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If only we make government a little bigger, a little more controlling. . .

To The Daily Sun,

Whenever Bernadette Loesch speaks it comes with a paucity of logic both shocking and amazing. Her never-ending bear hugs of socialism and liberalism gone wild never ends, no matter the incredible harm it does to the people she alleges to care about. I used the Greek bankrupt spending fantasies in a recent letter as the the perfect example of where her thinking and Bernie Sanders leads. She takes issue with it despite it's total accuracy.

I suggest we take a poll of Daily Sun readers. Who thinks the United States is heading toward a Greek-like economy, run with a heavy hand by government, or one toward more free enterprise. Come on readers weigh in. It is an important question with elections looming.

It has been well established and recognized for centuries that if you want something done quickly and for less money you employ the private sector. If you want three people to change a light bulb, then argue for two days about who is going to do it because they all get the same union wage you are looking at a public sector occupation.

Nothing illustrates the point like education. America spends the most per student of any country in the world while we produce academic results that put us in the middle of performance globally. All while performance keeps worsening as education keeps screaming to get paid more for the failed results. If that is performance that serves the public good, maybe Bernadette can explain how. She is quite the wizard of socialist spin, especially around Halloween.

We have had 40 years of Democratic Party presidents in the past 83 years. Everyone of them in various ways looked and talked exactly like Bernie Sanders. Prosperity is just around the corner after you vote for them. Poverty will be banished, the middle class will thrive, all the essentials of life will be free and equality will magically arrive. Bigger, more generous government, more controlling government will hold back nasty free enterprise while will create the communal society where we all live peacefully in the world among others.

Where are we after those 40 years of FDR's sure-fire promises? Americans in 2015 feel less safe. Our allies feel less safe. They feel like we have abandoned them. We have. Surely so Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Middle East is a tinder box set to explode. Iran is going nuclear bomb, deal or no deal. Russia has gone mean and rogue. China is flexing its military might. While in the U.S. the middle class lifestyle has become extinct while dependence on government in its every from sets records.

Economists inform us every major government program is insolvent. Promises far exceed incomes for every program from Medicare to Social Security. All have unfunded liabilities in the trillions looking out. Obamacare cost increases run double digits in almost every state. The highway trust fund is broke, disability insurance is broke, and the Post Office bankrupt. American companies and jobs are trying to leave to friendlier places caused specifically by government bullying and threats. The economy limps, exports drag, while inequality flourishes. Poverty is the same percentage it was in 1965 while our debt set new records regularly.

Don't fret. Just around the corner is prosperity from Bernie, Hillary (maybe Joe) with the free-to-you from government. The FDR model. If only we just make government a little bigger, a little more controlling, a little more generous and a little more in debt, all will be wonderful. My friends ,that is Greek national anthem. It ends one place, bankrupt!

Tony Boutin

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It will be fun watching Sen. Ayotte put Gov. Hassan out to pasture

To The Daily Sun,

As Ronald Regan would say, there she goes again. My favorite Democrat from Meredith, Paula Trombi, is trashing Senator Ayotte again.

She states we shouldn't be fooled by Senator Ayotte's recent tactics. There is nothing to be fooled about, She has been against funding Planned Parenthood as long as I can remember.

There are many good reasons for that. No. 1: it cost the taxpayers $538 million a year to fund Planned Parenthood; No. 2: they made $127 million in profit last year; No. 3: they give millions of dollars to Democrat candidates throughout the country, I wonder how much of that is taxpayer money; and No. 4 is the best part: they pay the director $500,000 a year in salary.

As a taxpayer I thank the senator for trying to save us from wasting so much money.

I would also like to thank the Executive Council of New Hampshire for defunding Planned Parenthood.

As far as Sen. Ayotte shutting down the government, two days ago she voted with the majority to keep the government running.
Paula wants the people of New Hampshire to remember her record, and they will by electing her again for another six years.

It is my personal wish that the Democrats will run Governor Hassan against her. It will be fun putting the governor out to pasture. She and Hillary can have fun intheir retirement.

Thanks Senator Ayotte.

L. Michael Hatch


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