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After four years of the Trumpster, Bernie will look like a godsend

To The Daily Sun,

I've read letters telling me that if (fill in the blank) is elected life as we know it will end. What shall I believe? Well, I've finally decided on a candidate.

Mr. Trump is the candidate, and the justification is simply that he will be totally incapable of getting anything done. It will be four glorious years of a figurehead in office.

Most of us look upon the retro progress of our government recently with disappointment and disillusionment. Now (voters have) a chance to throw sand into the works, as it were. Trump is no politician. His presidency would be like asking a dentist to perform gall bladder surgery. He has alienated an amazing variety of people. I believe that a goal for him of alienating 90 percent of Congress is obtainable.

Of course, he will enrich himself in office, his sole apparent attribute. But with the national debt approaching an imaginary (vs real) figure, who will even notice. I'm voting for Donald Trump. After four years of the Trumpster, Bernie will look like a godsend.

Richard Gilson

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State representative is logical next step for Tim Land to take

To The Daily Sun,

We have known Tim Lang, who is running for state representative, for many years.

He's a hard-working, honest business and family man.

His accomplishments: IT director in the private sector, serves as moderator in our town of Sanbornton, 10 years in law enforcement, town school board, school budget committee, town budget committee, chairman of the zoning board and he is very involved with youth as a coach in sports.

This is Tim's next step in his progression for state representative.

Tim knows the problems of our two towns and will take initiative to resolve the issues especially the costs of taxes to our local community. Tim will listen to the issues from our communities. Tim steps up to the plate as a experienced articulate individual and wants good to come to our towns.

Our vote is with Tim Lang since he demonstrates the values and decision-making attitude as a state representative which we need in our area. Tim Lang has the integrity and experience to provide as our state representative.

Vote for Tim Lang for Sanbornton and Tilton.

Doug & Terry Rasp

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