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Tilton: In Pat Consentino you have got a winner of a selectman

To The Daily Sun,

What do you do with a person who:

— Loves their town?

— Will help all the people in the town and other towns?

— Is viewed as a true representative of the people?

— Does not have a 'hidden' agenda'?

— Has the knowledge and skills to be a selectperson?

— Is a local advocate for seniors and veterans?

— Is a true professional?

The answer to my questions is, "You re-elect Pat Consentino". Although I am a resident of Sanbornton, I am a big fan of Pat Consentino. She has assisted me on several veterans' issues.

If I could vote for Pat, I would be the first in line. Tilton-Northfield, you got a winner. Re-elect Pat Consentino.

Jim Mayotte


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Meredith DPW crew has provided excellent service over long winter

To The Daily Sun,

Having experienced some of the most severe weather in recent memory, residents in the Town of Meredith are grateful for the extraordinary leadership and dedication provided by the crews of our DPW. Extreme temperatures, combined with seemingly never-ending snowstorms with blizzard conditions and resulting snow accumulation have taxed our road warriors to the hilt. And yet they continue to work the long hours to keep our roads plowed and sanded with nary a complaint.

Having lived in other locales without such excellent service reinforces the gratitude that we have for Mike Faller and his crews.

Please join us in offering a sincere and warm thank you to all who keep us safe.

Carol & Richard Gerken


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