across party lines and work together and town hall meetings are the perfect venue. But, until we do ... God Bless America. So, when you vote this Nov. 4, choose very wisely my friends.

Al Beliveau


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Commissioners didn't want to be constrained by a legal budget

To The Daily Sun,

WGIR reports that a Belknap County budget crisis may impact county employee paychecks. Letters to the Editor claim various impacts because of the budget crisis. Unfortunately some people are confused and don't realize that the blame for this crisis is exclusively that of the Belknap County Commissioners.

The Belknap County Delegates did their job. They assessed the responsibilities of the Belknap County Government, its financial status and requirements, their responsibilities to taxpayers, employees, and citizens, the projected county revenues, and the budget offered by the County Commissioners. Based on their assessment, the Delegation felt it was necessary to exercise their constitutional authority and responsibility to modify the budget proposed by the commissioners. (Budget creation and/or modification and approval is a typical responsibility of the legislatures in representative governments.)

The commissioners, however, didn't want to be constrained by the legal budget passed by the delegation. And, since the commissioners controlled the county checkbook, they spent the taxpayers' money as they wished, illegally moving money from line item to line item, without approval of the delegation. Then they hired lawyers (paid with county taxpayers' money) to provide legal opinions to try to justify their refusal to follow the legally approved budget.

The court dismissed the legal opinions that the commissioners' sought in hopes of bullying the delegation into surrendering their legal and constitutional responsibilities to control the budget. Now line items from which money was illegally taken are running out of money.

The delegation has responded quickly, to continue operations and pay employees, to make up for the commissioners' mismanagement of the budget and illegal spending.

For two years the Belknap County Commissioners and their supporters created a very antagonistic environment in attempt to bully the delegation into abdicating their legal and constitutional responsibilities. The commissioners and their special interest supporters wanted budgets that would force significant current tax increases and would force large additional increases in the future for the $42 million jail with its greatly increased operational expenses.

This budget crisis has impacted delivery of county services, tarnished Belknap County's reputation throughout New Hampshire, and jeopardized employee paychecks. This budget crisis is a direct result of the Belknap County Commissioners' illegal actions.

Don Ewing


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Republicans fixed the state budget before, we can do it again

To The Daily Sun,

The late Democrat Senator Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts once famously said, "You cannot be pro-jobs and anti-business at the same time. You cannot love employment and hate employers"

New Hampshire's Democrat legislators have different ideas. How else to explain the fact that not one of the 130 bills they passed into law down in Concord last session helped New Hampshire businesses? During tough economic times, our Democrats didn't pass a single bill that help businesses think favorably about moving to New Hampshire, creating new jobs, or expanding operations. Despite their campaign promises, they have not focused on "jobs, jobs, jobs."

Instead, our current Democratic legislators focused on increasing spending, increasing taxes, and reducing freedom by giving government the power to decide who can be your doctor and what kind of heath insurance you must have. Note, we didn't say what kind of health insurance you want. They think they know best what you and your family need.

This fits a disturbing pattern. The same priorities existed for a prior Democrat-controlled Legislature. Remember their 100 new fees, fines and taxes? Remember how expensive it got to register your car? Remember the $800 million budget hole? This crop of Democrats are poised to leave us with our state's finances in trouble again.

Vote them out Nov. 4. Vote for personal responsibility. Vote for people who keep their promises. Vote for "jobs, jobs, jobs." We fixed it before. We will fix it again.

Greg Hill for State Rep. (Merrimack District 3)

Carolyn Virtue for State Rep. (Merrimack District 3)

Jason Parent for State Rep. (Merrimack District 26)

Kathy Rago for State Senate (District 7)

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