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Let's open the barriers, our minds & hearts, to what others say

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Daily Sun deserves credit to print many articles by its readers. Many different points of view have been presented. Some have been quite vocal, often times very assertive. A good reader is one who reads all points of view, accepting what the writer has composed is their own positions on issues of today. Regardless of anyone's position, one must realize everyone does have a right to compose their feelings to The Sun. These articles are very interesting and the feelings expressed are protected by our own U.S. Constitution.

The disturbing concern are the ongoing animosity that seems present by some of the writers. It must be made clear that such comments that argue against another writer, while such right is protected, often do not present constructive ideas, many of which seem so antagonistic. Everyone contributes and offers some excellent comments. Whether or not, there is either agreement or disagreements, it seems so childish at times that one wonders where the information is obtained by the concerning writers.

Yes, we must conserve our First Amendment. Both sides of a point of view must realize this, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or even faith-based presentations. It would be nice, for once, if some of these writers would really sit down together and express why they write as they do. We have the Cracrafts, Wiles, and so on, viciously at times stating their ideas are better than the other person's. What is needed is that we pause and listen. There are good comments as well as bad on both sides. It takes all of us to make our country move forward as well as exist.

We are all in this together. This is what is needed today in order for our country to move forward. There is no one-way street as each writer takes it upon themselves to say, "My way or the highway." For example gun control, a Second Amendment issue; there are several sides to this argument. One, many say this is a serious problem in this country, which it is. On the other hand, the right to bear arms is protected, and rightfully so. It is a safety issue that merging the two sides regarding reducing the violence and loss of life is needed. We can all compromise to err on the part of safety. But do not take away the guns from those who used them responsibly. This is just as an example, not a personal point of view. This writer defers comment on this issue at this time.

It is encouraged that people express their feelings. Otherwise our country would not be able to move forward. Discussion and expression are what make this country survive. Dissent and assent are essential to our country's existence. This is why Democrats are no more liberal than Republicans are conservative. But both have concepts that can become congruent, if both can keep an open mind regarding their pressing issues. The right to express ourselves is critically important. The arguments presented do have appropriate concepts that need to be merged together to create the union so essential to our country's well-being.

America always has been and remains a great country. Regardless of the present new president, this is the only country in the world where more people are trying to enter to seek their cherished dreams. Far less are leaving.

Please let the Wiles, Boutins, Cracrafts, etc. express their views. Please accept their views for what they may be. All of us together can learn from each other to unify our nation. Let's open the barriers, minds and hearts to what others say. And lastly, please stop calling other people names.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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Liberals really dumb to buy into 'religion of peace' propaganda

To The Daily Sun,

Again here on Tuesday, James Veverka has a very laughable letter to the dditor titled "Diversity and multiculturalism continues to win over bigotry and ignorance." It's another one of his hate rants full of the usual BS.

First off, James is a proven anti-Christian bigot, as well as an anti-Semite — and all by his own words. He shares the bigot label with so many of the progressives (actually Marxist socialists) running the Democratic Party these days. James and progressives clearly have shown zero tolerance for any diversity that differs in the least from their Marxist-socialist agenda.

Note to James, this is one of the big reasons Trump won. People are turning away from your hate-mongering, lying, leftist, do-nothing politicians in droves. It's only going to get worse for them as Trump brings back good jobs lowers taxes on the middle class and industry, improves our security and destroys the illegal Obama mandates. In spite of the snow it's rough sledding ahead for James and friends.

Speaking of multiculturalism, I attended the MLK multiculturalism event at Laconia Middle School on Sunday afternoon. They featured two Muslim clerics as speakers and I was interested to hear what they had to say about MLK. Not much really other then one made the absurd claim that Islam was a perfect democracy. His rambling explanation indicated to me that he had not the least concept of what democracy is. Folks, Sharia is as far off from democracy as a human mind can be. One criticism of the event's question segment was questions had to be written down on filing cards. That's one way to screen out and unwanted questions that might have put a Muslim cleric on the spot.

Be sure the usual leftist writers will accuse me of being anti-multiculturlist, and they will be right if multiculturalism includes any foreign culture that will not recognize our Constitution, our laws and seeks to come here and install a barbaric, anti-human rights system in its place.

Let's remember Islam calls for the killing of gays, subjection of women, legitimizes rape and slavery among all the other crimes their Koran calls on them to commit. Liberals have to be the dumbest political persuasion on the planet to buy into the Muslim religion-of-peace propaganda they are spreading. There is 1,400 years of history to prove this lie, but liberals choose to shove their heads deep into the sand and pretend they and they alone understand the real Muslim people.

Steve Earle


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