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Let's encourage next generation to learn about local government

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to Belmont residents participating in Town Meeting and School District voting, and all candidates elected.

It was a privilege to earn support as a first-time Board of Selectmen write-in, and I look forward to more civic involvement.

Communities are the real winners when voters take time from busy schedules to select residents for leadership. Please join me and help encourage the next generation to learn more about local government and help shape its future. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Kevin Sturgeon


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We are indeed blessed to have symphony orchestra in our region

To The Daily Sun,

Saturday night, March 19, something special happened in Meredith and it is called the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra.

For those of us attending we were treated to a wonderful program of classical music. From the Concerto in C Major for Cello, with the brilliant cellist, Jacob MacKay, to the lovely Dvorak Symphony No. 7 performed by the LRSO, it was an evening to remember.

The Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra is made up of volunteer musicians whose dedication and love of music has been bringing orchestral music to our region for years and under the music director, Ben Greene, they have never been better.

We are indeed blessed to have this musical talent and commitment in our area. Thank you Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra.

Liz Lapham

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