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Laughable that Obama dediced that terrorists aren't really Muslims

To The Daily Sun,

My goodness, it takes The Daily Sun more than two weeks to print a letter I sent in on Feb. 7 and James Veverka replies the next day. I am impressed but have to ask, is he sitting on the editor's lap?

Oh well, back to JV. Jim says he didn't say this or that exactly but still he makes a big deal out of his assertion that secularists were major players in the anti-slavery movement. Okay James, name some. Wonder just which history books he might find them in? I suspect the got them right out of thin air but hey, I could be wrong, so let's here it Jim?
Readers might want to recall that all this the results of many of we conservatives being critical of Obama's failure to call Islamic terrorism just that. James, L.J. Siden and the usual suspects go on Christian-bashing campaigns all the time to try to distract people from the president's pro-Muslim stances. They have to reach back deep into history to come up with their moral equivalency.

So why not debate the modern problems? Doesn't fit with their narrative? Doesn't give Obama enough cover? Well, both of those really. No matter how many Christians ISIS beheads or people get burned alive, stoned to death, girls sold into sexual slavery, boys buried alive, none of that matters because Obama favors Islam over every other religion or culture. And so the boys on the left are working overtime to give him cover, change the focus, spread smears and slanders trying to discredit we conservatives but as they say facts are stubborn things they just stay there and stay there.

It's laughable that the president and his gang have decided that the terrorists are not really Muslim. Islam is a religion of peace after all. It's not like they have been attacking, killing and enslaving as long back as their religion goes. Except they have. Christians have evolved in the past few hundred years, but not Islam. They still violate women, treat them like subjects, kill gays for being gay and still today refuse to evolve from their 11th century roots. And by the way who the heck does Obama think he is to decide who is or isn't a true Muslim?

So boys, you can keep up the smoke screens, call names, deny facts, try to discredit critics but I'm going to keep on exposing you for the phonies you are.

Steve Earle


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Rosemary Landry always does her research before making decisions

To The Daily Sun,

Rosemary Landry, Selectboard candidate, is a proactive individual. She cares enough about people living in Meredith to faithfully attend nearly all Selectboard and Planning Board meetings, study proposed government changes, and actively videotape each meeting for future reference. When events occur that Meredith residents should know about, she springs into action by circulating information through letters to the editor and/or petitions, demonstrating a wonderfully unique communication style.

The trait that sets Rosemary Landry apart from all others who are running for a position on the Meredith Selectboard is that she, for many years, has regularly attended meetings in our town, and also at the Belknap County level. She even goes to other municipalities and the Statehouse in Concord to familiarize herself with issues affecting New Hampshire. She has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, and has a desire to be the people's representative — all people — in following Constitutional and personal rights, while doing what is best for Meredith.

Before actively campaigning for Selectboard, Rosemary Landry spent hours and hours in the cold, meeting people and educating the residents of Meredith about the 3/25 Traffic Committee's proposal to construct three ill-fated roundabouts in the middle of town. She quickly discovered that many folks did not know what she was talking about and would not have shown up at the public hearing had they not met her.

As a nurse and a paralegal, Rosemary Landry always does her research before making decisions. She pays attention to detail, crosses her T's, dots her I's, and reads the fine print. A clear case in point involves political signage. New Hampshire statutes require that all political advertising must reflect the authority and fiscal agent of each candidate. From this knowledge and respect of the law, Rosemary Landry is the only candidate running for the Meredith Selectboard to have signs which are legal in the state of New Hampshire.

Rosemary Landry's independent thinking, without a town agenda or special group bias, is exactly the breath of fresh air that Meredith needs right now on the Selectboard.

She does not waffle in the face of opposition, while showing an immense activity level in what she believes. The residents of Meredith have already, and will in the future, benefit greatly from this very active lady. Please become proactive on March 10 and cast a vote for Rosemary Landry.

Karen Sticht


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