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Selectmen's proper course was to appeal ruling to Superior Court

To The Daily Sun,
This letter is in response to Moultonborough Board of Selectman member Tolman's recent letter that defended the actions of his board in attempting to remove two Planning Board members at a hearing held on September 9th.
While one can argue the issue of whether the votes of the two Planning Board members were correct or even rational, the proper arbiter to determine the validity of those votes was the Superior Court. The problem with Mr. Tolman's arguments is that he failed to see that the option he and the Selectboard members used to remedy what they perceived to be errors by the Planning Board, "impeachment" of the two Planning Board
members, was flawed as the statute they relied upon required a showing of malfeasance.

When the Town Administrator presented his "indictment" of the Planning Board members, based upon his perception of what should have been done, he provided the Selectboard with two options, which probably were not intended to be mutually exclusive. The first was appeal the decision to Superior Court; the second was to subject the offending Planning Board members to a removal hearing. For whatever reasons, in
the infamous unrecorded "non-meeting," the selectmen elected the second option to attempt to remove the allegedly offending Planning Board members, even though that option would not remedy the alleged problem described by the town administrator.
Eric Taussig


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Documentary 'Northern Trespass' is definitely worth your time

To The Daily Sun,

If you're like me and are skeptical of the propaganda that multi-billion dollar corporations spew out in their full-page ads and glossy mailers, you should definitely go see "Northern Trespass," a documentary on the proposed Northern Pass project which will be playing at the Franklin Opera House on Friday, September 21, at 7 p.m.

I saw this documentary in Plymouth a few weeks ago and it is definitely worth your time. It's been playing to packed houses all over the state and is in consideration for the New Hampshire Film Festival. Northern Trespass gives the other side of the story that PSNH, Northeast Utilities, and Hydro Quebec don't want you to know. Get all the facts before buy into the Northern Pass sales job.

Pamela Martin

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Thank you Better Together for bringing this program to Gilford

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Better Together Lakes Region for coming to Gilford! Merriam Webster defines community as "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interest and goals." This definition was well represented at the Lakes Region Better Together meeting on September 10. Over 30 people attended and learned more about Better Together at the Gilford Public Library. During breakout sessions, they discussed and exchanged ideas impacting the community.

All were invited to attend the next meeting to be held on September 26 at the Laconia Middle School at 4 p.m. Even if you missed Tuesday's meeting, come to the 26th and be part of making the Lakes Region the best place for children and families. For more information, please contact Shannon at 603-581-1571.

Kate Bishop Hamel

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Using 'chained CPI' will calculate inflation will hurt senior citizens

To The Daily Sun,

A flawed policy initiative called the Chained CPI is gaining steam in Washington budget talks that would shortchange those who receive federal benefits such as Social Security and federal annuities by low-balling their annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs). Chained CPI supporters have tried to minimize the consequences it will have on seniors, retired federal employees, and veterans by calling it a "technical adjustment" or "better measure of inflation."

When you cut through the rhetoric, the truth is that the Chained CPI is only an adjustment in that it means smaller COLAs each year. It hurts
every American — particularly our most vulnerable — in a major way that worsens over time.

How would the switch to the Chained CPI hurt an American citizen who receives the average $15,000 annual Social Security benefit? Over 25
years, Chained CPI would rob the senior of more than $23,000. Just think of how many coupons that senior would have to clip to make up for the loss of $23,000 over his/her retired years. For many federal annuitants who don't receive Social Security, the impact is even greater. Over 25 years, the average federal retiree would see a loss of $48,000.

I urge lawmakers to reject the Chained CPI and provide America's seniors, retired veterans and public servants, and individuals with disabilities the income protection they have earned and deserve.

Roger J. Ball
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Young will lower lifestyles to increase wealth of those already with more

To The Daily Sun,

Hats off to Dale Channing Eddy of Gilford and his fabulous letter outlining the tragedy of Obamacare, now morphing to " Obamascare" as its start day nears. She hit every nail on the head that will eventually be in the Obamacare's coffin. This legislation will not survive as written. There are too many millions harmed by the unintended consequences as Dale so aptly pointed out and too few benefiting.
Even unions are outraged, They are trying to GUT the legislation at its core. All Obamacare does is harm them. This is ironic considering unions spent tens of millions in DUES MONEY backing the legislation four years ago. When Nancy Pelosi finally opened the famous OBAMACARE BOX and peeked inside the union-eating DEVIL popped out. You remember that great punch line, it referenced the fact that not one Democrat had ever read the Obamacare legislation before it was passed because much it had yet to be written and what had been was in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Millions of union workers will dumped from employer health rolls forced to buy insurance on exchanges that will cost them much more. The so called " Cadillac plans" that many unions fought hard and long for will now be highly taxed, forcing employers to provide less coverage in the future. The 30 hour, full-time employee mandate is causing millions of union workers to have their hours of work cut forcing them to find a second job, if they can. Good luck on that — jobs are scarce since Obama took office. Health insurance has always been a HUGE union bargaining chip that unions always managed to surpass non-union workers in obtaining. Above others,, gold-plated union health care is now DEAD. Obamacare will control almost all of how health care is priced, delivered, and offered. Health care has essentially become just another government-controlled and much-financed bureaucracy. Obamacare destroys in one day what unions fought decades to accomplish. No wonder they are SCREAMING they want it GUTTED. They want Obamacare so modified it has already been determined it would require reopening debate in congress. You think Obama is going to let that happen. Only when your 90-year-old grandmother competes in the 2016 Olympics high jump event.
Harmed most by Obamacare will not be unions, though they may scream loudest. It will be the YOUNG generation defined between the ages 24 and 36. The people with the lowest per capita wealth in America will be transferring more wealth to the age group with the highest in America, those over age 60. All with Democrats in the peanut gallery screaming we have "TOO MUCH INEQUALITY IN AMERICA". They create EVERY BIT OF IT . The young among us are DROWNING under the burden of monster levels of college debt, now the highest in history, combined with one of the lousiest job markets in history. The young will be forced to live much LESSER lifestyles in order to increase the wealth of those already with more or be fined. Remember this prediction. Millions of the young will choose to pay the FINES under Obamacare BECAUSE THEY ARE FAR LESS than buying insurance, with or without a subsidy. If as predicted millions of them do not buy insurance TO PAY FOR THE SICK the cost of premiums for health insurance will "EXPLODE" out of this universe. The health insurance rolls will become totally dominated only by those who are SICK and incredibly costly.
America warned of this impending DOOM from the beginning. There has NEVER been A POLL ever taken to this day where the majority of Americans favored the Obamacare solution to our health care troubles either before it was enacted or after it was enacted with as we all know 100 percent Democrat votes. Democrats could not find even ONE Republican who would agree to be associated with what they knew was the impending DISASTER of Obamacare.
Tony Boutin

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