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Our 4 'apostles' responsible for sky-high piles of negativity

To The Daily Sun,

Over the last six years Messrs. Boutin, Wiles, Earle, Channing-Eddy, Meade and others have pounded out letters and op-eds with dire warnings about what the Democrats and President Obama are doing and have done over. Whine, CAPITALIZE, faithfully repeat talking points from the corporate-funded right wing and Fox. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Sky-high piles of negativity. Collectively these critics give us snippets of this and that, usually more fiction than fact. If we took them as the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of today we'd be hiding under our beds or locked and loaded in underground bunkers, awaiting the apocalypse.

It's a good thing that their crystal ball is usually more of a fog machine. We keep waiting but most of their rants and predictions turn out like the Mayan calendar end of the world hoax. It reminds one of the fairy tale from our children's book about Chicken Little who ran around town squawking "The sky is falling, the sky is falling'....only to be proven wrong about the world coming to an end.

Here are a few facts for these critics can chew on while gathering information for their next letter to the editor.
In January 2009 the Dow stood at 7,949 compared to 16,4590 today. Unemployment was 7.8 percent compared to 6.7 percent today. GDP growth was minus 5.4 percent compared to plus 4.1 percent today. Deficit GDP was 9.8 percent compared to 3.3 percent today. And consumer confidence has risen from 37.7 to 78.1.
Oh, those pesky facts. Well Done Mr. President. Especially considering that the Republicans in Congress, from Day One, made it their Number 1 purpose and priority to oppose ANYTHING (see, we all can use caps) that President Obama proposed.

Bernadette Loesch


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Why is it that if you work for government you cannot be fired?

To The Daily Sun,

Did I miss the memo that Congress and the Senate are just going to concentrate on getting re-elected regardless of what issues real Americans are facing?

I have become more and more aware of decisions being made purely for political reasons and not for the good of the American people. Weren't congressmen and senators elected to their positions in our government to work together and make decisions that benefit the American people and the United States of America?

The two biggest issues that come to mind at the moment are the Keystone pipeline and the Affordable Care Act. There is also the issue of select committees investigating issues and having absolutely no resolution after a year or two of investigation, i.e., Benghazi, the IRS issue, etc. Not one person has been held accountable.

Why is it that if you work for the government you cannot be fired, you don't have to tell the truth or you can plead the Fifth? Don't these people owe the American people answers? After all, we pay their wages, benefits, healthcare, fund their pensions which they get no matter what and provide expense accounts which they abuse. Aren't we entitled to something for all that? Are they so important they shouldn't suffer consequences for bad decisions like real Americans?

As I see it, Democrats are busy delaying issues with the ACA in order to enhance their political chances of re-election. Republicans are not rocking the boat, trying not to do anything that can be used to make them look like the bad guy. President Obama is saving the "political capital" of signing the Keystone pipeline until it will benefit the Democrats the most politically and getting a head start on destroying any potential Republican candidate facing Hillary.

In the Senate, why must we suffer a leader who uses his position to make slanderous statements without the threat of prosecution and who has refused for years to bring many legislative issues to a vote?

Is this the year of the Senator or Congressmen? Did I miss the memo? Where is the celebration and how much are the tickets? Oh, it's April first. Let me get my dress ready.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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Proposed: a modest reduction in hours for regulated noise

To The Daily Sun,

This is a request for voter support of Article 23 at the Moultonborough Town Meeting.

Article 23 requests a modest reduction in the permissible hours for all regulated noise as currently defined in the Town's Noise Ordinance.

As the ordinance already defines fireworks and what other activities create excessive noise, this proposed article does not in any way change those definitions. All it does is reduce the hours when such noises will be allowable. The new hours would be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends. On July 4th there would be extended hours for fireworks.

I do hope the voters will consider that the very early morning and late evening usage of chain saws, leaf blowers, fireworks, etc. is unnecessary and that this article should be adopted.

Eric Taussig


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Northern Pass all about filling the pocketbooks of stockholders

To The Daily Sun,

Here we go again with an increase in the gas tax.

My reply to Mr. Jim Jalbert is to encourage the voters in the Seacoast area to oppose the Northern Pass as it is proposed, and support the burial of this HVDC line under New Hampshire rights of way such as Interstates 93 and 89 and other state-owned rights of way.

Why give Public Service of New Hampshire some $80 million-plus free dollars? Bury it along I-93 and the state gets the revenue for our roads and bridges. This is a no-brainer for New Hampshire. Don't we pay enough for a gallon of gas as it is?

Here are some facts: Average gas price per gallon today $3.39, heating oil $3.79 per gallon, propane $4.54 per gallon. I pay the New Hampshire Electric Co-op a $26-a-month co-op fee. Why? When is it all going to stop?

I am not against Green energy, but to put more than 1,000 135-foot towers for 184 miles through New Hampshire in going back in time instead going with the future (burial).

Some will say (i.e., PSNH) burial is too costly. Well, those people haven't done their homework. Northern Pass is all about filling their stock holders pockets with profit. Let's give those profits to the State of New Hampshire.

Help us support burial of the Northern Pass. This benefits the whole state not just one small section (PSNH).

George Wright


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The Kimball Castle can become an amazing tourist attraction

To The Daily Sun,

My grandson burst into tears when he read that Kimball Castle is to be demolished before he ever has a chance to see it. I agree with him because it would be a terrible waste of a huge economic opportunity and educational opportunity for this entire region. This amazing opportunity should not be lost!

The castle can become an amazing tourist and education attraction like Rome's Coliseum or Athen's Parthenon. You don't need to let anyone near anything that's falling in, just near enough to see the light shows and listen to guides explain local history. There are promoters who can lay it all out for you if you would just bother to search them out. Money to save the castle would come from investors, not taxes, if the owners would consent to something mutually advantageous for all of us.

Your immediate problem is time. So get searching for tour promoters and light show producers in the States and in Europe to learn how they got started. You might even find an organization that packages it all. PBS and university programs might be able to provide advocates and intern support. Finding these people could give you what you need to stall the selectmen, who need assurance of good for their constituents. Bringing in jobs and tourists and countless educational opportunities is good. It is entirely possible to promote conservation and tourism if it is planned thoroughly.

You can get support from economic development folks, who in turn will get the local business support that you need to get this rolling. Put together a committee of groups who stand to lose the most, such as businesses en route to the castle that will provide housing and food and shopping for the tourists, local educators and regional educators. Families and schools and child-care providers will also lose out. So their voices should be heard.

Our exquisite four seasons suggest a number of indoor and outdoor programs that can be carefully introduced as this project is developed. Specific holiday celebrations and castle anniversaries come to mind as extra special draws. Handicap trail access and other innovations can bring national attention. The castle could become a destination wedding site, in addition to all the events and attractions that will come to mind as this is developed. Just use your imaginations to realize there simply is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Anyone who supports demolition should be ashamed of themselves for being so utterly selfish and short-sighted. This is an opportunity that should not be ignored.

Just do it. Just do it, now.

Charles W. Allen


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