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Obama's Chicago thug-style politics has spread like a cancer

To the editor,
Last November I warned my fellow voters from Concord to Laconia to beware of Obama. How's that hope and change working out for you now?
I state again: "This is a dangerous man to have in the White House". His corrupt Chicago thug style politics has now spread like a cancer to all branches of our government. Nixon is a saint compared to this narcissistic. Obama and his Memphis Mafia cronies should be thrown in GITMO for crimes against our REPUBLIC AND FOR WHICH IT STANDS.
Tom Sellew
Lochmere (Tilton)

Last Updated on Monday, 20 May 2013 11:34

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Local businesses made success of auction for Interlakes Theatre

To the editor,
We at the Interlakes Theatre want to thank and acknowledge the overwhelming support of the community in making our Silent Auction a success during the performances of "All I Ask Of You, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber", last weekend.
Gifts and Gift Certificates were donated by: Adornments, Lady of the Lake, Country Carriage, Corner House Restaurant, Mame's, George's Diner, The Etcetera Shoppe, Photographer Robert Kozlow, The Mug on the Bay, So Little Thyme, The Kellerhaus, Innisfree Bookshop, Moulton Farm, The Carroll Family, Thom Caska, Inaki Baldessare, Brittany Bara.
Special thanks to our friends at the Inn on Golden Pond and Lazy E Motel for housing our company visiting from NYC for the weekend! And of course, to all of our enthusiastic patrons for bidding!
Nancy Barry
Producing Director
Interlakes Theatre

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Hit the # button on your phone 6 or 7 times in quick succession

To the editor,
This morning, Friday May 17 at 3:51 AM, we received another unwanted phone call from TIFF Brokerage (417 800-2575). Looks like, we have to hang-up our phone for the nights.
I have repeatedly contacted the "Do Not Call Center" via Internet and filed complaints. All in vain. Someone is being paid to do a job, yet it seems, they do nothing to stop those daily, unwanted calls.
Friends have been helpful and suggested the following actions:
— Say three little words 'Hold On, Please" then put down the phone ... until you hear the 'beep-beep' tone.
— Calls without answers are used by telemarketing people to determine the best time to call.
The best you can do if nobody is answering, immediately start hitting your # button on the phone 6 to 7 times as quickly as possible. This will confuse the machine that dialed the call, and best of all it kicks your number out of their system!
Gosh, what a shame not to have your name in their system any longer!
Werner Rebsamen

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Newfound Lakers: let's not let this happen to our special place

To the editor,
It's summertime and Newfound Lake is open for business. Its pristine waters are considered the jewel of New Hampshire — just ask any resident about its water and you'll get an earful.
This area is packed with many small adventures. Newfound Lake is also home to the New Hampshire Marathon, it has the largest fresh water beach in N.H., it has miles of bike paths, endless water activities and thousands of miles of hiking trails. You know it's a special place when you find yourself smiling — just by saying the words "Newfound Lake".
We all look forward to coming here in the summer. Do you remember the excitement of driving by Our Lady of Grace Chapel when you were kids and couldn't wait to get a glimpse of the lake! And as you got older that excitement line seemed to have moved to the New Hampton Bridge, then to Exit 23, then to Concord... and finally to that big blue "Welcome to New Hampshire" sign by the border. You know what I am talking about.
That stress somehow lifts off our shoulders as we head to the lake for the weekend or vacation. It's a carefree and tranquility type of attitude — right? Well, let's keep it that way! We're happy to see all of you again, let the summer of 2013 begin and may the summer days be warm and full of sunshine...
A few of you may have noticed the wind turbines being built here last summer at the north end of the lake. Well, since you left we have heard of many, many, many more wind turbines being proposed for this beautiful lake. A dark cloud is hanging over our community casting its shadow over many of the towns around Newfound Lake. This dark cloud is a metaphor for all the confusion surrounding these next three proposals. If approved, Newfound Lake will be the wind turbine capital of New England with as many as 125 turbines, standing 454 feet high (taller than the Groton turbines) with red flashing lights.
From one Laker to another... let's not let this happen to our lake. Let's be extremely vocal in our opposition toward these next three proposals — for they will not be the only thing we will be staring at: more power lines, more substations, wide paths carving up our mountainsides, and extensive deforestation on our mountainous ridge lines.
Please help us in our efforts to protect the lakes beauty and help heal the community by showing your support in these trying times. Residents here are united against these next few proposals — and we want your support! Let's consider it a united effort of both residents and visitors alike.
Follow us on facebook "Newfound Lake Wind Watch" or visit us at "www.NHwindwatch.org". Find out how you can help...
Ray Cunningham

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Armed Forces Day - Sacrifice

Surrounded by sand, rocks and grit
Eating meals from a ready-made kit
I dream of my green, far away homeland
As I'm here fighting in Afghanistan.

Old soldiers who fought in other wars used to say,
"Mine is not to question why,
Mine is to do or die."
Asking not to die is now how I pray.

New technology like Skype does help some
I get to see my family for ten minutes a month.
The days seem endless as we patrol in 12-hour shifts
But not seeing my boys grow is what I miss.

My wife is courageous and provides all their care.
Everyone is doing more than their fair share.
Sometimes all this sacrifice just doesn't seem fair.

But soldiers answer the call whenever it comes;
From barracks to planes on a dead run.
They fight wherever they are needed
until the job is completed.

— Patsy Wells, Sanbornton

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