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Liberals can't comprehend difference between opinion & lie

To The Daily Sun,
Starting out this week in The Sun, it appears I've been taken out to the wood shed once again by letters from Henry Osmer and L.J. Siden. Henry asks, what I have ever done for America? Well gee Henry, I'm sorry, but I just don't have a great long list of sterling accomplishments to present to you. The sorry fact is that I am very average, much like millions and millions of other average Americans. I have never done anything of great merit nor have I done anything of great disrepute. I'm just average, so by that measure do you judge that I have no right to an opinion or more importantly no right to express my opinions? Seems that tends to be the general feeling I get from you and many others on the left.
L.J. Siden appears to share a trait with Bernadette Loesch and others on the left — they fail to comprehend the difference between an opinion and a lie. Anyone who dares disagree with them must be lying. They allow for no other possibilities and in most instances they attribute this to racism. It's all nonsense of course.
L.J. makes his case that no one is trying or would be able to deny Americans their 2nd amendment rights, yet just a couple of months ago Diane Feinstein, on a Sunday morning TV show, said if she had the votes it would be turn them in Mr. and Mrs. America. She was talking about our guns, not big gulp drinks.
We have seen Obama's practice of circumventing Congress, selectively failing to enforce federal laws, stonewalling congressional hearings, violating laws and the civil rights of American people, using the power of federal agencies to harass and intimidate political opponents and generally acting like a potentate rather then the president of a republic. Because I point out these and other things L.J. labels my opinions as lies. He can't deny the facts of Obama's record so he resorts to the standard tactic of the left, character assassination. How pathetic.
Steve Earle

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Low skilled immigrants pay less in taxes than value of benefits

To the editor,
Let's be frank, our politicians are trying to force Comprehensive Immigration Reform down our throats because it benefits the politicians themselves, even though it hurts most Americans.
With 20 million unemployed or underemployed Americans, we don't need the low skilled, poorly educated immigrant workers who flood this labor pool driving down wages and taking jobs Americans desperately need.
They tell us this cheap immigrant labor keeps prices down, for example, that immigrants provide us with cheap lettuce and apples because Americans won't pick fruits and vegetables for the average farm worker pay of about $8.65 per hour.
But many Americans already work at the current wages, so many more unemployed or underemployed Americans would take jobs held by illegals if the jobs paid more. Employers would have to pay more if the labor market was not flooded with low skilled (immigrant) workers. Labor is only about 10 percent of the produce cost so doubling farm labor pay would provide a decent income to workers at only a minor cost to consumers. (Small compared to the food stamp program cost for each net income tax payer of about $1066/year.)
The worst cost of illegal immigration is that many Americans are victims of accidents and violent crimes committed by people who shouldn't even be here. The next worst cost is probably to the poverty, depression and dependency that harms so many low skilled Americans because of illegal aliens. But, let's consider the financial cost of this "cheap" labor.
Each average illegal immigrant household receives approximately $16,000 more in benefits that it pays in taxes (legal immigrants receive more). Assuming two workers per household, that works out to about $4/hour. In addition, Americans, who lose jobs to illegal workers, receive various unemployment and welfare benefits that average about $30,000. That is a cost to the taxpayer of about $14.50 per hour.
Adding the above, the true cost of allowing a farmer to hire cheap illegal workers is $27.15 per hour, not just the $8.65 paid by the farmer. Even $27.15 understates the real cost. It doesn't include the cost due to depressed wages, the cost of imprisoning violent criminal immigrants, and the cost of property stolen by illegal alien criminals; I don't know how to estimate these and other real costs.
The low wages paid to illegal workers allow farmers and other employers to earn big profits. Portions of those profits go to taxes and to influence politicians to continue taxing other Americans to subsidize their businesses.
A recent study by the OECD says that immigrants, all together, annually cost American taxpayers $140,000,000,000 more than they pay in taxes. High skilled immigrants pay more taxes than they receive in benefits. Low skilled workers take far more in benefits than they pay in taxes. The Senate's Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill will allow 7 unskilled immigrants for every high skilled immigrant worker, thus this bill will create a huge additional cost for American taxpayers.
The beneficiaries of the Senate's Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill will be politicians, employers, and special interest groups. The claims they are making are intended to deceive us. We'd be stupid to believe their promises again. The vast majority of the American people will continue to be victimized by immigrant criminals, competition from surplus and illegal labor that lowers wages or takes our jobs, and from increased taxation to subsidize rich people and benefit the politicians.
Call, write, or e-mail Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and your congresswoman and demand that they oppose this Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. Tell them to just enforce current immigration laws.
Don Ewing

