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Rosemary Landry's already up to speed & ready to contribute

To The Daily Sun,

I am very pleased to endorse Rosemary Landry for Meredith selectman. Rosemary is a tireless worker for safety, individual rights, and effective, efficient government.

Two or her recent efforts are her work to bring attention to the need to repair the Meredith Neck Road and her efforts to ensure full evaluation of the three traffic circle proposal. The evaluation of the three traffic circle proposal disclosed that, despite some potential benefits, it would delay the responsiveness of our firefighters in an emergency, disrupt Meredith traffic for several months during construction, wouldn't solve the Meredith congestion problem, and would most likely delay a real solution to Meredith's congestion problem.
Rosemary has been a regular at selectmen's meetings, occasionally providing input to the board, and informing the public when needed.

Considering that four of the five Selectman positions need to be filled, it is a relief to know that at least one candidate is up to speed on town issues and ready to contribute.

Please join me on March 10 in voting for Rosemary Landry for Meredith selectman to ensure the smooth continuation of town business.

Don Ewing

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I'll move to make Dave DeVoy chairman of Belknap Commission

To The Daily Sun,

Less than a month ago, I was selected by the Belknap County Convention to fill the vacancy for representative of the 3rd District on the Belknap County Board of Commissioners. At the time, I believed my appointment would end my two-year career as a letter writer/critic of county government.

While not eager to give up the joys of retirement time, I undertook the appointment with enthusiasm.

I campaigned hard for both Dick Burchell and Dave DeVoy and I considered Dick Burchell a close personal friend. I looked forward to joining their team, chaired by Dick Burchell, and seeking with them to improve our county government. Unfortunately, I very quickly discovered there was no team.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners is to prepare and propose a budget to the County Convention. This is the important first step in the process whereby the convention, after reviewing the commissioners' proposed budget, prepares the final budget for the county.

When neither Commissioner DeVoy nor I would agree in advance of the process to cutting certain employee positions Commissioner Burchell wished to cut, he refused to participate with us in the budget process. Our deliberations started with the convention's substantial trimming and refinement of the original budget proposed by the former commissioners; Commissioner DeVoy and I then proceeded from the former commissioners' proposed budget as modified by the convention. Mr. Burchell is now critical of the proposed budget that our deliberations produced, but he neither heard the deliberations nor contributed his thinking to the process. In short, the commissioner who had been selected to chair the Commission refused to be part of the team in addressing its first important responsibility.

The chairman needs both to be part of the team and to have the temperament to lead the team through the differences of opinion that inevitably arise.

For this reason, with considerable disappointment and regret, I will, at the next commissioners' meeting, move to reorganize the Belknap County Board of Commissioners. If that motion passes, I will nominate Dave DeVoy to chair the board.

Hunter Taylor


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