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Let's elect Ed Engler & then work with him to reach city's potential

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the citizens of Laconia:

Today is election day and I hope to encourage all to fulfill their obligation as participants in a free society, by informing themselves of the issues and candidates' positions and to then cast their ballot for those they believe to be most qualified. As it pertains to the office of Mayor of Laconia, I will cast my ballot for Mr. Ed Engler.

In explaining why, I would first like to thank Mr. Kaileif Mitchell for running against Mr. Engler for Mayor. In another election, at some other time, and under different circumstances, I would consider Mr. Mitchell's leadership abilities and experience seriously. Given the questions and opportunities of today however, most would agree that Mr. Engler is the clear choice.

Here are five observations and opinions that I have made, which I believe vignette the prudence of electing Mr. Engler.

Mr. Engler has been a member of the Laconia Rotary Club since his arrival in Laconia. The motto of Rotary is "Service Above Self". Mr. Engler has embodied that motto, whether he was acting as a member of the board of directors, as the treasurer, or as a volunteer at many, many raffle ticket-selling obligations both locally and out of state. For more than a decade Mr. Engler has taken shifts at the Rotary booth in the Weirs selling tickets in June from sun-up to nearly midnight with scarcely a break for sustenance — all for the benefit of others in our community. Though Rotary is forbidden from making a political endorsements or taking a position on proposed policies or proposed legislation, locally, nationally, or otherwise, it is my personal observation that Mr. Engler is well-liked by his contemporaries and very well respected by all.

Mr. Engler is president of a newspaper business, which immediately conjures images of literacy in language, but please do not sell him short. I have found Mr. Engler to be comfortable and thoroughly literate with mathematics as well. It has frankly been encouraging to witness his thought process in playing out "what if" scenarios and teasing out trends that might not be obvious to the casual observer. In fact I would argue that his ability to write headlines — an art that is harder than one might think to do well — is really about boiling equations down to their lowest common denominators. Mr. Engler excels at getting to the heart of the matter in the fewest number of words.

While holding back criticism of others, I applaud Mr. Engler's approach to seeing and learning first-hand from problems and solutions in other municipalities. Whereas almost all stakeholders remained in Laconia, rather than avail themselves of a visit to Keene last November, Mr. Engler took it upon himself recently as a candidate to get on his motorcycle and ride there, to see the almost mythical economic growth happening there for himself. Just think of what he was able to see and deduce for himself that others were not. How full are the parking lots? How many people are circulating on sidewalks and crosswalks? What is the real vacancy/occupancy rate? Are the lessees truly the highest and best uses for the projects? What is the scale of the projects? How well do they integrate with each other? What were the unspoken and unintended consequences? I applaud Mr. Engler's diligence as a candidate and quietly note that this is a terrific standard to set for others.

Mr. Engler has been following city politics for years. He has watched and reported on the happenings of the City Council, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board, the Trustees of Trust Funds, the Parks Commission, the School Board, the Library Board of Trustees, the Water Commission, the County Delegation, The County Commission, the State Delegation, and more. Topics have covered capital expenditures, tax cap, crime fighting, union negotiations, educational programs litigation and more than can be covered in the scope of this letter. The comment frequently made by residents that, "if Ed doesn't know what is going on nobody does", runs much deeper than knowing what is going on with the City Council; Ed knows what is going on in our community.

Lastly on my short list of attributes, is that Mr. Engler looks at each question armed with the history behind it, but with fresh eyes and an open mind. Take, for example, his own business model. In a world that was seeing plummeting periodical circulation numbers, growing periodical failures and closures, and a general belief that "newspapers are dead", Mr. Engler observed human activity on college campuses and in break rooms everywhere he could. He applied what he observed with his own eyes to his own business model and succeeded in doing what everybody else said couldn't be done. He launched an upstart publication that has grown by a factor of eight-fold in just over 10 years, and which still sees substantial annual growth every year. If you are reading this article in today's edition of The Laconia Daily Sun, then you know exactly what I mean. This endeavor had to have been risky; I am certain that even Mr. Engler himself must have held his breath when he signed the first contracts for commodities of paper and ink, etc. My guess is that hiring writers, reporters, photographers, graphic artists, sales people, before hiring a printer, buying miles of paper and tubs of ink is a much larger scale project than most of us appreciate. It also seems to me to have been substantially more than luck that fueled The Daily Sun's success. No, it took due diligence, hard work, and an open mind to pave the way for his business success today.

I ask my fellow Laconians to not only vote for Mr. Engler, but to work with him, if elected, as he tries to lead Laconia forward. Laconia is legendary around northern New Hampshire as a difficult place to accomplish new ideas. I ask that you trust in Mr. Engler's process as fair, quantitative, methodical and deliberate. With his leadership and our cooperation Laconia will reach its phenomenal potential.

