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Information parents get on vaccines should be science based

To The Daily Sun,

The headline over Gene Danforth's recent letter in The Sun is pretty impressive. Unfortunately it is completely false. It reads, "CDC reports 96 deaths from MMR vaccinations since 2004."

I don't know, Gene, where you got your information from. I went to the CDC website to look for it. Nope, no information on this. I even called the CDC and asked them to do a search, again no information about this number of deaths. It seems that you, like Russ Wiles, are inclined to spend your time reading the anti-vaccinator blogs rather than going to the true sources. Maybe you should try going to PUB MED to read the various papers on vaccines on their safety and effectiveness. A lot of the people and statistics you are quoting seem to be decades old.

Gene, you know that this is 2015. I will agree that when they were using live polio vaccine some cases of polio were attributed to the vaccine. However that was changed once the data came out, and today a killed vaccine is used. No problems with vaccine-induced polio today. You have to remember that polio was a scary disease with horrific consequences in some cases. Any type of vaccine and the promise of protection against this dreaded disease was welcomed.

An interesting note to Gene's concern about atypical measles in people previously vaccinated with the killed vaccine. Gene, do you think that is why we recommend every one getting the safe measles vaccine today, to protect those few who may have a serious reaction to getting the measles. Remember herd immunity. The more people who are vaccinated the better the population is protected. You quote Dr. J. Anthony Morris but I believe he was speaking about the swine flu vaccine only. If his quote, "There is a good deal of evidence to prove the immunization of children does more harm than good," is a general thesis on vaccinations, then he goes against, I would guess, 98 percent of the medical and scientific profession.

The measles vaccine is about 97 percent effective to those who get two vaccinations. Meaning that if 1 million people are vaccinated 30,000 people may be susceptible. In some communities the vaccine rate is in the mid-90 percent. Yes, some people who are previously vaccinated will get measles. Pure statistics, it does not have to do with a failure of the vaccine.

Parents need to be informed about vaccines, I agree. But the information they get should be based on good scientific data not on some ones personal vendetta against medicine in general. We, in the medical profession, take our responsibility seriously, and vaccination rates and immunizations are at the top of our priorities.

Mirno Pasquali, PAC


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Why has big pharma paid millions if damage was only alleged?

To The Daily Sun,

I am breaking my vow never to respond to James Veverka, whose extensive study of the absurd has apparently affected his reading comprehension. I am not an anti-vaccinator. I am an "informed choice" advocate. I don't know why that is such a difficult concept to grasp.

As I and Gene Danforth have pointed out, the measles vaccine is more about billions of dollars in profits for the pharmaceutical companies. Their profits from prescription drugs and antibiotics has diminished dramatically. Vaccines is where the money is at and hence the proliferation of vaccines continues unabated. If you haven't read Gene's recent letter in The Sun, I encourage you to do so. It has extensive research that gives credence to the fact that the so called settled science on vaccinations is anything but. Again, I just want the truth so that I can make an "informed consent" decision about what drugs to put in my body. That just doesn't seem so radical to me.

Several studies have shown that children and adults vaccinated with the MMR vaccine shed the virus from their throat and urine for as long as two weeks after getting the vaccine. So, it is not only the unvaccinated who can spread the measles virus. Other studies have shown that live viruses have been found in the intestines of children vaccinated against measles. This means they can be spread by stool and unwashed hands.

If it were actually true that the vaccine is 99 percent effective, then those vaccinated should have nothing to worry about. There is ample proof that is just not the case. Mr. Veverka apparently is okay with the CDC hiding lots of vital data to make the conversation about the autism link disappear and label anyone even bringing up the topic as a misinformed fearmonger.

Also scrubbed from medical history is the fact that the polio vaccine was never made mandatory. Millions never got the vaccine and yet the disease disappeared. Improved sanitation, nutritional knowledge, natural therapies and a better understanding of how our immune system works were largely the reasons for the decline in measles. Herd immunity established for polio is also a myth. Herd immunity is impossible for all vaccines because they cannot provide 100 percent immunity to those who get the vaccine.

The truth is being hidden for the almighty dollar. I want pharmaceutical companies to make money as long as they're being honest about the pros and cons of the product they are selling to mass populations. There's that pesky "informed consent" issue again.

Much of this information was gleaned from Dr. Russell Blaylock. Information was also taken from research done by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Ronald Hoffman, Dr. David Williams, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Rashid Buttar among others. Also information researched from the Vaccine Adverse Reaction System (VAERS).

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) recently reported that the Head Start programs are going to have mandated vaccination protocols for entry into those programs. If so, the slippery slope toward mandatory vaccinations for all will begin. In 1964, children were given vaccinations for six diseases, yet today that number has risen to 16. Between 2005 and 2014, no one died from the measles while 108 died from the MMR vaccine. Eighty-three cases of autism have been compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation program for vaccine induced brain damage. The mercury content in these vaccinations has been linked to neurological effects including autism. This information was reported in a recent article by ANH-USA.

The research is there just waiting to be disseminated. Many doctors are not aware of the research and the mainstream media is loathe to touch the subject. It's a settled science, third rail issue don't you know. According to James, the money that Dr. Wakefield received was in connection to the "alleged health damages suffered by vaccinated kids." I'm sure all those kids suffering from neurological damage will be happy to know they are only alleged hurts. Why have the pharmaceutical companies paid so many millions if the damage was only alleged. "Informed consent" is all that I am asking for Mr. Veverka.

Perhaps another writer has it correct. That while James seems intelligent, "mocking is what Jim can do." Yes, and he does it so very well. Dr. Carolyn Dean's book, "Death to Modern Medicine" is a stark reminder of what can occur if "we the people" continue to act like sheep rather than sheepdogs willing to guard our freedoms fearlessly and with resoluteness of purpose.

Russ Wiles


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