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Please accept my apologies, Mr. Eddy, I used your name by mistake

To The Daily Sun,

I ask that Dale Channing Eddy please accept my apologizes. Mr Eddy the correct author of the letter was a D.M. Williamson and was dated Feb. 11, 2015. While trying to print it out to reĀ­send to The Sun for clarification it slipped and was lost. So, the date I think is February, but might be either January or March.

The only reason I sent it to The Sun was I am in a similar situation in my life with my Social Security payments due to my inconsistent job history. Might want to keep your kids aware of this, too. But anyway I am extremely sorry about using your name by mistake.

Jon Hoyt


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I have never written anything about 'my' Social Security

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Jon Hoyt's letter in Thursday's Sun:

Mr. Hoyt, on April 2 you wrote, "So Dale, one of the reason your Social Security payments are low, remember you were complaining about them in a recent letter, and the reason is that you have to work a certain number of quarters and hours to make more than you are making now."

I'm sorry, but you must have me confused with someone else as I have never written anything about "my" or anyone else's Social Security payments for the simple reason that I do not collect Social Security and won't for a few more years. It is possible my father, who has the same first name, may have done so. If he did, it would have been over six months ago as he passed away last October. If he did not, then you are misremembering who wrote about the subject.

Also, I did not brag about all my travel. I merely stated fact. Travel was required for some of my work and little of it was pleasurable. I went where my employer told me I was needed, did my job, and then moved on to my next destination. I was not sightseeing or visiting the latest trendy tourist destinations or staying at five-star hotels. I was working, period. If that's bragging, then so be it.

Dale Channing Eddy


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