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Republicans double-speak, avoid issues, mislead & misuse power

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Mr. Boutin, Since you have "fired the first shot" after last weeks' national election I am honor-bound to answer your lopsided views.

Mr. Boutin, I won't hold my breath waiting for McConnell to extend a hand of cooperation. We will just see more of the same knee-jerk criticism of President Obama instead of getting things done in a way that will benefit everyone in the U.S. The GOP should be known as the party of blocking blowhards with lots of money to promulgate their lies and protect their corporate supporters. It is very disappointing and disheartening.

States that went for Republican politicians are basically saying that they like what the GOP hasn't done in Congress since President Obama was first elected. They are climate change deniers. They refuse to work with Democrats. They want to impeach President Obama based on bogus lies. They have sold out to large corporations and 1 percenters. The GOP still wants to repeal the successful and very popular ACA. How in the world did some of these people win? Gerrymandered districts, billions of dollars spent on mind numbing ads full of lies and misleading statements, but most of important of all: Republican supporters who are willing to go to the polls to put their candidates in office no matter how negative their records or promises.

If those rich candidates felt they did not get enough money from the RNC or PACs they were more than willing to waste their own fortunes on their campaigns, in some cases made by tax evasion and gimmicks. I am more than disgusted that this country will not be able to move ahead ... we are sliding into a very dangerous abyss. The GOP winners will now be put on notice to come through with all of the promises they made while campaigning. Oh, wait a minute, they didn't really promise to do much except oppose the president. The president and his policies did not get shellacked. The GOP engineered this voting cycle so only the 'select' would be able to get to the polls in a timely manner. They gerrymandered their districts so a few people could determine the fate of the many. The GOP governors, claiming voter fraud even though it's a made-up problem: created so Republicans could hold down voting by students, seniors and people of color — precisely those who know the fraudulence of the Republican platform. They tinkered with vote by mail, "souls to the polls" and shortened or completely abolished early voting. They "misplaced" thousands of voter registrations, then found them, then said they really weren't lost ... willfully done because oh, by the way, these newly registered people were going to vote for the Democrats.

The GOP made sure that candidates running at every level of government were well primed to say and do the "right thing" until they got elected: saying things directly contradicted by their actions and their past. The current GOP still can't distance themselves from the NRA, secret PACs, Karl Rove, Limbaugh, Beck, FOX, Koch Brothers and other nabobs of negativity. Airwaves and phones were inundated with false, misleading statements about Democratic candidates. Citizens United will continue to be one of the very worst decisions handed down by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court. The GOP is personally responsible for turning off or turning away decent people who would have voted for Democrats in this election cycle. The GOP has accomplished its sinister duty to the nth degree.

Thank you to the Republican and Tea Parties for making our electoral process a mockery and a laughingstock for the rest of the civilized world. I have heard people say that they weren't bothering to go to the polls because there really wasn't a good choice of candidates ... no thanks to the GOP's brainwashing.... We now have a "pig castrator" who will join Graham, Gohmert, Cruz, McConnell, McCain, Issa and others of their kind in Congress to give us what form of governing? That is what scares me more than all of the lies and double-speak.

Boehner has fired the first shot. If the last six years of total non-cooperation on the part of GOPers in Congress with the Obama administration are any barometer for the next two years we need to batten down the hatches ... "Playing with matches" is one of the least productive phrases to use. President Obama has and will continue to do the very best for all Americans. We are not stupid, nor blind or deaf. We know what has happened over these past six years. Obama speaks the truth to us without scare tactics, without lies, without hyperbole. He has not used or abused his power in any shape or form.

GOPers double speak, avoid issues, pass no comprehensive legislation, mislead, misuse their power for ill gotten gains. Repeal the ACA, threaten lawsuits against the President for perceived injustices. They have been motivated solely by their political objectives: the country be damned! They take vacations and time off from their elected sworn duties. Who are we to believe? Tea Party backed, oil and coal owned politicians or President Obama? I am so very proud to say I'm a Democrat who is sickened to watch the GOP, RNC, FOX and The Tea Party or other negative spin misters continually spew their vicious lies.

New Hampshire was one state who did the right thing in re-electing Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)...thank you fellow voters.

Bernadette Loesch


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Thanks to people in Northfield & Franklin who elected me on Nov. 4

To The Daily Sun,

I wish to thank all of the residents of Northfield and Franklin Ward 3, who voted for me on Nov. 4.

In addition, my thanks to the Franklin Dems for all their help and support in the campaign process. Also, special thanks to Suzi and Ron White for opening their house, feeding and shepherding all the people working on the campaigns in the Franklin and Northfield area. Tammy Clark and Lenore Bourdeau for the fiscal aspect to the campaign and word-smithing my articles.

It will be an honor and a privilege to serve all of you in the New Hampshire House these next two years. Voting has always been the key to our democracy. To everyone who voted no matter who you supported I would like to thank you for exercising this most important right.

Deborah Wheeler
State Representative, Merrimack County District 3


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