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Support the WOW Trail by purchasing ticket to Saturday's WOW Ball

To The Daily Sun

An open letter to Friends of the Laconia WOW Trail:

On Saturday, May 16, we will be hosting the 12th WOW Sweepstakes Ball at the Lake Opechee Inn, Spa and Conference Center. This event, presented by Meredith Village Savings Bank, is our most important fund-raising event, helping to fund the on-going expansion and maintenance of the trail. The WOW Sweepstakes Ball has raised almost $300,000 to date to help fund this exciting project.

What is the WOW Sweepstakes Ball? Well, it's not a ball in the "wear fancy clothes" sort of way. It's a ball in that it is super fun, has great food and entertainment, and you will be supporting a great cause: The WOW Trail. In addition, the WOW Ball offers you a 1-in-300 chance of winning $10,000. Casual attire is cool. Shorts and flip-flops are fine with us. Your $100 ticket includes admission, buffet dinner for two, entertainment with The HolyCow! Band, and one entry into the sweepstakes. Only 300 tickets will be sold. You do not need to be present to win.

Please show your support of the WOW Trail by purchasing a ticket. Tickets are available at the Laconia Athletic & Swim Club, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, or on-line at www.banknhpavilion.com.

For more information about the WOW Trail go to www.wowtrail.org or become a friend of the WOW Trail's Facebook page.

Hope to see you at the Ball and out on the trail.

Allan Beetle and the

WOW Trail Board of Directors

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Just where is the U.S.-Judeo-Christian values argument getting us?

To The Daily Sun,

Round and round James Veverka goes, trying to tell everyone that our Constitution is not based on Judo-Christian values. The assertion is on its face absurd.

For more then a 1,000 years before the Constitution was written, European culture was a Christian culture. Every law from Europe was a law steeply based in the values of that culture and every person who had anything at all to do with the writing, designing or signing that document was descended from that culture. To contend that those men took some kind of deviation from what they knew, what their entire lives they had been taught to value and respect is sheer poppycock. Even if they had tried they could not have strayed from those learned values and morals.

So my question is just what is J.V. trying to prove? That he can argue about anything no matter how foolish? Give us all a break James and address something meaningful such as the accusations of Hillary Clinton's corruption practices or perhaps why Muslim fanatics think they are entitled to kill and terrorize anyone they disagree with and why you and your liberal cohorts keep cutting these Muslims so much slack while they fly directly into the face of the values you say you espouse.

I'd really like for you to try to explain that.

Steve Earle


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