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100 years ago this month, Henry Ford doubled wages of his workers

To The Daily Sun,

In reaction to the President Obama's State of the Union speech, Speaker of the House, John Boehner went on TV and said, "I appreciate the president's comments but Mr. President, "Where are the jobs? This would be a perfectly logical question if Mr. Boehner and his party had even considered the president's $447 billion American Jobs Act.

Ironically, the rejected bill contained many bipartisan ideas to increase jobs, including:
1. A 50 percent cut (to 3.1 percent) in payroll taxes for employers;
2. Elimination of all payroll taxes on newly hired workers;
3. Help for entrepreneurs and small business with access to capital;
4. Employers get $5,600 Returning Home Tax Credit for each veteran hired;
5. Invest $35 billion to keep teachers, cops and firefighters on the job;
6. Modernize schools, roads, rails and airports;
7. Expand job retraining to reflect the modern economy.

The Republicans not only voted against the bill, but were able to get a handful of Democrats to go along. To further add insult to injury, these Republican stalwarts for Free Enterprise came up with their own jobs plan. Guess what was their number one idea?

Yes, you guessed it. Repeal the new health care law. Also included was an elimination of rules and regulations affecting businesses and the EPA. They also threw in the Keystone Pipeline and cutting taxes for oil companies How's that for a jobs plan?

Do you agree with Boehner and honestly believe he has a good alternative plan to the American Jobs Act? Well, Mr. Boehner and his friends apparently don't care what you think.

Republicans in Congress only care about voting against the president and limiting the scope of government. They constantly rage against minimum wage, collective bargaining, unemployment insurance, and food stamps. They see no role for the government in job training, education or increasing the earning power of workers.

As someone, who ran a corporation for nearly 30 years, I realize that labor is a business expense that affects profit margins. Automation, computer technology and outsourcing have devastated good jobs but have significantly increased worker productivity. Large numbers of employees are no longer needed to run a business. The president is trying to create jobs by encouraging innovation and the creation of new industries, including alternative energy and new health initiatives.

Years ago, "moderate" Republicans understood that cutting the taxes on the affluent was not sufficient in boosting the entire economy. Economists tell us that the key to success is a substantial increase in consumer spending. This can only be achieved when low income, middle class and the wealthy have discretionary money to buy the goods and services of our economy.

One hundred years ago this month, Henry Ford doubled the wage of his workers to five dollar a day. He was immediately attacked by his fellow business leaders, and some Republicans as "a socialist" who will wreck the auto industry, as well as the economy. Ford, who certainly was no socialist, but the most innovative business leader of his time, replied, "You can't impoverish your customers. If I pay my workers a decent wage they'll have money to buy my cars."

It's been a hundred years, and the Republicans still have not gotten the message. If a political party really wants to help business it should work to increase the purchasing power of all of our citizens. You don't have to be a progressive Democrat to understand that if a business is selling a product, and its potential customers only have money to spend on essentials, like food, housing and medical expenses, they will not have any money to buy that product.

Let's be honest, the goal of today's Republican Party is not the growth of jobs or the increase in the wealth of workers. Since winning the House in 2010, Republicans have tried to deny President Obama the ability to get anything done. These "psuedo-patriotic" demagogues pray for a return to recession and 2008's mass unemployment, the perfect recipe for a Republican landslide in November.

Do you and your family really look forward to this prospect?

Nick Vazzana

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We've been warned that security on Obamacare website is lacking

To The Daily Sun,

Hmmmm... Let me see if I understand this correctly. Several business leaders had to appear before Congress this week to explain how their customer's credit card info was hacked. They were also expected to tell what they are doing to prevent it from happening again.
Now this is the same Congress that passed the Affordable Care Act, without knowing what was in it or what effect it would really have on the American people. They have also been warned recently that security for the website is a failure and that people using it are taking a leap of faith that their private info will not be compromised.
So, who will Congress appear before should the government site be hacked and citizen's personal info stolen? Who will ask them how it happened, especially now that they have been warned?

"Those in glass houses..." people. They have also been warned recently that security for this web site is a failure and that anyone using it is taking a chance that their private info could be compromised.
So, who will Congress appear before should the government site be hacked and citizen's personal and private information stolen? Who will ask them how this could happen, especially now that they have been warned?
"Those who live in glass houses..."

Ken Knowlton

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World community is largely unfriendly to concept of gun ownership

To The Daily Sun,

It has been very confusing to me when readers of this paper mention the U. N. Arms Trade Treaty or the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. After much research, I have found that the exact title is ATT or U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which regulates the international trade in conventional arms, from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships.

According to the U.N. Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA): "The treaty will foster peace and security by putting a stop to destabilizing arms flows to conflict regions. It will prevent human rights abusers and violators of the law of war from being supplied with arms. And it will help keep warlords, pirates, and gangs from acquiring these deadly tools."

