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Heartfelt appreciation for all involved with I-L Christmas Fund

To The Daily Sun,

We have ushered in September, a month of traditional sights and sounds that capture both our attention and our interest. It is also a month of thought-provoking contrasts: saying goodbyes yet bidding hellos, wishing our sons and daughters success in college yet experiencing the loneliness of empty nests, assessing beautifully completed work but seeing many unfinished chores, vowing a more productive day's work yet realizing the wisdom of slowing our pace, hailing newly constructed buildings but lamenting the closings of many others, anticipating prudent solutions to national crises yet recognizing the folly of hastily made decisions.

For some of us, September is a month of quiet reflection — a time to evaluate former commitments and perhaps to start new ones, an opportune time to express feelings that may be long overdue. Personally I see it as my time to do just that.

As a former member of the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund committee, I remain very proud of the work that this Fund has accomplished for many, many years. Dating back to the impressive leadership of such dedicated individuals as Jan Adams and Jane Kiah (both deceased) and the stoic guidance of June Plummer, Pauline Fournier, and the Meredith Public Health staff, the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund has been a beacon of hope and promise to Meredith and Center Harbor, the two communities it serves at Christmastime.

My personal contacts with the Fund have been both pleasant and rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and the closeness of these individuals and groups who have always answered the Fund's clarion call to adopt families at the Christmas Seasons: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buck, Mr. and Mrs. David Detscher, Elan Publishing Company personnel, Mr. and Mrs. David Kuether, the Hart family, Mr. and Mrs. David Reid, Mr. and Mrs. John Hanaway, the Inter-Lakes High School National Honor Society members and their advisors, and the Inter-Lakes High School Student Council members and their advisors. For several years I received complete support from the Inter-Lakes Junior High School students and their teachers. Their rather arduous task was to donate and/or to purchase appealing and cost-effective stocking stuffers. Under the initial guidance of Mrs. Trudy Powers and Mrs. Nancy Watt, and later from the combined efforts of Mrs. Missy Manville and Mrs. Wendy Taylor, the annual 'assignment' was always completed

with an impressive competitive excitement. With fondness and with sincere gratitude, I acknowledge the willing hands and the compassionate hearts of all these many individuals and groups. Their sense of purpose and commitment, as well as their good-natured joy of remembering others, remain outstandingly memorable. I have seen the generous outpouring of support from our many, many businesses, civic organizations, individuals, church members, school children, teachers and parents, Scouts, police departments and special Lakes Region groups. They, too, have invested their ALL in the

Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund, making generous monetary contributions and filling children's stockings and decorating family trees with just the grandest array of Christmas toys and clothing. To all of these very kind people, I extend heartfelt appreciation. So selfless, they always went those extra miles to fulfill the joyful aspirations of others.

Even though we are in the early days of September, we will soon hear from the Inter- Lakes Christmas Fund committee. Their planning starts early. Through media coverage, we will read about their structure and strategy, any new plans they are advocating, established dates for parent/guardian input, as well as cordial invitations for you readers to become active participants in what is truly a grand organization.

To present members of the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund committee, I extend every best wish for your continued success. You nurture your Fund's strong mission; you dedicate yourselves to your work; and through the collaborative efforts of your many co-workers, you enthusiastically welcome the fruition of your annual heartwarming and phenomenal

Christmas Day project — an amazing project that brings holiday joy and cheer to both children and to senior citizens.

Marjorie Lee

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Please continue to support the arts here in the Lakes Region

To The Daily Sun,

This past weekend, a group of remarkable writers, directors, and actors gathered at the brand new Winnipesaukee Playhouse theatre to undertake an ambitious challenge: create, "from page to stage," a world premier play. As though this weren't enough, these artists were asked to accomplish this ... in only 24 hours! The Winni Players, the community theatre wing of The Winnipesaukee Playhouse, hosted their first ever 24-Hour Playwriting Workshop, only furthering an autumn already filled with firsts.