John Moriarty,

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This country needs a guy like Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee

To The Daily Sun,
I am on a time limit, due to borrowing a computer. So very quickly, first to Mr. Earle: you obviously won't believe any real proof of Fox News's lies. But it's right in the very name of their network. Now if they were to call it something like Fox Right Wing Opinions, they would only be called liars when they actually tell lies. Actually I see lies all the time on MSNBC, they always have Republicans on their shows. Probably Republicans you've actually heard of, not like the list of "liberals" listed by the woman complaining that MSNBC didn't cover the horror show of an abortion clinic in PA. And, of course she was wrong about that, I watch MSNBC in the early morning ("First Look", "Way Too Early", "Morning Joe"), and yes it was mentioned on at least those three shows. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad that that woman want all abortion facilities to be even worse than that nightmare.
I can't possibly not comment on Jack Stephenson's letter about how "lucky" some Africans were to be ripped from their lives and families to be sold into slavery . I can only hope you were being facetious, I sadly don't think you were though. Maybe the reason that African-Americans don't look to take sailing lessons up here in the Lakes Region is there are so very few of them anywhere near here, and who could blame them with people saying things like what you said Jack. You should be ashamed.
In a country where we pay people millions of dollars who can successfully chase a ball around a court or field and I read in this very paper letters from people who claim that teachers are evil, it's no wonder that kid's who are not athletic are treated poorly. The kid that wrote that letter should take heart, there are places where intelligence is actually valued, and not really all that far away.
Now just one more comment to Mr. Earle: Please, please, please work hard to get Ted Cruz higher in the polls for 2016. This country needs this guy to be the Republican presidential nominee. While your letters and those of other right wingers are amusing, we need to have some real entertainment. And from what I've seen of this guy, he can deliver. Go Hillary 2016!
I have to stop now, hopefully I will be all computered up soon and will be able to comment in a more timely fashion.

Marty Valengavich

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Adjustments to the spine to nothing for our immmune systems

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Wiles is at it again in his letter entitled "chiropractic warriors". Published on the 18th of September in The Sun, he attacks me again with little in the way of facts, but full of failed attempts at adolescent humor. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was out of town at a medical conference when it was first published.

He accuses me of having a "little water on the brain". He calls it "cranial waterloggus". No Russ, the medical term is called Hydro Cephalous. I assume you are in your mid 60s Russ, isn't it time for you to grow up and use medically correct terminology? This is a serious and devastating medical condition especially when it presents itself in the neo natal period. Anyone who can find any humor in this condition is really a sick, sick individual, Russ. It is really ironic that you pick this condition to try and belittle me, but more on that later.

My first job as a PA was in the Department of Pediatrics, in the Division of Genetics, at the University of Florida. Oh , I am sorry Russ, here I am using my experience again in your own words, "as a sledge hammer to put me down ...". Poor Russ, I just consider this a game of Intellectual Whack a Mole, with you Russ, as the mole. The ironic part of this, Russ, is that one of the main culprits for hydro cephalous in the neo natal period is an in utero infection with the Rubella virus. I had the opportunity to witness this first hand 30 years ago. Babies born to mothers with Rubella, or German measles can have severe cranial, ocular, and neurological disabilities. One medical advance that has almost completely eliminated this is the widespread use of the MMR vaccine. Pregnant women to this day are still tested for antibodies to Rubella. Two shots at one year and five years of age provide lifelong immunity. What a concept, Vaccines as immunizations, yes they do work, despite what your hero Tim O'shea, DC, thinks. In your own idiotic attempt to belittle me you have actually allowed me to prove a point. Vaccines save lives and have changed the course of medical care worldwide.
While you find chiropractors to be competent and caring individuals, I find them to be nothing but snake oil salesmen. If I can prevent just one parent from following their advice on not getting vaccinated, and if I can save one child from the devastating effects from a vaccine preventable disease, I consider that a major success. You see Russ, despite what you believe, adjustments do nothing for the immune system. Time and time again, I have given you and them an opportunity to prove me wrong and you both declined the challenge. These ongoing exchanges between us Russ, are starting to play out like an old vaudeville act, with you playing the role of my dim witted assistant, a role, ahem, you play quite admirable. You attempt to rile up the crowd with insane rants, only to be put in your place with a few well thought out facts. Only I don't think you are acting.
Finally , if you consider yourself one of the "chiropractic warriors" , I am more convinced than ever that I am on the right side of this argument.

