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Democrats are fighting for men who want to pee in the ladies room

To The Daily Sun,

With the president running the country like the dictator he is, I would like to share something I saw on Facebook this morning.

"The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation, and disease, but the Democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies room." Insanity.

I am sure Hillary can't wait to get in on the action.

L. Michael Hatch

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Kelly Ayotte isn't 'endorsing' Donald Trump, just 'supporting' him

To The Daily Sun,
It's interesting to watch the contortions and spin that GOP/Tea Party congressional members are going through on when it comes to whether to endorse or support Mr. Trump.
Does their support or endorsement of Trump sound the death knell for their political careers? Just might.
Let's look close to home on this one. Kelly Ayotte is saying that she will support Trump but, alas, not endorse him. Huh? Come again please. The dictionary definition of support: "hold up." The definition of endorse: "declare one's public approval or support of...." They're the same thing. It's basic English. She's trying to play Twister with her native language.
Or maybe she's more like a weathervane caught in a hurricane, spinning in every direction. We know that Ayotte is worried about losing her seat to Gov. Maggie Hassan. People who cannot support a Trump candidacy just might vote against Ayotte too. Say, women who might be already upset with her hostile record on women's health. What will they think when their senator endorses — sorry, "supports"—a presidential candidate who's a one-man horror squad? A man who professes to "love all women" (especially immigrant women — he keeps marrying them) yet calls them pigs and bimbos.
One commentator nailed her hocus-pocus precisely: " apply this to Kelly Ayotte, she supports Trump; she presumably intends to vote for Trump; she's willing to let the public know about her backing for Trump; and she wants to participate in an unprecedented partisan blockade against any Supreme Court nominee in order to allow Trump to fill a high court vacancy.
But don't worry, she's not "endorsing" him. Perish the thought."
Ayotte is "double talking" when she says she will support but is not endorsing Trump. They're the same thing and her trying to pretend they're different is obvious nonsense. Given her hypocritical attempt to spin her refusal to vote on a Supreme Court nominee, followed by this gobbledygook about her support of Trump, there's either a malfunction in the connection between her brain and her tongue or else she thinks she can play New Hampshire voters for fools.
Bernadette Loesch

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