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This administration has a death plan for us and our country

To The Daily Sun,

Death Notice: Ours!

Do we prefer not to be advised by our doctor of their diagnostic expectation of our remaining life span? Given the extent of many illnesses, is this why we refuse to acknowledge that this administration has a death plan for us and our country?

Regardless of your attitude to this threat we have arrived again at 1776 — the only possible answer to 2014.

Ward H. Flanders



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Hannaford employees brought out umbrellas to keep customers dry

To The Daily Sun,

Some people are just better at what they do than are their competitors. On Sunday, the 27th, we stopped at Hannaford's in Gilford to pick up a few needed items.

As we were leaving, the skies opened up with a very heavy downpour, and patrons gathered under the overhang, hoping for the rains to diminish. Quickly, there appeared a cadre of Hanaford's employees with large umbrellas, ready to escort the shoppers to their cars and to place their groceries in their automobiles. We availed ourselves of such help and offered a little gratuity to the young man for his helpful kindness ... and he graciously smiled and said he couldn't accept any monetary thanks.

There's an old adage that people buy from people they trust. In this case, people buy from people they trust to help keep them and their groceries as dry as possible.

Our thanks to Hannaford's.

Bob Meade

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I am calling on your generosity to fill our Alton food shelves again

To The Daily Sun,

Alton Community Services recently held its board of directors meeting. Pastor Larry Adams name was removed from the directors as he has moved out of state. Other board members include Pastor Sam Huggard, Hazel Potter, Peter Bolser, Jay Mehan, Dale Schaeffner, officers include Dorothye Wentworth - Director, Amy McDonald - Assistant Director, Diane Eagles - Director of Volunteers, Sandy Wyatt - President, Paul Monzione - Vice President, Jean Stone - Treasurer, and Purr Whalley - Secretary.

The Boy Scouts has offered to renovate a closet for us to use for storage.

We are reviewing our by-laws and updating the wording. This will continue for our fall meeting.

It has been rewarding for so much generosity you have given us, our success depends on you. I must take advantage of your generosity again by asking you for non-perishable items as our shelves are diminishing. A notice of availability of our services went home to all the "back pack" children from school. We haves see some of the families, but we would like to see more. I'm calling on your generosity to fill our shelves again. You may leave donations at Maxwell Realty, Profile Bank, Alton Home & Lumber, or Ice Out Consignments at The Bay.

Dorothye Wentworth




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Thanks to Fish & Game officer for easing the pain of one old crow

To The Daily Sun,

Back on July 3rd I saw one of my least favorite birds (a crow) sitting on a branch extending out over my bird feeder. Later that evening I noticed he was still there, a closer viewing showed his leg was caught between the branches and he was unable to free himself. He frequently flapped his wings to try to free himself. He was too high up for for any rescue effort by us. A heavy windstorm came that evening and did not free him. He was in real trouble. The next morning we called the Fish and Game who, despite being a holiday, sent down a very capable individual — Chris Braison. We borrowed a long extension ladder that Chris was able to climb and cut off the tree limb. The bird had a lengthily piece of fishing line trapped around his legs and the tree limb. Chris was very personable and explained to my grandchildren what he was doing and where he was taking the bird for healing purposes.

A good job. Thank you Fish and Game and thanks Chris for going out on a limb and easing the pain of "one old crow".

Shirely & Hank Hayes


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I witnessed firsthand how vets are treated by their own government

To The Daily sun,

It was like a MASH unit inside the LRGH emergency room last Wednesday. They worked on me out in the hallway. There were plenty of doctors and staff around; just a lot of really sick people in need that day. I got to my private room in the ER in no time, you know the ones with the pull curtains, and for the next five hours it was nonstop.

The first guy to come in next to me was in so bad a shape they had to "medflight" him out. The next guy to come in was a local veteran with 22 years of service, wounded twice in the line of duty. His wife told me he received a Bronze Star and suffers badly from post traumatic stress. He had fallen and broken his hip that morning. Maybe that's because he's been waiting two years for the VA to schedule the knee replacement that he needs.

As we were talking, the doctor came in and told the veteran's wife that her husband needs surgery and has to be taken to the VA in Boston or Vermont, and by the way, we just got off the phone with the VA they will not pay for him to be transported. They will have to pay out of pocket.

After the doctor left I lay there not wanting to look at my heart monitor, for I could not believe what I just heard. I'm sure every disabled vet with kids has 800 bucks just lying around. As I was getting discharged this vet's wife told me he goes through this crap all the time with the VA all the time.

I wish someone would write to the papers, she said to me, about how these vets are treated.

Ma'am, I hope you approve.

Tom Sellew

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