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I can no longer watch TV wasteland and the censored news

To the editor,
Thank you for your fine newspaper where "the truth is the light". I no longer watch the vast wasteland called T.V. and its censored news. As we are a government for and by the people not a political party and what calls itself 'leaders'.
Infringements under any guise on our state and federal Constitutions threaten our well being and freedom.
Today we see groups and activists who seek to decide whats best for us. It is not supposed to be this way. Unless we speak up and 'loud' we will be slaves and those who would rule masters. Today it's all about we the people and how long 'we' remain 'free'.
Donald C. Poirier

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Did the 18th Amendment stop people from drinking? It did not

To the editor,
You would think that Sen. Kelly Ayotte had committed a crime against humanity for voting against Pres. Obama's gun control bill by the way she is being savaged by the left. Obama himself said that these new restrictions would not have prevented the Newtown massacre but I guess he and the Dems expect they would going forward. I have to ask, why? Will more laws and restrictions targeting law-abiding citizens stop the crazies and criminals from getting guns? Did the 18th Amendment stop people from drinking and reduce crime and violence? Has the War on Drugs reduced drug use, lowered crime and violence in America? Knowing the answers to these questions are no, why do the Dems think doing the same things over and over they will get different results this time? Typically this bogus bill is more Dem feel-good, do-nothing legislation attempting to appeal to one of their special interest groups and fool the unwary into thinking they are actually trying to protect the children in public schools. In reality it's a political move to ensure their re-elections and defeat Republicans. So when will these Dems start really trying to do something that will protect our kids?
Last week one letter writer asked the question, "why do law abiding citizens need assault rifles?" The answer is because there are lots of very bad people out there. An example was the marathon bombing where, when the Islamic terrorists were confronted by the Watertown Police, over 200 rounds were fired by police, trained officers, and still suspect #1 was only killed when his brother ran him over with an SUV and escaped. Knowing this, the anti gun gang still wants to tell citizens that they should be limited to firearms that hold no more then 10 rounds, cannot fire semi-automatically, and do not look a certain way. Yes, this is a worse case example but so what? Who are these gun grabbers, who know nothing about guns, to tell others what they do or don't need?
Another writer from the left said that 90 percnet of Americans are in favor of gun controls, insinuating the Obama gun control bill. Not so, most gun owners like myself are in favor of controls but want controls that target criminal and crazies not honest people. Further the 90 percent number cited was from a pole that was taken only in several eastern liberal-leaning states and targeted predominantly Democratic voters. So I doubt if an honest pole was taken by an independent group without asking leading questions you would get those results. Any bets?
Steve Earle

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Ayotte gave slick presentation instead of answering questions

To the editor,
Several of us had the opportunity to meet and stand with a courageous young woman yesterday — Erica Lafferty, the surviving daughter of Sandy Hook elementary principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung. All of us attended Senator Kelly Ayotte's Town Hall meeting in Tilton yesterday but Erica, above all, had an extremely personal reason to do so, given Senator Ayotte's recent vote on background checks.
Unfortunately, Senator Ayotte was there to deliver her message rather than listen to the citizens in the room. In fact, State Senator Jeb Bradley admitted he had weeded out those on gun control saying "she answered in great depth at the beginning of her town hall (and) talked about her vote on guns ... she addressed it." While he admitted, we "could have spent 1 1/2 hours talking about guns, and I didn't think it would be productive," he essentially decided to take the issue off the public table.
Senator Ayotte "talked about her vote on guns" by using her own PowerPoint slide show, not in response to her audience. She came in and left by a side door so she didn't see the numerous signs, on both sides of the background check issue, seeking to catch her attention at the front door.
Senator Bradley opened the event by remarking that Senator Ayotte was fulfilling her promise to hold town meetings throughout the state on a regular basis. What a hollow promise! An hour long meeting with 40 minutes taken up by a slide show leaving 20 minutes for (prescreened) questions does not meet most definitions of open availability by an elected official to his or her constituents.
Closing the background checks loophole shouldn't be a partisan issue; it is a commonsense step toward decreasing the risks of irresponsible gun ownership. Senator Ayotte got a round of applause when she mentioned keeping guns out of the hands of criminals who buy them on the street. Wouldn't closing the gun show loophole and cracking down on Internet sales work toward drying up the street market for criminals?
Senator Ayotte's slick slide show presentation and avoidance of the "elephant in the room," as one questioner put it, was a huge disappointment and, in my opinion, a dereliction of her duty to her constituents. Perhaps Senator Ayotte could be reminded that she serves all the people of New Hampshire, not just the ones who voted her into office.
Kate Miller

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Here are services currently being provided by Blue Loon Transit

To the editor,
It was suggested by one of the passengers of the Blue Loon transit service that I send a letter clarifying services of the Blue Loon. It seems there is some confusion between the services that have been currently suspended and those that are still operating. The services that are still operating are the Dial-a-Ride services in North Conway, Conway, Albany, Madison, Tamworth, Chorcorua, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Freedom, Effingham, Ossipee, Center Harbor, and Wolfeboro. Also offered are two shopping trips a month that go to Rochester and North Conway. These shopping trips are prioritized for mature adults 60 and older and disabled individuals but the general public is welcomed if seats are available.
Also operating is the flex route to Laconia that makes three runs a day. Commuters going to work in Laconia can park their cars in the Tramway parking lot in West Ossipee and board the bus. Youth 18 and younger who may be working in the Laconia area for the summer should consider getting a youth pass – $30 for unlimited riding from the day after school ends to the day before the next school year begins.
To find out more about the service, operating hours, trips scheduling, fares for anyone under 60 years of age, etc. call 1-866-752-6890.
Beverly Raymond
Director of Transportation
Tri County Community Action Program, Inc.

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Liberals watch MSNBC for same reason conservatives watch Fox

To the editor,
While reading Mr. Wiles backhanded apology to Mr. Polidoro last week, I was struck by his comment that, "Why anyone watches CNN or MSNBC is beyond me." Doesn't he realize that liberals watch MSNBC for the same reasons that conservatives watch Fox News — neither is "Fair and Balanced" and they pander to what their viewers want to see and hear. Both networks are guilty of egregious misrepresentations in their news coverage and attempt to monopolize opinion and suppress free thought.
There is nothing more important to the maintenance of democracy than a free press. To the degree that access to quality factual information is willfully or unintentionally obstructed, democracy itself is degraded. Not only does a mainstream media now tolerate gross misrepresentations of fact but also many, including MSNBC and Fox News, actually legitimize these displays. Unfortunately, their viewers and listeners develop a powerful identification with these outlets and mount ardent, reflexive defenses of them.
As honest, fair and truly intellectual debates degrade before the eyes of the global media audience, the quality of American democracy degrades along with it.
While we should be reassured that Mr. Wiles will "point out" "revisionist spin" and those who are "politicizing everything", I'm not sure how much faith I can put in someone whose "anger" and "assumptions" may cloud his judgment. Isn't he the one that politicized an apology letter?
L. J. Siden

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