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This is a clarification of the 2014 Warrant for Town of Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

To Gilmanton voters:

There was confusion with a handout at the deliberative session. This is a clarification.

Warrant Articles 8,9,10,12,13,17,24,26,28,29 will have to be raised by taxes. Warrant Articles 11,14,15,16,22,25 are to paid from capital reserve accounts. They will not impact your taxes. We have already saved for these articles.

Article 18, fire engine, is looking for the town to accept a grant. Should we be awarded this grant it will not impact your taxes. Where as we do not know yet about the grant, we have the following article: Article 19, fire engine lease. The fire truck in service is scheduled for replacement. It has seen 20 years of service and the Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee support replacing it. The town will use capital reserves for a down payment. This allows the truck to be built and a delivery date at the end of 2014 or early 2015. The tax impact for this piece of equipment will happen next year.

Sample ballots are posted at the Academy.

Selectman Don Guarino

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Mr. Cryans places himself before the taxpayers & shouldn't be elected

To The Daily Sun,

Joe Kenney is running for Executive Council for District 1, which covers 108 towns and cities. It is a huge responsibility and one that will get immediate attention from Joe's expertise and strong experience, as a selectman in Wakefield, a Senator and a Representative in the House, inclusive of 14 years of dedicated service to our Live Free State of New Hampshire.

I just never heard any real accomplishments from Michael Cryans in the news. All I hear is Ray Burton's name associated with Mr. Cryans. It seems to me Joe's opponent is not running for himself, but as an attachment to Mr. Burton's esteemed name and not his own resume.

I realize both candidates worked with Mr. Burton, but recently I discovered a personal act by Joe Kenney. Joe purchased a very warm hat for Ray and while Joe was in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty. He received a letter from Ray with a picture of Ray wearing the special gift given to him by Joe. This act of kindness while Joe was in a battle for our country is very telling about this warm relationship and comradeship between two devoted friends.

Commissioner Michael Cryans , a Grafton County Commissioner in District 1 for many years, refused to recuse himself from voting on a county appropriations line item to give Headrest Inc. $143,280, a company paying him a salary as executive director. He was asked not once, but twice to recuse himself. A fellow commissioner who worked very closely with Mr. Cryans for two years was Omer Ahern from Plymouth, and according to documents, Michael Cryans voted himself these taxpayer funds. He was asked twice by Mr. Ahern to recuse himself and each year refused. In my opinion, Mr. Cryans places himself before the taxpayers and should not be elected to the Executive Council. Vote for Joe Kenney on March 11.

Everett & Nancy Duren
Center Harbor

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Gilmanton will be well served with Strang & Weeks on school board

To The Daily Sun,

March 11 is Town Election day in Gilmanton. You can vote between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at Town Hall. Please bring a photo ID.

David Strang and Frank Weeks are campaigning for the two open School Board positions. David is a doctor at LRGH, while Frank is a retired teacher who has remained active in the school community. Both are very strong candidates because they come from a fiscally responsible position which is strongly needed for this job.

David has dedicated his life to helping people as a physician, teacher of medical students, as a member of several state committees, and has testified before our legislators many times on behalf of the rights and needs of the public. He has also kept up with town issues over the years and decided it is time to bring his talents to the town as a School Board member. To say that he is qualified is an understatement. He is strong in his commitments, true to the people, and is able to envision the needs of our school and the children now and in the future.

Frank was on our School Board a few years ago and has decided to re-commit to serving Gilmanton's School Board. He has a clear perspective on teaching and the needs therein, as well as what it takes to run a school. He has proven himself to be conscientious and committed.

There is one more person who is well known in our community and has offered his expertise for many years to Gilmanton. Stan Bean has decided to reinvest his time and talents to the Budget Committee, but his name isn't on the Town Ballot. So, would you please write in "Stan Bean" for Budget Committee. See you at the polls.

Elena Ball
Gilmanton Iron Works

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If elected, I'll represent all Alton residents to best of my abilties

To The Daily Sun,

On March 11, Alton voters will choose new selectmen and selectwoman. I am asking Alton voters to make me one of your choices. If elected, I will represent all Alton citizens to the best of my abilities.

Alton can count on me to be unbiased and to serve our town with honesty and integrity. When a difficult decision needs to be made, be assured I will take the high road. I will strive protect the safety, health, rights and freedoms of Alton's children and voters of all ages.

If elected I will ferret out unnecessary spending and work to remove it from the budget. Should we beat our budget, I will endeavor to reduce it in the subsequent year. As large items surface I will participate as a team member of the Board of Selectmen and propose solutions to minimize unnecessary increases in our taxes and strive to find other forms of revenue.

I do not completely agree with some items in the current budget. A new roof on a new school should come out of the pocket of the contractor who put the roof on, not the citizens of Alton.

I will do my best to represent your interests and achieve the outcome the people of Alton deserve. You will not look back at a later time and question your decision to vote for me if you choose to do so. Your Goals are My Goals. I request your vote for selectman and thank you.

Lou LaCourse


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There are Gilmanton folks who need that $20 to get to work

To The Daily Sun,

Again the GYRL is seeking Gilmanton taxpayer money to fund its "self-sufficient" non-profit organization. (Since nonprofits are tax exempt, do they pay any taxes to the town)?

Please remember that at its inception GYRL administrators did promise to be self-sufficient through fees, donations, and fund-raising. They also promised they would not seek taxpayer money to remain in operation. However, if it is not successful in obtaining tax collection money the GYRL is threatening to close its doors just hours after the town is to vote. (Sounds like a page from the federal government).

Where are the safeguards that our tax money will be properly and effectively utilized? What has the Town of Gilmanton done or what will the Town of Gilmanton do to ensure the $52,500 is properly spent? Has anyone connected to the Town of Gilmanton checked the books of the GYRL to ensure they have been prudent and not extravagant with their expenditures and payroll?

If the GYRL is successful in obtaining public funds to fill a 70 percent gap in its operating budget, will or can its employees be considered or be eligible to be town employees and be eligible for town employees salaries and benefits? New Hampshire law does allow a town to use tax collection money to fund a public library, but $52,500 could be better spent by the Town of Gilmanton for establishing programs and procedures for town property accountability, and funding much needed improvements for public safety.

GYRL administrators say the public funding will only result is a $20 increase on the average tax bill. It may be hard to believe, but there are Gilmanton residents who need this $20 for gas to get to work and oil to stay warm.

Bill Schmidlin

Gilmanton Iron Works

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