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Marco Rubio is the most honest and well informed candidate

To The Daily Sun,

The current political campaigns are most interesting and informative. Most amazing is that the richest and most "popular" is also the most dishonest and dangerous: Donald Trump! He should stick to what he does best, real estate buildings, and stay out of politics, which he is by far least qualified for.

It seems that he believes being rich allows him to lie about everyone, except the few who praise him for no reason. Many politicians lie about their competitors, as Trump does, but Trump can't keep his stories straight, so regularly contradicts himself. There's no explaining his popularity. It seems his vanity almost prevents him from speaking without bragging or telling the truth. He will clearly explain that if your parent is an American citizen, then so are you, no matter where born, then in the same sentence say you are not an American if born outside of the USA. His vanity and dishonesty have no limits.

The exact opposite is Marco Rubio, likely the most honest and well informed of all politicians, and best choice to be president of the USA. For New Hampshire, Chris Christy would be great as governor, but, it seems he is locked into New Jersey. (My original home state).

Get out and vote, and save New Hampshire from a Trump disaster. Check out Marco Rubio, the most honest, clear-talking one available.

Jack Stephenson


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How would Pres. Cruz function with entire Congress against him?

To The Daily Sun,

To all you Republican apologists, please stop using Ted Cruz and the U.S. Constitution in the same sentence. Once again, Ted was born in Canada, and as such is not eligible to be president. According to the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1 clearly statest, "No person except a Natural Born Citizen of the United States shall be eligible to the Office of President."

It has always rankled me that the Republicans use this document to beat everyone over the head, but when it comes to adhering to it themselves, well ... there always seems to be an excuse.

One other interesting little tidbit of information that everyone seems to overlook is that the current president doesn't seem to get much through Congress because one party is almost 100 percent united against anything he has to offer with very little exception. Now you propose to elect someone who almost the entire Senate and House of Representatives seems to loathe. So if Ted, the Canadian, does manage to get elected, just how much do you think he will get done when the entire Congress is united against him?

Oh, and ladies, as of the writing of this letter, Carly Fiorina has been excluded from the Republican debate. Why? There is plenty of room on the stage now. She placed better in Iowa than some of the other people on the stage, and her poll numbers indicated she is a contender. Could it be that the way Republicans and the media handle poll numbers, they are using the Republican math, i.e. 2 + 2 = 5 or maybe 6. Or is it perhaps that the old boys don't want any women in the "old boys club?"

To me this stinks. Or is it perhaps that they are afraid she will make fools out of some of them? Maybe that an inconvenient truth may somehow emerge? Ladies, if this somehow comes to pass and she is excluded, why, oh why, would you ever vote Republican?

Martin Kearney


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