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Is Laconia just doomed to become a throw-away community?

To The Daily Sun,

And now, Hathaway House is gone. After reading the news stories from five or six years ago, Hathaway House should, in fact, still be standing. I find it unreal that the city stands by and says "What can we do?"... That's easy — have developers stand by their word. Other cities and towns around the state and country take pride and honor in their historic buildings for what they stand for in our history.

Hathaway House is now to be replaced by a strip mall. One of Laconia's most beautiful buildings gone due promises not being kept by Dunkin' Donuts and others not doing their job. The entire Planning Board should be replaced and the planning director should be removed.

Is Laconia doomed to become a throw-away community and keep repeating its history's mistakes? A very angry and let-down resident of New Hampshire.

Donald Pintacura


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We'll not spend county funds on appeal of Matthew Logue matter 111 NO APPEAL

To The Daily Sun,

As commissioners elect, we would like to state that Belknap County has wasted much time and money on lawsuits. We intend to execute county policy in accordance with state statutes. We do not intend to support an appeal of the Matthew Logue personnel matter to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. It is counter-productive, in our view, to spend time and the public purse on a course of action which has been repudiated by the voters,

Vanity aside, the current county commissioners should respect the wishes of the voters of Belknap County and put an end to expensive legal wrangling.

Richard Burchell & David DeVoy
Belknap County Commissioners Elect

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