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Terribly hypocritical of the governor to veto this state budget

To The Daily Sun,

I have a car. It's a nice car. It's not a luxury car. I don't have leather seats or GPS. But, I have good, reliable transportation. It cost me over $300 to register my car. I don't know about you, but to me, that's a lot. So when the governor vetoes a budget because it doesn't allow for things like getting more revenue by raising my car registration, well, I don't think that's looking out for the people of New Hampshire at all.

The same thing goes for the business profits tax. How many of you own small businesses? I live in Meredith, so I know a lot of people who do. They provide for their families and they create jobs so that others can provide for their families. Shops, restaurants, motels, contractors, realtors, appraisers, the list goes on. The discussion of the tax that aims to tax the big bad businesses taxes those little businesses, too. And speaking of the big bad businesses, shall we talk about the myriad jobs they create and the people who's family's are supported by those jobs, or can we only, in this PC world, concern ourselves with those who have to rely on government support?

I think it's terribly hypocritical of the governor to veto this budget, saying it is unbalanced after she proposed a budget replete with programs funded by a fairy-tail casino gambling windfall that never materialized. Furthermore, a friendly tax environment for all businesses — big or small — will create jobs, keep our young people here and create a natural revenue stream without burdening hardworking, tax paying citizens.

I encourage our representatives in Concord to come together and over-ride this veto so that we can curb some, if not all of this irresponsible spending.

Hillary Seeger

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Republicans & the NRA are keeping the anti-gunners in check

To the Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to The Citizen, Garry Patton of Hampton wants to vote for sensible gun control.

As with most anti-gunners, Mr. Patton points to 19 mass killings that occurred over 10 years. What he doesn't say is how any one of these mass murderers got their weapons. Were they stolen or bought legally? If these killers had no criminal record, no history of mental issues or one of many other factors, a background check wouldn't have prevented any of these murders.

Your president loves to use politics on many of these events. For example, he went to Newtown, Conn., after 27 children and teachers were killed, and most recently to Charleston, S.C., after the Church killings. If he thought it was so important, why didn't he attend any of the 390 people that died from guns in 2014. Also in 2014, there were 2,500 shootings in the home of your president. He will show up anywhere that he feels will get attention to take our guns away.

In the Washington Times Sunday Edition, Aug. 24, 2014, it was reported that Chicago's crime rate dropped as there was increase in concealed carry gun permits.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte keep fighting for the citizens of our country to keep our guns.

We owe it to our Republican Congress and the NRA for keeping your president and other anti-gunners in check.

Years ago during Meredith's Bicentennial Parade a group of men dressed as gangsters carried a sign that said, "Ban Crooks not Guns." As a Second Amendment supporter I can say that is true today.

L. Michael Hatch


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