Lisa DiMartino is an effective advocate for Gilford & Meredith

To The Daily Sun,

I am expressing my support for Lisa DiMartino. I have been a longtime Gilford resident and a New Hampshire native.

Lisa is seeking re-election to her second term. She is motivated and has worked to support local business, to help build a stronger local economy and jobs. She has been an advocate for more effective community services for those in need. Lisa co-sponsored a bill on regulating and hoping to eliminate the sale of incense, commonly known as "Spice." It is a product laced with synthetic hallucinogenic chemicals and sold under false pretenses in convenience stores, mainly to younger people who suffer intoxication, sometimes with serious side effects. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. I believe Lisa will make this a priority in her next term.

Lisa serves on several committees focused on more effective elder care, suicide prevention, and also serves on the Governor's Commission on Disability. Please vote for Lisa so she can continue to be an effective advocate and voice for the communities of Gilford and Meredith.

I encourage your vote for Lisa on election day.

John P. Rogers


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Convention majority wants lowest paid workers to carry burden

To The Daily Sun,

Last Monday evening the Executive Committee of the Belknap County Convention spent 2 1/2 hours validating the last nine months of budget decisions made by the Belknap County Commissioners. They agreed with more than $600,000 of transfer requests made by the commissioners. The commissioners provided answers to such questions as why the nursing home needed a new vegetable steamer (the old one was broken) and other details of the day-to-day management of the county that we elected them to handle. Throughout the lengthy hearing, the commissioners were professional and demonstrated their firm grasp of the county budget.

The only transfer the executive committee didn't approve was for $2,000 for the county administrator's salary, which is half of what this whole charade is really about. The convention leadership wants the commissioners to breach their negotiated salary agreement with the county administrator, and reduce her pay by $20,000 despite the fact that she is paid only about $150 more than the average salary of the seven county administrators who perform only that function. You can see the 2013 County Salary Data on my website —

The other reason for this ongoing conflict is that the majority on the convention wants the commissioners to breach our contracts with county workers. The convention has not only refused to fund a 1.5 percent raise negotiated in good faith, but has also refused to fund part of the county's contractual obligation to pay the employer portion of employee health insurance costs.

At the same time the convention wants the workers to pay a higher percentage of their health insurance costs, they denied them that 1.5 percent wage increase which would have been the first raise in many years. It may only be a coincidence, but the full-time jobs at the nursing home are very, very hard to fill with positions remaining open for months.

This dispute is clearly not over the competence of the commissioners, whose work was not only confirmed by the convention, but also by the county's independent auditors who gave them a clean bill of health on Sept. 3 of this year. It is about the majority on the convention trying to force the lowest-paid workers to carry an even higher percentage of the burden and punishing the commissioners who are simply trying to live up their agreements and the county administrator whose accounting acumen has been a substantial obstacle to the convention's plans.

Please vote on Nov. 4.

David Pollak

Candidate for Belknap County Commissioner


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At Statehouse, I will follow GOP platform & the N.H. Constitution

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the voters of Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton for their support in the Sept. 9 primary elections. I would also like to thank every one who did get out to vote for their candidates.

As we move toward the general elections, I will ask for your support again, for myself end for all the Republican candidates. Most importantly, we need to take back the governor's office to get our state economy moving in the right direction. As your representative in Concord, I will follow our Republican Party platform and the New Hampshire Constitution when voting for what is the right legislation for all citizens of New Hampshire.

Thank you again, I look forward to serving you in the state House of Representatives.

Raymond Howard, Jr.


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Sen. Forrester has provided assistance & leadership in many areas

To The Daily Sun,

Over the past few years I have had many opportunities to join the conversations and be a part of the work creating partnerships in our regional communities that address a multitude of needs that we all are facing. This includes working with the private sector, non-profit and public institutions, and government at all levels, and the many who serve in this capacity.

Specifically, a very special thanks goes to our District 2 state senator, Jeanie Forrester. From the onset of these many endeavors, Jeanie showed her skills used directing Plymouth and Meredith Main Street programs, rolled her sleeves up and was instrumental in providing assistance and leadership in many key areas.

As a Chamber of Commerce, it is very refreshing and encouraging to see an elected official get involved without hesitation on the ground level and show a genuine care for her district business community and citizens.

Scott Stephens

Executive Director

Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce

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Far-right & far-left not blessed with intellectually honest thinkers

To The Daily Sun,

I have come to find it amusing and somewhat hypocritical that conservative contributors to this forum find fault with others who question the Bush administration. Aren't they the ones who fall over each other blaming Obama, the Clintons, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Carter, unions, educators, mainstream media, elitists, immigrants, voters, etc. for all the social and political ills of this nation?

I know conservatives would like to forget Bush, but remember, he was "the decider." Announcing to the American public that, "I'm the decider, and I decide what's best." When he left office in 2008, the country was reeling from Bush's disastrous economic stewardship. His irresponsible tax cuts and deregulation policies contributed significantly to the nation's economic plight, slow recovery and failed to produce the claimed prosperity that would eventually "trickle down" to everyone else. Remember, "the decider" decided to cut taxes for the wealthy, and "the decider" decided we needed two wars, costing the country trillions of dollars, and more importantly, costing the lives of thousands of brave young men and women.

To avoid accountability, Meade and Earle recently blamed Democrats for the push for war in Iraq, while downplaying the fact that Bush was the commander in chief and "the decider."

Conservatives, while screaming for the impeachment of Obama, have this seeming inability to learn from their past mistakes. I understand their hatred of President Obama. It is the glue that holds them together in the absence of any real vision. Time and time again, they attack the president on every issue with the flimsiest of evidence of wrongdoing (while never once admitting their own messes and disasters from the immediate past), and they fail to renew a better or more coherent vision of themselves.

As a grandparent, I can understand Mr. Young's concern for his grandchildren. But he is naive to believe that they will live and compete in the America he has known. Unfortunately for Young and conservatives like him, the world is ever changing.

Due to his opposition to change and preoccupation with the past, it puts him constantly on the defensive — fear and anger become his mantra. He magnifies our perception of threat, whether by foreign aggressors, illegal immigrants, terrorists, or invading ideologies such as socialism. To Mr. Young, the world is a frightening place.

Recently, while vilifying liberals and Democrats, Young suggests they are threatening his grandchildren apparently, if they don't vote Republican. It must be that he can't perceive liberals as being parents who are also conscientious, responsible, and want the best for their children.

There is much to be said for considering the merits of both sides of the ideological divide in our country. Good ideas have come from conservatives, as well as liberals. But with the far-right and the far-left we are not dealing with sophisticated and intellectually honest thinkers. We are dealing with hardened partisans whose effort it is to defeat anyone identified as a Democrat or Republican. They are not engaged so much in a struggle of ideas as in incessant disingenuous fear-mongering and lies that attempt to smash anyone with opposing views ("You're either with us or against us").

L. J. Siden


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