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Great response to Meredith Altrusa's request for outerwear donations

To The Daily Sun,

Neighbors helping neighbors is indeed what it's all about! Altrusa's recent request for community donations of warm winter outerwear for school families was a huge success. Teresa McCormack, school nurse at I-LES, was very pleased (and scrambling for storage space) when box after box and bag after bag of over 220 items of warm outerwear were delivered by Altrusa committee members to Teresa's office for the Oct. 21 Inter-Lakes Elementary School clothing distribution day.

Altrusa would like to thank those donors who generously donated coats, ski pants, hats, scarves, mittens and gloves. What a delight to open bag after bag of brand new hand knit matching winter hats, mittens and scarves. The I-LES playground will be a delight of color when children don these beautiful and warm hand-knit items.

Special thanks to Jacqueline Taylor, financial advisor, and Kathleen Swanson, branch office administrator, of the Edward Jones Investments Office, 14 Main St., Meredith, and Carrie Jordan, AVP Branch and Business Development Manager at Meredith Village Savings Bank, Route 25, Meredith. Their immediate response and generous offer to be clothing drop-off locations made it very convenient for donor drop off and Altrusa pick up throughout the drive.

To learn more about Altrusa and how we partner with other local organizations to help our community, see our website at www.altrusameredithnh.org. Altrusa International of Meredith is a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit.

Carol Gerken

Sylvia Detscher
Altrusa International Club of Meredith

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Here are four Democratic candiates i especially recommend

To The Daily Sun,

Three candidates I especially recommend: Maggie Hassan for U. S. Senator, Cherie Willoughby Dennard for County Commissioner (Belknap District 2), Ian Raymond for State Rep (Belknap District 4).

On Oct. 28 the New York Times endorsed Maggie Hassan for U.S. Senator, with eight paragraphs of reasons. Her strengths: expanding Medicaid, cutting business taxes and achieving a low 3 percent jobless rate, support of the Affordable Care Act, abortion rights, and understanding climate changes' importance.

She is called, "a pragmatist who is more attuned to Granite State voters' needs than to party politics." She opposes President Obama's plan to close Guantanamo Bay prison and takes a harder line on immigration. I appreciate that she sticks to it, persists.

Cherie Willoughby Dennard needs your vote to serve as county commissioner for Barnstead, Belmont, Gilmanton, and Tilton. Mrs. Dennard is a small-business owner, operating Willoughcraft Drums in Belmont. She understands finances. That is a huge qualification, given the difficulties our county commission experienced the current term. (Mrs. Dennard would be succeeding Richard Burchell, whose term expires).

Ian Raymond of my town, Sanbornton, asks to be returned to Concord as a state representative, Belknap District 4, including Sanbornton and Tilton. Ian served admirably/actively in 2012-14. He is endorsed by N.H. AFL-CIO, SEA/SEIU1984, N.H.-American Federation of Teachers, Sierra Club, as well as the Teamsters. He has been recognized by the Audubon Society for legislation he co-sponsored regarding pipeline safety and safe transport of volatile fuels. He chaired our town's Energy Committee from 2008-12, helping with energy-efficiency decisions and measures instituted by our town. For his alma matter, Winnisquam High School, he did the research and the grant application process (for $1.2 million) to convert to a wood chips heating system also serving the middle school, with great financial savings. With his work, the project came in with no additional burden on our three towns' taxpayers.

Nov. 8 is voting Tuesday. I hope all make the time to show up and vote — Hassan, Dennard, Raymond are all very good Democratic-party choices, among others.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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