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The need is already well established, the means to pay for it is not

To The Daily Sun,

Reading the account in your paper of the Wednesday meeting of the Belknap Commissioners inspires equal measures of disgust and disdain.

I did not vote for a study of the means necessary of keeping the elderly in their homes for longer period of time. As I stated, the needs are well established already. What is lacking is the means to pay for this care, hence I stated unequivocally that the county should not expand any social services without knowledge of the funding mechanism. We do not need a blueprint for spending money which we do not have. I stated this as far back as one year ago.

With the burgeoning elderly population, it is false mathematics to assume that one less elderly person in a particular nursing home will mean a cost savings. That bed will be filled with another senior, at which point the alleged savings disappear. This Belknap board has signed off on a managed care organization running our County Home and for that alone they deserve criticism. Not only is the state downshifting costs but the county is left in a supine position when it comes to running our institutions.

One might also mention the many items covered in the Oct. 19 meeting of which The Daily Sun makes no mention. For example, we approved, very reluctantly on my part, transfers to cover additional filing costs associated with the Felonies First program.

My questions revealed that the state and county court system sends its filings to the county attorney electronically, while at the same time our Superior Court refuses to accept electronic filings in return and insists on paper copies. This is only another small usurpation of fair play on the part of our court system. The arrogance of the judiciary lives and thrives here in our small county.

Our acting County Home manager presented an incentive program to help alleviate the shortage of nurses. Our corrections superintendent once again has urged the county to hire and promote from within, something with which I concur. Some may not be interested in these stories but your taxes pay for these programs and you do have a stake in our institutions.

People who do not read the news are uninformed while those that do are misinformed (Twain).

Dick Burchell


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What does my past support of Carly Fiorina & Herman Cain say?

To The Daily Sun,

Just a quick reply to Carol Steppi from Franklin, who believes all older white men are misogynist racists.

Having supported Carly Fiorina in the primary this year and Herman Cain four years ago I reject your leftist attempt to smear and slander me.

You carry on the stupid tradition of ignorance of progressive liberals. Congratulations.

Steve Earle


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