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I'm not the man being portrayed; we don't need this kind of politics

To The Daily Sun,

Okayeveryone, as I lay here exhausted from not sleeping because four scummy, retired, out-of-state attorneys have an agenda to help Dave DeVoy's puppet, Mr. Hunter Taylor of Alton. He is running for Belknap County commissioner and is my opponent.

Well these guys have had letters from themselves and from a lady who claims to live in Gilmanton, which is out of my district, and after my own free investigation I found out she is not a registered voter or taxpayer in Gilmanton. She also claims to be a registered nurse but the nursing boards of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, or Massachusetts have no record of her. Strange, isn't it.

Now two of the attorneys claim to have practiced and or teach bankruptcy law. Well why have all three of them found different information compared to the other ones. They all have claimed different amounts that I went bankrupt for — anywhere from $5 million to $400,000. They also have different claims on which bankruptcies were discharged or dismissed. They also have different dates for each bankruptcy. Shouldn't we expect three successful and prominent attorneys would have the same information? Do we really want an attorney that can't get his story straight to run our county?

Fact is I did go bankrupt for reasons that would take pages of written information to explain. What these bozos aren't saying is how is it this unsuccessful man — at the time 27 years old — had the credit and means to purchase said vehicles and such legally, through successful businesses. They say I should have been able to cover those debts and not use the system to get rid of them. Well, after my partner took millions of dollars from our businesses, and my wife, and me, he was imprisoned. I was broke, so I went back to assisting in surgery and my wife went back to nursing. Our combined incomes were not even as high as our county administrator's salary which is a six-digit income and she started that job without a college degree isn't that interesting? Is this responsible spending? Sounds like more is going on there, in my opinion.

Why didn't any of these people call me and give me a chance to explain. Because they didn't want to know the truth. They just wanted to trash me, as they are afraid I might win and break up their club, or better yet, find things I shouldn't. Why hasn't Hunter Taylor talked about the issues. All he does is spend his energy getting together with his other retired and very wealthy attorneys to trash me so I look bad in the public eye.

Well my true friends, whom have known me, know the truth and keep telling me not to quit so I can show the citizens of Belknap County this county can be run much more efficiently and financially responsible.

I also find it interesting that a local paper, whose reporter ran a story with even more incorrect information, and before he printed his story didn't even want my side. Roger from The Laconia Sun called me in the middle of the day while I was in surgery again — convenient timing on his part. By the time I got his message around dinner time, I couldn't reach him and that story was printed.

So think what you will, my mind and heart are all set. I am an ethical, honest and moral man who found himself in a bad situation, but I went on and am happy with the life I know have in Alton with my wife and kids. I am sure with my background and success I can bring the nursing home and corrections facility great success in the future.

It's simple. Vote for an out-of-state lawyer who claims compassion on his signs and cards but can even call or write a man with no family here in New Hampshire, a man (Hunter Taylor) who just cares about power. Or vote for a person who cares for the nursing home and our county. I am not the man I am being portrayed as. Some of the facts are correct but most are not. They are cherry-picking the worst of this and are not telling the facts. So decide what you will.

Just remember, those lawyers, like Hunter Taylor, Norm Silber, are all running for office. This is not the type of politics we need here in New Hampshire and we don't need more of this in Belknap County. We need to work together not against one another to solve our county's problems.

Don't be swayed away from the issues. Go out and vote Sept. 13.

Jonathan Smolin


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Vote for Waring; let's get some common sense back on the commission

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Commission should be working together to better the county. Currently that is not happening and those people who count on the quality services the county provides are the ones who lose out.

That is why I urge people who are voting in the Republican Primary on Tuesday to vote for Glen Waring. He will work to protect county taxpayers and make sure that the county is run well.

Please vote for Glen Waring on Tuesday, Sept. 13, so we can get some common sense back on the County Commission.

Christine Brewster

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