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Thank you Kylee Drew for working with Boys & Girls Club members

To The Daily Sun,

I would like take time to recognize Broadway North dancer Kylee Drew for taking her time and working with the Boys & Girls Club of the Lakes Region. She has been working with several girls and boys at the club one day a week for the past several weeks. Broadway North was very gracious and allowed the club to take part in their Christmas Extravaganza that was held at Inter-lakes High School on December 14. This invitation to participate in their recital was very last minute and some of the dancers were not able to make it. None of it could have happened however, without the support of the Boys and Girls Club and parents.

I would like to thank Kelsey Nims of Beyond The Fringe for donating her time and her help with hair, make-up and costumes. I would also like to thank Lacy Lewis for taking the dancers out to lunch in between recitals; and of course none of this could have happened without the Boys and Girls club and Dana Meade & Broadway North!

Susan Sargent


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Northern Pass will provide reliable electricity for future generations

To The Daily Sun,
We have been bestowed with one of the greatest gifts being presented to New Hampshire in the history of this great state, the Northern Pass project. I am not employed by this project or even any of its contractors, but am a private N.H. citizen, in Alton Bay, who is so impressed by it that I was inspired to send this to you.

Northern Pass will provide us with clean generated hydroelectric service for us and for infinite future generations. Consider the following facts concerning the project, which we should all support based on common sense alone. The demand for electrical service is only going to increase over the next few years. We have the obligation to ensure this service is available for future generations. According to ISO New England (June 1, 2006, http://www.iso-ne.com/pubs/whtpprs/elec_costs_wht_ppr.pdf): "Power consumption on the hottest summer days has been growing at about 2 percent each year, which is higher than the growth in average consumption. This consumption trend drives the requirement to build additional resources (e.g. peaking units), increasing the capacity costs of the region. It also is creating an underutilized power system where resources are built to satisfy demand for only a few days of the year. Adding 1,000 megawatts (MW) of supply produced by low-cost plants will save New England consumers $600 million a year.".

The geographical/environmental impact of this project will only affect a small fraction of the tens of thousands of N.H. forestry/woodlands acres. Anyone who thinks this is going to even slightly affect the N.H. tourism industry is being severely overdramatic, as can be evidenced by the ramblings of columnist John Harrigan. Hydroelectric power, by its very nature, as provided by the Northern Pass project, is one of most environmentally friendly forms of energy that we could ever ask for our state. Dependance on fossil fuels is not only costly, but harmful to our precious environment; nuclear power carries with it the constant threat of a major disaster, not to mention the fact that there is still nuclear infused waste from these facilities that has to be dealt with. Also, nobody wants a nuclear facility in their neighborhood, let alone a related waste dumping facility. The suggestion of using the decommissioned nuclear aircraft carrier is also totally absurd. If it had an impending nuclear disaster, there would be relatively little time to tow it out to sea and hope for the best, let alone a contaminated fisheries harvest from New England.

As an additional bonus, Northern Pass is not only a cost-free project for the state, but is actually projected to provide a considerable financial income resource for N.H., a good incentive to reduce taxation resources in addition to providing a competitive entity amongst the various electrical service providers.
Anyone who truly cares about the pride of being a New Hampshire will fully support Northern Pass, if only to provide reliable electric for our future generations; so let's stop being so selfish about the relatively little negative sight impact of the project and start using common sense before some gloom and doom bandwagon rolls by, which we think we all have to dive on to.

Abe Goldberg

Alton Bay

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Help me get the word out about 72-year-old held by al-Quaida

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing about Warren Weinstein, the 72 year old man being held in Pakistan by al-Quaida. I feel so bad for him. Our president has abandoned him. No one is doing anything to get him out. Obama says he can't deal with al-Quaida, which is interesting since he had no problem selling them guns in Syria. But, never mind. If he won't deal with them, can't he at least put pressure on Pakistan to do something?

I am asking people who read this letter to try to get the word out, to your friends, to your representatives or whoever else you can think of. Try to keep his name in the public mind and maybe our president might decide there is something he can do.

Hillarie Goldstein


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Education Tax Credit program is seed that could grow to right our ship

To The Daily Sun,

In regards to the N.H. Supreme Court case which is an appeal of the ruling that religious schools could not receive scholarship money from N.H.'s Education Tax Credit Program. . . 

In view of the historical evidence that in the passing of the amendment to our Constitution that forbids money raised by taxes to be used for sectarian schools what the people of N.H. were trying to protect was the non-sectarian protestant nature of education in N.H.; and the epic betrayal by the U.S. Supreme Court of the principle and the constitutional guaranty of the free exercise of religion, upon which our nation was built, which consequently has castrated public education of all influence of the abiding faith of the American people, these public schools, of intent, have produced a generation of Americans devoid of faith, ignorant of their heritage and lacking the wisdom, skills and understanding to propagate a free society. As a result of these things we are now on the precipice of receiving judgement from the Almighty, upon whose providence our nation was built.

It would behoove the N.H. Supreme Court to use its constitutional discretion, to not stand in the way of this prudent legislation, which was carefully crafted so as not to run afoul of either our state or federal constitutions. This Education Tax Credit Program legislation is a seed which if allowed to grow could right our ship of state which is now nearly capsized. Of those who are invested with the authority to uphold our Constitution, only a fiend would bar the use of these scholarships for religious schools, a stand which our Constitution does not require.

John Demakowski


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Party loyalty is one thing but this is carrying it to ridiculous extremes

To The Daily Sun,

The day after Christmas and James Veverka is again pushing his distorted view of all things and persons conservative. Picking out a few right-wing wacko job's quotes does not diminish the overall conservative message, James, because if that's the standard there are 20 to 1 left-wing nuts shooting off their "any means justifies the end" message. Though the Tea Party members of Congress were not smart in their approach there is no doubt that there objectives were justified. Just because Republicans differ in how to deal with the progressive programs in DC doesn't mean it's not a stink pile there. Obamacare is a mess and will be a disaster. The longer it exists the more people get hurt, that is very clear by now no matter how James and the true believers try to deny it.
Notice readers how James avoids any attempt to defend Obamacare's impact on people. He takes the time to tell readers that one left wing group or person patted the back, gave an award or put a star on the paper of another lefty. (Wow, now there's some proof of concept). I also noticed his attempt to down play all the Obama scandals, lies, distortions and overall failures. Party loyalty is one thing but James carries it to ridicules extremes.

On a personal note, I resent his attempt to put words in my mouth, or anyone else's, (a favorite past time of progressives), in this case saying Donald Trump is a hero of mine. I don't recall ever saying that — or perhaps James claims mind reading powers. His point, I guess, is Trump still questions Obama's place of birth. He and L.J. Siden keep bring up that issue but as I've said before, Obama brought that on himself with all the secrets and sealed documents. That line of argument is designed to take the focus off the real issues. I don't know, or care, where the president was born all I'm concerned with is the harm he is doing to the people and nation, all of which is clearly apparent to anyone not indoctrinated into Marxism. Nice try, James.
Steve Earle


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