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Mr. O'Brien doesn't believe Gilford residents can act resonsibily

To The Daily Sun,

A letter published in Saturday's Sun from outgoing Gilford Selectman John T. O'Brien caught my attention. In the very first paragraph O'Brien writes, "The Subject of personal fireworks has reared its ugly head again here in Gilford. A personal fireworks ban is the last warrant article on March 10."

Mr. O'Brien fails to inform the readers that the reason this issue is "rearing its ugly head" is because of a John T. O'Brien. You see, Mr. O'Brien was very bitter when he did not get his way at the Selectboard, so in retaliation he has initiated a petition to put a fireworks ban on the ballot.

O'Brien gives the readers his own distorted version of the history of this issue, leaving out several important facts while misrepresenting others. He mentions that "two years ago, the penalty aspect was brought up to the Board of Selectman for its review." In reality it was O'Brien himself who brought this issue up because he was upset that people in his neighborhood were shooting off fireworks near his home.

O'Brien claims that the 1988 ordinance banning fireworks (which has never been enforced) was simply overturned by the new makeup of the Selectboard. In reality this issue was researched and discussed ad nauseam and a public hearing was held. The previous ordinance was not simply "overturned", but rather replaced by a new ordinance that restricts the hours in which fireworks can be used.

Twice O'Brien whines about "disturbing noises" or "offensive explosions" at "all hours of the night," an issue that was resolved by the current ordinance. It is important to note that in a public meeting the fire chief stated that fireworks is not a problem here in Gilford. In fact the chief could not remember the department ever responding to a fireworks related incident. Is Selectman O'Brien really that forgetful, or is deliberately trying to mislead the public?

The petitioned warrant article to ban fireworks is Article 26. This ban would include sparklers and "party poppers"." The majority of the Board of Selectman (which O'Brien currently chairs) voted to "not recommend" passage of Art. 26.

A lot of things can be dangerous, but that doesn't mean we should ban them. Mr. O'Brien obviously doesn't have faith in the people of Gilford to conduct their patriotic fireworks displays in a responsible manner. O'Brien knows what is best for us and we commoners should just comply (insert sarcasm). What is next, are we going to ban chainsaws and log splitters because they, too, can be dangerous?

Don't let nanny-state liberal John T. O'Brien destroy your Independence Day celebrations. Vote "No" on Article 26.

Kevin Leandro


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I have served Sanbornton with respect for the past & attention to the present

To The Daily Sun,

I would again like to ask for Sanbornton voters' support at the election on March 10 for another term as selectman.

I have served as selectman for the past four years with a respect for the past, attention to the present and a vision for the future.

Over this time, I have attended many workshops/programs provided by Primex (our liability insurance) and available to all town employees and officials. These training sessions have helped me to be reminded of the laws that govern our actions, the liability and costs associated with not following them and a much deeper appreciation for the need for all town residents to be informed and educated with facts.

I look forward to serving you for the next three years with the knowledge of the past, the facts of the present and a plan for the future. My plan for the future would include looking at alternative income sources to reduce taxes to our property owners, a plan for seamless transition into an elected position with in-house support and materials and continued respect and support of our dedicated employees.

I hope to see you at the polls. Yes, your vote does make a difference

Karen Ober


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