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Please join us on Sunday for Fashion & Flair at the Belknap Mill

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia is a community that has long prided itself on its historic roots. As the president of the Belknap Mill Society, it is clear to me that our cultural heritage says everything about who we are and how we are evolving as a community. It is truly an honor to be among the many Lakes Region citizens who are committed to preserving our past and developing our future.

There are many opportunities for all of us to make contributions in support of these efforts. One fun and easy way to provide support is to attend the Belknap Mill Society's Fashion & Flair event on Sunday, May 22.

Fashion & Flair will feature many of our own local celebrities and heroes — people who have enthusiastically volunteered to showcase high fashion outfits and accessories on the Belknap Mill's catwalk. Mark Primeau (president of Bank of New Hampshire), Senator Andrew Hosmer, Mayor Ed Engler, Suzanne Roantree of WMUR-TV, and even Laconia's own Police Chief Chris Adams and Fire Chief, Ken Erickson are all among our tremendous cast of runway models.

We are delighted to feature Bank of New Hampshire as our lead event sponsor. We are also grateful to Nike, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic and Gap at the Tanger Outlets for providing the fashions for the event.

The wholehearted participation of our volunteers and sponsors echoes the community spirit that saved the historic Belknap Mill more than 40 years ago and assures that Fashion & Flair will be an event people talk about for a long time to come.

The afternoon will kick off at 1 p.m. with music, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a silent auction, followed by a professional fashion show in the Rose Chertok Gallery on the third floor of the Belknap Mill. All ticket sales will support the Belknap Mill Society's arts and education programs.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 524-8813.

Please join us in this joyful gathering and celebrate the spirit of community.

We look forward to seeing you all on May 22 at the Belknap Mill.

Allison Ambrose

On behalf of the Belknap Mill Society


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We don't have a true majority party; thus the need to compromise

To The Daily Sun,

At the outset, I think it appropriate to remind the electorate — better known as the voters — that our system of government depends on the power of division for its continued existence. Depending on whether you see our government as a democratic republic or a social democracy, you adhere to certain governmental concepts.

In the interest of getting things done after the November election, we must see how sensible the chosen candidate appears. Then we must support or oppose them as may be required by common sense. How, you say, do you support or oppose? I'm glad you asked, ha, ha! You support or oppose with legislation. You support or oppose by bringing cases relating to governance to the Supreme Court. You support or oppose by lobbying for a policy or concept before it becomes legislation or law. Lastly, you approach local, state and regional needs as problems looking for a solution rather than letting them be ignored by those that you elected to solve them. It is true, that some problems have no easy answers from those elected to solve them, but evidence of a reasoned approach by both the left and the right should be forthcoming.

The time is fast approaching when all those problems we have seen plastered over or swept under the rug of indifference must be brought out, examined and cooperatively solved if possible. The list is long because we, as a nation, have been polarized by differences and a refusal to compromise. There are solutions, distasteful to both parties, no doubt about it, but ones that can be reached through compromise. Many of our laws are aimed at protecting minorities. Support for meaningful legislation to solve problems must come from a vote of the majority. Before the legislation becomes a bill in congress, committees must report it out to the full membership for a vote.

Thereon hangs the problem; we have no majority. So, you see, the choices are more stalemate or a modicum of cooperation. To quote some wise person whose name I don't recall, "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." Somehow we have to get off this merry-go-round. If we keep spinning in place, the rest of the world will bring us a solution. I guarantee you are not going to like what they bring. Compromise or die as democratic republic or a social democracy. Take your pick but don't continue sit on opposing sides hissing and booing each other while problems go unsolved. Electorate make some noise, administrators propose solutions, legislatures create legislation and appropriations, courts make sound decisions — problems need intelligent solutions!

Bill Dawson


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