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Bicycle Exchange needs help identifying & applying for grants

To The Daily Sun,

The demand for adult men's bikes is high. There is an urgent need for more men's bikes in working condition. Pick-up can be arranged.

The Bicycle Exchange has a new website: www.labe.bike.

The Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire (BWA-NH) has approved the Memorandum of Understanding. The purpose of this MOU is to establish Laconia Area Bicycle Exchange as a Fiscally Sponsored Project of BWA-NH as of June 2, 2014, and to set forth the principles and guidelines that will govern the project. Visit their webpage at http://www.bwanh.org/

Anyone who can help with locating and applying for grants and funding is welcomed to contact me directly. There is a grant available from CNHBC; 2014 Community Bicycle Grants $5,000 available for local cycling projects.

John P. Rogers

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Redskin controversy gets more attention than Sgt. Tahmoorassi

To The Daily Sun,

I just read on the Fox News website that there is a double standard between Mexico and the United States.

I knew there was one with illegal immigration. Mexico does not tolerate illegal immigration at all. Anyone illegally caught crossing their southern border is deported or detained.

When illegals cross into our country, well, we are supposed to do nothing and give them citizenship along with all the benefits.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been in jail for about three months for mistakenly crossing the border with guns. He has to go before a judge to see if the court will give him his freedom.

In the past 10 years more than 500 incidents have occurred with Mexican military and police have crossed the border with weapons. Some were detained but it is not known how long. Did they ever go before a U.S. judge to be allowed back to Mexico? Somehow I do not think so.

The Marine Corps is trying to help. Tahmooressi's mother has hired a lawyer to help her son.

I do not hear or read of anything about the White House doing anything to get Mexico to free Tahmooressi. Our president has said more about the Washington Redskins controversy than the imprisonment of Sgt. Tahmooressi.

What is happening to our country? All countries are walking all over us. And we just let them.

Linda Riley


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Time to reduce administrative costs for Gilmanton schools

To The Daily Sun,

Attention Gilmanton taxpayers. Now is the moment to further reduce our tax burden by reducing the administrative costs of our public school system. I have lived in Gilmanton for almost 20 years and all of the following statements are my opinion alone.

I'm sure many of you have noticed that the building that houses our SAU office at 9 Currier hill Rd is for sale. I've never quite understood why we're leasing a very fancy and very expensive office for our part time SAU superintendent. I remember when the SAU had a small and cost-effective office in the town hall. I also don't understand why our part time SAU superintendent requires very pricey full-time assistants, employees and consultants. I have been examining this situation for about five years and the cost is outrageous and it is a total waste of the taxpayers money.

I have also noticed that there have been some serious security problems at the SAU office over the years that never would have happened if the SAU were housed in a municipal building. I certainly don't want don't to find we have to lay off teachers or cut back on supplies for our school children because we refuse to cut back on administrative costs. So, I say this is the perfect time to move the SAU back to the town hall or perhaps to our one and only public school. I'm sure that our part-time SAU superintendent could be well served by a part-time (and reasonably priced) secretary. Let's face it, we only have eight grades in one school building — there's no need to spend all this money on our SAU.

The 10 percent tax decrease that Gilmanton taxpayers are currently enjoying is an excellent start. But we need to trim the tax rate a lot more so lets start with the SAU.

Lois Kapplain


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Don't prejudge Interlakes Summer Theater by its location

To The Daily Sun,

Pleasant surprises are everywhere in the Lakes Region. I experienced one of them Sunday afternoon. I was invited to watch an informal "run through" of "Godspell" at the Interlakes Theatre in Meredith. This musical is based on the Gospel according to the writings of St. Matthew.

Now for those, like me, who aren't theater savvy, the "run through" is a bare-bones production, putting all the individual rehearsed pieces together. It doesn't include any special lighting, sound enhancements, painted sets or makeup. When the show actually opens it will include all those things. The "run through" did include professional actors with dynamic voices and energetic dance
numbers. Yes, professional!

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much. After all, this theater company performs in a high school auditorium. To my amazement the location had nothing to do with the huge talent of the performers. Before I realized it I was tapping my foot to the music and a feeling of joy overcame me. The musical's message is familiar. The actors bring it to life with great feeling and emotion.

My visit made me realize I had made judgments based on location. I'm writing this letter to encourage all of you not to make the same mistake I did. Take advantage of what Interlakes Summer Theatre has to offer. Professional actors from New York City on a high school auditorium stage will convert you to be a believer too. You don't need to drive to Boston or fly to New York. Everything
is right here in the beautiful Lakes Region. Aren't we lucky?

Ann Layman

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Boring it may be but citizens need to get informed on jail issue

To The Daily Sun,

Diatribe: a bitter, abusive renunciation. My last letter with regard to jail planning was not meant to abuse anyone but to state how the process has been manipulated to a calculated end, that of the Ricci Greene proposal. Please refer to Hunter Taylor's careful research of alternatives should you desire more information.

For rhetoric to be persuasive, it should avoid excess, either in praise or in negativity. Rep. Huot, as is customary, fails to persuade in his letter to The Sun dated June 24. I disagree with the methodology of the jail planning committee and consider the three million dollar bond proposal one more step in a preconceived direction. This conclusion is based on my own knowledge, opinion and the opinions of many constituents; it is certainly not based on bias or animus and for Rep. Huot to suggest otherwise undermines his credibility.

It is true that Belknap County government is dysfunctional. From the very beginning of this biennium, the commissioners and executive branch
have disrespected the delegation and its power to appropriate public funds. That power has been under constant attack, most recently by the
county administrator at the June 3 jail planning committee meeting when she expressed the desire that only those who are "stakeholders" have a voice in jail planning. John Q. Public and the delegation are stakeholders, inconvenient as that may be for commissioners and the administration. This power was further degraded by Rep. Huot's comments at the June 16 meeting to consider issuance of a bond. He described the convention as lacking any broad legislative authority. The county delegation as a rubber stamp would appear to suit Rep. Huot's views of its duty to appropriate funds.

Rep. Huot states that he does not wish to bore his readers, a rare courtesy extended by the honorable gentleman and one which he has been known to honor in the breach. I am afraid that boring though it may be, our citizenry will need to become informed about this vital issue which affects everyone in the county. The alternative is to add five million dollars a year to the county tax bill, not for one year but for every year going forward.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5



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