Mirno Pasquali PA -C


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Majority of affected residents oppose wind farms on ridgelines

To The Daily Sun,

Forget about the fact that some people can't sleep because of them. Or that they cause property devaluations by up to 50 percent. Or that they're a blight on the rural landscape.

Forget about the fact that they make life unlivable for many autistic children. Or that many countries in the world are in the process of abandoning them. Or that they only operate less than 30 percent of the time and often when they're not needed. Forget about the fact that they create virtually no jobs. Or that they seriously affect tourism. Or that they kill birds, bats and other wildlife.

Forget about the fact that they're causing the destruction of valuable land. Or that much of their profits go to foreign corporations. Or that they cause tinnitus and other hearing disorders for many people. Forget about the fact that it will likely cost us millions of dollars to decommission them. Or that they're driving a wedge between rural neighbors. Or that many people suffer headaches, dizziness, vertigo, nausea and other health disorders because of them.

Forget about the fact that they're so unreliable they require other traditional forms of energy production just to supplement the meager amount of power they produce. Forget that a large portion of wind energy is produced when we don't need it (at night or in lower-use seasons).

Forget that New Hampshire wind energy is being sent to southern states. Or that N.H. ratepayers will pay more for their electricity because of it. Forget all of it. Just remember this: Industrial wind turbines make absolutely zero economic sense. Hopefully now, the reality is starting to sink in...

Get informed and ask anybody in the towns affected what they think about it. But wait there's more — Newfound Lake residents, Cardigan Mountain residents and surrounding towns all consider themselves "NOT WILLING HOSTS". The majority oppose them and that's a fact. These projects will be a huge disaster for our pristine ridgelines. You want this? We certainly don't.

Ray Cunningham

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His answer is that science doesn't lie & cannot be manipulated?

To The Daily Sun,
In response to Wes Golomb's rebuttal to my letter about the science of climate change being a fallacy, I would like to thank him for proving my point.

In reading both of his letters, I can only assume that his whole philosophy on this topic is that science doesn't lie and cannot be manipulated. He says that my "drivel" doesn't prove anything, but it proves exactly what my point was. In the 1970s, during the global-cooling scare, it was scientists and their theories that "proved" we were going to freeze to death. And through the 80s and 90s, it was those same scientists and their theories that "proved" we were going to burn. So the professor, while accusing me of cherry picking information to fit my view, is refuting the science of the 70s because it doesn't fit his.

Maybe he doesn't believe the science of the 70s because it wasn't a long enough time period, just like he doesn't believe the cooling trend of the last 13 years is long enough to disprove the "fact" of global warming in the 80s and 90s. He tries to prove his point by using NASA data over the past 120 years. As he states, they picked a period of 30 years as a base line, and then picked a period that shows an increase in temperature to fit the view of global warming alarmists. Does he think 120 years is long enough? I'd like to go back further, let's say 2,000 years. According to a news article at http://tinyurl.com/823h6hc, "A large team of scientists making a comprehensive study of data from tree rings say that in fact global temperatures have been on a falling trend for the past 2,000 years and they have often been noticeably higher than they are today — despite the absence of any significant amounts of human-released carbon dioxide in the atmosphere back then." Were these scientists wrong? They examined trees, a physical object that can be touched and examined. They didn't use computer models, plugged with data from a specific volcanic eruption or a specific period of time like the professor describes, to prove their point. You can enter or omit anything into a computer model to get the result you are looking for.

I'm interested to know if the professor now thinks that 2000 years isn't a long enough period. Does he want to go back to a major ice age when temperatures were colder than they are now so he can get his upward trend line again? I'll just have to go back to before that, when the temperatures were warmer, to refute his findings. The only way to know the true trend is by going back to when the earth was first formed and drawing a trend line based on the temperature from then to now. The only thing that will show us is, in the grand scheme of things, humans have no real impact on this great planet. She can take us out of existence at any time she likes and no action against "climate change" is going to stop that. If the professor is right and we are causing this "catastrophic" rising of temperatures, are we going to destroy the earth before the Sun turns into a red giant, engulfing the first three planets in the solar system and destroys it for us? More scientific theory...

To answer the professor's question, yes I am still laughing. His satirical example of the decline in pirates being the cause of the rise in temperature is a perfect example of the type of cherry picking that the global warming alarmists do. I want someone to do a computer model proving that the best hot dogs come from apples, but I want to see the results before we plug in the data that you have to feed the apples to the pig first. That would be scientific fraud.

The professor says that we need to take action and we need to do it now. There is a solution already in place. It's a renewable resource, low maintenance, converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and it doesn't take big government or the free market to do. The best part about it is it's free! It's called "THE TREE!" Or are we going to hear from the professor next that photosynthesis is scientific fraud because it doesn't fit with his computer models?

Scott Schoonmaker

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