UNODA claims the treaty will not interfere with domestic arms commerce or the right to bear arms in its member states; ban the export of any type of weapon; harm the legitimate right to self-defense; or undermine national arms regulation standards already in place all weapons—including all military, security and police arms, related equipment and ammunition, components, expertise, and production equipment.
Anti-gun treaty proponents claim the treaty would have no impact on American gun owners. That's not true. For example, the treaty includes export/import controls that would require officials in an importing country to collect information on the "end user" of a firearm, keep the information for 20 years, and provide the information to the country from which the gun was exported. In other words, if you bought a Beretta shotgun, you would be an "end user" and the U.S. government would have to keep a record of you and notify the Italian government about your purchase. That is gun registration. If the U.S. refuses to implement this data collection on law-abiding American gun owners, other nations might be required to ban the export of firearms to the U.S.
If international registration is required, then foreign governments would have knowledge of every (foreign) gun owner in the country, and have the right to regulate arms imports and exports, conceivably allowing for the barring of import or export of certain classes of firearms to and from the U.S.
How does this violate our constitutional rights? Article VI of our Constitution states that all treaties made, along with the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land.
From what I have read, I don't think the treaty steps on our Second Amendment rights YET. But what happens is the baby steps the U.N. is taking to eventually have one World Government, and having control of our guns is a step in that direction. The international community is largely unfriendly to the American concept that firearms ownership is a right and that government is not only allowed to permit such a right, it is duty-bound to uphold and protect that right.
Jeanne Shaheen recently voted to ratify our part of the treaty. If you think she shouldn't have, please let her know.

Peggy Graham

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Year-Round Library patrons have access to statewide book network

To The Daily Sun,

Some may think access to information, books and even DVDs is limited to what we have available at the Gilmanton Year-Round Library. We're certainly proud of what we have. But, did you know that through our connection with the N.H. State Library, the residents in our small town actually have access to almost all library materials in the entire state?

It isn't possible for any one library to contain all the books its patrons might want or need. By sharing resources, libraries who participate in the State of New Hampshire's inter-library loan system can offer their patrons much greater options in borrowing materials.

Here's how it works. If you can't find what you're looking for when you browse the stacks at the Gilmanton Year-Round Library, ask one of the librarians to check to see if the item is part of the collection. If it isn't, you may request to borrow the book, movie, music CD or audiobook as an "ILL".

A few frequently asked questions: How much does using this service cost? Nothing! It is absolutely free for Gilmanton Year-Round Library patrons.

How long will it take for my book (movie, music CD, audiobook) to come in? Items generally take one to two weeks to arrive, depending on the location of the lending library. A librarian will call you when your requested items arrive. Simply pick them up at your earliest convenience.

How long can I keep the materials? It depends on the rules of the lending library, but generally, three to four weeks.
Using this system can be a great cost cutting measure, not only for individuals, but for home-schooling families and educators as well.

Last year alone the Gilmanton Year-Round Library lent over one thousand items to participating libraries' patrons and our patrons requested AND RECEIVED nearly five hundred items in the same time frame. We hope to count you too as a satisfied user of the inter-library loan system soon!

Board of Directors

Gilmanton Year-Round Library

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No endorsement could speak louder than that from Ray's family

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing to encourage all area residents to attend the upcoming Debate Forum with candidates Michael Cryans (D) and Joseph Kenney (R), who are vying for the open Executive Council position in District One. The Forum will be held on Tuesday, February 11th at 6 p.m. in the Meredith Community Center. The Forum will be moderated by Liz Tentarelli, co-president of the League of Women Voters of N.H. The snow date is Tuesday, February 18, same time and place.

The 5-member Executive Council serves an important role in the active management of the business of our state. They have the authority and responsibility, together with the governor, over the administration of the affairs of the state as defined in the N.H. Constitution, the N.H. statutes, and the advisory opinions of the N.H. Supreme Court and the Attorney General.
Residents of District One have been fortunate to be represented by Ray Burton (R) for 34 years. Since his passing, Burton has been lauded, by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, for his congenial non-partisan approach to state politics and his willingness to compromise. We are fortunate to have a candidate running to fill the seat that emulates Ray's approach to politics. Michael Cryans, Democrat from Hanover, has served as a Grafton County Commissioner for 16 years alongside Ray Burton who also served as a Grafton County Commissioner. In fact, Mr. Burton endorsed Mr. Cryans in the 2012 Grafton County election. Now, Mr. Cryans has received the joint endorsement of the Ray Burton's three siblings. This past weekend they said that Mike Cryans is the most qualified candidate to follow in their brother's footsteps to represent District One. While two of his siblings are Republicans and one a Democrat, they are unanimous in their endorsement of Cryans over his Republican challenger Joe Kenney. Burton's sister noted "I cannot think of a more qualified individual to fill his seat than Mike Cryans. I have no doubt that he will put the needs of his constituents first and come to Concord to provide full services as a public servant. Mike knows there is a lot work to do and he will get it done." Another said "There is little doubt that my brother Ray left big shoes to fill, but I am confident that Mike Cryans is the man to succeed him. He has a deep understanding of District One and the issues facing its residents. Mike is someone who listens to the concerns of his constituents and will follow through on their issues. I know he will make an excellent executive councilor." Ray's brother added "Now we must 'look north' and elect someone who will continue to advocate for northern N.H. residents. That person is Mike Cryans. Intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated to serving the needs of others, Mike will never forget the residents of District One."

No endorsements could speak louder then those that came from Burton himself and now from his family who knew him best and the things he valued most. These endorsements are loud, clear and importantly non-partisan; I hope the residents of District One hear them. Come and meet Mike on February 11th at the Debate Forum and vote Cryans on March 11th.
Denise Doyle


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