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Clinton is the only candidate with experience to be president

To The Daily Sun,

Here are the reasons why I'm supporting former Secretary Clinton.

Before I begin, as a young person — I'm a junior at Newfound Regional High School — I'm not "feeling the bern" unlike my peers.

Clinton is the only candidate who is experienced and ready to be both the president and commander-in-chief. She's the most knowledgeable person on foreign policy, and will work together with the aides of her Secretary of State, her ambassadors, and other foreign leaders to make peace. She'll defeat ISIS by making a coalition of rebel fighters in Syria along with drones that will strike compounds and training camps that ISIS use - all while saving the lives of American soldiers. I strongly oppose putting our soldiers overseas for any reason with the exception of when our homeland is in danger. The other side, Ted Cruz and the others, want to just carpet bomb the region that ISIS mostly dominates, but they seem to forget that civilians - who are innocent - will be killed. All of the Republicans' idea of defeating ISIS are radical in my opinion.

Clinton, for years, has been a longtime advocate for those who'll be at a disadvantage in society due to their sexual orientation, race, disability, gender, etc. She has worked with many of her colleagues when she was in the Senate to help sponsor/co-sponsor legislation that improve the quality for those who are at a disadvantage in society. She has supported Family Medical Leave Act, equality pay, Lilly Ledbetter Act, along with a slew of other acts.

As mentioned in the previous letter, Sanders has unrealistic ideas, and he is only progressive on "some days." Free community college along with BernieCare? How will the government find the money to budget all of his radical ideas? Yes, you're going to have to raise the tax severely, but I always think that you should raise tax, only if you're helping the American people and saving them in the long run.

Hillary has more of a sane approach, to build off of ObamaCare (ACA) and to fix the issues with ObamaCare and build off of what works. With Republicans taking over both of the chambers of the house, how can he possibly write up a new universal Medicare system, and get it approved by Congress? What will he cut from the budget? Hillary agrees that college students shouldn't be burdened by massive debts, and she has fought hard to lower the interest rates on student loans, and to seek to find affordable methods of sending students to college.

Clinton, she has fought hard listening to 11 hours of testimony through a select committee that was formed for political reasons, and not for the pseudo purpose of finding out what went wrong with Benghazi. Before the select committee was formed, they did do a survey of the incident, and did all of the preventive steps suggested. Out of the 11 hours, Rep. Ted Gowdy found no other evidence that they didn't already know. Ted Gowdy and his other Republican colleagues have wasted our tax money on a committee that is only used for scoring political points, and tarnishing the reputation of Clinton.

Sanders and Clinton have run a phenomenal campaign — less rhetoric and more cleanliness from the Democratic Party — than the Republicans. I would only support Bernie if he can come up with a compromise that will make his agenda more realistic. The whole field of Republicans is the harbinger of what I like to call a political demagoguery and the laughing stock of politics. The Republicans will divide America apart, rather than unifying America.

Clinton has been endorsed by many governors, along with celebrities ranging from Katy Perry, to Kelly Clarkson, Mila Kunis, Amy Schumer, Ben Afleck, Jim Parson, and a slew of other celebrities. Even his other sitting Senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy, and Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin – both of whom should know Bernie the best – has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

To save the Republican Party, they need to form a coalition against Trump and make a strong attempt to overthrow Trump's comfortable position as the front runner of the Republican Party. Trump is a fascist person who not only divides the Republican Party, but will divide America – how do his actions on the campaign trail lead him to the end product of "Making America Great Again?" I urge you to vote against Trump, and make sure that his fascism doesn't get to the White House. The only position Donald Trump can handle is the ultimate Supreme Leader of North Korea.

I'm with Hillary Clinton.

Nick Crosby

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Flip-flopping advice of TV stock analysts is painful to watch

To The Daily Sun,

Oh the joys of a fake global economy. The U.S. stock market is down 12 percent from its highs, and some are predicting another recession. What to do?

If you're a carpenter you continue to hammer nails, if you're a plumber you continue installing pipes, if you're a surgeon you continue fixing people. Many of you are level-headed people and know that the show must go on. Yet, if you make a living giving stock advice on TV, it stands to reason that your life is upside down. Watching all of you is painful, your day-to-day flip-flopping advice is crazy.

I think people really want to know what the hell is going on, other than it's better for the economy to have higher oil/gas prices. Because from where I'm sitting, I like low gas prices. Correction: I love them.

Does anyone expect the one percent to stimulate the economy? I've been waiting.

Yes, once again my portfolio is going down. I'm sure others are experiencing the same. Surprise!. And yes, I will cut my personal spending because of the market correction, in hopes that I can increase my investment portfolio. The average consumer is getting smarter. We like low gas prices, and it's time we, "the common folk" received a break.

Shifting the wealth upward, transferring debt downward, paying the middle class less and shipping companies overseas continues to hurt us all. That's a fact. And as the dollar gets stronger, the middle class will continue to get squeezed.

Main Street is falling deeper and further behind. We need to get back to a reality where borrowing money has a cost associated with its risk. Not a system that bails everyone out if they make bad decisions. And to the true professional stock spokespeople, be careful what you wish for. Your predictions may come true and we may all default on our car loans... your TV sponsors.

Remember: Many lost everything in 2008. I fear if that happens again, this quickly, there will be a very, very different reaction. Spreading panic doesn't help.

Ray Cunningham

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