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Please join us in writing-in Brett Currier for Gilmanton selectman

To The Daily Sun,

Brett Currier has done an excellent job the past three years as our selectman. He has tried to keep taxes down and provide the town with essential services. In doing so, he has had to make choices which some do not agree with, but they were necessary choices.

He stated he would only run for one term and has kept that promise. But we asked him to run as a write-in candidate and he has agreed. Please join us in re-electing Brett Currier by writing him in as selectman.

Brett Currier is a friend of taxpayers and the people of Gilmanton.

Wayne Ogni
John Weston
Bill Mahoney
Maria Ogni


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Check your history books; gun control was important in Wild West

To The Daily Sun,

Most people are familiar with Johnny Cash's popular song and what happened to Bill when he took his guns to town ... everyone except the Tea Party (adherents) who obviously have checked their brains with the local sheriff's office instead of their guns.

In the 1800s places like Deadwood, Tombstone, and Dodge actually had the most restrictive gun laws in the Wild West.

All one has to do is scan the newspapers in Wichita, Kans., 1873 and others like it to know what western leaders thought about guns: "Leave your revolvers at police headquarters and get a check," "senseless custom," "as a protection it is terribly useless."

Moderate, common sense measures for gun control were prevalent in the Wild West era. One checked their firearms at the city limits just like you would check your coat at a local restaurant. Our image of the Wild West is so wrong. Gun control laws were so important in attracting business and "civilized" folk. The gunfight at the OK Corral was rare. Most towns and cities reported only two gun incidents per year.

Thanks to the NRA, the Hollywood version of how the West was won, is alive and well thank you.

You can see a re-enactment of the gunfight at the OK Corral several times a day. Pick up a souvenir on your way out. Gun companies along with their stooge, the NRA, have succeeded in making guns legal in schools, churches, bars and public offices. They have also made it very easy for terrorists to acquire deadly weapons to use against us. Yes, that's right, people on the watch list, according to the NRA, have a perfect right to buy anything they want.

If Republicans, aka Tea Party, want to take us back to the "good old days." Perhaps they should read a book once in a while. The practice would be a good counterbalance to the misinformation they see on Fox News.

George Maloof


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