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Tom Dawson is well-informed, conscientious & eager to serve

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 13, Laconia voters will nominate four Democrats and four Republicans to contend for Laconia's allotted seats in the state Legislature. Those elected will also be members of Belknap County's County Delegation. We entrust these people with the states' and county's human, environmental, and economic future.

One of my votes will go to Democrat Tom Dawson. Why?

I have known Tom Dawson and his family as good neighbors for 30-plus years. He staked his past and future in Laconia, raised a family here, seeing to it that schools educated children well. He now looks forward to the same for his Laconia grandchildren.

Tom has an enviable record of service to New Hampshire and Laconia. He is a former state fire marshal, developer and former professor of the outstanding Fire Science program at the Community College level, former Laconia School Board member, and thoughtful contributor to local and state issues.

Tom looks forward now with commitment to a stable, solid, bright future for his and all New Hampshire's coming generations. Tom is well-informed, open-minded, conscientious and eager to serve.

Martha W. Chandler




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I've been thoroughly impressed with Waring's professionalism

To The Daily Sun,

I am very pleased to endorse Glen Waring for county commissioner in District 2, which comprises the towns of Barnstead, Belmont, Gilmanton and Tilton.

Mr. Waring is by far and away the better of the two candidates. A degreed professional in accounting and finance, Glen has served as the director of finance for Belknap for four years. Under his steady hand he has led the county's budget process through some extremely difficult and tumultuous times. Working with the Board of Commissioners as well as the 18 members of the Belknap Delegation, Glen has demonstrated his professionalism and spirit of cooperation.

From personal observation I was thoroughly impressed with his detailed working knowledge of each of the departments operations in the county. I am convinced that he will work extremely hard to keep our county taxes low and set a course for long-term fiscal responsibility.

His opponent in this race, Mr. Burchell, has a heart of gold but the temperament and demeanor of a gorilla who has been stabbed in the eye with a sharp stick. When a majority of the Board of Commissioners voted to remove him as the chairman of the commission, Mr. Burchell reacted in a totally unprofessional manner. Please refer to the video below to see just how poorly he reacts under stress:


Mr. Burchell has been twice censured by his fellow commissioners for serious ethics violations. We need someone in that position who can work in a collaborative fashion with his fellow commissioners even when there are issues on which they cannot agree. Mr. Waring fits that bill.

Having attended numerous meetings of both the delegation and the commission, I was thoroughly impressed with Glen's level of professionalism, intimate knowledge of the workings of the county and his level-headed dealings with both the commissioners and members of the delegation even when the deliberations became quite heated.

If you want someone that can steer a steady helm, then Glen Waring is your man.

Peter Mulcahy
Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret)

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