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We're not Meredith, Gilford or Concord; we're much less affluent

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Mr. Persson for responding to my letter regrading school budgets and I was very glad to see you took up my idea of showing graphs to make a point.
The point is well taken. Laconia has less money to spend than Meredith, Gilford, and Concord. That is a given. They are much more affluent than we are. So, the question is, why don't we override the tax cap to pay our teachers more?
Fortunately, the City Council is looking out for the whole city and all its departments. As my graph showed, the school's share of money hit the top of the chart, in comparison to all other city departments. Of course, we could cut out a couple firefighters and/or police officers or perhaps skip doing the roads. But, are they not as important? If we override the tax cap just for the teachers, what would the unions for these other departments want? It would be a never ending battle that in the end hurts everyone. In our country, people are free to search out what is best for them and there will always be better jobs for top people.

To override the cap would only increase the taxes. As we both pointed out, there are more people unable to do this and the burden would fall on the few.
We are not Meredith, Gilford or Concord. We are a much less affluent city and the need is for new business and a greater percentage of the tourist business.
Brenda Baer

Councilor, Ward 4,


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The majority of Americans don't let politics rule their lives

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Wiles wrote Tuesday, July 5, that President Obama and every other Democrat in the country doesn't want to give us the opportunity to feel good about ourselves or feel patriotic. I think he needs to get out of the bomb shelter he's living in because I and most Americans just had one hell of a Fourth of July.

And who's not feeling good about themselves? Maybe you. I feel good, and I'm pretty sure that most Americans are. This country has its flaws, and we're by no means perfect, but the majority of us don't let politics rule our lives. You use words like "alleged" when you talk about articles you read, but then you take what you've read as fact. Most everyone else knows that if it's alleged it can't be factual.

Honestly, in the year or so that I've been reading your letters you have never written one word that has been positive. Have you ever thought about looking for all the positive things in the world today? Maybe you should. They won't be hard to find. Times in this country aren't the best they've ever been, but they sure aren't the worst.

With an outlook like yours how could you not think that things will only get worse. Most of us though don't have your outlook. The United states of America is still the best country in the world and always will be. For some reason all you want to do is bash on it. It's not all bad, you know. You live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, where year after year people come from all over to enjoy all the natural beauty that it offers. How can you not be enjoying it.

All you have to say is that someone is trying to take it all away from us. Enough is enough Russ. You're bringing us down. Don't worry, be happy. Or at least don't be so @#$% negative!

Todd Welch


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