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No the first time Sen. Ayotte has disrespected our president

To The Daily Sun,
I think most of us here in New Hampshire are disturbed Senate Republicans are not fulfilling their constitutional responsibility to approve or deny the president's nominee for the Supreme Court. Especially since N.H. Senator Kelly Ayotte, is one of them. Democrats might not approve someone a president nominates, but they do not stand in unison and tell the president not to bother, we'll say "no" whoever it is. They maintain the respected traditions, and give the nominees hearings.

It is not the first time Senator Ayotte, has bedded down with her party and disrespected our president. Last March she included her name on a letter to the leaders of Iran from 47 Republicans stating that any deal they made with our president meant little to nothing. That seems like treason to me. Vice President Joe Biden said the letter was "beneath the dignity of the institution I revere." It was a reckless attempt to disrupt American foreign policy and it blatantly disrespected the President of the United States. N.H. deserves better, and she is up for re-election.

Audrey Goyette

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Trump hasn't advocated deporting 11 million? I beg to differ

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to the editor (March 17), Don Ewing said in part, "no leading Republican presidential candidate is talking about rounding up and deporting 11 million illegal aliens."

It seems like Mr. Ewing is ignoring facts. Does he think that if he pretends something doesn't happen it will magically go away? Anyone who listened to what Donald Trump has been saying knows that Mr. Ewing is flat out wrong.

Here are just a few reports of Mr. Trump's desire to round up and deport all undocumented immigrants to the other side of his "huuuuge" "beautiful" wall.

1. Reuters News Service reported on Aug. 15, 2015: Republican presidential contender Donald Trump would deport all undocumented immigrants and rescind U.S. President Barack Obama's executive orders on immigration if he is elected to the White House. He said this in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press."

2. Bloomberg Politics reported on Aug. 8, 2015, reported, Donald Trump says he'd deport all undocumented immigrants from U.S. The report goes on to say that Trump's campaign on Sunday released a four-page manifesto on immigration reform anchored by three principles, including construction of a wall along the southern border of the U.S.

3. Business Insider has reported on two separate occasions in an interview with Donald Trump. "We pressed Donald Trump about the practicality of his plan to deport 11 million people" by Maxwell Tani-Nov. 21, 2015. On Nov. 11, 2015, Colin Campbell reported: Trump: "I'd have a deportation force to roundup people who live in the country illegally." 'Trump said he would have such a force, but argued that it would not be as ominous as it might sound. Trump wants to deport everyone currently living in the U.S. illegally, a number the Pew Research Center estimated to about 11 million last year, but let "the wonderful cases" back into the country. This is excerpted from an interview with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski.

4. In an interview with Dana Bash on CNN recorded on July 30, 2015, and reported by Jeremy Diamond, Trump's immigration plan: 'Deport the undocumented', "legal status" for some....

Mr. Ewing can't wipe away what happened just by denying it. Ask any 4-year-old. It doesn't work.

Bernadette Loesch


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