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Why isn't governor making use of RSA 99-E, passed in 2005?

To The Daily Sun,

Is the governor ever going to make use of the following (state law) and provide some cost savings to the taxpayers of New Hampshire?

In 2005, the New Hampshire Legislature enacted a law (RSA 99-E) that established the Employee Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award (SESA) to recognize state employees who perform a service in their jobs that goes above and beyond the call of duty or who make suggestions that raise revenue or save costs (excluding suggestions to initiate a new tax or raise an existing tax).

Bill Whalen

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Gilford BudCom has devolved into inquisition-style demagoguery

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank Dale Eddy and Sue Greene for their common courtesy and honesty in their letters to the editor about why voters should reject Article 30 in Gilford earlier this month. Their behavior could serve as an object lesson to others who resorted to insults, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and outright lies about the facts and about my character as a former member of the Budget Committee.

In my experience, those "others" — who operate from the base assumption that all town and school employees are thieves and liars — bully, harass, and verbally abuse those employees, and do the same to anyone who challenges what little power they believe they have.

Verbal abuse was the only response the "others" gave for keeping the Budget Committee in place. Not once have they addressed the simple fact Fred Butler and I raised — that the Budget Committee spent thousands of hours in the last seven years to save taxpayers just $2 per year on a $200,000 home. In other words, the responses of those "others" to our petition weren't "germane" to the issue at hand.
Fred and I knew that actually disbanding Gilford's Budget Committee would be a long shot when we discussed the idea, as change is always difficult. But we knew that at least it would call attention to the fact that the committee has devolved into Inquisition-style demagoguery in recent years.

The placement of Article 30 on the Gilford ballot caused these fact-ignoring detractors to act in fear and reveal their true colors to the Gilford voting public at large, which is, even to my surprise, nearly as satisfying as seeing Article 30 get passed.

Allen Voivod

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