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College grads will be bankrupted by 'fairness' & 'equality'

To The Daily Sun,

This is an open letter to the class of 2015 college grads:

Congratulations on your accomplishment. If you think your life gets easier from here, think again. Achieving success is going to be a lot harder for you than it was your parents or grandparents. Not because your less intelligent or less deserving of reaching the American dream. The primary reason you face a much more daunting task is because government is simply making life more difficult for you.

Your first hurdle, The unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-olds is about double the overall rate. Investment in new business creation since Obama was elected is now at eight-year lows. But the real deception begins with the quality of your education and the quality of that diploma you were just handed.

Education in America has been on a downward quality spiral for 30 years beginning with elementary school. Too many millions of kids are educated by ill-qualified teachers protected in their jobs by some of the most powerful unions in America. A recent Harvard university study by some of the world's smartest people suggests the graduating class of 2015 would earn $31 billion more if we simply had the discipline to remove the bottom 5 percent of poorly performing public school teachers in America. When those poorly performing teachers, protected by unions can't be removed that prevents tens of thousands of new job openings from appearing that you might fill.

Keeping those poor teachers in place produces poor results. Americas performance has dropped to 27 from 23 in 10 short years among members of OECD countries.

Not only is the quality of your education been diluted, the cost of that education has now reached all-time highs. Property taxes are sky high because public school costs are sky high, often running well ahead of inflation. Seventy percent of students will graduate from colleges this year with record levels of debt. For many that debt will be debilitating, for some it will be bankrupting. Student loan defaults will set records across the country in 2015. In summary you got a lesser quality education, and paid a lot more money for it.

After all the debt and years of sacrifice your going to find many occupations require more than just a degree. Governments, state and local in the name of consumer protection and corrupted politics to placate voting constituencies in particular professions require special licenses that cost more money, requiring more time and training/education to get. In many states you can't even trim a branch of a tree for someone without a license, or announce you're an interior designer no matter how many design classes you had in college. It can take years to get some licenses. Licenses act as protection for people already in business from new competition. License requirements are another in the countless examples of more intrusive (under the disguise of protective government) into the private sector that kills job creation and reduces your chances to find a job, let alone succeed.

You hit it lucky. You find a job that maybe allows you to make ends meet, maybe pay back your loans. Now you will be forced to carry health insurance paying sky-high rates for that insurance for health care you have almost zero likelihood of needing so old folks can pay less. You say, "But people over age 65 have on average have 50 times the wealth I have, let them pay rates that relate to the level of care they consume."

You forgot you helped elect Obama president. Logic does not work like that for him. You say, "Oh my good look at the enormous taxes being sucked from my every check every week by government. You scream, "Oh my God, most of this tax money is going to the same people with 50 times the wealth I have. Then you're going to ask, "Am I nuts?" or is government working to kill me with all its never ending expansion of rules, regulations, licenses and new taxes like Obama care. I am being bankrupted by the "fairness," "protection" and "equality" government is forcing on me and everyone else. I might as well go on welfare.

Tony Boutin


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Socialist-soaked Labor Party beaten badly in UK elections

To The Daily Sun,

Let common sense and logic be your guide. Tom Dawson, "snake oil salesman" extraordinaire, is never going to stop filling your mind with socialist insanity. No need to look any further than Tom's writing to see what "Swiss-cheese logic" honestly looks like.

How about we begin with the basics.

If you want to look at the states that have fared best economically in recent years they all have some common threads. The first, almost all are right-to-work (RTW). In fact RTW Texas created more new jobs a couple years back than all the other 49 states combined. Yes, combined. How much more of a clue to improved economic prosperity does Tom Need than that one? It is impossible to have lasting prosperity in any state without sustained, vigorous new job creation. What sparks the investment required to produce such new jobs? Low tax burdens and the presence of RTW laws that protect both employers and employees from being subsumed by powerful union domination.

Unions, without exception create hostile environments, and higher costs for employers. Why would any business in its right mind be looking to expand business in states with high tax burdens, individual income taxes, high business taxes like New Hampshire has, or those with hostile unions whose only intent to drive up costs for the employer and prices for every consumer? States with no income taxes, low barriers to business creation and in place RTW laws have far out performed states with high tax burdens and debilitating RTW work penalties. New Hampshire has required its politicians for decades to make the "no income tax pledge" because the electorate has a lot more common sense than Tom Dawson.

Last week Britain re-elected conservative prime minister David Cameron overwhelmingly to five more years. Cameron's socialist-soaked Labor Party opponent Ed Miliband ran on the same, tax everything, and tax it higher nincompoop nonsense Tom Dawson spouts in the paper. Thank God, the common sense of the British electorate prevailed. Miliband promised higher mansion taxes, higher income taxes, (that are already sky-high), brand new taxes, redistribution of wealth, even price controls and rent controls, screaming bigger, more costly, government will fix everything for you. Same thing Tom Dawson shouts in The Daily Sun. The problem is bigger, more generous, more controlling government kills the middle class which pay for every dollar of it with higher taxes, as Obama has so unhappily noticed.

Can the socialist, utopian dreams represented by Miliband and Dawson reach any greater heights than those promises? The truth is almost all of Europe has been electing highly conservative governance for sometime now. They have no choice. Most of Europe is near bankrupt, in the deepest of depressions following decades of cradle-to-grave socialist, solutions of the exact variety Tom supports. There is no new tax burden that won't solve every problem for Tom and the Democrats. The failed, fantasy thinking of FDR that produced record dependency on food stamps in 2014 still lives today in the mind of Tom Dawson. Hopefully we are just as smart as the conservative focused Brit's proved last week.

Tony Boutin

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