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Here's where Sen. Forrester could exert some real leadership

To The Daily Sun,

As the next New Hampshire budget develops in Concord, we have to wonder whether our legislators have any concern for ordinary individuals, families and the future of New Hampshire? We watch with bated breath what the Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Jeanie Forrester, will do with the horrendous House budget sent over to the Senate. It doesn't look promising. Despite those testifying in favor of a humane, future-looking plan, I fear that partisanship will prevail.

Forrester is fixated on the nursing home-funding issue, making no effort to solve the actual dilemma and end up with a balanced budget. She seems more interested in scoring political points or grandstanding than finding the revenue.

Contrast that with Gov. Hassan's leadership approach. Hassan worked across the aisle with the House Finance Committee to restore $3.9 million in nursing home funding cuts, by identifying surplus revenue from another program. What a difference! Forrester oozes partisanship while Hassan leads.

In opera we say, "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings." Of course the battle for the next budget is not over until the House and Senate agree on a plan and the governor signs it. What a wailing and gnashing of teeth it will take to get to the goal; a balanced, moral, forward-looking budget for New Hampshire. Will it happen?

Here's where Forrester could exert real leadership: develop with the Finance Committee the kind of spending plan we need (and prove my pessimism wrong). Please let Forrester know you care — and you vote.

Anne Rogers 


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Progressives have begun march toward tyranny of masses

To The Daily Sun,

Dave Pollak wants those of us who understand that President Obama has done so much wrong, that there is just no need to make stuff up. Couldn't agree with you more Dave. He asserts that our dear leader was only talking about the Peace Corps and Americorps when he made this statement: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded".

Well actually, Dave, he said those words while off script, after discussing those two organizations of peace, a few years ago. Those words were soon erased from any White House website. I'm not sure if those organizations have had their power, strength and funding increase dramatically since then. Maybe Dave can let us all know. While it is true that there doesn't appear to be any formal and organized civilian force out to terrorize our peaceful population, I'm still just a tad nervous despite Dave's appeal for rational calm regarding "Obama's Army".

I would love to be as at ease as Dave is about the threat of Obama's private army, but call me crazy, I do think there is trouble in paradise. "Wiles, you must be a paranoid nut job," is the likely thought process of those with blind faith to our president. Okay, maybe I am paranoid, but just how many government agencies must this administration co-opt before even Dave becomes uneasy?

Perhaps a little trip down the past six year memory lane of Obamania is in order. The IRS targets Tea Party groups and other assorted conservative and Christian groups. Department of Homeland Security sends hordes of armed vehicles to scare away tea party folks protesting in front of the IRS building. The U.S. Parks Service employees bully senior citizens at Yellowstone Park. Washington, D.C., park service shuts down the National Mall so that WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets, some in wheelchairs, are not able to pay homage to their fallen comrades. Who can forget the many raids on Amish farmers by U.S. Marshals and the Food and Drug Administration officials? Swarming their farms like the "Bovine Gestapo" because they were selling raw milk (not to mention all that global warming methane gas).

Why did the Department of Homeland Security purchase 1.6 million rounds of ammunition, 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles and retrofit more than 2,000 tanks? Snopes.com confirms that the Social Security Administration bought 174,000 hollow-point bullets for 300 special agents. Back in 2013, the Department of Homeland Security purchased 21.6 million rounds of ammunition, 10 million of which were hollow point bullets. The National Marine Fisheries Service bought 46,000 hollow point bullets. Probably just to protect the delta smelt and the snail garter fish.

Who remembers the recent uproar when an army of EPA agents descended on the tiny gold mining town of Chicken, Alaska? That would be the organization that I have been calling rogue and lawless for years. According to a June 2012 Justice Department report, there are now 40 federal agencies, including about a dozen not associated with law enforcement, that have armed divisions. These agencies employ about 120,000 full-time officers authorized to carry guns. Armed EPA agents stormed Chicken, Alaska due to "possible violations of the Clean Water Ac"t. Sounds like a chicken poop act of brazen tyranny to me. And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember back in the mid-1960s when one of my favorite rock groups of that era, Buffalo Springfield, was singing songs that stirred the soul? "For What It's Worth" has become a classic of youthful outrage and protest. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Bruce Palmer, Dewey Martin and later Jim Messina sang these lyrics written by Stills: "There's something happening here — But what it is ain't exactly clear — There's a man with a gun over there — Telling me I got to beware". "Paranoia strikes deep — Into your life it will creep — It starts when you're always afraid _ Step out of line, the men come and take you away".

So please tell me Dave, why does it appear as though President Obama is turning many federal workers into his own private army? Stills goes on to lament: "We better stop _ Now what's that sound — Everybody look — What's going down? I'm looking, it's getting pretty clear, and don't like what I see, especially since none of the above has been made up. Perhaps progressives have begun their stealth march toward the tyranny of the masses. Please Dave, tell me it just ain't so. Cuz I believe in "Live Free or Die." But I've done my time, I'm getting old, yet just not ready to go.

Russ Wiles




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