Those who gathered at the Meredith campus this weekend took up the challenge. But they weren't alone. They had the support and encouragement of their community. Thank you to Kitchen Cravings-Gilford, Subway-Meredith, T-Bones-Laconia, Canoe-Center Harbor, Shaw's-Gilford, Hannaford-Gilford, Hannaford-Meredith and Vista Foods-Laconia. We truly couldn't have done this without you.

We often hear: an arts organization is only as strong as the community that supports it. And if the support shown this past weekend is any indication of the value the arts holds here in the Lakes Region, then we truly have much to anticipate from our arts community.

Five world premiers later, and with a little less sleep than a weekend should have, we hope you continue to support the arts here in the Lakes Region and beyond.

With gratitude on behalf of The Winni Players Community Theatre Committee,

Brett Billings
Kathleen Hill
Diane Nickerson
"The Producers"

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Councilor Bolduc has pledged his support to me & I support him

To The Daily Sun,

In speaking with Armand Bolduc at the football game last Friday night, I am proud to announce that he not only likes my ideas but can see them being employed within our community. He has officially pledged to support my campaign.

As he is the incumbent councilor in Ward 6, and as his seat has been challenged, I encourage any of my supporters as well as anyone else living in that area to vote for Mr. Bolduc on Election Day. Together with him, and the rest of the City Council, I think we can look forward to a stronger economy with citizens feeling more of a sense of pride and ownership in their local community, as was witnessed last Friday night by the overwhelming turnout for the Laconia High School Sachems season opener and the Bank of New Hampshire Stadium ribbon cutting ceremony.

Again, it is with great pleasure that I officially announce my support for Armand Bolduc's re-election.

Kaileif J. Mitchell


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Rep. David Huot's 'tribute' quickly descended into partisan hell

To The Daily Sun,

How does a public servant who has been an attorney, judge, and Representative of the N.H. House, come up with a "tribute" editorial for a fellow representative which offers such profound prejudice? Serving with Rep. Huot, I can only hope he "misspoke" in his recent Letter to the Editor dated Tues., Sept. 10, "Bob Kingsbury Served His Country Well". I tend to think, however, he did not.

While the sentiment in Rep. Huot's letter started out gracefully, it quickly descended into partisan hell . "Although some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office..." is an immensely derogatory statement, not only on Rep. Kingsbury's service (Rep. Kingsbury was a PATRIOT — or was that the problem?), but on our Constitutional Republic and how it is set up to function.

I have two questions for Rep. Huot. 1. Who are the "some of us"? Can you educate me as to who those "enlightened" folks may be who believe Rep. Kingsbury was somehow NOT WORTHY to serve? 2. Isn't public office open to ALL citizens — not just the ones some people happen to agree with?

I believe Rep. Huot gave us all a little bit of insight into the world in which he lives. His comment clearly demonstrates a level of condescension which is rarely witnessed in print. Just because Rep. Huot's letter was wrapped in sweet words on the outside, this doesn't remove the mentality of superiority within. I hope voters remember this "comment" when the next election rolls around. Of course, that is assuming Rep. Huot runs again.

Rest in peace Rep. Kingsbury. There are many who truly appreciated your efforts. You were a very kind man and a true American in every sense of the word.

Rep. Jane Cormier
Belknap District 8


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High quality work from LPD in response to burglary of my store

To The Daily Sun,

In this letter I would like to recognize the quality of the Police Department's investigative ability, and their efforts leading to the arrest of the burglar who smashed his way into my store, caused considerable damage, stole my money, and stole a firearm. Officer Enis responded to my call, and did a fine job gathering evidence and information, which she shared with her department. This evidence, along with video surveillance, enabled the police to identify and later arrest the burglar. They also recovered the stolen firearm. All accomplished quickly.

Thank you for a job well done!

Jim Makris
Opechee Trading Post


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