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Arrogant commissioners continue to double down on jail proposal

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the Michael Kitch article (LDS 12/26) on the exchanges between Laconia Councilor Lipman and county Commissioner Philpot.

How did the Belknap delegation and the Belknap commission get to the impasse on the county jail wherein the public good is not being served? Councilor Lipman's concerns about the condition of the existing facility are valid and most of the Belknap delegation is motivated to arrive at a sensible and cost
effective solution to issues surrounding the jail.

A prior delegation authorized the hiring of David Bennett whose subsequent 165 page report is available on the county website. I have read this report thoroughly and intend to discuss its findings at a future meeting. From the Bennett report, the firm of Ricci Greene was hired at considerable expense. They presented one option for the jail: build one with design elements which are ultra expensive and which the presenters from Ricci Greene estimated would cost 42.5 million dollars to build. The jail's per bed cost is about 40 percent higher, for example, than the new state prison for women, which was authorized this year. There are many examples of more affordable new jails, which models the current commission has ignored. Indeed, when a planning committee member purchased, at his own expense, the manuals which contain the current guidelines for compliance with federal standards and suggested that a new jail could be built doe about 35 percent of the Ricci Greene proposal, his ideas were summarily dismissed. The gentleman in question is a person of
intelligence and probity who had taken the time to research several jails that were built to those standards and presented them as potential models for our county. The commissioners had zero interest in the work presented for their consideration.

In 2009. when Commissioner Philpot was vice chair, a report was sent to the Attorney General's office detailing the state of the county jail. These reports are, by law, supposed to be filed twice a year. Despite this requirement, there were no further reports filed until March of this year, when the condition of the jail was described as dire. Because the commission did not follow the requirements of the law, we cannot pinpoint the gradual deterioration of the County Drive facility but it does coincide with what Commissioner Philpot previously described as a four year planning process for a new jail.

Councilor Lipman made sensible observations about what the county should be doing to address the problems surrounding the jail, suggestions which the current commission will not follow. I will not be voting for an expensive and temporary solution which contributes nothing to a longer term resolution of our problems and call instead for the county to come up with specifications for a temporary pod which can then be placed out to bid. Certainly, this could be used to house the women prisoners whose housing is most inferior and which, in turn, would alleviate some of the overcrowding. The continued arrogance of the Belknap commission has resulted in their doubling down on a financially infeasible and unnecessary proposal.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5 - Gilmanton

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80% of people of Tilton are ashamed of what you write in The Sun

To The Daily Sun,

In response to James Veverka, our nation has many hostile nations that hate us for who we are as Americans, and, Mr.Veverka, Americans are willing to lay down their lives in defense for our country and freedom.

All your letters are against Americans, our Christian heritage, against our elected Republican Party members, also the Tea Party, Fox News, ect. Remember you are insulting half the population of the United States of America. You would be welcomed in any Muslim country to write an anti-American slander. I will even pay for your one-way ticket, for you to go and stay there.

As regarding to John Demakowski, what he says is right, he encourages everyone to trust in God, and believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, even yours, James.

Furthermore, you said his name is "God John Demakowski." How wrong you are, hear O Israel, the Lord Our God is one Lord (Deu 6:4). John Demakowski would say amen to that. You may be the cheerleader for the anti-American party, all payed up to Obamacare, but 80 percent of all the people of Tilton are ashamed of what you write in The Daily Sun. United as a Godly nation we stand, divided we fall. You will fail because the majority believe in God we trust, God bless the U.S.A.

William 'Liam' McCoy


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Future editions of 'Absurdity' will get the attention they deserve

To The Daily Sun,

I generally agree with Steve Earle and his assessment of our beloved collector of all things obtuse, irrelevant, irreverent and trivial, Mr. James Veverka. However, I must take issue with Steve regarding his lack of acknowledgment of the new post assumed by the esteemed letter writer of all things progressive and mindless.

Based on his astute 2013 letters to the editor, and his exalted position in the Center for the Study of Absurdity, he must have been recruited from the elite Mensa Society. His brilliant edifications regarding the foibles of the "right wing nuts" and the too numerous to mention "Tea Party Potty Tricks", have recently left me speechless and in awe.

So Steve, please, please, we must all give credit where credit is due. In fact, I'm hoping James will be more forthcoming and not be so darn humble. I am willing to bet that he is indeed the president of the Center for the Study of Absurdity. I can't possibly think of anyone more qualified for the position. In fact, I'm even betting the voting was unanimous. Me, myself and I all voted for the same person. I would so much love to be a fly on the wall during one of those "heated debates" that occur among the editorial board. I salute James, clearly a legend in his own mind. Carry on the good fight my man. I promise you, we will give your future submissions all the attention and concern that they deserve.

Russ Wiles

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Wind towers are mysteriously beautiful, like stars in night sky

To The Laconia Daily Sun,

A little about myself: Welton Falls and Cardigan Mountain, these were my playgrounds as a child. New Hampshire and its mountains so beautiful.

I'm a person who likes to stay informed of things that concern my environment. I do not promote things that would harm our environment or the beauty of our great state.

I know that to produce electricity they have nuclear plants. These do harm the environment. These plants make radioactive waste that is harmful and remains forever. The method of disposal is to go destroy another piece of property by burying this waste encased in millions of pounds of cement. A rather large hole is needed here. Coal, fuel oil, or jet oil is another source to make power. These however, are caustic and harmful as well. Never mind the devastation left behind from mining or extracting from the earth and the refining process.

Wind towers to me are mysteriously beautiful, kind of like stars in the night sky. I know, now your saying this is a stretch of the imagination comparing the two, but I like to think that the same Divine Spirit that created the stars in the night, also planned out the life and intellect of the person/persons who invented such an amazing machine as the wind tower. My thought is that these towers do hot harm the environment, and they are not offensive. The towers take nothing from us but only borrow the wind as it passes by.

In closing, I would like to thank the company for the thoughtful planning and designs to make these farms safe and the environment a friendly source of power.

I hope some day there will be others that think as I do.

Sandra Hutchins


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Our schools are filled with great kids . . . our greatest resource

To The Daily Sun,

In the past few weeks, Walter F. Kalin has written two letters to the Sun. The first letter reported the decline of Laconia High School. The second letter expands this decline to include our entire educational system. I have since reread both letters and have a couple of observations:
The first letter describes the well-intentioned efforts of a substitute teacher, recalling horrible behavior by some students. I would, however, like a clarification of the following:
"I know a lot of families in Laconia. Students from good families seem to do well, but are frustrated by so many rotten apples in the barrel. Students from broken families or indifferent parents do poorly and are a big part of the discipline problem."
So sad. How judgmental and ignorant.
I would really like to have this gentleman's definitions of "good families" and "broken families".
I haven't heard the term "broken family" in many years. I honestly thought that we, as a society, had evolved beyond that mentality. I sincerely hope that "broken" does not mean divorced, widowed, or separated. Broken relationships do not determine broken families. I have many dear friends, co-workers and acquaintances who are single parents. They have astonishing children and are astonishing parents. I returned to Laconia 20 years ago to raise my two children. We were NEVER a broken family. Who sets the parameters for "good"? Are there really that many "rotten apples"?
Letter two quotes a very "wise" friend who blames education for the world's inability to live in peace and the ultimate fall of civilization.
Isn't it just possible that, on his last substituting excursion, Mr. Kalin simply had a bad day? Education is a two-way street. To get students involved, teachers need to illuminate their subject matter and inspire their students.
Our schools are filled with "good" — in fact — "great" kids. It is a shame that these gentlemen are incapable of appreciating our greatest national resource.
June M. Huot

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