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Alcoholics & drug addicts aren't asking for money; they want help

To The Daily Sun,

I have been reading the letters to The Laconia Daily Sun over the last month or so from the man who calls addiction stupid and he really has no clue what he is talking about. He needs to try and educate himself on the disease of addiction before you continue to write such nonsense.

I'm so happy to see that people have been writing in and trying to get him up to speed on this issue. Has he ever sat down and talked to an addict? Has he ever sat with family members or people who have been in the direct path of someone who has or is destroying their lives from addiction? If he has he will truly become educated. Obviously he or anyone in his family have not been affected by this because if he had he would not be calling these people stupid or talk like they are trash that should be thrown away.

Addiction is not a choice. People don't choose to become addicted. Do people think people choose to destroy their lives? Do they think people choose to hurt everyone they love and all the people who love them? Do they think they choose to be thrown in jail or to become homeless? Do they think mothers choose to have their children taken away because of their addictions?

I don't think so. Who would choose to do that? Who would choose, voluntarily, to throw away everything they had spent a good portion of their lives achieving? No one would. An addict has no choice. Denial is the true enemy of an addict and of his addictions. Until a person can admit that they are addicted and that they are powerless against it, nothing will change.

Very few people, if any, can get to this point on their own. Most need help. To sit back and do nothing is definitely no the answer. There is no quick fix. This is an issue that can affect anyone, anywhere at any time. It has no boundaries and holds no prejudice. To do nothing would be stupid. This letter writer is in denial.

I don't think the writer's issues are with drug addicts or alcoholics, but instead with how and where money is being spent. By reading all his letters one can figure out that his real issue is that state money hasn't been spent the way he would like it to be. He is upset that money hasn't been dedicated to a cause that is currently affecting him. His problems are with the state and the people who run it.

These alcoholics and drug addicts aren't asking for dime one. They're only asking for help. Don't blame a group of people who are already suffering more than anyone should have to. Please focus on what's really bothering you. If the state said they were going to spend $76 million on rebuilding the Old Man of the Mountain I think the writer's focus would turn to that and he would be calling the Old Man stupid and someone who doesn't deserve a second chance.

Let's get real. There is no simple solution to this problem. It is extremely complicated. Most likely we will never fix it but we must continue to try.

Todd Welch

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Gun bans? Would we rather terrorists use bombs, like in OKC?

To The Daily Sun,

Fourteen people were brutally murdered in San Bernardino this past week. Another seventeen were injured. The FBI was called in immediately. The San Bernardino police and the FBI knew who the shooters were but did not tell the public. We were told that the FBI was on scene just in case it became a case of terrorism.

We now know the shooters. And it was terrorism. And we knew it was terrorism and not workplace violence from almost the very beginning, but the media would not say it.

Syed Farook was born in the U.S. He had a steady job and was well liked by fellow employees. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, was born in Pakistan. She came to the U.S. on a fiancée visa. She was vetted by the U.S. government as safe to enter this country.

Yes, she was vetted using the same vetting process that the Democrats and our president says is safe, and want to use to vet the refugees from Syria.

I do not care about diversity at this time and neither should you, Mr. President. You should care about the safety of the American public, in their homes, work places and anywhere from terrorists ... Muslim terrorists.

Well Mr. President. Your vetting process is not so safe. And because of your ignorance 14 people are now dead. Wives are without husbands. Children are without mothers and fathers. Husbands are without wives.

It is terrorism. Malik made a pledge of allegiance to ISIS.

We must stop the Muslim refugees from entering this country. Our president has sworn to defend the U.S. We cannot properly vet them and one death because a terrorist comes in to this country is one too many and we already have fourteen innocent people.

If you want to help the refugees, find a safe place in the Middle East. (Why not Saudia Arabia? The Saudis have not taken in any refugees. Could it be that the Saudi lobby in Washington, D.C., does not want any refugees in their country and it is okay for the Saudis but not okay for America?) Keep them in a secure area and keep it safe. They do not need to come to this country. Most of them actually want to go home, but it is not safe yet. So help them stay in a safe place in the Middle East and then they can return home when ISIS is destroyed, and destroyed it must be.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson went to the Middle East recently. I heard him on the radio. He said we must use the Internet, like ISIS does, to destroy their spreading of their ideas. We need to shut down the oil which gives them money. Trucks have been filmed traveling into Turkey. We are now bombing the trucks. We give them warning. This is war and the drivers want to kill us. Bomb the trucks and the oil wells. Shut them down.

We need to empower the FBI with enough personnel to follow anyone they feel is a threat to our security. The FBI needs personnel. Instead the president hired 16,000 IRS employees for Obamacare — so they can tax us.

Immediately this became an issue for gun control. This has nothing to do with guns. The couple had a storehouse of guns, ammunition and bombs. How many would have died if they used bombs? How many would have been more severely injured if they used bombs?

This is not rocket science. Have we forgotten the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. The death toll was 168. The number injured was 680.

Would we rather terrorists use bombs? Would we rather the mentally ill that do many of the recent shooting use bombs? I think not.

In 2014 the FBI stated that more people were killed by knives than guns. Do we ban knives? I do not hear anything about knives? Do you? Why not?

Many people tweeted to say prayers for the families and survivors? The left said we should not do this. Why not? We are a country with freedom of religion. I am tired of people not wanting any prayers because it might offend someone.

We cannot say Christmas tree. We should say "holiday tree." It is a Christmas tree. Why should we call it something else?

This is just an agenda. It is so sad they the left used this sad happening to promote what they want.

I want a safe country. I want religious freedom. I want freedom to own guns. The liberals are offending me. But that seems to be okay. When will we learn?

Linda Riley


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