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Rand Paul understands true threat to USA is our crushing debt

To The Daily Sun,

Presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul, said in the last debate, "If you want boots on the ground and you want them to be our sons and daughters, you've got 14 other choices." Paul also said during the debate, "There will always be a Bush or Clinton for you if you want to go back to war in Iraq."

He is the only candidate who understands that our troops are our children, grandchildren, parents, spouses, and friends. We need to view these people not as expendable, but as people who are truly loved.

People who want to protect the U.S., not the world or special interests who have an economic motive.

Overthrowing regimes, in the name of freedom for people who are unable or unwilling to be free, has only promoted chaos. This policy has caused failed states in Libya, Syria and Iraq. Thus, setting the conditions that created the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Rand Paul is the only candidate willing to promote the truth about this failed policy. Borrowing money from China and printing the rest to project our power to fight other nation's conflicts does not make our country safer, but instead weaker.

Rand Paul understands the true threat to our nation is the crushing debt at $18 trillion and growing.

Please support the candidate that will reunite service members with their families, stop arming our enemies, and attack the real threat to our nation, the deficit.

David DeVoy


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Howes don't need to knickle under to whoever knucklehead is

To The Daily Sun,

Gilford, what is wrong with you? Do you all like GMO? Do you all like seeing neighbors fail? Well if you answered no, then what in God's name is wrong with you when you want to stifle farmers i.e. Beans and Greens, from giving all of us wonderful, chemical-free food for our tables? Those tables in this case are the weddings and scenic meals that they provide for the public.

I can't believe that you are seriously giving credence to the rants of someone who more than likely is jealous of a successful business and purveyor of fantastic food for the area.

Do not presume to cause them to have to shut their operation down because I am confident karma will come to roost in your back door when you're hungry and in need of chemical-free and wonderful veggies etc. not found in the local grocery stores.

Martina and Andy Howe, I am sure many other residents of this area stand with you and hope you don't have to knuckle under to whoever this knucklehead is.

Judi Leavitt

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