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Need to go back to recognizing bicycle riders as pedestrians

To The Daily Sun,
Back during WWII, gas rationing led to many people riding bikes, and too many accidents. The quick cure was to recognize that bikes are more like pedestrians than cars, so should ride on left side of the road facing auto traffic, so they can see and avoid danger from cars and trucks. That worked excellently.
Sometime later, the insanity of treating bike riders as cars got established, resulting in many deaths and injuries.
The path of a bike is highly unpredictable, since steering is also a part of balancing. The slower they go the more unpredictable the path.
Let's all spread the word and get government to correct the rules to make bike riding Safe!
Jack Stephenson

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With emphasis on school sports, we will slip further behind

To The Daily Sun,
Laconia High School students continues to fail at math. Their proficiency level is stalled at about 22 percent. The same level prevails across the state. This dismal average has continued year after year with no discernible effort made to improve our students ability to compete! (None that has had any record of success!) This seeming indifference is over-shadowed by the school's emphasis on games and sports. (Look at the trophies in the lobby.) Plainly put, this constitutes a grievous misconception that this prevailing inequity can continue even as we struggle to gain employment in a world market-place!
We have a fatal attraction to games that puts academic achievement in near limbo status! Scholastic success doesn't have anywhere near the acclaim, attention and euphoria generated on the playing fields and courts .Do we ever have a banquet or parade for classroom achievement? Most of the young boys playing football on the new state-of-the-art field cannot pass mathematics or science exams! Does that make any sense whatsoever?
We are not competitive with Asians, they will garner the high-tech jobs, and unless we make a drastic changes in our evaluation, we will slip further behind most industrial nations as we become a service-oriented country on a much lower wage scale!
Unless we bite-the-bullet and admit we are haphazard and indifferent to meaningful change in education, we may, in future years, be dominated by elitist-military corporations that further divide people into two classes: the poor and ignorant and the wealthy!
Leon R. Albushies

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Plan presented for a new county jail is simply not affordable

To The Daily Sun,
It will be interesting to see what the candidates for mayor of Laconia will have to say if they are asked about support for a new county prison. After being a part of a slug-fest over a mere 1.3 million dollar increase in the 2013 budget, it should be interesting to see how an increase of over five million dollars a year, every year into the foreseeable future, will play out.
One of the presenters Monday night, Laura Maiello, is quoted as citing a 'high rate of recidivism" as one reason to support the proposed new prison. What was glossed over was that most new incarcerations are not because of the commission of a new crime but because of violations of parole or probation. As the commissioners noted, the county rate of recidivism as actually on the decline. In other jurisdictions, community based parole and probation is supervised by a district attorney, which has led to successful outcomes. Perhaps we should consider the abilities of our own capable county attorney and examine this approach.
It is troubling that the new state prison for women has a cost authorization of thirty-eight million dollars for 224 beds, or less than $169,000 a bed, while the proposed new county prison would have a cost of at least $236,000 per bed.
Perhaps there is a need to expand and renovate the existing prison but the plan which was presented is unaffordable. We need to have an unbiased assessment of the existing physical plant before we proceed any further and the process to accommodate that evaluation needs to be fair, honest and open.
Rep. Dick Burchell
Belmont District 5

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